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tv   Today  NBC  December 31, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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pass by high street. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> thank you for joining our last "today in the bay" newscast of 2019. see you back here next year. >> next year! good morning. new year's eve, the clock is ticking down to the end of the decade and across the country, it's almost go time. from ramped up police presence to party prep and of course the world famous ball getting ready to drop. but could a nasty winter storm system snarl holiday travel. we have it all covered. breaking news, angry crowds stormed the embassy in baghdad protesting deadly air strikes. staff put on lockdown, as bullets fly and tear gas grenades fill the air. we have a live report. hometown hero, we hear from
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the churchgoer who stopped the gunman who opened fire >> had we not had the security team in place, it would have been a much more severe outcome. >> how he trained for a moment just like this those stories plus ultimatum, a new front in the war over vaccines as one city says to students get your shots or don't come back to school in the new years. where did my friends go, the streaming wars of the 2020 start with a bang as the central perk gang leaves netflix for a new home. and midnight mystery, drones have been filling the sky over colorado for weeks, but no one knows where they came from, so could it all be leading up to some kind of new year's eve stunt? today, tuesday, december 31st, 2019 >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, welcome to "today," and thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, the last day of 2019,
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last day of the decade i'm sheinelle jones alongside peter alexander. savannah and hoda are off this morning. already here in new york city, it is packed in this area, especially. >> the end of a decade, i say we stick the landing today. bring on the 20s, the start of a new decade, the countdown begins right now. let's get right to our top story, time for the biggest party of the year, but a dangerous winter storm system is disrupting holiday travel and threatening new year's eve celebrations across the country. we're tracking the weather coast to coast, and we'll get to the forecast in a moment let's get to nbc's ron mott wloz who's at chicago's o'hare airport. ron, good morning to you >> reporter: good morning. last day of the year, and as you can see behind me, it is going to be a very busy travel day getting from point a to point b over the next 24 to 48 hours could be a lot easier said than done in many places. this morning, mother nature leaving her mark on the last hours of 2019, a brutal storm system churning from coast to coast, unleashing a fury of bad
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weather on millions of americans. >> what a storm it is, it's so messy. it's really ugly. >> the midwest and northeast blanketed with heavy snow and ice, dangerous winds whipping, all of it creating a nightmare for travels. >> i see cars pulled over. i see hazard lights the whole way down. >> for residents in the dakotas, it was anything but smooth sailing on the streets, with plenty of powder wreaking havoc on commutes throughout the region in fargo, a farmer came to the rescue of a police vehicle stuck in the deep white. another good samaritan lent a helping hand to delivery delivers on the routes residents in minnesota, eye to eye with the storm white knuckle conditions on the road the frigid effects felt in the northeast and new england. freezing power lines in upstate new york, snowplows working overtime in vermont. rounds of snow and ice pelting
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massachusetts, while relentless rain took aim on philadelphia. as millions work to dig out and dry off, the strong system's windy wrath impacting states down south and up north. minor injuries were reported after a mobile home rolled over and was torn to pieces during a bitter storm authorities in michigan say high winds ripped a tree from the ground before it crashed into power lines sending this empty car up in flames while in ohio, roaring winds that left more than 100,000 without power were ripping through the buckeye state monday keeping cleanup crews busy a quick look at the flight boards in terminal three at o'hare you can see a smattering of cancellations on the board because all the major airports are interconnected, a slowdown in one can have a cascading effect around the country. always a good idea to check in your airline before you head to the airport. >> thank you. just a few hours left in 2019, authorities are laser focused on making sure everyone
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has a safe new year's no matter where they ring it in. stephanie gosk is where else, times square which will no doubt be wild tonight. steph, good morning. are you the only one there, is the party already started a little bit early >> reporter: i'm all alone out here well, it's me and a very dedicated handful of people that are going to have to wait quite some time. they're some of the estimated 1.5 million that are expected out here later today with numbers like that, the new york city police are on high alert, as ever they say there's no credible threat, but they're asking the public to stay vigilant. with more than a million revelers expected to pack times square to watch the famous ball ring in a new year and a new decade, new york city police will be on alert keeping an eye out for any potential threats. >> this is going to be one of
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the most well policed, well protected celebrations in the entire world >> reporter: from the ground to the skies, authorities are stepping up security to close out 2019. >> there will be many protective measures you will see, and there will be some you will not see. >> reporter: perhaps for a party that never disappoints thousands of pounds of confetti will have wishes sent in from around the world >> it's going up it's rising. >> reporter: the famous ball ready to light the way into 2020 with more than 2,600 waterford crystal triangles, 32,000 l.e.d. bulbs, a tradition that dates back to 1907 when the ball was made with iron and wood with just a hundred lights. in chicago, the ferris wheel at navy pier becomes a kaleidoscope of color. >> as others celebrate with friends and family, roughly 1,300 additional police officers will be deployed. >> reporter: law enforcement in las vegas are securing the strip for the hundreds of thousands of people expected for the
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festivities. it's not just in the u.s. but also in europe where they have seen a string of terrorist attacks in recent years. with the eiffel tower in paris ready to shine, police in the city of lights are on high alert, a resolution to protect as the world brings in a new year so the crowd will grow here over the course of the day and get huge but while we wait here in new york city, on the other side of the planet, the party has already begun. check out these pictures from new zealand, they're already celebrating the beginning of the new decade it looks like a lot of fun there, guys. back to you. >> be safe out there thank you so much. nasty weather can impact celebrations around the country. let's check in with al in pasadena, getting ready for tomorrow's rose parade good morning to you. >> good morning, guys, we're in the rosemont pavilion where they build a lot of these floats. before those go out tomorrow, we're going to show you what we've got going on today the good news is the bad weather
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is winding down. where it's bad, it's going to get better, and where it's nice, it's going to stay that way. snow showers today in the northeast around the great lakes. big storm coming into the pacific northwest, mostly sunny for the southern tier of states from california all the way to the southeast. for the big ball drop in new york city, partly cloudy, a west wind, 10 to 20 the windchill will make it feel about 30, and the rest of the country, there are a lot of new year's celebrations for the ball drop, the pacific northwest and western plains, calm and quiet as you make your way through the southern tier of states, clear and cold tonight in the northern plains, and central plains, and then some light snow, western new york, western pa, into northern new england southeast and mid atlantic into the northeast, looking pretty darn good. that's what we're looking at as far as your new year's forecast, we'll be back a little bit later on what you can expect later today and tomorrow guys >> we'll take that report. al, thank you. we have some breaking news right now. this is from iraq where protesters angry about deadly u.s. air strikes over the
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weekend stormed the u.s. embassy in baghdad overnight nbc's ali arouzi has the latest details. ali, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, peter. that's right, iraqi shia supporters have broken down the embassy door, stormed inside the compounding as gunshots and sirens ring out and fires have been set i think we have a live look of the situation on the ground right now. peter, earlier in the day, hundreds of protesters and iran backed militia fighters had assembled near the embassy in baghdad to condemn air strikes that killed 25 of their fighters in iraq. the protesters have initially held funerals for the fighters killed in the air strikes in a baghdad neighborhood from there, they marched to the sprawling u.s. embassy in the heavily fortified green zone initially protesters shouted "down with the usa," hurled
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water bottles, smashed security cameras around the compounding and hung yellow militia flags on the walls of the embassy it appears the situation has taken a much more violent and serious turn now an iraqi security force tells nbc news, the guards inside the embassy have used tear gas grenades to prevent demonstrators from moving towards the main building inside the compound guys, as of now, we are still trying to confirm the status of the embassy staff. it's unclear if they're still inside or have been evacuated. just now president trump sent out a tweet blaming the storming of the embassy on iran. >> ari arouzi, a developing intense situation in iraq. we'll keep our eyes on it. thank you. now to texas where authorities are trying to figure out why a gunman opened fire on a church there one of the men who stopped the rampage seconds after it began spoke with nbc's blayne alexander about the terrifying ordeal
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she's in white settlement, texas with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so far officials are not saying why this man walked into west freeway church of christ and started shooting we do know acoring to the pastor that he has been inside the church before. and again, a warning that some of the video we're about to show you is disturbing. ♪ >> reporter: for a shattered community, moments of peace amid their pain. >> the hope we have in jesus still remains. >> reporter: members of the west freeway church of christ near ft. worth, texas, gathered near the sanctuary where 43-year-old keith thomas walked inside sunday and sat among them. you can see the terrifying moments that happened next play out on the church's live stream. the shooter gets up and after a few words pulls out a shotgun, firing twice >> he was headed to shoot more people. >> yes, there's no question in my mind on that.
