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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in vallejo are back open. this happened just moments ago that the traffic started flowing, but you're looking at pictures from sky ranger of the massive backup, sometimes five miles long, along that stretch of road near magazine street. this all started just before 5:00 because of police activity. now, the road was closed for just about an hour, but now both directions of 80 are moving again through vallejo. but if you're planning on traveling through that section, as you can see, still expect delays while the situation, the traffic, at least, clears out. thank you for joining us at the news at 6:00 starting right now. i'm garvin thomas in for raj mathai. >> and i'm karen clapper. both have the night off. caltrans workers showed up in force today to clean up a parking lot for commuters that's turned into a public dumping ground. drivers say that first, one homeless person put up a tent nearby, and then another and another, and now it's out of control. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us live in concord with that story.
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melissa. >> reporter: well, this park 'n ride is just off highway 242 here in concord. it's an ideal spot for commuters to drop off their cars here, then carpool to work. but in the last couple of months, this has become the last resort for some homeless people who need to find a place to pitch their tents. >> i have a lot of sympathy for them. >> reporter: it is the eternal struggle for general manager jalil hamidi when he shows up for work at this car dealership off willow pass road in concord. does he lend a helping hand to the homeless? >> every night before i lock up, if i see them, i give them coffee, hot water. >> reporter: or does he push them away? >> as far as them using the restroom, just there on the cardboard, leaving food, just needles, that's when i said, hey, this can't be going on, you've got to go. >> reporter: just across the dealership is a park 'n ride lot, just enough for about 30 cars. that's where people like antoine collins have been camping out. >> i thought this was public, because you know, come to find
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out, it's not public. >> reporter: here come the caltrans trucks. the state agency owns and operates the lot. we watched as crews carted off bags full of trash. >> they just stow everything away, don't even care. that's their job, to clean up. to them, this is all trash. >> to them, this should have been do not sooner. >> reporter: every morning, carlo parks here to climb on his roofing truck. has anything happened? wheeler told me one morning he had to fight off a man with a bat who tried to break into his car. >> that's why they're concerned about their stuff. i understand it. cars get broken into, stuff gets stolen, businesses lose money. >> reporter: and the city of concord says their police department has been working with caltrans to address this homeless camp here. a spokesperson for caltrans says they have no plans to force the individuals from this particular lot, and we've also let antoine collins know, the gentleman that you heard from in that story,
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about the outreach team that helps homeless individuals find emergency shelter right here in concord. that's the latest here in concord. i'm melissa colorado, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much, melissa. a san jose woman accused of running down a man with her car early christmas morning appeared in court today. sabrina gutierrez is accused of intentionally running over the man after he shot her relative and then tried to get away. the two men got into an argument on a sidewalk on east santa clara street around north 24th. one man shot the other, then ran off. that's when police say gutierrez got in a car and ran him over. >> she's a public safety risk. anyone who drives on the sidewalk with the intent to kill a pedestrian, that's a danger. that's a danger to our community, and it's important that someone be kept in a place that they can't do that to anybody else. >> she did something that was not justified, regardless. it was not in her power to do that. it was not in her power to take my brother's life.
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>> the judge denied bail for gutierrez. she's due back in court in february. we are working to learn more about a deadly crash involving a person walking on highway 101. it happened just before midnight last night near brokaw road in san jose. the chp has not said whether the driver of the car that hit that person stopped. officers did say no one else was hurt. "the mercury news" reports that this is san jose's 29th pedestrian-related traffic death this year. that's the most in at least two decades. an east bay community continues to rally around several families in the aftermath of a tragic crash. separate fund-raising sites are now set up for the two survivors of that christmas night crash. it happened along foothill road, near the castlewood country club. five teens were in a car that hit a power pole and then a tree. three boys, two of whom were twin brothers, died. one of the survivors is the cousin of the twins. a gofundme site set up for him says he remains in a coma.
