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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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the players are getting ready and so are the fans. 70,000 people making their way into the levi stadium. we've got some crazies out there, not before a very good tailgate party. this is the scene in the parking lot at levi's. good afternoon, thanks for being with us for this special pre-game newscast here at levi stadium. before the 49ers game. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm janelle wang. a saturday night prime time game under the lights, the rams facing off against the 49ers. >> are you ready for a great game? >> we are on the 20 yard line and some of the players are out on the field. especially the 49ers themselves, the bulk of the team will come out in about 14 minutes, at 4:15 they come out and take the field. here is a live look now. the weather is nice. we're hoping there is no rain. and we're ready for a heck of a game tonight. >> i think the rain is going to hold off until later tonight. but i did feel some wind gusts, so hopefully it won't affect the kicker. >> we have a lot coming your way in the next hour.
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it is not just janelle and i here yapping on the sidelines. we will be joined by a guy who looks very familiar to niners fans. earl stevens. you know who he is? >> his real name. >> aka, e-4, joining us later in the show. >> and then of course, we have the legendary chef joining us today, michael, he has a restaurant here called bourbon steak, and this is a v.i.p. tailgate going on right now and we are going to be live from inside that restaurant. >> before we get to the food, before we get to the parties, before we get to e-40, we've got some business at hand. this is one of three nfl games today. this is all about playoff seedings. the early game, maybe a sigh in tampa, florida, that is raymond james stadium, the site of next season's super bowl. this season's super bowl is in miami. next season is in tampa. texans and the bucs and the texans defense stepping up in a big way. bradley robey with a 27 yard
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interception return. houston beat tampa 23-20. the texans win the afc south. so what does this all mean for the 49ers? well, with the texans winning today, it is likely next week, the 49ers game in seattle will be moved to sunday night football. here on nbc. that's because it is likely the 49ers and the seahawks will be playing for the nfc west, the division title. here are the current seedings in the nfc. if you want to take a look, it is not the 49ers. the current seedings, the seahawks at the top spot, followed by the packers, saints, cowboys, and there in the five spot is the 49ers, right now janelle, if the playoffs were to begin, the 49ers with be the wildcard. they would open up on the road in dallas, against the cowboys. we can't make that happen. >> 7-7 record. it is unbelievable, the nine verse an 11-3 record with three other teams in the nfc and we are in the fifth position. >> we? did you sign a contract with the 49ers? >> i am a big fan so i include myself with the team. we have to win tonight.
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we have to seal the deal next week in seatle. >> it's going to happen. the party is just getting started. and it is in full swing. we are outside the stadium. we mentioned 70,000 fans. we will send it out to the parking lot and bring in nbc bay area christie smith. take it away. >> reporter: we are here at levi stadium, and fans have been lined up, they are excited, this is it, i want to go ahead and talk with some of them about what they think it is going to take to go ahead and get the win here. this is the gentleman i'm looking for. justin, what is your prediction for the game? >> the niners will bring a great game today. rams have a great defense and a good team but we will bring it with, garoppolo working hard. >> and let's look at the line right here. it was not moving very much at all, but now they're starting to move. they're starting to get in. and the excitement is just really building out here. this is something that fans, boy, they have been waiting for.
