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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 25, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, it is a white christmas morning in some parts of the bay area. snow blanketing the top of mt. hamilton in santa clara county. the lake observatory posting a beautiful picture. and a live look from our cameras from san jose to san francisco to the east bay as well. some morning rain clearing out. now some clouds are lingering around. merry christmas to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm with kari hall and laura garcia and early morning snow. >> well, we saw that at mt. hamilton and this morning in parts of marin county we had some hail that fell this morning and it was so much that it coated the roads and chp issued an advisory because it did cause
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some icy and slippery conditions and that is a look at that drive. heading through parts of marin county, highway 101 and the robin williams tunnel. and as we look back at the storm that moved through, it had a lot of lightning with it and with the heavy rain and hail the lightning lit up the sky early this christmas morning. well now a lot of that has weakened and moved off to the east. as we look at storm ranger right now, most of the bay area taking a break from the rain but there is rain just off the coast reaching closer to the bay area. i'm seeing lightning as the upper level low associated with the system from this morning, this is the little last push it of it and i think a lot of lightning will stay to the south of the bay area. as we take a look at the wider view, some light snow happening in the sierra and also some spotty showers elsewhere across the state.
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if you will be traveling once again we're going to be tracking the potential of some more rain and maybe even a few more lingering thunderstorms going into early this afternoon. this shows at 3:30 we could see a line north of san rafael and pushing toward napa. we'll talk about what to expect for the rest of the weekend and the new year coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thanks so much, kari. a vallejo community is in morning after a boy was shot and is in critical condition. roz plater joins us live from the police department. you spoke to neighbors saying there has been an uptick in shoopt -- in shootings in that area. >> reporter: i did. one of the moms told her kids a zril drill, and some are afraid to let their kids outside. and here is what we know. police say it happened about
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6:30 christmas eve in an area near ohio and mayor ip ossa where a bunch of kids were riding kids up and down the street and suddenly they heard shot fired. the 6-year-old boy was shot in his torso and someone rushed him to the hospital in a car. one neighbor heard more than a dozen shots rapid fire and sadly it has been happening on their street a lot lately. >> i was braiding my daughters hair and i heard a whole bunch of shots and everybody instantly got to the ground and when i looked up i didn't see anything outside so went back to normal and a 20 minutes later i heard sirens. >> and everybody got to the ground in your house?e why. >> because it is common thing my kids already know. as soon as you hear that, get to the ground. >> reporter: now that mother has
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a 7-year-old son so she herself has been praying for the 6-year-old, for his recovery. in the meantime we've been trying to get updated information from vallejo police. they are actively working the case and one of the neighbors told us they were going door-to-door asking for surveillance video and if we get more updates we'll pass them to you. i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> very tragic story doing this time. san francisco police looking for a person who stot shot two people in the tenderloin at about 11:30. one person died at the scene while another was rushed to the hospital. that person is expected to survive. new details now in a deadly crash this morning on i-80 in berkeley. we're learning a chp officer and their vehicle was involved in a fiery crash involving multiple cars. it happened in the westbound lanes near gilman street exit shortly after 5:00 this morning. the person who died has not been
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identified and no word on the officer's condition. turning to capitol hill as president trump spends time at mar-a-lago for the holidays there is uncertainty over what is next with his impeachment. from his florida home the president holding a christmas eve video teleconference with five military units around the globe. he's already blasting democrats and house speaker nancy pelosi who is still with holding the articles of impeachment insisting on a real trial. democrats continue to demand documents and witnesses. >> they treated us very unfaurly and now they want fairness in the senate. they want to look back at the last year to see how they've hurt this country. >> we say to president trump, release the emails, let your aides testify. we say to leader mcconnell, a fair trial with the facts. >> the president is expressing confidence in majority leader mitch mcconnell who has publicly said he's collaborating with the white house on how to proceed
