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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening, time terry mcsweeney in for raj mathai. >> and downtown san jose, on the left. doppler radar on the right, lot of green there, christmas eve storm heading our way, going to last to christmas morning, rob
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mayeda. >> snow showers, view close to where our storm ranger mobile doppler radar is located. off to the northeast is rain, around the bay bridge toll plaza and treasure island, towards oakland, light to moderate rain. east bay, passing downtown san jose there. mt. hamilton, changing to purple and white. if you wake up tomorrow morning, look east to san jose, could see snow near mt. hamilton, possibly near mt. diablo. and lightning bolt is another component, slight chance of thunder which may involve hail. would be another kind of white christmas. more coming up in forecast in 15
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minutes. thank you rob, rob is great resource for keeping you in the know, everything you need to know about the weather, holiday week, @robmayeda. east bay, lot of -- south bay, lot of families checking out holiday displays. it was cold and raining but mostly made most of it. >> brings everybody together. san jose is a melting pot, awesome. >> it is. christmas in the park is open every day and night rain or shine through january 5th. man and woman appear to have stolen thousands of dollars in donations, see the video there, for toys from a san jose church. tonight, good news. outside our lady of guadalupe church, despite the prayers,
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thieves didn't repent but good news still. >> reporter: for the kids at risk of not getting any toys, this is bigger. celebrating christmas mass at the church once again tonight, they know the community has stepped up for them and this will be a special holiday after all. ♪ >> reporter: tonight as people at our lady of guadalupe church prayed and welcomed in christmas, community around them raised them up after a shocking theft. >> it's kind of worst-case scenario as far as the people who are affected. >> reporter: saturday after baptism services, surveillance cameras caught a couple staking out room, grabbing entire donation box and walking out the door. inside was around $3,000 to buy toys for little kids around january 6th, celebration of the wise men bringing gifts to
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jesus. >> it's shocking, who would have the heart to do that, mainly for kids that needed gifts. >> reporter: christmas miracle, two unnamed donors chipped in $1,000 apiece, and as last song was sung at mass, someone gave another $4,000 on the church's gofundme page, which we were happy to report to the father. >> oh, my gosh, $4,000. >> it's the $5,000 goal already. >> that's amazing. that's christmas. >> reporter: still hope the thieves give the money back but their crime won't dampen the church's christmas spirit. >> sense of solidarity, people feeli feeling responsible for each other. >> reporter: very strong community here. more than $8,000 now has been
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raised for the donation box. using those for the toys and most raised in past six hours. ian cull, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, high speed crash has deadly consequences. antioch police say man lost control, died in this crash, car wrapped around the tree. one witness saw the driver weaving in and out of traffic before fishtailing and running after the road, then she made another frightening discovery. >> saw a car seat in there. freaked out, tried to break the windows to see if there was baby in the car. didn't see anybody else. >> police department have stopped that car number of times for speeding. no one else was hurt. in contra costa county, car
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slamming into hair salon. tesla ramming into the reception area. cheryl hurd is live with how everybody miraculously escaped without getting hurt. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. boarded up window looks like not a lot went on here, but when you see the video, effort that a lot of people are feeling lucky tonight. the security camera caught the crash on video. >> called me, frantic. >> reporter: owner wasn't here when it happened but saw it on her cell phone. >> clicked on the video camera on the phone, saw a car parked in the lobby. got in car, cried all the way up here, didn't know if anybody was hurt. >> reporter: can csee the car
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gliding into parking spot but appeared to speed up, crashing into the business. thank god no one was hurt, had two women in the lobby and staff and they jumped out of the way and helped get the man out of the car. >> reporter: when police and paramedics arrived, had to sift through merchandise, a broken door and lot of glass. driver was okay but shaken up. >> in all the chaos i don't remember what he even said. i think he said something about the brakes, they didn't work. >> chp is investigating the crash. salon owner said if this happened yesterday, lot more people milling around, could have been a lot worse. reporting live in danville, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. no negotiating, that's the message from real estate investment company to two
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homeless mothers taken over a house in oakland. offered to buy the home, sent a letter to the company asking it to negotiate. company issued a statement saying won't discuss anything with the two women until they vacate the home they're occupying illegally. mothers say it speaks to bigger issue of then super cuts in petaluma. now convenience store in santa rosa on sunday. watch there, robber takes a b
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bagful of cash, turns around, pepper sprays cashier and customers on the way out. >> overkill, basically, a crude act on top of robbery. >> police in all three cities are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. tough story on christmas eve, in carmel, a father saved 12-year-old daughter from being swept out to sea but he drowned in the process. carmel beach, daughter on raft pulled out to sea, goes to rescue here, caught in strong current and took hours to recover his body. standoff with more ire from the president aimed at democrats and talking about ominous north korea warning of christmas surprise. hallie jackson with the latest.
