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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  December 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the house has acted on a very sad day. >> i don't feel like i'm being impeached. >> billionaires should not pick the next president. >> kids like that, you never think it's going to be yours ♪ ♪ >> good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this december 22nd i'm willie geist happy holidays to all of you and your families. president trump now just the third president in american history to be impeached, is spending the long break at his florida estate and praising republicans for voting unanimously against impeachment. we'll talk to chuck todd in a moment about what happens next in the stalled process.
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then just hours ago, eddie murphy made his long-awaited return to studio 8-h to host "saturday night live." back after 35 years, with some of his classic characters. we'll have all of the highlights for you. and later, a sunday sitdown with emmy and tony winner john lithgow on the transformation he underwent for his latest role and a prolific career spent taking on new challenges across theatre, movies and television >> in the last couple of years i've done some very serious work, but i've also done "pitch perfect 3" it just gives you a wonderful way of switching gears and surprising people. >> a sunday sitdown with john lithgow. and the solution one newspaper has found to save business in
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the digital age. an ipad for every subscriber is that a model for success? >> and harry smith visits the apartment building in new york city where letters to santa has been mistakenly going for years. all plus another life well lived later in the show. let's begin with president trump beginning his holiday break just days after he was impeached by the house of representatives. on saturday, the president thanking republican members of the house for voting against impeachment. this as we learn new details about what was going on behind the scenes in the white house as military aid to ukraine was held up over the summer hans nichols the traveling with the president in florida hans, good morning >> reporter: good morning. the president is settling into vacation mode by settling scores, railing against everything from the green new deal to house speaker nancy pelosi, while thanking republicans for staying in lock step with him on impeachment
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>> on the first day of his christmas vacation, president trump receiving a warm welcome >> usa, usa. >> and the present that didn't need wrapping. >> it's a no vote on impeachment day. that was a no. i'll save that, dan. >> before a gathering of young conservatives, the president heralding gop unity on impeachment. >> no republican went. we had like 195 to nothing. >> and attacking nancy pelosi for not transmitting the articles of impeachment to the senate >> crazy nancy she's crazy. so now she says -- you know she has no case, so let's not submit that's good, right >> while thanking one house democrat and a 2020 contender for abstaining from voting against him. >> tulsi gabbard, i give her respect, she didn't vote the
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other day. i give her a lot of respect. >> and wasting no time attacking other potential opponents, mocking former vice president joe biden. >> sleepy joe. there's something going on up there. >> the rally coming as newly released documents from the office of management and budget add fresh insight into when the white house froze military aid for ukraine, a move that led to the president's impeachment. shortly after president trump's call to president zelensky on july 25th, a white house official instructed omb and pentagon officials please hold off on any additional dod obligations of these funds according to new documents obtained by the center for public integrity i appreciate your keeping that information closely held to those who need to know meanwhile, on the campaign trail, biden warning his party not to relish the president's impeachment. there's nothing to celebrate about impeachment. it's a sad moment for the country. >> reporter: now, willie, the officials explained the timing
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of the july 25th email as a mere coincidence, saying in a statement it is reckless to tie these funds to the phone call, as has been established and publicly reported, the hold was announced in an agency meeting on july 18 to pull a line out of one email and fail to address the context is misleading and inaccurate willie. >> hans nichols traveling with the president in florida thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press. good morning always good to see you so the vote on wednesday in the house went about as everyone expected the president was impeached there. the intrigue now is whether or not nancy pelosi will deliver those articles of impeachment to the senate she's withholding them over the holidays now we know that majority leader mcconnell has said i'm not an impartial juror, we're not going to convict president trump in the senate what could mcconnell tell nancy pelosi to have her hand over those articles of impeachment? what is she up to here >> well, i think she's trying to give chuck schumer a little bit
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of leverage, the democratic leader there, and mitch mcconnell. i think if she holds them too long it looks like a political tactic and more political the more she holds it. i think she's got the holidays to do this, but when they come back on january 6th, i think delaying beyond another day or two, it becomes problematic. the fact of the matter is any time this is a debate about process, that's advantage to trump and republicans. and any time this is about the substance of what he did, that's advantage the democrats or their side of the story. and i think that's the danger here for nancy pelosi, is that the more you withhold the articles, the more it's about process, your narrative of why you impeached him has gotten lost. >> the day after the impeachment vote, chuck, on thursday, there was a democratic debate. pete buttigieg, the mayor of south bend, yindiana, getting a lot of the incoming. he's done well in early polling in iowa. if you look at our national
