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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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raj mathai. >> there will be no justice for the murder victim and his family. that's what prosecutors said in the case connected to tiffany li. the jury found li not guilty in the case but deadlocked on whether kaveh bayat helped kill him. robert, so bayat is free but not necessarily cleared? >> reporter: yeah, for kaveh bayat leaving the jail here is not the same as being found not guilty, but he still seemed very relieved all the same. an emotional kaveh bayat hugged his mother after he emerged free after not being tried for murder. he seemed jubilant but kept his comments brief.
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bayat and then girlfriend tiffany li were arrested after keith green was found shot to death in hillsborough in 2016. they believe li wanted green killed. olive yea adella went from star witness to being booted off by the da for trying to contact another witness. in the end, the jury found li not guilty but deadlocked on bayat. there will be no new trial because the evidence is not there to convince a jury. >> i absolutely without question believe there are no other president ises out there who would be responsible for the death of keith green. >> bayat's attorney disagrees. >> the people made a bad decision erld on in my view to
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eliminate olivia adella from the prosecution. and they have to live with it. >> reporter: dean johnson says there will be no justice for anyone. >> one thing and only one thing is certain, that in san mateo county, because of the way the district attorney handled this case, somebody got away with murder. >> reporter: now, green's family declined to comment through a friend because of a civil lawsuit filed against tiffany li and others. li was reportedly traveling in china. as for adella, the da says he will be released from jail soon because he's served his required jail time but could be retried if new evidence turned up. >> okay. thanks so much for the update. a car chase this morning had police tailing thieves in the east bay. it started at the lowe's. four people grabbed power tools from the lowe's store then ran out. one fought with an employee
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before they got away. police started chasing the thieves and caught up with them in oakland. they recovered new power tools from the car. a traffic stop gone wrong in oakland today. it happened this morning near the elementary school. officers tried to stop a car in connected with an armed robbery. the driver of the car rammed the officer's car. the driver's car did catch fire. the man was later arrested. a cashier is recovering after coming face to face with an armed gunman. the cashier followed the robber's demands and gave him a drawer full of money, but he still pepper sprayed him in the face. jodi hernandez is live where the cruel attack has customers upset tonight. >> reporter: folks who frequent this gas station and minimart say the folks who run it are friendly and helpful and true to form with had the cashier kept his cool when he came face to face with an armed robber sunday night. but that didn't keep him from
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coming under attack. >> it's a really nice little family store here. these guys have owned this fair long time. and i like coming in and patronizing them. they're good people. >> reporter: but the folks who run the fast and easy mart got an unwelcome visit by an armed robber who apparently wasn't satisfied that his crime was so fast and easy. >> we always tell people to avoid being in confrontation in a dangerous situation. >> reporter: despite opening the cash drawer for the man and allowing the suspect to fill his pockets with cash, the cashier got a face full of pepper spray. >> the act of pepper spray after he got what he wanted was completely, you know, uncalled for. >> reporter: the attack caught on camera has the stores regulars stunned and angry. >> it's very disheartening to see something like that happening to somebody sort of like your friend basically.
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>> for someone to steal the money and then have to mace them afterwards is totally unnecessary. >> reporter: spolice are hoping someone will recognize the man. he drove away in a white jeep cherokee. customers say he needs to be caught. >> obviously i hope they catch him. yeah, you mean, that's horrible and actually pretty shooken up about it. >> stay out of here. we don't need that kind of stuff around here. >> and this gas station is located right next to 780 so the robber had an easy escape. police say if caught he faces serious charges including battery, robbery, and brandishing a firearm. if you have any information you're urged to call the police department. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. close call for a homeowner that could have ended in tragedy.
