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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, the top seven democrats face off in the final presidential debate of the year. >> senator warren, you would be the oldest president ever inaugurated. i'd like you to weigh in as well. >> i'd also be the youngest woman ever inaugurated. >> questions coming fast and furious as candidates trade blows over health care and more. a girl makes a split second decision. what she learned from a tv show she says helped save her family. tragedy on the playground.
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the question san rafael parents want answered after a child died at an elementary school. the news at 11:00 starts right now. so, what happened on that playground? that's what some north bay parents want to know after san rafael elementary school student died on campus. >> very few details are being released, including exactly what happened leading up to this accident. let's bring in nbc bay area sergio k sergio quintana, joins us live. sergio. >> reporter: the school is investigating exactly what happened. in a statement they did say that there were a few people who saw what happened to that student and that was likely traumatic for those people who witnessed it. this is a portion of a statement that was provided to us by the head of the school, joe harvey. members of our staff witnessed the accident. immediately called 911 and did their best to provide care for the student. he was transported to the hospital, but unfortunately did not survive. now, according to this written
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statement, the accident happened at the school playground. you can kind of see in this video playground equipment under the tarps there on the side of the building. now, this all happened this afternoon about 1:00 p.m. when students were still on campus. the mark day school is an independent school with kindergarten through 8th grade classes, but the statement did not describe how old or what grade the child was in. and as authorities piece together exactly what happened, the school has decided not to cancel classes tomorrow. they are going to have counselors here on campus and any student or anyone who wants to see those counselors is welcomed to take that opportunity. reporting live in san rafael, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states. >> i am literally the only person on this stage who is not a millionaire or a billionaire. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself
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pass. >> mayor pete and senator elizabeth warren sparring at tonight's democratic presidential debate. among the issues, his recent visit to a high-end fund-raiser at a wine cave a few days ago in napa county. both candidates traded blows over the influence of wealthy donors. tonight a little more substance than the previous debates. we are down to several encandidates who took center stage on the lmu campus down in southern california. here in the bay area, plenty of reaction. jean elle has some of the flash points of this debate. jean. >> reporter: raj, candidates had a chance to challenge each other and talk about their plans. at a debate watch party here in san francisco, some voters say they missed some of the candidates who didn't qualify for the debate stage, but they say they enjoyed hearing more from the people who did. the democratic presidential debate looked different tonight. fewer candidates made the stage. >> i miss harris, i miss beerk.
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>> reporter: fewer voices translated to more time for debate. >> it covers everybody. it's realistic. most importantly, it lets you choose what you want. >> under joe's plan essentially, we retain the status quo. >> not true. >> that is exactly so. >> reporter: the candidates got past talking points and debated everything from health care and climate change to campaign finance reform. >> i appreciated the time people got to actually talk to each other on the stage. it was nice to actually get a few other people. >> reporter: when the debate turned personal, some candidates brought the focus back to the democrats' mission, defeating donald trump. >> we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment which unfortunate r fortunately strikes many americans like a ball game where you know what the score is going to be, and start actually digging in and solving the problems that got donald trump elected in the first place. >> reporter: at this watch party at manny's in san francisco, there was no clear winner. >> i don't feel decided on who i would vote for. tonight i thought everyone seemed really strong in their
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own ways. i felt like our differences were a lot smaller. >> reporter: voters will have another chance to hear from the democratic hopefuls in just a couple weeks. the next debate is scheduled for january 14th. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jean. let's take you outside, a live look at san francisco. the rain has moved out but another storm just around the corner. let's get straight to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. okay, how far away is that corner? >> oh, i think, you know, as we head through this weekend, the new change that we're seeing is the timing on the storm system continues to get pushed more and more back. so that's going to be better for any kind of weekend plans. if you're heading out over the next couple hours trying to get a head start on the holiday traffic rush, i do want you to watch out here for some fog in the north bay. visibility down to a half mile and less. as a good part here of the inland valleys of the north and east bay will have the chance of patchy dense fog tomorrow morning. now, if you're heading to the
