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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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>> kevin: check out the game summary presented by mercedes- benz. it has been a wild one. back and forth we go. the 49ers going on a 91 yard drive to retake the lead with garoppolo terrific. the naked kittle involved with a 36 yard play to start the drive. and a seven yard touchdown on third down. how about the scramble here? >> charles: i thought the ability that he had to extend the play and make it along with the hospital?
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he put the double team through and he stayed with it. he got through and kept the play alive. you know they're going to double it and they do. watch but garoppolo does in the quarterback spot. he doesn't have them right away. he exits the pocket but he keeps the play alive. he gets it out there to the right and then has a playback on the inside because of the hospital all the way across field. and then going into the open spots that have been cleared out by the receivers in the end zone. >> kevin: a look at kettle. he is the heart and soul of this entire team. we will see it here after miami in the super bowl. we see with the rams have in store with 606 remaining. todd gurley is diving forward for short gain. before warner had the interception return for a touchdown before the half. this game has had a lot. and this crowd is very much into it. but the defense has to come up
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with some plays. the rams offense is not daunted no matter what the score. what that they were leading or behind in this game they found a way to move the ball. >> kevin: the 49ers do not have a sack. we talked about the rams offensive line and how much they've struggled that combine with the rollouts and here's the reverse. flipping it coming inside woods he's looking for the block and he can't go very far. williams certainly played that well. and it led to the short game. how about the all-out hustle. because at some point watch number 36. in red harris will be coming across the field as well. a good job by williams here. look at that 36 in his hustle and warner finishing things off.
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third down the blitz is coming. he sees any fires the strike for first down. straight to brandin cooks. a dart from goff on a third and long. he delivers it to brandin cooks for 16. how about jared goff out here? standing firm in the pocket. what did nick bosa tell us? he told us that the crib tonight for jared goff was pressure. will that pressure was in his face and he stepped up into it. and here comes nick bosa after it and delivers a strike right down the middle. he had his own kryptonite on that play and that was delivering a downfield. he is at 300 yards passing for the night. on the rollout throwing toward hick be. on the money. the tight end inside the 40.
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and that will put him over 100 yards for the fourth consecutive game. >> charles: jared goff showing off the different throws that he has in his back. the last play he stepped up into the pressure and through a strike down the middle. a laser shot. this when he gets out on the run and shows it with the touch over the top of the defender to the arms of hick be. -- haig to be. >> kevin: pretty impressive considering he was about to be thrown to his back. second and 10. for most of the game, jared goff has been able to make this play fake and get out on the edge with much pressure not coming through. on that play nick bosa that finally had enough and said you want to fake it inside, you want to come in here i'm going to challenge you on this one.
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i think they collided with him in motion. >> kevin: it was there and marcel harris just dropped it. everything is set for harris. because it's an overthrown ball. woods is there if the ball is able to get to it properly. >> charles: is overthrown and he has a right in front of him. he got affected in the pocket. someone twisted jared goff as he was making the throw which forced the bad past downfield. and harris doesn't get it. will that come back to haunt the 49ers if the rams make some
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plays downfield? >> kevin: now we get a 30 second timeout. rams calling a timeout with a pivotal third and 10 with 3:16 remaining. i am assuming this is fourth- down territory. >> charles: they could go down and get into field goal range and try to kick a field goal to tie it, but the way the game has gone tonight, and the way that sean mcveigh has called place, it feels more like he wants to push you toward the end zone first and foremost. the field goal being a last resort. >> kevin: right now it would be a 56 yard field goal. he's been dealing with an injury and missed a 52 yarder early on. so i wonder if there is some concern there as well. all in the mind of mcveigh here on third and 10. over the middle and caught.
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an excellent tackle only getting three yards here. it was woods on the catch. and now definitely a field goal attempt. but nothing is a give me. as you sean have up back to back plays by harris. really strong hands by robert woods. because he did everything possible to shake the ball free. and woods somehow comes down with it. but a sore quad that brings zuerlein out here this week. he missed from this distance early on. trying to get the tie here. and zuerlein has it. so his coach showed some faith despite the injuries he comes back and does drill it from 52 yards out. and we are now tied.