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rescue crews spent the day searching for a driver who witnesses say drove off a cliff in half moon bay. it happened around 10:30 this morning at grey whale cove. this is video from our sky ranger of searchers, including the coast guard, looking for that car and its driver. crews tell us they did find debris, but they're not sure if it belonged to this crash or a previous one. investigators were told the car was a green lexus but cautioned that may not be accurate. it's unknown how long crews will continue their search. air travel out of san jose is up and the south bay's biggest airport has plans to expand. mineta san jose international airport will have to deal with the environmental impact of, among other things, more planes and more cars. nbc bay area's scott budman is live at the airport with a look at both the plans and the concern. scott? >> hey, it's been a busy holiday season so far here, and airport officials tell us they expect a lot more travelers in the near
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future, so they plan to expand. and with airport expansion comes new concerns about bay area air quality. as more people fly out of san jose international airport, it's getting more crowded and passengers here are noticing. >> if i were late for my plane and i were circling through the parking lot trying to find -- i would be happy to have a little bit more parking, whether it's on site or off site and then shuttle in. >> reporter: so the airport is planning a growth spurt. >> sct has been growing by leaps and bounds. >> reporter: adding more than a dozen new gates along with more flights, maybe even a new place for travelers to stay. >> we're also looking at what else we can do in terms of parking closer to the terminal and possibly even an airport hotel. >> reporter: but with more travel comes more environmental impact, so the air quality management district has issued a warning about both planes and cars. >> in some of the more affluent cities in the bay area, people's
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carbon footprint from air travel is roughly half of their footprint for all of the other driving that they do. >> reporter: trying to find a balance between clean air and more people wanting to fly. >> and i think the bay area's kind of a mess already, but if people are still coming, you've got to expand the airport. >> reporter: either way, we imagine the environmental impact will be likely on the agenda when the airport's growth plan goes in front of the san jose city council. that is scheduled to happen on january 14th. live in san jose, scott budman, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much, scott. caught red-handed. in san francisco over the weekend, a woman interrupted a suspect breaking into her car and then she chased him. it happened near alamo square at pierce and fulton streets. the burglar hopped into his own car and the woman claims he tried to run her down. neighbors were surprised at the story but say they're tired of seeing broken car windows and shards of glass on the streets.
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>> i think that this is an area where there are a lot of people who are visitors to the city, and therefore, more vulnerable, perhaps. >> this neighbor believes a high number of airbnb rentals in the neighborhood bring in many people not aware of san francisco's high rate of car break-ins. a historic shift in a city that is celebrated for its top-notch cuisine. in san francisco, a staggering number of restaurants -- more than 400, in fact -- closed in 2019, according to yelp. nbc bay area's sanaa shin is live in what used to be one of the city's most celebrated restaurants, the now-closed jardonere. >> reporter: this is one of the casualties in the san francisco restaurant scene. after two decades, it closed in april, and many in this city are concerned about this trend.
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>> these smaller, you know, more mom-and-pop bars and restaurants like myself, we're just, we're really struggling to compete right now. >> it's concerning. we've seen a lot come and we've seen a lot go, so maybe more will take their place, i don't know. but yeah, i worry about small businesses in general in san francisco. >> the trend is more restaurants are closing than are opening, and that's historic. i've never seen that in my, you know, ten-year in the restaurant business. >> reporter: the founder of slow foods san francisco has worked with many restauranteurs in his 33 years as a wine and food distributor in the city. >> but this is very sad for us, especially knowing so many restaurants go through tough time, and they're all well off, haven't complained about the food. the cost is up. the rent. >> reporter: restauranteurs say many factors are to blame, like the high cost of operating in san francisco, high crime rates, dirty streets, and long wait times for permits, plus new
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challenges in this digital age, like the ease of being able to order food online and -- >> all these new tech companies that have just free food and free wine available to their employees day and night. >> to the restauranteur that they really give you -- because you can't make enough money. here you have a legend in san francisco. >> reporter: now, many longtime restauranteurs like chris cecelli who we spoke to today are in the red and are looking for new ways to stay afloat, like offering things like trivia night and wine subscription services. live in san francisco, sonia shinn, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much. up next, a random attack. the search for a gunman who shot a dog on the peninsula. plus, gearing up for the postseason. the 49ers and their fans getting ready for their first playoff game at levi's stadium. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.
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i'll have a look at that new year's eve forecast. it's coming up in about eight minutes.
