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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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office. overnight, hundreds across the bay area and country lined up to see the new "star wars" movie. coming up, we'll talk about what fans are saying. i'm sure they're saying a lot. i hope this is good because a lot of people are planning to see that christmas night. >> that's true. you might want to stay in a theater this weekend, especially in the evening hours. >> yeah, we're going to have another round of rain coming in on christmas eve and christmas day and we'll have another storm before that, coming in this weekend. i wanted to show you this shot, looking at the golden gate bridge, you can see the fog is sitting low across the bridge and that means low visibility, as you drive across. a live look in walnut creek, where it's clear and you'll get some sunshine today with temperatures a little bit above normal. we'll talk about that and the time line of the rain coming up. vianey tracking the roads and so far looks pretty good. >> we're recovering from an earlier crash in some spots but overall the bay area doing good. a wide view of the map. i want to zoom in they're seeing
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a couple of delays southbound 80, there's one or two lanes blocked because they are sort of cleaning out debris from an earlier crash but overall i have noticed there are no heavy delays which is always great for a friday morning. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. we are following breaking news in the south bay, san jose scene of a shooting that happened three hours ago. >> "today in the bay's" roz plater following the developments this morning, there live with the latest. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: there's still an active investigation here. i'll back out of the way so you can see the police on the scene here. we're in the berryessa neighborhood here berryessa and matterhorn. in the past hour police begin to pair off and go knocking on doors here, trying to get information about what happened. let's show you what we've been able to gather. 2:30 this morning, san jose police officers on the scene looking for clues and collecting
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evidence. multiple evidence markers on the ground, seen examining what appears to be shell casings. an ambulance was seen pulling away from the scene and police confirm one person an adult male was shot. they continue to have several local streets around this area shut down as well and investigation continues. police just confirmed the man who was shot was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we're working the story as we get more information about suspects and who they might be looking for. live in san jose, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> roz, thank you. 5:02 right now. president trump's been impeached but will he ever be tried? for now, that's up in the air with house speaker nancy pelosi, holding the cards to when that trial might begin. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live for us in washington, following those developments for us this morning. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: marcus, good morning. president trump who is tweet being this this morning really
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wants this trial, and so do democrats for different reasons. lawmakers are leaving capitol hill today with president trump's impeachment trial in limbo. >> as of today, however, we remain at an impasse. >> reporter: no agreement between senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer on when that trial might begin. >> we'd like to see a fair process. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says she's withholding articles of impeachment to ensure the trial includes current and former white house officials. witnesses democrats want. >> she's going to force the negotiation between schumer and mcconnell on her terms. >> reporter: the president suggests democrats are embarrassed. >> they're ridiculous, phony, fraudulent articles. they don't want to put them in because they're ashamed of them. >> welcome to all -- >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates weighing in at last night's debate. >> what we have to do is we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment.
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>> we need to restore the integrity of the presidency. >> no matter what happens in the senate, it is up to us in 2020. >> reporter: even with the trial uncertain, some senators have already made up their minds. >> i will vote to convict him. >> i want this president to be acquitted. >> reporter: republicans have the votes to do it, whenever that trial gets under way. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. now to decision 2020, and a smaller field that took the stage during the latest democratic presidential debate in southern california last night. in this case, the candidates got past talking points and actually did debate everything from health care and climate change to campaign finance reform. voters at a watch party in manny's in san francisco called this a welcome change. >> i appreciated the time people got to actually talk to each other on the stage. like it was nice to actually get a few opinions out of people. >> i don't feel decided on who i would vote for. after tonight i thought everyone seemed really strong and n their own ways. i felt like our differences were
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a lot smaller. >> judging from the people who went to this watch party, there was no clear winner of the debate. the next chance for voters to hear from candidates will be in a debate happening on january 14th. today a first amendment rights group plans to ask a judge to unseal evidence, this is tied to last year's deadly stabbing on macarthur b.a.r.t. platform. the suspect, john cowell, is expected to stand trial next month. he pleaded not guilty to killing nia wilson and seriously injuring her sister. the first amendment coalition has filed a new motion to unseal grand jury transcripts tied to witness testimony. a judge refused that same group's request on a technicality last time around. cowell's attorney is fighting to have the testimony remain sealed. new this morning, the search is on for this man accused of stealing from his teacher in the north bay. police say he stole multiple credit cards from teachers bags left in classrooms at canyon oaks elementary school. they believe he then used those