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>> charles: look at kyle shanahan those guys on the sidelines thinking to themselves what do i call now? grob blows warming up to go out for the next attempt. a job well done for goff coming out now. zuerlein out after the earlier miss. he doesn't dip that one at all. a good pass at the football and gets all of it right through. that is why he is called break the leg and leg a tron. >> not only for zuerlein but mcveigh having the confidence. you know he's been hurt and he's missed from that same distance. so we thought maybe they would go but he didn't even hesitate. you sent him right out onto the field and the kicker delivered. because it would've been what fourth and seven? i don't think that is one we go for. fourth in two or three maybe but i don't think that would've been there. but it is fitting that this is where we are. just like seemingly every 49ers
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game in the last two months this one is coming down to the last few minutes of the game. 2:30 remaining. tied at 31. garoppolo onto the field. the 49ers still control their own destiny. with the number one overall seed. of course they have to win tonight and at seattle next week. the rams could still make the playoffs with two wins in the final two games. they need the vikings to lose but it would start tonight if they could get a win. it is all on the line right here and right now with 2:30 remaining. a four-man rush. crop low can't find anyone and he is sacked yet again. the fifth sacked tonight. donald and fowler combine on that one.
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>> charles: the rams choked on the middle the field. nowhere to throw the football. donald relentless and puts the double team out there. he arrives at the same time as teammate dante fowler. a lot of emotion on the bench right now. and understandably so. the pass rush is high-powered tonight. it brings us down to the two- minute warning. tie game from santa clara. 49ers-rams. ♪howdy, folks, it's dinner time.♪ ♪chickens fried and tasty sides.♪ ♪all of this for just 20.♪ ♪get it from a kfc.♪
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>> kevin: we are setting the scene for the holiday season. merry christmas and happy holidays. all of that good stuff. what a game this is been under the tree. about on the nfc west was so much on the line. 31-31. two minutes remaining in the main cities been postgame show coming up next. but we are possibly looking at a long way left to go. second and 16 before the two- minute break. drop below incomplete.
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clay matthews was there to get a piece of the ball. a third and forever now for semper cisco. >> charles: he has been involved a lot talking about clay matthews and 52 for the rams. rushing the pastor through here making plays in the running game. he has been his usual and active self. remember he broke his jaw against seattle early on this year missing about a month of time and he did get just enough of it to alter his path and knock it away from most are. garoppolo fires. it is caught for first down. third and 16. kendrick bourne moves the chains. do you believe that?
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>> charles: i was watching eric weddle the safety. look at the eyes as he delivers this one. if there's one place that he wants to go with the ball in key situations it's down the middle the field. and the rams know this in their scouting report. and eric weddle got there about a halfstep too late. watch his reaction at the end. you can see them thinking that was the one place that i knew he wanted to go with the ball. >> kevin: a big conversion. on the run with maybe a yard here. now one cozier nine remaining. you wonder if they use a timeout. it looks like the 49ers are going to call when here. and they do. kyle shanahan told us that he calls jimmy garoppolo a jugs machine. for throws like that. >> charles: how quickly you get the ball in his hands and out of it to a receiver. he just spits it out so quickly. and also accurately. >> kevin: each team with two timeouts remaining. one minute and four seconds remaining in regulation.
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obviously it has been one heck with a football. here today nfl network each game coming down to the wire. ravens versus browns with mark jackson looking to stay with the cowboys and eagles essentially for the division. chase -- chiefs and bears and the packers and the vikings. we talk about great games all along the board that's what you looking at. second down pressure and down he goes again. samson comes in with the sixth sack of the day for the rams. and now today consider calling a timeout with another third and long? >> charles: he needs to get rid of the football somewhere. even if it's just to get rid of it . he can't take this. he had it checked down to the outside but once he felt the pressure pulled the ball down to make sure he didn't fumble. a bit of a fumbling issue early on this year that he has corrected in recent weeks. but that ball has to get out of his hands three doesn't take the sack in that situation.
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>> kevin: after converting a third and 16 now they are back at third and 16. rams called her second timeout so there hoping for a stop here. which would stop the clock and give them a chance to win the game. jimmy garoppolo have another 17 order in his bag of tricks? let's see. rams show blitz. and they come with it. garoppolo firing. and he has another wide open. sanders has it inside the 25 yard line. obama. 46 yards to emmanuel sanders. to conversions on third and 16. are you kidding me? watch the top. >> charles: jalen ramsey tom appear and taylor rapp is so far over on the coverage that
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he has no chance to affect the play. he is covering grass as we like to send the defensive side. not anyone that is wearing a jersey opposite your color. and jalen ramsey thinks he has that help inside from a safety but the safety is covering the outer third of the field. and jalen ramsey is discussing that right now post play. and now the 49ers are set up for an opportunity for potential game-winning field goal at the worst. >> kevin: that is truly incredible. >> charles: that is an absolute must in coverage. there is no other way to put that. he is so far outside on the coverage that you don't have coverage in your playbook. he was way out on the side of the field. he doesn't make that many mistakes but he made a doozy right there. >> kevin: to third and 16 conversions. and a potential game-winning drive. now it is to the edge and it is coleman out here. he is going to stay and bounce inside the 15 yard line. the rams use their final timeout so the 49ers can whine
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this one down and send out robbie gould to try to win it if they would like. kyle shanahan calling a timeout here they have one left. it has really been quite amazing with this 49ers team. the emotional roller coasters that they have had in the last two games in baltimore it was an unreal game where they lose at a field goal of the buzzers. fourth and two in this big plated kittle essentially wins the game. robbie gould comes out and they win at the last second with a field goal. last 10 seconds last week julio jones gets in by inches on fourth down and the falcons and up winning at the horn. and now today, twice on third and 16 they've converted here with a 46 yard bomb to emmanuel sanders. and now a chance for another wild last second win. >> kevin: we get to the middle the field and take a knee.
