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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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forecast with kari hall. schools are out, starting next week. >> last day, so today's a lot of parties and you're probably lugging a lot of stuff to school with you this morning and the kids. we're going to have some dry weather, no need to also have to bring the umbrella. it is cool so you're wearing a thicker jacket especially in the tri-valley, temperatures dipped down to 42 degrees. it's 47 in oakland, san jose and francisco. getting out the door in fremont, if you're on your way to the warren street b.a.r.t. station expect mid-40s and through the day, warms up and a nice one with a mix of sun and clouds. our next storm system arrives late tomorrow night. i'll have more on the time line coming up. vianey, tracking the roads and a couple minor issues as well as the fog. >> we haven't seen any major crashes early this morning, and right now we could see the look at the map and the crash i mentioned earlier was off the streets on the surface street cleared out so no worries there.
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i noticed slowing hayward 880 southbound direction. it could be from overnight construction. the lanes are moving along. bridge drive times are slowing down mainly westbound 80 headed toward the bay bridge and the reason for that is because the metering lights have been turned on, nine minutes. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge about 14 minutes k=l@r(tf o dumbarton bridge you're looking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is certainly foggy this morning and it is bumper to bumper on the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have another update in 15 minutes. >> thank you. president trump has been impeached but will he ever be tried in for now that's up in the air with house speaker nancy pelosi holding the cards when this trial began. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has the details from washington. >> lawmakers are leaving capitol hill with president trump's impeachment trial in limbo. >> as of today, however, we remain at an impasse. >> no agreement between senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck sumer on when that trial might begin.
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>> we'd like to see a fair process. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says she's withholding articles of impeachment to ensure the trial includes current and former white house officials, witnesses democrats want. >> she's going to force the negotiation on her terms. >> they're ridiculous, phony, fraudulent articles and they're ashamed of them >> welcome to all -- >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates weighing >> what we have to do is we have to stop being obsessed over impeachment. >> we need to restore the integrity of the presidency. >> no matter what happens in the senate, it is up to us in 2020. >> reporter: even with the trial uncertain, some senators have already made up their minds. >> i want this president to be acquitted. >> reporter: republicans have the votes to do it, whenever that trial gets under way. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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we are also following breaking news in the south bay, where one person was shot in san jose's berryessa neighborhood. police responded just a little more than three hours ago. that is where roz plater has been all morning long with the latest on the search for the shooter. good morning, roz. >> good morning, kris. it is early in this investigation. police are urgently trying to peace together a motive and identify a shooter in this case. let all this is happening in a neighborhood not far from berryessa and matterhorn. the shooting happened after 2:30 this morning. san jose police officers have been on the scene here for hours evidence. there are multiple evidence markers on the ground and they have seenj:e examining what apps to be shell casings. an ambulance took one man to the hospital. police told us he'd been shot and has life-threatening injuries and police continue to have several nearby streets here shut down as they continue this
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investigation. they've also been going door to door, knocking on doors, looking for information as well. as we get more information on all of this, we will bring it to you. kris, back to you. >> thank you very much, roz. especially someone on the loose, we need to know that. thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. also overnight, one person hurt in a different shooting, another person beaten just about two miles from that scene, where roz plater is this morning. coming up at 6:30 this morning, what investigators ared]rkujjt us about what happened shortly before that shooting. also decision 2020, and a smaller field that took the stage during the latest democratic presidential debate last night in southern california. in this case the candidates got past their talking points and debated things from health care to climate change to campaign finance reform. we found voters at a watch party at manny's in san francisco and they say this was a welcome change. >> i appreciated the time people got to actually talk to each other on the stage. like it was nice to actually get
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a few opinions out of people. >> i don't feel decided on who i would vote for. after tonight i thought everyone seemed really strong and n their own ways. i felt like our differences were a lot smaller. >> judging from the people who went to this watch party, there was no clear winner of the debate.0&5j the next chance for voters to hear from candidates will be in a debate happening on january 14th. >> 6:05 right now. today a first amendment rights group plans to ask a judge to unseal evidence, this is tied to last year's deadly stabbing on macarthur b.a.r.t. platform. the suspect, john cowell, is expected to stand trial next month. he pleaded not guilty to killing nia wilson and seriously injuring her sister. the first amendment coalition has filed a new motion to unseal grand jury transcripts tied to witness testimony. a judge refused that same group's request on a technicality last time around. cowell's attorney is fighting to have the testimony remain sealed. nurses at marin health are