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>> a 40 foot oak tree slammed into a man's house in emerald hills this morning. no one was hurt but some of the branches did pierce the ceiling. it took off the top of redwood trees on the way down. you can see not too bad. it looks pretty nice out there today. if you're heading out for the airports, what's going to happen next though? let's check in with jeff raniere. we will see more rain in our future. >> we do. there is good news on the weekend timing. looks like things are getting pushed back. i don't see an entirely wet weekend. we'll have more coverage on that throughout the hour. as we get a look now, we're following fog developing in the north bay and some of the cloud cover in san francisco producing 97-minute delays. if you're heading to the airport yourself or picking somebody up, definitely could be running a little bit late.
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a national view doesn't show any other problems across the map. so, it's just those delays in san francisco. that's a problem. if you're headed anywhere tomorrow, great news to report. check out the national map and you'll be able to see no major storm systems from the east all the way back to the west. in fact, primarily dry conditions with sun mixing in, just a few showers in dallas, seattle, also in portland. we have cooler 50s near redding down toward southern california. i think the number one things to watch out for would be patchy areas of dense morning fog tomorrow and slick wintery conditions over the mountain passes. we'll talk more about that weekend rain chance. that's coming up in about ten minutes. i'll see you then. >> right now orinda city leaders are considering extending emergency ordinance when it comes to short term rentals like air bnb. the ordinance says the host must
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stay in the larger home and rent out the other. the ordinance has been put in place for about a month following the halloween party shooting in aryorinda. >> you'll find eight conversations of people discussing new year's eve mansion parties at air bnbs, party they're going to go to that are open invite. this is still going on. >> so far two people have been arrested in connection with the halloween night shooting. the city of tech is trying to crack down on new tech. new emerging technologies office set to regulate new technology that might roam public space in the city. this includes electric scooters or delivery robots. if the company wants to use new products in public space, they have to consult the office first. >> we want to make sure that the impact of the technology are not negatively impacting our city.
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>> can fine violators up to a thousand dollars a day. a san francisco woman is going to great lengths to get her dog back. she raised thousands of dollars and even hired an airplane with a banner. she's still putting up fliers. any word on the dog, christy? >> reporter: not yet, but i tell you she is heartbreaken about this and she is trying to find him. she says that she has come out of the door and the dog was sitting right there near the bench and had only been there for a couple of minutes. she came out and he was missing. now she's trying to make sure as many people know about jackson as possible. the message will even be on a banner in the sky. emily is posting fliers hoping it will lead to her miniature australian shepherd named jackson. this is video of him. >> i've had him since he was a little puppy, and he's over 5
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now. he is my -- my heart beat. >> on saturday, she tied jackson's leash to the bench outside of the grocery store. she came out just minutes later and he was gone. >> when i came out, i knew immediately that he was still in there. there was no question. >> she has video of a man walking toward her dog and thinks there's a connection. she was heart broken but determined. she even spent $1,250 of her own money to rent a plane with a banner. >> my thinking there is, you know, honestly anything, sky's the limit. i will do anything for my dog. so, put a banner in the air and maybe people will look at it. it says >> reporter: she created the link with a link to a gofundme account. she gets more exposure with people her age. by the store, people are keeping an eye out. >> it's the cutest dog.
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hopefully she gets her dog back. >> reporter: now she thinks differently about leaving her dog out. >> i don't think it's safe to do that anymore unfortunately. >> reporter: and she's grateful for the support she's received. >> it's incredibly heartwarming. >> reporter: here's another look at jackson. he's a small dog, just 28 pounds. after the reward was reached, theest are of the money wi the rest of the money will go to a dog rescue. the banner will be in the sky tomorrow afternoon. >> hopefully somebody finds the dog. thanks christy. up next, an 11-year-old girl jumps into action when a fire breaks out at her family's home. the holiday tradition and the hit nbc show she credits for saving her live. plus just in time for christmas, the 14 families receiving keys to new affordable homes in the east bay. you shouldn't have to live with pain.
