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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 19, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PST

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this is still going on. >> we checked twitter and did see complaints about airbnb parties and neighbors say they hope airbnb will commit to asking for ids and doing background checks. in the mean time the two people
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who were arrested are still in custody and federal investigators are involved.rece reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> new video of the u.s. senate is examining recent california wildfires and the electrical grid. thelayed in ceo bill johnson is testifying. he apologizedonal p forow the r utility's equipment played in recent fires. he also addressed the limate intentional w power outages pg& implemented to prevent fires. ye >> time fort. your micro clima weather forecast is now. the rain hasas moved out. we look live at the golden gatea bridge, you can see it still looks like rain. we're tracking another storm. >> at least in that spot, but seen some clearing across parts of the bay area. that's a look at the view in san jose, and we're seeing some dryer conditions as you head to the inland areas. still clouds lingering around.
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we get some sunshine and rain holding off for today as well as tomorrow, os our temperatures head into the upper 50s. we're going to reach about 59 degrees here in the tri-valley and cool off quickly tonight. as we take a look at storm ranger, we are seeing that we are dry across the region. we had some earlier showers farther north as the storm system brought in rain for northern california as a warm front lifted across the bay. as we get ready for the next couple of days, we'll be tracking the next storm system that looks to hold off until late saturday night. i'll talk more about the timing and what to expect for weekend claims coming up. >> thank you very much. charges against one of the man in the bay area murder case. the ex-boyfriend of actitiffanyl
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i, we're learning the district attorney will not retry the lea case. the trialal earlier this year hung jury.cashi another man is still waiting to be sentenced as part of a plea r deal. >> aol expre bizarre overniegt a check crashing store. san jose police say that an officer tried to stop a car timl around 1:00 in the morning. this is around capitol expressway and snell avenue. a short time later, the officers spotted the crash scene. the driver ran off but a 15-year-old passenger was taken to the hospital. she was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. new for you at 11:00, we are learning more about an early morning crash in east san jose. fire crews report that the man is safe. he drove off the hillside and the vehicle descended 100 feet y into a creek.
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the crews had to traverse the te steep terrain. crews had to hoist him up the hill to safety and we're still of ng to learn the extent the man's injuries. the road was fully reopened. gotten a flu notthis shot yet, you might want to it.s.about flu season is coming early and the past ls donay in two ) months, 27 people in california have died from flu-related illnesses, but there arere likely more. that is because hospitals don't have to report flu deaths if th- person is older than 65, which is when most flu deaths occur. e now to decision y 2020, the sixth and final presidential debate of the yearme wills afte in los angeles tonight.jeopar it's set to take place as planned and it comes after a tentative agreement in the laboe dispute that put the whole thing in jeopardy. polls seven candidates qualified to take part,ast de that includes yang and pete buttigieg, who has been seeingng a surge in the polls since the last debate in at t
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november. formeren first lady michelle obama is coming to california. she'll be in sacramento in aprie where she will hold a question l and answer event. "beco a yet to be named moderator wilh lead the conversation. you might remember that obama wr wrotete a memoire that was published last year. striking kaiser workers area back on the picket lines today in a five-day labor action. mental health workers are on a n statewide only 31% of the workers have ue work during the to demonstration. the union says a lot ofkeeping h are waiting months for appointments because of staffing hirir kaiser says it isis committed t keeping facilities open during the strike and has firedd 500 new employees this year alone. coming up for you, gift cards are proving to be some of the most popular presents, the t way you can make sureea that it worth it. and this door dash driver, thopped off food and then dashed again. thee surveillance video caught her stealing packages in the
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lobby of a berkeley aerpt building. the concern that a lot of folks are feeling there. l >> announcer: coming upivery af nbc bay area news at 11:00, "california live," and then days of our lives at 1:00.
