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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 24, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we don't have video of them taunting the tiger. right now at 6:00 a.m. the impeachment showdown continues. >> we can't take up a matter we don't have so hopefully it will be on the way over at some point. >> that impeachment trial debate is heating up on christmas eve. we'll have a live report from capitol hill on what all sides are saying. plus a new storm is rolling in. meteorologist kari hall is tracking when the bay area will see rain for the holidays, and when we could see some snow on our bay area mountains. and it is christmas eve. last-minute holiday shopping rush is on. the stores staying open and those across the bay area working to give back. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning, christmas eve to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kira klapper in for marcus washington. a lot of children hoping for some clear weather for santa. it is, it's hard to believe it's
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christmas eve. >> it is christmas eve. >> how is it looking out there? >> not waiting for you. >> here it comes. >> it's starting out cloudy, cold this morning and as we go into tonight, rain will be arriving into the bay area, so as we take a look now at our current temperatures, ooh, we are below freezing in the north bay. napa, santa rosa, down to 30 degrees, and we're at 36 in livermore, where we are also tracking patchy, dense fog in the north bay, we're concerned about some icy roads. as we go into the rest of the day we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. mountain view reaching into the low 50s. we'll talk about the rain coming up. mike, you're tracking a crash on the peninsula. >> that's right it's 6:01. why am i starting with highway 35 at kings mountain, a crash that cleared so minor slowing, because that's the biggest deal we have out there on the roadways right now. it's a smooth flow of traffic there and should recover nicely. 101/280 no problems. south bay, tri-valley, out of the altamont pass you're at speed. contra costa county has a great
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drive. there's a disabled vehicle near the caldecott tunnel so we'll track that as well. we are looking at a little bit of fog novato, highway 37 and chp did report it around the carquinez bridge so we'll track a potential for an issue over there. and also getting toward look at this, richmond-san rafael bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza, no problem. look at the toll plaza itself. so this is a great drive laura, back to you. >> that's nice. hopefully people are sleeping in a little bit. to capitol hill. lawmakers are on hall day break but they're not taking a break from the impeachment trial. democrats are demanding documents from the white house and republicans are standing behind the president. sarah dallof is live on capitol hill. the president is active on the impeachment front while vacationing in mar-a-lago. >> reporter: nobody is really on the holiday vacation a showdown between the senate's top
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republican and democrat amid this impeachment impasse. even on holiday recess, a continued clash over the impeachment case. in a letter, senate minority leader chuck schumer pursuing the release of documentation concerning president donald trump and ukraine's leader and ramping up his push for witnesses in the upcoming senate trial. >> if it doesn't have documents and witnesses, it's going to seem to most of the american people that it is a sham trial, a show trial, not to get at the facts. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell not ruling out witnesses but also firing back calling the proceedings a political exercise. >> do you think chuck schumer's impartial? do you think -- >> no. >> -- elizabeth warren is impartial? >> no. >> bernie sanders is impartial? let's quit the charade. >> reporter: among witnesses democrats want to hear from, white house official michael duffy, he ordered the pentagon to put ukraine's military aid on hold shortly
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after the july phone call between the president and ukraine's leader. >> 90 minutes after the president's call and clearly indicating in that email they recognize it was inappropriate in many ways. >> reporter: the president at his mar-a-lago resort in california defending himself on twitter. house speaker nancy pelosi blaming the delay on the senate, tweeting her take while on holiday break. and house judiciary committee is continuing to pursue testimony from former white house council don mcgahn saying any revelations could lead to additional articles of impeachment filed against the president. >> laura? so much going on even during the holidays. sarah dallof, thanks so much. continuing coverage at 6:04 the search is on for a suspect wanted in connection to the stabbing death of a younger brother of 49ers backup quarterback c.j. beathard. 22-year-old clayton beathard was killed after a fight outside a nashville bar over the weekend. investigators say arrest warrants have been issued for
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michael mosley. they say he got into an argument over a woman with a group of people and that's what they believe led to the deadly stabbing. beathard and a friend was stabbed to death, a third was injured. >> we are focusing on mosley, the investigation is showing that he was the person who had a sharp object during the fight, and we fully believe that he is the person who inflicted the stab wounds. >> police say mosley does have a violent criminal history. >> it is 6:05. now to a follow-up, today we are expecting to learn what's next for the man accused of killing a woman at a b.a.r.t. station last year. john lee cowell say transient who police say stabbed nia wilson to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station.