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stolen cards for shopping spree in pleasant hill. anyone with information on where he might be is asked to call police. nurses at marin health are picketing today. it will happen around 7:30 this morning at the green bay facility. they say the hospital wants them to pay more for health insurance but nurses say they can't afford the cost of insurance increases. in the past, the hospital has acknowledged differences over health coverage and it's trying to work through them. 5:06 and remember the rolling santa clara county strike that went on during the fall involving santa clara county workers? well, both sides have still not hammered out a deal on a new contract. the county has actually been offering workers a 3% raise over five years but workers say that's not enough. both sides have been in a voluntary mediation for more than a month and three have been no more work stoppages. despite the ongoing stalemate,
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workers right now are not planning to strike again. now to a live look outside on the left-hand side of your screen, is san francisco, and on the right san jose. all clear mostly in san jose, a little fog in san francisco. kari hall is tracking when the rain is going to return this weekend. it's a couple of spotty weekends. >> this one is going to be a little bit better for us for getting outside. as we look at the storm approaching, it looks pretty large, but actually it's going to be a narrow band of rain moving through, and it doesn't get here until late tomorrow evening. we take it through about 5:30, when it starts to approach the north bay, moving into the rest of the bay area, during the overnight hours, between saturday night and sunday morning. here we are at 8:00, and the rain is already starting to move out, and i think the afternoon on sunday is going to be dry. so we'll have most of the day on saturday as well as sunday for those outdoor activities. of course, shopping is in the weekend plans. now, vianey, getting out the
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door this morning, headed to work, any delays? >> kari, i am guilty of being a last-minute shopper. that will be me this weekend. plus i'll be here this weekend as well so a mix of both. a live look at our speed sensors map and the green that you see here means that we are doing pretty good this morning. there was a fender bender down in the south bay and also we have a crash still working to clear along southbound 880 at calaveras but no delay there. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights on. usually they come on about 5:20 and a check of the bay bridge drive times, westbound 80 toward the bay bridge ten minutes. i'll be back with another update shortly. >> thank you very much. just ahead for you this weekend, the holiday shopping rush kicks into high gear, but more shoppers are not only the most -- not the only thing most stores are preparing for. still ahead for you at 5:25, on
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"today in the bay," the action bay area officers are taking to try to prevent thieves from tho. plus -- ♪ >> and now you're coming together. >> trending this morning, get ready to blast off, the new "star wars" movie already blowing up the box office in its big opening weekend. first reactions from people who saw last night's first showing. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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good friday morning. right now at 5:12, let's head over to concord and see how the day shapes up for you. starting out with some clouds, some light patches of fog, and temperatures in the mid-40s. going throughout today more sunshine in the forecast as our temperatures warm up near 60 degrees for an afternoon high. rain is moving in for the middle
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of the weekend, we'll talk about that in about five minutes. and friday light across the bay area. a couple of fender benders in the south bay, coming up. new this morning, while you were sleeping, nasa and boeing teaming up and launching the spacecraft called starliner, this is from florida to the international space station. a lot of people probably say it's always cool to listen to that countdown so let's do that. >> three, two, one, and liftoff. >> yes. never gets old, right? >> no. >> the starlineler dock at the iss in about a day and then return home in a week. this flight is a test run and if it all goes well next year, nasa and boeing will start flying their man missions. today's flight has a dummy on it, named rosie the riveter. >> first time rosie the riveter's ever been called a dummy. the only spoiler we have for
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film is it seems to be a hit with fans. all across the country last night, people lined up to see "star wars: the rise of skywalker" this is the ninth and final film in the skywalker saga which began 42 years ago, can you believe that? >> wow. >> some fans showed their dedication to the franchise by going to see the movie in full costume, equipped with lightsabers and all. >> we agreed that if she broke her water in the theater we were going to wait to finish the movie and go to the hospital. >> if she breaks her water in the theater -- >> ooh. okay, i say don't do that but okay. they're in charge, they're adults. fans might have liked the movie but it's getting mixed reviews from film critics. "star wars" has a 57% on rotten tomatoes. >> nobody who loves "star wars" cares about that, seriously.