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a dog that was shot on the peninsula has just returned back to his home and his family a few minutes ago. he's recovering after a man rode up on his bike and shot him for no apparent reason, then took off. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us now live in menlo park with the latest on the dog's
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condition and the search for the shooter. robert. >> reporter: well, even though the situation does have police concerned for the family tonight, there is mostly relief. now, first we'll show you the dog being released from the hospital and then here back home. now, he seemed in good spirits, but it might take the family a while to get over what they went through. >> like, i could see the fragment of the bullet inside him. >> reporter: rambo is described as a friendly 4-year-old blue-nosed pit bull terrier and a survivor. rambo stayed overnight at an animal hospital for a gun shout wound in the neck and shoulder area. the owner and police say a man on a bicycle rode by the menlo park home on holly view avenue last night and for no apparent reason shot the dog. >> i was in the garage and heard a loud boom and i instantly came outside and i heard rambo crying. my heart dropped to the ground. >> reporter: the family rushed rambo to the hospital. >> you'll be okay.
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>> for him to get lucky and actually live, you know, past that shot is just so sad and so heartwarming. i was crying for like half an hour, literally, just 's part o >> reporter: the shooter's described as a latino man in his late teens or early 20s, wearing a black hooded jacket and dark pants. he was riding a dark mountain bike on pierce road. the owner is still baffled by the attack, guessing maybe the gunman reacted to a pit bull barking. >> yeah, he just, he saw a pit and it was just at night, like late at night, and like, i don't know, it's just -- like, i bet you someone else would have done that, but to shoot like a little, innocent dog, come on now. it their image is so messed up, but rambo is so kind, so heartwarming. >> reporter: so, as you saw, rambo is now home, safe and sound, and his family has set up a gofundme page for medical expenses. now, menlo park police say investigators still aren't sure why the man shot the dog but emphasize, anyone running around
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armed with a gun is a potential threat and not just to animals. live in menlo park, robert handa, "nbc bay area news." >> robert, thank you. we are learning a little bit more about a christmas night shooting along highway 4 in contra costa county. the chp says a man in his mid-20s was driving east on highway 4 near highway 242 when someone opened fire on his nissan altima. that driver wasn't shot but debris from the bullets hit his hand and his shoulder. no one else was in the car. investigators say they don't have any leads right now on the gunman nor the motive. new details tonight about a rash of break-ins in a quiet east bay neighborhood that appear to be connected. san ramon police say burglars broke into six houses throughout the city saturday night. this is new surveillance video from one of the homes targeted. investigators say the thieves hit houses where no one was home at the time. in each case, they got in by smashing sliding doors facing the backyard, then heading straight for the master bedroom.
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police say their getaway car was a dark mercedes. shifting gears, it was a nail-biter indeed, and in the end, the 49ers clinched the nfc west title, earning the number one seed in the playoffs. that means they'll play all of their games at home until the super bowl, if they make it all the way. now, the excitement about the upcoming playoff game is reaching fever pitch. nbc bay area's marianne favro takes a look at the fans rushing to be a part of the team's success. >> reporter: well, the next niners game is set for january 11th here at levi's stadium, and some football fans are already talking about getting extra jobs so they can afford to come to that big playoff game. when the niners clinched the nfc west title last night, this shirt became a hot ticket. barbara castro purchased one of the last ones today at levi's stadium. >> listen, they don't have any more of the west ones left. they're sold out. >> reporter: shahid arthurs came all the way from portland to buy his niners hoodie. >> made sure we had to get down
6:18 pm
