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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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presents because this is the live look at the radar as the rain hits the bay area and it's going to stay that way for christmas. exactly when will it be here on christmas? >> we're looking at the first half of the day probably seeing the heaviest to widespread rain. right now from the mountain it looks like it's raining nearby. we've got storm ranger on the case. you can see scanning the skies to the soegt and west. seeing showers moving through. this is the appetizer before the main event comes in after midnight tonight. right now light to moderate rain near the coast. look at this color coding. something will be watching closely tonight because above 4,000 feet right now it's 30 degrees. that's going to be cold enough for mixed precipitation or snow showers tonight as things start to get more interesting after midnight tonight to sunrise tomorrow. that is when we think we'll see the heaviest rain arrive. mt. diablo and hamilton will see
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snou showers, thunder and small hail. we'll give you hour by hour time line for christmas day and the next storm on the weekend in about 15 minutes. >> of course rob is keeping you in the know about the weather. follow him on twitter. an armed robber wants to add insult to injury for the third time in two weeks someone has robbed a bay area business at gun point and sprayed the victims with pepper spray on the way out. this is the most recent attack in a convenience store in santa rosa. it looks identical to attacks in pedestri petaluma and voir dienetia. are police saying it's the same guy? >> reporter: at this point police just don't know. but these cases are all very similar. this minimarket was the first business to be targeted. in each of the case, the man gets what he's after, the money,
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but he lashes out at his victims anyway. >> they're really nice, family operated business. and they're just really amazing. really -- i don't know, it hurts. >> that's how customers of santa rosa's shop are reacting after an armed robber took a bag full of cash on sunday then pepper sprayed the cashier and customers as he left with the loot. >> someone just came in and sprayed her for no reason. i mean, he got what he wanted. i mean, he got the money. >> it's the third time in a week it's happened. a robber stole money from a sri nearby i can't minimarket last week. pepper spraying the cashier on his way out. and a robber left victims' eyes stinging at the super cuts hair salon in petaluma last wednesday. >> that's ridiculous. it's overkill basically. it's being overdone. it's a crude act on top of robbery. >> reporter: police say they're trying to figure out if the
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crimes are connected. the folks at the family owned shop say they can't believe even a robber can be so cruel especially during the holidays. s that should have been the end of it. just take the money and go. but he just starts spraying everywhere. >> i hope they're caught and it stops and justice is brought for the people it has affected. >> right now police at all three agencies are collaborating. police and venetia, petaluma, and santa rosa, they're sharing notes. if you have any information on who might be behind these pepper spray robberies, you're urged to call them. reporting live in venetia, i'm jodi hernandez. >> thanks very much. we've got scary moment frs a salon goers in danville. look at this. a tesla slamming through the store front ending up all the way inside the store. the owner of the salon says two clients were in the lobby, so were some staff members and no
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one husband you are the had. the owner also says the driver of that car is a client. she says the driver was shaken up and apologized and then stayed until first responders could get there. we have a follow up to that deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing last year. a judge says the man accused of the murder is fit to stand trial. the judge says there were signs he was stalling with psychiatrists and avoiding trying to go to trial. today the judge ruled he is mentally competent. that trial now scheduled to start next month. the search is still on for a man wanted in the stabbing death of the younger brother of 49ers back up quarterback c.j. beathard. clayton beathard was killed outside a nashville bar this weekend. arrest warrants have been issued for michael moseley. he got in an argument with a group of people over a woman and that led to the stabbing.
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beathard died while a third person was injured. >> we are focused on moseley and investigation is showing he is the person who had a sharp object during the fight and we fully believe he is the person who inflicted the stab wounds. >> police say they know all about moseley. a rough week for a san jose family is improving this christmas eve thanks to a local celebrity couple. they are stepping up to help. you may have seen how the family lost their house in a fire and then while they were staying at a nearby hotel their car was broken into and all they had left was taken. now they're getting good news from san jose's most famous shark. scott budman is live with this very uplifting holiday story. >> reporter: good evening jessica. the family getting help both from social media and from a shark. christina marlow, wife of patrick marlow, said she saw the story online and immediately reached out to help.
