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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> a message of forgiveness and a call for heeling. that's what a barber wants an attacker to hear when a mom ran her car into the shop because she didn't like the cut her son was given. jodi joins us with the story. >> reporter: he says he's only had three unhappy customers in his three decades of running the barbershop here in antioch. what happened here three weeks ago is something he never saw coming. he says an unhappy customer ran him down through the glass store front of a neighboring business. tonight he is speaking on camera for the first time. >> i never get up in the morning and say dang i have to go to work. i love my job. >> reporter: after 29 years of running the barber shob, he nearly lost his life to an
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unhappy customer. the 28-year-old got angry over her little boy's haircut. the squirmy boy had a slight scratch on his neck likely from his clippers. >> i saw pure evil in her eyes. i saw her change. >> reporter: he started kicking the door. when he went outside to get a photo of her license plate. he says she took aim at him with her prius while her two little boys were in the backseat. >> i saw her finger in the air flipping me off. she came through the plate glass. >> reporter: martin suffered a broken leg requiring surgery and deep gashes in his hands. he's been in a lot of pain with a long recovery ahead of him but least not angry. >> i have truly forgiven her. i can walk up to her and hug her and say i'm so sorry that this happened. >> reporter: martin says his biggest concern is for the boys.
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their mother faces taemattempte murder, hit and run and child abuse charges. he wants her to get the help she needs. >> i want her to be well and a good, productive and happy mom. i want her to be a good life. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. there's nothing like losing your mom. >> reporter: martin is still in a lot of pain. he's not sure how long it will take him to recover but he can't wait to come back to the delta barbershop and says he misses his customers. thank you very much. a live look outside downtown san jose. crystal clear. gorgeous dry day today but more wet weather on the way. he's tracking the rain. rob. >> enjoying the clear skies.
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it will set the stage tonight for some chilly temperatures. could have patchy frost for tomorrow morning and here is the brief break we're seeing right now. notice the clouds approaching the cost. that will once again especially late tomorrow and christmas day bring another chance of seeing some rain. what will be different this time around is the cold air involved here. it's not out of the question. some of the higher peaks around the bay area on christmas. could see chance of snow showers around mount hamilton. we'll have a closer look in about ten minutes. >> all right rob. he's a great resource for keeping up with the current weather conditions. follow him on twitter. developing news out of san francisco, a fire that's left man dead and three other people homeless. nbc bay area joins us from the richmond district.
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>> reporter: neighbors are very shaken up here. we're told that one man was pulled out of the burning building and rushed to st. ma mary's hospital but did not survivor. firefighters arrived to find flames shooting out of the second floor. >> the first fire truck pulled up and there was a lot of smoke coming out of the top of the partsest apartment building and the fire truck came and it went up amazingly fire. >> we had a difficult time getting into the apartment. that happened the fire involved in it due to solid door. we're able to get that down pretty quickly.
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>> reporter: the red cross is working to find them temporary housing. information has not been released on a possible cause. a man robs a convenience store and pistol whips a clock. he picked the wrong clerk to rob and cost him his life. >> reporter: it started around 11:00 last night when the thieves were out here. both of them armed with handguns, held up the employees and went straight for the cash drawer. that's where the plan went south. the video is graphic. >> at first i thought it was a joke.