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a judge will decide if cowell will stand trial january 6th as scheduled for declare cowell mentally incompetent. the third option is to appoint another psychiatrist to examine cowell. the judge says there are signs that cowell is stalling to avoid a trial. our investigative unit just finished a series that takes an in-depth look at what happens on b.a.r.t. we spent months riding trains and recording what we saw. watch the entire series now on the women who call themselves moms for housing say they're staying put inside an empty oakland home and this morning they will speak out. you may remember last month when the women moved into a house without permission. they say they were protesting the homelessness crisis in the bay area. this morning, they will respond to a letter they received from a not-for-profit group called shelter 37. it claims the moms are preventing a needy family from moving into that home and they're taking jobs away from at-risk youth. shelter 37, a los angeles-based
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not-for-profit group says it signed a contract with wedgewood, the owner of that home. the group says it wants to help at-risk youth and first-time home buyers live in those types of homes. >> with the home being taken, when we were in the process of negotiating our contract has put us in a pickle. >> moms for housing has been given an eviction notice. they filed a right to possession claim delaying their eviction by 15 days. a hearing is scheduled for december 30th. it is also full swing ahead today and tomorrow for local charities trying to help bay area people in need. the foundation on ellis street in san francisco says it will serve over 3,000 pounds of prime rib today for those less fortunate. the holiday luncheon will happen today at the church from 10:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon. among those attending, san francisco mayor london breed. the festivities at the church will continue tomorrow with a christmas celebration and a
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meal. some people celebrate christmas with cookies and milk. >> for many in the bay area cookies are swapped out for tamales. that means long lines if you're not making them yourself. >> damian trujillo is live at the tamale factory in san jose to show us what is happening, 52 minutes before it officially opens. good morning, damian. >> it does open at 7:00 but some people are already coming in, desperate for the tamales, they're selling them already here at the tamale factory on white road in san jose. 10,000 tamale also be sold here today, this is their busiest day of the year and this is a tradition that goes back centuries if you will. the tamales were made by the spouses of the aztec warriors before they went out to battle for days on end, the wives would wrap this cornmeal on a cornhusk and it would dry, if you will and they were able to ship that
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tamale in to the battle zone and able to eat that way. it goes back centuries and centuries but we made ours at our home just a couple of weeks ago so it's been handed down a generation by generation and there's some customers still waiting to come inside. it's a little chilly. they're waiting for their tamales. come in about noontime you'll be a little late because that line will be out the door. they're making pork tamales, chicken tamales, sweet tamales and hall peep yo tamales. i don't know there are any vegetarian tamales because the ones that we make they take lard and lard is what makes the cornmeal stick together so i don't know if that's qualifying as the vegetarian tamale. the doors are supposed to open at 7:00 but they opened them early, it is christmas eve and people have dozens they want to take home with them for
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christmas eve. >> great point. i feel it would qualify as vegetarian but maybe not vegans. vegans don't each the lard. >> there is a distinction. >> great point. >> it's nice to see and brings back memories so of many you see of your grandmothers and aunts and kitchens all in a row doing it together. >> how many dozen? five dozen for this lady here. i love the lard, it adds everything to it. >> i know, right? >> damian, can you bring us back some? please? >> pork or chicken? >> pork. >> gosh, i don't know. i think both. whatever we can get. >> get an appetite. they are this big. >> those are really good. >> we love you, damian. we'll see you soon. >> it's such a wonderful bay area tradition, and that tamale factory have been turning them out for years. >> it's really cool. maybe you're already up and making some tamales at home this morning. we are starting out with some cold temperatures, and we're getting ready for rain to move