here to the team store to get gear. it's hard to do where i live. >> reporter: even fans who came to watch cal play in the redbox bowl at levi's stadium today were still talking about the niners' victory last night. >> they're doing great, better -- if you had said at the beginning of the year they were going to be the number one seed in the west, i don't think anybody would have believed you. >> reporter: some are even talking dream team. >> i think we're back to where we were in the '80s. >> reporter: and faithful fans are already snatching up tickets to watch more action. on stubhub, we found prices for the upcoming playoff game at levi's stadium ranging from $256 to more than $11,000. lauren and eric kramer say they hope to catch the game. >> i thought it was fantastic beating the seahawks. russell wilson, oh, my gosh. and i think we are going to go to the playoffs, the first one. it is my half birthday. >> put out a second mortgage on our home, but yeah, we'd like to. >> reporter: in santa clara, marianne favro, "nbc bay area
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news." >> and a reminder, we are your home for the 49ers' first playoff game. we don't know who they're playing yet, but we know the game will be on nbc bay area. kickoff on saturday, january 11th is set for 1:35. >> and i want jeff ranieri to know, we're not going to put him on the spot for january 11th -- >> thank you. >> but we will for a new year's eve forecast. >> i think we're going to come through pretty good as we head into new year's eve. let's bring you into the microclimate forecast on this monday. i now a lot of us are still kind of trying to get back from the christmas rush. you know, there was just not a lot of time but between thanksgiving and christmas this year, you got all ready to go, got into christmas and now here comes new year's, pretty fast. live look at san francisco right now. city lights shining bright. and if you're going into the city this evening, it is cool, currently 53 degrees, mostly clear skies. and notice by early tomorrow morning we're dropping down into the 40s, and that really is the trend for all of the bay area,
6:20 pm
except for one location. that's down here in morgan hill. looks like you could get down into the 30s, 39 by tomorrow morning, but there you go, plenty of low 40s here for the east bay. 41 in danville, napa 44, right back to san francisco, 46, over to palo alto, 42. the other thing besides those cold temperatures tomorrow morning will be some patchy areas of dense fog. so just be aware of that as you're out and about driving tomorrow morning, and of course, you'll need to take that jacket. by the afternoon, i've got lots of sunshine coming your way. numbers warm up. i think it will be comfortable for the last day of 2019. right down here into san jose, have you at 60 degrees. 61 in morgan hill. upper 50s to low 60s for the east bay, 62 clear lake and right over to san francisco, 57. so, what about new year's eve? we know how many people head out towards san francisco. if you're going along the embarcadero for a view of the fireworks, i think you'll see something here, but cloud cover
6:21 pm
mixing in as well at midnight. as we ring in 2020, 49 degrees. we'll look at the rest of the bay area and the seven-day forecast coming up in about 25 minutes. >> see you then, jeff. thanks. up next, getting ready for the ball to drop and the fireworks to light up the sky, but there's one place san francisco police are warning you to avoid. you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into two. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride.
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whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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take a look at these men. do you recognize them? police say they used a stun gun to assault a security guard during a robbery at a best buy store. this happened last night at the best buy on al camino real in san bruno. police just released this surveillance image. officers say the two men attempted to run from the store with several laptop computers when. when the security guard confronted them, them the stunned him. the thieves escaped in the getaway car. the security guard, thankfully, is okay. and now a crime where you'd least expect it, a mugging at an ice cream shop. it happened last week at cream on salio street in concord.
6:25 pm
police say these men who appear to be in their 20s, snatched a woman's phone and ran. a good samaritan chased after them, but they escaped near the park. police urge anyone with information about the suspects forward. we are just about 30 hours away from ringing in a new year and a new decade. we have a live look for you outside over the gorgeous twinkling lights of san francisco. the city will ring in the new year with a fireworks display over the bay tomorrow night, but police are warning people not to even try to watch fireworks from treasure island. construction had limited road access to the island. crews already are getting ready for the big crowds expected along the embarcadero for the show. you can see all of the temporary barricades crews dropped off along the street today. and now we take you to new york, where the countdown to the countdown is on as well. crews yesterday tested thes. you can see they passed with flying colors. today crews tested the famous waterford crystal sphere that drops to ring in the new year.
