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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 25, 2019 2:07am-2:38am PST

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>> reporter: tonight a grandmother's desperate plea. >> show us the kids. >> reporter: authorities say kay vallow's grandchildren, 7-year-old joshua vallow and 17-year-old tylee ryan were last seen in september near their home in rexburg, idaho. police say their mother lori vallow and her husband chad daybell are no considered persons of interest after vallow misled authorities on joshua's whereabouts the couple was married weeks after daybell's then wife tammy was found dead in october. authorities first believing her death was natural, but have since exhumed her remains for an autopsy after new evidence deemed it suspicious in arizona, investigators are also looking at the deaths of vallow's estranged husband and her brother, both earlier this year. the couple's attorney issued a statement saying we look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor. vallow says she has been increasingly worried about the couple's extremist religious views. >> they're feeding off
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of each other and not in a good way. >> reporter: a christmas cut off from loved ones, searching for any sign of hope >> we love you, jj, and we love you, tylee, and please come home. >> reporter: steve patterson, nbc news. now to the latest in the heartbreaking case of the texas mother murdered. her newborn kidnapped and her friend charged in the crime tonight the baby girl now back with her father sam brock has the very latest >> reporter: a holiday gift for the family devastated by the loss of heidi broussard baby margot now back with her father shane. >> that's the best thing that could ever happen ♪ silent night >> reporter: but this holiday also brings immeasurable pain. a vigil honoring heidi's life, but without her parents who returned to louisiana for funeral arrangements heidi's mother telling nbc news it hit us hard when we arrived home, realizing their daughter would never again walk through the front door saying "mom, we're here." rachel west is one of
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heidi's closest friends. >> devastating is an understatement of what this is. >> reporter: now questions about heidi's childhood friend maygen humphrey the two met at church camp when they were 11 heidi's body was discovered thursday in car trunk on humphrey's property. humphrey faces charges of kidnapping and tampering with a human corpse >> i'm feeling anger, sadness, confusion, wanting to understand. i talked to her the whole week heidi is missing. >> reporter: a baby registry in maygen's name shows the same due date as heidi's. police remain silent on any details of the investigation. an humphrey's attorney did not respond to nbc's request for comment. >> pray for baby margot. >> reporter: palpable pain, only softened by heidi's memory. >> she is a light in complete and total darkness, and she always will be. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc news, austin in the bahamas, the official death toll from hurricane dorian stands at 70. but in the wake of massive destruction, local officials believe hundreds of more may have died on hard hit great abaco we sent nbc's kerry sanders back to the island where people
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are still struggling >> reporter: almost four months after hurricane dorian flattened and flooded great abaco island, life here remains a struggle is there water >> no, there is no water. >> reporter: no water, no power, no sewer every structure on the island still damaged or destroyed where did you ride the storm out? >> right inside here. >> reporter: matthew taylor hoped to have a roof on his murphytown home by now, but on this island 90 miles long, at its fattest only four miles wide, for about 9,000 survivors who are now here trying to rebuild, needed supplies are scarce. >> my work is on hold because of nails >> reporter: nails you don't have nails >> i'm out of the nails that i need. >> reporter: the hardware store, like most of this island, looks today as it did the day after the hurricane. so here in murphytown, you feel forgotten. forgotten, say survivors by the government in the untouched capital of
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nassau dale hill is an elected councilmember. how do you respond to people that say the bahamian government has failed them? >> the bahamian government has failed. >> reporter: the most asked question is when when will things in the impact zone get back to normal government officials say because we are on an island and it takes a long time to get supplies here, that answer is a moving target, but probably years. while nearly 100 million charity dollars have been donated or committed to help survivors, frustration here mounts amid few visible signs of progress kerry sanders, nbc news, great abaco island, the bahamas. and now to our series "one nation," stories that prove we're not so divided after all. tonight harry smith takes us to one of the cities most devastated by the opioid epidemic, and shows us how people are determined to bring it back from the brink. >> 20 seconds. next man up, next man
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up, let's go >> reporter: the crossfit class at this rehab center is more than a workout, it's a test >> who knows what it feels like to be frustrated to be ashamed of what you've done? come on! atta girl, beautiful. >>reporter: instructor dale king grew up in portsmouth, ohio, went to college and then the service when he got home, he didn't like what he saw. his city, his neighbors devastated by the opioid crisis how much had your town changed? >> to me it wa almost unrecognizable. i'd see all these signs for pain clinic, pain clinic. then there was n businesses anywhere. >> help each other out, let's go! >> reporter: king was introduced to crossfit in the military. now in portsmouth, he trains people in recovery, and he provides jobs in his gym and his ointment company. nicole maynard has fought her way through enough crossfit classes to fall in love with it it's not a stretch to
