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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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they were working f liquidation >> he had a lot of plastic containers with merchandise in it. the old containers caught fire and burned like candles. >> but city officials and neighbors say the property has been a problem. >> the fire department says any retagged the warehouse twice most recently after think when 20 people were evacuated and it was declared unsafe to live in. >> unfortunately people came off pulled off the boards and snuck back in. >> occupants describe a web of the extension cords and catacomb of containers theyed told us the recent cold temperatures made for difficult choices. >> what would you do? a roof over your head or in a tent? >> reporter: and this afternoon talking to the local city council member he was confronted by some cht residents here telling him how they were disappointed with the way the
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city is handles this. we'll tell you more about that coming up in nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you then, sergio. thank you for the report. we're also following a developing story in hawaii wrp search crews have found the crash site of a missing helicopter on the island of kauai. they are now looking for any survivors. a news conference just wrapped up. police say the helicopter was due back yesterday evening after a tour of the islands na pali coast. but never returned. there were seven onboard. one pilot, a party of four and a party of two. their names have not been released. our resources located debris from the missing aircraft in a remote area. our -- at this time we haveonab status of the passengers. our ground and air crews continue to search for survivors. >>helicopter was on a scheduled tour route when it went down. it's not clear what went wrong.
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but there was bad weather at the time. presidential hopeful elizabeth warren popped not bay area for a few hours. came to san jose to discuss her plan for universal childcare. the senator chose the wise and wonderful predool in allen rock as the backdrop hochted by the international union talking about a plan to create the federal childcare system to provide government fund pd centers for babies and children and discussed taxing silicon valley companies. authorities are in oklahoma are tracking down a man they say gunned down a young woman earlier in the month in what they call road rage. the accused killer is charged but police say they can't find him. that frustrates the family of the victim. this is the victim. 19-year-old madison white carol month. nbc bay area's rob handa
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shows what what's feeding the family's frustration over what they say is a lack of justice. >> reporter: we yes, oakland police say the suspect has fled country, although they are still trying to find him. but that doesn't satisfy the victim's family who are angry he got away. 19-year-old madsen white cara was shot on killed on an east oakland streed while visiting a friend on december 10th. the family is upset that according to police the crime has been solved but not resolved. because the alleged killer, roberto martinez of hayward has reportedly fled the country. madison's mother who asked her face not be shown says her daughter didn't deserve the lack of justice. >> she took of her little sister, my mom, took care of me. now i don't have anyone to take care of me. >> where president shooting took
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place on e street madison got into a minor collision and physically and verbally confronted by martinez who was reportedly angry about her taking video scene. then followed her and shot her sending her car crashing into a parked vehicle. a neighbor who didn't want to be identified says he tried to help her. >> you you heard the woman who was shot. >> what did she say. >> she said help me, that's all i can hear. >> the mother says she is upset the suspect's picture has not released publicly and it might have helped track down the suspect earlier. >> why hide him? i can't hide my daughter. she is i had dead, i can't hide her. zblrn prior mugshot is in the hands of the district attorney's office we haven't heard back from them for comment on the photo orth case. but again martinez has already been charged with numerous violent felonies and faces severe state estate prison time
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if or when he is found. live in oakland, robert handa nbc bay area news >> thank you, robert. new details and disturbing video of a police shooting earlier this month in condition cord. elderly parents called 911 saying her 60-year-old son was threatening them and out of control. >> got it in line. >> where are they. >> does ve a gun. >> he has a gun. he has a gun. >> our poor neighbors. >> he has a plastic gun. >> he has a plastic gun, okay. >> concord police released this call and body camera video. they say to let the community see and hear exactly plans to order donald everson junior to leave the house abrupt hi change when his father came out with knife wounds. police forced their way and they say they shot everson and as he was stabbing his mother. a major artery is both in
