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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a vallejo boy fighting for his life after he was shot on christmas eve. a live report is moments away. the holiday spirit is alive and well in the south bay. coming up, the money now pouring in to a church robbed of its donation box just days before christmas. "today in the bay" starts now. >> that's right, but we're also tracking some rain out there. thunderstorms, rain passing over the bay area. when will it all clear out? meteorologist kari hall has our christmas day forecast for us. a very good morning and a merry christmas to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kira klapper in for marcus washington.
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before we get to kari's forecast, i believe we have some really crazy video to start our christmas morning with. hail in san francisco, is that right? and lightning. >> yes, just north of san francisco. >> oh my goodness. >> marin county. so that's caused a lot of problems. it was just this cell that moved through marin county, it dumped a lot of heavy rain and even brought some flashes of lightning this morning, and so that also caused some problems on the roads, so as we take a look out here right now, i wanted to show you what it looks like on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. that moved through at about 2:00 to 2:30 this morning and has since cleared out but there's still some lingering rain in that area. as we take a closer look, we are seeing still some heavy rain pouring just south of that area in marin county, just south of san rafael, that move through, and then also in san francisco right now we are seeing some heavy rain, moving toward the east bay also picking up on some
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rain that will be moving through in waves. let's get you out on the roads this morning, a live look in san rafael, highway 101 looking good. we have a problem in the north bay where that hail and that heavy rain fell earlier this morning. there is a collision that was just south of the robin williams tunnel and so it was most likely someone sliding off the road because of the hail. it still remains on the road. i'll have more on this and the weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, we'll check back with you. breaking news overnight a 6-year-old boy is shot while celebrating christmas eve in rah vallejo. >> "today in the bay's" roz plater is live at the scene with more on his condition. hi, roz. >> reporter: yes, this morning we are here at the intersection of ohio and maripos streets, it's an area of homes off solano avenue and i-80, this is where police say it happened. let's tell you what we know so far. we're told by police the young boy and his family, this is the area they were out celebrating on christmas eve.
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about 6:30 or so last night is when the shots rang out and the bullets began flying. that 6-year-old was struck in the torso, we are told, then when officers arrived, they discovered the child had already been taken to the hospital. he had been rushed there in a car. what we don't know is how this happened, why it happened, or who the suspected shooter is. that is all part of what police are investigating at this morning. what we do know is officers towed away a motorbike we're told is part of that investigation. now, this has got to be a very tough morning for his family to be dealing with this on christmas morning. the latest update we have from police is the child is in critical condition. obviously if you have any information about what happened, vallejo police want to speak with you. for now we're live in va halo, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> we hope they find out, roz, thanks so much. breaking news in san francisco, police looking for a person who shot two people overnight in the tenderloin.
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it happened last night about 11:30. police say one person died at the scene while another was rushed to the hospital. now to a follow-up in the south bay, the community is coming together to help a san jose church after a man and woman stole thousands of dollars in donations for toys. two unnamed donors are chipping in $1,000 apiece for the lady of guadalupe church and another person is donating $4,000 to the church's go fund me page. all of the money is set to help out the church and give those items to children in need. this comes after more than $3,000 was stolen from this donation box staaturday night. father robert bricado said he is thankful for the support. >> oh my gosh, $4,000? >> reporter: so $5,000 already. >> that's incredible. that's just amazing. wow. see, that's just -- that's christmas. >> just gives you chills. church members still hope the thieves give that stolen money