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>> reporter: jack wilson was armed too, as head of the church's volunteer security team, it took him just six seconds to fire the deadly shot that brought down the gunman and ended the assault. >> i don't feel like i killed a human, i killed an evil, and that's how i'm coping with the situation. >> reporter: texas lawmakers recently cleared the way for church security teams passing new legislation following the 2017 massacre at a church in sutherland springs that left 26 people dead. wilson formed his team soon he trains them at his home gun range. >> had we not had the security team in place, it would have been much, in my opinion, probably a much more severe outcome than what happened >> reporter: according to court records, the shooter had a lengthy criminal history at least three arrests, including one for aggravated assault.
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witnesses say he walked in on sunday wearing a wig and a fake beard and, adding to the congregation's pain, he has been to the church before >> i had seen him. i had visited with him i had given him food >> reporter: now, the church is mourning two members who lost their lives. tony wallace, a 64-year-old grandfather of four who worked in health care and loved to help others, and 67-year-old richard white, a member of the church security team. the pastor says he lost his life protecting others. and overnight, president trump tweeted about this, saying that he is sending his prayers to the victims' families and the congregation he mentions the brave parishioners, adding lives were saved by those heroes and texas laws allowing them to carry arms. peter and sheinelle. >> heartbreaking there. the new york man accused of bursting into a hanukkah celebration, and stabbing five people is now facing federal
7:14 am
hate crime charges it comes as court documents revealed troubling new details about anti-semitic writings found in the suspect's home. nbc's kathy park is here with the latest kathy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys, as authorities continue to search for answers on a motive, federal officials say there were red flags during their search of grafton thomas's home and car which uncovered a journal with anti-semitic beliefs his family says he's not a member of a hate group and has a history of mental illness. >> reporter: this morning more charges for grafton thomas he was in court monday in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, two days after he stormed a rabbi's home with an 18-inch machete during a hannukah hanukkah celebration. celebration. court documents say he said "no one is leaving he slashed five hasidic man, injuries ranging from deep lacerations to a skull fracture.
7:15 am
joseph gluck tried stopping the attack by throwing this table. >> i saw that he was looking at me i smashed it in his face, i threw it in his face >> reporter: hours later they tracked down thomas in manhattan. they found him with his car smelling of bleach and what appeared to be blood on his hands and clothing authorities say they also retrieved a machete and knife, both with traces of dried blood. in his home, the fbi uncovered handwritten journals with anti-semitic writings. thomas' phone contained internet searches for nearby temples, and phrases like why did hitler hate the jews his mother and his attorney say he suffers from mental illness >> my impression is there are severe psychiatric issues. >> reporter: when asked by the judge if his head was clear, thomas replied, no, i need some rest the recent violence is another reminder of a spike in anti-semitic incidents across the country. more than 1,800 acts were
7:16 am
reported last year alone crimes like this impacting people of all backgrounds, one woman felt compelled to act, bringing flowers to extend her support. >> these are my brothers and sisters even though i'm a muslim, but i feel very, very close to christians and jews and all humanity >> reporter: investigators are also looking into a possible link between this attack and a separate stabbing of a rabbi in muncie in november thomas pleaded not guilty to state charges of attempted murder and one count of burglary and is expected back in federal court january 13th. >> thank you very much. in australia as massive wildfires burn out of control, at least 12 people have died with thousands fleeing their homes, and volunteers are battling to save local wildlife including koalas and kangaroos, animal casualties expected to be in the millions. morgan chesky is following this story for us this morning. morgan, good morning
7:17 am
>> reporter: good morning. some of these scenes can be describes as simply apocalyptic. thousands waking up to the smoke filled skies winds pushed some of those fires right towards coastal communities. conditions there so bad, the famed sydney fireworks celebration was almost cancelled. and today more than a hundred active fires keep burning. this morning, an australian inferno leaving thousands trapds after bush -- burning through two of the nation's most popular states, wildfires forced thousands out of their homes onto the coast where many sought shelter on the beaches >> pretty extreme. it was very scary. >> get out while we can. >> these people even taking shelter in an open boat. skies glowing bright red as flames moved in. those in town trying to escape the apocalyptic scene. >> this morning, we came down to the beach to evacuate and get closer to some clean air >> reporter: the fires moving so fast, officials don't have damage totals but say nationwide
7:18 am
12 people are confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise many of the fires sparked by lightning strikes have temperatures topping 100 degrees. crews are dealing with more than 120 active fires, but a fire map shows the danger covers nearly the entire continent some of the largest blazes now burning for more than a month. one of the biggest concerns, saving wildlife caught in the fire's path. koalas unable to escape on their own are at an especially high risk australians are doing their best to help. these thirsty koalas getting desperately needed water early numbers show up to 30% of the entire koala population may have died in the fast-moving flames and those fire crews may finally be getting relief today with forecasts calling for cooler temperatures and those winds to die down that relief could be short lived because we have triple digit temperatures and high winds coming back by the end of this week
7:19 am
peter and sheinelle. >> morgan, thank you 30% of the koala population. >> it's hard to wrap your head around we want to check in with our friend al in pasadena, this morning. al, good morning, nice to see you. >> good morning, guys, we're in front of one of the floats that will be parading down colorado boulevard tomorrow. we are looking at a big storm coming into the pacific northwest. the other storm that caused all the problems is going to be exiting the great lakes and bringing with it that snow and wind, finally moving out around the rest of the country for today, we are expecting bright skies through the mid atlantic states into the southeast. below average temperatures through the four corners, look for plenty of sunshine through the gulf we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds
7:20 am
it's the last day of 2019. look at our beautiful skies, gorgeous view of the city. san bruno camera, cotton candy skies. current temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by the this afternoon in the 50s. expect a combination of sun and clouds. if you're headed out tonight for your new year's eve, partly cloudy. embarcadero temperatures dipping down into the 40s and low 50s in san francisco. being near the rosemont pavilion with all these flowers for the 131st tournament of roses, guys, it smells almost as good as peter alexander. >> almost.