6:26 pm
that ball is 12 feet wide. it weighs nearly 12,000 pounds. it's covered with more than 2,600 crystal triangles. up next at 6:30, handwritten journals containing anti-semitic references. the new details we're learning about the man accused of stabbing five people celebrating hanukkah at a rabbi's house. plus, from hate crimes to impeachment, our political analyst larry gerston joins us next with his top takeaways from 2019. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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right now at 6:30, a chilling look at the moment police say a man armed with a machete launched his attack on a hanukkah celebration. that suspect's family now saying he has a history of mental illness. prosecutors filed federal hate crime charges today against that suspect. >> as nbc's alice barr shows us, new york has seen a wave of violence in just the past week. >> reporter: hate, fear, and love in new york city, as the community grapples with the latest in a string of anti-semitic attacks. >> this is beyond insanity. >> reporter: federal prosecutors today charging this man, grafton thomas, with hate crimes, accusing him of bursting into a rabbi's home saturday night during a hanukkah celebration and stabbing five people with a machete. investigators found handwritten journals in thomas' home
6:30 pm
containing anti-jewish writings. >> i see this as a growing crisis that needso be addressed right down to the foundational level of how we educate our young people. >> reporter: new york city's mayor promising to step up patrols even more around synagogues. the governor of new york declaring this an act of domestic terrorism, both acknowledging it will take more than law enforcement. >> we're going to have to rely on community engagement. we're going to have to rely on a greater sense of information-sharing and informing the public as to what to look for about individuals who may be headed down a radical path. >> reporter: this weekend's attack at least the tenth anti-semitic incident in the past week in the new york/new jersey area. earlier this month, three people were shot to death in a kosher grocery store. president trump tweeting "we must all come together to confront and eradicate the scourge of anti-semitism" as religious leaders look to send a clear message. >> if you want to engage in senate semitism, we're going to come down with all of the force of the law available to us,
6:31 pm
local state and federal. >> reporter: a grieving community searching for light to drive out the dark. alice barr, nbc news, washington. the gunman who opened fire in a texas church had a long criminal record and a history of mental issues. this is the gunman, keith kanunen. he walked into a church wearing a wig and fake beard. you can see him in the upper left of this youtube video, which was streaming live. he stood up to speak to a church member, and moments later he pulled out a shotgun and fired. but within seconds, an armed security team member fired once, hitting him in the head. >> i don't feel like i killed a human. i killed an evil, and that's how i'm coping with the situation. >> police say kanunen killed two men, one a church deacon and a beloved grandfather. the second victim was a security team member who was dragun as h.
6:32 pm
joining us now ir icalnalys gerston. now, larry, stories such as these, of this kind of hate crime or violence, they seem to have been in the news a lot this year, one of the pro dominant stories, and that's not just our imagination, right? >> oh, no, we've got figures, and they're not pretty, let me tell you. four years, 2014 through 2017 is the complete data set. and what did we find out? we find out that nationally, hate crimes have gone up 31%. even more stark, perhaps, is the fact that in california -- right, the laidback state -- hate crimes have gone up 44% in that four-year period. it's astounding. now, they stayed relatively the same in 2018, but we know this year is that violent hate crimes, violent, where someone really threatens someone, attempts to kill them, what not, have gone up to a 16-year high. who is attacked most frequently? african-americans, jews, and members of the gay community. lots of others as well, but those are the predominant
6:33 pm
groups. >> this is the time of year where we look back at the predominant stories over the year, the ones that dominated the headlines and you've been looking at a couple of them. walk us through it. >> you have to look at immigration. first of all in california, it's particularly important given the fact that we have well over 2 1/2 million undocumenteds in this state. the big problem starts with this -- we have not had immigration reform since 1986. that's the last time, 30 years ago. in the meantime, we've had more than 10 million undocumenteds coming into this state, we've had them attempt to get into the country. the number of receptions of them -- we have found them -- has gone up 24% in the last four years. that's an awful lot of people that they're catching coming into the border. but more than that, we've got things that just haven't been solved. think about things like the dreamers, where president trump anceled that program, and with through the court system and it sits now before the supreme court. what will the court decide when it comes to those 800,000 people
6:34 pm
who are waiting here for some hope to gain citizenship? that, plus the president's wall, 96 miles of new wall built after all this fuss so far, and people are wondering, are you going to do what you said you're going to do? you can see how both sides are pretty upset with immigration. >> okay, let's stick with the president, because perhaps the number one big political story of 2019 involves president trump. where do we stand right now with the impeachment? >> for the moment, no man's land, right? the house has voted their two articles. they have not been sent to the senate. you know there's a bit of a to-do right now between nancy pelosi and, of course, mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate. in the meantime, what do we have here? we have a situation where there's been such absolute partisanship, more so than we've ever seen. now, admittedly, this is only the third impeachment trial. so for everybody, it's kind much new, and the standards are not really well established because everyone has a different type of way of getting it done. but the fact of the matter is, the standoff is ugly and it's really representative of the
