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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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year. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we are making plans for our new year's eve, super festive or low key. live pics from sydney, australia. >> happy new year! we got one in. >> my kind of celebration. okay we can go to bed now. >> live, wow. >> you can see the haze in the area because of the smoke from the wildfires has been devastating. one of the few cities in australia that has gone forward with those fireworks celebrations, but it is a beautiful sight to see and certainly one of the biggest first cities to celebrate. >> wow. >> that is beautiful. >> they're in the 60s right now. >> are they? >> perfect weather, yes. >> happy new year from sydney, australia. >> woo hoo! >> back here to the bay area. >> are there fireworks going the other direction? >> vianey, you'reay we're
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maybe like a nice sparkly coat? >> we're in the 40s overnight but it might dip down into the 30s depending on how late you stay out. so right now we've got clear skies over san francisco, and look at our morning lows, santa cruz a chilly 39 degrees in through san jose. 41 and your microclimate highs if you're headed out the door quickly, here's what you can expect. during the day fine, cool 50s, mostly clear skies. if you go out after you get out of work, take your coat with you now. you get out and go to festivities you're prepared. i'll give you a closer look what you can expect tonight and headed into the first weekend of the new year coming up. mike? >> i got to fulfill promise this is year. behind me i have the number seven, that's how many minutes for highway 84 down value see toe. it's nothing big. it's very small and that's great. an easy drive coming through that section of 84. no problems you saw things are at the limit there from the speed sensors and travel times, 16 minutes out of the altamont
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toward the dublin interchange. no problems through contra costa county. there is a crash in san pablo. no slowing has shown up and no major crashes on the report right now. i was going to show you the golden gate bridge as well, you can see how very clear it is, just a couple of cars, a few coming into the city. marcus? >> thanks, mike. breaking news this morning from overseas, hundreds of people protesting at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. some made it inside that compound. people are angry following deadly u.s. air strikes last week that killed 25 fighters from the iran-backed shiite militia in iraq. the mourners held funerals for those killed in baghdad in a neighborhood earlier and marched on to the heavily fortified green zone and kept walking until they reached the embassy. sunday u.s. forces bombed the militia after accusing them of firing rockets on a u.s. base in iraq that killed one american. everybody will be waiting for the ball to drop and the
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fireworks to go off at midnight in new york city and looking for a good vantage point to do all of that. thom jensen is live in the skyline, the bay bridge providing the first canvas for that fireworks show, thom. any specific security concerns that we should be watching for this year? >> reporter: nothing out of the ordinary, no specific threats according to the san francisco department like a couple years ago ringing in 2018 with the thwarted christmas threat and the new year's celebrations around the embarcadero. just the normal crowd control and traffic control and keeping the peace that you always find with the large celebrations that police are concerned they'll be coordinating with oes and others to watch out for those sorts of things.
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embarcadero and hot spots gather large crowds will police focus efforts. no matter where you are celebrating the new year's eve, you will see an all hands on deck force out there. >> again you'll see us all over the city tomorrow and we ask people to park smart, try not to leave valuables in your car, use rideshare or public transit, if you are drinking. we always ask the public to be alert, flag down an officer, call 911, don't be afraid to contact us. >> reporter: you're right, people will be looking for the van cass to see that fireworks show and for their celebrations around the city, whether it be the bay bridge or the city skyline, whether people are going to emeryville. there are those hot spots that people are always flocking to, but san francisco police department asking everyone to
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stay away from treasure island this year because of all of the construction, if you've been out there lately, there's just a lot of construction around the island, really no place for people to park and view the fireworks, so they're saying that could end up being a traffic nightmare. they're also encouraging everyone who plans to come into the city and celebrate the new year celebration to sign up for their text alerts. all you have to do is text nyesf to 888777 and you'll be signed up for the alerts, whether they're closing down streets or some sort of police presence that's going to be somewhere, you'll get the alerts on your cell phone. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> we'll put that number up on our social page so folksn made plans yet, find a full list of new year's eve celebrations happening across the bay area on our website, that's you can see them running right at the bottom of your screen. also happening today an