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you're going anyway. i don't know about you guys about you in my social media feed i saw a lot of families, friends and family headed to the theater. close to obsession. >> are any of these "star wars" fans? >> i'm not. >> i have gone to cover one of these big nights with the lines and somebody found out that i had never seen a "star wars" movie and we got into a light january saber match on tv. in el paso, texas. >> did you win? >> i said out live you've never fought a latina before. the force was with me. >> if you have that clip i want to see it. >> i'll put it up. >> we want to see that. >> all right. >> it's all about community really. >> yes so it's fun. we're looking for things to do headed into the holidays. people will be going shopping, also checking out some of the holiday light delays but hey, it's friday morning. we still have to get to work and as you step out the door, it is cool. the coolest temperature right now in the tri-valley, livermore
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at 42 degrees. it's 50 in oakland and 50 in santa rosa. we have a lot more clouds moving in, none of the clouds dropping any rain as we look at storm ranger, that's the red scan, our mobile doppler radar picking up on a dry start for our weekend. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, and notice for tomorrow, it shows a lot of clouds, but the rain especially for san francisco doesn't come in, until late tomorrow evening, and so as we go hour by hour today, we start out with those cool temperatures, and then start to make it into the low 60s for this afternoon, even some mid-60s for the south bay. it's been a while since we've had weather this warm so we're going to make plans to get out there and enjoy it today and then tomorrow it's the first day of winter, and it's winter solstice, and i know a lot of people think that when it's winter for especially in our area, that the earth is closer to the sun, but actually it's the farthest point away. the thing is that it's tilted a
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little bit farther to the south, so the direct sun rays are actually hitting the tropic of caprico capricorn, and so our first day of winter once again tomorrow, and the sunrise will be at 7:17. sunset at 4:53, a short day. we only have 9 hours and 35 minutes to enjoy that sunshine for tomorrow, and we're going to see a lot of clouds, too. but it is the shortest day of the year first day of winter. and going hour by hour, we're going to see that rain starting to move in to ukiah by about 6:00. most of us won't see that rain until early sunday morning. look at the time line. we're at 4:30 and it's really starting to hit the peninsula, just moving in to oakland and approaching san jose, and then notice by 8:00, it's quickly rushing off toward the east, and then it's out of here, so the rest of the day, it does look like it will have a chance to dry out, but that rain will be heavy even though it will be fast moving, so it could drop a quarter to close to half inch of
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rain for the coastal areas. you go to the north bay and those rain totals will be higher, closer to an inch of rain for the sierra this weekend. it's going to mostly come down as rain and then change over to snow. we're only looking at two to six inches of snow but that will make it a little slippery if you're going there for the weekend. headed into christmas eve, we'll see another chance of rain late christmas eve into christmas day, and temperatures on the cool side, only reaching the low 50s inland. vianey tracking the roads. how is it looking this morning? >> looking good. i like how you have santa claus waving at us on your seven-day graphic. i wish i could throw him on my traffic map somewhere. maybe i could throw him in a car somewhere. right now we have good conditions out on the roads. overall we've had a couple of fender benders overnight. those have cleared out. no major accidents to report. drive times southbound 101 van ness to sfo, 11 minutes. southbound 101 sfo to highway 92 five minutes. so how is it looking in oakland? because 880 in both directions,
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this tends to get pretty busy especially around this time, exactly what's happening right now. at least there are no accidents, it's just the typical morning buildup. the bay bridge toll plaza also looking a little foggy. you saw that image that kari showed of the city. the fog is starting to creep into the bay bridge toll plaza and things are starting to slow down out there. i can picture the lights turning on any time now. this is not the san mateo bridge, that is downtown san jose but your bridge drive times have started to slow especially for westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. looking at about 11 minutes, westbound 82 toward the san mateo bridge only 13 minutes, and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge nine minutes and kris, i'm going to find that lightsaber video cap. >> you have it? >> i would like to retract a statement i made. i think i said i won, i'm a latina so i'm never wrong. i think my lightsaber broke off. >> you better win. we were talking a minute ago about the "star wars" movie
5:20 am
