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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 25, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we got a break in the weather, it's all coming to an end in the south bay. rob, what have we got coming with the next round of rain? >> the day began pretty interestingly. snow across mt. hamilton, then the midday break, which is still relatively dry through the evening through san jose and christmas in the park. but storm ranger mobile doppler, you can see a lot of activity here in those christmas-tree-like colors in red, orange and yellow. monterey to santa cruz, a band of showers coming in and notice the color coding. more snow. snow levels as low as 3700 feet. once again as the moisture continues to go from the southeast to the northwest this evening, mt. hamilton yet again could get another coating of snow. from pacifica, and then decreasing showers is the main
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event as this storm takes aim on southern california. we'll talk about how much more rain we're expecting out of the storm and a much drier forecast heading through the weekend in about 13 minutes. rob is a great resource for keeping you in the know about the weather. follow him on twitter, @rob mayeda. tragedy in muir woods. a tree falls,hiker, injuring another. the tree landed right on another hiker. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the muir woods are still open but that trail closed until at least after the weekend. the statement reads in part, thatsa ve that is a very rare and isolated event that may have occurred due to recent storms and wet roots around the try. the plight of some mothers will be going before a judge.
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we are looking at their attorney's very interesting strategy. sergio, you talked with one of the mothers involved. >> reporter: yeah, we taufked with her as she was picking up presents that home in oakland bringing them to a nearby hotel. they're all going to be staying here through christmas because it's simply too cold in that house. but they are looking forward to that hearing tomorrow. misty cross loaded up a car with presents outside the property on magnolia street in oakland. christmas has been an a little cold for the kids in the house. >> we're all holding it together. we're housed at the hotel over there because we're having a little electoral problem here. >> reporter: cross and dominique walker make up moms for housing. they've been occupying this house since november. >> we hope that wedge wood will just sell us the property. >> reporter: in legal documents, we've seen attorneys representing moms for housing plan on citing state, federal
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and international amenlaw to al them to stay. a spokesman fort proper the pro owner says the women have no legal right to that house. >> it's simply an excuse that this toattorney is making for these women who have broken into this home, are illegally occupying it and won't give it back. >> reporter: wedge wood properties had just purchased the property at auction this year. the plan is to repair it and sell it. some of the proceeds will go to an oakland non-profit that gives job training and help to homeless youth. for their part, the moms for housing have been getting significant support from the public. they have a hearing before a judge in hayward tomorrow. >> thank you very much. a deadly hit-and-run in the south bay happened about 2:00
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this morning on east santa clara street in san jose. police say when they arrived, officers found a man lying in the street. he was unconscious. witnesses say a car ran him down. officers performed cpr but could not revive him. no word on any arrests yet. the search for the man accused of killing the brother of cj beathard is over tonight. police in nashville arrested the man they say stabbed clayton beathard to death. this is that man, michael mosley. investigators say he stabbed three men outside of a popular nashville bar early saturday morning. two died including clayton. the 22-year-old also played football and was a quarterback at long island university. a 6-year-old boy is in the hospital after being hit by gunfire during a holiday celebration in vallejo. jonathan bloom is outside oakland children's hospital where doctors are treating him. >> reporter: he's considered to be in stable condition and is surrounded by family tonight.
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police say he was hit by a bullet while taking a ride on the back of hayis uncle's motorcycle at a block party. neighbors say they've heard more than their fair share of gunfire in the past few years. and some are looking for a new place to live. >> just terrified. still kind of nervous. didn't want to go to sleep last night. >> reporter: kendra and glen say they heard as many as 14 shot the ring out from up the street. >> what is happening. we didn't know what was happening at all. >> reporter: that's when it happened. >> the bullets flew a foot over our head and a foot in front of us. >> reporter: two bullets, one straight that you the through the living room, one in the wall outside. the first bullet finally stopped when it hit this car. up and down the street, christmas celebrations stopped short. >> my kids already know that, you know, as soon as you hear
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that get to the ground. >> reporter: as they hid in the bathroom they were surprised to learn that a 6-year-old boy had been hit and driven to the hospital. he was hit in the back while riding on his uncle's motorcycle. >> you're supposed to be waking up happy, getting ready to open gifts. >> reporter: instead, the boy spent christmas in the hospital with gunfire becoming all too common in this neighborhood, some people have had enough. >> i think it's time to move. >> reporter: and tonight police say they have no suspects and no witnesses have come forward. neighbors say they've heard gunfire at least ten times in that block in a little over two years. and they say though are praying for the health of that 6 year old boy who remains hospitalized tonight. jonathan bloom. a new assistance program for some people in the north bay. vallejo city leaders have rolled out the water rate assistance
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program for those who struggle to pay their water bill. they could receive up to $30 annually. they must get their water from the vallejo water department to be available. a south bay nonprofit met a big goal. they served 700 meals to people in need in san jose, but it was more than just a hot christmas meal, a lot more. sonya shin is in san jose with more. >> reporter: here at city team, spirits have been festive and bright as people have come in from the cold for a warm meal this christmas. >> schafehaver, shampoo and somg that la kewill keep them warm. at that means a big deal to people who don't have nothing. >> reporter: turkey, mac cheese and veggies for those in san jose. city team served 700 meals
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today, 100 more than last year. >> being here is wonderful. the people are so friendly, and the food is delicious. >> the goal today is to give the homeless community a sense of normalcy in this dining room where they get to relax. they don't have to rush. they get to get loved on for christmas. >> reporter: they offer a year-long men's recovery program to help men get back on their feet. >> i wouldn't be here, i wouldn't be alive today. this has helped me learn how to live like normal and survive the struggles i've been through. >> reporter: they remind us that homelessness doesn't end after the holidays. they continue to serve hundreds of meals, 365 days a year. in san jose, sonya shin, nbc bay area news. christmas is a day full of traditions. and for one san francisco church, and i bet you know which one, that includes feeding those in need.