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airport, yourself, to pick somebody up or head on a trip, we do not have any major storm systems from the east coast back to the west. so we don't see any major delays in the forecast as we move through tomorrow. lots of sunshine for the eastern seaboard, central u.s., even toward southern california. again, the two things i want you to watch out for would be some fog tomorrow morning and some slick travel over the passes. california will be a split picture tomorrow. 5 4r 54 in redding, mild 70s in southern california. we'll talk about the changing time line of our storm system in 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. redwood city breathing easier tonight after a near tragic morning. the giant 40 foot oak tree slammed into a man's house in emerald hills. workers were called out, they cut up the tree, luckily no one was hurt. but some of those tree branches did pearce the ceiling. they tore down power lines and took the tops of redwood trees
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as well. >> police say carlos due ran shot a man in sunnyvale last week. he got away with the help of pamela. this is believed to be gang-related. the victim in the shooting is okay. he san francisco state university has been given the all clear. the school had to shutdown because of a bomb threat. police say the school reported the bomb threat at 2:00 this afternoon. officers went building by building searching. this evening, classes were canceled. police say eventually they found no threat to the students. classes back in session tomorrow. >> the accused gunman of a high-profile murder case is now a free man. today kaveh embraced his mother when he walked out of the san mateo county jail. this comes just hours after the district attorney decided not to retry him due to lack of evidence. bayat and li were accused of killing her children's father
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over a custody dispute. the jury found her not guilty but dead locked on bayat. >> i think if this case had been tried 100 times, my client would have been not guilty 100 times. >> after three years in custody, bayat said it feels good to be free. he made no further comments. >> the ban will continue. orinda city leaders unanimously vote today extend the emergency ordinance when it comes to short-term rentals on sites like airbnb they made the decision a few hours ago at a meeting. the ordinance requires homeowners live on the property when renting their home. if the two homes have a lot, the host must stay in the larger home and rent out the smaller one. the ordinance has been in place for about a month. tonight's decision will extend into october. it comes on the heels of that halloween party shooting at an airbnb home where five people were killed. so far two people have been arrested in connection with that shooting. >> may day underneath the golden gate bridge. tonight a fishing boat had to call for help when it began to sink. five people were on board.
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the coast guard sent out a helicopter and a boat to help. thankfully everyone safely evacuated. >> okay, check it out. this is what a popular street near the u.c. berkeley campus looks like as construction takes place on the northbound route. cars now have to veer to the left at the center street. crews spent the day tway making the changes to the busy section. it crosses university avenue, it will soon be a two-way street. the attempt is to make it a little safer for pedestrians. >> a new apartment building in the east bay is saving hundreds of people from living on the streets. casa arabella is one of the oakland's affordable housing developments. 4,000 people signed onto the wait list to live in this building. today the families that were chosen moved into their new homes. more than 20% of the units there are reserved for homeless veterans. the rent is adjusted to what people can afford. one family is paying about 750 bucs a month for a three bedroom two bath apartment. >> a bart rieder who got out of
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her wheelchair to try to save a man on a bart train honored today. board of directors issued a commend asian to 22-year-old sophia humphrey. last month oliver williams was stabbed when he tried to stop someone from stealing another person's shoes. she is a nursing student. she applied pressure to the wound until the responders arrived. >> god gave me what i needed in the moment and i just hope that if others find themselves in a situation where they have the capability to help, they wouldn't hesitate. >> in spite of her efforts, william died. the man accused of stabbing him has been charged with murder. >> up next, the brazen theft captured on camera. you see a man reach in right there and help himself to all that cash. tonight the search continues for the suspect. >> and a south bay girl being called a hero after she saved her family from a burning home. what she learned on a popular tv show that helped her make a life-saving political second decision.
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>> if you have any plans this weekend, you'll want to see the forecast. we have a big timing change on our weekend storm system, and we'll also let you know about a change in the expected totals. that's coming up in about 7 minutes.