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picketing today. it will happen around 7:30 this morning at the green bay facility. içcility. but nurses say they can't afford the cost of insurance increases. in the past, the hospital has acknowledged differences over health coverage and it's trying to work through them. kris? remember the rolling strike that went on during the fall involving santa clara úf/ county workers? they were on picket lines around the county. well, both sides have still not hammered out a deal on a new contract. the county has actually been d"; that's not what they're asking for, it's just not enough.v[4 ñ÷ñ/h voluntary mediation for more éwg than a month and there have been no more work stoppages. despite the ongoing stalemate, workers right now are not planning to strike again. now to a live look outside on the left-hand side of your screen, is san francisco, and on a little fogbzqdb in the distant kari is tracking rain that will return this weekend. we've had a tough time getting
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our holiday stuff done with the wet weather during the weekend. >> right. so this time around we will be able to get in those outdoor activities. the rain comes in during the overnight hours on saturday, and is out of here for most of the day on sunday. we're starting out with a look at storm ranger, where it shows our dry weather conditions now. a lot of clouds across the region, as this system approaches. this is going to be a big win for areas just to our north, but as it approaches the bay area, it will really lose its punch, and will be in and out of here fairly quickly, starting at 6:30, in ukiah and parts of the north bay, as we go into tomorrow evening. during the overnight hours the rest of the bay area sees it and notice by 9:00 on sunday, it's clearing out. so we'll once again be able to get in those outdoor activities this weekend. so we'll talk more about this and the sierra snow report coming up. vianey tracking the roads and any updates as of now? >> kari, unfortunately we have a sig alert in san jose, so listen up, commuters. if this is a part of your morning drive it's going to be a
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headache getting around this. this is along the eastbound lanes of 237, right near zanker road. apparently several lanes are blocked in both directions. the reason for that is an overturned big rig. it looks like chp is reporting that the big rig went over the center divider and is now laying on its side and there is diesel spilled everywhere. they are working to clear that out. for now several lanes are blocked in both directions, and they don't have an estimated time when that is expected to reopen as they have to clean that out, eastbound 237 near zanker road. you want to take the surface streets for that, eastbound and westbound lanes are blocked right now because of an overturned big rig. another update is mg could up shortly. coming up on "today in the bay," christmas and hanukkah we're already talking returns. up next, the billions of dollars úrey expecting us to take back. and off to space we go.
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nasa and boeing teaming you iia successful launch tonight. coming up, what or who is on board and why this mission is crucial to nasa's future. "today in the bay" continues right after this.
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right now it's 6:12. you may be packing up the gift bags and snacks and all of those things the kids need for the last school day before the holiday break. make sure they're also wearing a nice warm coat, in martinez we'll see fog, temperatures in the mid-40s but we won't need the jackets later today. so make sure the name is written on the tag. we'll talk about what he's ahead for the weekend as rain arrives in less than five minutes. and a sig alert in san jose along eastbound 237, at zanker road, all eastbound lanes are shut down. westbound the number one lane is blocked, overturned big rig and diesel spill is having major delays in to san jose. we'll have more details on this
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coming up. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarter answer here are today's top business headlines. wall street is searching for direction today after stocks rallied yesterday. investors appearing to shrug off the trump impeachment to focus on the u.s./china trade deal and passage of the usmca and improving economic data. the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 all closing at record highs. they're on pace for their best year since 2013. on today's watch list reports on personal income and spending, consumer sentiment and third quarter gdp. apple likes its martinis shaken, not stirred. reports say that the company held talks earlier with mgm and the pac-12 conference to add live college sports and the james bond movie franchise to its apple tv tream november for $4.99 a month with nine original shows. the talks with mgm and the pac-12 were in the early stages. there are a few days left in the holiday shopping season. retailers are bracing for returns.
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shoppers are expected to return $41.6 billion worth of merchandise bought in november and december and chains are trying to get prepared in the surge in online returns. they could run into supply chain issues such as customers waiting on refunds and returned items going unsold. marcus and kris, back to you. >> if you don't like the gift, you just don't like the gift. >> it's better than just wasting it and leaving it in a closet somewhere. >> well -- >> just don't tell me when you return it. >> that's what i usually do. >> you leave it in the closet? tell us what you got in the closet, i might want it. >> i'd like to check out your closet. >> i got a lot of stuff. i feel bad giving it back but yes. >> thanks, rahel. >> sure. new this morning, while you were sleeping, nasa and boeing teaming up and launching the spacecraft called starliner, this is from florida to the international space station. it is really cool to listen to the countdown so let's listen in. >> three, two, one, and liftoff.