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in later on tonight. that rain holds off today if you've got shopping to do, just some spotty showers across parts of the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. most of the rain gets here later tonight, look at the time line we're at 11:00 or 12:00. just in time for santa toe arri to arrive. rain overnight and into the start of the day tomorrow. more in a few minutes. mike you're saying there is more of a commute out there now. >> hold on a second, call damian and ask him. i don't know, ask him. anyways, focusing on the tamales because the commute is getting started there is more of a commute but not a manjor issue. a live look at oakland, i wanted to prove there are folks on the roadway in our usual spots but no backup at the usual spot which is the bay bridge toll plaza, yesterday, today, very light. a disabled vehicle outside of the caldecott tunnel getting toward highway 13, may be blocking one lane for a few minutes. another crash on the east shore freeway has been reported as well as we check with our partners at waze and highway 101
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at highway 1 coming down toward stinson exit in the north bay. er there' all showing great speeds there and the rest of the bay. we'll talk more about that east shore freeway coming up. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. 6:12. still ahead on "today in the bay" last-minute holiday shopping turns into a scare at two malls. we have a look at how amazon may have sacrificed safety for speed in delivering packages this holiday season. plus -- ♪ baby all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> kari hall's favorite christmas song! being a little sarcastic there but it is a favorite for a lot of people and trending this christmas eve morning, mariah carey making another comeback. the all new star studded music video she released. updated version. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. right now at 6:16, let's head outside in fremont. if you're about to head out the door we have all clear skies here, cool temperatures. you need to bundle up. morning start in the low 40s. reaching the low 50s today. rain arrives tonight. we'll talk that b that and the traffic forecast in less than five minutes. and right now it's a nice drive here at 580 with the headlights coming westbound, out of the altamont, and in through dublin, getting down to 580 out of brentwood, still under 20 minutes and predictive timing for waze talks about it holding steady the next few hours. we'll talk about the upper east shore freeway. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher this morning. stocks rising yesterday with the
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dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at record highs. shares of boeing by the way leading those gains after the company fires ceo dennis muilenberg amid the 737 max crisis. investors also cheering news china will cut tariffs on a wide range of imported goods. a half day of trading today with the markets closing at 1:00 p.m. eastern. the new year will bring new overtime rules for employers, including small businesses and a pay raise for an estimated 1.3 million workers. the jobs most likely to be affected are shift supervisors are assistant managers at restaurants, retailers and manufacturers. workers at companies of all sizes will be affected but the new rules may have a greater impact on smaller firms that don't really have the revenues of larger companies to cushion against higher labor costs. a new report from buzzfeed and pro publica detail how amazon may have sacrificed safety for speed in delivering packages. the company delivers about half of its own orders using amazon
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branded vans and trucks instead of u.p.s. or the u.s. postal service and amazon put new drivers to work immediately instead of making them take a five-day defensive driving course because that would have created a "bottleneck." a separate proposal would have given drivers more rest breaks but that was rejected. in a statement amazon said nothing is more important than safety and it provided more than a million hours of training to employees and contractors last year. kira and laura, i'll send it back to you. >> rahel, thanks so much for that report. 6:18 right now. mariah's christmas present to the world comes two days early. let's roll it. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> you may remember last week when "all i want for christmas" hit number one on the billboard charts for the very first time? it was the 25th anniversary of the christmas tune. in order to celebrate, mariah carey carey released a new music video for the song.
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it includes celebrities like the kardashians, james corden, even her ex-husband nick cannon, and they are all lip-syncing her song. carrie tweeted out a photo of everyone who took part in the video and thanked them for their support and someone not thanking them is kari hall. we just like set this up. she's smiling this time. >> you're just not a fan of the song. >> i like the song but they overplay it and we play it 100 more times here. >> of course. and she's just like cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. >> for sure. >> i'm sure she's proud that it did hit that number one spot but i mean 25 years of royalties i'll take that and you don't have to get to number one. >> $60 million, crazy. >> no one plays my song. >> oh. >> yet. yet! you're welcome. >> maybe for christmas. >> some people want their family to come in for christmas.