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it's been anything but a happy holiday for the gomez family. first they lost their san jose home in a fire only to then lose more possessions when their car was broken into. but the kindness of strangers may turn this sad story into a bit of christmas miracle. our story about the family caught the eye of christina marlow who picked up the phone. >> i just called her and i said what can we do? what are your immediate needs? we want to help. >> reporter: marlow then reached out to her friends on social media and to the san jose sharks. it's not hard for her to reach the team. after all, her husband is sharks left wing patrick marlow. both christina and patrick say as parents themselves, they had to help. >> you can't let this family go through christmas time and have these horrible things happen and the community not rally around them. >> reporter: christina says her goal is to organize and collect clothing the family desperately
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needs. the family says it's been overwhelming and they're still trying to figure out where they go next. christina hopes she, her husband, and the sharks can make that journey a little easier. >> holidays are already stressful and can be difficult for so many people. and you just -- i couldn't just swipe and read the next story. >> christina marlow says she will be seeking donations at the next sharks game. meanwhile the family reached out on twitter today both to thank christina and other strangers who stepped up to help. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. t. >> thanks very much. another good story, registered nurses in santa clara county are not going to strike after all. they reached a deal. contract negotiations started in the summer. nurses say they reached a tentative agreement last night and say it guarantees better wages and safer working conditions. it's going to cover more than 3,000 nurses for the next four years. >> negotiations off the table.
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that is the message from a real estate investment company to two homeless moms who took over a vacant house. the mothers say they're willing to buy the house and the city council sent a letter asking to negotiate. but the company won't discuss anything with the moms until they leave the home they're occupying illegally. the mothers say this speaks to a bigger issue of the housing situation in the bay area. >> moms should not be homeless and we should not have children on the streets trying to work for a place like this that push them out into the struggle. that's like putting somebody in a fire. >> a court hearing to see if the moms will be evicted is scheduled for thursday. >> it is a holiday tradition in the city, glide foundation serving meals to the hungry on christmas eve. this year something incredibly special is on that menu. jonathan bloom live outside that
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home where christmas came a few hours early for some people. >> reporter: it sure did. there are some things money can't buy like a last-minute reservation at the house of prime rib. but for the folks who receive services here at glide, there were no reservations necessary today. the house of prime rib brought over 3,000 pounds of juicy steak. that is of course a very neighborly thing to do. but we learned for the owner of that restaurant it goes much deeper. >> good morning. >> from the lieutenant governor to the mayor -- >> doesn't it smell good? >> -- everyone's talking about the prime rib. >> it's really good. >> amid all the excitement, it would be easy to miss the man in the corner, joe bets. >> i'm the owner of the house of prime rib. >> for 26 years he served lunch here on christmas eve bringing his signature dish to folks who
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may struggle to afford a meal. >> hunger is hunger. you have to have been hungry once before in your life to understand what hunger is about. >> that's the moment he told us though he and his family live a life surrounded by food, it wasn't always that way. >> after world war ii, growing up in germany, there's no food. >> reporter: hunger he says can happen to anyone. >> i'm grateful where i am. so, this is just one of the things we do to give back. >> that's what it's all about, paying it forward, giving back. >> reporter: it's not just the holiday spirit. it's the spirit that glide runs on. >> we believe everybody particularly in this season should have a warm belly full of food. >> reporter: and beyond warming the belly, a holiday meal can warm the heart. >> everybody knows everybody. it's like a community. >> reporter: a family officials is bound by an urgent need. >> deliver more housing. >> we need housing. >> reporter: but on christmas eve, some have a wish that's much simpler. >> just have a nice holiday and eat well like i have.