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>> feel like a kid all over again. the starliner will dock at the iss in about a day and then return home in a week. this flight is a test run and if it all goes well next year, nasa and boeing will start flying their man missions. today's flight has a dummy on it, named rosie the riveter. >> don't call her a dummy ever under any circumstances. trending in a galaxy a different far, far away story. the only spoiler we have for you with the new "star wars" film is it seems to be a hit with fans. ♪ >> all across the country last night, people lined up to see "star wars: the rise of skywalker" this is the ninth and final film in the skywalker saga which began 42 years ago. some fans showed their dedication to the franchise by going to see the movie in full costume, equipped with lightsabers.
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>> we agreed that if she broke @y going to wait to finish the movie and go to the hospital. >> and then go. >> you have to sit around and wait for the baby anyway. may as well be in a theater. >> just don't yell too loud. hold back the sound when the contractions come. fans might have liked the movie but getting mixed reviews if film critics. it currently has a 52% on rotten tomatoes. >> oh, no, i so he it in the prompter. i see it. earlier i was talking about when i worked -- there it is, el paso, texas. check this out, this is me at the "star wars" live premiere and said i never watched a "star wars" movie. the battle was on. i said he never fought a latina before. i am swinging my long latina hair. watch this under the leg. ready? it's coming. it's coming. whoa. >> you got moves. >> come on. >> wow. >> i do not want to meet up with you in a dark alley.
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>> i said i won but i forgot this. >> when you use the mic. >> i still think i won. i'm a latina, we're never wrong. >> my husband can attest, my children can attest. >> i need a rematch, though. >> i don't want to be behind her when it's the last of the tater tots in the diner. she'll fight you for those. >> watch out, vianey on the loose. 6:17. let's get a look at the weather and what we can expect. >> a lot of people going to the movie this is weekend, the last weekend before christmas, so we're shopping. we have a lot to get in here, but for areas in the north bay, we're seeing fog blocking the view to get us to the weekend. a live look in san rafael, we have seen visibility here cut down to a quarter mile or less. be careful, especially as you drive in to work this morning, but in terms of what storm ranger is tracking that rain is well to the north of us. and so we're going to be using that this weekend, late saturday
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night into sunday, when that rain finally arrives. this looks to be a pretty big storm for the pacific northwest, by the time it gets here it's going to lose a lot of its punch, but we're still going to have some rain moving in, and the time line is now a little bit later into saturday night. at 7:00, we're seeing that rain moving in to ukiah, and santa rosa, but it will be a little bit slower to make it into the rest of the bay area. here we are at 5:30 sunday morning and the rest of the peninsula as well as the south bay into the east bay is just starting to see that rain moving in. here we are at 9:30, sunday morning, and the rain is clearing out, it looks like after that, we'll have some sunshine, so it's going to be a quick one and done, but as it moves in, it could drop anywhere from about 0.6 an inch of rain up to an inch in parts of the north bay and areas south of the golden gate bridge we'll see about a quarter inch of rain, maybe a little bit more, so if you're planning to go to the sierra this weekend, plan on
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good travel conditions today, as well as w, but then if you can just stay there sunday until that snow moves out, we could see another 6 to 12 inches of snow anywhere from kingvale to kirkwood and also we're going to see our first day of winter, if you're able to spend that in the sierra, we're going to have some good conditions here as well, and once again, first day of winter, many people think that the earth is actually farther away from the sun, but the truth is, it's actually closer, but those direct rays are focused on the tropic of the capricorn, so for us, it's the shortest day of the year. we're tilted away from the sun, our length of day will be about 9 hours and 35 minutes between sunrise and sunset, so the shortest day of the year also will be the day of our 49ers game, and it's working in our favor with rain holding off until late tomorrow evening, but showers moving in on sunday, and then again on christmas day. vianey, tracking what's happening in the south bay, with that traffic alert.