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the fire department is calling the little girl a hero because she saved her family's life when a fire erupted in her grandmother's house. live at the home in san jose, damian, she credits a hit nbc tv show. >> reporter: yeah, janelle, what a story. the grandma's home is gone here
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on 19th street and san jose, but the family is safe thanks to the actions of that 11-year-old girl and the show she watches right here on nbc. the hugs were a necessity today. at the center of those hugs was this little girl. her name is berlin, but around these parts they call her a hero. >> she's a hero. in fact, she's the san jose firefighter as far as we're concerned. >> reporter: it was an electrical fire near the christmas tree that ignited the home. berlin woke up to check on her el off on a shelf when she saw the flames. >> i could feel it. it was really hot inside the house. >> her training kicked in, training the sixth grader got from a tv show. >> i watched "chicago fire." they just help people out. >> so, instead of running to save herself, berlin ran to wake
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everyone up, yelling as loud as she could. i w . >> i was sleeping and my sister woke me up like let's go, get out, get out. >> reporter: firefighters say it was that alertness in the midst of chaos that saved the families life. >> this 11-year-old young lady gave her family the best gift ever and it's the gift of life. >> i think she's a hero. if she wouldn't have woken up or said something, it could have been way worse. >> reporter: firefighters returned to the home today to deliver gifts. grandma's home is gone but the family is still together in a neighborhood quickly learning not all heroes wear capes. and the two girls were take ton the doctor this afternoon to check on possible smoke inhalation. but tonight the little girl
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berlin is an honorary san jose firefighter. >> as well she should be. it went from empty parking lot to apartment building and home to hundred of people on the brink of homelessness. dozens of people spent the day moving into one of oakland's largest affordable housing developments. melissa colorado joins us saying other cities need to follow oakland's example. >> reporter: i can't tell you how many times i've heard the oakland mayor say we need affordable housing now. here it is. welcome to casa air bella, a project ten years in the making. from the outside it looks like any sleek market rate apartment buildings that are going up in oakland. once you step inside, you'll realize why there was a wait list of 4,000 people who were praying for the chance to live here. that's how long it takes navy veteran jeff ryan to remember
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the last time he had an apartment of his own. the 71-year-old has been struggling with homelessness for about three years. as of today, that struggle is over. ryan is one of 400 people moving into casa arabella, one of oakland's largest affordable housing developments. more than 20% are reserved for homeless vets like ryan. they'll pay roughly $750 for a 3 bedroom and two bathroom apartment. others will pay zero. >> and just in time for christmas, like, wow. me and my kids have a place to actually be as a family. >> reporter: nicole thomas can see the b.a.r.t. tracks. it sits on what used to be a b.a.r.t. parking lot.
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developers say other bay area cities need to follow oakland's example and build similar affordable housing projects next to the b.a.r.t. station. >> we're heading into the new year, new beginning. it's awesome. i'm just excited to have a place. >> and the construction is not over. the unity council is hoping to build another affordable housing complex next door right where you see all of these parked cars. and they're hoping it's going to be twice the size of the casa arabella development. they're hoping to begin construction next spring. that's the latest. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> great project. thanks melissa. by the time we get to this weekend we still have the rain chances in the mix but we have good news to report on the timing. also the intensity of the storm system that i think a lot of you will like if you do have some plans to try to get stuff done
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right before christmas. so, i'll bring you outside, live high definition sky camera. you can see san jose christmas in the park shining bright. if you're still not in the christmas spirit for whatever reason, head out here to boost you up. it's open until midnight each and every night so have a good night. we have temperatures in the 50s. it'll be dry so you don't need the umbrella and eventually dropping into the 40s tomorrow morning. speaking of the morning i think the biggest problem we'll have are the patchy dense areas of fog we had to contend with lately. you want to be on the look out for that especially in the north and east bay. through the afternoon mix of sun and cloud cover lingering. have you at 61 in santa rosa, 65 in morgan hill, milder for the south bay and san francisco at 67. so, we're try. we're storm free as we move into tomorrow's forecast. but once we hit saturday, things are going to change. let's move the future cast out