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we're tracking that travel forecast whether you're staying here for heading out. a live look at sfo this morning we are seeing clear conditions and all nice hopefully the flights will be on time throughout the day and yesterday we have fog in the south bay but that has also cleared out. a look at our national forecast, staying here where the temperatures are cooler and then for the eastern half of the country, they're enjoying some well above normal temperatures. check out dallas today, headed up to 75 degrees. as far as the flight, no travel delays right now. the flight tracker showing that we have no delays anywhere, because for the most part we are seeing some nice weather and once your family gets here if you're going out to the menorah lighting in san francisco and union square expect some low 50s. the rain holds off but it will still be a very cool one out there, and then if you're going to christmas in the park we're also going to see mostly cloudy skies, the rain staying away until later on this evening so
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as we track the timing of the rain, mostly cloudy skies and we take it through 9:00 we start to see some rain approaching the coast but most of it doesn't get here until around midnight and even some snow expected on some of the bay area peaks, it starts to roll out of here by 10:00 to 11:00. there may be lingering showers going into tomorrow afternoon, and then it all clears out in time for thursday. rain totals anywhere from about a quarter to half inch of rain, and for the sierra, it's beautiful, but look at the temperature at 16 degrees in squaw valley. very cold with additional light snow on the way starting out late tomorrow evening, and then about four to five inches over the next several days. mike, you were tracking a crash on the east shore freeway. >> i am, 16 degrees near the camera at squaw there's a hot is a cool ar no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to show you what's going on east shore freeway with our partners at waze, we have friends out there, you have friends as well. nbc bay area is the team you join and there was a report of a
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crash in the area that we're tracking that came in samm sammysgirl1, i won't ask how many there are but there are a lot of you. all of you can help report throughout the area staying local or going farther away. waze will help you drive like a local but right now all the locals are not driving. it's so easy. back to you. >> not a lot of people out there right now. 6:22. coming up next on "today in the bay," holiday shoppers, they're on edge, what sent people running for the exits at malls on the west and east coast. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it 1is 6:25. >> tonight kids want to track santa by their smartphone. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has a warning. >> i don't want to be a grinch but parents we need to talk privacy. lots of companies offering santa tracking apps on your smart phone's app store, many appear to be free but there's a cost they might collect your personal data. perhaps it seems harmless to share their birthday, wish list, but the better business bureau says beware. >> check is it your child's birthday, is it your email address, is it your physical address? >> so find the privacy policy in the app store, read that fine print and if you're not comfortable with the disclosure, think twice about using it. alternatively you can try the
6:26 am
norad santa tracker website right here. it's, north american aerospace defense command. it doesn't require registration though it uses cookies, the computer kind that is. if you have trouble this holiday season you can't solve yourself, let us know about it. go to our website or call us, 888-996-tips. ? chris, thanks. sounds of gunshots sent panic and fear through hundreds of holiday shoppers at an l.a. county mall last night. >> that sounded like gunshots but it wasn't. it was a group of people smashing glass jewelry cases. it happened at a jcpenney. check what happened at a mall back east. >> yo! there's a freaking shooting! >> frightening for people there
6:27 am
as well. it wasn't a shooter but a large fight that forced a lockdown at the mall in elizabeth, new jersey, yesterday. word of the lockdown sent hundreds of shoppers running toward the exit. they were frightened and so sad in this day and age, any kind of sound everyone's immediate thoughts are that it's a shooting. >> that's the assumption. glad everyone's okay. 6:27. coming up next on "today in the bay," including caught on video, thousands of dollars in donations stolen from a bay area church just days before christmas. we have a live report on what that money was going to be used for. next. plus you may already know this but a lot of people are leaving california, more than even moving in. coming up, new data showing a concerning trend the state has not seen since 1900.
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right now at 6:30, a cold morning a live look at downtown san jose my gosh picture perfect. merry christmas eve to everyone. good morning i'm kira klapper in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. i layered this morning but because i have the seat heaters on i got hot driving in to work. it's cold, kari. >> lucky you having seat heaters. >> santa spoiled me this year. >> you were a good girl. >> it's cold out there so we're all having to bundle up wear the
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extra play layers and another cold front bringing us rain headed into tonight and seeing more clouds and 9:00 to 10:00 rain spreading across the bay area. all of this coming to santa and snow on the bay area peaks from mt. hamilton, mt. st. helena and north bay hills. we'll watch out for that and drying out tomorrow. we'll talk about this coming up. mike you're seeing a potential problem on the bay bridge. >> reports of a tis abled vehicle a stall if you will headed in through the treasure island tunnel. we check our view from emeryvil emeryville. the incline runs underneath the tower and no problems getting through the tunnel. i'll continue to monitor that, of course westbound would be the commute direction if we had a commute, but we kind of don't this morning. no metering lights, sometimes if there's a problem on the span they will turn on the metering lights. we'll watch that closely over the next ten minutes. there's fog drifting around the
6:32 am
north bay, watch ought for the carquinez bridge, disabled vehicle should be getting to the shoulder. highway 24 at highway 13 that's it, laura, back to you. >> actually i'll take it from here, mike, thanks much. a pair of thieves is on the run after stealing thousands of dollars, get this, from a church. money designated to buy gifts for kids this holiday season. rod plater is in san jose, joins us with this story. i want to say good morning to you, but this is terrible. >> reporter: good morning, it is really awful especially the timing of it. those thieves were so bold they were spotted on surveillance videotape just casing the church out inside and out before they made their move and ripped off this congregation in broad daylight, this happened saturday afternoon at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose after a baptismal service. the surveillance video shows what appears to be a man and a woman pick up a collection box and walk out the door with about $3,000.