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>> unfortunately we do have a sig alert. this one in san jose, so i want to get right to it, because now i notice an additional accident pop up behind it. this is along eastbound 237 as zanker road, all eastbound lanes are completely shut down and on the westbound side the number one lane is blocked due to an overturned big rig. chp is reporting that big rig went over the center divide is laying on its side and there is diesel spilled in the eastbound lanes and additionally in through some of the westbound lanes as well. this could take some time to clear up. we have a live pic, cal trans cam camera, the crash here. the good news i was looking at the chp report t doesn't appear anybody was injured, and right now this is what we're noticing. not even moving so take the surface streets unfortunately for the folks that are stuck in there, they have to wait. eastbound lanes completely shut down at 237. the westbound lanes they have tt there are three lanes open on the westbound side. another update coming up toward
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the end of the show. >> thanks, vianey. come up next on "today in the bay," it is the last weekend to shop before christmas and some police departments are joining forces to keep you and your stuff safe. find out how you can help them in their efforts. plus -- >> our care consumer problems g you the holiday blues? maybe we can spread some cheer and save you some money are money. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. plus a letter to santa from a 7-year-old going viral. this will break your heart but restore your faith in humanity as well. stick around for the story coming up in a bit. 6:21 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:24 for you. welcome back here to "today in the bay." if your holiday wish list includes resolving a consumer problem, we have you covered. we have elves on the job for you. >> we are hiring a lot of diversity. cop sumer investigator chris chmura has a look at some of the cases his team is wrapping up and putting a bow on as the year comes to an end. >> good morning with a few days left in 2019 we have responded to more than 3,250 consumer complaints. here are a few recent good tidings we can share, taking action for folks like jaswinder in yuba city, having to sweat out a broken ac for weeks and weeks and weeks over the summer thanks to a home warranty delay. we helped cool things off and got him a $57 refund.
6:25 am
over in napa, don was hung up on a problem with his phone and internet bill. we reunited don with $3,095 of his money and jerry in novato was having trouble with a shipping dispute. our team delivered and got jerry 50 bucks back. we'd love to help you too, call us any time, 888-996-tips or go to have a great weekend. >> all right, 6:25 now. several police agencies are teaming up to stop car break-ins this holiday season. officers in newark, san jose, fremont, santa clara are all joining forces to remove it or lo lose it, that's the name of the campaign, the goal is to get drivers to take things out of their cars and trucks that could be potential targets for thieves like shopping bags and purses, and they are also reminding everyone to lock their car doors. they also remind you to use your trunk release lock if you have one.
6:26 am
an absolutely heartbreaking letter to santa is going viral this morning about one little boy's wish this christmas. >> it's sat but bringing a lot of hope to dozens of other children who are in similar circumstances this holiday season. >> they just don't know how to feel and this letter really speaks a lot of that truth so for blake, this is really real and for the 72 other kids we have in shelters, this is really what they're feeling, too. >> 7-year-old blake and his mother moved into a texas domestic violence shelter. in his letter he writes about how they had to leave their house with all of their stuff and that his mom said it was just time to go and find a safer place where he didn't have to feel scared of his dad. he asked for a few things including a very, very good dad. the letter was posted by the shelter, it has resulted in 10,000 toy donations for the children living there. by the way he asked for chapter books and a dictionary. >> i saw that.
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>> he got that. it is just hard to think that dealing with the holiday cheer and spirit some folks take for granted. >> sad situation but so nice to see so many people wanting to do what they can to cheer up the kids during this time of year. >> it's amazing. >> absolutely. 6:27 for you right now this morning. coming up here on "today in the bay," two overnight shootings in san jose. two people hurt, a live report coming up on what happened and the serarch for the suspects. the day to an ferry evaders showing racial disparity. how bay area b.a.r.t. is responding to that. you're watching "today in the bay." on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training
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so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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good morning. thanks for joining us him i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get a look at that commute for you. vianey arana in this morning for mike. >> unfortunately we are tracking breaking news, a sig alert in san jose from an earlier crash, it is an overturned big rig, this along eastbound 237, right at zanker road. all eastbound lanes are shut and turned into a hazmat situation because of diesel that has been spilled all over the lanes and we do have our very own sharon katsuda on the scene with more details on what happened and what is going on and hopefully they can get this reopened soon. sharon? >> that's right, vianey it's a nightmare for commuters but look, this is what we're seeing right as we arrived on scene.