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>> reporter: of course it's important to remember the glide's serve thousands of meals every day including some taken out to encampments and shelters. as for the prime rib they served today, that was about five to ten times the amount the house of prime rib would serve on a regular night for dinner. jonathan bloom, nbc bay area news. >> generous and impressive. up next, the last-minute rush is on. people wrapping up those christmas shopping. tonight why it may be safer in san francisco's union square than in past years. plus helping more of the homeless, how some are spending christmas eve giving back to the less fortunate in the south bay. an interesting night ahead of the weather, not just tracking the rain we're seeing right now in the doppler radar but snow showers as low as 3,500 feet by tomorrow morning, who will see the white christmas, chances on the increase tomorrow. and how long the rain will be in the forecast when we come back right back.
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okay. it's mad rush if you haven't fin shed your christmas shopping you are not alone. the area shop and hop spots have been packed all day of course including san francisco union square where shoppers are worried about finding that last minute deal and worried about whether their cars will be safe when they come back. nbc bay area sonya shin joinsoás live from san francisco's union
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square which is always as you can see behind you packed. >> so many holiday shoppers are out this evening looking for the last minute deals. here an average of 70 cars are broken into daily. police are working extra hard to make sure you can focus on buying and not on busted windows. >> we're going to nordstrom and everything in four hours or less. >> i work between here and embarcadero. between here and there i see several cars broken into often daily. >> for tourists like us i would say it's dangerous. i don't know. you have to think everything you do for the city. >> reporter: for weeks retailers have worried that the city'sc[yr break in epidemic would keep shopper asway. to ease fears, police have increased patrols around areas and say they see the break ins drop slightly. >> car break ins are down 3%.
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we remind people to park smart. not leave valuables in your car. >> i would recommend not leaving anything in your car. if you come shopping you might as well carry it or you're going to lose it. >> there's still reason to worry. just last weekend a thief made off with an estimated $15,000 in jewelry during a car break in in chinatown. >> that's terrifying. that's so sad. you think your car is your safe space but it's really not, i guess. >> police say they need your help reminding you not to leave valuables in your car. many shoppers simply stopped parking in the city at all. >> i rarely live. i mostly uber. >> you have to be very diligent and hold everything tight. >> reporter: now, most stores are extending their hours tonight and police say that they'll be out to make sure that it stays a very merry christmas eve. live in san francisco, sonja shin. >> sonja flashing green tonight.
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thank you very much. one of the largest toy give aways in the bay area is over tonight. sacred heart community services in san jose finished handing out some 18,000 toys, books, and bicycles to children who need them. sacred heart also distributed 3,500 food boxes for the holiday. they rely on donations to maum all this happen. they want to remind all of us the need is year around. >> we had over 6,000 kids have received toys this year. their parents came through over the last couple of days and we're just finishing up right now. but it's been the incredible to actually see. >> one of our favorite elves. sacred heart provides food to about 600 families this monday. christmas is more about survival for the homeless. there is no holiday. a group of south bay volunteers tried to provide necessities and a little season cheer.