6:33 am
the church is praying the thieves will have a change of heart. >> as a priest my hope is the individual will listen to the message and they will change their minds. >> reporter: every year on january 6th the church celebrates what's called the day the wives men visited jesus. they give out hundreds of gifts to local children and their funds are gone. the church is hoping to make up for the money that was stolen but the clock is running out for them. it's two weeks away from now. >> roz, thanks so much for that report. it is 6:33. we have new details on a hit-and-run crash in san mateo. new details on a hit-and-run crash in san mateo that left a pedestrian hurt.
6:34 am
18-year-old nathan ferris in police custody. he was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol sunday night when he struck the pedestrian and parked cars. witnesses say ferris and several young people took off running from the car. ferris was arrested a short time later at his home. the pedestrian was flown to a hospital and expected to survive. more nurses are headed for the picket line in the bay area. 3,000 are calling for a strike over contract negotiations. late yesterday they voted to authorize a walk-out. the nurses work for santa clara valley medical center and o'connor hospital in san jose as well as saint louise regional hospital in gilroy. the vice president of their union mike bennepaio says staffing is a big issue saying "when a new nurse comes in they're actually paid so low after 6 to 12 months, they leave, so we continuously have new nurses coming through into our system." in the meantime, county officials say there is a
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new contract offer on the table. the union will discuss that offer with county leaders next month and if there is a strike, it would be after that and a ten-day notice will be given. california's population is seeing its slowest growth in more than a century. according to new state data, as we have been reporting, more people are moving out than moving in. department of finance data shows that the state lost nearly 40,000 people from july of 2018 to july of this year. l.a. and butte counties lost nearly 10,000 residents each. in butte county, housing became a major challenge after the camp fire. a lot of californians are moving in to nevada. california's population now stands at 39.9 million. it's still the most populated state by far. palo alto's traffic light project is getting a green light
6:36 am
from drivers. last may, palo alto and cal trans synchronized 19 traffic lights from middlefield road to the dumbarton bridge. the project updated the minimum times of the traffic lights so that cars have enough time to clear the intersections. transportation leaders then tested to see how well the project was doing. the results? traffic sped up by 28% and travel time decreased by 13%. >> a lot of people celebrating over the holiday season, but don't drink and drive. if you need a ride home, aaa says they've got you covered. it offers rides to people who aren't driving safely. it starts today and ends tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. you don't need to be a aaa member to get that ride. the company says even though they can help it's best to make sure you have a sober driver before you kick off the holiday celebrations. much safer for all. as the chp always says, buzz driving is drunk driving as well so don't risk it. >> that's right laura. with the changing laws in california we're not just
6:37 am
talking about drinking. any kind of issue making you impaired, stay out from behind the wheel. over here we're looking across the bay at a smooth drive westbound in toward san francisco. again we heard about a disabled vehicle some hazard along the span getting toward treasure island tunnel. i don't see a problem. looks like things are a little bit bunching up toward the tunnel but this is nothing unusual and may be an optical illusion as we go around the bend on the span and at the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. a clear drive down the east shore freeway. a great flow of traffic westbound 80, that disabled vehicle marked under where is says berkeley, there is a transit bus that may be sticking out into the slow lane. no passengers reportedly affected. it may have been out of service. the rest of the bay our commute is out of service, i shouldn't say that, it's just not there. >> but you are. >> i am here. >> we appreciate that. >> thank you. i'm watching. >> a lot of people looking forward of course to the christmas holiday but the weekend as well.