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with the senate trial. new details now. the fbi reportedly looking at last-minute pardons from former kentucky governor matt bev incoming under fire for issuing pardons and sentence reductions after losing re-election. among them a convicted child rapist and a man convicted of homicide and other crimes. that man's family raised $21,000 at a political fundraiser for bevin. continuing coverage on the pg&e bankruptcy. bondholders are are telling the governor gavin newsom it can meet his demands. the chronicle is reporting that the group said it will consult with newsom on creating a new board of directors and give the state the power to buy pg&e if it is responsible for another wildfire. there is no response from the governor on the offer. last month a judge approved the
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$15 million settlement as part of the bankruptcy exit plan. the governor supports the settlement but continues to demand a better restructuring plan. now to a follow-up in the south bay. the community coming together to help a san jose church after a man and woman stole thousands of dollars in donations that was going to be used for toys. two unnamed donors are chipping in a thousand dollars each for the lady of guadalupe and another person donating $4,000 to the gofundme page to help give out items to local children in need after over $3,000 was stolen from a donation box saturday night. it was caught on surveillance. father robert mercado is grateful for the support. >> oh, my gosh. $4,000. >> so it is $5,000 already. >> that is incredible. that's just amazing. wow! see, that's christmas. >> nice to see in the season of giving. church members still hope the
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thieves will give the stolen money back. hundreds of people are out across the bay area. they're spending their christmas day giving to others. right now the san franciscole isvation army and volunteers are donating food to those who cannot get out. >> today we're doing the final preparations for 4,000 meals that we're delivering to folks who live in san francisco and who can't, for whatever reason, get out of their apartment today. >> i'm helping to be prepared with boxes and i just moved here from australia this year and i couldn't make it home to see my family so what better thing to do than help here. >> about 500 volunteers are working today. either finishing up the meals or delivering the meals out into the city. in the meal we have some ham, there is collared greens and
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sweet potatoes and cookies and a fruit dish and chocolate milk. there will be 4,000 meals delivered today so it is a big operation and it is going to bring a lot of joy, especially on a rainy day like today. >> i'm here with my friends and we're spending christmas with our families so then we came here to volunteer. >> it is really important because the folks are getting meals today for some of the folks, the salvation volunteer is the only person they'll see today and it is christmas and for some it could be a lonely time so that person will make them know that they're being cared for and they're not alone on christmas and it is really the salvation army has been serving the city of san francisco since 1883 and this is another way that the salvation army make sure people in the city are cared for and valued and we couldn't do it without our wonderful army of volunteers. >> we're all over the bay area. it is a family tradition.
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meet at hayward, san francisco. >> new york. >> it is a good community effort i believe. everyone is here and we got here at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning and everyone has smiles on their faces and ready to have a good time. >> it is a good idea. i'm happy to be here and i think about doing stuff like this more often. >> merry christmas. >> for anyone assisting, come down here next year. you'll have a great time and it feels good to give back to the community. >> what a great way to spend the day. today is the final day for our annual feed the need food drive. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 helping to get the word out at safeways across the bay area. so far people have generously donated 419,000 bags of food. that exceeded last year's total of 260,000 bags. so thanks for coming out and lending a helping hand. more on helping those in need. still ahead on nbc bay area
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news, the protection the governor is extending for those from the deadly wildfires. and a car slams into a bay area salon. the investigation in what went wrong, next.