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to saturday. and the big difference in what we're seeing as we look ahead towards the weekend is the storm looks to be slowing down, taking its time to get here, and maybe not quite as strong as originally thought. that's good news. 7:00 in the morning on saturday lines up out here. then you can see as we move through the afternoon on saturday, north bay has the chance of rain but really nothing heavy for levi stadium and the 49ers game. and then once we hit sunday morning, that's when that storm starts to hit. we'll have details on this, how much rain we'll get coming up in about 25 minutes. >> okay. see you then, jeff. thank you. up next, get ready for higher gas and electricity bills. the reason pg&e is raising rates next year. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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pg&e customers can soon expect to pay a bit more. bills expected to rise during the first few months of 2020. customers should expect about 10 to 30 cents a month. pg&e says it's necessary to bolster the reliability of the aging system. a tech giant is getting called out with it's contract with customs and border protection. >> drop the contract now. >> protesters in front of the head quarters in san francisco demanding the company stop doing business with u.s. border protection. they say they're treating immigrants inhumanely. >> even though this is a
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sanctuary city you have agencies like customs and border protections and i.c.e. coming out tearing out human rights atrocities. >> they have contracts with the customs and border protection department through other companies it deals with. a new scu campus could be coming to the bay area. they say campuses are overcrowded so they're considering building a new one. the new location could accommodate up to 8,000 more students. it would be the school's 24th cam wuss. locations being talked about would be in concord, chula vista, and palm desert being considered. when the senate get the articles of impeachment, the reason nancy pelosi maintains leverage over republican counterparts. he is not on the stage tonight but he's making sure his voice is heard. we sat down with julian castro about the diversity or lack thereof in tonight's debate.
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we would hope there would be a fair process as we hope they would honor the constitution. >> right now, nancy pelosi before she sends the articles of impeachment to the senate, gop must detail how they will handle the impeachment. >> senate republicans have been preparing for a quick trial and near certain acquittal. why that's not necessarily a
6:30 pm
done deal. >> reporter: today, headlines across the country marking the impeachment that will forever brand president trump's legacy. the process now shifts to a senate trial as early as next month. majority leader mitch mcconnell today blasting house democrats for acting out of -- >> partisan rage. >> reporter: -- and promising to clear the president of wrong doing. house speaker nancy pelosi says that declared bias means that the senate won't run the fair trial constitutional framers planned for. >> i don't think they expected a rogue president and rogue senate leader at the same time. >> reporter: she may not pass the articles to the senate leaving the impeachment in limbo and maintaining leverage as senator mcconnell. >> nancy pelosi is not constitutionally or regulatorily abound to submit anything on their timetable.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: president trump on the attack tweeting pelosi feels her phony impeachment hoax is so pathetic she's afraid to present it to the senate. he met today with one of two democrats who voted against both articles of impeachment. jeff van drew officially announcing he's switching to the republican party, a move the president sees as a victory. >> it doesn't feel like impeachment. it's a phony deal. >> reporter: president trump trying to down play impeachmen, a chapter in american history still being written on capitol hill. alice barr, nbc news, washington. russia president vladimir putin sounded a lot like president trump when asked about yesterday's impeachment. >> translator: i don't think trump's presidency is over. this has to go through the senate where he has the majority and i doubt they'll want to remove their party from power for a completely made up reason. >> president putin has
6:32 pm
established a record of defending president trump so the comments not surprising. stay with us for developments on the impeachment proceedings. another stumble for president trump and it has nothing to do with the impeachment. last night at a rally in michigan, the president suggested john dingell might be in hell. the president was talking about a phone call with dingle's wife. >> she calls me up. it's the nicest thing that's ever happened, thank you so much. john would be so thrilled. he's looking down, he'd be so thrilled. i said that's okay, don't worry about it. maybe he's looking up. i don't know. >> congressman dingle passed away in february. he was america's longest serving representative. his wife took over his congressional seat after his passing. she's not criticizing the president for his remarks. >> just made me sad. he said what he said.
