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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 24, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a helping hand for a south bay family facing a tough christmas eve. you heard about the gomez family. thieves broke into their car and took what was left. a well-known san jose family is offering to help them. neighbors scott bud salmon live in downtown san jose with this very merry story. >> good evening, terry and jessica. christina marleau said she saw our story about the family on social media and had to help. the gomez-muniz family is in need of help. it started with their san jose home burned to the ground. then as they were settling into a hotel using red cross vouchers this weekend, someone broke into their car and took things people had donated. >> i just thought, like, we can do something.
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>> that's where christina marleau comes in. she saw our story online and reached out to us and the family via social media. she also brought along some star power. her husband is sharks left wing patrick marleau, and they say they simply couldn't stay on the sidelines. >> as a parent, my first thought was i don't want their daughters to associate bad with christmas, right? like, christmas is supposed to be joyful and magical and giving. >> christina not only reached out to the gomez family, she also reached out to other members of the sharks family to organize and collect clothing and other items the the family will need as they rebuild. she's also asking her online followers and friends to help find a home the family can rent. >> holidays are already stressful and they can be difficult for so many people. you just, like, i couldn't just swipe to the next story. >> i just checked the gofundme page that's been set up to help the gomez family.
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it sits at about $32,000 right now. coming up tonight at 6:00, the family responds to christina marleau's generosity. live in san jose, scott budman. 22-year-old complaint beth hard was killed outside a bar over the weekend. investigators say arrest warrants have been issued for michael moseley. they say he got into an argument over a woman with a group of people in the bar which then led to the deadly confrontation outside. >> we are focused on moseley in that the investigation is showing that he was the person who had a sharp object during the fight. and we fully believe that he is the person who inflicted the stab wounds. >> police say moseley has a violent criminal history. it happened again for the
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third time in less than two weeks. an armed robber has taken cash from a bay area business and sprayed the victims on his way out. pepper spray robberies have happened in petaluma and santa rosa. jodie hernandez at the scene. do police think these are all the same guy? >> at this point police just don't though. they're trying to figure out. we brought you this story last week when this mini market was hit by a pepper spray robber. now two more bay area businesses have been targeted. >> the suspect, he came in. he was just acting like a regular customer. >> but after asking for a few items, this man pulled out a gun and a bat and demanded the cash on sunday.
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>> he tried to give him the money. >> the suspect added insult to injury, he took aim at the cashier and some customers, spraying them with pepper spray. >> the fact that someone just came in and just sprayed her for no reason, i mean, he got what he wanted. i mean, they got money. >> it's the third time in a week it's happened, a robber stole money from a benicia mini market last week. pepper spraying the cashier on his way out. and a robber left victims's eyes stinging at a supercuts in petaluma last wednesday. >> it's overkill, it's being overdone. it's just a crude act on top of robbery. >> police say they're trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. the folks at the family-owned grog shop say they can't believe even a robber could be so cruel, especially during the holidays. >> that should have been the end of it, just take the money and
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go. like, no need to start spraying everywhere. >>, now, police from all flee agencies are now collaborating, sharing notes, trying to figure out if this is the same suspect. if you have any information, you are urged to call the police. reporting live, i'm jodie hernande hernandez. the president spent part of today sending out video messages to u.s. troops. he also continued to lash out about his upcoming impeachment trial in the senate. mr. trump is angry with speaker pelosi who is still withholding the articles of impeachment. >> they treated us very unfairly and now they want fairness in the senate. they want to look back at the last year to see how they hurt this country. >> impeachment is not the only issue president trump is dealing with tonight. kim jong-un is promising a christmas gift for the u.s. new satellite images show north
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koreans working on a long-range missile. the u.s. is monitoring north korea's actions. christmas eve in hong kong was marked with rubber bullets and gas as police and protesters clashed yet again. the so-called silent night protests took place at several locations within the city. police firing tear gas into the crowds. violence even broke out inside a shopping mall. you'll see it here. video shows police beating protesters with batons. this has been going on for several months. all told, some 6,000 people have been arrested. while that steady rain that's already falling in some parts of the bay area is adding you do to the christmas eve efforts of a few dedicated volunteers in san jose. they're part of an unofficial gathering called christmas eve at st. james park. nbc's robert honda joins us now.
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they needed to get this done, robert. >> yeah, it was another year of inspiring generosity by people simply concerned about the homeless. but this season is going to be tougher with this cold and rainy weather. there was indeed holiday spirit at st. james park in san jose today. the well-known haven for many homelessness was buzzing with generosity and gratitude at the annual christmas eve in st. james park event where those in need can celebrate, get a good meal, and even get a free haircut. but this year with a storm brewing, the necessities are very necessary. >> just a pair of warm, clean socks is a god send in its own. you come out here and you get jackets and shirts and t-shirts and food and -- the necessities. >> we give blankets away.