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the chp is investigating what went wrong after a car smashed into a hair salon in blackhawk. pictures are dramatic. and the impact was very scary for the people that were inside. it happened yesterday before noon. all caught on video, you see it there. at the beginning of the recording you could see the car sliding into a parking spot. but then it kept on going. speeding in, in fact, as it crashed into the business. >> i immediately clicked on my video camera on my phone and saw a car parked in the lobby, got in my car, cried
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i didn't know if anyone was hurt. >> when police and paramedics arrived they had to sift through merchandise and broken door and a lot of glass but luckily no one was hurt. police are are still looking for a man who stabbed someone at the santa rosa shopping center on monday night. two men got into a fight at the macy's. one man was stabbed and rushed to the hospital but is expected to be okay. police say the stabbing might have begun gang related. we know the name of the robbery suspect shot and killed by a store clerk on monday. it is 31-year-old michael andrew of merced. the clerk was acting in self-defense when he shot him. police are still looking for a second suspect. restrictions on rent increases will remain in place for another year in sonoma county following the deadly wildfires, as the press democrats reports, gavin newsom
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is extending price gouging for communities affected by the 2017 north bay wildfires and it was set to expire at the end of the month. a shark player and his wife gave a helping hand to a family in need. the gomez family lost their san jose home in a big fire last week. then while they were staying at a hotel their car was broken into. they lost proety much everything. we've been telling you the story here on nbc bay area and it caught the attention of christina marleau, the wife of sharks' forward patrick marleau. they shared the story on social media and got quickly to work. >> so i called her and i said, like what can we do. what are your immediate needs? we want to help. >> the gomez family is still trying to figure out the next steps but with support from the community and trying to find a place to live and now the san jose sharks, hopefully the journey will be easier. they have a big gofundme page,
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over $30,000 raised. this is an annual tradition that is an annual story for us. warming our hearts. south bay high school granting wishes for fellow classmates and staff. to make sure a student's memory lives on even after she's gone. >> i would like to bring out robin gutierrez. >> when 14-year-old robin gutierrez made her way on to the winter wishes stage in branham high school in december of 2016, she could not have known it would be the very last time she would ever be on that campus. >> my name is robin. i'm a freshman here. >> reporter: but those who knew robin best. >> robin was my daughter. >> reporter: her mom erica and sister danielle said if she had -- >> i thought a lot about life. >> reporter: it wouldn't change a single thing she did that day. >> she just wanted them to know she was like any other child. she just couldn't w >> robin had been felling
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well enough to go to school for three months but she was determined to share her story about what life was like with mus ca muscular dystrophy and make her wish in person. >> she wanted to go to hollywood. >> robin's favorite pass time was making movies with her friend and then posting them to her youtube channel. her wish, 1,000 subscribers to that channel. and her classmates responded. >> so we kept checking and we would make little announcements oh, you have this many. >> reporter: but in the weeks that followed, as robin's subscriber list grew stronger, she grew weaker. but before taking her last difficult breath, just one month after the rally, robin did see her goal achieved. >> so, yeah, i remember the moment she got to her goal. >> the wish coming true for her
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to mean that there was a community that cared about her. >> we would like the family to come up and join us. >> reporter: and apparently still does. robin would have been a senior this year. >> robin was -- >> reporter: and as part of this year's winter wishes rally, one of her classmates wished that a small part of campus be forever known as robin's grove. >> there are are just not enough words. >> a permanent reminder of the power of wishes. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> what a lovely tribute there. a lot of people heading to tahoe, maybe for the holiday. this is a live look this morning at 80 at dutch flat. looks pretty clear there right now. earlier the roads looked icy out there. it is cold.
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snow coming down. in some parts or at least expected. we saw some up on mt. hamilton at the lake observatory in santa clara county as we showed you earlier. high up there, it is cold enough to freeze. also in marin county, near the golden gate bridge this morning, this is some hail. >> that was hail, not snow. >> exactly. hail on the roadway there. but it was cold enough. we saw some rain, thunder, lightning, hail in the north bay as well overnight and enough to kind of gather in your hands there. >> yeah, so i posted on facebook, mother nature bright us a light show early this morning. >> no kidding. >> and a little bit of some ice to put in your eggnog. to start out on this christmas morning. it is a nice way to put it but we did have some busy weather in some spots. not all of us have the heavy rain and lightning. and now as we take a break, there is a new surge of some storms just off the coast. and it will be moving into parts of the bay area.