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poll, joe biden is still way head bernie sanders right up near the top, tied with elizabeth warren. i think a lot of people for their own sanity are going to tune things out for the holidays but when they come back, it will be a month to iowa how are you looking at the race right now? >>. >> look, the amy klobuchar performance in that debate is a reminder to me that i think iowa is still very uncertain. there's still a lot of volatility in iowa i think pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, the fact that she went directly at him, everybody is going at him. buttigieg is the favorite in iowa now, but if he collapses, who does that benefit? does it benefit biden or klobuchar? i think that's what she's banking on let me take a step back. when this campaign began, the loose front-runners were biden and bernie and elizabeth warren is going to grab the bernie vote and all the other younger senators and leaders are going to grab the moderate vote. and guess who is sitting at top
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one, two -- and frankly, as much as all the focus was a buttigieg, i thought bernie and biden had good debates bernie is showing humor and there's an important thing in the poll about the swing voters of this election it's not your normal swing voters from previous elections in this election, bernie sanders and joe biden both appeal to these voters who don't like trump and aren't ready to say they're going to vote against him. maybe bernie is more electable than we give him credit for. >> those guys hanging around at the top of the polls thank you very much. we'll look for more on "meet the press" when chucktalks about impeachment with cory booker and chief of staff to the vice president, mark short. this morning, there are increasing concerns that north korea is preparing to test long-range missiles that potentially could reach the united states. nbc news exclusively obtained satellite photos showing activity ramping up at a north
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korean factory believed to be linked to the production of missiles kim jong-un recently warned of what he called a christmas gift for the united states. friends and family turned out to honor tessa majors who was stabbed to death in a new york city park earlier this month. she was remembered as a good friend and a great big sister. new york city police are still looking for a 14-year-old they believe was involved in tessa's death. another 13-year-old is already under arrest, who claims he did not commit the murder. a scary scene outside los angeles international airport on saturday on one of the busiest travel days of the year. two buss, which were empty at the time, thank goodness, caught fire last night making for a traffic mess at the airport. firefighters were quickly able to get the fires under control and no one was hurt. it was a big night across
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the street to close out the year on "saturday night live," with snl legend eddie murphy hosting the show in his first time doing comedy on that big stage in 35 years. morg morgan radford is here with all the highlights it was a good one last night. >> it was a good funny night in studio 8-h everyone was wondering would eddie murphy bring back the snl characters that made him a star. well, he did not disappoint. eddie murphy, back in studio 8-h where he first rocketed to st stardom, the crowd cheering him on. >> this is the last episode of 2019, but if you're black this is the first episode since i left back in 1984. >> murphy saying in the decades since then he's mellowed out to the surprise of many. >> if you would have told me 30 years ago that i would be this
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boring stay-at-home house dad and bill cosby would be in jail, even i would have took that bet. >> just 19 when he joined the cast back in 1980, murphy was credited with saving the show. and last night -- >> a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> he brought back classic sketches like mr. robinson's neighborhood. >> my neighborhood has gone through so much. it's gone through something called gentrification. can you say gentrification, boys and girls? white people pay a lot of money, and poof, all of the black people are gone. >> buckwheat this time performing on the masked singer. >> ♪ >> and the iconic gumby. >> they know who the hell it is. i'm gumby. how are you going to put on the
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show and not put me on until now? i should have been in every damn sketch from the beginning. i passed kidney stones with more personality than the two of you. >> that's a little rude. >> face it, kid, the both of you together couldn't velcro my sneakers. >> murphy celebrating at the end of the show. >> thank you i love you merry christmas! >> there was a question of whether he was going to bring back any of the characters he brought back all of the characters. >> i have not laughed that hard in a long time the fans went wild. >> morgan, thanks so much. we are under a microclimate weather alert. the heaviest of the rain is making its way to the bay area right now. storm ranger, we have heavy pockets lighting up in san francisco, down through san mateo. even up through the north bay as well. look at through richmond, expect to see the heavy rain make its way through at least for the next hour or so, down through the south bay, the san jose area can expect to see heavy pockets