6:38 am
families will be in town. >> if you're in town, going out to enjoy some of the sights of the bay area, we're looking at some cool but dry weather for the most part, and after we get past the rain that we'll see during tonight and throughout much of the day tomorrow, we are going to have a chance to dry out through the rest of the week, and then by sunday, we'll be watching for a weakening storm system that could bring in some more rain but we're once again going to see that moving in and out of here quickly, so for the most part, no major problems here, just kind of cool and you might want to go check out muir woods. we're going to see highs in the mid-50s on friday. saturday up to 53 degrees, but then we will have that chance of rain on sunday. in the tri-valley, we're also going to see some sunshine by the end of the week, especially on saturday, that's our best day to get out there. we'll see the highs reaching the mid-50s but then a chance of some showers again by the end of the weekend, so i'll keep tabs on that. we'll talk about today with a look at our south bay temperature trend and we'll talk about when the rain arrives, coming up in about three
6:39 am
minutes. >> kari, thank you. just shy of 6:39. working to prevent another major wildfire. coming up on "today in the bay" the all new law set to take effect in nine days across our state and how they'll impact the potential of more safety power outages. plus, selling out, the controversial new nike shoes created by former 49er colin kaepernick flying off store shelves. we'll show you the hidden message he included in the design. and say hello to santa. look who i ran into. yep, so the countdown is on to his arrival. i'm asking you this morning what is on your or maybe your kids' christmas wish list? follow me on faceboo facebook @lauragarcianbcbayarea, also on instagram and twitter. love to hear from you on this christmas eve. we'll be right back.
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happy christmas eve. right now at 6:42, as we start
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out this morning, we are seeing some breaks in the clouds in the south bay, more clouds into the afternoon, with the sun peeking out but it's just really cool out there, and we only reached the low 50s today. tonight the rain gets here, i'm tracking the rain and santa right now leaving china. we'll see where he is in five minutes, coming up. >> and over the past ten we've seen this developing, it is indeed a slowdown, you so he that west 80, breaking news in the traffic department, a traffic alert on the bay bridge, two lanes are blocked. the backup at the toll plaza still not there. no metering lights yet but with the slowing we see on the approach toward the tunnel, they may turn the lights on. we'll track that closely. check back with us. >> sounds good. we sure will. it's 6:43. new year just around the corner. with it comes the new laws adressing wildfire concerns. first a law requiring pg&e to reduce impact of planned power shutoffs to first responders and people with difficulties and disabilities.
6:44 am
another law requires utilities to submit timely reports on bush and tree trimming work. finally next year will bring a wildfire warning center to california, its purpose to predict and prepare for wildfires relying on a statewide network of automated weather stations and fire detection cameras. the san francisco fire department is getting some help from the skies above. "the examiner" reports that the department says it will buy its first drone in the new year. it will be used to monitor fires and help in search and rescue operations. six other city departments also will be getting drones, including the public works department. now to a follow-up, the a's and the city of oakland are officially in business together. the alameda county board of supervisors unanimously voted to sell the county's 50% share of the coliseum property to the team for $85 million. the a's want to redevelop the 155 acres with affordable housing and parks. similar to what happened at candlestick park. the city, which owns the other
6:45 am
half, would have to agree to any plans. new this morning, former 49er colin kaepernick shoes flying off store shelves. if you're looking to buy a pair you're out of luck. within minutes yesterday nike air force one sold out. the sneakers include a portrait of kaepernick on the heel. nike is a major partner of the nfl. the brand made the 32-year-old activist the face of an ad campaign for the company's 30th anniversary last year despite the fact kaepernick has not played ball since 2016. you may recall, he caused controversy for kneeling during the national anthem. the shoes include the date of the first time that he didn't stand. at 6:45, the holiday season brings about many family traditions and for many here in the bay area, one of those traditions is tamales. so to help them out the tamale factory in san jose is opening its doors early. >> booming business there. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo joins us with the latest and the lines are there already. >> reporter: seems one of the
6:46 am
traditions is waiting in line because the line again is not even 7:00 and the line is out the door now. they did serve one customer here earlier, i understand they're not going to open the doors until 7:00 and so the folks here are waiting. sir, you heard this morning they were open, you rushed over here. >> i thought they were open already so i came down here. >> reporter: you got wrong news from the news. >> yes. >> reporter: what's special about this place? >> i've been coming down here since it was called lucy's tamale factory probably i don't know, maybe 15, 20 years ago. >> reporter: so you look like a regular here. what is so good about the tamales? >> we alternate between seafood and mexican food every other christmas. >> reporter: worth the wait? >> it is indeed. >> reporter: again, there's something about the 10,000 tamales here, they did last year. maybe they'll surpass it this year. the doors are open but the cash register will not come on until about 7:00 and so folks are patiently waiting for their christmas eve tradition here, the christmas tamales from a
6:47 am
tamale factory in san jose. stop on by, until 8:00, and the line will be a lot longer than this, i will guarantee you. >> are you getting in line now, damian? >> reporter: it's a long line, i'm not sure. >> the thing is, though, these are all for pre-orders, right? can you just go and order a few dozen? >> reporter: i'll find out at 7:00 when they actually start selling them. i think if you pre-order you can go to the front and they'll have them ready for you. >> it's a great tradition. thank you very much. when does the diet start? >> i'm having damian's tamales. they're good. >> it is a lot of work and prep work. >> eating them, they're big. it's a lot of work. >> i have a friend from england and we served him tamales and he started cutting it. >> oh, yeah. >> can't eat the husk. >> it's the insides. >> yes.