7:21 am
not quite. >> perfume nice to see you. thanks, al coming up, as the holiday break comes to a close, one major school district telling their parents to get their kids vaccinated or don't bother bringing them back to class. and a drone mystery in colorado for weeks, a swarm of drones putting residents on high alert. no one knows where they're coming from or who's behind the controls but first, this is "today" on nbc. behind the
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febreze car vent clips eliminate the stale, stuffy smells in your car and leave behind a fresh scent for up to 30 days. plus, they come in a range of scents including extra light. try febreze car brand power, helping you buy better. good morning. 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. a little more than 16 hours from now, people around the bay area will welcome in 2020 and while ringing in the new year can often involve watching the fireworks shows, san jose police are reminding everybody illegal fireworks will not be tolerated because the fire danger is too high. police say if you see something, say something. they also remind everybody how easy it is to do that thanks to the department's website. google san jose fireworks online reporting you will find a site where you can fill out a form to report what you saw and post photos of the illegal fireworks. vianey arana has been tracking our forecast. looks like carl is on pause right now. >> yes, i can't get over how beautiful this shot is of the
7:27 am
city. look at those skies and look at this shot, on top of our san bruno mountain camera. beautiful skies and dry conditions. thankfully we're not tracking any rain headed into tonight, 50s and 60s, but headed out tonight especially if you're anywhere on the coastline, good news, the temps dipping down into the 40s, partly cloudy conditions at the embarcadero. take your coat in san francisco if you're going to be inland, we should see areas of patchy fog, but it's going to be a lot colder inland, talking low 40s and intedepending how late you out it's colder. don't forget your coat. san rafael bridge things are fine at the toll plaza. you may be slow getting toward the san quentin side. a crash happened mid span and i believe there's still one lane blocked. that is a slower drive with lighter traffic this morning's commute. we have that exclamation point that's on the capital cor dhar line still trouble in north
7:28 am
richmond from an incident on the tracks. the rest of the mass transit is looking great. the rest of the bay is looking great. more local news in a half hour.
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♪ back now at 7:30 on this tuesday morning, december 31st, 2019 let's just marinate in that. it's the last time we say that, happy new year's eve to everybody joining us take a look at this gorgeous site, new zealand, they're always ahead of the curve, they rang in the new year with a beautiful fireworks show, now the lineup begins, sydney next, tokyo, seoul. >> we'll try to bring what we have, i guess. let's get a check of your headlines. a brutal storm system sweeping across the country is creating big problems for millions of americans this new year's eve from the midwest to the northeast a heavy dose of snow, ice and wind caused tens of thousands of people to lose
7:31 am
power. and in fargo, north dakota, officials issued a no travel advisory al will be back with the latest forecast in just a few minutes. an annual gallup survey those president trump shares the title of most admired man with president obama. each receiving 18% in that poll. it's the first year that president trump landed in the top spot for obama, it's a record tieing 12th time he's received the honor. elon musk, bill gates, pope francis also making the list on the women's side, michelle obama was the top choice at 10%. the first lady, melania trump, finishing second at 5% three pedestrians nearly crushed by a falling tree. it happened monday in istanbul, turkey take a look at the huge tree, look at that, comes crashing to the ground thankfully no one was seriously hurt at least two vehicles were severely damaged officials say severe winds were to blame. >> quite a scene there. in other news, the clock is ticking in seattle
7:32 am
hundreds of students could be banned from the classroom next week if their vaccines are not up to date nbc's joe fryer has this story it's one that a lot of families are talking about. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the seattle school district says it still needs updated immunization paperwork from about 2,000 students those families have until january 8th or else their kids cannot return to class health officials across the country are pushing to get more kids vaccinated, hoping the new year brings far fewer measles cases than this year did for some families in seattle, the new year's resolution list includes vaccines. during winter break, the city's school district is hosting three immunization clinics >> i don't want her to get other kids sick if she ever gets sick, and i would expect for the other families to do the same. >> reporter: as of last month, the vaccination rate in seattle public schools was about 88% health officials want that number closer to 95%.
7:33 am
>> vaccinations is very important, you know, for all the kids anywhere, you know, especially in school. >> reporter: now seattle students have until january 8th to get their vaccination records up to date >> if a student arrives and they are not up to date, they will of course have to be kept out of class. >> reporter: earlier this year, washington state passed a new law removing personal and philosophical exemptions for the mmr vaccine, a move met with protests the change came after two measles outbreaks in the state sickened 87 people across the country, there have been nearly 1,300 measles cases in 31 states, more confirmed cases in the previous four years combined and the most in a single year in the u.s. since 1992 just in the past month, health officials confirmed that travelers carrying the highly infectious disease possibly exposed passengers at five different airports, l.a.x., denver, chicago o'hare, richmond, virginia, and austin
7:34 am
>> we're trying to get on top of this, share as much information as we can to try to really contain this. >> reporter: the danger posed by measles can be felt on the island nation of samoa, an epidemic has killed 81 people, mostly children and babies a wise lieutenant governor led a mission vaccinating thousands there this month. >> we went from 30% of the country was immunized to 90% of the country in two days. >> reporter: samoa just started reopening schools after lifting a state of emergency that lasted six weeks. in seattle, officials hope new rules will keep a preventible disease from surfacing >> to be clear, do seattle students have to get the mmr vaccine or are there any potential exemptions for families >> reporter: to exempt, parents in washington state can cite medical or religious reasons which are different than personal or philosophical reasons. across the country, there are
7:35 am
five states that have removed that religious exemption, including new york, which made the change this year following a major outbreak there peter. >> a conversation a lot of major school districts are having. joe fryer, thank you very much. still ahead, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a mystery drone. unidentified objects flying into colorado, dozens at a time, and no one seems to know why more on that, right after this and it tastes like grilling chicken in your backyard. they definitely got it right. hey i'm colin. i like chick-fil-a's mac & cheese because it reminds me of my nana's mac & cheese. but this is a little bit better because it has the perfect amount of smoothness and creaminess. but i still love you, nana.