coming out and vianey did a live shot in el paso, texas. >> el paso, texas, they don't play with their "star wars." >> a lot of people don't play with their "star wars" they're big fans. >> you've never seen a "star wars" movie and there took offense. >> i went and you know what happened? the turn of events happened when he asked me twhat movies have yu lined up for? "twilight" he was like really, "twilight" but not "star wars." >> was it like that? >> exactly. >> special effects. >> this is vianey in battle. >> there you are in costume. >> i think we have it. let's look at it. >> let's see it. oh my goodness. >> oh, man. can you hear it? >> i don't know if we can hear it. >> oh. >> we don't have sound. this is vianey, okay. >> i'm at the el paso theater out there, and this is literally like near, if you're from el
5:21 am
paso we have a couple of viewers from el paso. >> i worked there as well, too. >> there he is, look. look at this. bam, bam. i think i was making noises in this. >> you didn't put your microphone down. >> but i want to just spoiler alert, but -- >> i said you've never fought a latina before. >> oh. >> all right, so -- >> vianey, you're bad to the bone. you had him until then. >> i had him. i had him. >> that's too much. >> thanks, vianey. 5:21 right now. brazen car break-ins. across the bay the new action local law enforcement is taking to protect their items during the holiday shopping rush. a growing problem at lax reveals a lot of the flights through there, the shocking
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number of homeless people camping out in the terminals on any given night. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:25. a number of police agencies across the bay area are teaming up to stop car break-ins this holiday season. officers in newark, san jose, fremont, santa clara are all joining forces to remove it or lo lose it, that's the name of the campaign, the goal is to get drivers to take things out of their cars and trucks that could be potential targets for thieves like shopping bags and reminding everyone to lock their car doors. they also remind you to use your trunk release lock if you have one. big problem in one of the nation's busiest airports, lax says up to 130 homeless people are camping out in its terminals on any given night. >> that information comes from an airport document obtained by
5:26 am
our l.a. affiliate. it says police respond to more than a thousand incidents involving homeless people in the past year. many of the investigations involve alleged crimes and of course we will continue to follow this story. 5:26 for you right now. coming up next, stories we're following for you on this friday including breaking news out of san jose, a shooting in the south bay. we have a live report from the scene on the search for the suspects. plus, gearing up for kickoff, how 49ers fans and players are preparing for tomorrow's showdown against the rams.
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right now at 5:30, a live look out at sfo, this is where the holiday travel rush is about to kick off. "today in the bay's" kari hall is tracking when that rain returns to the forecast, as many of you are catching those flights soon. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. first this is what we're talking about this morning, a big weekend for football, we are all
5:30 am
waiting to see what happens with the 49ers as they take on the l.a. rams tomorrow night, it's a game you can watch here on nbc bay area. >> a lot of fans going to be excited about that. i think something they can be excited about that rain is going to hold off. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that. >> it looks like with this being broadcast on nbc bay area, and ahead of the game newscast that starts at 4:00, we're looking good for all of it. mostly cloudy skies as the rain stays to the north and temperatures in the low 50s. let's get you out the door this morning, with a live look outside in san jose. willow glen will have temperatures in the mid-40s, reaching 60 degrees, and at 1:00 today with some sunshine. vianey tracking the roads. how is it looking? >> it's quiet. i got a chance to go to my first niners game last sunday, did a little tailgating, it was a lot of fun. as you hit the roads you have nothing to worry about, other than the other cars driving with you, because we have no major
5:31 am
accidents to report. things are pretty quiet, so why not look at some of those great drive times. southbound 680 from 58 to to vargas road about 11 minutes and southbound 808 from 238 to highway 84, only 11 minutes. it is getting very foggy out there. this is a live look right now at the golden gate bridge, a quick reminder, don't turn on your high beams, use your regular headlig headlights. the high beams reflect off and slow it down out there. another update coming up shortly. thanks, vianey. we are following breaking news for you this morning in the south bay, one person has been shot in san jose's berryessa. >> police are still on the scene and that is also where "today in the bay's" roz plater is live with the latest on the search for the shooter. should we be concerned, roz? >> reporter: yes, we now know the police have been here now in the third hour and they're urgently trying to piece together details. the latest information, they have not identified a suspect or suspects in all of this. even though they have begun in
5:32 am