6:31 am
this is eastbound highway 237, and you can see the big rig here, it seems like it was attached to a crane. those are both overturned on their side right now, firefighters are out here, we see chp out here and take a look down this way. this is the backup in traffic that it has caused. this is eastbound highway 237 just not moving at all. just traffic backed up, we're seeing for miles, and then on the westbound side, we are seeing some traffic get by. it is still dark out here, but we are hearing that the guardrail is damaged, the big rig went over the center divide so traffic we're hearing is closed down westbound highway 237. but again we just arrived on scene about five minutes ago, and this is what we're seeing, the crane flipped over here, firefighters on scene. we're hearing from chp early on this driver got out, is okay, but we still need to confirm all of this information, how this
6:32 am
happened. back to you. >> all right, we know you and vianey will be tracking that through the morning. we also want to get a look at the forecast because the weekend is upon us. good morning. >> good morning. let's get you ready for the day out in oakland with a live look outside, traffic here is moving well and we don't have any fog. we're starting out with temperatures that are a little bit cool and i know you're packing up those bags and getting ready for the last day of school, those gift bags and snacks and everything. we are going to see temperatures in the upper 40s so you do also need a nice warm coat and then also a mix of sun and clouds for today. we'll talk about when the next round of rain arrives for the weekend, that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. we're also following more breaking news in south bay. one person was shot in san jose's berryessa neighborhood. >> police responding to this a little more than three hours ago, also where "today in the bay's" roz plater live for us this morning with the latest on the search for the shooter still on the loose. roz? >> it is still early in this
6:33 am
investigation, police still trying to peace together a motive, still trying to identify that shooter. here is what we've been able to piece together so far. all of this is happening in a neighborhood near berryessa and matterhorn, where a man was shot just after 2:30 this morning. san jose police officers responded and have been on the scene here for hours looking for clues and collecting evidence. there are multiple evidence markers on the ground. officers can be seen examining what appears to be shell casings, and ambulance took that man to the hospital, and police say he had life-threatening injuries. as they investigate, police continue to have several nearby streets here shut down. police have also been knocking on doors, trying to wake neighbors, trying to canvas and get more information, as we get more information, we'll have it for you. we are live in san jose, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, roz. less than two miles from that scene, deputies are investigating another shooting, this one happened during a fight involving six people on the key
6:34 am
near white road in san jose. officers were called to the scene around midnight. they say one person was shot in the leg and another had a really serious head injury, after being hit with some sort of object. police are trying to piece together what happened there. they have not made any arrests. orinda city leaders voting to extend an emergency ordinance when it comes to short term rentals on sites like airbnb. the ordinance requires homeowners to live on the property when renting home and if there are two homes on the lot the host must stay in the larger and went out the other. councilmembers first approved it as an emergency ordinance last month and it will now be extended at least until next november. of course, it was all prompted by that halloween shooting where five people died at an airbnb. two people are currently facing charges tied to the investigation. this just in, brand new information about a little boy who died at school at a north bay private school. a short time ago we talked with raph police who confirm the
6:35 am
little boy was just 6 years old. we know he died after a fence fell on top of him at the playground at mark day school, which is a kindergarten through eight school in san rafael. officers are still looking into what led up to the incident. the school says that staff members immediately called 911 when this happened and that grief counsellors will be on hand to help students work through the tragedy. police in san jose decided not to file criminal charges tied to sexual abuse claims tied to presentation high school, accord to "the mercury news," former students accused teachers and administrators of not reporting allegations, some of which date back decades. investigators say they could not establish a pattern of criminal behavior from administrators. this week the school agreed to a settlement with one former student and the school's new leadership recently apologized for the school's long history of
6:36 am
accusations. our investigative unit has extensively looked at the accusations at presentation high school. you can find our stories at >> 6:36. this afternoon, b.a.r.t. plans to provide passengers with tips how to stay safe on trains. they plan to provide escorts for people parked at the coliseum station. according to "the chronicle" between june of last year and union of this year, nearly half of 12,000 failure to pay citations were given to african-american passengers but b.a.r.t. maintains these numbers are not an indication of bias. they say all of the encounters happened during sweeps of its cars where every passenger was checked. our investigative unit has been taking an in-depth look at the issues happening on b.a.r.t. you can watch that entire series of our reports right now on new developments inside the courtroom regarding the long
6:37 am
legal battle over the future of cupertino's vallco shopping mall which many folks know so well. plans are in the works to transform the mall into a housing, office and retail space but opponents argued cupertino entered into an illegal agreement that does not meet state regulations. according to "the mercury news" both sides squared off in a courtroom yesterday. a previous hearing was delayed after a key attorney became ill during proceedings in october. the once popular mall is right near apple headquarters, right off 280. a lot of childhood memories there. breaking news a sig alert in san jose, so listen up. we have an overturned big rig causing major delays along eastbound lanes on 237, right now all eastbound lanes are shut down. on the westbound side one lane is blocked and the overturned big rig apparently what ended up happening according to chp it may have crossed over into the