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severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. once-weekly ozempic® is helping me reach my blood sugar goal. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. this morning on in-depth today, a midair mystery in rural colorado. >> officials there are trying to figure out who's behind a swirl of drones flying in the night sky. gadi schwartz is taking a closer look at that for us. gadi, good morning >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys
7:40 am
yeah, it seems like every night for two weeks all kinds of people are spotting fleets of unidentified drones flying in grid patterns over rural colorado so far no one seems to know where they're coming from or who's behind the controls. on a rural farm in colorado, bizarre lights in the night sky, this one blinking here, one of more than a dozen unidentified drones flying in formation for miles, and on the ground even local law enforcement calling them in. >> i had what i believe to be a drone pass over me headed east towards yuma. >> reporter: since the week before christmas, the drones have been appearing around 7:00 at night and flying for hours, sometimes in groups of 30 and able to fly very quickly witnesses saying some of the drones have wingspans estimated to be 6 feet or more the sightings in five counties in colorado. >> they can hover, they can descend very fast. they can take off very fast. >> reporter: when white harmon saw them above his land, he and his girlfriend tried to chase them down. >> that one is. >> a mother ship thing. >> reporter: they followed the drones for 15 miles, pushing
7:41 am
speeds past 70 miles an hour, but no luck. >> we got close to one, and it descended, i swear it got closer to us, and then the light shut off. >> it's kind of just scary it's more unnerving than anything. >> reporter: so far, their video is the best evidence to emerge enhanced here, but still unclear. the faa saying they are in contact with local law enforcement but don't have any concrete information to act on, and the army is saying the drones don't belong to nearby bases. some experts say the drones could be flying for companies conducting mapping and surveys for things like oil and natural gas. other theories say they're atice part of practice runs for drone shows put on at sporting events. online, some residents are unnerved wondering if drug cartels or the government are involved, sparking conspiracy theories with people asking on facebook, can we shoot them down if over our property authorities warning against that, shooting at any aircraft, including a drone is a federal
7:42 am
offense and while the mystery remains unsolved, they don't think the drones are malicious. >> this is all certainly strange but do we know if any of this is illegal? >> it's definitely weird but at this point the sheriffs say they think the drone is staying well above the 200 feet mark, over people's properties, which is too high to be looking into windows. so new york city -- so no, as of now, officials don't think the mysterious operator is breaking any lawing, but just like the rest of us, we want to know who they are >> you wouldn't want them above your house. >> wouldn't recommend shooting in the sky indiscriminately. let's get a check of the forecast, our friend al is in pasadena good morning. >> good morning, we're at the rosemont pavilion where they build the floats for the 131st tournament of roses parade and also these fantastic antique cars will carry the grand marshal. this year we have three, rita moreno, the egot winner, gina
7:43 am
torres, the actress from "suits" on usa and olympian laurie hernandez, gold and silver medal gymnast. it starts at 8:00 a.m. local time here. check your local listings on nbc. meantime let's see what you're looking at as far as your weather is concerned for today, we have a winter chill in the plains, big storm coming into the pacific northwest with rain and snow snow showers around the great lakes and northeast, sunny in the southwest. and for tomorrow, new year's day, turning milder in the mid-plains some mountain snows making their way through the rockies. heavy rain in texas and look for suns we've got a gorgeous, sunny start. look at this view of downtown san jose. you can see plenty of sunshine there. don't worry about the rain. just worry about being bundled up tonight. beautiful views over the skies. we're tracking a little bit of a chill into the overnight hours, so if you're out celebrating in
7:44 am
san francisco, expect partly cloudy skies at the embarcadero. 40s into the midnight hour around 1:00 a.m., temperatures warming in the 40s and if you're anywhere in the inland valleys expect low 40s with patchy fog possible. 1800s sled here, which is kind of cool. you can use this, sheinelle, because working with peter is tough sledding >> it looks kind of fancy. we could do that around 30 rock. >> what's the wake up call for you on new year's day when you're hosting everything. >> i get up about 3:00 a.m. because they start shutting the roads down we've got a great seat doing it with hoda kotb, again, our pal, this time with a big old rock on her finger. >> nice. happy new year. >> al, thanks so much. >> after years together, the hit sitcom "friends" is breaking up with netflix and moving to another streaming service. >> so what shows will be where and what does it mean for viewers at home?
7:45 am
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7:50 am
sanders explains, the award-winning sitcom will not be there for you. ♪ >> reporter: as 2019 comes to a close -- ♪ no one told you life was goin to be this way ♪ >> reporter: "ferentz" is making a netflix swan song. >> and that, my friend, is what they call closure. >> reporter: the memorable sitcom turning 25 this year follows six underemployed young adults spending time together in new york city and has captivated audiences for generations. >> could i be wearing any more cloet clothes? >> reporter: first as a beloved broadcast hit. >> number two new comedy. >> yeah, did you know that >> then rediscovered by younger viewers and streamed millions of times. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: speculation of a reunion special reportedly in the works has fans buzzing, and the show's stars are bigger than ever jennifer aniston took the world by storm in october when she joined instagram, setting a
7:51 am
guinness world record hitting 11 -- 1 million followers in just five hours, 16 minutes netflix bought the rights after it skyrocketed in popularity, the company reportedly paid an additional $100 million last year now the apartment based sitcom is packing up and moving all 236 episodes of "friends" will debut on hbomax this spring. >> can i interest you in a sarcastic comment. >> the latest frontier of the streaming wars as classic shows like "friends" and "the office" have become some of the biggest draws to platforms apple tv plus and disney plus launched in the last two months, and nbc news' parent company nbc universal is set to launch peacock in april as the roster of where you can stream grows, unique content has never been more valuable >> how you doing >> reporter: the fight over joey, monica, rachel, chandler, ross and phoebe's new home,
7:52 am
proving that 2020 may be the biggest year for streaming yet >> should we get some coffee >> sure. >> where >> wow i'm surprised. >> i remember back in the day, everybody gathering to watch "friends." we should mention that netflix is also losing "the office" a year from now and it's coming to peacock, the streaming service from our parent company, universal. >> so many streaming services. the royal year in review, they have lots to celebrate in 2019, and some stumbles too, but first, your local news is a spark we see your kindness and humanity. the strength of each community. the more we look the more we find, the sparks that make america shine. ♪ i am totally blind.
7:53 am
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it is 7:55 on this tuesday morning and this is our view of the golden gate bridge, live look right now. a lot of you are planning out your afternoon. current temperatures 41 degrees in san jose, 41 in palo alto. 40 degrees in santa rosa so it is a full afternoon. your microclimate highs through the afternoon will eventually warm up to a comfortable 60 degrees in san jose. 60 degrees in through concord. morgan hill in the 60s and if you're around the coastline in san francisco a high of 57, but later on tonight, let answer get to the new year's eve forecast. as you head out we will start to notice an increase in the cloud cover, partly cloudy skies, which of course we're concerned about when it comes to the fireworks and if you're in the interior valleys, we're going to be dipping down into the low 40s with patchy fog possible, so bundle up and joy your night. here is a view of the richmond to san rafael bridge
7:57 am
jammed up compared to what it was a half hour ago. at the toll plaza, on the span it was that crash we talked about the crash has cleared over by san quentin. recovery from the toll plaza across mid span then things clear up. the exclamation point reminds us we have activity on the capital corridor tracks. delays through north richmond. everywhere else the transit agencies moving smoothly and so are the roads, check your transit agency for special service to and from san francisco for b.a.r.t., muni, caltran. fireworks are going on so many agencies have extended their service. back to you. are you getting ready to welcome in 2020? crews are working to get everything into place on san francisco's waterfront, where tens of thousands of people will gather for tonight's fireworks show. on our home page right now, get a better sense of what they're doing to make sure that event goes off without a hitch and we'll show you how authorities plan to make sure everybody feels safe. south bay authorities are reminding everybody it is easy to report illegal fireworks. link to that from our home page along with your new year's eve
7:58 am
event guide in case you don't already have plans. more local news coming up for you in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up, let the countdown begin as the world begins to ring in a new year. authorities are stepping up security at home and abroad. >> this is going to be one of the most well policed, well protected celebrations in the entire world >> this as a brutal storm system causes chaos from coast to coast. so how could this affect your holiday travel al is tracking it all. plus royal roller coaster. from a new baby and retirement from public life, we'll take a look back at the royal family's historic year. >> and bring out the bubbly ahead of your new year's eve party. we'll break down the best and