6:33 pm
and i think there are some things that should be off limits. >> both republicans and democrats have called on the president to apologize to her. many in congress have left for the holiday break but some senator wrs still at work today hearing testimony on california's deadly wild fire and power shut offs. pg&e ceo was among those who testified. bill johnson testified on equipment and outages. >> i know more from this phone with this technology than the operators know this that utility in australia. and i'm sitting here in washington, d.c. >> the senate energy committee examining ways to reduce wild fires on electrical grids. >> the last democratic presidential debate of 2019 is going on right now in los angeles. it's the smallest debate with only 7 candidates. it's also the whitest. not on that stage, julian
6:34 pm
castro, the only latino running for president. castro did hit the donor threshold but not the needed polling numbers. so, instead he is live tweeting about the debate. i sat down with castro who said with kamala harris out of the race, he's coming after california voters. >> i believe i could do well here in california. >> julian castro thinks he's got what california wants and needs. >> california has led in so many important way, fighting climate change, creating opportunity for people to be able to reach their dreams. >> and what it takes to stay in the game despite not making the cut in tonight's debate. castro says he used his voice on the national stage in past debates to elevate the concerns of poor, people of color, and especially latinos. poised in 2020 to be the largest racial and ethnic group of voters. >> i haven't been afraid to tackle the issue of immigration. >> it's an issue that may not be get played on tonight's debate
6:35 pm
with the absence due to it being made up of six white candidates and one asian man with no black or latino voice. >> i think the dnc is going to have to re-evaluate the threshold they put in place. we need to ensure that this whole nominating process reflects the wonderful diversity of our democratic party. >> it's time for the democratic party -- >> castro's vision for voters: an america where everyone counts, a mantra he learned along side his twin brother joaquin castro. >> my mom raised by brother and me as a single parent. >> second generation immigrants, they launched their american dream in the bay area. >> the first thing i ever ran for was the student senate at stanford and i did that with my brother after we watched what happened here in 1994, the proposition 187. >> that state initiative aimed at stopping immigrants without
6:36 pm
legal status from accessing public schools and health care. 25 years later, castro says the issue of immigrant rights is center of the nation. >> i believe there are more that understand we can reform the immigration laws. we can have accountability and border government but also that we can treat people with common sense and with compassion. >> the were forehead of had you had says he also has a handle on one of the bay area's biggest issues homelessness. he got an up close look when he toured a homeless camp. >> i want to provide more resource that is we need to get people permanent housing. >> but first he's got to secure his own place in california's march primary. >> what i was taught, a lot of folks have been taught, is that you don't give up, that you keep going. you keep working hard. >> now, before that march primary he needs to make it to the iowa caucuses.
6:37 pm
earlier today castro released an ad in that state in which he tells iowans that it's time to reflect diversity. at this hour he is fundraising on twitter with what he calls a debate day challenge. in other news, pg&e responded today to a federal judge's order considering what we uncovered. a report with steel hooks on transmission towers wearing out and breaking too easily during testing. that's the same kind of worn hook blamed for sparking the deadly campfire last year. an internal report from pg&e says some hooks failed strength tests as far back as 1987. pg&e told the judge the hooks had not been breaking in the years since and disputed that the test failures were a red flag. retired state lawyer told us today that pg&e's response doesn't make sense. >> it would be hard to think of
6:38 pm
any response that could be any more ridiculous than that. when you have hooks that are worn and dangerous, you look for other worn and dangerous hooks on your system. that's how safety is achieved. >> there's no word from the judge today about whether he accepts pg&e's response. up next, the crash into a check cashing store and now the search for the driver.
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...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. he drove off the hillside plunging nearly 100 feet into a creek but he's going to be okay. the crash happened near san jose near martin avenue. firefighters had to climb down to the creek to get him to safety. a driver in the south bay ran from police after crashing into a check cashing store.