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important deadline for wildfire victims including victims from the north bay firestorm. people have until today to file claims against pg&e in connection with any fire before january 29th of this year. at stake, more than $13 billion, a figure recently negotiated between pg&e and victims of lawyers in the bankruptcy case. the court has been working to track down folks who are eligible to submit those claims. >> 5:06 right now. in the tri-valley, residents in san ramon are on edge following a series of home burglaries. these are six on saturday night and several different neighborhoods. one of those burglaries was caught on surveillance camera. three people they believe are responsible for all of the burglaries. i'm scared. my kids are there, my parents
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are there. >> police haven't learned much from looking at these videos. those hoods are up, faces covered, not much on the getaway car either. the it's a dark mercedes with paper license plates on it. the hayward ranch has been open for 71 years. the manager says the owner is ill and decided to put the building up for sale. the contents are also up for sale, includes 1930s telephone and a wooden phone booth. here is something to chew on ahead of your new year's dinner, usually the bay area's dungeoness crab season is in full swing. if you're a crab lover, you know the past few years are rocky. crabbers tell "the press democrat" once again they're feeling the pinch because quantity has been lower thanbel. the season got a later start this year as well. a live pacifica
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pier this morning, some of those waves are rolling in already and the biggest waves ar come, starting just a few hours from now. by the time the peak hits tomorrow the largest waves, mavericks are supposed to surpass 35 feet. we'll remind you, it's not safe to surf in those conditions. >> not at all. vianey you've been telling us don't turn your back on the waves. the sneaker waves can get you. >> they are literally what they sound like. you've probably seen pictuk peoe taking pictures on a pretty rock. microclimate highs in the 50s, san jose 60 degrees. what about the waves? we're looking out for the tall waves the next two days. if you get caught in a rip current swim parallel to the shore. never try to swim against it. best advice is no swimming. admire it from afar and take
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your photos and upload them and then stay safe. let's send things over to mike on the roads. >> i'm safely on land. you have that ocean behind you, i got land, coming from the land in oakland. this morning no backup no metering lights, no slowing for most of contra costa county. i do have this crash we followed up san pablo dam road, had two lanes blocked five minutes. a little slowing speeds are now recovering, all traffic on the shoulder that's still a distraction so there may be a little blip you may have to tap the brakes but nothing big and that's about it right now for the bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. this morning, there's a growing concern about hackers targeting ring devices. still ahead for you on "today in the bay," the new legal action some believe may convince these kind of take-overs from happening in the future. last day of the year, last day of trading as well. boy, 2019 was good for your money.
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we'll take a look. ♪ plus trending this morning, did the force fall short? why some "star wars" fans are upset about the latest moverie and how the films' writers are responding to that criticism. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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it is 5:12. as you get ready to head out the door, current temperatures 39
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degrees in santa cruz, and it is windy in the mountaintop areas. we're tracking those overnight lows, and of course what we're track fog are today and into tomorrow. i'll have the complete details of what you can expect coming up. >> you can expect this in oakland, right there. north of the coliseum, traffic flows smoothly but the tail lights are going up toward the bay bridge, where a lot of times folks are gathering even as we speak. we'll show you what's going on when i speak to you next, coming up. and a very good morning, happy new year's eve to you as well. today is the last day of trading, and despite the negative numbers here, 2019 is going to go down in the record books as a banner year, best in. there's some sell-off here, this happens on the last day of the year. you sell off your badly performing stocks and get a tax deduction. president trump signed a new bill into law that should help fight robo calls. it also prohibits cell phone companies from charging you money to filter calls out.