the past hour and a half or so canvassing homes knocking on doors, trying to get information. let's show what you we've been able to gather so far. this is of course residential area near berryessa and matterhorn. the shooting appears to have happened sometime after 2:30 this morning. san jose police officers have been on the scene here for hours, looking for clues and collecting evidence. there are multiple evidence markers on the ground. they can be seen examining what appears to be shell casings. an ambulance was seen pulling away from the scene and earlier told one person has been shot. police continue to have several nearby streets around this area shut down as well. police confirmed to us that the person who was shot was taken to the hospital, with life-threatening injuries as soon as we get more details about his condition and about more in this investigation, we'll bring those to you. for now we're live in san jose, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> thank you, roz. less than two miles from that scene, deputies are also investigating another shooting, this one happened during a fight
5:33 am
between at least six people on the key road near white road in san jose. officers were called to the scene around midnight. they say one person was shot in the leg, another person has a serious head injury after being hit with some sort of object. sheriff's deputies are still trying to piece together what happened. no arrests have been made. orrin a follow-up to city leaders unanimously voted to extend an emergency ordinance when it comes to short-term rentals on airbnb, requiring homeowners to live on the property when renting their home and if there are two homes on the lot, the host must stay in the larger, and rent out the other. councilmembers first approved it as an emergency ordinance last month and it will now be extended at least until next november. of course, it was all prompted by that halloween shooting where five people died at an airbnb. two people are currently facing charges tied to the investigation. this just in, brand new information about a student
5:34 am
death investigation at a north bay private school. the victim was just 6 years old and he died after a fence fell on top of him at the playground at mark day school in san rafael. it is a school that serves kindergarten through eighth grade students. officers are still looking into what led up to the incident. staff members immediately called 911 when this happened and that grief counsellors will be on hand for students today. our thoughts are with the family. police in san jose decided not to file criminal charges tied to sexual abuse claims tied to presentation high school, acourting to "the mercury news." former students accused teachers and administrators of not reporting allegations, some of which date back decades. investigators say they could not establish a pattern of criminal behavior from administrators. this week the school agreed to a settlement with one former student and the school's new leadership recently apologized
5:35 am
for the school's long history of accusations. our investigative unit has extensively looked at the accusations at presentation high school. you can find our stories at >> 5:35 for you right now. bate police plan to provide escorts for people parked at the coliseum station and how to how to keep people safe. according to2/[oo "the chronicl between june of last year and union of this year, nearly half of 12,000 failure to pay citations were given to african-american passengers but b.a.r.t. maintains these numbers are not an indication of bias. they say all of the encounters happened during sweeps of its cars where every passenger was checked. now of course our investigative unit has been taking an in-depth look at the issues happening on b.a.r.t. you can watch that entire series of our reports right now on
5:36 am
5:35 now, new developments inside the courtroom in a long legal battle over the future of cupertino's vallco shopping mall. plans are in the works to transform the mall into a housing, office and retail space but opponents argued cupertino entered into an illegal agreement that does not meet state regulations. according to "the mercury news" both sides squared off in a courtroom yesterday. a previous hearing was delayed after a key attorney became ill during proceedings in october. the once popular mall is right near apple headquarters, right off 280. all right 49ers fans, put the holiday shopping on hold for a few hours tomorrow because that's when the niners host rival los angeles rams at levi stadium, it's the last home game of the regular season, and it could have a huge impact on the playoff race. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at levi's stadium to show us how fans are gearing up for the big game. you got on the coat, getting ready for the game.
5:37 am
okay, i don't think we have -- sharon, i don't think we can hear her. we can't hear you. i can see the excitement. okay, we don't have the audio for you but i can see the excitement in your face. look, the rams are playing this saturday against the niners and the niners are going to kick their heinies. this is saturday coverage starting at 4:00. we'll have a pre-game show, we'll have reporters down there, giving a live coverage at levi's stadium, then you have the game coming on and that's going to be a lot of excitement and then after the game eddie murphy hosting requestinghost ing snl." tune in to nbc bay area saturday because this will be the place to hang up. vianey, you went to your first niners game last weekend. >> i did. >> how exciting was it? >> i'm not a niners fan, guys, but i did go. now it's not san diego anymore. l.a. chargers fan. >> old school. >> it's hard being a chargers fan.