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robert handa joins us from st. james park innen san jose where the weather is on everyone's minds. >> reporter: it is getting very cold out here and as you mentioned it's already wet. today's event was about celebrating the holiday and getting through it. >> i'm very grateful. i can't express that enough. >> there was indeed holiday spirit at st. james park in san jose today, the well-known haven for many homeless was buzzing with generosity and gratitude at the annual event where those in need can celebrate, get a good meal, and even get a free haircut. but this year with a storm brewing, the necessities are very necessary. >> just a pair of warm clean socks is a god-send on its own. you get jackets and shirts and t-shirts and food, the
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necessities. >> we give blankets away. the lady that was here a few minutes ago, she just cried when he handed her a blanket because she's cold. >> she's astounded by the growing number of homeless and gratified by the community response. >> next thing you know i'm here with six trucks, tons of volunteers. >> and for many homeless, that's what matters most. >> it's just effective knowing there's people out there that care. that's like the sunshine through the clouds. >> do you think that's going to help people survive the rain and cold. >> with all the stuff they've been giving out, i'm sure it will be. >> reporter: well, everyone involved in the event here certainly wants that to be the case, but from the way it feels right now, they're being tested already. live in san jose, robert handa nbc news. >> that's a difficult and
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unfortunate circumstance to find yourself in. rob, what will people will facing? >> we've got temperatures down to 41 degrees in napa. we're talking about snow a little bit. temperatures are quite cold, unusually so, perhaps snow levels as low as 3,500 feet tonight. check out the temperatures. 44 in fairfield, san jose 49 and on top of those chilly 40s it is a damp cold for the north bay valley. you're seeing light rain but eventually some of that will come down in the form of snow showers. notice the south of daily city. scanning some showers across the coast. moving into half moon bay approachi approaching santa cruz not so much right now in san jose but look at the color coding off to the east. snow could happen as low as 4,000 this evening and will drop lower as colder air filters in tomorrow morning. hour by hour notice more
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scattered showers between now and 11:00 and after midnight from 12:00 to 5:00 a.m. you can see the showers pick up intensity. some of the stronger showers may include small hail. when you're talking about a white christmas, it could be mountain top snow or brief hail with the stronger showers towards tomorrow afternoon and evening. showers should head off to the south. in terms of the showers, cold temperatures, highs tomorrow upper 40s to low 50s as we head to a dryer forecast approaching thursday, friday, and saturday. so, we will get a break after tomorrow. then our next chance of rain rolls in on sunday. and coming up at 6:45 we'll take a closer look at those snow chances and how much rain we're expecting out of the christmas day storm coming up at 6:45. up next, san francisco staple staples. steyer: i'm about to say two words
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that will make washington insiders very uncomfortable: term limits.
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you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare, address climate change and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington.
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it is a sad countdown for sure in the bay area tonight. after 45 years, the world famous babylon is entering its final week in san francisco. ♪ it was so good. the longest running musical review closing on new year's eve. the cast of ten has been playing more than 100 characters during an energetic hour and a half.
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and who could forget when the show first debuted it was about the last six weeks. >> i was so proud of it. we just thought it was time. >> to go out on top? >> the final show is scheduled to end at the stroke of midnight as the new year officially begins. coming up next at 6:30, l h lashing out at an impeachment trial stuck in limbo. plus a sign of the times, a piece of san francisco history going away.
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right now at 63030 president trump has two problems. he seemed unphased by an impending christmas gift from the north korea leader. he also took the opportunity to blast the democrats on the upcoming impeachment trial. >> from his florida home, president trump holding a christmas eve military conference around the globe. >> you're tremendous warriors and we appreciate it so much. >> the president seeming unphased by an unknown christmas gift promised by kim jong-un.
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>> we'll see what happens. maybe it's a nice present. maybe it's a present where he sends me a beautiful vase. >> capable of launching a long-range missile which could possibly hit the u.s. mainland. kim publicly met with his top military leaders as u.s. military leaders tracked north korea's actions hour by hour. >> they could undertake some sort of activity in the next day or next week and we have very little warning in advance about it. >> president trump also lashing out about the impeachment trial in the senate, the president blasting democrats and house speaker nancy pelosi who is still holding the articles of impeachment insisting on a trial. >> they treated us unfairly and now want fairness in the senate. they should look back at the last year to see what they did to this country. >> democrats are demanding documents and witnesses. >> we say to president trump release the emails, let your
6:31 pm
aides testify. we say to leader mcconnell, a fair trial with the facts. >> the president expressing confidence in majority leader mitch mcconnell who has publicly said he is collaborating with the white house on how to proceed with the senate trial. jennifer johnson, nbc news washington. >> christmas eve in hong kong marked with tear grass and rubber bullets as police and protesters clashed yet again. the so-called silent night protest took place at several locations within the city. police firing tear gas into the crowds. violence even broke out inside a shopping mall, the video showing police beating protesters with batons. this has been going on for seven months now. all told, some 6,000 people have been arrested. thousands of people came to
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st. peter's basilica to hear the pontiff speak. he referenced recent church troubles including an effort to come to terms with sex abuse scandals. >> for the first time in 200 years the notre dame cathedral in paris won't be hosting christmas mass this year. that's because the french land mark is too damaged by the fire earlier this year. but the choir and congregation are not going to let that snuff out their holiday spirit. they're going to be celebrating at a church next to the louvre museum instead. this is the first time since the french revolution that the cathedral is not hosting a christmas mass. the construction is under way but expected to take years. >> the weather costing headaches for people trying to get to grandmother's house, fog halting dozens of flights in and out of chicago this morning. starting to get stranded at o'hara staying grounded. more than 50 flights cancelled.