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happening now, police are searching for this door dash delivery woman. they believe she stole packages from a berkeley apartment building. in the surveillance video, you see her dropping off a delivery, and then she is seen on the surveillance video picking up some packages on the way out the door. we talked with the building manager, who says this isn't the first time that tenants here have been targeted. >> cameras are plainly visible and we have past posters of package thieves. >> the woman in the video has not been identified publicly by police, door dash says she know who she is and deactivated her
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account. >> 200,000 additional homeowners now cannot be dropped by their insurance companies. this is part of a temporary ban on the practice more than a million homes are now covered under the new law. but it only applies to people who live in or next to the perimeter of one of 16 wildfires that burned in october. >> oakland council president is taking and talking a little bit more about the idea she recently floated to house the homeless on a cruise ship at the port of oakland. her plan is reportedly getting some serious traction and it may actually be just the answer for a cruise ship that otherwise soon will be ousted. this is due to new admission standards. in a statement, cap lan says in part, homelessness has been rising dramatically and causing substantial human suffering. we must respond to the magnitude of the crisis. >> port leaders, by the way, are already saying that its facilities do not have the proper infrastructure. well, the raiders time at
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oakland is essentially over, but the reporting, oakland and alameda county will still feel the pain for some time. the pain off the debt. while the sting from the final game is still fresh, the sting from incentives given to the raiders will carry on for decades. taxpayers are on the took for $65 million in debt. this is tied to the deal that brought the team back from l.a. in 1995. oakland and alameda county pay at the current rate, it will come to $75 million when it's finally paid off in 2025. but the authority members point out that selling the sight as planned would offset current debt issues. less than a week to go until christmas. retailers and shoppers are gearing up for the final shopping push. with holiday sales forecast to top a trillion dollars for the first time in history, these are very big days for scammers.
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nbc reports. >> with shoppers expected to begin about 35% of their gifting budget on gift card, they've become a prime target for scam. the latest employ, i mails or calls asking for payment in gift cards, a fake irs agent collecting back taxes or an urgent email offering to takes your computer, anyone who demands payment by gift card is always a scammer. there have been $74 million in gift card related scams already this year and the ftc recently issued a reminder for consumers so you don't get ripped off. inspect gift cards before you buy. make sure the packaging is intact and the pin is still covered. save the receipt. that can be helpful if you run into problems with the card. and treat gift cards like cash, once they're used, they're gone. with so much shopping done online, the number of scam, marketing and fake websites has exploded. if you're looking at a website and they're asking you for your personal information before you've even decided to do
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business with them. stop and don't give them that information. one recent scan was so prolific that cost co was forced to post a a warning. and don't fall for phishing. people posing as prominent retailers trying to get you to download a malicious program. if you're unsure, call the retailer and never click links from sources you don't recognize. social media shopping platforms like foibs marketplace have become a popular target. facebook suggests these tips. check the price and compare it with other sites. if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. check the ad for spelling or grammar mistakes. these are often indicators of fraud. and then there are the forporch pirates. make sure you get an email or text letting you know when the package ships and arrives.
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>> in all of these scenarios, typically you never get your money back and you're very disappointed. >> a few reminders that will help you preserve your money and your christmas spirit. there you have it. the open bell of the new york stock exchange where the dow is up, and s&p rises to another record as investors shake off impeachment. relief at the humps as you head out to fill up your tank. california, guess what, we don't have the most expensive gas in the nation. it's only the second most expensive. you probably could guess that hawaii took over the top spot. the state average is now $3.62 here in california, second to hawaii. the average gas here -- or rather there, $3.66. ashington state is third. direction. >> one school district in sacramento has a cleaner and
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greener way for students to get to school. it has received five new electric buss and has a total of 29 in its fleet. they are zero emission vehicles and the california energy commission spent $90 million to put 200 on the road across the state. they are now more expensive than traditional diesel buss but cost much less per mile to operate. >> more people across california are making sure that they're covered when it comes to california's health insurance. leaders say 230,000 people have signed up for insurance for the very first time this year, which is a 16% increase from last year. more than one million people are signed up. the enrollment period officially lasts until january 31st, so you have time to sign up. but if you want to avoid being taxed in the new year for not having insurance, you have to sign up by tomorrow. >> speaking ofe weather is nice outside. looking behind you, kari, that's a beautiful site. >> looking pretty good.