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we will send it back to you. >> okay, thank you so much christie, and hanging out with the fans, having some good barbecue, and back live at levi stadium, where we're about 55 minutes until kickoff, right here on nbc bay area. and you know, the 49ers fans, they are so fateful to the team, and they love their players. >> they are. the players will be out on the field for the pregame warmup in about five minutes from now. one player will not be coming out, in fact he is not with the team, and the backup quarterback, cj beathard, some tragic news from his family, you might have heard earlier in the day, he has gone back to nashville to be with his family, his younger brother clayton was stabbed to death overnight. 22-year-old clayton beathard also a quarterback played at long island university, fatesly stabbed outside of a popular bar in nashville. it was in the overnight hours, close to 2:00 a.m., nashville police still looking for that suspect. >> the 49ers tweeting out all
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day, including the 49ers wide receiver jordan matthew, he tweeted this this morning, please keep cj and the beathard family in your prayers. outside in the parking lot at the tailgate, we saw fan, one with a sign on his car, prayers for the beathard family and the ceo tweeting earlier today. it is a very difficult day for the 49ers team i'm sure, and playing for cj beathard and the family. >> this is a tight knit tame. with the younger players. and playing for the last couple of seasons and for all of us here, we wish our best wishes and the condolences to the beathard family. >> our prayers are with the whole family. >> and you heard the fog horns. that means the niners are about to come out. let's bring in nbc bay area anthony flores, and he is here at levi and we are talking about another popular playerment lock
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locker, player in the locker room, take it away. >> what is wrong with the 49ers defense is what i keep hearing. on paper, nothing. ranked second overall in the national football league. but they haven't been as dominant as they were in the first half of the season. for a couple of reasons. one, they're playing better competition. and number two, injuries. last week against the atlanta falcons, five starters did not play. but some good news for the 49ers, richard who did not play last weekend is back in the lineup tonight, richard arriving to levi stadium himself. set emotional leader of the defense. he was recently named to the pro bowl for the fifth time in his career. he returns to the starting lineup. just two weeks after hurting his hamstring in new orleans. >> if you can walk, you can play, you know. if i can walk, if i can get to full speed, now if i ever felt i was a detriment to the team or couldn't get to full speed or function at high level, i should be coming down because then i'm not helping anybody, but i
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always thought if i can play, if i can help the team and get my foot in the ground and move like i need to move and if i can be out there, then i would be helping the team. >> so richard back in the lineup for the secondary. so is williams. he has recovered from his concussion. so that is good news for the 49ers. i will tell you what, it is getting crazy and exciting here on the sidelines. they're ready for some football. guys, back to you. >> it is like a mosh pit. like a black hole for the raider, anthony here, the 49ers fateful. >> the 49ers are here. richard sherman is here. hopefully his hamstring is good and he's ready to be rocking. >> and everyone is back home for the holidays. not just fans an players, you know who is coming in to watch the game tonight? a lot of the warriors. draymond green. a lot of the teammates will be here in one of the luxury boxes here at levi. >> we have more good news. there was supposed to be a storm moving in but it is not going to hit us until later tonight.
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it does feel a little gusty at times. but it seems like the wind has calmed down. let's check the game day forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> you bring up a good point, the rain is expected to hold off until later tonight. here is a view outside levi stadium, where it is 58 degrees, wind speed out of the south at 12 miles an hour. here is the good news, zoomed in on the storm ranger mobile doppler radar near bill walsh way outside levi stadium, the rain is likely holding off until after midnight tonight. as the game goes on, through the second half especially, we will begin to see south winds picking up 15 to 25 miles an hour. we will watch that, as they approach the fourth quarter, and as if the game gets into overtime, and kicks above 40 yards might have a little bit of a wind component as the southeast winds will be on the increase ahead of what will be eventually later tonight some stormy weather. we will talk more about the rain totals and the sierra snow coming up in the next half hour but the good news for the football game you're see on the nbc bay area, breezy but the
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rain is holding off. back to you. >> thank you, rob. we can handle the breeze, can't we? >> yes, but i don't know if i can handle the rain. i'm glad it is holding off. >> it looks like we're dry for the game. so the weather gods looking over the 49ers. when we talk about the v.i.p.s on the sidelines, and take a look, they're fired up, everybody here. >> we are going to continue our coverage here, from levi stadium. when we return, it is the big week for jerry rice. we will tell you the honors he received from the nfl last night, and of course, jerry rice has had his legendary game against the rams, over the years, and we will check in, why this week has been special for jerry. the bay area city using weed killer including the controversial roundup and what changes are now being made@after our investigation.