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a split stekecond i realized its real. >> reporter: he was face-to-face with masked robber who hit him many the head with a pistol. >> he pushed me to the ground. >> don't ploomove. >> reporter: a second robber held the other employees. >> he had a big gun. >> reporter: bleeding from the head, he had one thought. >> not only for myself and my co-worker. >> reporter: then he saw an opening and he took it. >> instinct took over. >> reporter: he grabbed a loaded 9 millimeter out of the drawer and herd tard the robber gun go. >> as he was leaving i managed to sweep out one round. i found out i had hit him. >> reporter: he's an air force veteran with two decades in air force security. the owner knew that when he hired him. >> i'm glad it happened to him
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because he had the training. >> reporter: the robber died from the injury not far from the store's front door. >> i praying there's not going to be any retaliation because we don't know if this guy was part of a gang. >> reporter: his family is on edge but he's glad he survived and his co-worker is unharmed. >> they can have the life but when it comes to my life and my co-workers life, i'll protect them. >> reporter: turns out this store has a history of chasing away robbers. they found out the owner's dad did it more than once and now local thieves pretty much leave the place alone. he acted in self-defense. he's looking forward to getting back here to work. the deputies say they are still looking for the robber who survived an got away. >> thanks very much. as soon as we found out about this developing story overnight we sent out an alert on our nbc bay area app. it's free to download and a great way to stay up to date on
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what's happening around the bay area. should the homeless mother move to make room for a nonprofit that helps at risk kids. the property company is trying goat them to leave. >> reporter: this was a big surprise. the company that owns that house along with a former football star saying the plan is to use the home to help young people but they say they need it vacated first. since moving into this house two months ago, the women calling themselves moms for housing has gotten a lot of public support. a new move by wedgewood, the company that owns the property may have caught the women off guard even more than the recent eviction notice taped to the front door. >> with the home being taken when we were in the process of
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negotiating our contract it's put us in a pickle. >> reporter: that's james washington. former football star and now founder of shelter 37. a not for profit company that says its mission is to help at risk youth find jobs. he's partnering with wedgewood and today they announced plans to hire young people to help renovate the house then sell it to fairs time buyer. say none of that can happen if the women don't leave. >> it's a way from young people for the help. >> reporter: we stopped by the house and nobody answered the door. we did reach the moms for housing group by phone. they say they were just now seeing the letter from shelter 37 and hope to have a comment later tonight for tomorrow. >> in the united states, you
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can't take someone's property. >> the goal is to help young people affected in the past by crime, violence or abandonment. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> our team has been looking into the company that owns that house. wedgewood, and it's quite a large corporation. it owns 125 separate properties in the bay area either directly or through llcs. wedgewood owns property in at least 12 states nationwide. we'll continue investigating all of the story in its vacant property stand off. we'll bring you more coming up in the next couple of days. coming up next, the south bay family burned out of their
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home and ripped off. things may be looking up. bay area superstar pitching in. new christmas snow for the sierra. what you need to know about the roads heading for the mountains this holiday. steyer: i'm about to say two words that will make washington insiders very uncomfortable:
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term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare, address climate change and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington.
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holidays can add another emotional and physical blow to the thousands struggling with
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homelessness in the bay area. it's not about whether they the celebrate but whether they can survivor. robert handa joins us where a san jose ministry is doing what it can to help those who spend the holidays on the street. >> reporter: the homeless who live here do face a tough christmas. not only that emotional and physical stress of finding shelter but also finding way to protect themselves against the cold and rain that's coming. this homeless encampments is a tough place to find holiday cheer. the holidays make some depressed to the point of being suicidal. >> it's hard, kind of embarrassing being homeless. i'm struggling. i do what i can. >> reporter: his volunteers do wla can. today they pack their huge rv dup e
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dubbed the merp -- mercy mobile. then drove to roosevelt park and handed out christmas gifts geared toward survival. >> we've got ten sleeping bags, lanterns. >> a lot of people are homeless. they need medical attention. sometimes they don't get it. >> we're going to refill this and do it again. there's never enough. >> reporter: it's a tough time in an already tough year. 161 homeless have died on south bay streets this year. that doesn't include much of december in which many advocates
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say already been more deaths not yet counted. robert handa, nbc bay area news. sonoma county will spend $12 million to deal with homeless camp that officials call a public health emergency. staffers will be hierp hired to those. the county is considering different options at be population of the momentumless encampment in santa rosa continue to grow. first a fire destroys their home and thieves broke into their car. it's been anything but a happy holiday for a san jose family. even with all that bad news the family says they feel blessed because it's the community that's supporting them.