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and we're still seeing clouds, especially in the north bay, but it's clearing out for the south bay. check out san raphael. we head over toward sunol where the clouds are parting. notice that the grass is now green and we are seeing those green hills in the distance. so as you get ready to head out once again, we are going to see some of those temperatures that will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. a mix of sun and clouds. the storm ranger and mobile doppler radar taking a rest from tracking all of that rain that we had. we had a warm front that kind of lifted to the north, so we're still seeing a steady stream of clouds across the region. this is the center of the next storm system that will be here late on saturday due to it slowing down just a little bit. so that's good for those outdoor activities we're planning for the weekend as we take it hour
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by hour. all of the clouds here shown on what it can look like as far as we head into the weekend. but then we start to see some green here and so that could show some rain moving in by late saturday night into sunday, and then it quickly clears out by sunday evening. but there still may be some lingering showers throughout the day on monday. we're going to see this in and out of here for parts of the weekend, but that could impact your sunday plans. and as the rain falls, we're looking at about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain, the farther north you go, the higher the rainfall totals are looking. san francisco is closer to a half inch of rain. going into the sierra this weekend, it looks so beautiful tlchlt that's a live view at our heavenly camera at lake tahoe. it's clearing out over the lake and we're seeing a lot more people getting out there. temperatures are a little bit warmer. lake level temperatures at about
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41 degrees. so we've seen a lot of the precipitation lately fall as rain and it will change over to some light snow by the weekend. we're going to see 1 to 4 inches of snow across the greater tahoe area. going into next week, a couple of more storms moving in just in time for christmas that could bring significant snow. and we've been closely watching this forecast because we have our 49ers versus the rams at home and it's going to be close in terms of the timing with the storm system moving in. but we are going to keep a slight chance of rain in the fourth quarter forecast, but it looks like for most of the game it does look pretty good and we should start to see a few more clouds moving in. it's going to be cool either way. and going through the rest of the forecast, we keep it unsettled going into christmas eve and christmas day. the next storm system coming in will also bring in some cooler temperatures, so we'll see how that goes in terms of sierra
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snow as well as some snow on some of those bay area peaks. we'll be watching out for that on christmas day. >> coming up, this delivery driver doing quite the happy dance. we'll show you what one person left outside that has time dancing with joy. but first, facebook is headed to the super bowl for the first time. the social media giant has purchased air time to run a commercial during the big game this year. it's all part of the company's more together campaign. this is aimed at promoting its facebook group feature. comedian chris rock and actor sylvester sta lone are set to star in the commercial. they're under a microscope from regulators for anti-trust and scrutiny for repeat privacy breaches. more news for you after the break.
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so here nbc bay area, we're celebrating ugly sweater day and one of our coworkers from our telemundo side really lit it up this morning. sporting this fantastic ugly christmas sweater today, complete with christmas lights. we say it's mostly ugly because it's the miami dolphins. yeah, you should be wearing a 9ers ugly sweater instead. also caught on camera today, an amazon delivery driver busting out some serious dance
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moves. >> a tennessee woman left a box of snacks on the front porch for delivery workers and it seems to bring a whole lot of joy to this driver here. the woman posted this video on her facebook page it shows him dancing and singing. especially the capri sun drinks. she gifted him a box of capri sun. >> the holidays can be a distraction, but not for the 9ers, who have trying to keep their focus. >> the 9ers have two huge games left in the regular season. this saturday they host the rams in a game that you can see on nbc bay area. the following week they play in seattle. if they win both games, they'll be top seed. coach shanahan says the defense will get a boost who richard sherman back on the lineup. >> they're very talented and very well coached. i think over this last month they've been playing as good of
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football as anyone in the league. i think until the sunday game got a little out of hand, but they had a top ten offense and defense before that and very good special teams. so talent and coaching. >> don't forget, the game saturday and the 9ers and the rams right here on nbc bay area. we'll have a special 4:00 p.m. pregame forecast. and then after that at 8:30, eddie murphy hosts snl. >> we don't have to stay up past our bed times. >> it's going to be great. and we're also going to see the rain, it looks like at this point it holds off in time for the game, coming in later saturday night. and it will be raining off and on. i know there are a lot of rain icons. it won't be raining the whole time. our next rain comes in christmas eve and continues into christmas day. >> family comes into town then. >> no delays at the airport, please. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next news cast is coming up
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tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. have a great one.
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right now on california live, celebrity chef on the clock. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> then i'm stripping away my makeup. >> i'm feeling good coming out of the gate. >> plus the pied piper of pediatrics is back with a whole new routine to help sick kids heal. >> and the loser dance. uh-oh. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."


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