6:41 pm
officers tried to stop the cadillac near 1:00 a.m. the driver took off and a short time later the officer found the driver had crashed into the building. the driver ran off but a 15-year-old passenger was there. she was taken to the hospital. she's expected to be okay. police are still searching for the driver. it's final for another census and facebook is getting involved. it will be cracking down on any misleading census ads, adding it's crucial the country gets an accurate census count. facebook says because of it, it will prohibit any ad that is show the census as useless or meaningless. it will show ads that encourage people -- take out ad that is encourage people not to participate. cracking down on robo calls, the house passing a bill making it harder for them to get through. it requires phone companies to offer free call blocking apps and verify the number calling you is real.
6:42 pm
the fcc would be able to fine robo callers up to $10,000 a call. that bill heads to president trump's desk. the rain has subsided but more is on the way this weekend. >> doesn't look wet all weekend. >> yea. >> exactly. we can get still everything we need to get done here at least on saturday. as you can see that storm system approaching, we'll talk about the timing and intensity in just a couple of minutes. >> one problem, two technicians, and zero success. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive.
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nbc bay area responds to a home warranty hassle. chris chmura and his team lent a helping hand. tell us. >> this deals with the pool which is tough to think about right now since it's so cold. the pool pump went on the fritz. so, he asked his home warranty through fidelity to fix it.
6:45 pm
two successive teches were unable to get it working. so, he hired a contractor to do the work which cost $1,548. next he filed for reimbursement and wait for it, he was denied. so, he called us. we contacted fidelity and it paid him his $1,548. we asked for a statement about his case but didn't hear back. sometimes a home warranty will let you hire your own contractor and you get reimbursement. but before you do that, make sure you break out the contract plus a magnifying glass. look for the language that says yea or nay. it's in there, trust me. you can go to our website and click on the section that says nbc bay area responds right there on your phone any time. >> thank you, chris. the cdc is sending out a warning tonight, watch out for hard boiled eggs. health experts are investigating
6:46 pm
a possible listeria outbreak. they believe it's coming from hard boiled eggs. one person in texas actually died. the cdc is advising that people throw away any store bought hard boiled eggs. facebook is making their bold debut. they'll run the first ever ad during super bowl ads. the ad will feature famous faces like chris rock and sylvester stallone. that one ad is going to cost facebook a lot of money. companies are paying $5.6 million for just 30 seconds of air time. >> rocky's going to be in the ad? >> ooh! >> a little bit of facebook live from him or something, you never know. >> do you know something we don't? >> i don't. >> he's just the king of facebook living. >> what we need to know is saturday's forecast because the 9ers are playing at home against the rams.
6:47 pm
>> it's looking better and better. if you have tickets, you're lucky enough to go see jimmy g. and rest of the team in action, i think you'll be okay. you want to prepare for the poncho. we'll have more of that coming up in just a little bit. i did want to start off with airport delays because we're getting closer and closer to the time where the relatives are coming to visit. they may be arriving on planes. good news to go if you're going to pick up somebody from the airport. we do not have weather delays across most of the map except here in san francisco. running 97 minutes behind due to low cloud cover. they should be able to get those planes to land okay tonight, just running a little bit behind. no big storms across the east coast and no big storms expected for tomorrow. so, there's your good news on the travel. let's take you down here to the bay area. the other thing i wanted to highlight here is fog developing in the north bay, visibility down to three miles in santa rosa. just start thinking about patchy
6:48 pm
areas of dense fog for tomorrow morning. that should help to get you out the door easier. we'll start off on the chilly side, down to 44 in the tri-valley. forecast has you at 48. 44 in the east bay, san francisco, and also the north bay in the 40s as well. best thing tomorrow's going to be good for, if you have been waiting for a package to arrive, you're looking at the tracking number, waiting for it, waiting for it, tomorrow's going to be a good day for that to get here if you do have one coming because you don't have a big storm system. you see where i'm going with this. there's no rain fall to get that package wet. if you have errands, you can do those and know that hopefully it'll be okay once you get back. no weather's going to mess that up for you. 65 down here in san jose, 66 in gilroy. you can tell i've been waiting for things to get in the mail. 63 down to pleasant ton and over to oakland, 61 degrees. let's bring in the peninsula.