8:01 am
most affordable options so you won't have to pop your budget. today, tuesday, december 31st, 2019 ♪ >> peace out 2019. >> cheers to the new year. >> hi to our kids and grandson. >> in colorado and illinois. >> up early and staying up late. >> the countdown is on >> 16 hours. >> oh, i love it welcome back to "today." we're so glad you're with us on this tuesday morning, the last day of 2019, the last day of the decade, and look at this, from sydney. >> gorgeous, sydney harbor is always spectacular on this day, leading the way for us that means, what, you know, about 16 hours from now, they'll be doing it in new york city, a gorgeous one there as the parade of nations celebrating a new year and new decade. >> if you're not smiling what's
8:02 am
wrong with you. >> we also enjoy our viewers like our friends in the crowd at home with video shoutouts. if you want to be in the open, remember #mytodayplaza we bring in the roaring '20s >> good stuff. let's get to your news at eight. final preps are underway just down the street in times square. more than a million revelers will be there to bring in the new year nbc's stephanie gosk is there. tell me, do you get a break before, i hope, before you have to celebrate at midnight, my goodness. >> reporter: i will have a break, and like i said, sheinelle, there's a spot for you right on 45th street, i'm going to reserve it. you can't bring your backpack or your cooler but we can stand there for hours together waiting for the ball to drop, and i know you'll love it. a couple of the 1.5 million people they expect later on tonight for the celebration. new york city officials have an elaborate security plan in place, and although they say
8:03 am
there is no credible threat, they do this every single year they want the public to be vigilant it will include thousands of police officers, many of them in the hotels that ring times square there will be bomb-sniffing dogs and even drones. all of this to keep one of the biggest parties in the world safe it's going to be a good one. we are going to have a blast, sheinelle. >> it's going to be so much fun. if you give me those 2020 glasses, i'll think about it >> didn't take much to dry out tonight. let's get a check with al in pasadena, california, getting ready for tomorrow's celebrated rose parade. al, good morning. >> that's right. getting ready for the 131st rose parade, doing it with hoda on nbc. this is a float for troop 0 from amazon studios that bus is covered with natural seeds and stuff. let me show you what we've got on as far as new year's is concerned. the good news is the big storm in the northeast, that's moving away we have another big storm coming
8:04 am
into the pacific northwest, but mostly sunny through the south, snow showers through the great lakes. a winter chill in the plains for the ball drop in new york city, times square, partly cloudy, a brisk westerly wind. it will feel like 30 degrees and for where you may be for the ball drop at midnight, clear and cold in the western plains and the great lakes, calm and quiet through the southern tier of states a lot of snow in the northwestern plains and on into the pacific northwest, a lot of wet weather. in the meantime, stay safe most folks are going to be seeing a very nice night for new year's eve back to you. >> always a gorgeous spot. thank you very much. now to breaking news, dozens of iraqis, angry about deadly u.s. air strikes over the weekend, stormed the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad, smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area u.s. security forces used tear gas to keep protesters away from the building this comes following sunday's u.s. air strikes that killed 25 fighters from an iran-backed
8:05 am
militia. president trump is blaming iran for this morning's breach and calling on iraq to protect the embassy. >> tense scene there this morning. a kansas police officer has resigned after making up a story that a mcdonald's employee wrote a derogatory comment on his coffee cup you may have heard about this. the herington police officer claims he was handed this cup when he stopped at the fast food restaurant on his way to work. an expletive and the word "pig" he says were written in black pen. on monday, the police chief says the story was fabricated but the officer claimed the incident was intended as a joke. in fact it was the officer that said that. >> i remember that being reported. now for your morning boost, it's time for one. love at first sight for a young georgia boy when he recently came face to face with the neighbor's cat so much so, he wanted to take him home >> because i love this kitten.
8:06 am
let's bring him. >> no, porter, that's not your kitty. porter honey, that's not your kitty stop >> okay. i'll do it >> when you're a toddler, it's that simple, i like him, i'm going to take him inside his mom got him to stop and explained the cat belongs to a neighbor, so maybe one day, porter can convince his mom to get a kitten of his own. >> i feel like the neighbors will be glad for him to come over and watch their cat on occasion >> they'll become friends. >> a nice friendship there. former president obama names his favorite songs of the yeerks and some of them will likely surprise you from family feuds to battles of the media, it was a turbulent year for the british royal family it wasn't all bad. there was plenty of love to go around too we'll take a look back right after this lie, but some air fresheners use heavy, overwhelming scents. try febreze one; a range of innovative air fresheners with no heavy perfumes that you can feel good about using in your home to deliver a light, natural-smelling freshness.
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8:11 am
morgan chesky has more on the house of windsor's turbulent year morgan, good morning >> reporter: peter, sheinelle, good morning the royal family, of course, used to being in the spotlight the past year has brought unwanted attention everything from a prince stepping away from his royal duties to two princess seemingly to grow apart. all of it under the watchful eye of the queen the 93-year-old doing what she does best, and doing her best to ride out that storm. the queen cut a solitary figure leaving church this week, marking the end of a roller coaster year prince phillip, with a car crash and a hospital admission just before christmas >> you couldn't not feel the strain of the year that the queen has had let alone if you're in your 90s as she is. >> reporter: baby archie, a happy addition to the family >> i have the two best guys in the world. >> reporter: the queen's eighth great grandchild
8:12 am
the duke and dutchess of sussex posing for the latest family picture before the holidays. but also absent, spending baby's first christmas in canada with meghan's mother, doria ragland saving the day, princess charlotte and big brother prince george for the first time in their outing, waving and hugging well wishers the queen stoic, but alluding to a rough year in her annual christmas message for the country and her family path of course is not always smooth and may at times this year felt quite bumpy. prince andrew the queen's song engulfed in scandal in the wake of a disastrous tv interview about his long time friend and convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein. showing little empathy for the victims. >> do you regret the whole friendship with epstein? >> now, still not. >> reporter: the palace unable to control the damage, removed the prince from royal duties for the foreseeable future >> 2020 is too soon for the duke of york to repair his image.
8:13 am
they said he's stepping down from public duty for the foreseeable future, i think that includes the next 12 months, it may include the next few years. >> reporter: the relationship between the queen's grandsons, william and harry, reportedly strained the so-called fab four parting ways in 2019 >> we're certainly on different paths at the moment. i'll always be there for him, and he'll always be there for me. >> reporter: harry and meghan still on a family break after the birth of archie and taking their charitable efforts in a different direction as a private company. will and kate expanding their work with mental health and family charities, ending the year on a high note with this post and prince charles stepping up duties now officially the hardest working royal. also looking forward to the year ahead. >> and speaking of charles, many royal watchers say the queen's son is becoming a shadow king, especially how he advised the
8:14 am
queen following the scandal of his brother, andrew, to keep the monarchy on track. guys, back to you. >> their every move is tracked, if you're feuding with your sibling or want a break. >> it's wild how many of these kinds of things the queen has been through her whole life has been on display. >> the shot of the men together knowing they will all be future kings. morgan, thank you. filling in for carson this morning, he's getting ready for tonight's big new year's eve's bash. >> i'm going to do a little politics for you, because we're starting with barack obama, but not in that way, the former president has released a list of favorite songs of 2019 and unsurprisingly, lizzo made the cut, the singer's hit track "juice" just one of her multiple songs to climb the charts this year she joined obama's list of favorite songs which also includes "hello sunshine" by bruce springsteen. >> beyonce's track from the lion king, and a little song on
8:15 am
hoda's song of the year list. ♪ i want to take my horse to th old town road ♪ ♪ i'm gonna ride till i can't n more ♪ ♪ i'm gonna take my horse to th old town road ♪ ♪ i'm gonna ride until i can't no more ♪ >> that's right. turns out the president is a lil nas x fan too. >> you can see barack obama walking those steps and michelle being, uh, honey >> he can sing. >> that's the difference between him and me. next up, a song that didn't quite make president obama's list but we're sure he loves it, mariah carey's "all i want for christmas is you." it's still december so we're allowed to keep playing it the 25-year-old gift is the gift that keeps giving. carey is the first to top the billboard's top 100 list in four different decades. that's thanks to her christmas song sitting atop the charts this week, which is officially dated for january 4th, 2020.