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back. continuing coverage now, pg&e's bankruptcy, google's wall street pg&e bond holders trying to take over the utility is telling governor newsom it can meet his demands. "the chronicle" is reporting the group says it will consult with newsom on creating a new board of directors and give the state the power to buy pg&e if it's responsible for another wildfire. there's no response from the governor on that offer. just last week a judge approved pg&e's $13 billion settlement with fire victims as part of its bankruptcy exit plan. governor newsom supports the settlement but continues to demand a better restructuring plan. payday will be a little brighter for some bay area workers because of a new minimum wage set at $15 an hour. local cities that get a pay boost include belmont, menlo park and south san francisco. the number of cities with at least a $15 minimum wage is expected to double in 2020. from grocery bag give-aways so shopping sprees for kids, a
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san jose church is ending its season of generosity and spirit with glide foundation is serving free christmas meals today. breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m. followed by a christmas celebration at 10:00 and a lunch at 11:00. if you're headed to tahoe for the holiday, be prepared. a live look right now, you can see pretty quiet out there but this is 80 at dutch flat, roads are icy out there, it's cold. a lot of snow on the sides. good news for anyone looking to hit the slopes but definitely adds some time if you want to make it up to tahoe. take the chains in case the snow starts coming down as well. that's anticipated, right, kari? >> yes, we are still seeing snow across some parts of the sierra. we look at storm ranger some of the snow as you go up in elevation as you head just to the east of sacramento, so we'll be watching out for that. here we are seeing some
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lightning coming on shore near santa cruz mountains and then for us, we will have that chance of some thunder and lightning today as the storm system continues to move in. so as we go into the morning, most of this rain that comes through will bring in some isolated heavy downpours, even hail possible, and some more lightning going into the afternoon. so we'll be watching out for that, mostly throughout the morning. let's head over to look at how the roads are moving this morning, as we get a look at our overall traffic map. we've had quite a few issues with rain and the hail that hit marin county earlier this morning, and just south of the robin williams tunnel highway 101 a car slid you have at road and looks like things are recovering nicely there. also heading down 101 and just south of san francisco, the sfo on-ramp there was a hit-and-run collision and so you may have issues getting to sfo, and so we'll be watching that. as we head over toward the east bay, some heavy rain showing up on our road weather index and that's mostly for coco county
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headed toward 680, so the roads may be wet in some of those areas. i'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thank you. paying it forward. still ahead on "today in the bay," one bay area family is working to give back to other families, after being given hope 17 years ago, when their babies were born prematurely. plus a northern california dog is getting a new leash on life, just in time for the holidays. we'll tell you about the local family that came to hiss rescu. you're watching "today in the bay." [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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good morning. right now at 5:11 we take a look at storm ranger on mobile doppler radar also picking up son lightning off the coast near santa cruz, that could be moving into the south bay. we also have heavy rain from san francisco extending over toward concord. we'll be tracking that with an
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hour-by-hour outlook. as we head out on the roads this morning new issues popping up on highway 101 south of the poplar avenue on-ramp. we have another crash there so a big backup on highway 101. i'll have more on that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you, kari. it's 5:12. chances are you heard of paying it forward, doing a good deed. >> in the case of our next story it was 17 years down the road. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas shares the story about giving hope when it's needed the most in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: in the katyar household in saratoga they have a special day they celebrate january 9th, not the birthday of twins erica and erith but the day they came home from the hospital. the family looks at pictures and tells stories, one story in particular that has clearly left an impression.
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in the neonatal intensive care unit at lucille packard children's hospital stanford, there are likely thousands of medicines they can give these smallest of patients. for the babies' parents though, there is only one that gets them through the day. hope. >> just having hope is just a beautiful thing. >> reporter: 17 years ago barka katyar needed all the hope she could get. her twin children, erica and erith had come into the world at a perilously young age. >> they were 27 weeks, 1 pound 12 ounces and 1 pound 14 ounces. >> reporter: there were many times barka wondered if her children would survive and if so, what kind of life they would lead. she desperately needed hope. >> so the card says "from one preemie to another." >> reporter: it arrived one day in the shape of a blanket.