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'not going to stop robo calls but a darned good start. we get important housing data in minutes from ca case-schiller. sometimes they are confusing and contradict each either. case-schiller is the gold standard. the schiller half won a nobel prize. ab-50 would force companies to treat contract or freelance workers as employees. in uber's case its employees would be the drivers. the law designed with uber and other rideshare companies in mind, and law parallels some past court decisions but it's also created some unexpected consequences. other worker s like freelance writers are affected. lorena gonzalez has been overly hostile to ridesharing
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companies. she responded on twimer "come and get me tech bros, i'm here to support workers on tech. i'm tired of billionaires using technology to deprive workers of a livable wage." yesterday we were talking about the california privacy law. i said we don't really understand all of what's in there. javier becerra has not sent out guidance. 85 is much the same way. no matter what the intentions are or how you feel about it, we're still kind of understanding where this all is going to fit into the economy and who it affects. >> and a lot of workers are waiting to see, because they don't know how it's going to affect the bottom line. thanks, scott. new twist this morning in a story raising a lot of concerns about hackers targeting ring devices. you might have seen video of children hearing somebody they don't know talking to them through those devices but now ring's parent company amazon is facing a lawsuit. an alabama man filed that lawsuit seeking class action
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status. in the past, ring has linked the problem to customers reusing old passwords saying that two-factor authentication is the way to prevent that. the new "star wars" movie is topping box offices but some fans are raising questions about one character in particular left on the sideline. >> they're angry about the lack of the character rose tika who had a bigger role in the last "star wars" movie. the writers are responding, they say rose was part of several scenes that included the late kari fisher, princess leia's character. they had to create that by cgi. editors had trouble making the scenes look real. some had to be cut. >> that seems like a legitimate explanation. >> theysopectations too high. >> now she's directing the united commercials, landing planes but it's not really rose
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tikos. move over oprah, former president barack obama is sharing some of his favorite things of 2019. >> that includes the top songs of his play list. ♪ >> "juice" makes the list and "mood for-era" and "old town road" with little nas and billy ray cyrus. >> forever ever. >> don't blame it on the juice. >> she has all the juice. >> you can tell that my kids decide what we listen to in the car. >> i know a lot of songs, i just don't know their names or the lyrics. >> same here. >> i know the song. ♪ >> i'll remember that for eva.
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>> into the new year with no rain. >> high pressure bringing us the happy weather and it will start to dominate the next seven days. look at the view of the golden gate bridge. isn't that pretty? no clouds, no fog. great way to start our tuesday. current temperatures right now in san jose 41 degrees, and in through livermore 40, so it's cold, and it's going to be cold again tonight. so how are we looking compared to the rest of the nation? celebrating here, you have family celebrating the new year in a different state. this is what they're preparing for, good news up for new york city, they're not expecting rain for the big ball drop but it will be cold as always. in dallas 36 degrees, in through denver a chilly 21 and if you're anywhere near chicago you have family in chicago, a cold 24 degrees. so far, the rest of the nation is doing good. some areas are tracking snow, but satellite radar for us is clear, and that storm ipacted u nowhere in sight. again, that high pressure will
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dry us out over the next couple of days which means microclimate highs for today are a tad bit warmer into the 60s for some spots including san jose, livermore and concord. santa rosa at about 62 degrees. here is a closer look at the next seven days, so tonight temperatures will dip down into the 40s. we are talking about partly cloudy skies. those clouds will increase into wednesday, but we're not tracking rain. it will be cold and inland areas, we're monitoring right now a chance for patchy fog overnight. so that will be something to watch heading in to the new year. how are the roads doing, mike? >> vianey, very nice right now. look at the big view of ou maps. we have green all over the approach toward the bay bridge. in fact, let me quickly show you that babrie.was going on at the bottom of your screen, as folks come toward the toll plaza itself. this one lane had a number of cars lined up. i think someone was just searching for the right cash or cash at all because cash lanes. fastrak you glide on through slowly and the fastrak tran