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today volunteers at glide memorial church served a hot meal. turkey, ham, everything you can think of. a salad and a special dessert. >> everybody deserves a delicious, hot meal, epspeciall on the holidays. so many clients without glide wouldn't be able to experience that. >> they provided meals to those in encampments who couldn't make it to the church. up next, a bay area church hit by suspected thieves. but an outpouring of support from the community proves the holiday spirit is alive and well. plus, the famed notre dame cathedral at raisk of more damae and crews may only be able to restore 50% of it. why it is so fragile. you shouldn't have to live with pain.
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you shouldn't have to pretend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't have to be thinking about the cost.
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you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the life you've built and the care you need.
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a rough start to the week for a south bay church, but oh, what a comeback. on saturday, thieves stole $3,000 earmarked for children's christmas presents, but it turned out to be a merry christmas after all, thanks to generous strangers and a popular gofundme page. scott budman live outside the church with a really good christmas day story. scott? >> reporter: you can definitely call this one a comeback. the money stolen four days ago, but on christmas, children here at our lady of guadalupe church
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got presents thanks to donations that came in well above expectations. ♪ christmas mass was joyous inside our lady of guadalupe church in san jose. ♪ because of the day and because of a generous community that helped the congregation after a low moment. >> i would say out of ashes a phoenix rises. >> reporter: four days after thieves stole $3,000 from the church, a go fund me page set up to help brought in more than three times that amount. >> lots and lots of kids that we were going to give gifts to, and we're giving gifts. >> thank you for raising the funds back again. we were counting on spreading the church. >> reporter: so the church had presents to give to families
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christmas eve and continuing christmas day. and they want to say thank you. >> the community came together, and it was a blessing to receive a, the money that we're receiving now to give to the children again. >> reporter: now the pastor here tells us the extra money they brought in will be used for more presents and services for the kids. police tell us still no suspect. rector of notre dame says it's so fragile there's a 50% chance the cathedral won't be entirely saved. the scaffolding installed before this year's fire is threatening the vault. the 12th century cathedral was under renovation at the time of the accidental fire in april which destroyed its roof and collapsed its spire. one of the toughest parts is
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cutting down the 50,000 tubes of old scaffolding that crisscrossed the back of that monument. the search is on for a man who stole a u.s. postal truck full of mail. it happened monday afternoon in seattle. the mail carrier locked the truck while delivering mail nearby. the suspect broke in and drove off. they got him doing it right here. the keys were not in the truck. suspect used an unknown device to start it. helps himself to the mail. officers found the truck a few blocks away. the suspect stole more than 200 pieces of mail. the organizers of a popular festival in the nevada desert are taking the government to court. the black rock city llc, they put on the burning manifest v f each year. they say the government has overcharged them in fee force the last seven years. organizers say they're going to court because they're tired of waiting for an explanation from the government and why they are being charged $3 million for annual permits.