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of rain through about 7:00 a.m., with rain diminishing after 11:00. >> straight ahead, the heisman winning trophy winner, who sparked money for a food pantry. >> >> and the video of wrapping this change your life. and later as the newspaper industry struggles to survive in the age of digital information, one publisher has a new plan to deliver the news >> wire not trying to take risk and make big profits we're trying to take risks to maintain an institution that's been around for two centuries. >> you're trying to save something you love >> right absolutely >> it's all coming up on "sunday today" and as we head to break, our photo of the week, the united states capitol on a snowy night in washington. a bit of holiday peace in the
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the xbox one s... and on celebrity fragrance gift sets. plus - get kohl's cash!... plus - buy online, two hour store pickup!... plus - stores are now open 24 hours! kohl's morgan is back with our special edition of highs and lows. we decided to only go highs and no lows. >> i like that. >> our first high goes to lsu quarterback, joe burrell. our high had nothing to do with his sensational play on the field but it is about what he said when accepting the trophy. >> i am up here for all those kids. go home and not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school. you guys can be up here too. >> the 23 years old taking the
6:19 am
time to highlight poverty of the area of ohio where he grew up. athens county have the highest rate of poverty in the state. one resident was inspired by him and proposed the online food pantry. the goal was to raise $50,000. as of this morning, more than $475,000 had been donated all to the stun delight of the pantry. >> thoroughabsolutely this is unexpected. we had anything like this would happen. it is much more than we would typically get in a year. >> all of those donations, families welcome around the holidays. this week, am mural was painted that reads, thank you for
6:20 am
feeding your roots, joe burrow. >> he earned his masters degree from liberal arts in lsu. walking across the stage to the cheers of tiger fans. there are good weeks and there is joe burrow's week. i love that spotlight about him. >> i love what he said, you can be here too. what do you do with it? >> a big future for him in the nfl coming soon. our next high goes to mariah car ca carey take over. her hit "all i want for christmas is you" hit number one. the pop diva put out a video to commemorate the history. morgan is dancing in her chair.
6:21 am
you can't help it. this week it went all the way to the top as america's favorite jam. morgan, mariah and that song, her sold out christmas show at madison square garden. after the concert, her fans did not stop singing her biggest hit even at the new york city subway. >> if you can be that happy waiting for that one train as someone who does that a lot. >> hard of the ace to be excited. >> i can listen to that song all year. on june, july 4th or new years. our next high, pen pendleton
6:22 am
is in the hospital under going therapy. his nurse happens to have a good singing voice. alex surprised pen with a guitar so the two could do a duet that grabs the internet this week. >> what a voice. pence's daughter posted the video on facebook and went vi l viral. they're singing together there at the cancer center. pen had played at the opera for a quarter of a century. >> only in nashville. >> everyone in that town is so talented. you can go anywhere.
6:23 am
>> i love it the center is named mini pearls. . our final low, an earth shadowing gift wrapping. are you sitting down? for centuries, human kind had been coming up short on paper to wrap a gift. this is me on almost every present. we start over with a larger pieces and scrap the other one. the british book seller water stone posted this video showing us we have been doing it all wrong. since the beginning of time, it turns out if you turn the gift diagonally, the paper fits and christmas is saved. i rushed to show my wife this, and she looked and went, that's how you do that. >> i have a feel that christina had been helping santa all these years. years. >> start your next chapter with a legend. give her an engagement ring
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good morning, the the time is 6:26. this is the bay bridge toll plaza i think we're>í% looking west. good morning. i'm chris chmura. kira klapper is off. vianey is here with your first look at your microclimate forecast and alert. >> the heavy rain is making its way through right now. if you don't have to leave your house, give the rain one or two the clear from some of these heavier pockets. bb+
6:27 am
oakland area as well,[i3ñ vv d " portola storm cells moving through,h"ét around 7:00 a.m., and palo alto around utay6:37. thati(in is a unique feature ou cells make th%ép.÷ way into you area. week. f-a bittersweet night for the 49ers. against the rams they wereop rallying around backup quarterback t.j. bethart who had to rush home to nashville to be with his family. his younger brother, clayton, has stabbed to death saturday morning. the 22-year-old was also a quarterback, plea played at long island university. he was killed outside a poff
6:28 am
peculiar nashville bar. police are trying to track down his attacker. george kittle talked about what last night's game meant to him. >> terrible thing to happen to an incredible family, incredible person. known him for eight years. kind of a little brother to me so thoughts for c.j. and his family. >> fans showed their support for the family, putting signs on their cars parked outside of levi's stadium. a violent robbery sent a store clerk to the hospital. witnesses tell us an armed robber pistol whipped the clerk at fvúsdd's discount store on southwest expressway. the suspect robbed the clerk and took off. san jose police have not yet released a description. frustration on the peninsula and in the east bay, some people are upset because the planes of sfo and oakland are too noisy and flying right over their neighborhoods. the faa says over the past few years flight patterns have changed but congresswoman jackie