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say it's helping save her life where would you be if you weren't sober now? >> i really don't know probably homeless. i might not even be here i may have been dead already. >> reporter: a short walk from dale's gym, a brew pub opened downtown tim wolf's army engineering unit helped rebuild iraq. he figured why not do the same thing in his hometown so you would come back to portsmouth, decide you're going to be in the development business did anybody say you're nuts because this town is over? >> yeah. and they're still saying that. everybody questions the investment all the time but if this is our home and we have no other choice but you either fix it up or you let it fall down around you. >> reporter: if not us, who say these vets tim now has 18 people in recovery working for him. literally rebuilding the town he and dale king love. >> this will be the greatest comeback in any small town, i
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guarantee it >> reporter: a new spirit for a city and its people harry smith, nbc news, portsmouth, ohio. >> a critical investment indeed. well, pope francis celebrated christmas eve with a midnight mass at the vatican, attended by thousands. the pontiff telling the faithful that a person's sin does not change god's love for them another catholic tradition for the first time in more than 200 years, the iconic notre dame cathedral in paris will not host any christmas services after it was devastated by a massive fire in april. just ahead, a royal christmas. good news about the health of 98-year-old prince philip, while the queen raises questions about who isn't in the photos during her christmas message. we'll tell you why also, a beloved holiday tradition lighting up one american city. we'll take you there and a star is born. our update on a remarkable young singer stay with us >> announcer: "one nation" on "nbc nightly news" is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance
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we're back now with the royal family's christmas there is news tonight about where prince philip will be spending the holiday, who isn't going to be there to celebrate and who is missing from the photos seen during the queen's christmas message. molly hunter is in london tonight >> reporter: after four nights in a london hospital, 98-year-old prince philip has walked out just in time for a royal christmas. good news for a royal family in need of some holiday cheer. prince philip will be home at sandringham for the queen's annual christmas message. she will allude to a rough year saying, quote, the path of course is not always smooth and may at times this year have felt quite bumpy, but small steps can make a world of difference. >> the queen has been dragged into a constitutional crisis over brexit. so perhaps it's only wise the mother of the nation sets a very calming note >> reporter: speculation is rampant whether she is talking about the stark divisions over brexit.
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>> people vote >> reporter: or maybe divisions within her own family she's watched a sordid scandal engulf her son andrew, and she's watched the relationship between her grandsons become strained on her desk during the televised address, a nod to the royal line of succession. not pictured this year, harry and meghan, and the palace just releasing this sweet video of four generations and three future kings all making christmas pudding. and meghan and harry are spending christmas with meghan's mom in canada so tomorrow we'll see will and kate, the queen, and hopefully prince philip with the rest of the royal family kristen? >> molly, thank you for that report. next, we'll stop by a house where they take decorating for christmas to a whole new level.
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we're back now with the christmas celebration that is truly a family affair. blayne alexander shows
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us the spectacular display of lights, all for a good cause >> reporter: even from santa's sleigh, christmas on the moody family's lawn is enough to stop you in your tracks. >> i love everything, that, everything it's so colorful ♪ you better watch out ♪ >> reporter: more than just twinkling lights, this is a full-on production, with thousands of people filling the streets in a single night. >> my favorite part about this beautiful house is all the people that come here to celebrate christmas. >> reporter: for decades, it's been a must-see holiday tradition in columbus, georgia, all thanks to one christmas loving couple, jerry and edith moody. >> we tell everybody it's love at first light. >> reporter: derek keith has been helping since he was old enough to walk >> when they're relaxing on the beach, we're hanging up lights on the roof. >> so christmas is year round >> reporter: 20 miles of cords and 500,000 lights, the festivities are free, but with one request, help brighten another
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child's life. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> reporter: the moodys collect donations for make a wish foundation, so far raising more than $140,000 >> we do this for our kids, everybody else's kids, and the kids that are up to 99. >> it gets me emotional. but it's a good emotion because i know the good comes out >> reporter: a shining example of the holiday spirit blayne alexander, nbc news >> merry christmas >> reporter: columbus, georgia. >> lighting up people's lives on this holiday. up next, a brilliant young star and how his life is changing as he inspires america
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this week we're ending our program with updates to some of our favorite stories. tonight we catch up with a young man who became a huge success this year, finding his voice in more ways than one jo ling kent with tonight's "inspiring america. >> reporter: kodi lee first captured our hearts with his angelic voice. ♪ cause you are the reason ♪ >> reporter: then delighted the nation with his big win on "america's got talent" this year. how does it feel >> it was unbelievable >> reporter: and now the 22-year-old musician who is blind and has autism is taking his craft to another level. >> las vegas >> reporter: taking las vegas by storm, headlining six shows ♪ i've been so many places in my life ♪ >> dude, i love the audience >> reporter: kodi's mom tina says winning has transformed the way he communicates.