6:35 pm
kind of partisanship that has taken place over this particularly thorny issue. mind you, something else about impeachment -- we've got to think about what it means for american values. how are we organizing this in terms of what's fair, what's not? we have to think about it in terms of whether this is starting some sort of trend for the president in the future. and finally, we have to think about it in terms of the 2020 election. how much of this will hang over, so to speak, and leave us all with the feeling of one way or the other, judging the candidates against what's happened with president trump? >> amazing to think this time next year, we're going to know the answer on impeachment, we're going to know the answer on the 2020 election. let's have a date. let's get back one year from today and talk about it all over again. >> you got it. >> larry, thank you very much. all right, garvin, now we take you to desperation down under as thousands of australians seek relief from fast-moving forest fires. people in parts of australia's victoria state were warned it's too late to leave today. they're being told it's safer to
6:36 pm
stay inside than risk getting trapped by the fires on the 200-mile journey out to safety. very different tone from yesterday when tens of thousands of people were advised to evacuate. the wildfires have been burning for months, scorching nearly 20,000 square miles and killing at least nine people. thousands of koalas also are eadline for victims of recent wildfires. people affected by wildfires that broke out before january 29th, 2019, have until tomorrow to file claims against pg&e. at stake, $13.5 billion, a figure negotiated between pg&e and victims' lawyers in the bankruptcy case. the court has been working to track down those eligible to submit claims, but some are homeless now and many have moved and are hard to find. there could be as many as 70,000 people who have yet to file their paperwork. again, that deadline is tomorrow. two more lawsuits were filed today on behalf of survivors of
6:37 pm
clergy abuse. attorney jeff anderson says the cases are the first to be filed under california's new child victims act. the abuser, father gary timmon, founded a camp in mendocino county decades ago. he's already pled guilty to molestation and been sentenced to prison. >> in these cases, they're not so much about timmons, but about the system and the reckless choices that the catholic bishops of santa rosa have made over the years. >> california's child victims act provides a three-year window for survivors to bring lawsuits in cases which would have otherwise been blocked by the statute of limitations. a small victory f homeless mothers fighting to stay in an abandoned home in oakland. earlier today, a judge said he will take time to consider both sides, meaning the women can stay in the house for now.
6:38 pm
the judge could have ordered the mothers to move out immediately. the women are homeless and started living in the home last month. they are now leading an activist group, arguing that housing is a human right. the property owners call the women squatters and are demanding that they leave. the mothers say they hope the judge considers all factors. >> i would talk about how violent homelessness is with two small children, and i would encourage the court to consider that in making the decision. >> the judge says after he makes a decision, he will mail the ruling to both sides. up next, breaking a record that's out of this world. the american astronaut now in the history books.
6:39 pm
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the university of kansas men's basketball team is back on campus tonight after a tense day and night in the bay area. as we first told you last night, following a win over stanford yesterday afternoon, the team
6:41 pm
took off from san jose international, but about 20 minutes into the flight, one of the engines failed on their boeing 737. this is video taken from inside the plane. you can see sparks shooting out of one engine. the pilot immediately contacted sjc and returned safely. after spending the night in a san jose hotel, the team flew home out of oakland this afternoon. history in the making. an american astronaut broke a record in space. nasa says astronaut christina koch spent her 289th day in space on saturday. this means she officially broke the record for the longest single space flight by a woman. peggy whitson previously held that record. koch expects to stay on her mission until february for a total of 328 days. she also, by the way, was part of the historic all-female space walk back in october. >> she's going to have to get back soon if she's going to make it for the new year's eve fireworks. >> exactly. on that space shuttle, they
6:42 pm
could make it happen. >> or perhaps they have a great view up there, provided the clouds aren't over the fireworks. >> yes, that could be pretty neat. if it's possible. let's get you outside to a live skycam view of the east bay where temperatures are dropping tonight. we're down in the 40s by 11:00 p.m. we'll talk about the problem for tomorrow morning i want you to watch out for and what's happening at the coast in just a few minutes. family sends scammers thousands of dollars, but could a store have stopped the con? i'm consumer investigator chris kimura, "nbc bay area responds," next
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
welcome back. a scam ensnares two bay area families and likely many others, costing them each thousands of dollars. >> so, is enough being done to eop about the con job? let's turn to consumer investigator chris chmura. >> reporter: this scam is where imposters tell you a family member is in trouble. they prey on your desire to help, and they make millions in gift cards.