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the donations were a helping hand. they remember the family's 11-year-old daughter was dubbed a hero for getting every one out using techniques she learned by watching nbc chicago fire. >> he was pretty emotional. i lost everything. >> reporter: the family says they are happy today. their hearts filled knowing this community cares. that care spreads well beyond their neighborhood. an actor from the chicago fire show reached out to the family
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and left a message. the show's creator graduated her on twitter for her efforts and today the san jose shorarks sai they heard the story and want to help as well. >> huge thank you from the community. trs wonderful to see the support. >> i think it's good if you want to help. >> reporter: a family getting the full dose of the spirit of giving for the holidays. >> the shark patrick marlow is getting involved. his wife responded saying she spoke to the family and the other people to help find the permanent home. keep track of the family and help them. we'll bring you updates on air and online.
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cars moving along nicely. see the snow coming down. highway 89 interchange there. closer to the summit. more know coming along down. you may not have to go all that far if you want to see just a bit of snow. it's going to be coming to us. there you go. very nice. >> it's a sign we'll be dealing with more rain at times but also a drop in temperatures. highs tomorrow, upper 40s to low 50s and speaking of the sierra, that's a lot of snow. high 36. winter weather adviser 10:00 tonight and with our incoming storm moving down the coast but we are expecting snow from the sierra.
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right now san jose clear skies. 50 degrees. clear skies right now. we'll see lows in the low 40s heading towards tomorrow morning. see the clearing skies enjoying right now. the storm over my shoulder here. going to do something interesting. it will drop down the coast. during the day tomorrow we wake up to 30s and 40s. might see an isolated shower around the coastal hill tops and an increase in showers as we go through the day. things shaping up this day. to the south showers with the main event. the christmas morning you can see the bands of rain pushing through and air that will be cold enough to support snow showers as low as 3500 feet. more rain to deal with but the added bonus that maybe seeing snow on the higher peaks. thursday to friday and saturday
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looks dry. a little more rain as we head towards the weekend ahead, next sunday. notice the temperatures staying cool and coming up we'll take a closer look at how much rain we're expecting and how much snow we're expecting in that storm coming on christmas day at 6:45. back to you. the effort to keep the a's in oakland long term causing a major change to the oakland coliseum, next. the new owner and what that means for the team and the city.
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boeing firing the ceo. the move comes a week after boeing announced it could stop producing the troubled 737 max airplanes. the planes were grounded after two crashes killed 250 people. pilots raising red flags about the 737 max much earlier. boeing's chairman taking over a ceo. boeing said to help this move repair relationships with customers, stake holders and the faa. it appears the oakland a's will get the home run deal they have been fighting for. the board of supervisors voted to sell the county's 50% chair of the coliseum property to the team for $85 million. the city owns the other half and at one point threatened to sue. they dropped the suit. the city will have to agree to
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any plan. >> we've lost two professional sports teams, the raiders as well as the warriors. with the oakland a's now with interest in the coliseum complex, they now have a place where they can build a new professional stadium should they not be successful. >> it's fall back position. the a's long term plan remaps the same. building a ballpark at the howard terminal. the team's president said he is thrilled about the deal and looks forward to working with the city. tesla stocks soaring. it hit over $420 a share today. unveiling of the model y helped shares climb over 25% this year. companies now worth about $76 billion. the ceo owning about 15 billion of that pot.
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up next, democrats and republicans butting heads as they prepare for president trump's impeachment trial. we break down what's happening. stuck on land. heartwarming homecoming for the coast guard crew that made some big bucks on the high seas.