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and a 3x5 card. >> from a girl who explains that today she's 15 years of age and she was born with, you know, all the issues that she had, and from the card, she was on the honor roll, she plays sports, she just sounds like a happy girl. it meant everything. it was hope. there was hope that you know, the kids could have a regular existence. >> reporter: it was a story erica, now a high school junior, heard many, many times growing up. so many, in fact, that when she turned 15, erica knew just what to do. >> when i turned 15, i was like oh my gosh, i mean, i'm the same age as this girl, i could do the same thing. it gave my mom a lot of hope and i kind of wanted to do the same thing for premature babies in the hospital today. dedicated to my twin brother eric who has been with me every step of the way. >> reporter: instead of a card
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though -- >> because being rarely is so rare, i had a few problems here and there. >> reporter: erica wrote a book one she's been allowed to give to nicu families at lucille packard, just like that card years ago. >> i went through ups and downs but that didn't make me different from other babies. >> reporter: delivering doses of the medicine that is hope, just when it is needed the most. garvin thomas, "nbc bay area news." >> as a mother of three preemies, that's a beautiful story. it's 5:15 right now. new this morning, there's a fresno dog getting a new leash on life in time for the holidays. simas cared for at fresno bully rescue for five years was adopted over the weekend according to the organization's facebook. simas had specific needs, including a forever home without kids and no other dogs. a local couple took him home and by the looks of these photos they shared, he's loving his new home, even spending time under
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the christmas tree. and trending this morning, what a royal christmas, duchess kate and prince william are ringing in the holiday sharing this sweet, new picture of their family. take a look, it features prince william kissing prince louie on the cheek, while princess charlotte and prince george pose in the background. prince george looks like he's 6 years old. i can't believe how -- >> time is flying. where is cate? >> i wonder if she took it. she is a photographer in her spare time apparently. >> 5:16 right now. would it be christmas day if we didn't play -- >> mariah carey. you're making me say it. take a look at how a group the new york travelers honored her iconic christmas song. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> oh, i love subway singing.
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mariah carey just finished performing at madison square garden and looks like her fans didn't want the show so stop so they started their own impromptu concert in the subway station. top of the set list none other than "all i want for christmas is you." the video was posted on twitter and has millions of views. mariah carey reposted the tweet. >> that's got to be cool for her to see. you know? >> yes. >> she showed up. >> that would have been incredible. >> an extra added treat. it's christmas morning, santa was busy last night. >> had to go through some rain and hail in the bay area. here is a look at storm ranger that has since moved on and we are still tracking some heavy rain as we get a closer look at some of the downpours that have been moving through san francisco, extending toward oakland. we are still going to track the
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potential of some street flooding from oakland over toward concord, and then as well toward brentwood. we're getting a closer look at some of the rain that's been moving through orinda toward walnut creek, 680 may have some standing water there, and then the rain has been lighter for parts of the east bay, but you head down to fremont, and right there on 680, some heavy rain pouring right now that may cause some problems, and then some rain moving through santa clara, where we see the bright reds indicates the hecheiest rain moving in to san jose. the wider view shows if you'll be traveling across the state, for the most part the grapevine is looking good but there will be rain headed on there later on this morning. as we start out we are seeing times of rain, cold temperatures but there will be some clearing, as we head through the rest of the day. so as we take it hour by hour, most of the rain we'll see will be during this morning. by 9:00, we're starting to see that rain clearing out, still some lingering showers possible throughout the day, but once
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again, most of the rain falling for the first part of the day, and then clearing out this afternoon. so if the kids want to head out and test out their new toys, it's looking better this afternoon, most of our rainfall totals will be about a quarter to half inch. going into the weekend, another chance of rain coming in, and early next week, it looks like a lot of the rain holds off, and we'll have a chance to dry out, and of course that's right in time for the new year. we'll be watching out for a chance of showers right there on sunday, as the 49ers take on seattle seahawks on nbc bay area. you'll be able to watch it before your watch party. we'll see the potential of some rain. let's head out there on the roads with a look at how it's moving at the golden gate bridge, a live view, you can see the water that's still standing right there and the drivers having to slow down to deal with that. we also have the heavy rain and the hail that slowed down the commute and parts of marin county headed into the robin williams tunnel. we've seen some minor issues but
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it looks like there is recovery on highway 101 southbound, still looks like there is some yellow sensors there indicating a slowdown. we also had a hit-and-run, highway 101 southbound at the sfo on-ramp and we've seen some heavy rain moving through contra costa county, road weather index showing some standing water may be possible heading on i-80. so i'll be having more updates on that as well as the forecast coming up throughout the show. >> kari hall double duty this morning. kari, thanks. 5:20 right now. dealing with some holiday stress? coming up next on "today in the bay," what you can do to stay joyful this christmas. plus "nbc bay area responds." >> you have the physical gift card but scammers stole the money stored on it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. and trending this morning, a brand new world tour when pop star justin bieber is set to take the stage here in the bay area.