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back live here at levi stadium, we're checking out the field. we're about an hour from kickoff. the rams facing off with the 11-349ers. this is one view from the field, another view from another shot, 70,000 fans will be heading, in and all of the players will be out practicing. they're going to be coming out in the next few minutes. some are already on the field, getting raddy. the big story today, football right here on nbc bay area news. but we have some other news, our investigative team has been working on a piece for months. you probably heard about all of the recent multi-million dollar verdicts against the maker of roundup. monsanto. the juries in those cases believe that roundup does cause cancer, nonhodgkins lymphoma specifically, and monsanto is appealing the verdicts and we are looking at what local parks are still using the weed killer
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and it turns out most in the bay area are, and we asked why. >> danielle and rhoda have been going to the dog park here in san jose for more than a decade but one sunday in early october they saw something they had never seen before. >> this was the first clue that there was something wrong, it was a strong orange and yellow discoloration of the ground and all of the foliage that was here. and then after we went inside the dog park, we could see that every single area was covered with this. >> they say there were no notices telling them what the residue was, and dogs were covered in. it so we pulled public records to finds out. we learned san jose city crotters used two different herbicides to kill weed, one contains an orange dye, that's what was sprayed on the grass in watson park. but the city also uses roundsup. which you can't see. because it is colorless. >> our daughter is 12 now. but she is coming here, she has been coming here with us, to this dog park, this same dog
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park, this same dog enclosure since she was a toddler so our daughter has been running around in this chemical as well as our dog. >> like many cities, san jose told us it has been using glyphosate herbicide, better noun as roundup since the 1980s. the san jose park department has applied more than 380 gallons of roundup through the parks and 85% of the other park departments use the same herbicide. why does that matter? >> all of the data was looked at and the data showed there is a link, and we did see increased types of risk in humans. >> this doctor is an avid professor of toxicology at uc berkeley school of public health and specializes in carcinogens or chemicals that cause cancer and sits on a state committee identifying those chemicals and previously worked with the epa
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reviewing its position on glyphosate, monsanto did not respond to our request for meant but has publicly maintained its product is safe, citing the epa's formal position on roundup as noncarcinogenic. but others consider glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen if exposure exceeds 1.1 milligram per day. this couple is worried about the dog park in san jose. >> i'm worried, especially days after, you can see all of that. and it looks like at the people who are going to the park, they have no idea with what the park has used. >> we sat down with the director of the san jose park department to talk about roundup. >> our use is glyphosate is highly regulated by the epa and the state and the county. however, we also recognize there has been new jury awards.
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there are concerns starting to float around. >> he says the city park crews follow the instructions on the product label and close down treated areas until the chemical dries which according to the epa makes it safe. despite that, he says san jose is cutting back on roundup. >> it sounds like you have heard the message. >> we definitely hear the message from the community that there is concern. regardless of what the epa or anyone else says. >> but some cities are way ahead in removing it from their weed arsenal. san francisco tells us it considers glyphosate-based herbicides a public health and safety risk. and it is used less than a quarter of a gallon of it in its parks this year. chris geiger who runs the city's pest management program says it is as simple as finding alternative solutions to weeds. >> most of the time, 99% of the time, we find a mechanical, nonchemical way of doing that. >> but in san jose, pulling weeds by hand may not be possible, considering it has 3,000 acres of parks to maintain. so roundup is a reality for at least the next few years.
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as the parks department works to come up with alternatives, but the pea cobs say that is too long to wait. >> our daughter has been exposed to us. we have been exposed to it. our dogs have been. and countless other families have been exposed to it. >> well, changes are already being made. john told us that after we began making inquiries of the department's use of roundup, it is now banning it, within 100 feet of playgrounds and dog parks. and it hopes to get rid of it in the next few years. okay, we are here at levi stadium, raj mathai will join me in a few minutes. the 49ers have just got on to the field. to warm up for kickoff at 5:15. we have other local headlines. first let's talk about the nbc bay area and our very own terry mcsweeney in the studio. >> thank you very much, we will get back out to you in a few minutes. up next, cutting down on airport noise over bay area neighborhoods. the new plan to turn down the
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volume at airports for dozens of neighborhoods. on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training
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at levi stadium right now, a live picture, and the fans are getting ready for the big 49ers/rams game. we will bring it to you live at 5:00. raj mathai, janelle wang, are out there, and we will get back out to them in a few minutes. but as we countdown to kickoff, let's give you a quick look at what else is making headlines in the bay area. congresswoman jackie speir rolled out a series of bills to help turn the noise down for thousands of people living in the flight path for the sfo and oakland airport. a shift in faa flight patterns over the last few years put a lot more east bay neighborhoods in the flight path at both airports and residents say something has to change and soon. >> i recorded between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. 12 sfo departures that turned over the peninsula. nine of these flights have
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direct paths over us. and the pattern continued all day. >> the legislation, if approved, would ban sfo departures over most peninsula neighborhoods from 10:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning and the bills provide more money to provide for noise insulation for hundreds of additional homes every year. a deadly overnight shooting in the south bay happened on almadon aefbz in milipitas, police say they found a man outside an open garage, suffering from a gunshot wound. officers tried to perform cpr and could not revive him. police say several people were taken in for custody. one witness claims the gun went off after it fell off a table. no word on arrests yet. a violent robbery sent a clerk to the hospital last night in san jose. it happened at the discount store on southwest expressway. witnesses tell us an armed robber pistol-whipped the clerk and then robbed him and took off. san jose police have not yet released a description. pomp and circumstance in berkeley this morning. uc graduates gathered at the
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haas pavilion for the winter 2019 commencement. robert haas gave the keynote address, and why not, he is the former head of levi strauss and an alum, and he said to step out of the comfort zone and ask questions and wear levi jeans. i made up the last point. he says the college has been transformational for him and believes so for the class of 2019. >> let's head back out to levi stadium, with raj and janelle. >> one of us was dancing here just moments ago. this one. we don't have to show everyone. we are back here live, continuing our coverage, we are counting down to kickoff, janelle wang and myself. the 49ers and the rams. we got a lot here coming your way. >> kickoff in about 15 minutes. the football game, right here on nbc bay area. saturday night football. prime time. we'll be right back. niners and the rams.