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hundreds more saw big delays. tonight things are moving again but it's taken most of the day to catch up with all those delays. >> after a rocky ride, uber former ceo and stepping down from the board of directors. he's going to leave the board next week. he was ousted from uber two years ago over concerns he fostered an unhealthy workplace environment. he will reportly focus on his latest focus called cloud kitchen which rents out spaces for restaurants and delivery based business. a rough year after boeing introduced new troubles for the 737 max. they appear to point to a very discerning picture about the company's commitment to safety. the 737 max jets have been ground since early march after being involved in two crashes that killed 346 people. okay. the line's long, the tamales
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stuffed and delicious. this is what it looked like on white road in san jose after an entire night of getting it all ready, they started flying off the shelves. at th tamale lovers lined up all morning long. >> you had the christmas rush. everybody that don't want to make their own tamales it's a lot of hard work to make a tamale. i've been coming here quite some time. >> part of a tradition, right? >> yep, that's what my kid knows. >> it is super hard to make a good tamale. the tamale factory sold close to 10,000 tamales today. >> long time san francisco business. it's a business famous for something in addition to its services as nbc bay area joe shows us, sign of the times. >> reporter: in an automotive repair shop, the wheels of
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change are always turning. at the garage in san francisco's tender loin, there's 107 years worth of tread on those tires. >> this business came in originally 1912. >> reporter: but most people know this business not for its bre brake jobs or oil changes. they know its iconic sign. for travellers on larken street, the large letter board sign is a changing cast of quotes, messages, observations. the garage was started in 1912 by harry cohn and hue kavil. kaville started writing daily quotes and messages on butcher paper mounted on an easel. >> people would come into the store to read what he put a quote on for the day. >> by 1956 the sign outgrew the easel and butcher paper and
6:36 pm
became a neighborhood fixture. dyne bought the business. he and his coowners kept the sign going. >> we get them out of poetry books, magazines, maybe the newspaper. never talks about money or tire oris brakes. sometimes you have to go somewhere to figure out what we put up there. >> from across the street in his bar, kevin is among the sign's followers. >> this poetry you get to read every time it's like a treasure. >> reporter: but in a sign of the times, the land where the garage sits was sold to make way for an affordable housing project. it is closing by the end of the year. >> you feel something. >> reporter: the art deco building will become a memory and so will the sign. sort of. developer tenderloin
6:37 pm
neighborhood corporation plans to integrate the old sign into the lobby of its new building and put some sort of brain injury tal one in its place. it's the end of service and the place where the rubber meets the road, a good-bye worthy of one last quote. >> this greasy land mark is going to be gone. it's sad. up next, selling out just before christmas. the new nike sneakers featuring former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick.
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new state data shows more people are moving out than moving in. the state lost more than 40,000 people from july of 2018 to july of this year. los angeles and butte county lost nearly 10,000 people each. in butte county, the deadly campfire is to blame with housing becoming nearly
6:40 pm
impossible to come by. data shows many of those californians are moving to nevada. california's population now stands at 39.9 million, meaning we're still the nation's most populous state and by far. >> former 49er colin kaepernick has a new shoe for sale this holiday. it's virtually impossible to get right now. the new nike air force ones rolled out yesterday and sold out in minutes t. sneakers include a portrait of kaepernick. the brand made the activist the face of its primary ad campaign for the company's 30th year. kaepernick has not played in the league since 2016. you might recall he struck a national debate when he chose to kneel in protest when the national anthem was played. tesla is rolling out a new software update for the holiday.