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a lot of cases where gift cards lose their value. >> i didn't know they could do that. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some advice and how you can keep every penny. >> chances are high you got a gift card. before the holidays, 59% of shoppers told the national retail federation they were buying a gift card to give to someone like you. our gift card mantra is use it or lose it and we mean it. in the background, scammers are constantly hacking in to store systems trying billions of number combinations trying to steal the cash off of your card.
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the longer you wait to redeem it, the longer scammers have to hack it. other thieves grab the numbers from the cards on the rack in the store but leave the cards there just waiting for you to add money onto it that they can then steal. if you find a card that someone's tampered with, tell the store manager immediately. if you wind one a gift card that has no value but should, contact the store asap. sometimes their loss prevention staff can unravel the con and restore the value to you. you can send us your gift card complaints, tap the menu on and then head to our responds page or you can call us, 888-996-tips. >> thank you, chris. from figuring out the perfect gift to trying to beat holiday traffic, the holiday season can cause a lot of stress. experts say it all starts in the brain, when people get stressed about all their holiday tasks, their neurons start to fire around quickly. so the advice from doctors is to slow down and do less so you can
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enjoy more. >> trending this morning, justin bieber is back. ♪ he has a docu series coming out the 31st and a new single january 3rd and going on a north american tour starting may 14th. you'll see him when he comes to santa clara may 22nd. mark your calendars. >> no doubt there will be a lot of fans there. coming up next, top stories we're following today, including a stalemate in washington, what president trump is now saying about his impeachment trial in the senate. plus we're following breaking news in vallejo, tragic, a 6-year-old boy shot on christmas eve. a live report from the scene on his condition and the investigation still unfolding.
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right now at 5:30, a new winter storm taking aim at the bay area. taking a live look outside on this christmas morning, rain
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falling in san francisco, soggy conditions in san jose. kari hall is tracking our christmas forecast and how long this wet weather will last. no doubt kids want to get out there on their new bicycle this is morning. >> yes indeed. >> santa delivered. >> i don't know if they'll want to in the rain. >> good morning to you, merry christmas. thanks for joining us. i'm xwrs, g i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kira klapper in for marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall i saw so much rain on my drive this morning. >> most of that rain will be early this morning. we'll see this pushing on through and then clearing out for most of the rest of the day, but storm ranger's been tracking all kinds of weather this morning. that's our mobile doppler radar. some of the heaviest rain moving through san francisco and extending toward much of contra costa county, where we've seen some heavy rain, now approaching brentwood, also pouring heavily in antioch so that may slow you down, if you have to work this morning, causing some wet roads.
5:31 am
let's look at some of our roads this morning, and we had that hail that fell in marin county earlier this morning, that was about 2:00 this morning, where some heavy rain moved through, and also caused enough hail to coat the roads. it also made it icy for drivers that were on highway 101 and caused quite a few accidents so that was a big issue, along with the lightning that came along with that, and so that has since cleared out, but as we get a look at san rafael and our live camera, looking in dublin right now, we are also seeing some clearing conditions here on 580. here is a look at highway 101 in san rafael, still wet as that rain continues to fall. overall look at the bay area shows we're seeing minor issues because of that rain, especially in parts of the east bay, as you head out and also some slowing in the south bay, i'm going to check on that and i'll have an update coming up in a few minutes. all right kari, thanks. it is 5:31.
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we're staying on top of breaking news out of vallejo where a 6-year-old was shot overnight. >> reporter: "today in the bay's" roz plater is live at the scene with the latest. hi, roz. >> reporter: good morning. you know, this is a very quiet, little neighborhood especially at this hour, but this is where it happened. i'm going to set the scene for you. we are at ohio and maripos just down the street about a block or so from burger king and it's near the solano avenue and i-80 area. this is where police say it all happened. here is what we know. police say that young boy was out in the streets here celebrating christmas eve with his family. right around 6:30 last night is when the shots rang out, multiple shots. the bullets were flying we're told. the young boy was struck in the torso. when officers arrived, somebody had already rushed that child to the hospital in a car. what we don't know right now and what police are investigating is how this happened, why it happened, and who the suspected shooter is.