6:49 pm
62 in palo alto. daily city 59 and very light winds out of the west at 3-miles-per-hour. marin, napa, sonoma counties upper 50s and low 60s. no storm systems for tomorrow. but a storm system this weekend. the good news, the times has been pushed back on this. so, even though it lines up at 7:30 in the morning on saturday, look at how slowly this thing's going to get here. by 5:00 p.m. on saturday maybe just showers in the north bay. so, for the levie's stadium, the game, the 49ers on saturday, we should start off quick off with the cloud cover. get a closer look here. looks dry at this point, but maybe a few spotty showers during the fourth quarter. let's bring you back for the storm system. i think this will start to hit here sunday morning into sunday evening. so, totals with this right now,
6:50 pm
a quarter to one and a quarter inches. we'll get on and off rain chances through christmas but nothing that's going to stop santa claus and the crew from coming into the bay area as we move into christmas. and not too bad for getting outside to play with the new bike or whatnot. >> so, it won't get ruined. >> not at all. >> if the 49ers beat the rams on saturday, they'll have to take down a hometown hero in the process. anthony flores has the story of l.a.'s company coming back to the bay area. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
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elliott. you came back! that will makeout washington insiders very uncomfortable: term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer
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and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare, address climate change and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington.
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it's going to be big, two more days until the 49ers take on the rams. it's going to be homecoming for jared goff. >> he went to cal. here's anthony florez. >> acatholic high school is a fantastic community. >> marin catholic is a private school with nearly 750 students. about a 30 minute drive north of san francisco. along with academics, the school has a rich tradition on the football field. >> we always talk about
6:54 pm
attitude, you know, desire and intelligence. >> the wild cats have been a power house on the gridiron playing in nine straight section games. they've also produced four players including jared goff who was the number one pick in 2016 nfl draft. wild cat's head coach remembers when he first saw jared play as a freshman. >> really skinny guy. i mean, exceptionally skinny. i think that's what stood out about him the most when you first looked at him. then you saw him throw the pass. >> he was the line coach but first coached jared in pop warner when he was only 7 years old. >> i think what you learn from him at a young age was more about his work ethic and his leadership. >> his work ethic led to a record setting career in high school. he passed for more than 7,000 yards and 93 touchdowns. >> jared went as a starter for marin catholic. he only lost one game on the
6:55 pm
field and that came at the end of his sophomore year. >> he did things out there, i said wow. >> after school he went on to star at cal. then led the rams to a super bowl appearance. his two former coaches say they're most proud of goff remaining the same guy they knew when he was wearing a wild cats uniform. >> he's the same jared i knew when he was 7 years old except he's a little taller. >> anell grew up in the area and is die hard 49ers fan but will be rooting for the hometown kid. >> i wish nothing but the best for him, and the 9ers will be fine. >> so will many others in the north bay. anthony florez, nbc bay area news. >> it's going to be hard but i have to root for the 9ers. sorry. jared, i hope you have a good game though. >> you can watch the game on saturday, saturday game, kick
6:56 pm
off with a special edition of nbc bay area news at 4:00 live on the field. >> does janelle need to bring her poncho for when she's on the field on saturday? >> i think we're going to be pretty good for kick off and halftime. there's a slight chance of spotty showers once we hit the fourth quarter. so, i would bring it just to be on the safe side, depending what you're wearing. >> okay. that's what you know. umbrella handy. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. >> you got it. >> take a picture of jimmy g. >> i'll try. >> i would love that.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
you were right. >> it made me feel like, i hope it's defined by change. you know? and -- >> was it too little too late at the survivor finale. was nothing done to prevent future inappropriate behavior? serena williams leaves no doubt that she is it a fighter. only access is with katy perry, and she spreads a lot of holiday cheer. >> there's always room to grow. eddie murphy's return to this weekend's snl looks to be a wild ride. >> bill cosby thing maybe. it would be very funny. >> we got a surprise for you. >> what do you think, jenny. >> we give great news to the eagles littlest fan.


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