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back live here at levi stadium. we have multiple cameras here on the field, raj, as the niners take on the rams, here at nbc bay area. the players, warming up on the field. >> it is pretty interesting, for so many years the niners weren't on prime time, they weren't on nbc, because they weren't a playoff team and now all of a sudden you get good and everybody wants you. the niners on nbc right now. this is the second to last week of the regular season. and if you're a niners fan, you know the drill. they need to beat the rams tonight, and then they need to beat the seahawks, next sunday night, which is likely to be on nbc, and with that said, they will be the top seed in the conference and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. >> i can't believe it is the last game, home game of the regular season. but hopefully not for the entire season. because we want to be in the playoffs, raj. >> they knew the rookie was
4:26 pm
going to be special. delivered exactly as they thought. 49ers rookie defensive lineman, among the many pro bowlers that are going to orlando, in a few weeks. actually, the niners fans are hoping he never goes to the pro bowls because that means they're going to the super bowl and he will opt out of the pro bowl but he is on the pro bowl team. >> the 49ers rookie, making the pro bowl. >> a lot of games. >> not just nick, but the fullback, kyle, the second pro bowl experience, and richard sherman will be going. and a lots of alternates as well. >> this is going to be great to watch the pro bowl on january 26th. next year. in orlando, florida. >> that is a week before the super bowl. we will get out of the way. and we're going to look at the 49ers taking the field here at levi. we will slide out of the way. we got jimmy garoppolo, the offensive unit, the running back, the receivers, they're all here and that's why there is a lot of crowd noise now. everyone welcoming the 49ers
4:27 pm
before they kick off against the rams. ash 5:15 is kickoff and right now the niners are doing their deal on the field. >> they are wraedy. >> a special rap ner the house who comes to all of the niners games. a huge sports fan. >> and not just niners, but warriors games as well. e-40 will be joining us in a few minutes here live at levi's, as we count down to kickoff between the 49ers and the l.a. rams. out and replaced... on his dime!?!?!? i )m consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds... next. right now...
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right now, at 4:30, we are counting down to kickoff, the 49ers and the l.a. rams, here on nbc bay area. this is a live look at levi stadium. you can see number ten, a familiar face to all of us,
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jimmy garoppolo, warming up as he gets ready to kick off. i'm raj mathai along with janelle wang. 70,000 fans making their way inside the stadium right about now. >> a very exciting night, for the rams, and the 49ers, and the rams quarterback is back home. the local hometown boy. went to novato. and a lot of his fans here as well. >> we have a lot of fun coming your way. we will check in with some food. and join celebrity chef michael meda, but before we get to that, we talked about jimmy garoppolo, we saw him there, and one of the 49ers quarterbacks will not be here, sad news, cj beathard will not be here at tonight's game tonight, because his younger brother clayton was stabbed to death overnight. 22-year-old clayton beathard, also a quarterback, he played at long island university. here is what he we know right now. clayton beathard was fatally stabbed outside of a bar in
4:31 pm
nashville. here is some video of the crime scene. it was in the overnight hours around 2:00 a.m. this morning. nashville police still looking for that suspect. >> a very difficult time for the 49ers team. they released a statement this afternoon. it read, the 49ers chairman was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the tragedy of cj beathard's younger brother clayton. we ex tend our heart felt sympathies to cj and the entire beathard family and here we are thinking about the family as well, a key figure to the team. >> he is the grandson of hall of famer, nfl hall of fame executive bobby beathard. i used to work with bobby for five seasons with the chargers. it is such a special and close knit family. so from all of us here at nbc, and from all of the 49er faithful, our condolences to the beathard family on this difficult night. >> and the niners will be playing for him and thinking about the beathard family when they take on the rams. the niners 11-3.