6:41 pm
a preview for the full self-driving mode. the new update can read your texts to you, even send one for you. there's also a revamped voice commands menu. >> a light show in the sky, the last solar eclipse of the decade will happen two days from now. people living in the eastern hemisphere will get the chance to see the final eclipse. the natural phenomenon happens when the moon passing in front of the sun. that creates what's called a ring of fire. you'll need to be in singapore, indonesia, sri lanka, or india to see the full show. >> if you're sticking around here there's going to be plenty to see. >> i wonder if i can get to sri lanka in time. what do you think? >> it's a little far. >> we've got a show around here. >> maybe snow in the mountains. >> christmas in the park, not going to find snow in san jose, but mount hamilton that's a different story tonight. a look at that when we come back. >> tracking santa is free or is
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it. a word of warning for parents next. can turn into two. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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ho, ho, ho, there he goes. we showed you santa a little while ago. he was in brazil before, went through the whole amazon. now he's heading over to bolivia. so far so good for santa, but he does have a long trek to go still. >> do you know what he said in brazil? merry christmas in portuguese. >> very good. santa knows everything. >> he does. he's amazing. >> we showed you santa. a lot of kids will want to track santa's move and they'll want to use their smartphone. >> before you do that, a word of warning from chris chmura. >> i don't want to be a grinch here but i've got something for parents, all right? we need to talk about privacy real quick here. you're going to find lots of companies offering santa tracking apps in your smartphone's app store.
6:45 pm
many appear to be free but there is a cost. they might collect your personal data. now, it might seem harmless to share your kid's name, birthday, favorite color, wish list and such but the better business bureau says beware. >> you want to check and be sure what information is going to be shared. is it your email address, physical address? >> where is that stuff going? find the privacy policy in the app store and read the fine print. if you're not comfortable, think twice about using it. norrod santa is run by the federal government, the north american aerospace defense command. it does not require registration to follow santa. if you have trouble, you can let us know about it on our app. no data collection going on there except the data when you're complaining about something. or you can call 888-996-tips.
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you know whrks we have a complaint about the north pole, they always respond. >> thank you for the clarification on the cookies. >> that mrs. klaus is awesome. the mall decided to do a balloon drop with balloons filled with free gifts. look how many people are there. not only did the shoppers stampede but they climbed other each other and crushed a barricade all to get to the balloons. >> people were getting crushed and it was bad because there were people injured. what we could see, the balloons had fallen and it was just -- i think they should have ed spr it out a bit more. it would have avoided injury for a lot of people. >> insanity. five people were hospitalized, dozens more reported minor neck, leg, and back injuries.