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transponder and hov saves you more, three or more at the bay bridge and no problems along the approach. the crash on the shoulder maintain witness the speeds going by at the limit, san pablo dam road. no problem over here, carquinez bridge past spdr and toward the bay bridge, the bb. we have a lot of abreeflgss we could use but we'll say green, the speed sensor shows around the bay. great stuff and no delays for the transit systems. b.a.r.t. special service, muni, caltrain have special service extending tonight and free service during and after the fireworks. keep that in mind. back to you. > year and next on "today in the bay," a live report from new york city on what's expected during celebrations at times square. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ we are the champions, we are the champions ♪ well tonight the curtain falls on institution for a long time, san franciscans this is hard to process, tonight is the final performance of "beach blanket babylon" not only is it the bay
5:24 am
area's longest running musical, it is the nation's longest, premiered in 1974, when its creators planned for a six-week run. 45 years later if you didn't get a chance to get your tickets for tonight's final performance forget about it. that show has been sold out for months. >> 45 degrees. it's a long time. >> it's a great show, it's fun. this morning, that countdown is on for you. a little more than an hour ago, new zealand actually you see right there, ringing in 2020 with fireworks. this is a new video of that celebration. we aired it live earlier here on "today in the bay" and once agaio final moments of 2019. >> it is e celebio yesterday. today looks kind of dry. >> reporter: that's right, marcus and kris. the weather is expected to be way better than the last two years. yesterday it was miserable going to the ball test at the top of
5:25 am
one times square. we had a little drizzle but you might recall if you watched it on tv last year it was the first time in 24 years it was raining. two years ago you want to talk about misery, it was just 9 degrees at midnight the second coldest new year's eve ball drop in new year's eve history. i think i'm still recovering. today is expected mild, mid to upper 40s so the rain is moving g upwards of a ld have a reallyt million people in times square to watch the ball drop as we close out 2019. back to you. >> stay warm out there. i know it's cold, 40s, california, that's cold. >> it's not going to be 9 degrees so happy new year, chris pallone. >> thanks, chris. stay with nbc bay area to ring in the start of 2020.
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at 10:00 tonight join carson daly in times square and stay tuned for "nbc bay area news" at 11: 11:00. coming up, breaking news overseas. growing protests at the u.s. embassy in baghdad and why many people there are so outraged. plus cracking down on illegal fireworks in the south bay. a live report on the steps san jose is taking this new year's eve.
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looking live out our window
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over san francisco on this last day of the last year of this decade. time has been flying. >> this t it is continuing to f tick, tick, tick. thanks for starting your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. just 18 hours 30 minutes 17 seconds until we ring in 2020 and celebrations of course planned all across the bay area. here is a look at the big apple, times square where the preparations are also under way for the big ball drop, which you can watch right here on nbc bay area. last year 9 degrees and rainy this year. looking pretty dry. >> look, just sit home, watch it here on nbc bay area. you'll be just fine. >> just like us. >> nbc bay area's vianey arana has been tracking the forecast for us here at home and vianey, you're saying it's going to be nice and not cloudy in some spots. >> we're tracking some fog inland but along the coast it
5:30 am
will be a little cloudy. grab your fuzzy socks and chill at home. so much better. you save a ton of money, order pizza, the good life. beautiful views right now. the span is a nice shot, temperatures up 41 degrees in san jose, 45 in oakland. 41 in san francisco and daytime highs will be comfortable in the 50s and the 60s. look at the bay area skies, a solid mix of sun and clouds, and as we head remain dry but we're going to start to get a little bit of that cloud cover along the coast. we'll be monitoring carl the fog for inland areas. if the fog rolls in you know how that impacts our fireworks. we're keeping a close eye on that and today i expect to continue my search for my new planner. mike knows about the planner. i didn't find one yesterday so i got to continue my search today. i don't know what happened. none of them called my name. >> for those of you playing along at home, she is talking about one of those day runner type, not specifically that brand, she has to find the right
5:31 am
one. a smooth runner right here, no backup, no metering lights. vianey is looking on the web right now. looking toward the approach, great drive, just that one crash over on the shoulder with no slowing, no lanes blocked and no major injuries. no drama for contra costa county. getting over from danville to the san mateo bridge, over here, waze times it out at about 33 minutes from central danville to the toll plaza and it will maintain that for much of the morning. the early morning commute isn't a problem, midday, afternoons, evenings, folks will get about their way. i'll talk about mass transit coming up again. back to you. breaking news overseas, hundreds of people protesting at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. these are live pictures we're looking at right now. some of those people actually made it inside the compound. those live tipictures of the demonstration, people standing outside. people are angry following deadly u.s. airstrikes, last week that killed 25 fighters from an iran-backed shiite
5:32 am