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right now at 6:30, tis the season of giving but on capitol hill there's no giving in just yet. the impeachment trial of
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president trump on pause for the holidays. house democrats are holding up saying they will send the articles of impeachment to the senate when republicans promise an impartial trial. the president could be facing another crisis halfway around the world. north korea promising a christmas gift to the u.s. we have the very latest. >> reporter: the impeachment impasse showing signs of cracking. >> we haven't ruled out witnesses. we said let's handle this case just like we did with president clinton. fair is fair. >> reporter: the senate's top republican signaling he may concede to democrats demand for witnesses at the upcoming impeachment trial. a key sticking point keeping nancy pelosi from releasing articles of impeachment to the senate. >> send the articles over to the senate and let them see the tragedy of which y'all just put the american people through. >> reporter: they want to see
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michael jesse after records show he ordered the military aid on hold minutes after president trump asked the leader for a favor. >> they keep saying they want a trial with witnesses but they don't want the key witnesses to testify. what do they have to hide? >> reporter: chuck schumer shifting focus from witnesses to documents asking for relevant evidence withheld by the administration directed to defy all subpoenas issued by the house. >> we say to president trump, if you are so confident you did nothing wrong, why won't you let your men testify. >> reporter: the president facing trial now also facing a potential threat from north korea with kim jong-un warning the u.s. to prefair forpare for christmas gift. they have a missile capable of reaching the u.s. >> our political analyst joins us.
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let's talk about this clash between pelosi and mcconnell. some people say it's about egos and ooanother camp say it's abo having a fair trial. >> never rule out egos. a lot of this is new snutuff. so much is being with held from them. so much information and people they want to see testify. because of that they are moving forward and saying he wants people we can wall onto testify in that hearing, the trial. the republicans say wait a second, what. there's nothing wrong. let's get this thing done as fast as we can so question go on and do other things. they waptsed to get them quickly so more stuff doesn't dribble out. the president is saying he wants witnesses. he's in the middle of this fight. he would like to have his list of witnesses.
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mind you the president's list and nancy pelosi oos list aren't the same. he wants people like joe biden and hunter biden so he can try to connect them with ukraine. he thinks a long and lengthy trial will be great. what's great for him may not be great for anybody else. >> on that point, a long trial that starts going into many months into 2020, what kind of an impact would that have on the election? >> it could have a big impact in terms of nomination. five people running for president who are many the senate. what will they do? they can't be in two places at once. they can't be campaigning and being part of the jury. >> they also can't be a witness. >> biden has his own issues. he doesn't have to be part of the day-to-day stuff that goes on. downstream there's a couple other things that may break this log jam. number one the longer this goes on, the more pelosi loses the
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argument in terms of substance and more it becomes an unfair process. she's only go so much leverage. there's another big thing people may not be thinking about and that's public opinion. a poll shows just eight days ago that 71% of public wants to see what the president's witnesses have to say. he's been holding them back because of executive privilege. they want to hear what they have to say. they think it's vitally important. 64% of republicans want to hear this out. that's pretty strong stuff. you put that together with a five or six republican senators, and how they want to get out as fast as they can, you'll see movement in the next few days. >> all right. thanks very much for being here. he robbed a liquor store and pepper sprayed the people inside. tonight he's on the run in the
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north bay. happened sunday on san to rosa near 101 and highway 12. they say the man went in and demanded money and peppered sprayed his employees. this comes one week after a similar robbery. at this point police are motte saying if those two are connected. he works with kids and now he's accused of having child porn. they say he has a history of working with young kids. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. home just in time for the holidays. the coast guard returned to the base following a massive crane brush at sea. the crews seized more than 18,000 pounds of crane.
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that's worth about $312 million. next, they are literally stealing from people's hands and necks. a warning about a scam in san francisco.
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check it out. just released video of the south bay church. you're seeing two people casually walking into the church in east san jose. grab what appears to be the offering plate and a stand and then walk out. it happened saturday. police are still trying to identify be the people. no word on how much money they may have gotten away with. still no official word of what's next for man accused of killing a woman at a bart station. the judge in the case said he will decide will stand trial on january 6th or declare him mentally incompetent. the third option is to appoint
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the psychiatrist to examine him. the judge said there's signs he's stalling to avoid a trial. he spent months riding trains and recording what we saw. you can watch the entire series on scam alert in san francisco. police warning a con artist is stealing jewelry right off of people's necks and hands. i want show you pictures of fake gold jewelry. they offer to steal it. they put it around your neck and wrist. while they are doing that they are taking off your real jewelry. so far they have gotten away with about $55,000 worth of jewelry. officers have an arrest warrant out for this man and this sketch shows another man they are looking for. here is a live picture of the international airport on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the airport says everything went just fine today. no flights or delays or cancels. clear skies.