4:32 pm
and the rams 8-6. don't sleep on the rams. it is a scary site. you don't want to overlook the rams. >> we're talking about other legends on the field or in the 49ers headlines. just last night, jerry rice was in the headlines and that's because the nfl jame named jerry rice one of the top 100 players of all time. that is not surprising. jerry rice and tom brady will be considered the goats, the great of the of all time, and last night's honor, jerry rice named one of the top 100 players of all time. and also in the headlines is running back roger, with legendary games against the l.a. rams, named a finalist for the pro football hall of fame. and named a finalist before and hopefully this time around, he will be inducted into the hall of fame. and we love watching those runs. this one against, you remember this, when we were younger, yes. >> the legendary team in the 80s, led by joe montana and then
4:33 pm
steve young. he wears the number 16 jersey. it is for joe montana. joe montana played before he was even born. my favorite team is of course the rams but the number two favorite team are the niners. >> and let's bring in nbc bay area meteorologist rob mayeda in the studio. and you should be out here braving the elements out here at levi stadium. actually just fine. take it away. the weather looks good. cloudy skies. i think the main thing we're focused on is the winds as we head toward the second half and a live look outside levi stadium and the overcast skies and as we move hour by hour, we have temperatures running in the mid 50s, cloudy skies, and notice no raindrops, on any of the icons between now and 11:00 tonight, but wind will be a bit of a factor. toward the second half of the game, we will begin to see winds picking up out of the southeast. and the storm ranger mobile doppler radar looking down on top of levi stadium. and notice the con figufigurati
4:34 pm
the stadium. a southeast breeze could affect punts going from south to north. so we will see what team elects to receive the kickoff and get the southeast breeze, with the field goals pushed to the north end of the end zone. and storm ranger, not seeing any green on top of levi stadium right now. that rain is still way offshore. even though we have a lot of clouds outside right now. wind more of the weather story as we go through the evening. and in fact, a wind advisory for the hilltops at 7:00 tonight and eventually as we try to sleep tonight, that's when the heaviest rain will come down. we will talk more about the storm and how much of your sunday plans could be impacted in the forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. let's send it back out to you at the stadium. >> thanks so much, rob. we're so glad the rain will stay away for tonight's game. so we won't be soggy. >> did you hear a few boos at the stadium? >> what are they doing? >> among the people they are booing, the l.a. rams are now on
4:35 pm
the field. and now the quarterback on the field. marin catholic high school. marin county. and the first overall pick for the rams and led the team to the super bowl last season. >> a tough face-off here ton. and we basically have to win this game. we have to wint in seattle tomorrow to have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. >> you heard the fog horn. that means they're clearing the field. and we will show you right there, the 49ers, getting on to the field, and then some of them leaving the field. so the party is just beginning now here at levi stadium. as we countdown to kickoff. >> so let's sends it back to the studio. and terry mcsweeney, take it away. >> 25 minutes from kickoff. counting down to kickoff. keep you updated with what is making headlines. take a look at this video. a stark reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving. i know you hear it all the time but this is from the morgan hill police department. this crash happened last night on butterfield boulevard between
4:36 pm
digital drive and central avenue. morgan hill police investigating the driver for dui. incredibly, the driver suffered only minor injuries. no other cars were involved. street racing could be to blame for a serious crash in san jose. multiple witnesses tell us two cars were speeding on capital expressway, about 6:00 this morning, and one of those cars reportedly ran a red light. plowed into a dump truck. and the car's driver took off, leaving two injured passengers in the crumpled car. video shows police also found it looks like marijuana and a gun in that car. san jose police not releasing any other information tonight. we're learning more about what caused an apartment fire that killed half a dozen people in las vegas today. authorities now say the fire started near the stove in a first floor unit. they say several people were using their stoves as heaters. because that building does not have central heating. in addition to the six people killed, 13 were hurt. >> very scary.