5:38 am
>> yes. >> i did go, it was a lot of fun. i tailgated with some friends and we were way up top. i had to use my binoculars. >> you were there. >> in the midst of it all. >> good times. >> if you're going for the first time you want to bring a rain poncho. >> i think the rain will hold off for the game but we're saying bundle up because it will be cool and we're also talking about getting to tahoe this weekend, as you make plans to head out. if you're going there, you have some good travel conditions today, as well as tomorrow, and then if you can, stay beyond sunday, because we will have some snow coming down, and that's going to make it hard to get to the sierra and back, and so we're going to see already we've seen 66 inches of snow at the base of the mountain. the season total, check that out, 134 inches of snow, so it's looking pretty good. we're going to see some additional snowfall once again, as we look at the forecast for the weekend. we're going to see up to 6 to 12 inches of snow for a lot of our ski resorts in the sierra.
5:39 am
our saturday forecast issing lookilo looking cloudy. temperatures in the upper 60s as you head out for shopping and on sunday we'll see the rain especially during the morning. we could see clearing during the afternoon, once that cold front passes. if you want to go ice skating in san francisco union square for tomorrow, temperatures reach the upper 50s, and at times the sun peeking out and of course christmas in the park another great place to hang out with the family this weekend. we'll see high temperatures up to about 59, then cooling down to 55. vianey, how are the roads moving this morning? >> they are moving along. good news in the traffic department, i don't have anything big to tell you about, so i want to start out with a live look at the bay area, looking good out there, so let's talk about those drive times. if you're commuting from the tri-valley, it is starting to get a little slow along westbound 84 from vallecitos road to 680, looking at 12 minutes and westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, 22 minutes. how is the south bay doing? northbound 101 from highway 85 only 20 minutes. northbound 85 from highway
5:40 am
101 19 minutes. a live look in oakland, a little bit of a stop and go here and there, but it is moving, which is what we like to see, especially friday morning. the fog is clearing out on the golden gate bridge side. we're doing fine on this friday morning. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. we were talking about the excitement of the big game this weekend, the 49ers against the rams. sharon katsuda is live at levi's stadium. we couldn't hold back the excitement, we had to come back to you. >> reporter: that's right, marcus. you had a nice pass to me but the mic fumbled a little bit. that's okay, we recovered and here we go. >> ooh. >> reporter: the fans are super excited, and they are ready for the playoffs. that is happening very soon but first when the fan store opened up, the niner faithful were inside snatching their favorite shirts and jackets, some of the gear is for christmas gifts. some of it for the last home game of the regular season that you can see here tomorrow night
5:41 am
on nbc. some fans will be watching from the stands. others are having a watch party at home. >> so excited. going out and hope they go to the super bowl. >> i'm excited, the home game and yeah. >> last home game of the season. >> it will be great, yeah, go niners. >> rams games are always fun. we've got to beat the rams. it will be good. >> reporter: the 49ers are already heading to the playoffs, and you can watch tomorrow night's game last home game here starting at 5:15, the game starts at 5:15 and back here live, this game and the next game if the 49ers win will determine if they get a playoff home game. reporting live at levi's stadium i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, don't get too excited out there. look, so coming up for you here it's 5:41 right now. changing the way you shop for
5:42 am
pot. still ahead on "today in the bay," the technology that will now help you find a dispensary in california and make sure it's legit. plus trending this morning, an act of kindness in southern california, the generous tip given to a waitress and how she reacted to it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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live view at the golden gate bridge, some of the fog starting to make its way out as far as the afternoon goes. we can only hope there are no major accidents this morning. i'll have an update on how the roads are doing coming up. >> thank you, vianey. coming up for us, two overnight shootings in san jose, just two miles apart. a live report on what investigators are telling us happened there and the search for the suspects that's coming up at 6:00. also immigration advocates are asking the attorney general's office to sue to stop new for-profit prisons in california. they say federal authorities are working to enter into contracts days before a new bill becomes law. starting january 1st, the state department of corrections will not be able to enter into contracts with private prisons.
5:46 am
private immigration detention facilities will be banned in 2028. the attorney general's office is not commenting on that request. pg&e and other utilities are barred from trying to raise profit margins even as they face billions of dollars in wildfire liabilities, what the state puc is ordering. critics have pointed out pg&e and southern california edison are still trying to reap higher profits to help attract investors. commissioners have ruled new state policies should offset wildfire liabilities, including the law passed this year that creates a $21 billion wildfire fund, which would help the utilities. new this morning, you can now use your cell phone to find out if a marijuana dispensecy in california or in your neighborhood is legit. the state is launching a new program encouraging licensed retailers to post the codes in their store windows and also other places. it comes as california struggles to deal with black market sales, which of course cost the state that tax revenue.