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southnlifoia after the snowfall. drivers can get through the grapevine. chp started leading cars on the 40 mile stretch in tahone pass. closed for a day and a half. some mountain roads including 32 a are closed because of the snow. >> a cold but clear day in the bay area. lets look at the drive home right now from a few of the traffic cameras. nice, sunny right now. but that's not lasting more rain is set to return this we could. meteorologist rob mayeda squoins us with whatecng. >> expecting rain and before we get there with the clear sky as nice sunset we are seeing temperatures reaching frosty levels again tomorrow morning. the weekend begins with patchy frost. check out north bay and east bay temperatures. seeing low 30s. then the storm mid-way through the week gets a bit of an upgrade. not only arriving faster on
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sunday. you'll see the rain totals coming up a bit. a quarter inches to 3/4 of an inch of rain plus snow for the holiday drive home on sunday. you saw the grapevine just reopened. stay tune by monday more know in the mountains could cause travel issues i'll have a closer look at the time line and when we can time the heaviest rainfall for the weekend plans coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we're looking forward to it, rob. thank you. and another great resource by the way for all things weather is rob's twitter page. he has the information on there. he just tweeted about the snow pack in the sierra. give him a follow. his handle on twitter is @rob mayeda. >> the views are beautiful from the beaches and the weather nice but there is potential for danger too. sonia shin is live at san francisco beach where high surf warning has people on high alert. >> yes, potentially hazardous conditions haven't stopped people from getting in the water. but they have -- many have been
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era cautious today. >> we're staying away from the cliffs, the edge that are sandy not made of rock, solid rock. >> the national weather service issued a beach hazard alert from 8 this morning to 9 tonight warning people of increased rescue of so-called sneaker waves and rip current. >> i keep a good eye on kids they are instructed not to get too far in the observeren. >> the national weather service was warns people to watch pets and kids and never turn your back on the observer sfwloon she is all about chasing the ball. i don't throw the ball into the waves. maybe half a foot of water she goes in and runs back out. >> up and down the bay area coast people kait out to see the waves crashing over sea walls in pacifica. >> yesterday we came down and it was so magnificent we came down today just to see the waves. >> i didn't know it was going to be so royaling and broiling. >> many had luck with luck and
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fishing and crabbing today. >> i usually wait until we get nine or ten and then we do a big crab feed. >> reporter: the beach warning until 9:00 p.m. tonight. be extra cautious into the evening. live in san francisco. sonia shin, nbc bay area news. thank you, sonia. with congress on the holiday break. lawmakers emerge occasionally hoping to influence public opinion. house speaker nancy pelosi is holding off on sending articles of impeachment to the senate. she is reportedly seeking leverage to pressure republicans into calling witnesses in the senate trial. >> we probably ought to send her a fruit basket for notin us something we all'tthe people trump said can proves his innocence, he hasn't let come beforeke sure they are going to be able to testify before the senate. >> president trump tweeted today that pelosi is using stall tactics to obstruct the senate, again claiming this is all just a hoax.
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still to come, mcdonald's employees creditwood saving a life. the subtle sign they got from a woman in the drive through that had them springing into action. >> plus they've been reporting news before the civil where. but an east bay paper is about to put out the final issue. why the publishers say they can't go on. and a pret have view of san francisco in i willette right now from emeryville. 50s currently process. some places dropping to freezing overnight. a look at that when rain makes a comeback and we come back in two minutes. [ electrical buzzing ]
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kinning coverage now, tears and heart break in the east bay as the community continues to deal with the terrible tragedy. three dublin high school teenagers died in the crash. two others are in critical condition after that tragic car crash christmas night. jodi hernandez is live in pleasanton where people are coming to grips with what happened. jodi. >> reporter: that's right. people have been stopping by the accident out here in pleasanton all day. you can see all the bears, some messages into the tree trunk out here. for many this tragedy is just sinking in. >> javier always had a smil on
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his face. and when, like, everyone else was sad, he would be the first to always cheer them up. and do something crazy or silly just to make them smile. >> aly says the three boys killed in the tragic christmas niept car crash were like berries to her. 16-year-old javier ramirez and twins micro and michael urista all died when the car they were in crashed into a tree along the two-lane road in pleasanton. >> mike, he was just a humble guy. he cared for everyone. and everything. michael was always -- would always be there for you no matter what. >> atream of people have been coming by the accident seen to drop off flowers. all three boys went to the dublin high school. the only girl in the crash is in critical conditions. while the twin's 16-year-old cousin jared reynoso is critically injured.