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. san jose has a new heroine and she's 11 years oeltld. >> she saved her family's life and she credits the show chicago fire. here's nbc bay area's damian trujillo. >> reporter: at the center of the hugs was a little girl. her name is berlin. but around these parts, they call her a hero. >> to the fire department she's a hero. she's a san jose firefighter as far as we're concerned. >> reporter: it was an electrical fire near the christmas tree that ignited the home. she woke up to check on her elf on the shelf when she saw the
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flames. >> i could just feel it, like it was really hot inside the house. >> reporter: so her training kicked in. training the 6th grader got from a tv show. >> i watch chicago fire. >> reporter: what did you learn? >> they, they just like help people out. >> reporter: so instead of running to save herself, berlin ran to wake everyone up yelling as loud as she could. >> i was sleeping and i just heard everybody screaming and my sister woke me up. she was like, let's go. my dad was get out, get out. >> reporter: firefighters say it was that alertness in the midst of chaos that saved her family's life. >> we're almost close to christmas. this little 11-year-old young lady gave her family the best gift ever, and that's the gift of life. >> i think she's a hero because if she wouldn't have woken up or said something, it could have been way worse. >> reporter: firefighters returned to the home today to offer the family gifts. a little something to ease their
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shock. grandma's home is gone, but the family is still together in a neighborhood that's quickly learning that not all heroes wear capes. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> you will remember this story. it's been nearly 17 years since the lacy peterson murder case captivated the nation and especially the bay area. tomorrow on "dateline" we'll look at the infamous case. >> there are people probably growing up or never knew about lacy peterson. tell me about lacy. >> i knew her in the third 2k3wr5 grade. i knew nobody. she was one of the first people i met. there was no not meeting her. >> we remember lacy as well and tomorrow you can watch the disappearance of lacy peterson at 9:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> a cashier in benicia came face to face with an armed gunman. it happened sunday night, but we're just now getting the
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surveillance video. he followed the robber's demands and handed over a drawerful of money. you can see the video here. after the thief got the money, he pepper sprayed the cashier in the face. >> someone to steal the money and then have to mace them afterwards, totally unnecessary. >> take a look again. benicia police are hoping you recognize this guy. surveillance cameras show him driving away right there in that jeep cherokee. well, it's not just a red suit. santa has a variety of outfits and colors. tonight he was in teal. >> tonight the team stepped up to help needy families. nbc bay area's ian cull was there in san jose. >> reporter: tonight ice skating to christmas songs set the stage and spirit for the sharks holiday event. the team hosted 31 families for a night of surprises. for many of them, it's their first time on the ice. >> it's hard.
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but when you get the hang of it, it's all good. >> reporter: as cheer filled the solar for america ice in san jose, the mascot sharky met with kids. who later drank hot chocolate and ate dinner right alongside their favorite pros, like evander kaine and brett burns. but what they didn't know is the sharks they were paired with bought presence for the whole family. >> i think it's five, six, 10 and 12-year-old. you're not meeting them until the night so there's a little bit of anxious usness. >> and finally the big reveal. >> that's all hugs. >> one of the cooler ones we always look forward to. signing autographs isn't as cool as getting to interact with them. >> i know i wouldn't be able to do it. >> reporter: it was just a few hours, but for everyone here, it made the entire holiday season special. >> it's the best day. >> it brings a lot of joy and makes you realize with a small
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effort to me means a lot to someone else. this is one of the -- it humbles you a lot. >> reporter: a night kids, parents and players will never forget. in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> that is really sweet. i agree with ian, they will never forget this night. >> oh, no. and sharky in the santa suit. >> it's okay, it works. >> bring joy. >> what do you have, we have rain coming often an and off? >> i think people will be happier about the changes in the forecast time line. it's going to offer us some dryer weather for part of that weekend. so as we start off right now, i do want to get to something serious and that is the possibility of more patchy dense fog. if you're headed out over the next couple of hours to get a head start on the holiday traffic rush, please be careful in the north bay. we're seeing visibility down to
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a half mile near napa and novato. we likely could see visibility drop for contra costa and alameda counties tomorrow morning. be on the look out for that fog as you're out and about traveling. now, besides the chance of the fog tomorrow, temperatures will be cold to start. 46 in the south bay. peninsula 48. tri-valley 44. so it's going to be chilly but we're not going to be going below the freezing point. we're going to be okay to handle this. just have that jacket with you. 45 here for the forth bay. san francisco 48 and the east bay at 44. i do think we'll see a few breaks of sun in the forecast tomorrow. the cloud cover is really going to try to hold on ahead of our next storm system. this will put us at 66 in gilroy, 65 over towards san jose. and, look, if you have some sort of package getting delivered tomorrow, you've been checking that fedex, u.p.s., post office tracking number, and you've been waiting on it, it's supposed to come tomorrow, we don't have any big storms tomorrow so that will be at least good for that to get delivered. you can be out and about doing
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other stuff. 60 here in concord, back to oakland 61. over to the peninsula, i have you at 60 in smal. daly city 59. not much variation in the temperatures as you travel in and ound the bay area. heading to the embarcadero, union square for some shopping, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. and right here to the north bay, 58 in know valley. santa rosa 61 degrees. what about our storm system? let's go ahead and show you the new change on this. it looks like it's going to slow down. so that means most of saturday this point is expected to be dry. 7:30 in the morning storms off to the north. you can see by 5:00 p.m., rainfall is just to the north of santa rosa. so most of the bay area here is going to be dry through saturday's forecast. we have the 49ers game on nbc bay area on saturday. so right now we have an overcast kickoff, maybe a spotty shower by the fourth quarter. but i think at this point we'll avoid any kind of heavy rainfall. let's head back to the futurecast and then the storm system looks like it starts to move in by sunday morning.