4:37 pm
>> there was smoke. we couldn't see. we couldn't see in front of your face. i was coughing. i almost passed out. >> some people had to jump from the third floor windows to escape. that is 30 feet. and others hung from windows until firefighters could get. >> there the fire is described as the deadliest fire ever to happen within the city limits of las vegas. south bend mayor pete buttigieg seems to be wall street's top pick for president. buttigieg topped all candidates in donations from financial insurance and real estate donors according to the center for responsive politics. buttigieg has collected more than $3 million in so called wall street money. next on the list, joe biden, at $2.8 and cory booker at just under $2 million, comes in third. are your home's windows illegal? tonight, nbc bay area responds to a san francisco homeowner who felt his windows were against the law, and it wasn't his fault. the dilemma involves a local
4:38 pm
celebrity of sorts. you might remember from a hit nbc show. consumer investigator chris chmura and his team are on the case. >> have you ever had to redo the windows in your house? >> yes i have. >> second mortgage, right? they are not cheap at all and people ask us for a helping hand all the time and we snap to it. most recently for bobby. >> we're going back to 2006. >> who you are? >> i'm bobby badfingers. >> i'm a professional finger snapper. >> one of the first acts. >> in the first season of america's got talent. here on nbc. ♪ >> 13 years later, and in san francisco. ♪ >> bobby is still drumming with his digits. >> i'm a professional finger snapper. >> he's handy. but not a professional window installer. for that big gig, he hired the
4:39 pm
pros at lowe's and paid them $20,000. open and shut. until a follow-up visit. one of the window contractors shuttered. >> a lowe's representative told me the windows were illegal. i said well, that's funny, because you guys installed them. >> in san francisco, people smoke all kinds of things without anybody noticing. an even walk around completely naked. >> welcome to the protest. >> but typically, you cannot lawfully install vinyl windows on a home. vinyl is not exactly illegal. it is a code violation. in many cases. with a minimum fine of $200 a day. the bad news, for badfingers, is that lowe's sold him final frames. and he feels their contractor should have known better. >> what is going to happen with the other windows that are illegal? i didn't want them to come out and red tag my house, or make me take out the windows, and not have a solution. >> bobby asked lowe's to replace them. it didn't. so he asked if we could help.
4:40 pm
it wasn't exactly a snap. bobby says lowe's took care of the permits, and said the contractor board told us means lowe's should have been responsible for making sure everything was up to code. we spent months going back and forth with lowe's headquarters. ultimately, bobby got $20,000 worth of new legal windows. >> nbc helped me out a little bit on this situation. a lot a bit. >> but the glass pain didn't end there. >> these little side things that were very sharp, they were made out of fiber glass, on the end of the windows, they're unfinished. >> so we asked lowe's to clear things up again. about six weeks later, problem solved. we asked lowe's what happened, and it told us because of the time elapsed it is unable to share details from the original installation. >> thanks to nbc investigates, this would have probably never happened, i would have had to buy some more blood pressure pills. >> one last pointer. sometimes contractor disputes don't end so well and that's where a contractor bond can
4:41 pm
help. the state requires contractors to carry a $15,000 bond. now theoretically that is $15,000 essentially set aside to protect you if they make errors or omissions. so before you hire a contractor, make sure they are licensed and they have that bond. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, let us snap to the rescue. head to nbc bay, and on the app there, you can take the smart phone and do the old-fashioned thing there, and pick up the telephone and open up that app and dial 888-996-tips. and the source tells me that you were bobby's understudy, right? >> yes, but very, very far behind. look at that. that's as far as i've gotten. >> that's the most rhythmic response i've ever seen. >> i think it is. yes. thank you for that. >> thank you. counting down to the big niners game and you're looking at a live picture of the niners getting ready for business and look at that ram there, that's who they are playing, coming up shortly. keep it here.
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mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
4:44 pm
. you're looking live at the crowd of the 49ers stadium, the 49ers taking on the l.a. rams. kickoff at 5:15. back inside levi stadium, i'm anthony flores, this game marks a homecoming for rams quarterback jared goff. he grew up in the north bay and then went off to high school. i went back to his high school to catch up with his two former coaches and they say no matter how much success he has on the field, he is still the same old jared they knew way back when. >> the high school here, it is a fantastic community. >> marin catholic is a private school with nearly 750 students. about a 30-minute drive north of san francisco. along with academics, the school has a rich tradition on the football field.
4:45 pm
>> we always talk about attitude. you know, desire. and intelligence. >> the wild cats have been a power house on the grid iron, playing in nine straight section championship games. >> right here is a football trophy case. >> they also produced four nfl players, including l.a. rams starting quarterback jared goff, the number one pick in the 2016 nfl draft. the wild cats head coach remembers when he first saw jared play as a freshman. >> really, really skinny guy. i mean exceptionally skinny. i think that's what stood out about him the most when you first looked at him. and then you saw him throw the pass. >> tony, the line coach when goff played at marin catholic, and pop warner when he was seven years old. >> i think what you learn from him at a young age is more about his worth ethic and leadership. >> his work ethic led to a record setting career in high school, passed for more than 7,000 yards and 93 touchdowns.