6:47 pm
>> if you missed it this year, keep in mind, they won't be bringing it back this year. >> how they didn't realize that would happen i'm not sure. >> more weather, calm. we've got winter like conditions setting up around the bay area where you may not have to head to the sierra to wake up tomorrow morning to see snow on the nearby mountain. it's getting close to the 30s around napa. look at these temperatures approaching 7:00 giving you a taste of that canadian air conditioning settling into the bay area now. 40 in napa, 51 in san francisco, bay saidsiide conditions, snow chances aren't going to be there. things continue to be quite chilly including san jose, 49 degrees. look, the high was only 52 today and the view from the mownen at that, 5 # 1 degrees earlier 54. so, the storm ranger right there
6:48 pm
atop the san bruno mountain. half moon bay through pacifica seeing a bit of rain. air temperatures close to 30 degrees. that'll be cold enough for the showers as they pass by to drop snow at times. the snow will get lower by tomorrow morning so mt. diablo could see a snowy mix at times. upper 30s and low 40s. as the moisture increases the drop off in temperatures should level off around midnight tonight as we see cloudy skies and the chance of seeing rain will be increasing through the morning and decreasing through most of the bay area except the south bay and santa cruz mountains will likely see the most rain out of the storm as we go through the next 24 hours. sot, approach 11:00, notice how we're beginning to see stronger showers between midnight and 5:00 a.m. and through the
6:49 pm
afternoon mid-morning still scattered showers and lunchtime a few more, not as widespread as what we're seeing to start the day on christmas day and towards the evening now begin to see the showers coming up out of thing southeast. the area of low pressure is tracking through central and southern california. notice what happens at 11:00. we're not seeing much in the way of showers but still more rain chances ongoing for morgan hill. so, the future cast for seeing how much rain we're expecting out of it is waiting to the storm. the santa cruz mountains getting the most out of the storm. for areas around morgan hill, look how the totals are higher for the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay as the system starts to track on out. notice the snow projection here. up towards mount saint helena, certainly mount hamilton and the higher peeks in the mountains, there's a chance we could see snow at times. there goes that storm into
6:50 pm
southern california. if you're traveling to the grapevine, that might get shut down due to snow at times on thursday. bay area will be dry thursday, friday, saturday. so, we get a break from the wintery weather and next chance of rain holding off until sunday afternoon and evening. that incoming storm doesn't look like it's going to bring that much in the way of rain but it will make for a rainy finish to the last weekend of 2019. there you go. chilly, snow showers near 3,500 feet. interesting sights around the bay area as we head through christmas day. could see snow capped peaks looking off to the east in san jose. >> i like it. >> i love it when you look over and see snow around here. rob, thanks a lot. former 49ers dionne sanders used to say if you dress good, you play good. 49ers are hoping that's true on sunday. we'll explain next. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! i'climate is the number 1ove priority.sage. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1.
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congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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okay. the 49ers enjoy christmas tomorrow and get back to work on thursday. >> they have to get ready for the sunday night showdown in seattle. the team will be dressed in their sunday best for this game, wearing what you see there. all white -- >> throw back thursday. >> throw back sunday i guess it
6:54 pm
will be. 1994. the last time they wore them they blew out carolina. the battle to win the nfc west will be a challenge. >> it's awesome. it gets loud. crowd's chirping at you and everything on the sideline. that's what makes football great, especially this time of year. you couldn't ask for anything more in december. >> it's a good football team we're playing. they've done so many good things this year, fantastic turn around by the program and the coaches and players and all that. >> just a reminder you can catch the game sunday night right here. nbc bay area, our own janelle wang and anthony flores is going up there to cover the game. the winner wins the division and the first round bye in the playoffs. the loser has to hit the road for a wildcard game. >> former a's pitcher was
6:55 pm
arrested. police say his wife was repeatedly that her hand bag was too big to take in the stadium. she refused to leave it behind, so she was arrested. he jumped in and was arrested as well. they both had to pay $500 fines and the case was dropped. >> this has to be the tallest conductor ever to lead an orchestra. tacko fall turned in his uniform for a tuxedo to act as conductor. he is 7'5". his tuxedo was a size 48 double extra long. he enjoyed himself it looks like. >> is that a conducting move? i've never seen that before? >> i think that means more wind instruments. i'm not sure what that means. >> he led the song "sleigh
6:56 pm
ride." coming up at 11:00, big developments in a church theft in san jose. the surveillance shows two men appearing to sell thousand of dollars in cash. the thieves haven't returned tonight but a lot of money has. we'll have the story at 11:00. >> community coming through yet again. thanks very much for watching. we'll tell you about that white christmas on the way coming up at 11:00 tonight. >> we'll keep track. >> all right. >> good night.
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7:00 pm
people have much harder things to deal with than i do. >> the attitude is as amazing as 35 years later. back to the future with michael j. fox. >> what kind of memory does it bring back? >> the story behind this drumline will truly inspire you. >> what's up! >> and the new york choir became a sensation. pitch perfect proof dreams come true. >> maybe like -- >> maybe. >> hey, hey, hey!


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