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and then keep is that rain chance into sunday afternoon. not here, but going up to the sierra, our toyota tahoe snow report shows great weather friday and saturday. then 2 to 4 inches expected on sunday. they've got groomed runs, 209 trails, go in there, have a good time. back here in the bay area, we are looking at on and off rain chances monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. as we head into christmas, nothing big i see as we move through christmas. we'll keep a close eye on that. and we'll know more about the totals for sunday as we move through tomorrow. right now it doesn't look that large. urban areas, anywhere from a quarter to about a half inch. coastal areas could see around 1 inch. >> i think jimmy g. would be happy with the forecast. >> doing what we can. >> and for you. >> we'll be out there. >> in a poncho. >> no, no, a light raincoat. >> you have to take a picture for jeff in the poncho. >> i'm demanding a poncho. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next, facebook gearing up for its superbowl debut. what the company will promote to millions of viewers.
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>> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. kate mckinnon is my guest. we have music and something fun, friends from "sesame street." stay tuned. >> and happening now, the house passed a bill making it harder for those robocalls to get through. the bill requires phone companies to offer free call blocking apps and verify that the number calling you is real. the fcc would then be able to fine robocallers up to 10,000 bucs per call. the bill now heads to president trump's desk. we're back in a moment. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love
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at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. facebook will be making its superbowl debut. the company will be running its first-ever superbowl commercial. the 60 not second ad will feature, ready? sylvester stallone and chris rock. the company says it is trying to promote its new campaign called more together which encourages people to use facebook's script feature. companies are estimated to be paying $5.6 million for 30 seconds of air time. >> that's a lot of cash. we've gotten to know a lot of team owners over the years. joe might be the most passionate of them all. with that said, he's telling us
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he is hurting this season. he hates to lose. we had a fire side chat in atherton with business leaders. he vows the warriors will be back with vengeance. might be the most active owner in the nba. still scouts his players and other players. >> see him at all the games. >> see him at all the games. he's a billionaire, but how did he get through college, u.c. irvine? he used to sell peanuts and ice cream at angel stadium in anaheim. >> wow, that really set the tone. what a way to bring it all the way around full circle. >> that is incredible. we are back in a moment. stay with us.
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okay. you'll have to wrach yop your h around this one. when the 49ers host the the rams, not everybody supports them. >> he went to cal before becoming the number one pick in the 2016 nfl draft. here's some high school footage. this season it's been a struggle. you know who always believes in you? your family and your pop warner coach. >> ah. >> you know what you learn from him at a young age was more about his work ethic and his leadership. exceptionally skinny.
11:30 pm
that's what stood out about him most when you first looked at him. and then you saw him throw the pass. >> he's still skinny. he's slight but he's strong. you can watch jared goff take on the niners. we root for him. not this week. >> personally. >> saturday night 5:00 p.m. kickoff, we're going to have a special pregame show at 4:00 p.m. right on the field at levi stadium. all right. the warriors and sharks off tonight. the marquee match up in the nba could be a preview of the nba finals. the lakers in milwaukee to play the bucks. both teams coming into the game tied with the best record in the lead. we saw lebron there. giannis, the greek frequent. he was too much. the guy is so good. milwaukee holds on to beat the lakers. bucks win 111-104. >> we're back with more. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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are you ready? >> i am so ready. >> get ready to smile. we have an update on our favorite pig. >> it's the therapy pig at s.f.o., lelu, we showed you a couple weeks ago. she wandered the halls of terminal 3 greeting travelers.
11:34 pm
part of the airport's program at easing anxiety. that comes with holiday travel. >> it's been a day. >> does this help? >> this helps. we needed this. we totally needed this. >> lelu went big time. we showed you here and now she was on the national news torrent with her painted red toe nails, showing off to nbc news just what a big piggy star. >> everyone smiles when they come across lelu at s.f.o. kids, grandmas, sisters. everybody. >> maybe she'll pay a visit to nbc bay area. >> that would be great. >> such a ham for the camera. >> always. >> thanks for joining us. have a great friday. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests - kate mckinnon,


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