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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 20, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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what does it feel like to be the third president in u.s. history to be impeached? >> i don't feel like i'm being hoax it's a set up. it's a horrible thing they did >> is the president's case so weak that none of the president's men can defend him under oath >> the impeachment process remains in speakers hands as president trump is demanding the trial be held swiftly. we have the latest. >> with impeachment in the air the democratic candidates and hopefuls jocky for a position on the debate stage who scored the most points >> who's tracking you?
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the largest leak of smart phone data ever. revealing every move of millions of americans and it's totally legal >> caught on camera the truck smashing into an airport employees jumping out of the way just in time >> we catch up with an unusual animal bringing comfort and joy to travelers early today starts now good to be with you on this friday. >> the race for 2020 escapes to l.a. for the final democratic debate of the year as expected one of the hottest topics of the night was the impeachment. but candidates set sights on each other debating everything from the environment to the economy. we have the highlights >> reporter: as the debate kicked off in l.a., the democratic president candidates wasted no time diving into the boat to impeach the president.
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>> we have a president who is a pathological liar. >> it is up to us in 2020. this our chance to refuse to be taken in by the helplessness and reject the cynicism. >> the non-politicians on stage. businessman yang and steyer. advocated turning the attention away from attacking the president to attacking problems. >> we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment. which strikes many americans like a ball game where you know the score. and start digging into and solving the problems that got trump elected in the first place. >> the questions came fast and furious covering trade, the environment, taxes and the economy. >> we're not growing the wealthy are growing. >> with lez than two months before the primary elections the presidential hopefuls are under pressure to differentiate
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the themselves from the still crowded field. >> the most at stake tonight were steyer, yang and klobuchar. performing at the single digit level in national polls. their hope is that tonight's performance was enough to guarantee them a spot in the next debate. >> thank you >> lawmakers leaving the impeachment trial in limbo with holding articles of the impeachment from the senate until mcconnell agrees to rules that ensure a fair trial both sides are at an impasse the president blasted democrats for the move and demanded an immediate trial. safe to say it's rare to see a president insisting on his own impeachment trial. >> exactly he want ts his day in court.
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he wants a chance to tell his story and be acquitted which is what republicans are saying they are insisting on doing. democrats in the senate also want witnesses but the republican leaders ship doesn't. and that's where they're deadlocked that's a reason why nancy pelosi is with holding the articles of impeachment. to try to force some sort of agreement there. meantime the president is reportedly fuming about this >> i just left president trump he is mad as hell. they would do this to him and deny him his day in court. the reason they're denying his day in court they know the case sucks. >> leader mcconnell is plotting the most rushed, least thorough and least unfair impeachment trial in history each senator must ask themselves do you want a fair trial or do you want the president to do whatever he wants regardless
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of rule of law >> now republicans have said that this conflict will energize the president's base but at least one indication that part of the base might be slipping the conservative and evangelical saying he must go. he abused power and violated the constitution. >> what a turn >> anxiety sky high at a florida airport. a truck comes through the terminal crashing close to an employee. >> it was just before 3:00 a.m at the airport when an employee took a sip from her coffee and got the jolt of a lifetime this was no rental car drop off. a pickup truck smashed through wall and just missed the employees. they had been working late
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because the last flight was delayed. passengers cleared out minutes before nobody injured. >> a couple hundred people are usually here when there's a flight in it would have been worse. >> the driver was driving recklessly and ran off the road. crashing through a fence and barrelling towards the terminal. this angle shows the moment the truck rams through the wall. >> police say he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries he had been arrested on dui previously and drug charges. no charges filed and investigating whether alcohol was involved >> the united states is flexing muscle in the waters off syria sending a powerful message to russia a rare access inside the u.s. mission in this exclus i >> american military muscle in the mediterranean.