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>> with all of the interviews and the excitement of performing, i think that's what helped give him that confidence and that want to speak to people >> reporter: kodi's also back at the piano, writing new songs with his teacher sal. ♪ everything is bound to change ♪ >> i got a few songs i'm most excited about. >> reporter: and for mom tina, his lyrics will be more than just words. she hopes they'll lift other families up too. >> all of us parents want is for our kids to be accepted and have opportunities and i think that's what he opened the door by winning is he gave all of these kids acceptance and opportunities. >> reporter: kodi lee closing out his big year on a high and hopeful note jo ling kent, nbc news >> what an inspiring young man. well, that is "nightly news" for this christmas eve. i'm kristen welker in for lester for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching have a very merry christmas and good night.
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♪ [applause] >> kelly: welcome to a very special edition of "the kelly clarkson show," y'all beer not to be super cliche but it really is the most wonderful time of the year. it is christmas eve, i love this. were getting more intimate and cozy and were looking back at moments that totally embody the holiday spirit, food, fun, friends, family. we love this season so much at "the kelly clarkson show," here we celebrate year-round with something we call "ambush christmas," and you never know when it's going to strike.
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check out some of these highlights. >> from the north pole, it's "ambush christmas!" [cheers and applause] >> kelly: that's right, we're celebrating the holiday spirit in september, we can rejoice all year. it's "ambush christmas," y'all! presents for everyone! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: merry christmas, y'all! y'all can see it doesn't have to be december for us to have a merry good time. we love christmas here. back in early november, actor
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henry golding was here celebrating the release of his latest movie, "last christmas." while the eggnog was really flowing, his mom had a heavy hand with that alcohol. take a look. >> kelly: albright, henry, come on in! okay, happy holidays! as people can probably tell, we are celebrating the holidays a little early, oh, yes. because we want to spread a little christmas tree because he avenue holiday movie coming out. i thought we would celebrate with a good old-fashioned game of nog pong. keeping it classy. >> i've never played regular pong. >> kelly: i think i've only played it once and i didn't win and i don't remember the rest of the night. [laughs] we are just missing one crucial ingredient, i'm going to pour a tiny bit just in all of them come and watch this, henry, this is how we do it, this is how you
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do it, this is why i don't remember the night! [laughs] the rules are simple, you toss the ball into one of my cups and i have to drink and vice versa. what we are playing for, so glad you asked, the winner gets to go home with a highly coveted first annual nog pong world championship belt! >> oh, my gosh! look at that thing! >> kelly: let's take positions. are you ready to start customer come going to ask a question while we are doing this because i'm trying to throw you off your game. what is "last christmas" about, because i'm excited. oh, shoot. i love it, i love it. >> emilia clarke's character wants to be a singer. she's having the midlife character, crisis we often get ourselves into and she meets a young man who gives her a different perspective on life.
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george michael music. >> kelly: george michael, i'm in. >> oh, you spoke too soon. >> kelly: [laughs] i love this, i'm excited. whoa, okay. that is a lot of bourbon. >> kelly: what is your favorite christmas will be customer go first, "white christmas." >> "elf." >> kelly: i am so good. what was your job before acting? >> i used to work in a salon doing blowouts, cuts, drives. >> kelly: does she have you do that? >> more often than not, when you see my wife, i usually do the blowout. >> kelly: oh, my gosh! you are kind of nailing this at
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this point. >> kind of that blowout that was big, volume is, sexy. >> kelly: i want you to do that to my hair. >> any time you need me. >> kelly: oh oh! >> pretty good. >> kelly: i am a woman of my word. >> lord. >> you are kind of kicking my butt in this game. speak at this when you have to do whichever row it lands on. >> kelly: don't you challenge me to a good time. oh! you just close it out, i'll just do it. >> [laughs] >> kelly: congrats, you're the first eggnog pong world champion. you bade them a little bit and said you weren't good at this and then you killed me. >> i might've played a couple times. >> kelly: here we go. it's sticking on my sweater. >> i'm coming back next year when i do another christmas
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movie. [applause] >> kelly: the joys of day drinking, right, seth meyers? looking at you. is there something else i love this time of year, christmas carols. recently i got to sing one with lea michele. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ ♪ just like the ones ♪ i used to know ♪ where the treetops glisten ♪ and children listen ♪ to hear sleigh bells in the snow ♪ ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ ♪ with every christmas card i
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right ♪ ♪ may your days be merry and bright ♪ ♪ in may all your christmases be white ♪ ♪ the treetops glisten ♪ and children listen ♪ to hear sleigh bells in the snow ♪ ♪ oh, i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ ♪


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