militia in iraq. mourners held funerals for those killed in a baghdad neighborhood earl xwrer and marched over to the heavily fortified green zone and kept walking until they reached the embassy. on sunday, u.s. forces bombed the militia after accusing them are flying rockets on a u.s. base in iraq that killed one american and injured others. leaders across the bay area want you to be on the lookout for illegal fireworks during tonight's new year's eve celebrations and in the south bay there are resources to report out of hand revelers as well. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in the east foothills. there are always concerns about something sparking a wildfire. what can people do? >> reporter: the wildfire issue is one of the problems with illegal fireworks, kris, and of course injury, people getting hurt, blowing off their fingers. in order to deter this, the city of san jose is reactivating its online reporting tool to find it, go to easiest thing google san jose fireworks online reporting, the site will come
5:33 am
up. you fill out the form with the time and location of the illegal fireworks and if you have them, the names of the people setting them off, if that's something you're comfortable doing with, you have the option of uploading photos and as we reported before, fireworks have been an the south bay, not only can they be a noisy nuisance as you were mentioning, fires get started and people can get hurt. this past fall the san jose city council approved a social host lawhi fireworks are set off on your property in the city of san jose, you're liable, even if you're not the one who lit the fuse. all types of fireworks are banned in san jose, if you're caught fined for first offense is $500. $700 for the second offense. $1,000 for a third, assuming the repeat offenses take place within 18 months and the same penalties apply for the city of fremont where i'm live right now which bans all fireworks, including the so-called safe and sane. reporting live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. bay area attorneys today are expected to file a new wave of
5:34 am
lawsuits tied to the latest church sex abuse accusations. nearly a year ago, oakland's diocese first released the names of nearly 50 priests and other clergy members credibly accused of abusing minors. many of those priests are dead and none are still working in the ministry. attorneys say that abuse victims will attend today's news conference. happening now, police hope this image can help to track down two thieves they say used a stun gun on a best buy security guard. surveillance cameras caught the pair walking into the san bruno best buy. according to investigators, they stole a pair of laptops. when the tlt tried to stop them, they used a stun gun on him. the pair was seen driving off in a silver or gray nissan or cadillac. a follow-up and an act of kindness from a total strangers. you may remember when we told you about the gomez nunez family earlier this month. their home burned down in a fire and while staying in a hotel
5:35 am
their car was broken into. the family lost most of their belongings but "the mercury mailed them a check for $20,000. >> oh my goodness. the morning, free dance lessons, tonight and goes until 1:00 in a silent auction and a firework viewing from the flight deck, sounds like a good seat. tickets are $65 at the door. also happening today fran's muni wants to make it easier to ring in the new year offering free new year's eve rides yevasg free rides on new year's eve. caltrain and sam trans will ofys don't stay out until 5:00 in the morning. >> 5:00 in the morning, going to work. heading out to work, don't come
5:36 am
home at 5:00. >> we'll be right here. >> we might have had the discussion at my mom's with me back in the day. oakland 880, here is 66 overcrossing right in that area, there was a report of a disabled vehicle i've been tracking, the speeds and looking at the live shot with no major problems, but there may be some lights on the shoulder, as you come north of 98th past the coliseum. same area moving nicely, at green throughout the east bay, contra costa county peninsula, san mateo county as well as santa clara county and look at that, an easy drivecowell. coming back to the desk, waze the waze predictive timing, can forecast the timing of hold steady until 4:30. then folks start coming to the area. >> well historically speaking this say very important forecast, the new year's eve forecast. we'll wait for the weekend. >> i'm going to get to your new year's eve forecast first. i'll give you a look ahead.
5:37 am
san francisco if you're headed to the embarcaderembarcadero, p spotty have the fireworks, take your jacket. temperatures in the 40s but as you know, any time you're on the coastline it gets chillier. we have a breeze coming through and we are talking about partly cloudy skies. the good news is it may not be completely fogged over, just a little cloudy which means you'll be able to see the fireworks headed into tonight. we hope carl the fog holds off for the coastline for new year's eve. inland valleys, san jose in through concord any of those areas, patchy fog is possible. temperatures in the 40s although if you're seeing the fireworks in downtown san jose you should be okay with the fireworks at the discovery. temperature also dip down into the 40s. we'll get increased cloud cover headed into the first day of 2020, but looking ahead now to the weekend, we are tracking a chance for some drizzle, spotty showers, right now the models are showing light amounts of rain, primarily staying up in the north bay so a good first week of 2020 ahead. i'll send it back to you guys. >> thanks, vianey.