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on the aircraft carrier. watching a growing russian threat russian submarines testing cruise missiles. warships this week staging exercises near syria russia is back in the mediterranean with a vengeance the message from the carrier couldn't be clearer. we're watching you 24/7 deter russian aggression >> there's a cost and a risk to bad behavior and we won't allow it. >> above the carrier u.s. patrol planes they are looking above all for russian nuclear powered submarines well armed and increasingly well hidden >> i'm not sure about the message. it's not one of peace. >> the message from vladimir putin. our military progress is very fast and powerful. >> russia deeply involved here in syria war
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weighing in on impeachment saying he expects president trump to stay in office and accusing democrats of making up reasons to get rid of him. >> breaking news this morning. police in texas have swarmed a home in northwest. it's in connection with to the search for a mizing texas mother and her newborn. two dozen officers, the rangers and fbi were at the house. a one month old was taken to the hospital and a medical examiner van on the street. authorities vbt released any further information. we'll stay on top of this. >> now the baby was last seen eight days ago the disappearance sparked a massi massive man hunt. >> a deadly flu like illness linked to eggs peeled hard boiled eggs packaged
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in georgia are associated with listeria in several states and at least one death. with one illness reported in a newborn. the eggs were sold nationwide in bulk to food service operator. not directly to shoppers. >> democratic candidates battle it out on one stage a new miss america was crowned on another >> virginia! >> all right you heard it there beating out 50 other contestants for the tirtle a scientists studying to complete a doctor of pharmacy degree the first to ever perform a science experiment for the talent portion of the contest. and standing ovation for that. and texas made history in the competition. she is the first miss america contender to wear an after row hair style on stage. she made it to the top 15. >> all the firsts.
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>> a lot of people traveling to their destinations people will be flying too. let's talk about the airport we don't have any problems today. the exception being areaed of pacific northwest. south texas rainy weather is beginning today. through the weekend it will expand sunday it will be a big rainstorm in the southeast for saturday mild weekend in the middle of the country. temperatures warming up. flood threat in the west coast new orleans the mobile area: panama city. and sunday a soaking rain through alabama and georgia. south carolina possibly as far as north carolina. and showers and thunderstorms rolling through the southeast. we'll watch that for possible flooding they have been dry over thtoday.
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there's the mild air in florida. high in the 70s. >> of course we'll take the first look at the christmas eve and christmas forecast coming up >> all important santa travel day >> hopefully clear skies for him. thank you. >> rudolph >> charity is offering a chance to win an original painting for much less than the value which is over $1 million the painting up for grabs currently on display at paris museum tickets for $111 are given away from a french non-profit. >> the study on who is tracking you. >> the ultimate gold medal e record shattering price tag on the original olympic manifesto. classic geico heroes, starring in six new commercials, with jaw-dropping savings.
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a piece of olympic history setting an auction record. the manifesto for the original olympics sold for $8.8 million it was expected to fetch over a million. but after a 12 minute bidding battle it sold for eight times that the highest price every paid for a piece of sports memorabilia. the 14 page handwritten dates back so 1892 >> alarming warning for all smart phone users a shocking new report shows companies are using data from your phone to track your every move and it's all legal. how you can protect your family and your own privacy >> reporter: it sure is nice to get the weather report where ever or directions anywhere few users consider what they often give up for the convenience. their privacy. the "new york times" obtained a file that they say reveals where 12 million people went with their cell phones over several
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mornts it's the information location data companies gather on nearly all smart phone users. and sell the times writing if you can see the full trove, you might never use your phone the same way again. from the data the paper says it was able to track a dozen people visiting the play book mansion some over night. also able to log visits to celebrity homes. and the white house. and follow the movements of one senior official at the department oof defense >> all the data provide a pattern of life which really tracks everything a person does. 24 hours a day seven days a week. >> the data the times received was anonymous. but the paper points out it didn't take much to figure out identity >> you have all the data points and you can put them together. you can figure out who it is it's a difficult to keep it anonymous. >> what can be done short of turning your phone off
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privacy settings and manage location services. disable something called the mobile add id. a unique code that every phone has. >> the collection and selling of the location data for now is completely legal and totally unregulated. i saw you taking notes with that me too hopefully everybody is breaking down the best movies of the decade. >> and eddy rpmuhy making his historic return to saturday night live