6:38 am
center divide and there is diesel spilled. the chp is reporting over 100 yards of diesel spilled so this has turned into a hazmat situation. we have a cal trans camera here. this is the eastbound side and it's not moving at all. again, all eastbound lanes are shut down. they're not even letting cars get by on the side on the westbound side. they do have three of four lanes open but because this is a hazmat situation, this could take a lot longer. not to mention they still have to turn the big rig outside and this is going to be a rough start for san jose. take the surface streets, backed up through first street right now. the weekend is upon us. you're looking for something to do, head to monterey. it is the final weekend for the city's annual christmas on the wharf festivities, live music and a visit with santa, very festive there and the weather might be okay for that. >> i've done that before. you take great pictures all around especially with the kids, that will be a nice thing to do. also we're watching that
6:39 am
forecast for the 49ers game tomorrow, and it looks at this point like the rain will hold off so we're looking at cool and cloudy conditions, with temperatures starting out at kickoff at 5:15 at 56 degrees, and cooling down to the lower 50s, so make sure you are bundle under or watch it here on nbc bay area and as far as the rest of the bay, we're going to see a few peeks of sunshine tomorrow but search tours generally staying in the mid to upper 50s. by sunday rain rollingly it early in the morning. there may be clearing for the afternoon but it will be cooler once the cold front moves through with mid-50s in the forecast. if you plan on going ice skating in union scare tomorrow, expect san francisco's high temperatures to reach about 58 degrees during the middle of the day and still a lot of clouds moving by. by the evening we're also going to have temperatures cooling off and also good weekend to check out christmas in the park. we haven't had a lot of these opportunities here because of all the rain we've had this month so expect good weekend for
6:40 am
that as well. if you're going to napa, expect that rain to move in late saturday evening and continue into early sunday morning. other than that, we're looking at pretty good conditions for going outsig sightseeing and in santa cruz this weekend we'll see rain chances going up, may not be until late saturday night. temperatures reach 60 degrees and it will be cooler on sunday with a high of 56 degrees. and we're keeping in mind the last shopping weekend around the bay area before the holiday. i'll talk about today's temperature trend, that's coming up in three minutes. >> if you love crowds, this is the weekend to get out. 6:40 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," a lot of people say southern california can be just like the bay area when it comes to limited space for the homeless. but there it appears that more people are looking for shelter at busy lax. coming up, we'll talk about that. the surge of people sleeping inside the terminals on any given night. and are you ready for some
6:41 am
football? the 49ers gearing up for a critical game tomorrow at home. here's jimmy g. >> we just have to be prepared. i think just going into the game with that mind-set and being able to adjust on the fly will be good for us. >> we'll show you why winning the next two games is so important for jimmy g. and the niners gang as they call themselves. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we do have breaking news, this is a live picture of the crash eastbound 237 at zanker road, all eastbound lanes are shut down in san jose. the westbound lanes one lane is blocked due to an overturned big rig. chp now calling this a hazmat situation. there is diesel spilled all over the roads, and as of now, there is no estimated time on when this will reopen. i will have another update coming up shortly. >> and right now at 6:44, we have a beautiful sunrise over the south bay, as we catch a
6:45 am
break from the rain once again today, as well as much of the day tomorrow. so get outside and enjoy the times of sunshine we'll see with above normal temperature reaching into the mid-60s. we'll talk about this and when the rain arrives in less than five minutes. a follow-up orinda city leaders voting to extend an emergency ordinance when it comes to short-term rentals on airbnb, requiring homeowners to live on the property when renting their home and if there are two homes on the lot, the host must stay in the larger, and rent out the other. councilmembers first approved it as an emergency ordinance last month and it will now be extended at least until next october. of course, it was all prompted by that halloween party shooting where five people died at an airbnb. two people are currently facing charges tied to the investigation. immigration advocates are asking the attorney general's office to sue to stop new for-profit prisons in california. they say federal authorities are working to enter into contracts with companies days before a new
6:46 am
bill becomes law. starting january 1st, the state department of corrections will not be able to enter into contracts with private prisons. private immigration detention facilities will be banned in 2028. the attorney general's office is not commenting on that request. you may want to get uszed to those planned pg&e power outages. yesterday on capitol hill a senate subcommittee discussed the outages with pg&e leaders. during that meeting, pg&e's ceo bill johnson said it will likely be at least five years before the utility gets the problems under control. he did say a lot of work is being done to improve fire prevention tactics, but he said safety is the number one priority. 6:46. meanwhile, pg&e and other utilities are being barred from trying to raise profit margins as they face billions of dollars in wildfire liabilities, that's what the state puc is ordering. critics have pointed out pg&e and southern california edison are still trying to reap higher profits to help attract investors.