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the airport says christmas day can have some problems with the storms ahead. they enjoyed no delays of cancellations even as travelers were worried about bad weather in the east. >> my flight was delayed last night. i rebooked this morning. >> that's good news. with san jose, only one flight cancelled today. thousands of chirnl r children in the south bay who may have been deprived of a celebration, got one today. passing out gifts to parents that they can then give to their children. it's part of their annual toy give away. 6200 kids whose families signed up will be given toys. the parents come in and choose to loom full of brand new items.
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one woman praised sacred heart for rescuing her children's holiday. >> i've been really struggling financially because we were staying in hotels. it's been amazing for the food and gifts and clothes. it's amazing for our family. >> sacred heart will give out more than 18,000 toys and gifts and about 4,000 holiday food packages this holiday season. isn't that wonderful? >> it is wonderful. >> they'll be smelling the mountains. >> what about a chance of snow in the higher area. that's what we're watching coming our way next 24 hours. the time line on the next storm, coming up. >> windows closed. imagine paying $20,000 for brand new windows only to be
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told they need to be ripped out and replaced. who's going to pay for that? nbc bay area responds next. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history,
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we save the world and do it together.
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i bet you've never heard this question asked. are you home's windows illegal? >> right. >> we have a san francisco homeowner who were told his windows were against the law and it wasn't his fault. >> it involves a local celebrity of sorts you may remember from this hit show. >> it's a legitimate question. people's with home projects ask us for a helping hand. >> reporter: we're going back to 20 2004. >> who are you? >> i'm a professional finger snapper. >> reporter: he was one of the first acts in the first season of america's got talent here on
6:45 pm
nbc. 13 years later and in san francisco bobby is still drumming with his digits. >> i'm a professional finger snapper. >> reporter: he's handy but not a professional window installer. for that big gig he hired the pros at lowe's and paid them $20,000. open and shut until a follow up visit. one of the window contractors shuddered. >> the representative told me the windows were illegal. i said that's funny because you guys installed them. >> reporter: in san francisco people smoke all kinds of things without anybody noticing. even walk around completely naked. typically you cannot lawfully install vinyl windows on a home. it's not exactly illegal. it's a code violation in many cases. the minimum fine is $200 a day.
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the bad news is lowe's sold him vinyl frames. kneels the contractors should have known better. >> what will happen with the other windows that are illegal? i didn't want them to come out and red tag my house or make me take out the windows and not have a solution. >> reporter: he asked lowe's to replace them. it didn't so he asked if we could help. he said they took care of the permit but that means they should have been responsible for making sure everything was up to code. we spent months going back and forth with them. ultimately he got $20,000 worth of new, legal windows. >> nbc helped me out a little bit on this situation, a lot a bit. >> reporter: the glass pain didn't end there. >> these little side things that were very sharp are made out of fiberglass were unfinished. >> reporter: we asked lowe's to clear things up again. about six weeks later,
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problemsoevered. we asked what happened. they said because of the time that elapsed, it's unable to share details from the original installation. >> thanks to nbc investigates this would have probably never happened. i would have had to buy some more blood pressure pills. >> one last point, sometimes contractors don't end as well and that's where a contractor bond can help. the state requires contractors to carry a $15,000 bond. potentially $15,000 set aside to protect you if they make any errors or omissions. before you hire a contractor, make sure they are licensed and they have that bond. if you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate, let us snap to the rescue. go to our web section and let us respond. ca . >> i think that gets three snaps. >> i love it.