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sean mcveigh about have a vein burst in his four head he is so angry with that blown coverage. the rams have played a whale of the game today but that big bust in coverage at the wrong time may cost them. and the 49ers if they can convert this, still have destiny in their own hands as far as the number one seed in the nfc. >> charles: i'm still trying to understand what happened on that coverage. just not a coverage that you see where the safety is that far out on the outer edge of the field. and this is the young man who i think is a terrific player and going to be an even better one coming up. he just made a rookie bust in a crucial situation. >> kevin: robbie gould coming out to win the game. from 33 yards.
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the punter on the hold. gould wins it again. another walk off for the 49ers. and a thriller here in santa clara. >> charles: what a game. between these two nfc west rivals.
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robbie gould gets to be here again. the second time in three weeks. 33 yard field goal to win. this 49ers improved to 12-3 and a heartbreaker for the rams. 46 yards to emmanuel sanders. on third and 16. essentially gets the game. for pam oliver and charles davis, and the entire nfl crew here on a saturday night, more to do as we remind you to stay tuned for the mercedes-benz post game show. san francisco wins at the buzzer.
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of the game. but the rain is on the way. @ieek atñr oakland, it's dry, n @ay area,ñrçóçérñrçó we'reñi taw äib=$m9 >> nothingñi on the çóradar,ñi starting to showñi up on theñiño we'll see the rainñr picking up with añi wind advisoryçóçó show on the çóñihills, get started aó 10:00 tonight,ñi 7:00 ameñi tomorrow, wind plus the raifix
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>> thanks very much.ñi ñ hasçójf one san2# chances.ñrçó people say they are recovering from ñ]looding in the storms tw weeksñi ago. sandbags set çóup,ñiñi they're concerned the sanh gs aren't going to be enough. you can #m(ñ what it lookedñr l after torrential rainsç(p coupl >>çó i'm going to be atñi most brooms andñr cleared the storm >> people say they ha e been pushing the city to pleaseñrçóñ more and t jiqñztoldç happen for more thançó a yearñid n levihtçó stadium. 9ers and rams in añrñi thrillin show downw3 cameñriñiñr down t end.ñiçóñrñijfñrñi
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rob, janelle, is your hearts7 ast janelle, is your hearts7 play of thei]çóñi game. 34-31,ñi çóthe 49ers, ian ñrwil theñr tackle of the 49ers. what do you ñithink. >> it's a great game. you got tou nd for it to be a gameñi like çóthis, suchñrñiñr , going to the playoffs like>xth3 >> to show you the bigxd ñiñiçó was a seri saw itçómyñi here. emanueor sanders, that wasñr th back. >> for kyle shanahan in a moment likeçó that.>x@r(t&ho4%
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to see what you did wrongñiñiñ whatever you did wrong against see that. >> if you're just tuninwr in noó where have you been all night. &atertaining ujwqáhjq$e most ñi
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entertain season. clearok cut, they will be the numberñr e seed in theñi b.nfc,ñi first re and home field advantageí/ you don't want to have to goñiñ new orleans, freezingçó green b, for thaíxdxjujr @r(t&háhp &hc% up. >> içó need a new angle. you wereñiñiçóñrçó playing. >> n5 if it wasn't forñiñi my ankleñr eople wasn't forñiñi my ankleñr we saw. what éhrill for a w3çó(layer,ñ go into theñi locker qroom, heag ñiplay,ñiñrñiçóçó 5cf1 o the other safetyúhááq" upñi to emanuel sanders, i feel likeñi e crowd has something to do with that. the communication airsñr as fars
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emanuelçóúrolningçó through lik that. ] were cheering on the e]m almost going to lose my voice. ñiñihere. thank you so much. >> what are they saying to go to the game ball, who's itçóçóñi go in the locker room. >> we are done, we have something biggerñi coming upñi % q%9 live from new york right hereñii >> byeñrñrñiñi ñifolks, 9ersñiç against the ñirams. >> you goodçó forñr rll, eddiqi murphy. a' cf1 o >> i'm good.
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woo! [ laughter ] in here, i'm the front-runner. [ laughter ] >> he is the mayor of south


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