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now that's all a part of what police are continuing to investigate and follow this morning. we know officers towed away a motorbike, we're told that is part of the investigation. what has to be tough for this family the latest update from police is the boy is in critical condition. obviously if you have any information about what happened, vallejo police want to talk to you. for now we're live in vallejo, i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> we hope someone comes forward with information, thanks. breaking news in san francisco, police looking for a person who shot two people overnight in the tenderloin. it happened last night about 11:30. police say one person died at the scene while another was a car smashed into a hair salon at blackhawk. the pictures are dramatic. it happened yesterday before
5:34 am
noon. it was caught on video. you can see the car starting to fwlid into a parking spot and appeared to speed up as it was pulling in. it crashed right through the business. >> i immediately clicked on my video camera on my phone and saw a car parked in the lobby, got in my car, cried all the way up here, i didn't know if anyone was hurt. >> reporter: when police and paramedics arrived they had to sift through merchandise, a broken door, a lot of glass. luckily no one was hurt. >> that was shocking to see. police looking for a man who stabbed someone at the santa rosa shopping center monday about 8:20 at night. two men got into a fight at the macy's in the mall. after one of the men called the other a name, he was stabbed. that man was rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay. police say the stabbing might have been gang related. we now know the name of the robbery suspect shot and killed by a bay point store clerk sunday. contra costa sheriff's office says it's 31-year-old michael
5:35 am
andrew, from merced. investigators say the clerk was acting in self-defense. police are still looking for the second suspect. turning to capitol hill on this christmas day as president trump spends time in mar-a-lago over the holidays there is uncertainty over what is next from his impeachment. from his florida home president trump held a christmas eve televideo conference with five units around the globe. the president blasting democrats and house speaker nancy pelosi who is still withholding the articles of impeachment insisting on a real trial. meantime, democrats are still demanding documents and witnesses. >> they treated us very unfairly and now they want fairness in the senate. they ought to look back at the last year to see how they've hurt this country. >> we say to president trump, release the emails, let your aides testify. we say to leader mcconnell, a fair trial with the facts. >> the president is expressing
5:36 am
confidence in majority leader mitch mcconnell who has said publicly is he collaborating with the white house on out to proceed with the senate trial. new details the fbi reportedly looking at last-minute pardons from former kentucky governor max bevin. bevin has come under fire in recent weeks for his more than 600 pardons and sentence reductions after he lost re-election in november. among the pardons a convicted child rapist and a man convicted of reckless homicide and other crimes. the man's family raised more than $21,000 at a political fund-raiser for bevin. back here in california, restrictions on rent increases will remain in place for another year in sonoma county, following the deadly and destructive wildfires there. as "the press democrat" reports governor gavin newsom is extending price gouging protections for communities that have been affected by the 2017 north bay fires. it was set to expire at the end of this month.
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one san jose shark player gave a major helping hand to a family in need. >> that's right, he and his wife, the gomez munez family lost their home in san jose in a fire last week. then while they were staying at a hotel, their car was broken into. they lost pretty much everything. as we've been telling you here on nbc bay area, it caught the attention of christina marleau, the wife of sharks player patrick marleau. the couple shared the story on social media and quickly got to work. >> so i just called her and i said, you know, like what can we do? what are your immediate needs? we want to help. >> the gomez munez family are still trying to figure out the next step but with support from the community and now the san jose sharks, hopefully their journey becomes a little easier. now to another story about giving back, city team in san jose having a christmas celebration for those less
5:38 am