5:38 am
>>. still ahead on "today in the bay" the new plan in san francisco city college aimed at avoiding cuts for seniors. and cashing in on the new year, how much higher prices will go to buy legal marijuana in california 2020. president trump listing out his accomplishments of 2019. >> do you remember that moment between 49ers quarterback jimmy g. and reporter erin andrews that sparked controversy, a little baby in there? this morning, a new twist, which you can actually proudly wear for the right price. as a struggling actor,
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clear conditions. we're hoping it stays this way tonight. we may get cloud cover. good news no rain in sight. temperatures in the 40s, plenty of sunshine expected. i'll have a look at your new year's eve forecast and lake tahoe forecast coming up. >> vianey if you're showing how much traffic is on the span i have to remind folks it's clear at the toll plaza for the bay bridge. that's a great drive right now. we will show you i've got my eyes on one incident for the north bay. i'll tell you about it, hoping nothing bigger comes along. san jose homeowner is starting the new year without a place to live but we are learning about a quick-thinking rescue by firefighter. >> coming up at 6:00 what crews
5:42 am
managed to save before the house was destroyed by flames. the massive fire burning at an anaes just engulfing the buildievacuated. no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a private company that operates several immigration detention centers in california is suing over a new state ban that takes effect tomorrow. come the new year, california's department of corrections will no longer be allowed to enter into contracts with private prisons. starting in 2028 private immigration detention facilities will also be banned. the group is suing just one new multibillion-dollar contract to run new detention centers here in california. it calls the ban unconstitutional arguing its relationship is with the federal government and not with the state. here is a look at some of the new laws that you might see 20 hours from now. some of the big topics, housing, health, firearms, wildfires, and
5:43 am
health. taking action after those power shutoffs, governor newsom wants utilities companies more prepared for wildfires and california will be the first state to offer medicaid for low income adults regardless of their immigration status. they'll add more green to the state budget maybe when it comes to legalized pot but it could also instead drive more users back to the black market. so some cannabis business owners fear starting tomorrow the state's new pot-related fee also add up to 3% more for dispensaries, that means a lot of them will likely jack up their prices. of course merchants point out buying marijuana the old-fashioned way has no strings attached. >> increasing the taxes over and over a little bit every month is pushing people further into the black market. >> a state report found that despite marijuana now being legal in california, 80% of the pot sold is still sold illegally. people aren't paying taxes that, means the state is not making the money. 5:44 right now.
5:44 am
new details and a lifeline for seniors who take special classes provided by city college of san francisco. supervisors have locked in funding to keep the 17 classes going. those classes are taught at about a dozen senior centers serving about 100 disabled older adults in areas like physical fitness, language arts and music appreciation. the white house listed president trump's accomplishments for 2019. >> this as the president continues his vacation in florida. >> good morning the white house puts the economy at the top of the list of the president's accomplishments for the year and with good reason. the stock market ended the year with its best performance in two decades. unemployment is at the lowest it's been since the '60s. to that the white house adds better trade deal with the u.s. mca, securing the borders and the killing of abu bakr al baghdadi on that list. president trump's critic also point to things that didn't go well in 2019 but one of its most alarming for conservatives is
5:45 am
the growing national debt the biggest it's been. back when president obama was president, trump was concerned about the $16 trillion debt. that debt is now $22.5 trillion and it's growing. we continue to mopper the latest from baghdad where iraqis are protesting an american air strike against militants who support iran. they are the largest in the world. the central embassy is still keep in mind that compound is safe and the yellow flags belong to the political party affiliated with the shias. president trump thinks iran is behind the protest. marcus and kris, you'll bring more about that coming up. and look at this, one day left in 2019, 34 days until the full frenzy of the presidential election with the iowa caucuses. we're watching everything that's happening in washington, and in florida, which is where the president is. you can follow us on twitter, you can follow me anywa anyway @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 49ers fans already know
5:46 am
jimmy g. is money, but apparently even his words can create a cha-ching. >> back story, fans you probably remember the flappy spark with erin andrews in october she asked how it felt to be 8- 0, he answered requests feels great, baby." a lot of people got carried away apparently includes the 49ers tight end and niners george kittle after sunday night's win. "feels great, 30 bucks. we don't know if erin is buying one but she was a good sport when the story first made waves. i say baby all the time. the niners have to wait to find out the wild card winners before they know who they're going to play in the divisional round, but that game will air here on nbc bay area on saturday, january 11th, no matter who the niners aim to beat. kickoff is set for 1:35. date night straight out of the bay area playbook.