6:45 pm
the families you're about to meet feel this scam could be stopped, though, at the cash register. >> lift-off! >> reporter: when the u.s. first launched into space, max atkinson's electronics handiwork was often aboard. >> any program that i ever worked on was a total success. >> reporter: logic and critical thinking guided every blast-off. but recently, this retired rocket scientist gave in to his emotions. >> i fell for it and regretted it ever since. >> reporter: max and his wife, jenny, were scammed when max took a call from a man claiming to be a cop. he said their granddaughter caused a car crash and needed money to get out of trouble. >> to get tgoing, we need $4,000. so, it sounded so believable. >> reporter: hook, phone line, and sinker. the officer told him to go to macy's and buy gift cards, then call back with the numbers. max did, three times in one day and didn't suspect a thing until the next morning.
6:46 pm
>> he called again. it's just indescribable that you've been suckered, you've been scammed. >> reporter: how much money was gone at that point? >> $12,000. >> it's just really sad. >> reporter: rachel yoshida is one of max and jenny's granddaughters. >> i don't understand how you could ring up $4,000 in gift cards from somebody who is in their 80s and it not raise any kind of, like, flag. >> reporter: she soon learned that her grandparents are not alone. >> they hit him at his most vulnerable. >> reporter: in oakland, scammers convinced lisa hardy's 88-year-old father that his grandson had been arrested. the scammers needed $3,000 in best buy lisa says her dad bought them in a panic. >> no one talke letd tohim spen >> reporter: crooks who impersonated family or friends raked in at least $41 million last year, according to the federal trade commission, and the number of victims who paid with gift cards has jumped 270%.
6:47 pm
lisa says stores should warn shoppers. >> for sure, counsel people. >> reporter: some stores do. target says it's posted scam warnings at its gift card racks and trains cashiers to spot potential victims. cvs told us, you can't buy a gift card unless you acknowledge this scam advisory on the register screen. >> i think macy's needs to be more aware of it and protect their customers. >> reporter: like max. did anyone ever warn you that what you were doing might have been part of a scam? >> they did not. they did not. >> reporter: do you think they should have? >> absolutely! >> reporter: we have repeatedly contacted macy's about its policies and training, but we haven't received a response. the retail gift card association recommends some best practices for stores that include training for employees and questioning people who buy large quantities of gift cards. rachel believes those recommendations should be mandatory. >> it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: however, store policies aren't a guaranteed
6:48 pm
safeguard. best buy's fraud page says it limits gift card sales to $2,000 per person per day, but lisa says the emeryville location sold her dad $3,000 worth in one day. >> they just sold him the gift cards. >> reporter: we asked best buy about lisa's complaints. it did not respond to us. back at the atkinson house, jenny and max remain frustrated with macy's. >> i made a mistake, yes. they could have totally stopped it in its tracks. >> reporter: if you think a family member paid a scammer in gift cards, the key is to act fast. immediately call the store that issued the gift card and ask them to freeze the money stored on it. max, jenny, and lisa moved quickly, though the crooks were faster and still got away with more than $10,000 between them. we learned about this story from viewers like you. if you have a tip for us, go to our website, click on the menu, and then click "respond" or call us, 888-996-tips. >> oh, that is just too bad. >> yeah. in much better news, today
6:49 pm
was a stunner of a day, and what a great way to end the year. >> yeah, yeah, good way to kind of push out 2019, get ready for 2020, if i could say that's all right. aren't we all ready for 2020 to move on in? let's get to that microclimate forecast. we got a lot of sunshine today, and it was beautiful. hard to kind of go inside. the one thing i do want to start off our microclimate forecast with tonight on is the waves. if you have any reason whatsoever to head to the coastline over the next two days, you want to watch out, because surf will be 10 to 20 feet. right now those waves are building to 8 to 10 feet, but again, we could see waves up to about 20 feet as we hit tuesday and also wednesday. so, please be careful iu are headed out e otherwise, we're starting to see the weather pattern beginning to change. we had some rain on sunday and now that wet weather is starting to move off to the north. we had this area of high pressure that's building in. and right now, looks like that's going to keep that storm track right off to the north as we
6:50 pm