fortunate. they'll serve christmas meals from 11:00 this morning all the way until 5:00 this afternoon. volunteers will be dressed up as elves and going to give free haircuts as well and foot washings. special guests include santa cla claus. we have a live look at volunteers getting ready to hand out christmas meals, this is in san francisco i do believe. the meals include oh this is the salvation army center i should say, the meals include ham, vegetables, hot chocolate and cookies. all of the food will go to people in san francisco who cannot leave their homes or are too sick. the deliveries start at 8:00 a.m. >> i did the meals and wheels delivery once and it was one of the most rewarding things. having a nice visit with people that sometimes don't have any family around. it's really lovely. >> true. all right, it's all in the holiday spirit. >> it's true, it's important. >> it is. so if you do still have some traveling to do this morning, i wanted to show you the wide view of the weather setup that we
5:39 am
have here across the region. so we have this new storm coming in. we've seen some strikes of lightning earlier this morning. right now most of it is off the coast. if you'll be driving, expect there to be some slow travel, hazardous travel conditions to get to the sierra with some light snow coming down and also traveling either north or south, there's still some rain out there. our seven-day forecast shows that we will have a chance to dry out after today, and so once you get to your destination or if you have family coming in, we'll have some better weather to get out and enjoy, and then going into sunday we're watching that forecast, because we will see a chance of showers here for your watch party. we're looking at temperatures that will be in the mid-50s, even leading into the new year it stays cool as we'll get some more sunshine. we're watching the weather for the weekend, not only here in the bay area, but also seattle, where our 49ers will be heading and for that game it looks like they will also some rain moving in with temperatures at halftime
5:40 am
only about 45 degrees, if you're going there. lucky you and if you're going here you'll get a fresh coating of snow in the sierra, that's a look at squaw valley and the forecast for the weekend. we're dry on friday and saturday, but then by sunday we'll see some more snow showers coming in. and as you head out on the roads this morning, let's get a live look outside in san jose. we're seeing right there on highway 101 near the interchange it's looking good. we've seen the slick roads because of the recent heavy rain that's been moving into the south bay. we also have quite a few issues for the east bay, trying to get to the bay bridge, and we're seeing there was an accident on 580 right there as we get close to that university avenue exit and so i'll be watching that to see if it causes any problems as of right now. it doesn't look like a major issue. more on weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thanks. it is 5:40. a pack of thieves caught in the act. coming up next on "today in the bay" the arrests made after 100
5:41 am
packages were taken. and california's legal pot industry is no match for the black market. the proposed overhaul that could soon come to the legal industry. plus the best way to spread christmas cheer, singing loud for all to hear. trending this morning the fun way one educator got chids inki the holiday spirit. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it.
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prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines while taking dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day with food or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato and become harder to treat. your hepatitis b may get worse or become life-threatening if you stop taking dovato. so do not stop dovato without talking to your doctor. serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, liver problems, and liver failure. life-threatening side effects include lactic acid buildup and severe liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis b or c. don't use dovato if you plan to become pregnant or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy since one of its ingredients may harm your unborn baby.
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your doctor should do a pregnancy test before starting dovato. use effective birth control while taking dovato. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if starting hiv treatment with dovato is right for you. merry christmas. right now at 5:43, if you're about to head out, here is a live look in palo alto.
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highway 101 is flowing pretty good here, even after some rain moved through. we'll have waves of rain especially this morning, but it will start to clear out as we head through the day. heading out on the roads, looking at the south bay, here is a look at our overall traffic map for the south bay, not too bad. even though there are some heavy rain, we're slowing down in a few spots. more on weather and traffic coming up in about five minutes. >> thanks, kari. we have new details now in butte county where two people are behind bars for allegedly stealing more than 100 packages. the pair was caught monday morning after trying to drive away from sheriff's deputies. jeremy bloomline and breanna meyer were charged with identity theft, mail theft and violation of probation. methamphetamine was found in their car as well as a wallet that this giflts and prepaid cards and hundreds of dollars of cash inside. it is 5:44.