6:47 am
commissioners have ruled new state policies should offset wildfire liabilities, including the law passed this year that creates a $21 billion wildfire fund, which would help the utilities. new this morning, you can now use your cell phone to find out if a marijuana dispensary is legitimate in california. the state is launching a new program encouraging licensed retailers to post the codes in their store windows and also other places. it comes as california struggles to deal with black market sales, which of course cost the state that tax revenue. a big problem at one of the nation's busiest airports. it say little more crowded. lax says up to 130 homeless people are camping out in its terminals on any given night. >> that information comes from an airport document obtained by our l.a. affiliate. it says police respond to more than a thousand incidents involving homeless people in the past year.
6:48 am
many of the investigations involve alleged crimes. the monterey bay aquarium wants your input on a pair of brand new arrivals. two african penguins just hatched at the aquarium and right now they're getting used to the new family at the splash zone exhibit. the aquarium will post some possible penguin names on social media next week, and they want you to vote for your favorite so go online and vote for your favorite. >> last time we were there, the parents were hatching one of the egg. i wonder if it's the same one. look at this, holiday thief located, four legs and he doesn't even look that sorry. a massachusetts police department had been collecting toys for children in need, but suspicions were roused when some of those donations disappeared. quickly identified the suspect then who himself is a police dog. he took them one at a time and put them in his secret hiding
6:49 am
spot. >> oh! >> he wanted some toys. >> just a baby. he's not in custody, though. but he is banned from the room where the toys are located. give the dog a bone. so cute. 49ers fans, you're going to have to put that holiday shopping on hold for a few hours tomorrow night. that's when the niners host rival los angeles rams at levi's stadium. >> the last home game of the regular season. we're hoping for a couple more. could have a huge impact on the playoff race. when the fan gear store opened here at levi's stadium, the niners faithful were inside snagging their favorite shirts and jackets. i guess what we know what we're getting for christmas. some fans will be watching from the stands but others are having watch parties watching at home on nbc bay area.season. it's been a fun ride. >> i think it will be a good game. i wish i could come but i'm not able to.
6:50 am
we're just here shopping for christmas presents. >> been here since the gates open, tailgate, watch the early games on the tv tailgating and come to the game and have a good time. >> the 49ers are already headed to the playoffs. game gets under way at 5:15 and you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. if you're headed to the game, you don't even have to worry about the rain. you have to worry about the cold, though. >> it is going to be chilly out there, especially with the clouds and then also the winds starting to pick up out ahead of the rain that will be here by late tomorrow evening. let's get out the door this morning with a look in dublin, and visibility here is clear but look in the distance there, as you head closer toward livermore, you can see there is some fog that's going to be blanketing some areas, so watch out for the patches of fog as you head out this morning. temperatures in the lower 40s here, it's a cool start to the day and we'll see the sun coming out, going into the afternoon, but there will be a lot of sun today as the system approaches and will also bring in mostly cloudy skies.