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>> yeah. just going to leave it there. speaking of windows, he said, imagine looking out your window to see this. the snow. they got five inches of fresh powder overnight. this is piling up. i don't know how many feet, 10, 11. great stuff up there. >> it's 13 feet. the snow numbers are amazing and the temperatures will stay cold enough. you might not have to head up i-80 or highway 50 to find. by christmas day temperatures will be cooling down enough that we could see some snow and the high r peaer peaks around the b area. the snow pack doesn't get much better than this. even higher totals relative to average. south of highway 50 down to the southern sierra and temperatures staying cold enough right there to keep the snow sticking around. right now 32 degrees. snow showers tonight and we will
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see more heading into christmas eve and christmas day. right now san jose, no snow. 50 degrees but without towards mount hamilton towards christmas day you might see chances of snow showers. you're at 53 right now. clear skies not much wind and you can see the bay area is actually one of the quietest spots whether wise around the state. still more rain in central california, snow near grapevine. still taking shape offshore. this will send the clouds our ya during bay. showers to start and rain and the chance of the low snow levels on christmas morning. for tomorrow morning the top concern would be patchy frost around the north bay and east bay valley. you could have patchy frost to start your morning off and probably be able to keep the jacket on all day as highs will only be in the mid-40s around clear lake and most of the bay area tomorrow. highs in the low 50s to get the chilly start and increase in clouds blocking out the sun will
6:50 pm
likely make for a pretty chilly christmas eve day. in terms of the showers not much to start. the showers chances increase during the afternoon but the out right rain and heavier showers will come in right around midnight to 1:00 a.m. through about 7:00 or 8:00. 5:00 a.m. still pockets of heavier showers. might have small hail with the stronger showers. eventually decreasing in coverage and intensity but again what does fall, if it's not rain, elevation closer to snow level could be snow. most of the bay area probably seeing a quarter inch, maybe a half inch or a bit more around the peaks around the santa cruz mountains. interesting when you look at what type of precipitation we could see. closer to mount saint helena. a decent chance of some christmas day snow showers about 3500 feet.
6:51 pm
that's more snow. notice the totals. not that much. this incoming storm will drop down to coast. it's very likely the rain or snow totals will be on the coastal mountain range. notice southern california dealing with rain and snow near the grapevine. friday and saturday if you want dry weather these look to be the best days. by sunday look at another chance of seeing rain around the bay area as we also keep in mind the same storm up in seattle. the 49ers on the road taking on the seattle seahawks on nbc bay area. the same storm giving it right here. rain and wind in pacific northwest through sunday. keeping both christmas and sunday night football covered in the forecast. pretty interesting. don't get the timing to work out. we have chance of higher mountain snow around the bay area but the timing looks good for that. going to get the dry break and see more showers into the
6:52 pm
weekend. >> thanks very much. 49ers and the seahawks getting ready for the massive showdown on sunday. an old friend could be returning to seattle. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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a little over a week ago former raiders running back m marshawn lynch was tailgating fans. >> he was handing out shots of tequila. they are playing the seahawks sunday night. a lot on the line. the winner of the game is a cla champ of the nfc west. they are talking to marshawn about coming out of retirement. he played from 2010 to 2015 helping them win the super. the top three run baning backs all out. they're gone the last team he played with was the oakland raiders. they need help this weekend. why isn't he playing there? i just don't want him to have a good game against us. >> are you going to call and ask him? >> i am going to call. you can catch that game right
6:56 pm
here. kick off at 5:20. the loser has to hit the road for a wild card game. >> jump right there. >> classic j iic seattle weathe. the game you'll see here on nbc bay area. 40s with some rain and we'll see rain from the bay area. >> and win too. it's going to add to the whole experience. all right. we're back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. i.
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>> countdown to ashley graham's big arrival. how is the new mom to be getting ready to welcome her baby boy? ♪ rock a bye baby. >> this sta big babe, this is a big baby. >> sharing secrets of her gown for a spring wedding. >> vera wang, making my wedding dress. >> scarlett johansson has a wedding coming up, too, and she has exactly what looks good on her. >> not practical, but very, very hot. >> what do you think is the most fearless? >> and we honor kerrie washington's most fierce fashion, and how did she pull


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