6:29 am
speier introduced bills to reduce the night. it provides money to hundreds ob homeowners to pay for noise insulation. coming up on "today in the bay" at 7:00, they have more presents and happy the east bay family has all they need this christmas. that plus your top stories and microclimate weather alert coming up at 7:00. right now we'll send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
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there are the articles of impeachment. >> give it to the senate and everything is gravy, baby. >> here sometimes when you get a gift and you keep it for yourself. >> you can't do that. >> good luck at the state union. >> that was alec baldwin and kate mckinnon. eddie murphy made his return from "snl" as host and lizzo brought down the house as musical guest. the name john lithgow could
6:31 am
call to mind about a hundred different tv series or movies played. it could be his broadway performance "the changing room." academy award nominated role in "terms of endearment," his transformation into winston churchill on the crown for which he won another emmy. or "daddy's home ii." lithgow's career brings him to the center where he plays roger ames, the man who founded fox news. john and i got together here in new york for a sunday sit-down. >> even 40 years into his
6:32 am
hollywood career, john lithgow still loves a challenge. his latest role fits that description speeespecially well. have i ever demanded sex? >> lithgow plays roger ailes, the movie details a series of sexual harassment claims that ended ailes' career. >> what were your preconceive notion of roger ailes? >> i had negative feelings about him because he's the embodiment of fox news and i can't stand to watch fox news. he had this huge temper but also seductive and delightful to some
6:33 am
people. >> reporter: lithgow stars alongside charlize theron and margot robbie and nicole kidman. >> ailes in this film is a supporting player, he's kind of a villain that everyone else rer reacts to. the film is the stories of the women in fox. he spent more than three hours a day becoming roger ailes. >> what does it like to look in the mirror to see someone you don't recognize. >> it is hilarious. it changes your own sense of yourself. >> ailes is the latest in the recent string of real life character that the 74 years old lithgow have played. he became bill clinton in the
6:34 am
broadway show and winston churchill in "the crown." >> when people know how someone looks and sounds like of churchill and roger ailes. you better get that right. >> yes, you are messing around with everybody's expectations. there is something excited about that. >> reporter: born into a theater family, young john lithgow shows no interests in the family's business. >> i was so interested in being a painter. i was very serious about it. i went to eight public schools. >> reporter: lithgow's father was a theater director. his mother is a former actor. the family moves frequently before settling into ohio. it was not until he arrived to harvard college that lithgow
6:35 am
tried his hands at performance. >> i went off to college and fell into the theater gang. >> maybe you did not realize you were observing all this. >> i did an original theater production of a new english play which got a lot of national attention and brought to broadway and boom, two weeks later, i won a tony award for it. it must be the shortest period of time. i was 27 years old. i really have not struggled for work ever since. >> lithgow becomes a star of new york theater. he soon followed his heart to los angeles where he joined mary, the woman who would become his wife. >> i fell in love with ucla professor and i could not persuade her to come to new york. i went to l.a. and very close
6:36 am
order i did, "foot lose" and all in two years. and suddenly, i was a movie actor. >> that's incredible. >> i would never thought that. life has been nothing but surprises. >> it seems to me and you can correct me if i am wrong. the '70s were about broadway for you and the '80s were about film. and in the '90s. "third rock from the sun." >> oh my god, i am gorgeous! >> did you this i i am not going to do tv for a while. were you excited by this opportunity? >> i was never going to do a t sitcom. i was such a snob. >> he was persuaded by a pair of writer friends who created the role of dick solomon, a college
6:37 am
professor with lithgow in mind. >> this wonderful combination of smart and stupid. i ran home and i said to mary, i think i got the perfect job for the last six years of our kids' secondary school. >> third rock from the sun was a hit, spanning six seasons and earning lithgow three emmy awards. >> it is a joyful job. i did more laughing in those six years than four of my lifetime. >> how did that change your life because you were respected stage actor and respected film actor and now you are in a popular culture and it is in a different way. >> i lost all that respect. it was gone like that and good riddan riddance. it is like taking off a wet suit. >> a relief. >> well, it was just so giddy and wonderful and yes, i don't know, it gave me a viability in a lot of things. the last couple of years, i have
6:38 am
done some serious work but i have also done "pitch perfect iii" and "daddy's home ii." >> that's a delicious brownie. my great feeling in life is that i am almost incapable of saying no if somebody asks me to do something, chances are, i would say yes and i get myself into such trouble as a result. >> he's such a great guy. "bomb shell" is in theaters now. to hear the funny story of how john was talked into doing "third rock from sun." don't forget to subscribe to our podcast to hear the entire interview with john lithgow. you can find it on apple podcast or where ever you get yours.