5:47 am
the monterey bay aquarium wants your input on a pair of brand new arrivals. two african penguins just hatched at the aquarium and right now they're getting used to the new family at the splash zone exhibit. but they'll soon be removed from the group so they can learn how to penguin, behind the scenes. the aquarium will post some possible penguin names on social media next week, and they want you to vote for your favorite so go online and vote for your favorite. >> they sure are cute. also trending this morning an act of kindness in southern california that's going viral. >> a waitress was surprised with a generous tip from more than a dozen people at one table. take a look to the reaction. >> keep the change. yes. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, zoe. >> 13 real estate professionals showed up to the french valley cafe, each with $100 for their breakfast. the server there zoe worrell is
5:48 am
a 20-year-old single mom, just moved back to the area with just a few hundred dollars and no job. her new boss selected her for the christmas surprise. by the way, the total tip was $1200. >> wow! nice. >> i just saw on my facebook page some of the moms in my neighborhood are doing something similar. they were going to the local restaurants, having one cocktail, and leaving a giant tip. >> nice. >> and the comments were nice. where are we going next? it was a great idea so love that. >> this time of year a lot of people are having a hard time, but it's really nice that unexpected surprise. >> yes. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> that is cool. always great to hear some great news, and i think i have some good news, too, in the weather department. >> what's that? >> we're getting some rain but it won't change all of your weekend plans. how about that? we're seeing some low fog as we take a look at this view, it's a beautiful shot, looking in san
5:49 am
francisco this morning. we're going to catch a break from the rain again today. as you head out the door in the south bay, maybe headed to diridon station expect temperatures in the upper 40s and a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. look at noontime temperatures, it's going to be 62 degrees, which is already above normal for this time of year. seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, as we check out storm ranger. that's our mobile doppler radar and the red scan you're seeing there, we have it parked on san bruno mountain and quiet now but of course we've been talking about this rain that will be coming in, we can see the steady stream of clouds that will be an atmospheric river for parts of the pacific northwest, but by the time it gets to the bay area it's going to lose its punch and so as it starts to move in, look at the time line. we're at 6:30 tomorrow evening, and that rain is just starting to edge its way in to santa rosa. then the rest of the bay area won't see that rain until early sunday morning, we're at 5:00 sunday morning and it will be raining quite heavily for a little while but it quickly moves out, and by 9:00 we could
5:50 am
see that rain and that sierra snow off to the east of here and so by 5:00 sunday evening, we're going to have a chance to dry out once again. so that rain will be in and out of here, dropping anywhere from an inch of rain in ukiah to about a quarter inch of rain for much of the rest of the bay area. we're also going to see a mix of sun and clouds on monday and tuesday. on wednesday, we'll see our next storm system coming in, that's christmas day, coming in very early in the morning, maybe around the same time that santa arrives. we'll be tracking that for you. vianey tracking the roads and a couple of minor issues that looks like nothing major. >> they cleared out, which is great, and honestly, i don't have any accidents to report. i love seeing that. there was this one that just popped up so let me take that back. it looks like it's more on a surface street. hopefully everybody's okay. east bay drive times, southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road 14
5:51 am
minutes. and the peninsula drive times also doing great if you're headed to sfo, southbound 101 from van ness avenue to sfo only 12 minutes. and let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge, you don't have to worry about the fog here. the traffic is moving. yesterday this was a big issue. today not so much. i hope everybody stays safe out there. let's see how the tri-valley is doing, westbound 580 grant line it is slowing down a little bit. westbound 84 from vallecitos road to 680 you're only looking at about 13 minutes. i'll have another update coming up shortly. >> thanks, vianey. happening now, an update to a desperate search for a texas mother and her 3-week-old baby. the mother her name heidi broussard tells nbc news her daughter was found dead inside the trunk of a car this morning after authorities discovered the baby last night at a houston home, in good condition. police are not confirming the news of the woman's death. broussard and her infant had been missing for more than a week. a lot more ahead on "today
5:52 am
in the bay," including california state university looking to expand and build a new campus. coming up the bay area cities under consideration for that new location. at 6:15, while you were sleeping, nasa completed another successful mission. we'll tell you who and what is on board. you're watching "today in the bay." [ electrical buzzing ]