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wow. bureau of land management has not commented on that suit. continuing coverage now on pg&e's bankruptcy. the group of wall street pg&e bondholders trying to take over the utility is telling governor newsom it can meet his demands. they will consult on creating a new board of directors and give the state the power to buy pg&e if it's responsible for another wildfire. so one more and this kicks in. no response from the governor yet. last week a judge approved pg&e's $13 billion settlement to fire victims as part of the bankruptcy exit plan. newsom says he supports that but they should demand a bateetter restructuring plan. whenever you can have a white christmas in the bay area, it didn't snow down low, but you can see it from a lot of places. mt. hamilton, yeah. >> timing was pretty good. and we had hail in sausalito. it was loud, it wasn't like snow
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falling. there was precipitation on the ground for at least a bit. there is a chance mt. hamilton might see a little more snow tonight. let's take you outside where it is cloudy and windy. winds picking up 15-25 miles per hour. san francisco in a bit of that wind at 17 miles per hour out of the east. 52 today, high of 54. christmas in the park in san jose will be dodging showers over the next couple hours. 53, wind at 10 miles per hour. gusts close to 20. i think these winds will pick up between now and midnight and eventually start to decrease during the day tomorrow. notice the wind direction here, deepening area of low pressure to the south, the northern flank bringing us showers. so for tomorrow morning, clearing taking place first here in the north bay. could have patchy frost in the morning. and the rain starts to leave during the morning hours,
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setting us up for sunshine. highs in the low 50s for your plans tomorrow. storm ranger showing you a lot of activity towards monterey and santa cruz. as you move further to the north you see a few showers crossing over the peninsula and portions of the south bay. right on cue, a little wet snow atop mt. hammilton. santa cruz mountains in the south bay will probably get the best chance for adding up more rain, maybe as much as a half i inch in santa cruz. hour by hour, mainly areas south of san francisco, by 11:00, mainly south of palo alto and san jose and the south ward tripped continu trend continues. it starts to shut down by 8:00 tomorrow. and the sky the rapidly clear by lunch time tomorrow. it becomes southern california's problem tomorrow where the grapevine could have closures.
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saturday and sunday, that ease go good news for your weekend plans. now for new year's eve, look how this high builds back across the bay area. very likely the warmest weather of the next seven days welcomes us into the new year. most of the shower activity stays around the south bay and santa cruz mountains. clearing skies tomorrow, maybe patchy frost for friday. and just a few showers early monday as really the next, on chance of precipitation as temperatures rebound next week to see some 60s making a comeback to wrap up this year and heading into the new one. >> thank very much. and coming up. >> you have the physical gift card, but scammers stole the money stored on it. i'm chris ca muir ra. nbc bay area responds, next. steyer: i'm about to say two words
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that will make washington insiders very uncomfortable: term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare, address climate change
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and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington. more popular every holiday. we talk about where gift cards lose their value. >> chances are high you got a gift card. before the holidays, 59% of shoppers said thouey were buyina gift card to give to someone like you. our mantra is use it or lose it. scammers are constantly hacking into stores' systems trying
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bil billions of number combinations too steal the cash off your card. others go old school and grab the cards off the wrack and leave the cards there to wait for you to add money on it that they can then steal. if you find a card that someone's tampered with, tell the store manager immediately. if you wind up with a card that has no value, contact the store asap. sometimes they can unravel the con and restore the money to you. up next, a christmas day celebration on the hardwood. the warriors look to make it three in a row at chase center. but have to beat one of the best teams in the league. can they do it? we will show you.
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[ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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. well, here's something we haven't said all basketball season long. the warriors are on a three-game winning streak. it works so much better when we have video, and we do have video! fantastic. close game in the first half, in the second half, warriors taking charge. it goes in. that kind of game. the crowd was on fire. fourth quarter, draymond green
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had been hot, brings it home, hitting the dagger, three. warriors go on to really upset the rockets in many ways, 116-104. dubs hope to make it four in a row against phoenix, friday. raiders getting ready for a couple big football games. they need a lot of help in denver. the warriors or rather the niners have it right in front of them. and that niners/zeeniners/seaha right here. the winner wins the division, first-round by in the playoffs. the loser has to hit the road for a wildcard game. coming up at 11:00, is it safe to hike? people are on edge after a tree came down killing a man. park officials believe it is an isolated incident. it is a special holiday
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tradition at a high school and we are sharing it with you tonight. every year, garvin thomas has returned to branum high school where students make their classmates' wishes come true. and tonight you'll be able to experience some of the emotional and uplifting events yourself. we are preparing "winter wishes, a bay area proud special", coming up right here next on nbc bay area. rob mayeda owith one last look. it is going to be a great show. great night for weather. a little chilly. >> stay bundled up. >> a little more rain coming in. >> especially around the santa cruz mountains. but the air's still cold enough for snowshowers atop mt. hamilton tonight. we clear out tomorrow and it looks like a nice, dry weekend ahead. a few showers early monday, but new year's eve and new year's day trending dry. looking much drier and warmer
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heading into next week. >> "winter wishes", coming up right now. we're back here at 11:00. garvin thomas: in december 2015, i got an email from a branham high school student. she said they were holding a rally in their gym, one where people would be doing kind things for each other. sounded like a good story for our bay area "proud" series, so i showed up to cover it. it wasn't long after it started i realized i had stumbled across something pretty powerful. i've been back every year since to cover the branham high school winter wishes rally. the way the students, teachers, staff, the entire community here embraces the idea of being kind to each other is something worth sharing. ♪ ♪


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