6:39 am
next week, a stars filled look back to music stars and hall of famers and chip and joanna and we remain under a after 11:00.# quiet down but right now heavy pockets in the north bay b north bay, peninsulai#ñaç and south bd expect cooler temperatures topping out in the 50s with drier conditions expected overnight. next on "sunday today," newspapers becoming endangered species with the radical age. we are back in 60 seconds. honey, can you get the snacks?
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guess who's early? good thing walgreens is right around the corner with last minute holiday supplies. get in. get out. get jolly.
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for those who make the news or the traditional outlets the cover up. the combined print and digital circulations of newspapers last year reached its lowest level ever recorded. most online revenue went to facebook and google. one local paper in arkansas had come up a unique brand to save the business. catie beck explains in our sunday's spotlight. >> reporter: if you can hear the heartbeat of a newspaper, you are listening to the printing press where history's first draft. >> every town needs a fire department.
6:42 am
every town needs a water department. every town needs a newspaper. >> reporter: however vital. america's newspaper business is on life support. one and five papers have closed the past 15 years, leaving 200 counties in the city with no newspapers at all. i didn't want to do that. >> reporter: publisher the newspaper in little rock. >> i feel like journalism is really important to sustain today. it is under real threat. >> reporter: instead of changing his newsroom that employs 106 people, huffman changed his business model. >> if i go ahead and tap on it, here is your paper. >> reporter: building not a website but a digital replica of
6:43 am
the actual newspaper. the front page and even the cross word puzzle and now for an ipad. >> instead of eliminating the cost of reporters and editors, we eliminated a lot of materials. >> reporter: he tested his idea in the tiny town, home to 200 subscribers in blytheville. it would not work if every subscriber would own an ipad. >> the already struggling newspaper proposing buying every subscriber in the state an ipad. it was bold, expensive and met with some resistance. >> three different places and nobody had a newspaper. long time subscriber was furious but not for long. >> it was easy and exactly the same format. >> if you miss a day, you can go
6:44 am
back and pull up that paper. >> yes, when i leave down, i don't have to get somebody to pick up old newspapers. >> schedules and demos and town meetings. about 90% of subscribers are on board. the $34 an month, subscriber gets a free ipad and a printed paper only delivered on sundays. >> a lot of risks of giving away a free ipad to subscribe the newspaper, i think he's a home run. >> this is a risk. it is better than just dying a slow death which is happening to too many papers in america today. >> next year he says the paper is expected to make money again. enough to keep the his mind is . >> we are not trying to take risks to make profits. we are trying to take risks to maintain an institution that's been around for two centuries. >> you are trying to save
6:45 am
something you love? >> right, absolutely. >> the heartbeat of the paper is better heard in the people who support it than the machine that prints it. catie beck, little rock, arkans arkansas. harry smith investigates a christmas mystery, why hundreds of letters of santa ends up every year at the same new york apartments. >> this is really santa claus' address. i know it is kind of crazy. >> a life well lived. the man who designed the code the man who designed the code th the wait is over. t-mobile is lighting up 5g nationwide. while some 5g signals go only blocks, t-mobile 5g goes miles... beyond the big cities to the small towns... to the people. now, millions of americans can have access to 5g on t-mobile.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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if you flip on the tv at any point, odds are, you will come across the "miracle on 34th street." there is another miracle taken place 12th block south. hundreds of letters to santa all ended up in one apartment.