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." we are watching your weekend forecast and tracking that rain. you can check your weather and the roads coming up in five minutes. also coming up the latest on breaking news we're following on this friday morning. two shootings in san jose overnight. a live report at 6:00 and at 6:15, holiday returns, how retailers are bracing for billions of dollars worth of items coming back. at 6:25 a letter to santa that will melt your heart. mpblts the search is on for this man accused of stealing from teachers in the north bay. police say he stole multiple credit cards from teachers bags left in classrooms at canyon oaks elementary school. they believe he then used those stolen cards for shopping spree in pleasant hill. anyone with information on where he might be is asked to call police. another sad twist in what
5:56 am
was a sad story in san joaquin county. a mother rear-ended by a sheriff deputy's patrol car now died from her injuries. her toddler was also killed following saturday night's collision. it happened on i-5 near kongston. the patrol car rear-ended johnson's car sending it down an embankme embankment. the crash is under investigation. the deputy was treated at the hospital and later released. sacramento county will shell out a record number of money to the family of a 12-year-old girl with brain damage following a crash also involving a depp pupt in 2017 a sheriff's patrol suv struck the family car. dash cam video showed the patrol car was speeding as deputies spooned to an emergency call. "the sacramento bee" reports the family will receive a $25 million payout. air rescue in the waters under the golden gate bridge. last night a crew fishing on a boat had to call for help when
5:57 am
that ship began to sink. five people on board, the coast guard sent a helicopter and everyone was safely evacuated. >> that is scary. it's cold and dark out there. a new csu campus could soon be popping up in the bay area. california state university says its campuses have become overcrowded and it's considering building a new campus, the accommodation would accommodate 8,000 students, it woon the school's 24th campus. one possible bay area location is concord. stockton, chula vista, palm desert are also under consideration. 5:57. and the question this morning some people are asking, are some palo alto police officers too quick to use force? some residents are telling our investigative team that answer is yes. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock found out palo alto police department may also be violating a new state law when it comes to transparency in the use of force cases.
5:58 am
>> reporter: we began digging into questions surrounding palo alto's use of force methods, after one resident videotaped officers dragging him from his mobile home and slamming his head into a car's windshield over a suspended driver's license. now it's this surveillance video outside a doughnut shop in palo alto that's raising more questions about the department's use of force. after resident julio araballo was taken down, he woke up chained to a hospital bed. these pictures show the damage his neck in a brace, right eye swollen shut, a fractured bone in his face. >> the doctor comes and tells me stay still, you've been assaulted. >> though the officer in the police report says he thought he saw a drug deal taking place, the video shows no apparent drug deal and officers were never able to find drugs. no charges were ever formally brought against julio araballo. it's not the first time the same officer has been accused of question of force. tonight we'll dig into his history and talk to a lawmaker
5:59 am
who authored a new state law regarding public transparency that palo alto's police department may now be violating. see you tonight at 11:00. >> you can always reach out to our investigative unit if you have a tip for them, 888-996-tips to leave a voice message and also to leave a tip there. breaking news to tell you about, two overnight shootings in san jose leaving two people injured. coming up in a live report, the search for suspects in both incidents. and impeachment impasse. a trial in the senate now up in the air. we have a live report from capitol hill, just moments away, breaking it down. and will your weekend be a washout? meteorologist kari hall tracking the forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for starting it here with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. before we get to the breaking news we want to get the friday
6:00 am
forecast with kari hall. schools are out, starting next week. >> last day, so today's a lot of parties and you're probably lugging a lot of stuff to school with you this morning and the kids. we're going to have some dry weather, no need to also have to bring the umbrella. it is cool so you're wearing a thicker jacket especially in the tri-valley, temperatures dipped down to 42 degrees. it's 47 in oakland, san jose and francisco. getting out the door in fremont, if you're on your way to the warren street b.a.r.t. station expect mid-40s and through the day, warms up and a nice one with a mix of sun and clouds. our next storm system arrives late tomorrow night. i'll have more on the time line coming up. vianey, tracking the roads and a couple minor issues as well as the fog. >> we haven't seen any major crashes early this morning, and right now we could see the look at the map and the crash i mentioned earlier was off the streets on the surface street cleared out so no worries there.


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