8:16 am
reacting to the news, carey writing on twitter, we did it. but also joking what's a decade, because she'll always be 25. and finally a toast to 2019, hoda and jenna are helping ring in the new year with a special look back at the pop culture and trends that shaped 2019. they'll be joined by a ton of celebrity friends including maya rudolph, kristen bell, martin short, and many, many more here's a sneak peek. >> 3, 2, 1 >> oh, my god. >> it just happened. >> stop. >> this is cool. >> on nbc on new year's? >> where did that come from? >> it's so horrible. >> yes >> priceless >> that's embarrassing >> disgusting. >> it's all disturbing >> what is this? >> cheers. >> happy new year.
8:17 am
>> cheers. >> ahh >> happy new year. >> that's what happens on new year's eve >> i know, i can't remember. >> i have no clue. >> a toast to 2019 airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. >> that's good stuff how do you top that, with a daily click? >> we're going to try. >> brace yourself. today's click is perfect for anyone who really didn't get what they wanted for christmas take a look at this. this easily describes a little girl who needed to let santa have it. >> oh, no. >> future as a boxer or with an anger therapist. we're not quite sure >> wait, no. >> she got that helmet and she wasn't happy about it. >> we're not sure what she's really upset about maybe she just didn't get what she wanted. >> the neighbor's santa, 8-year-old crushing santa.
8:18 am
>> more like a 4-year-old. >> appreciate it should we check in with al really quickly with the latest forecast he's in pasadena for tomorrow's rose bowl parade al, good morning >> tournament of roses kicks off tomorrow here on nbc, and where this is the honda float, the theme of the parade is the power of hope, so this kind of whimsical, everything has to be covered with some sort of natural material, so thousands of manhours go into covering these, really terrific let's show you what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. for today, you can see we have a big storm coming in the pacific northwest. that storm system bringing snow around the great lakes and the northeast. that moves out later today, bringing with it some cooler air and some gusty winds snow showers around the great lakes today into northern new england, bright skies from the mid atlantic to the gulf coast, next storm into the pacific northwest, below average temperatures through the rockies and four corners that's what's going on around
8:19 am
micro climate highs for today will be mostly clear. temperatures in the 60s for the south bay and into the interior valley. 57 degrees in oakland, if you will be heading out tonight for big celebrations throughout the bay area . expect conditions to dip down around midnight as we're ready to welcome 2020. colder for inland valleys in the low 40s with patchy fog going into the new year. that is your latest weather. we've got a lot going on first of all, don't forget, tomorrow morning starting here on nbc, my pal and i hoda kotb bring you the 131st tournament of roses parade starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific time, and don't forget, right after that, it's the hockey classic, the nfl, the winter classic, predators versus the stars. new year's day at 1:00 right here on nbc.
8:20 am
guys, happy new year. >> happy new year to you, al. >> a little nhl action al, thank you so much. with the new year almost here, it's a pretty good time to make sure you're bringing your best self into the new decade. >> i'm all about that. let's bring in lizzie post, the host of the podcast awesome etiquette. you could say this runs in her dna. good morning to you. >> so nice to be here with you all. >> etiquette is a family business this goes back to your great great grandmother. >> my great great grandmother was emily post my cousin and i are the fift generation to run the business etiquette keeps changing so there's something to talk about. >> cannot be rude. genetically not allowed. let's start with the first category, they gave me greetings because apparently, here's the question, should you handshake, give somebody a hug. i know a lot of people, i'm guilty of it, i'm a hugger, probably shouldn't do that
8:21 am
>> exactly you really want to lead with the handshake if this is a first-time greeting. if it's not a first time greeting, of course go in for the hug, but you want to lead with a handshake if you can or ask if a hug is welcome. i know tons of people say, hey, lizzy, the best thing i ever heard was is a hug welcome yes, a hug is totally welcome or i could have said, i prefer a handshake, thank you so much >> what if you forget if you have met the person before so i feel like you meet so many different people and extended family members, and you feel weird after you go in for the handshake, wait, i think i met that person before. i should have done the hug >> you can make that quick recovery, i'm so sorry to be formal, let's go in for the hug. >> you are good. >> try to brush it off and move forward. >> i'm trying. >> if i haven't introduced them. >> another good tactic >> so should we talk politics for a second here. >> i guess so, why not. >> apparently i got typecast to politics
8:22 am
>> i got the hug. >> apparently there's something going on in 2020 in terms of politics. >> maybe >> a conversation piece. what is the best guidance, asking for a friend, about how to discuss politics? >> i think it's important to decide whether or not politics is something you want to discuss and in what groups or with what company you would like to discuss it i think that it's okay to say things when those political questions come up, oh, you know, i know a lot of people are wondering about that, but i would love to talk about something else or i would rather not go into politics right now, i'd love to discuss something else it's okay to reject that conversation if you want to have the conversation, though, go for it. jump in. try to do things that remember you're probably not going to convince the other person and change their mind but instead try to listen, try to get curious about their perspective, and remember, you cede no ground by simply listening to somebody else >> that's good
8:23 am
>> we've had discussions here before about thank you cards is a handwritten thank you note the be all, end all of a thank you, or is a text or a personal thank you, you know, face-to-face ideal what should you do >> you know, that personal thank you, emily always said that in-person thank you is the best, and if you can't be there to deliver that sincerity, in person, then a handwritten note comes in second best. after that, text message, video chat, whatever you can do to get the message across, and it's never too late to send a thank you note we have people on our podcast write in and say, i still have my wedding thank yous from five years ago, can i send them just send them. >> i had a couple that i found that were return to sender, i guess the person moved, so i still have these thank you cards from when calvin was born. >> through the rest of the year when you get a letter, handwritten by somebody, that is different. >> i guess above all when it
8:24 am
comes to etiquette as we head into 2020, you're going to help us live our best lives. >> we're going to need you by our side the whole year. >> what's the number one thing to remember, what would you say? >> all etiquette comes back to consideration, respect and honesty. we are trying to make people feel recognized and feel comfortable when we're around them. >> that's good you know what i like, when you talk about listening to someone and being curious, like you may not agree but be curious and hear what they have to say. >> it's not always about manners etiquette, which fork should you use, where should you put the glass, it's more just being personal >> life coach. >> your great great grandmother would be so proud. >> so sweet. still ahead, some of the best books of 2019 two best-selling authors share their favorites. and the more best, the best bubbly that won't pop your budget the sparkling wine options that will be the hit of any new year's eve party but first, your local news
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, bringing in the new year can involve watching a fire works show, police are reminding everyone that illegal fire works will note be tolerated. it is just too dangerously high right now. if you see something, say something. they also remind everyone how easy that is to thanks to the department's website. put in san jose fireworks and you will be directed to the sight to report what you saw and post photoed. right now we want to get a
8:27 am
commute for you. >> i will give you that report and those photos. i didn't see any problem with the camera. bring those sun glasses, green, sensors all over the bay. we have an issue for capital quarter in north richmond. something happened on the tracks there, but we're looking at good recovery at the richmond center and the bay bridge toll plaza. we have not had a problem at the toll plaza. richmond really recovered quickly down there and a remind tore be careful. back to you.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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we are back at 8:30 on this tuesday morning, new year's eve, the last day of the decade we are ready to ring it all in bring on the 20s. >> you know we usually have a crowd moment at this time of the morning. speaking of celebrating. we have a long time member of our "today" show crew that we're saying good-bye to this morning. >> come on in.