head all the way through this week. so, i think what we'll be left with is some cool temperatures and also some areas of morning fog that we'll need to contend with. so, that's kind of the biggest thing as we move into tomorrow morning we'll have to watch out for, those patchy, dense areas of some fog and some chilly temperatures, but it is december, after all, right, at least for another day or so. 41 here in the south bay, 43 in the peninsula. right over the tri-valley, i have you at 39 for the east bay, starting off chilly at 41, 44 in san francisco and right over the north bay at 40 dries. so, some patchy areas to start. by the afternoon, we have sunshine returning. a nice last day of 2019. so let's go ahead and get a look at it. you see in the south bay, 61 in morgan hill, 60 in milpitas, 69 in cupertino over to contra costa, alameda counties, 59 vallejo, 62 danville back over to hayward, 59 degrees. let's push it over to the peninsula. 58 in redwood city, 56 here in daly city. san francisco going to get the chair, the blanket, the whole
6:51 pm
setup going on for the fireworks early. well, you'll have a high here of 56 degrees and not much wind, so if you have napkins out, you're doing some sort of food as well, shouldn't really blow around too much. okay, let's bring it up to marin, napa, sonoma counties. 62 in clear lake, 60 in sonoma and 67 in mill valley. so, beautiful through the day, but what about for new year's eve? i think we'll have a few speed bumps here. it's not going to be totally clear, but you'll see in my forecast, if you're headed out to san francisco, we'll get some cloud cover moving in. i think we'll be able to see some fireworks, but it's going to be cold, down to 49 degrees right here at midnight. and for the inland valleys, we're also seeing some clouds and a little bit of patchy fog, but i think overall you'll be able to see some fireworks as well for any kind of celebrations across the interior valleys. deees. extended forecast. we're putting it on cruise control the next couple days. we've got some morning afternoon sunshine, 50s in excess over the next seven days, more lows in the 40s. inland valleys starting off the
6:52 pm
new year on wednesday at 62 degrees, and then eventually we'll drop down to some 50s by sunday and also on monday's forecast. this is a really good way to start off 2019, so no excuses for not getting to the store and getting those black-eyed peas for your new year luck. >> oh, the luck. >> got to do it. >> and some people do noodles as well. >> oh. i haven't done that. >> i don't know what the meaning behind everything is. >> i like the black-eyed peas because that's the only day i'm going it do it, you know what i mean? got to get it in there. >> well, send us a picture doing it. you're being held to your word. >> all right. >> t. nk >> thanks, jeff. co means a lot of eyes are on set to interview robert solei, next. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
6:53 pm
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whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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welcome back. when a team is successful, it sure doesn't take long for other teams tirarng with the 49ers' defensive coordinator robert saleh is expected to interview with the cleveland browns this week for their head coaching vacancy. saleh's defense is one of the best in the league this year, so teams are looking for a new head coach will certainly be interested in him. as of now, the browns are the
6:56 pm
only team that has called the niners asking for permission to interview saleh. and a reminder for you, when you're home for the 49ers' first playoff game, we don't know who they're playing yet, but we do know the game will be right here on nbc bay area. kickoff on saturday, january 11th, is set for 1:35. >> there was a football game at levi's stadium today, but it didn't involve the 49ers. cal played illinois in the redbox bowl. the bears methodically xhantled the illini. chase garbers threw four touchdown passes and ran for another to lead the bears to a 35-20 victory. cal finishes the season with an 8-5 record. >> wow, good for them. ano be out there at levi's. >> perfect football weather. we had that sun, blue sky, and we're going to have more of that tomorrow. a few clouds for new year's eve, but we're going to be okay. >> wonderful way to end the year. >> thank you for watching bay area news at 6:00. >> we hope to see you back here at 11:00 tonight. tomorrow on "california live," celebrity makeup artist
6:57 pm
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call him a fan, shall we? >> i think we're all fans. and now we're going to count the many ways we love tom hanks. >> i want to know what chrissy would say is the most unsexy thing the sexiest man alive does. >> chrissy sure knows, but you'll never guess the least sexy thing about john legend. and a debate between sterling k. brown and his wife ryan. >> hello, sterling, how nice to see you this evening about. who doesn't love "mad about you." we're on set to see how much has changed in 20 years. julie andrews reveals some colorful truths. >> i'm really not mary poppins, you know.


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