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we could see, as i loop in, take it back to the past hour, you could see where it is coming from and where it is headed. so a lot of the models showing that most of this rain will fizzle out but there is a chance some of this could hold together and bring us thunderstorms into the early afternoon hours. so keep that in mind if you have the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to get alerts if there is rain approaching your location and of course that will be good information if you're out playing with the toys and the kids outside, make sure you're able to get back in quickly. and as we take a look at what else is happening across the state, still light snow happening in parts of the sierra. not a heavy storm here. and if you'll be traveling farther south, the road conditions are improving. earlier this morning, we had some rain in palo alto. but now we can see highway 101 drying out. and then as we go into the rest of the day, only reaching into the mid-50s and then the chance of rain coming back into the forecast by about 4:00 to 5:00. then as we take a look now in
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dublin if you're traveling, we're looking pretty good right there on 580. mostly cloudy skies. it looks like the rain falls apart before it makes it into the tri-valley. and then as we look hour-by-hour, it does start to show rain ramping back up for gilroy and morgan hill. here at 2:00. but also seeing the rain returning to san rafael. parts of marin county where we had about half an inch of rain this morning. along with that hail that came down fairly quickly. and then that may intensify as it continues to move across southern sonoma county and toward napa county and approaching fairfield around 4:00 to 5:00. so that is something we'll be watching. and then some of the rain near the coastline will start to push to the south as that other surge of that last little bit of the storm pushes off across the bay area. and then looking at our travel conditions, if you'll be heading out today or maybe even tomorrow, there are some very warm air for the eastern half of the country. look at chicago.
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that is 60 degrees for the high temperature today. i know that is really crazy that they're seeing weather that warm off toward the east. but there will be cooler air headed that way. looking at the travel forecast, the travel delays are right here in california from sfo to l.a.x. so it is a 30 to 40-minute delay. if you're going out to christmas in the park, keep in mind there are rain chances in the forecast. and i love to look at tahoe camera just because it is christmas and we like to see snow. everyone is out there enjoying at north star and south lake tahoe, the temperature below freezing at 29 degrees. our seven-day forecast looks good here. we'll dry out over the next few days and then heading into sunday, watching out for another chance of showers. but then after that, we're going to warm up just a little bit and we may wrap up 2019 with highs in the upper 50s and some sunshine, laura. >> looks good. thanks for working for us, kari. and a northern california
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dog getting a new leash on life just in time for the holidays. a family that came to his rescue. but first, happening now, the lansing, michigan, zoo celebrating the birth of a rare black rhino this christmas morning. the calf and mother doing great. no name yet for the baby. black rhinos are an endangered species. there are only 5,000 in the world down from 65,000 back in 1970. we're back right after this break.
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take a look at this, a fresno dog getting a new leash on life just in time for the holidays. seamus is 9 years old and cared for at a fresno bully rescue for tief years. never adopted he found his forever home over the weekend. seamus had specific needs that included a forever home without kids and no other dogs but a local couple took him home and by the looks of the photos, he's loving his new place and spending time under the christmas tree. very comfortable there. okay, so would it be christmas day if we didn't play a little mariah carey. take a look how a group of new york travelers honored her iconic christmas song. [ singing ] >> you could make out what they were singing there?
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here is the thing. mariah carey finished performing at the square garden and they took the music underground and started their own impromptu concert in the subway station. and we laugh because they didn't quite hit the note. >> we needed her version. but kari said it is overplayed. >> that is the last day. yes. all right. so here is a look at our seven-day forecast. still watching out for a chance of rain and thunderstorms going into the rest of the day. we'll keep you updated right here and then another chance of showers by sunday but in between he' -- in between we'll get a little bit more sunshine. >> and now our chance to get home to our kids. they have been very patient. >> waiting for us. >> and after that, maybe we take them to the christmas in the park. that is where we take a live look as we leave you today on this christmas morning. thanks so much for spending time
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with us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00 tonight. also get all of the latest information all day long at merry christmas.
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right now on a very special christmass edition of "california live." an incredible story of courage. >> the bravest kid i know. >> a mother and father fight to save their little boy. >> my wife is a fighter. i think she just had it in her gut. it is something else. it is something else. >> and the doctor this little boy's parents are now calling a miracle worker. then a love story that will drive you hog wild. >> i never in a million years would have guessed that i would have ended up with a pig. but he really wanted one. >> believe me, you will never forget pickles and pigles. they had a butcher put his his cleaver. >> i couldn't do it it. >> and get ready for takeoff.


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