8:31 am
bob butler >> good morning. >> he's a senior audio engineer for "today" as well as other nbc shows including nightly news, saturday night live, the tonight show, and today is your last day after 36 years. >> 36 years, 59 days, who's counting. >> what are you going to do with yourself >> we have a lot of projects around the house that i haven't finished i have a boat and three granddaughters, i'll be spending a lot of time with. >> 35 years. >> you have been a difference maker, always checking in by e-mail, asking about my sister, we thank you for your service. >> i thank everybody here. it's been a great run. >> god bless you >> monday is going to be a whole new life. >> it is >> 36 years. >> thank you >> all right, buddy. >> thank you so much >> all righty. we've got a great crowd on the plaza, but tonight you know the crowd is all over times square just a few blocks away. >> absolutely. you can join the party right here on nbc. our own carson daly, along with
8:32 am
cohost julianne hough is ringing in the new year with some of the biggest names in music gwen stefani, blake shelton, and more new year's eve 2020 kicks off at 10:00 p.m. tonight >> i hope i can stay awake 10 seems so late. >> keep an eye on that little baby last time we're going to party with you plenty of excitement to tide you over until then, two best selling authors, here with their top picks for 2019, for anybody looking to read a little bit more in the new year. plus how a special group is delivering hope to kmuntsz recov communities recovering from tragedy one star at a time >> and one way to get your new year's party started with a little bubbly, we have great options that won't break your budget look at the options on the table. we'll do that in a moment. first, a check of the weather with al in pasadena. >> hey, guys, good morning, and they are starting to gear up, and here's one of the things that i think is kind of cool, to
8:33 am
get these flower petals, dry petals into powder, they use blenders basically they get them going, get them all going, and they turn it into powder look at that colorful flour margaritas, baby. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather, but it's going to be great as we start the year off i could turn these off and you could hear me, but why would i do that? mostly sunny to the southwest, a wicked chill i and look at our view, tell us that is not a stunning way to end that decade. i hope the decade brings you new challenges and new opportunities. 50s around 11:00 and then we will dip down to the 40s.
8:34 am
take your coats if you will be in the interior valleys it will be a little chillier. don't forget, guys, the rose parade, the 131st tournament of roses with yours truly and hoda kotb begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific right here on nbc. happy new year >> happy new year to you, al coming up, if your new year's resolution is to read more books, you definitely want to stay with us we have two "new york times" best-selling authors, they're here with their favorite recommendations for the past year we won't tell you if you read them in 2020 we won't tell anybody. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
back now with "read more today." 2020 is right around the corner, and one of the most popular resolutions every year is to
8:37 am
read more. we brought in two "new york times" best-selling authors, to help you with that jasmine guillory, who wrote "royal holiday," and tea obreht, selected their favorite books of the past year to get started the books that you read last year will be new for me in 2020 you going to start >> i will start. my first book is "full disclosure" by camryn garrett, a hung -- young adult novel. the heroine of the book is a brighten gauging kid but she has a secret she was born hiv positive and someone in her school is threatening to tell everyone i couldn't put this book down. she's a fun kid but has so much going on in her life it's a delightful read, and a lot of important things in the book too >> sounds like it pulls you in. >> it really pulls you in. >> what would you say? >> my first recommendation is "miracle creek" by angie kim,
8:38 am
one of the best mysteries i have read in a long time, and part of the reason is the author was a trial lawyer before she wrote it, so the book is really really rich in authenticity, in detail, and it also tackles some serious social issues like race and class. it starts, it's really good, it starts with an explosion in a medical facility in a small town in virginia, and we're left wondering was it an accident, was it not you'll have to read it to find out. >> good tease. the next one here you're turning up the heat. >> yes >> what does that mean >> the next one is a romance called "fumbled" by alexa martin it's about two high school sweethearts who have a complicated past coming back together one of them happens to be a star football player, which means it's a perfect read for this time of year it is just such a fun book the side cast of characters is great. i felt like i was hanging out on the couch of them. >> your best pick made president obama's list on instagram, what was that
8:39 am
>> it is "american spy" by lauren wilkinson this one is about a young black woman working in espionage in 1986 it's an old boy's club, stifled in her ambitions and she gets this mission to essentially get close to and destabilize the new revolutionary leader of burkina faso, and of course the mission challenges everything she knows and believes about herself it's smart, it's propulsive, it turns a spy thriller on its head. >> it sounds like it's going to be a movie what's your final one? >> "the revisioners" this book is amazing it's a dual story of two men ava, who is in 2017, and her grandmother's great grandmother, josephine, almost a hundred years before it is the story of them surviving, trying to deal with all of the things that they have to deal with as black women in america.
8:40 am
it's about mothers and their children, love and struggle, betrayal and hope. magic, i just really loved it so much. >> rounding out your top three, what would you think. >> "the volunteer" by salvatore scibona, i loved this book, and 2019 was an embarrassment of riches for fiction anyway but i read this really, really early on in the year and it stayed with me ever since. >> really. >> it starts in the hamburg airport where a tiny boy is lost wandering. he's crying, and nobody can figure out what language he's speaking >> oh, wow. >> and the book sort of explodes there from this central mystery to tell stories of a bunch of different interconnected lives it's electric, and you hold your breath to find out how it ends. >> phenomenal. before you leave us this morning, can i ask you about each one of your brooks, because you guys are topping the charts with your books. give us a one sentence tease or two. >> you talked about the royal family a little bit, was called "royal holiday" about a woman
8:41 am
who goes to england with her daughter who is styling a duchess, and she falls in love with someone who works for the queen. >> where did you get that idea [ laughing ] >> okay, what about you? >> mine is set in the american west in the 19th century. >> what's it called. >> it's called "inland." you'll have to find it out no, "inland," in the 19th century about a woman pioneer who has run out of water on her homestead in arizona, and how her story intersects with the adventures of a balkan, immigrant, a real piece of american history, not well known. >> when do you guys read, all day every day? >> mostly at night before bed. >> thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> and you can find all of these books and an exclusive bonus pick from each of these authors on right now. crisscrossing across the country on a bus delivering hopes to communities in need we have an inspiring story for
8:42 am
the new year but first, this is "today" on nbc. his is
8:43 am
8:44 am
a new year offers a fresh start but for those impacted by tragedy, hope can be hard to find. >> nbc's blayne alexander brings a story of a special group delivering light to communities who may be struggling to find n it >> you guys are going to be creating hope for others. as geyserville new tech academy, students here have been given a lofty assignment >> what you're doing here is pretty important. >> reporter: paint something, anything, to brighten someone else's day their canvas, a single wooden star. >> it's not done by picasso, it's not going to be graded. >> when people see your star, what do you hope that they take away from this >> i hope they take away that yes, it's dark and dim right now, but there will be a happy
8:45 am
future >> reporter: it's been less than three months since their own community was ravaged by the kincade fire, forcing evacuations, burning homes and decimating soda walk winery, a local sonoma landmark. >> it got close to burning down the school, so it really touched home to me. >> reporter: now, like so many before them, these students are creating stars of hope >> we have survivors from sandy hook elementary school, all of these folks are carrying on this tradition of who is the next person i can connect to and just express my compassion. >> reporter: a vision of love created by jeff harness after he lost a close friend in the world trade center on 9/11 the first stars hung 12 years ago in greensburg, kansas, levelled by an ef-5 tornado. >> there was no color. there were no definable, you know, structures new year's was coming up and we