6:48 am
god bless him. i hope you're not watching. >> i hope is he. don't eat the husk. >> early, maybe prepping the tamales, still got some shopping to do or maybe you're just going to work, and you're having to work like we are. here is a live look outside in san rafael as you get ready to head out the door. i've been watching for some fog in parts of the north bay near napa and santa rosa. at least a spot on highway 101 is clear but with temperatures below freezing and three-quarter mile visibility, concern there may be some icy roads, bridges and overpasses. we do also have some dense fog in the south county. check out san martin, visibility down to zero and we are seeing still some cold air even if it's not below freezing it's very close in parts of the north bay, and over toward the east bay, we're at 36 degrees in livermore, 38 in san martin. in san jose right now 42. we've got some shopping to do in napa, bundle up. it is going to be in the upper 30s through 8:00 and then some low 50s going into the rest of the day, with some peaks of
6:49 am
sunshine, not a whole lot of sun today. temperatures all across the bay area mostly in the lower 50s and we could still see some spotty sprinkles for parts of the peninsula and down to the south bay and to the rest of the day, with some of the heavier rain holding off until tonight, pushes on through and here we are tomorrow morning waking up to the potential of some snow on mt. hamilton as well as some of our north bay hills and bay area peaks, and then the rain starts to taper off by tomorrow afternoon, but there may still be some lingering showers going into the rest of the day on christmas, and then clearing out on thursday. so we're looking at rainfall totals anywhere from about a quarter to half inch of rain and models back and forth, maybe lighter for parts of the east bay. our seven-day forecast dries out after tomorrow. we're going to see some sunshine but not much of a warmup as our temperatures in the mid-50s and i've been watching to see where santa is. let's pop that up right now,
6:50 am and track santa at home with the kids as he's flying over just leaving china, so we will see that right now. pacific ocean, thank you for that update. i was looking for it on the screen but i didn't see it. you can do this on your computer at home mike, how are the roads looking? >> we have a traffic alert not for santa. we are watching that but the roadways are not affecting santa because he's above them. over here this is an issue as we look at the bay, we have green sensors around the bay and also have breaking news for the bay bridge, traffic alert has been issued westbound 80, so despite all the great drives, all around the bay, it is the critical span west 80 where there is an issue, a crash leaves two lanes blocked as you are traveling west just past the treasure islandier buena island tunnel. i thought i saw slowing no illusion, this is backing up approaching the tunnel right there, getting over toward the
6:51 am
san francisco side. slow from the incline getting over there. the metering lights are not turned on at the bay bridge. i hope the bridge crew can clear this quickly enough where they do not have to turn on the metering lights but we'll continue to track that, that is a critical point. if you want to stay clear of this bay bridge it's clear right now but you can go north to the richmond-san rafael bridge, 580 across the water no problem and also 92 the san mateo bridge. b.a.r.t. also a great option no delays reported for that system. i want to show you the san jose camera as well. even though i showed you green sensors around the bay we have a good volume of traffic out here 280 approaching the 880/17 interchange and smooth flow of traffic not far from westfield valley fair which is crowded. watch surface street traffic. be careful through the malls of course and the san mateo bridge shows you we're just seeing a little build for the commute. there is a commute out there, please be careful. back to you. >> indeed, mike, thanks. just shy of 6:52, happening now in paris, notre dame will not
6:52 am
celebrate christmas mass for the first time in 200 years. that was after that 855-year-old landmark was ravaged by fire this year, destroying the iconic spire. >> 6:52. coming up next a quick look at our top stories we're covering including one day before christmas in a bay area church, now in desperate need of help after someone stole the collection box worth thousands of dollars inside. coming up, we'll tell you who that money was intended for, and how you can help. plus headed to southern california for christmas? a recent storm leaving behind quite a bit of damage. coming up, your drive over the grapevine, will it be clear? we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
6:55 am