5:45 am
california's legal pot industry no match for the black market. now some state officials are calling to overhaul the legal industry possibly even going back to voters. "l.a. times" is reporting the cannabis advisory committee is warning governor newsom the taxes are way too high and too many rules for pot shops. the tax revenue is only a third of what the state was hoping for. the committee estimates about 80% of all pot sales are done in the black market. earlier this month, oakland lowered its city pot taxes on shops. have strict vaccination laws made a difference? you may remember when california adopted strict childhood vaccination laws in 2014, requires children to be vaccinated in order to go to school. researchers looked at how this law impacts vaccination rates across the state and the results, vaccinations for measles and mumps increased by 3%. the increase happened in areas where the risk of getting
5:46 am
measles was high, but vaccination rates were low. at 5:45, it is an annual tradition that is now an annual story for us. it warms our hearts to share it. south bay high school students granting as many holiday wishes as they can for fellow classmates and school staff. >> it's nice to see. garvin thomas hat the story of one wish to make sure students memory lives on, even after her death. >> so for this next wish i bring out robin gutierrez. >> reporter: when 14-year-old robin xwut rgutierrez made her to the winter wishes stage in december of 2016 she could not have known it would be the last time she'd be on that campus >> my name is robin. i am a freshman here. >> reporter: but those who knew robin best. >> robin was my daughter. >> reporter: her mom erica and sister danielle say if she had, it wouldn't have changed a
5:47 am
single thing she did that day. >> she wanted them to know she was like any other child, she just couldn't walk. >> reporter: robin had not been feeling well enough to go to the school for the previous two months but determined on this day to share her story what life was like with muscular dystrophy, and to make her wish in person. >> her ultimate goal she wanted to go to hollywood. >> reporter: robin's favorite past time was making movies with her friends and posting them to our youtube channel. her wish, 1,000 subskricribers that channel and her classmates responded. >> so we kept checking and we would make little announcements, you have this many. >> reporter: but in the week that followed, as robin's subscriber list grew stronger, she grew weaker. but before taking her last difficult breath, just one month after the rally, robin did see
5:48 am
her goal achieved. >> yes, i remember the moment she got to her goal. the wish comingó!;÷ true for he mean that there was a community that cared about, that cared about her. >> for this video we'd like robin's family to come up and join us. >> reporter: and apparently still does. >> robin was a student that -- >> reporter: as part of this year's winter wishes rally, one of her classmates wished that a small part of campus be forever known as robin's grove. >> there just are not enough words. >> reporter: a permanent reminder of the power of wishes. garvin thomas, "nbc bay area news." >> nice to see the giving spirit there. a shopping trip led to an unexpected christmas gift for a mother of two. we want to show you amanda with
5:49 am
her two daughters and county officers ran into her while she was shopping in auburn one day. they found she's actually from san luis obispo but drives five hours to take care of her sick mother so they decided to honor amanda's impact and give her a little bit of holiday cheer, they tracked her down and surprised her with $200 in gift cards. >> how nice. a family in southern california is giving a nod to the 1989 classic "national lampoon's christmas vacation." check out this new video of their holiday lights display, drawing large crowds. this is a home in la miraud outside of l.a., features recreations of iconic moments from the movie complete with an rv, a chicago police car and the griswold family station wagon, not to mention the 500,000 christmas lights. >> what a tribute there. i wonder if chevy chase has seen it. even had his face out there. >> i wonder if he's really into that or just over it.
5:50 am
>> kind of like, yeah. >> please, let me live my life. trending this morning, oh, this is the good one you were talking about, one educator really brought the holiday spirit to the kids at his school this year. >> terry vaughn, the principal at an elementary school in north carolina dressed up as a large real life elf on the shelf. the school celebrated as dress a holiday character day and all going viral. pretty cute, after being shared on twitter. a lot of kids waking this up morning saying good-bye to their little elves that checked on them the whole season. >> oh, yes. >> as santa made his visit. >> this is our first year our son had one at school. i think we have to start having them at home probably. >> we'll see if he spreads the message and comes to visit you. >> we have to invite him, right, or something? >> yes. >> or he just appears. >> i have a feeling. >> if i'm lucky, yes.
5:51 am
>> santa brought some rain last night. >> it was pouring this morning. >> it was pouring and we may also see snow on some of the bay area peaks as we go throughout today. once the sun rises and we see this weather system along with cool temperatures, a look at storm ranger, as we are still tracking some heavy rain moving over toward the east bay, from oakland over toward contra costa county, san ramon, and concord, antioch, heavy rain pouring down right now this morning and if you don't have to work, it's good that you can stay in and you don't have to worry about driving in this mess, because it's really still heavy rain moving through sunnyvale, over toward san jose, and then toward south san jose as well. this is going to mostly be during the morning but we will see one more wave coming through for the rest of the day and we'll see that along with the potential of some thunderstorms by late this morning. temperatures are also very chilly going along with this rain, only right now in the mid to upper 40s and headed into the low 50s today for afternoon
5:52 am
highs. livermore will reach 52 degrees. so the waves of rain still with us through 8:00 to 9:00, but it will be winding down and for the most part we'll see some of the showers early in the day, and if you're heading out this afternoon, want to go out and test out those new toys, it's going to be improving, maybe even some peeks of sunshine but more sun in the forecast for the end of the week from thursday into saturday, and then there will be a new system approaching heading in on sunday that may bring us some scattered showers that also doesn't look like a significant storm. as you head out on the roads, if you have to work this morning, this is a look at the bay bridge, you can see the rain just pouring out there this morning, and also some water still left on the golden gate bridge. but at least there's not a whole lot of people out but we still see some issues getting to the bay bridge on i-80, going southbound, we are seeing a couple of accidents along with the potential of some flooding near berkeley and oakland.