6:49 am
why is that? what happens to all those wish lists from kids? harry investigates. >> reporter: here in the chelsea neighborho manhattan neighborhood. >> santa claus. >> meredith moved in last august. >> these kids believe this is santa claus' address. >> this is the north pole. >> we are in a third floor rock up and it is about 100 degrees. >> exactly. >> it has been going on for years, decades, tenants come and go. sometimes the mail trickle. the feormer tenant. it kept coming in and it was extraordinary. >> about ten years ago, janet's
6:50 am
former husband and their friends decided to take action. it is really hard to read these letters. some of them are very sad. many come from the city poor neighborhoods. they picked this one at random. this year, she can't afford christmas gifts. i am hoping you can help us. so for christmas, i am hoping to get some clothes. >> look at all this. >> jim responded to the letter and sent gifts, starting a non-profit called "miracle on 22nd street." >> more than 2500 letters answered so far. why do the letters end up in this mailbox of chelsea. >> that area, back in the 1800 it was called chelsea square.
6:51 am
it was owned by a man. the man who wrote this -- >> and all through the house. >> the stocking are hung by the chimney with care. >> with that poem, moore practically invented modern christians. maybe that's why the letters come to the chelsea address. >> debra had been helping jim answering letters since the beginning. last year she sent a child bicycle. he sent her a picture. >> i literally cried like in tears and was so happy. >> back at the tiny apartment, meredith wants to make sure the tradition continues. >> it may be a federal crime for you to open that because you are not santa claus or are you?
6:52 am
>> this year i am. >> merry christmas and to all a good night. harry smith, from "sunday today," new york. the history continues. harry, thank you very much. the story of the miracle on 22nd street will be a movie written by tina fey. we highlight another life well lived. june, 1974 did not ring for you. on that day, in troy, ohio, a shopper selected a 67-cent of wrigley's juicy fruit. for the first time ever, a cashier scanned the bar code. >> george laurel was working at ibm, when he was asked to design a code that could be used at
6:53 am
grocery stores to expedite purchases and keep track of inventory. laurel improved on designs and came up with the upc codes, it revolutionized the way business had been done. >> laurel's code had been scanned this year more than 6 billion times around the world. in retail stores and hospitals and on packages and airplane luggages and even to keep track of animals. >> laurere was bed written two years with polo but still drafted. after the war, laurer earned his dip employ
6:54 am
diploma. he then work for 36 years at ibm where he designs that bar code. the first scanner from the super bowl in ohio now sits in the smithsoni smithsonian. george laurer died this month at home in north carolina. ♪ drill? cordless. noted. introducing the capital one walmart rewards card. i love it! that's a good one. earn unlimited 5% back on everything you buy at walmart online... perfect for all their hints. okay! the capital one walmart rewards card. unlimited 5% back at walmart online, and unlimited rewards everywhere else. ♪what's in your wallet? nyquifor your worst cold andrful relieflu symptoms, else. on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe.
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mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs.ue leader. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. morgan is back to help me with our sunday mails. first one from anne on facebook. if you can be a fly on the wall, who's house would you want to be flying around during christmas.
6:58 am
>> i would go to willie and christie's house. i may learn how to wrap presents ideally. >> you can come over. >> i was thinking about this. ill like to be in my parents' houses and santa and the north po pole and high five mrs. clause saying we did it again. >> bill and cincinnati, if you can relive one christmas which one would it be? >> i got seven fire trucks this year. we got more of your "sunday today" mug shots. thank you for anna and maggie all the way in germany, our buddy at nbc bay area and anchors in san francisco. and everyone santa himself. spending some time in bed for texas. send us a photo with you and your mug and a
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, 7:00 on the nose and it is raining out there. we are under a microclimate luckily we have vianey arana here to fill you in. good morning, i'm chris chmura sitting in for kira klapper. we get right to vianey. is this going to clear up? >> it is a fast-moving storm. a lot of this rain is kind of coming down right now, so you may just be able to avoid it if you give it like an hour or two, z there, highway thoroughly expected to be a mess for the next hour or two, and2brç let'e a look at storm ranger, up and scanning. the heaviest pockets is peaking right nown


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