8:46 am
started thinking about the hopefulness of a star. >> reporter: so he gathered materials and volunteers and started painting as the tragedies mounted, so did the stars. a sort of somber and hopeful pay it forward. >> reporter: a san bernardino survivor sent them to orlando for the survivors of pulse, the survivors of pulse sent them to parkland, florida, you know, to the high school. >> reporter: today, they deliver that hope on a bus, crisscrossing the country with a team who knows its power firsthand. matt deeton is the driver, he saw those stars after the greensburg tornado he lost everything that night. >> what took 126 years for greensburg to build was annihilated in 8 1/2 minutes. >> reporter: josh garcia is director of operations in 2016, he was a manager at pulse nightclub. >> what i remember, the flashing lights and then the police cars, the gunfire. >> reporter: he received his star three weeks later. >> every day i look at it, and
8:47 am
that first star means the world. the ladies that bought me my first star, one went through a tornado, another was connected to the sandy hook shooting, and another one had lost her daughter in 9/11. >> reporter: six months after that, he was handing out his own at the first anniversary of the san bernardino shooting. it's not easy to keep going back. >> it's almost like you relive it. >> you relive it but when you get the opportunity to hug those people and those relationships, that's what fills you up. and that's what keeps you going. >> reporter: here in sonoma as this winery continues to operate amid the charred rubble, a gentle reminder -- >> thank you so much >> reporter: you can rebuild, they are living proof. >> if a guy from kansas who survived an ef-5 tornado who lost everything in his life can bounce back and make someone else smile, make them feel happy and give them hope, anybody can do it. >> reporter: for "today," blayne alexander, geyserville,
8:48 am
california. >> i think it's nice for them to feel like they're remembered too for the tragedy. it's not like it just happened and move on. >> that's good
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back with "today." food or drink, if there's one thing you need at any new year's eve party is bubbly, but what you don't need is to pop your budget ringing in 2020 >> i can't tell if i'm celebrating the new year or a leprechaun. >> i think it was a pilgrim. >> jennifer, nice to have you here >> good morning! >> walk us through this. as a sommelier, you're in charge of finding the proper price point and the best fit so we need a lot of help as we begin drinking here. bubbly is always the key on new
8:51 am
year's eve what is the first thing you're recommending in terms of affordable options >> of course so first prosecco. >> i'm going to be server, we're going to have eight glasses. >> i can waft it over here >> this is a style that's lower in sugar which i think is really important when you're looking for a good prosecco, this is $14, so a great value. >> can't beat it and honestly a lot of people know specific champagnes, but a lot of people just want bubbly, so you don't have to spend a billion dollars. so what's this next one? >> this is raventos from spain this is a much dryer option. so if you were going to make mimosas the next day, this is great because it doesn't add extra sugar. >> does the price point
8:52 am
determine how many bubbles are in it? >> it can, but a lot of times, it also has a lot to do with how the wine is made a lot of higher end champagnes do have finer, more elegant bubbles. >> there's definitely a different taste in that. italy has prosecco, and spain has tava, is that the way that it works? >> oh, that's the difference >> i did my homework on my champagne. >> i just ask people like you. >> next up you have. >> this is roederer, they have property in california so they have seen the potential for wine production there. this is more fruit forward, lots of ripe flavors because of california beautiful choice. >> what's the price point on that one >> $20. >> i'm anchoring nightly news tonight. >> you'll be hung over by then. >> 6:30. >> this is pretty. >> this is pretty in pink. this is a sparkling wine region in france, made from pinot noir. lovely as a hostess gift if you walk in everyone will say ooh.
8:53 am
>> we're going to parties, and you don't know what to bring you bring champagne, everybody has the same stuff, this is a good one to bring. >> and tastes fantastic, really delivers for $25. >> there's always the first bottle you want to have the nice one, when you can taste it >> whatever's left over. >> that's a good one. >> keep walking us through, if you can, jennifer, you're our guide. >> this is the best place in italy for sparkling wine, made just like champagne, really really elegant, very impressive, most people haven't heard of it, it's a nice gift to bring, explain the history, really beautiful stuff. >> these are my two favorites. >> are we getting more expensive on this end of the table >> we are in champagne, my favorite place, the reason i drink champagne every day. >> really? >> yes >> you haven't taken a sip yet you can have my glass. >> so pierre gimonet, all
8:54 am
chardonnay, 100% chardonnay. not like you would find in california, of course. this is clean, mineral driven, zesty, beautiful stuff >> zesty is a good word. >> you like zesty. >> this is nice. has some color to it as well not a rose but like a gold or something. what is that >> this is rose, but it's little bit lighter in color this has a lot of chardonnay in it billecart, order a pizza, relax, nice way to enjoy new years. >> rose and pizza. >> my favorite pairing. >> last but not least. >> notice they're getting smaller and smaller. >> i'm 4'11". >> finally. >> this is what i'm drinking the glass if you would like to come in. dom perignon, you get the party
8:55 am
started with a beautiful bottle of dom perignon, this house ages their wine for you, so right when you get it, gorgeous, beautiful, high quality champagne, worth the splurge. >> do you notice the difference? >> this is impressive. yes. like peter said. >> they're all blending together. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> thank you and dylan, i believe we have some birthdays. >> oh, no. >> that's it >> you know what, happy birthday if it's your birthday. cheers to you. >> and you have a birthday coming as well. happy birthday >> i have a birthday coming up this week. cheers to that >> oh, my goodness. >> it's my last day. >> we'll see you post baby. we're excited. >> don't worry, we'll be at your house. ahead coming up in the 3rd hour, actress, jamie-lynn sigler on her new movie "mob town" and a look at the sopranos. >> but first your local news and weather. >> happy new year. l
8:56 am
good morning to you, i'm marcus washington. just about 15 hours from now say goodbye to 2010. thousands will gather to ring in the new year and the new decade with the fire works show on the waterfront. police say they will be out there on high alert and they say all hands will be on deck and officers will be everywhere to make sure that the night is
8:57 am
safe. ahead of all of the fun, a warning for police they're asking visitors to stay away from treasure island. they say there is too much construction going on right now and not off parking. right now, the safety measuring they're taking ahead of tonight's festivities and we'll have a live report for him in our midday newscast. and while ringing in the new year, police this morning reminding everyone that illegal fire works will not be tolerated. the fire danger is too high. if you see something, say something. they have a witness to report activity. it's not too late to make new years eve plans, we have a link to all of the festivities happening tonight around the bay area. when we were looking for a roommate,
8:58 am
he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted someone to help out with chores. so, we got jean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with renters insurance. ♪ yeah, geico did make it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. welcome to 2020, after the loudest night of the year, we'll look into overnight troubles. >> join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00. today on california live,
8:59 am
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from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> the "3rd hour of today." good morning, and welcome to it craig here with al and sheinelle, dylan. >> welcome to it. >> welcome to it >> mix it up a little bit. >> good. >> good morning. >> as we go into the new year. mix it up. >> get crazy stunning, wacky, mind blowing. >> we got a pretty solid show. >> we always do, craig we always do >> you know, we've got a solid show some days we're on shaky ground but as we end this year, solid. >> what do we have, craig? >> funny you should as


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