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the lady that was here a few minutes ago, she just cried when we handed her a blanket because she was cold. >> they are astound by the growing number of homeless and gratified by the community response. >> i'm here with a truck, tons of volunteers, sometimes i have more volunteers than tasks that people can do. >> for many hole, that's what matters most. >> the fact that knowing there's people out there that care, that in itself is like the sun shining through the clouds. >> well, there might not be much actual sun shining through this christmas, so hopefully this event will provide enough spirit and essentials to make it through the holiday. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. people are wrapping up their christmas shopping tonight. why it might be safer than in
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years past. plus, it is a beautiful tradition. we take you to a bay area high school where students make life-changing wishes come true every holiday season. right now seeing the cloudy skies near san francisco. our radar picking up on some light rain near san francisco. how much rain and snow we might see in the mountains tonight when we come back.
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. if you're planning on last-minute shopping, expect some company. concerns about car break-ins and safety, union square and other shopping hot spots were packed today. retailers voiced concern that the car break-in epidemic would keep shoppers away. to ease fears, though, police have increased patrols around shopping areas and say they've seen car break-ins drop slightly. >> just have to be very diligent and, you know, hold everything tight. >> for tourists like us, i would say it's dangerous. i don't know. you have to think everything you do in the city. >> police say part of solution needs to come from you. don't leave anything of value in your vehicle. if you absolutely have to, make sure it's not in plain sight. whatever your plans are, we hope you can spend time would you say tomorrow evening because we have something very special
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to share with you. it's like our christmas gift. at 6:30 we're premiere "winter wishes". >> garvin thomas have been returning to san jose's branham high school to witness a rally where students make their classmates' wishes come true. now he's put together a half hour special on the uplifting and emotional event. we have a little preview for you. ♪ ♪ >> i think a little over 700 wishes were submitted by the students and teachers. ♪ ♪ >> so i can start off potential big wishes i have number three. parents got divorced. mom is having a lot of financial trouble. needs help with money and would also like to do something nice for mom because she's been really struggling financially. >> 481 is for ms. molina to get
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gas gift cards because she lives in holster. >> payment for a down payment for first month's rent for an apartment or house for her dad. >> she would love to provide a time for them to spend time together. she doesn't know how much longer he has. ♪ >> i think ocrazy to think thes come to school every day with these painful stories they have though carry. >> with cancer, with losing a loved one, with inability to afford even everyday things like food, i mean, these are real struggles that real people are going through, and they're not the only ones. >> it is tough. it's tough choosing which wish to grant. ♪ ♪ >> hi.
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good morning. >> good morning. >> hello. >> once we choose the wishes to be granted, we assign those. they will go through and make sure that they have the financial needs to meet those requirements. >> we're from branham high school and we host a program called winter wishes where every staff and student member will submit a wish. we fund raise so we can grant the wishes. >> will these students come down? >> so a lot of students on our campus, whether they were an upperclassmen or underclassmen wished for him because he was involved in our community. >> they said you helped them so much and brought so much joy to their lives. they wanted to thank you. >> he wasn't able to get his braces paid for, so he contacted
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an orthodontist. >> we would like to see that smile always. [ applause ] >> we would like to present you with $6,500. [ cheers ] >> i think when they are called up for this wishes to be granted, they realize that there's an acceptance within our school and they can be vulnerable to the fact that they are facing hardship and there are people to support them because we want to show that acceptance is the biggest key when going the law tough time. they should understand and they are understanding that everyone goes through these things and they're not alone because all of us are here to support them and that they should just keep fighting through and keep remembering they have people who support us and believe in us. >> what remarkable generosity.