4:46 pm
>> jared went 39-4 as a starter for marin catholic and only lost one game on the field at the end of the sophomore year. >> he did some things out there, the final senior year here, that's when i said wow. >> after high school, he went on to star at cal and then with the rams, a super bowl appearance. with two former coaches, they say they're most proud of is goff remains the same guy they knew back when he was wearing a wild cats uniform. >> still the same jared i know when he was search years old except a little taller. >> he is a die-hard niners fan, but when the rams come to the stadium, they will be rooting for the hometown kid. >> the niners will be fine. and no question about it, we will be rooting jared on. >> so will many others in the north bay. >> now, the last time the rams played the 49ers, jared goff passed for 78 yards, and he is hoping for a much better night
4:47 pm
tonight. now, raj and janelle, i have been looking around and we see a lot of niners jerseys. any jared goff jerseys where you guys are at? >> welcome back, everybody. >> we have switched places. we got kicked off the field. >> we didn't get kicked off. we just followed e-40, vallejo's own and nice to have you on the show. >> nice to be here. >> and let's talk about the wardrobe. what you got? a lot of bling going. >> this is pretty special. >> cold blooded. >> it is gravity, you know. this is the niners apparel. in its own way, you know. >> did you think you would have the success and the popularity with the new song, "all about the 49ers," you got some big time players in there, too. >> i'm just a fan. my son had sent me the beat, and he said you have to do an anthem, a lot of people saying do the anthem and he sent me the
4:48 pm
beat at 3:00 in the morning and the next morning i got right to it and i didn't waste no time, i got right on the case like a lawyer, you know, and it had become one of them ones an people just gravitated to it, you know what i'm saying. >> we've been singing it in the newsroom. and we have a clip of the video. let's play it. let's roll it. ♪ weather the storm. combat and battle. uniform. ♪ ♪ >> that's right. we had fun making the video because we saw richard sherman and george kittle and older guys in there and it must be fun as a fan, not just as a musician and rapper, but as a fan being with these guys. >> being with the people, that's what is so lovely about the 49ers, it is like it is nothing but family. they really are a big family, you know. you know what i'm saying? we have a young coach. and ganged up. and i say ganged up, as far as
4:49 pm
the play book, and i mean it is overall. we call it gamed up, when you're hip and all of the players can relate to it. >> janelle is gamed up. >> i'm gamed up. i love my favorite 49ers player of all time. marty, my favorite, with that look. >> i love that look. >> the legendary player. >> he was my neighbor. >> he was? >> he is my favorite player of all times. >> next few week, obviously rooting for the niners, but tonight is a tough game an next weekend is a tough game. this is tough to get the number one seed in the nfc. >> yes. >> everybody i just say play 100%. that one little hint that you work harder for can be the difference between winning and losing. you know what i mean? whether it is going for the ball or blocking or whatever it is. you know what i'm saying? i think we will pull this off. we got the fans here. you know what i'm saying? they're ready to play. bang, bang niner game, man. >> bang, bang niner game. >> 49ers faithful. seattle, that will be a tough game. >> we are going to up that game.
4:50 pm
>> you know what, e-40, you know where e-40 was last night? at the warriors game. >> a nice lifestyle. and you go all of the games. i'm from vallejo but i love the bay area. >> years ago i had a a song, i represent the area. and that's true. >> teach janelle one lyric before we go. >> i will give her a lyric that she can say from here on out. >> come on, give it to me. >> wang wang, niner game. >> e-40, thanks for your time. >> e-40 is coming out and michael is coming in. look at this. we will be back in a moment with the legendary bay area chef michael, and we say goodbye to e-40. thank you. we'll be right back.