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>> reporter: this christmas eve the president is making his own list of who is nice, mitch mcconnell. >> good, smart, fair guy. >> reporter: and who is not, nancy pelosi. >> tremendous disservice to the country, hates the republican and everybody who voted for me. >> reporter: familiar refrain. impeachment appeared to be on holiday hiatus, democrats backed the house speaker sending off on sending the papers to senate until she's confident the process will be fair but press insists the republicans have the upper hand. >> in good position, ultimately the decision will be made by mitch mcconnell, he will make it, do whatever he wants. he's head of the senate. >> reporter: overseas, questions orn on the timing of so-called
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christmas surprise that north korea has hinted about for weeks. kim jong un on horse back visiting site. >> we'll find out what surprise is, deal with it successfully. see what happens. >> reporter: u.s. military on alert for possible long-range missile test. showing north korea expanding a factory used to produce the missiles. president downplaying the threat with a quip. >> maybe it's a nice present where he sends me a beautiful vase as opposed to a missile test. still ahead, sharks legend giving much-needed assist to south bay family hit by hard times in the holiday season. ready for the final bow, "beach blanket babylon" prepares to say goodbye to the city it
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loves. rain, snow in nearby mountains and more showers overnight including a chance of thundershowers with hail. how much will carry into christmas day plans when we come back.
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very rough week for san jose family improved quite a bit tonight thanks to local celebrity couple stepping up to help. gomez/munoz family lost home to fire, staying at hotel, car broken into. now good news from a shark. >> reporter: anything but a happy holiday for the family. first lost san jose home in a fire and then lost more possessions when their car was broken into. but kindness of strangers may
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turn the sad story into a christmas miracle. caught the eye of kristina marlowe, picked up the phone. >> called her, what can we do, immediate needs to help. >> reporter: then reached out to friends on social media and san jose sharks, her husband is sharks left wing patrick marleau. both say as parents themselves, they had to help. >> can't let this family go through christmas time and have essential to things happen and community not rally around them. >> reporter: goal is to organize and collect clothing the family desperately needs. it's been overwhelming, trying to figure out where to go next. she hopes her husband and the sharks can make it easier. >> stressful and difficult for
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many people. i couldn't just swipe to the next story. >> reporter: kristina marleau plans to take donations at next sharks game, family reached out to think her and other strangers who stepped up. nbc bay area news. >> what a kind gesture on the holiday season. holiday spirit strong here as well. essential comforts to the needy. st. james park, transformed into place where people living on the streets can celebrate the holidays. hot meal, clean clothes, blanket and reminder they're not forgotten. >> knowing that people out there care, that is like the sun shining through the clouds. >> founder is hoping even more people come out to volunteer next year. serving meals to the homeless on christmas eve at memorial church, today a special
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menu, prime rib. house of prime rib donated a ton and a half of beef, ten times what they serve on regular night for dinner. has donated for 26 years, said giving hungry people a meal is way to spread holiday cheer. sacred heart community services finished handing out roughly 18,000 toys, books, bikes, all going to children in need. and distributed 3,500 boxes of food. they rely on donations to make it happen in the holidays but let us know lot of people are needy year round. >> over 6,000 kids have received toys this year. parents came through the last couple of days and we're finishing up now. incredible to see. >> sacred heart will get back to
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regular mission of providing food to 600 families on monday. maybe later we can sing to rob we're dreaming of a white christmas because you're going to deliver one. >> mt. hamilton. >> close enough. >> go solo on this one. >> thank you. appreciate that i think. >> almost like christmas for bay area meteorologists. snow in mountains, chance of hail, showers, rain, chilly temperatures and santa claus is coming to town. temperatures close to 40 in napa, 51 in san francisco, 47 in san jose where christmas in the park, wet roads around as showers pass through. 47, no snow in san jose but as you wake up tomorrow morning, look as the skies clear, will see chance of white-capped peaks close to mt. hamilton. rain to the east of san francisco currently, 51
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degrees. towards tomorrow morning, upper 30s to low 40s for morning temperatures even with showers, sign of the cold air in this weather system, keeping christmas in low 50s. 40s in clear lake, lake county and mt. st. helena could see dusting overnight. dusting of the east bay hills, san mateo. san jose catching a little bit of a break. but colors change. higher in elevation, above 36 hnz feet is 32 degrees and colder atop mt. hamilton. and summit of mt. diablo, 33 degrees, possibly sleet or wet snow there overnight as well. could be a chance for thundershowers.