5:47 am
steph and ayesha their last day of 2019 happened two nights ago. it started with ayesha blasting e40 in the car song of choice "one question" and allie wong's comedy show and they went back stage and snapped selfies to end the night. >> wong looks excited, too. ♪ date night >> my date night is pizza. yours is sushi. >> but like happy hour and it's cheaper. >> you got to save some money. 2020, one of my goals is to save more money. >> happy hour sushi is better than day old sushi. >> true. >> we're not doing that. not doing that. you were saying vianey should get a day runner, the planner in the olden days? >> i googled it. i was a little confused. one of my big things going into the new year is buying a new planner but i like to write my
5:48 am
notes. >> i'll show you mine. >> color coded and everything. >> color coded. i am a nerd! >> all right i also keep track of the weather in my what did you say it was, day runner? >> palm pilot? we're dating ourselves. >> mike is confusing me there, not going to lie. beautiful view of the city from the san bruno car skies. these are the conditions we like to see when tracking fireworks. temperatures 41 degrees right now in san jose. 45 in oakland. 41 in san francisco. 42 in napa, and how is the rest of the nation shaping up, because as you know, we're all going to be celebrating tonight. if you're traveling to seattle, you have family in seattle we are talking about rain dipping down into the low 40s for seattle. the rest of the nation into the midwest is doing okay. detroit expecting to get some snow, temperatures dipping down into the 30s and minneapolis talking about cold 21 with bismarck at about 8 degrees. down in the south if you're headed to texas, it will also be
5:49 am
in the 30s. it really gets cold in el paso at one point in the low 20s. satellite radar showing the clear conditions, and that storm no longer a factor. it's going to dry us out and that's thanks to high pressure that will continue to dominate over the next several days. it's also going to help low 60s for san jose, 60 degrees. 60 degrees in livermore. 62 in santa rosa. but we are still watching those waves and that swell. there is a beach hazard statement in effect for the next two days because we'reaves upwa feet in some areas. if you're a surfer you may be excited about that but for the rest of us stay out of the water. lake tahoe forecast low 30s, but the travel conditions will be much better. you should be able to head out the door with no problems. we are tracking possibilities of patchy fog headed into inland areas. mike, how are the roads? >> vianey, we have a crash and debris. there it is, took a couple
5:50 am
seconds. i got get over to the set, sorry, in the traffic center because i just heard about this crash a vehicle carrying oxygen tanks from what i understand has gotten into a crash 29th northbound 880 by the coliseum. traffic is stacking up approaching high street. all lanes of northbound up rig few minutes. getting the updates from chp. lowing. 580 westbound through the area the best option if you can take that and major surface streets are pretty light rightw0 at 29t where we have oxygen tanks scattered across the road from what we understand. they have to stop traffic, don't want anybody to hit those. that's different than hitting an aluminum can. because of that traffic held up at oakland it makes it lighter at the bay bridge toll plaza, which is clear right now. so if you're approaching out of the area out of san pablo, you're fine, toward the bay bridge. this other crash was the one i was joking about, a car that
5:51 am
jumped into a mailbox over there at oakville, yountville area. the oakland one is the big concern right now. everywhere else in the bay, marcus, is clear. back to you. >> thanks, mike. first happening now for you, thousands of australians who had to run for their lives are left to hunker down on a beach in australia. they had no other escape from the fast-moving of ricker toia. people are using boats to get to safety. two new deaths are being reported caused by the fires, bringing the total to 12. more people are still missing. and coming up at 6:00, counting down to 2020, and security will be tight in san francisco. we'll show you how police are preparing to keep everybody safe and secure as we ring in the new year. plus a concord parking lot now some people call a dumping ground for the homeless. the major helping hand it just got that some folks say still isn't enough. you're watching "today in the
5:52 am
bay." [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
5:53 am
ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
5:54 am