5:53 am
so heads up about that as we've seen some waves of heavy rain moving in. i'll have another look at weather and traffic, that's coming up again in a few minutes. >> kari, thanks so much. it is 5:53. happening now, notre dame cathedral is still celebrating the holiday, despite being unable to host midnight mass for the first time since the french revolution. the paris landmark is still too deeply damaged by earlier this year's fires so its congregation held midnight mass in another gothic church next to the louvre instead. coming up, a look back at how the bay area celebrated the 50th anniversary of at poll low 11 moon landing plus the end of an era in san francisco. what fans can expect as the beach blan babylon enters its final week. you're watching "today in the bay." [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
5:56 am
merry christmas to you. as we say good-bye to 2019 soon we want to look back on the 50th anniversary of the apal low 11 moon landing. cape canaveral and houston were place that planned the mission to the moon. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell lasers in on the story. ♪
5:57 am
>> reporter: 15 years ago, can't believe it's been that long, two american astronauts touched down on the lunar surface to become the first men on the moon. hmm. wee! neil armstrong and buzz aldron placed a set of mirrors known as retro reflectors to bounce back laser shots on earth including the bay area. one of the first lasers to shoot at the moon was attached to the shane 120 inch telescope at the lake observatory atop mt. hamilton. scientists wanted a better understanding of the relationship with our celestial cousin. >> it would come to this. >> reporter: during the first firing july 20th, 1969 the scientists were off target. >> it does depend where you're standing on the earth and they used the catalogue coordinate for the observatory that's over
5:58 am
in the parking lot of our visitors center. we're about 1700 feet east of that. >> reporter: several days later on august 1st the laser got a direct hit, the photons 478,000 mile trip to the moon and back. they expected an unauthorized third party was trying to laser in on their reflectors. they later learned it was the russians >> they didn't know precisely the distance between the soviet union and the u.s. and by using the lunar ranging, they could actually fine tune some of these numbers. >> reporter: and that's obviously has missile applications. >> yes. >> reporter: the lunar laser ranging experiment the astronauts placed on the moon five decades ago is ongoing. it has since proven that geo location works that helped us understand plate tectonics on earth and given us insight into what our friends here in the sky
5:59 am
is made of, not cheese. bob redell, "today in the bay"! >> oh, bob. he's a character. >> all good things eventually come to an end. >> after 45 years, this is hard to bloef, telieve, the world fa beach blanket babylon entering its final week in san francisco. ♪ >> it's the longest running musical review ever. it's closing on new year's eve. for more than four decades the cast of ten playing more than 100 characters during a very energetic hour and a half. don't forget those wild hats and wigs. originally the show was only supposed to last six weeks. the final show is scheduled to end at the stroke of midnight, as the new year officially begins. >> i really can't believe that. >> got to have a san francisco smithsonian for all the hats. put them on display somewhere. right now at 6:00, breaking news on this christmas morning,
6:00 am
tragic, a 6-year-old vallejo boy fighting for his life after a christmas eve shooting. we'll have a live report in just moments. plus the holiday spirit is alive and well in the south bay. coming up, the money pouring in to a church that was robbed of its donations box days before christmas. thunderstorms and rain passing over the bay area overnight. when will it clear out? meteorologist kari hall has a look at our christmas day forecast. "today in the bay" continues right now. merry christmas to you and thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kira klapper in for marcus washington. kari hall has some special video to show us. a christmas gift for weather interested folks. >> rain and hail, this falling near the golden gate bridge, and in parts of the north bay, near marin. this is some heavy hail that fell at about 2:00 to 3:00 this morning. it was so much hail that it coated the wa


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