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>> they're fantastic kids. they had their life in front of them. and in an instant on christmas night tragedy struck our community. >> the dublin high school organizing a candle light vigil on campus on sunday. and getting teams of grief counselors ready to help. the teen's mom shared a video of the three boys, says they were best friends and excited to start driving. >> we just wish they were here. >> jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a dangerous day of deliveries in the east bay. police say two people held up an amazon truck driver at gunpoint in oakland while they stole from the truck. happening this afternoon near 73rd avenue avenue. nbc skierj flew over the scene where you can see the drivers talking to police. no word on any arrests at this point. a team much mcdonald's employees are called heroes tonight. that's because they stepped up to help a woman escape from potentially dangerous boyfriend.
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it happened at the mcdonald's in load aye and christmas eve when the woman drove through with her boyfriend in the passenger seat. she mouthed to the employee to help her. the quick thinking question jumped into action. >> informed everyone hells through the drive through line we held you two cars in front of that car. >> that delay gave time for deputies to get there and arrest the boyfriend. turns out inside the trunk was a stolen loaded gun. deputies say there is no telling what could have happened if workers didn't get involved. employees are trained to help save domestic violence and human trafficking victims. >> another business is closing down. this time a popular toy is to store on the peninsula. this toyland in downtown san mateo is going ut oh of toys moe than 60 yea. yeah, a long time. the owner says online shopping is one of the reasons that that store is closing down. now, the doors at talbots close for good in late january or
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february. it's also the end of an era in the city of martinez,ed to a the last printing of the news gazette. the paper has been a fixture since before the civil where. like so many other papers it's the victim of the changing medium landscape. years of cutbacks left a small crew. >> there is various options for us to try to do something online. we've been exploring that, so many of our readers are older. and they want that -- they want the paper in their driveway every morning. they like the feel of the paper and reading the news. >> one employee worked there for 38 years and remembers when the paper was published seven day as week instead of bi weekly. >> lets talk about the forecast with the chilly overnight. spots.ll managed almost cold enough for patchy frost. despite the fact that it was low 30s, round two of the frost starting the weekend. by the end of the weekend we'll be talking about rain making a bit of a comeback. right now mostly clear.
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high crowds. designate 52. 57, not bad after the chifl start to the morning. show you the temperatures currently around san francisco, still in the 50s. high today of 58 degrees. still hanging onto the temperature there. there is the pretty view from emeryville. 54 light winds. mostly clear skies. the stage is once again set with the chilly dry air in place. that by tomorrow morning especially in the north bay east bay tri-valley, cold enough again for patchy frost. 40s bayside closer to san francisco. and designateo. and just like today, highs should rebound nicely. mid to upper 50s tomorrow. but you might notice around sunset tomorrow night we see increasing clouds as a storm system makes kind of an earlier arrival now on sunday. look how that's changed in the forecast. we see not only an earlier on set to the rain on sunday morning but more as we go through the day. by 7:00 a.m. on sunday we'll see light rain and showers. main event coming up midday
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sunday from lunchtime to the evening. you can see some of the pockets of moderate rain at times pushing through the south bay. and then by 11:00 into monday morning we begin to see clearing as this storm drops down into southern california. so rainfall estimates have come up a bit. you'll notice here, around the bay area between lets say day break sunday to 11:00 at night we'll see anywhere from 0.75 of inches closer to san francisco for top rain totals in the inland. and as much as 0.75 a inch of rain. the it's picked up more moisture and heading to the sierra there is the toyota tahoe report. excellent conditions in the sierra more snow. but travel sufficienter on tenancy with another 5 to 7 inches of snow in the sierra. now the same storm drops to southern california. we'll watch the grapevine around monday. some low snow levels made close closing into southern california. and the forecast from there trends dryer from new year's eve past new year's day, rain chances staying mainly off to