5:55 for you right now. a san jose woman accused in a deadly christmas morning hit-and-run is scheduled to return to court five weeks from now. this is after a judge yesterday denied bail. investigators say ricky martinez died after he was runned down by
5:55 am
a suspect on east santa clara street. it happened after investigators say martinez shot the suspect's brother in an argument. sabrina gutierrez is aaccused of driving onto a sidewalk as she struck and killed martinez as he tried to leave the scene. cal trans workers helped clean a park n ride side off of willow pass road on highway 242. critics say homeless people have been settling and setting up tents there over the past few months and workers nearby tell us the situation has put them in a catch 22. >> i have a lot of sympathy for them. every night before i lock up if i see them, i give them coffee, hot water, using the restroom there on the cardboard, leaving food, just needles i said hey this can't be going on. you got to go. >> the transit agency owns the
5:56 am
parking lot. as we look back on the past year, one story making more headlines is the return of measles. >> health experts once believed measles was basically eradicated but this year 00were reported a. in california alone more than 70 people had measles. now schools across the nation are taking action. >> there's many communicable diseases that are happening in schools but the most common ones that we've had are noro virus, whooping cough and we're really worried about measles. >> a lot of schools across the nation are taking action in places like california and washington. students cannot go to public school unless they are vaccinated. ahead on the "today" show at 7:00 this morning, new details on that rush for vaccines. after more than a decade of educating the public about the newseum in washington, d.c., it is closing today. since it opened 11 years ago nearly 10 million people have visited the site.
5:57 am
the newseum describes the goal as increasing public understanding of the importance of a free press. it's shutting down because it can't afford to remain open. a san jose family'ng firefighters. two cats from a burning home last night along live oakway not far from challenger school strawberry park. neighbors feel for the homeowner, who has to sta a hom. >> really scary situation in the neighborhood, for the property owner. he was okay, i did talk to him, and offered my home for a place to sleep at night. >> the good news out of this, firefighters say no one was hurt. are you ready for 2020? you bought the party hats and put the champagne in the refrigerato refrigerator, you checked your fsa balance also? >> maybe not. if not, consumer investigator
5:58 am
chris chmura recommends one more task in your 2019 year. >> flexible spending account, aka fsas lets you stash away pre-tax money for medical expenses, commuter expenses and other staff. millions of savvy workers have them but some plans require you to spend all of the money each year before the clock strikes 12:00 on december 31st. whatever you don't spend goes back to your employer. now some fsas might have a grace period or a rollover period in to 2020, but not necessarily all of them. so here's the bottom line. if you have an fsa, now is the time to figure out what is left in it, and what happens if you don't spend it today. after all, it's your money. if you have a consumer complaint, head to our website or call us 888-996-tips. happy new year. >> happy new year. breaking news for you right now at 6:00, protesters target
5:59 am
the u.s. embassy in iraq over air strikes and we are just finding out about the security tactics guards are using to try to keep these demonstrators contain. . a new year means beefed up security across the country as millions prepare to ring in 2020 in public places. we're live in san francisco with how police say you can stay safe if you're headed to the embarcadero. and a wave alert for you, wicked winds mean dangerous waters are set to slam the northern california coast. we're tracking when the big waves will hit. "today in the bay" continues now. good morning to you. the last day of 2019. i'm marcus washington. >> wild. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we're talking about new year's eve and the weather and got to be a lot of pressure for you today. >> if only i could wave my magic
6:00 am
fingers and say not today, carl. the interior valleys you need to be mindful but also chilly. here is not your way, you might be cruising your way into the new year. a live look outside beautiful view of downtown san jose. current temperature above 40 degrees and


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