4:51 pm
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welcome back to levi stadium. you're looking live at the field. the 49ers and the rams getting ready for kickoff. 5:15 is the kickoff. the party is in full effect. not only on the field. not only in the parking lots. but here inside the premiere v.i.p. tailgate party. with michael mina, the celebrity chef. >> janelle wang and i. we have to follow you around. >> the food is fantastic. >> thank you. thank you. >> so tell us, how do we get into this v.i.p. party? because you have never, we have known you for 15 or 20 years. >> we have never been here. >> has michael ever invited us into the v.i.p. tailgate party? >> i can't believe it. >> you're invited from now on. you're invited for the next two that will be happening, because this will be tonight, but then there will be two more. >> we're in the playoffs, with the home field advantage. >> is thatter what what we're hoping for. >> to let you know where we, are we are right in the stadium, a 30 second walk from the field and you have the best spot here
4:54 pm
and we will talk about the food and the glitz and the glamour of the 49ers but you're a true niners fan, and not just michael mi number a -- mina, celebrity chef, this is your deal. >> a lot of people probably don't know this because probably the reason i'm in san francisco, is i'm a niners fan, a season ticket holder since '9, and tailgating in the parking lot and blessed to be able to do it here now. >> and can you watch the game, too? >> i watch the game. >> no, i don't watch the game, i think my wife always laughs at me, and she says i think you're coaching the game. >> screaming at the tv. >> yes. >> it is good to know. you've been a niners fan, before you were quote-unquote michael mina, before you had any success. >> absolutely. i actually, i actually grew up in washington state and i hated the seahawks, because we would have, it was the only game that was on, right? it was before direct tv. and then all i would do is wait
4:55 pm
for game break to see ronnie lott, running back a touchdown or joe montana throwing a touchdown. a die-hard 49ers fan and then moved to san francisco in '89. >> the seahawks next week's game, that is a tough one and we have to beat them for homefield advantage for the entire playoffs. what you are thinking? >> i think we've got it. i really do. i think this team is really special. this is a really special team. >> so we will talk a little food here now just for a inn am. i want to know about the favorite things here. i see a lot of good stuff. let me tell you a tiny bit about what the overall concept is. the tailgate ever since it began was in the parking lot. and now here. we take the opposing team, and whoever we're playing against, we bring foods from that state, 40 to 50 dishes and we feature products from that city, and then great dishes from that city. so today, we have foods here from l.a., and the chef here for ten years and amazing stuff here, brook is here, and we're
4:56 pm
doing everything from street tacos, and kim did his own little play on lobster. and he did his own little play on the lobster chicken fried steak. so he did it with a little crispy. prime rib. you know, every game, we just serve everything right, whether we bring in shellfish or seafood from that place, and it has always been a theme and it is what we used to do in the parking lot when we started this. >> so sports fan too? >> a die-hard sports fan. warriors. giants. the bay area. you know. and we have such good teams. and we always have, not only do we have the best teams, like i love this niners team, because that warriors team has been so much fun, and the giants are always so much fun, and this team has that spirit. >> let's talk about 70,000 people at levi stadium tonight. saturday night game.
4:57 pm
people are jazzed. the fans, what's the energy like? what's the energy? >> it is unbelievable. >> yes, the energy is unbelievable. i mean the thing about this is, you know, this whole year, the energy has just been amazing this year. and it is like, these are, you know, 49ers fans, i went to new orleans, you know, a couple of weeks ago, and we travel so well, our team travels so well, and then when you get them at home, there is nothing like it. >> you went to the saints game? >> yes, i did. >> wow. >> you are die-hard. >> yes. >> are you going to go to seattle? >> i shouldn't say it, but yes, i am. >> okay. >> you haven't told your staff yet. >> 49ers memories going back, and your favorite guys that you cooked for right now, any of the guys here? >> yes, you know what, we are really blessed, we get to cook for a lot of the guys. you know, i have been able to cook now for the guys, all of them, jimmy, you know, you name it, we are very blessed who we get to cook for but favorite
4:58 pm
49ers memories. there are so many memories. but you know, it all started with the catch, right. and that will always be a great one. but i think that the '94 team, and i actually went to that super bowl, and that was it, and that one is a favorite memory, because we need to reproduce it this year. >> we got to get-going. >> and you are an e-40 fan. what do you think of the new song, bang bang niner game? >> we don't want to change the lyrics. >> it was wang, wang niner game. >> i think he can sing it. >> all right. >> predictions for tonight's game, as we wrap it up here. we are here at the v.i.p. tailgate party. and they're out on the field. what is your prediction? >> i got to be careful, because last time i did this, i predicted the niners to win by 20 when they beat green bay and they beat them by more than 20.
4:59 pm
niners by 12. >> and seven-point favorite, betting in las vegas. >> michael, thanks for your time. >> we appreciate it. good luck. we will let you get back to the kitchen. >> michael mi in. a, along with e-40, and coming up after the game, eddie murphy, on "saturday night live." take a look. hi, i'm eddie murphy and i'm hosting snl with musical guest lizzo. >> best night ever. eddie murphy and lizzo. >> so we have eddie murphy, lizzo, saturday night live, right after the 49ers and rams, so about 8:30 tonight, will be saturday night live. >> and when the game ends, we might have a post-game show, hopefully not going into overtime. >> we will see you after the game and we will see eddie murphy after the game as well. >> thanks for joining us live from levi stadium. 49ers and rams on nbc bay area. enjoy the game. >> have a great night, folks.
5:00 pm
saturday night football. out. welcomed nfl game to kickoff. >> jared goff practiced all week despite a


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