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the north of the bay area. so temperatures trend a little bit warmer. as we head through next woke. for the end of the upcoming weekend we'll see the rain, cooler and breezy. highs in the upper 50s tomorrow, to lower 50s on sunday. as we await the 49ers see hocks game here on nbc bay area. giving you a taste of the seattle weather in the bay area. highs in the low 50s. chilly mornings pleasant afternoon and beautiful sunset. >> gorge sunset. it's on fire. thanks, rob. still to come, christmas may be over. but there is another annual tradition going strong right now. we're showing you how some people get rid of their trees.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. it was a fiery crash that caused two cars to roll over off the road. happened this morning at around 7:00 in brentwood on balfour road, close to heritage high school. pretty big flames and a lot of smoke. police say both cars were rolled over on the grass. two people taken to the hospital. no word on their condition at this point or what caused this to happen. a lot of christmas trees are probably sil still up around the bay area. but in san francisco an annual tradition to get rid of them is underway. city leaders and their recycling
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skp rebel in were in front of the city hall. they say they take the trees and turns into mulch for landscaping. the collection days will be between january 2nd and january 15th. it's for san francisco strengths only. they say remove all the decorations and lights and don't put the tree in bag. if the tree is 6 feet call tall or bigger cut it in half and put it by the recycling bin before s to takef mother our christmas wonderful way of taking care of mother earth. >> last january san francisco recycled more than 500 tons of christmas trees. >> bittersweet moments for the san mateo police department. their police chief is retiring today. >> i'm ening as i began, out on patrol. the chief susan manheimer spent her last day patrolling
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the tweets and live tweeted the journey. said her goodbyes to public works departments and her own officers. manheimer was appointed as the chief 19 years ago in may of 2000. today she wraps up 35 years of zbloofs wow, impress. >> congratulations. >> thanks for your service. well a dispatcher helped deliver a baby after receiving a frantic phone call. >> oh, oh. >> we'll tell but it next. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
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elliott. you came back!
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tonight at 6:00 home prices continue to climb and soon buyers have to shell out more money. the change builders have to make in the new year helping the environment. that story at 6:00. coming up next, shocking ne. nightly news starts in 90 seconds. santa is the only one working holiday processes. 911 dispatcher susan hart was on duty when she had to talk down a frantic caller whose daughter was in labor. hart was on the phone giving instructions. six minutes later. baby boy born. >> that was fast. >> you can see he is doing well at the local hospital. he was really in a hurry to make
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the appearance. he weighed less than 5 pounds but doing great. >> he is a cutie. >> this one makes me nervous. >> makes me nervous too. >> makes me real nervous. >> on schedule. >> just relax, take deep breaths. >> yes. >> robbery on the good weather. >> for sure. >> that doesn't stress me out. nice warm blanket. we have pchnish the weekend her. here the janelle wang anthony flores forecast on the road fin. and then clearingyear's eve, lo. temperatures climbing up with sunny skies to ring in 2020. >> thanks for joining us. nightly new was kate snow is next. >> we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. bye. breaking news tonight, tragedy in paradise after a tourist helicopter goes down in hawaii with seven people on board including
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children the wreckage just found. also breaking, the death of legendary broadcaster don imus the long-time radio personality and television host had a colorful and controversial career. a plane crashes just moments after takeoff with almost 100 people on board but remarkably, many of the passengers survived. >> i thought maybe we will be dying in just seconds. >> their harrowing stories of what it was like as the plane came apart. shocking new accusations against a retired navy seal whose case was >> you can tell he was totall okay with killing anybody.


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