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strong storms offshore may drop brief hail. if not snowflakes, maybe hail. overnight, 1:00 a.m. to the beginning of "today in the bay" news program, probably see heavier showers move out. midmorning might catch a little bit of a break but then showers start turning from southeast, heading northwest. area of low pressure in center of the storm will track by to the south. by late tomorrow may still see lingering showers, san jose to morgan hill. likely biggest rain totals near the santa cruz mountains. most likely get snow, mt. st. helena, top of mt. diablo but mt. hamilton most likely. santa cruz mountains could get some snow.
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thursday, friday, saturday also looking dry around the bay area. next chance of rain dropping in sunday. wintry mix heading into christmas day, not nonstop rain tomorrow but in and out of the showers and chance of snow above 3,500 feet makes for interesting christmas forecast. three days of dry weather, few more showers, weaker storm on sunday. >> fantastic. >> singing yet? >> commercial break to spare the audience. >> end of the show. end of era, curtain coming down on san francisco institution, that story is next. rocky ride, uber's former ceo stepping down from the company's board of directors. travis kalanick will leave next week, ousted under concerns of fostering unhealthy workplace
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environment. back in a moment.
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palo alto's traffic light synchronization getting a green light from drivers. synchronized 19 lights.
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revised the timing so cars have time to clear the intersection. transportation leaders checking how well the process is doing. traffic sped up 28% and travel time decreased by 13%. all good things eventually come to end, after 45 years world famous "beach blanket babylon" is entering final week in san francisco. ♪ >> that's the longest running musical review ever close on new year's eve. >> bummed. >> more than four decades, cast of ten, playing more than 100 different characters in energetic hour and a half, and wild hats and wigs. hats i will always remember. was only supposed to last six weeks. >> i was so proud of it. and just wanted some time.
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>> to go out on top? >> only could go out on top. >> got that right. final show ending at stroke of midnight as new year officially begins. trader joe's is recalling some salads, egg white salad with chives and old-fashioned potato salad. posted it online, telling customers the eggs could be contaminated with lift earia. no one is reported sick yet. dump it, return it, but don't eat it. marshawn lynch meets with the media ahead of the matchup with the san francisco 49ers, entire thing, 14 seconds, next.
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all eyes will be on 49ers and seahawks this sunday. two teams battle for nfc west supremacy. >> as we told you last night, marshawn lynch is back with seattle. >> beast mode. >> met with the media. vintage marshawn. >> welcome back. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> what brought you back this
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time? >> happy holidays, be merry new year, have a great day, great to be back, thank you. >> that's how he does it. >> niners taking on beast mode and the seahawks, wearing all white 1994 throwback uniforms. last time they wore it, this season and blew out carolina, battle to win is going to be tough. >> hostile, gets loud. crowd's chirping at you on the sidelines but that makes football great, especially this time of year, couldn't ask for anything more in december. reminder, sunday on nbc bay area news, our own are up there covering the games, will be up there soon. kickoff at 5:20, winner wins division and first-round bye in the playoffs. loser has to hit the road for playoff game. where is santa, rudolph,
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cupid? he knows. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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so nerve racking, less than 30 minutes away from christmas.
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where is santa. >> we know. there is santa. in western canada. i swear five minutes ago he was in idaho/montana, jamming. >> was in bolivia. >> looks like something is falling out but rob, magic. >> it's magic that saves it. >> rudolph in the front. >> run, run rudolph, santa's got to make it to town. canada looks great. going to make it to everybody's house on schedule. he never lets us down. merry christmas everybody. >> celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, bye. >> good night. hallelujah now a special christmpresenn from nbc news. from theat


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