welcome back on this christmas eve morning before you head at the door or maybe staying in cozy it's cold out there. top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." live pictures from a san jose church targeted by thieves just days before christmas. this is our lady of guadalupe church. it's still reeling after what happened, take a look at this surveillance video, this is a pair of suspected thieves who walk right to a donation box with thousands of dollars inside. church goers say it happened saturday afternoon as they were finishing up baptism services. in the video two people walk
6:56 am
past the pews, past the crucifix and take that box ought. >> it's very sad. i'm upset because this is a hard-working community this is not a wealthy community and so i know people make a lot of sacrifices to buy the gifts for the children. >> all of that money was supposed to go toward buying gifts for children. >> of all places. today we are expected to learn what is next for the man aus couped of killing a woman at a b.a.r.t. station last year. john lee cowell say transient who police say stabbed nia wilson to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. a judge will decide if cowell will stand trial january 6th as scheduled for declare cowell mentally incompetent. the third option is to appoint another psychiatrist to examine cowell. the judge says there are signs that cowell is stalling to avoid a trial. our investigative unit just finished a series that takes an in-depth look at what happens on b.a.r.t.
6:57 am
we spent months riding trains and recording what we saw. watch the entire series now on a house fire taking the live of a san francisco man just days before christmas. his house went up in flames yesterday afternoon, at 15th and cabrio. the victim was taken to st. mary's hospital where sadly he died. at least three other people are being helped by the red cross to find somewhere else to live. one firefighter was hurt battling the flames. so far there's no cause of that fire. the women who call themselves moms for housing say they're staying put inside an empty oakland home and this morning they will speak out. you may remember last month when the women moved into a house without permission. they say they were protesting the homelessness crisis in the bay area. this morning, they will respond to a letter they received from a nonprofit group called shelter 37. it claims the moms are preventing a needy family from moving into that home and
6:58 am
they're taking jobs away from at-risk youth. shelter 37, a los angeles-based not-for-profit group says it signed a contract with wedgewood, the owner of that home. the group says it wants to help at-risk youth and first-time home buyers live in those types of homes. >> with the home being taken, when we were in the process of negotiating our contract has put us in a pickle. >> moms for housing has been given an eviction notice. they filed a right to possession claim delaying their eviction by 15 days. a hearing is scheduled for december 30th. new video this morning shows storm damage left behind in los angeles. the storm yesterday downed trees and damaged buildings. one man was trapped for 30 minutes under a massive tree. after it toppled down into the roof of an pardon me building. crews used chainsaws to rescue the man. some residents could be displaced since the roof of the building was damaged so heavily. 6:58, talking about a chilly
6:59 am
morning. >> and by tonight we'll see rain coming in. santa makes his way to the bay area we'll track that and we're going to see where santa is now, here is the seven-day forecast. okay we have low 50s and dry weather extending into the start of the weekend. >> okay alert continues for the bay bridge. but that's not where santa is. >> it's not a treat either but everything else in the bay is light. camera from emeryville traffic jammed up headed into san francisco along the span. at the toll plaza no metering lights yet. i think they're hoping the bridge can clear before it gets bad. traffic is light there, on the roads and i know we're focusing on the sky, too. >> the metering lights might not come on. >> they may not but they may have to. >> santa has taken off and got a lot of toys to deliver to the there. >> and we have i believe a live look at where he is right now, and we want to thank you so much for spending your christmas eve morning with us.
7:00 am
there he is! >> just leaving taiwan. >> we'll be back for our midday newscasts at 11:00. and of course local news updates. the weather looking good for getaway day, and the record 115 million americans hitting the roads and heading to the airports, but there is some trouble brewing. what you need to know w about a major post holiday snowstorm. turbulence at the top. boeing's embattled ceo fired over his handling of the 737 max crisis. the fleet grounded indefinitely after those two deadly crashes. just ahead, the challenges facing the airline makers new man in charge. breaking overnight, back home, that baby kidnapped in texas finally reunited with her father as the little girl's mother is remembered at an


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