6:51 am
we can see the widespread clouds across the region, and then as we go hour by hour, here we are timing out the rain, and here we see it approaching as we go into late tomorrow evening. look at the time line, we're at 6:30 saturday evening and the rain is starting to edge its way in to ukiah, approaching santa rosa, and then it continues to make its way in to the rest of the bay area, but at this point, most of us will be at home, and also watching that rainfall hitting the roof in the windows, you'll hear during the overnight hours and also as you wake up on sunday morning, then on sunday at about 10:00 in the morning, a lot of it is out of here so it will be a quick one and done and clearing out for sunday evening, so this in fact as that rain falls may not change any of the weekend plans and looks to be a pretty good soaker even though it's moving fast. they could drop another quarter to half inch of rain, higher amounts of rain for parts of the north bay, where ukiah could see over an inch of rain and then tomorrow is our first day of
6:52 am
winter. a lot of people think that during the winter months that the sun is farther away from the earth, but actually it's closer, but we are tilted away from the sun, so some of those direct rays and where we get the wa warmewar warmest temperatures are on the tropic of cancer. for us shorter daylight with the sunrise at 7:17 tomorrow. sun setting at 4:53, so not a lot of time to get out and get out those shopping and errands done before we see the sun setting once again. and gradually from here we start to see our days getting longer and as we head toward christmas we will see some rain coming in, we'll see the showers returning late christmas eve into christmas day. vianey tracking that big traffic alert for parts of the south bay. >> yes, san jose listen in unde this is along eastbound 237, due to an overturned big rig, all eastbound lanes completely shut down, this is where it is on the
6:53 am
map. we have a live picture from the ground at the scene. unfortunately this is going to take a while, because they have now turned in to a hazmat situation. chp is reporting there are over 100 yards of spilled diesel all over the lanes. they have to have crews there, covering it up with sand, and that could take a while, not to mention the overturned rig, they have to flip this up side so all eastbound lanes remain shut at 237, near zanker road. westbound lanes are moving but they have one lane blocked. no estimated time on when this will reopen. as of now i'm not seeing reported injuries which is good news from the crash but again all eastbound lanes closed at 237 near zanker road. take first street, the backup is beyond first street and westbound lanes are backed up. back to you. >> that is a really rough spot for that. thank you, vianey. happening now, prince philip is back in the hospital. he was flown there for observation because of a pre-existing condition. they say this is just a precaution and it was a planned
6:54 am
visit. philip is the longest serving consort in british history. up next a look at the top stories including california state university looking to expand and build a new campus. coming up, we'll tell you the bay area city considered for that new location. plus a live look at highway 237 in san jose. this is where vianey was just talking about eastbound traffic is at a standstill. of course we'll update you on the efforts to clear the overturned big rig, as we return from this break. it is 6:54 for you right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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welcome back. it is 6:57. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay" including breaking news in san jose. >> an overturned big rig has traffic at a dead stop at highway 237 eastbound, "today in the bay" sharon katsuda is live there. a fuel spill could take a while, right? >> reporter: that's right, kris and marcus. we're here on the frontage road. behind me this is a big rig crane that flipped on its side. it is blocking highway 237. you can see all the lanes eastbound direction, they're closed so you're seeing major backup here on eastbound highway 237. h we are seeing traffic get by along westbound 237. we're hearing one lane is
6:58 am
closed, highway 237 westbound. and that is because we're hearing that this big rig crane went from westbound lane and flipped over the center divide into the eastbound lanes and this is what you're seeing right now, causing a diesel spill. we're seeing firefighters line the area with gravel and now we're seeing some drivers who are desperate getting out of their cars, which is not a good situation, chp telling them to get back in their cars, the latest, a major backup on highway 237. back to you. >> thank you, sharon. 6:58 right now. investigators looking into two different shootings in san jose, less than to two-miles apart, this is a live look from one of the scenes, it's the most recent shooting that happened at berryessa road and matterhorn drive. police are still investigating there. also, the shooting happened around 2:30 this morning. one victim has life-threatening injuries. officers going door to door trying to get more information and several streets around the
6:59 am
area remain shut down. deputies are investigating another shooting not far away from there, this one happened at around midnight. this is during a fight involving at least six people on the key, near white road in san jose. one person was shot in the leg, another struck in the head by some type of object, and seriously injured. deputies are still trying to piece together what happened, no arrests have been made. and new cal state campus may soon be born and may even pop up in the bay area. california state university says its campuses have become too overcrowded. a new campus is being considered to accommodate up to 8,000 students, and it would be the school's 24th campus. possible locations include one in the bay area, concord, stockton, chula vista and palm desert are also being considered. all right, well we are hoping the rain will hold off and we'll be tracking the crash on 237 that has the roadway shut
7:00 am
down, reroutes. we'll have more on that coming up at 7:25. >> and don't forget our midday newscast at 11:00. have a great morning. good morning. breaking overnight, in the crosshairs. a surging pete buttigieg comes under fire surging pete buttigieg comes under fire in the final democratic debate of the year. >> billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the united states >> senator, your net worth is 100 times mine. >> this morning, what the focus on mayor pete means as the campaign enters a new phase with 45 days until iowa. impeachment chaos, the future of the senate trial now up in the air.


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