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tomorrow is the special airing here on nbc bay area at 6:30. make sure you sit down with a big box of tissues and maybe, like, side chocolates. going to be a tear jerker. >> rob is going to be bringing us other aspects of the season. you got a white christmas. >> for the mountains. >> you got jack frost. >> we got everything. maybe some hail. >> and he's tracking santa. >> yes. santa has a tail end tonight as storm brings rain, maybe snow. obviously cold enough for some places like mt. hamilton. it's been in the low 30s. san jose, you're not going to get snow. it's 48 degrees, chilly outside. but if we see a little bit of hail with some of those stronger showers, you might have a bit of a white christmas eve or christmas day as the showers move through. walnut creek, 52 degrees. we have rain on approach to san
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francisco. you see the gray skies there. 51 degrees. currently off to the north and west you see the showers along the coast. there's radar beam from san bruno mountain. approaching the coast here in the next half hour or so. san jose had light rain earlier but look at the color coding. storm ranger tonight fine tuned to look for snow and sleet. that will be the white, purple, and pink. you see on the radar screen. notice, not a lot of showers right now. the main event still offshore. a lot of this will come in after tomorrow night into tomorrow morning. showers could be intense at times, brief downpours, 40s for most places in the morning. highs tomorrow not too warm. 42 in clear lake tomorrow. snow across the lake county. mid-50s closer to san jose. rain expectations with the storm have gone up for the santa cruz mountains. this will be the location probably that sees an inch of
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rain. possible higher totals in the north bay hills. notice how the numbers decrease inland. this storm is going to drop south across the central coast, bringing cold air with it. you notice towards mt. hamilton by this time tomorrow should have a coating of snow and maybe a few areas in the santa cruz mountains that could see a few snow showers after 11:00 tonight into tomorrow morning. looks like the first half of christmas day we'll see stronger showers around sunrise through midday. notice noon you're still seeing scattered showers. may trend a little bit drier during the afternoon, but you see really can't pack away your umbrella. i think by 5:00 and 11:00 for tomorrow the showers start to transition to the south. so this system, as we talked about, is going to drop to the coast. areas around the santa cruz mountains and central coast. thursday, friday, and saturday, if you want to get out and enjoy things that you got for
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christmas, looks pretty good. first half of the weekend is dry. next chance of rain rolls in on sunday. rain totals look relevant low, 0.1 to 0.3 inches of rain. seattle forecast, still in the 40s. 49ers and seahawks, sunday night football coming up on sunday. a little bit of everything in the forecast. tonight snow above 3,500 feet. showers for christmas day, and then at least three days of dry weather. as we head to the final weekend of 2019, that seven-day forecast wraps up the year. new year's eve next tuesday. right now trending dry. >> 2019 almost over. >> unbelievable. >> on to 2020. >> we'll with ready for it. coming up next, the biggest gam game of the year on sunday.
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. ♪ ♪
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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we got breaking news for you, folks. we have located santa with the santa tracker. he is flying over brazil right now on his way to french gaian
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in >> he's also saying. [ speaking foreign language ] >> what does that mean? >> in portuguese it means don't be naughty. >> hope the folks down there know that she's kidding. i hope everybody knows that. santa on his way, folks. it's going to happening tonight. you knew it would. look at him turn there. you see the coast behind him as he heads inland. santa is on his way. >> be safe, santa. tuesdays are usually off days for nfl teams, but the 49ers are working today, opting instead to take christmas off instead. they're busy getting ready for their showdown against the seahawks. jimmy g knows winning in seattle always tough. >> it gets loud, crowds chirping at you and everything on the sidelines. i mean, that's what makes football great, especially this time of year. you couldn't ask for anything more in december. >> what do you wear to a game
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that's going to decide the winner of the nfc west? you're going to wear this. the 49ers wearing their all-white 1994 throwback uniforms on sunday. maybe an extra dose of good luck here. they wore them earlier this year against the panthers and they beat up on the panthers winning that game 51-13. just a reminder, you can catch the game sunday night on nbc bay area. we're sending infiltraters. kickoff is at 5:20. the loser has to hit the road for a wild card game. the lines for long and the tamales stuffed. here's what it looked like before known at the tamale factory in san jose after an entire night of preparation. they started flying off the shelves. fans lined up all morning long willing to wait for their christmas eve fix.
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>> you have the christmas rush. everybody that doesn't want to make their own, they come here. so it's hard work to make a tamale. i don't know how to do it, so i've been coming here for quite some time. >> part of a tradition, right? >> that's all my kid knows. >> it's super hard work. the factory said they sold close to 10,000 at. >> we say goodbye to beach blanket babylon as they prepare for its final show. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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hard to believe after 45 years the world famous "beach blanket babylon" is entering its final week in san francisco. ♪ it is the longest running musical revue ever closing on new year's eve. it's been playing more than 100 characters during an energetic hour and a half. yes, the wild hats and wigs, originally it was only supposed to last six weeks. that is just a san francisco
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staple. i saw it my first weekend here in town 12 years ago. >> outstanding. >> i'm sad. >> thanks for joining us. i will comfort you. "nightly news" is next. tonight, the president's bitter new attacks, lashing out at democrats, saying they treat him unfairly, and singling out house speaker nancy pelosi. >> she hates all of the people that voted for me and the republican party >> the deepening impasse over the senate trial plus, what the president says tonight about a so-called christmas present from north korea. thousands of anti-government protesters in hong kong take to the streets and shopping malls on this christmas eve. police beating the demonstrators and firing tear gas in violent new clashes. the mystery in idaho. two children missing for months their mother and her husband never reporting it to police the husband's first wife found dead. what the police are saying tonight royal christmas. 98-year-old prince philip is home from the hospital, but the


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