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we are so excited to have you here when i heard i was like hell yeah. >> when i heard i was like let's go, let's go sexual chocolate woo hoo. >> so excited. >> i love it we are too we cannot wait to see him return to snl this weekend. you saw liz o might be the most excited. geeking out. quoting two flicks i'm sure fans can get it into one sentence >> it's great. i love that. who is the hostess with the most esz cash forbes leased the highest paid hosts. dr. phil on top. the tv psychologist took home
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$95 million last year thanks to the talk show. and production credits the king of media howard stern earning $93 million. host of the popular radio show rush limbaugh third and ellen in fourth. >> variety named their best ten movies of the decade you might be surprised who made the list >> according to the magazine top critics smash comedy bridesmaids come in at number six. facebook drama the social net work took first. followed by lala land and mad max. on the other hand a hollywood reporter named the worst movies. including the star studded cast of cats and ram bo last blood. and dark phoenix. >> we'll have the holiday
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video is suspected of snatching jackson outside of the grocery store. they have also handed out thousands of flirs to get the word out and launched a go fund me to finance the search she's raised $8,000. and hopefully she'll be hope for the holiday. >> whoever took it and sees it and would rather have the money. he's the dog back. >> the christmas forecast. a lot of people wondering. >> i hope we'll have a positive update on the story. maybe tomorrow after the weekend. christmas eve forecast rain and snow in the four coroner region christmas eve sunny and mild very nice. east of the rockies. no travel issues christmas day, not much in the east maybe a light mix there. >> thank you up next the little piggy went to airport? stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces
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now time to check in to see what's coming up on sunday today. >> good to see you this week on sunday today my guest is emmy and tony winning actor. we got together to talk about four decade in hollywood and latest role as fox news chief roger ails in the new movie bomb shell. a big physical transformation for him. and his nominated roles in the world according to and terms of endearment and six seasons on third rock from the sun our sunday sit down. plus the latest news and politics this weekend on sunday today. catch us in the morning or set the dvr and watch us any time
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you'd like i send it back to you. see you on sunday morning. >> all right add to the list daddy's home 2 so good. hysterical. >> it's key. good holiday movie >> especially when you are home waiting for the holidays we found one airport with a unique way of putting passengers at ease. we have the story. >> reporter: the holes of terminal three in san francisco. she looks like a holiday miracle. this is a therapy pig. in part of the program aimed at easing anxiety with travel while there will be no slapping lipstick on this pretty face red toenails are a must. >> she looks like a city girl. >> she is. sassy. >> nearby the other creatures of comfort have to watch her hog
4:28 am
the attention. >> what do you think about the pig stealing your thunder? >> peoples reactions are pri priceless. >> this big man will drop on the ground and act like a kid. it's fun. >> there's nothing like this squeals of delight from her littlest fans >> it's been a day >> does this help? >> it helps. we needed this >> this little piggy spreading holiday cheer all the way through sfo. those red nails. they are everything. >> perfect the whole ensemble >> adorable. rescue otter pups had holiday fun at an aquarium in chicago. look at the fun they're having enjoying stockings and each treat included the name of a cub. otterly adorable
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>> i see what you did there. i lv these stories this time of year >> thanks for waking up with us. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> keeit rightp liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shhhh. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too. and last 12 hours. 12 hours? who studies that long?! mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with 2 medicines in 1 pill. ♪ your husband woke up first ♪ now you've got something up your sleeve ♪ ♪ what you didn't know was you were surprising ♪ ♪ your father-in-law steve ♪ take a minute to clear your head ♪ ♪ because that was really bad ♪ oh, no, yeah ♪ and the worst part is, you just started calling him "dad" ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪
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right now at 4:30, a live look outside for you, sfo, where the holiday travel rush is kicking off today. "today in the bay's" kari hall is actually tracking when that rain returns in the forecast, as many catch their flights. we want to thank you for starting your morning with us. it's a situation going on there. >> looks very nice and clear but i know a lot of folks are worried about the possibility of flight delays. >> i'm marcus washington. >> kris sanchez. nice to be here. >> what day is this? >> it is friday. >> it's friday. >> can't you tell? >> just in case you didn't know. >> right, so we're waking up getting ready for the day and having to deal with this in the nor


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