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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 13, 2020 3:00am-3:28am PST

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pump tinstead of all this that i've already-? if you fail, it will be a yeah. what are we gonna do with these? massacre >> director sam mendes world war keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. . mother nature throwing a sleep this amazing? weather whiplash at much of the that's a zzzquil pure zzzs sleep. nation including deadly i story was first tess box tornadoes ripping through the our liquid has a unique botanical blend, south. as the midwest was pounded by while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. office this weekend. snow and ice with record warm temperatures in the east we will tell you what is ahead zzzquil pure zzzs. critics choice awards was a for your week. naturally superior sleep. >> massive demonstrations in the streets of iran in the wake of whatever happens out there you have the hilton app. good night f director quentin downed jetliner. will the hilton app help us pick the starters? iran's government reacting to great question, no. its people with violent force. tarantino. >> thanks for the man who must >> impeachment trial but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. all indications that speaker can the hilton app help us score? have made th him pelosi will deliver articles of you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi. intec can it help us win? >> his film "once upon a time in impeachment to the trial but hey, hey! we're all winners with the hilton house leader mcconnell all but price match guarantee, alright? dismissed the case entirely. man, you guys are adorable! a 4-year-old girl blipnded b hollywood. won numerous awards. alright, let's go lose this soccer game, come on! sam mendes of 1917 tied for best book with the hilton app. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. the flu. her mother with thl showdown whe director and each taking home a prince harry and hngers weekende win and kristen bell won for breaking boundaries for women in
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want to y febreze one;t hilton. ♪ media. here are the other winners weather. rare january tornadoes rip they are on a roll. across the united states and >> here we go. kill seven people. this high school in south oscar time carolina taking a direct hit full speed ahead. we have a look at the week for more, nbc sam brock joins "uss from louisiana. ahead is next. good morning, sam. a little girl blinded by the >> reporter: frances, good r u. hemom has a strong warning for other families now morning. in the middle of the night a stay with us etting in my way. tornado three times the size of a football field ripped through this area. a man in this house moved to the other house and moments later a my psoriasis, clearer... tenderness... tree split it in two cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. people across the south i got this! grappling with unimagined watch me. devastation as tornadoes wreaked real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx. havoc in oklahoma, arkansas, cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. louisiana and missouri and weeks it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis to help you look and feel better. of declaration and sobering e lt it even helps stop further joint damage. out there and said no way this don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. is a tornado. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. >> reporter: in louisiana a haunting bnked by debris bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen...
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>> it's amazing what mother you sure you don't want me to come with you? nature can do. i'm very sure.e i >> reporter: a country coming to n. grip with a powerful grips of (laughs) make good choices. you make good choices. complex of storms. one of the challenges crews are i am. facing right now, nearly 30,000 fiber is good for digestive health. good choices never tasted so good. customers in the region lost their power. kellogg's raisin bran. crews furiously trying to restore it and you probably hear them right now, as temperatures whether your beauty routine is 3or 57,... are dipping into the 30s make nature's bounty hair skin and nails step one. overnight. additionally, many of the homes it's the number one brand uniquely formulated here have holes in the roof and they are trying to patch those for silky hair, glowing skin before rain is expected to and healthy nails. arrive later this week nature's bounty, >> continue to be a tough go because you're better off healthy. sam, thank you. over to iran ♪when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion,♪ ♪upset stomach, diarrhea. government is facing a fresh try pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. round of backlash there. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.♪ get powerful relief with pepto bismol liquicaps. demonstrators defying a heavy street presence. 176 people were killed on board a plan crashed good morning, everyone it was so nice to see everybody in shorts and t-shirts this calipery is following this weekend. we will continue to see the arm the protesters putting their lives in danger doing what they
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are doing? >> reporter: absolutely right. especially when you look at the airpla -- warm air from the south to protests that happened last the northeast. month where hundreds were killed by the government as they took to the streets a nice street. again, protesters in the streets award season shifting in of tehran for a second night high gear this morning we will explain. ♪ yesterday, thousands of people chanting, as you said, anti-government slogans. ♪girls on the floor gotta thirty point lead and a minute left♪ ♪queens on the team in real life not just on the internet♪ this has prompted the president of the united states donald trump to send a series of ♪all strength, we ain't stoppin' believe me♪ tweets, his most recent one when ♪go straight till the morning look like we♪ it comes in regards to iran was ♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ this nation ♪all strength, no sweat actually, he says i couldn't ♪all strength, no sweat care less if they negotiate, totally up to them but no yot of aweapons ando n kill i just feel stuck, doc. and i'm hearing voices. series of tweets where he is telling the iranian government you feel stuck. not to fire into the crowds. because you are stuck. we did see some video on social in a giant chocolate bar. media yesterday suggesting they huh. had fired into the air to but what about the voices? that's me! there it is again. disburse the crowds and some showing tear gas and comes on the heels of the downing of that ukrainian jetliner and
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protesters seemingly say the ur worst cold and flu symptoms, nyquil severe. government putting their lives the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, at risk and 82 iranian civilians coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep wa on that flight and prompted the protesters iranians shot down the jetliner but claim the united states for ratcheting of tension put their surface-to-air missiles on high alert. >> a lot of change in stories here so we will continue to follow the latest from you as soon as developments come through. fast forwarding into monday. thank you very much. in d.c., confusion still lingers around the nominations for the 92nd academy administration's decision to kill iran's top military awards will be announced this morning at 8:18 eastern. the awards take place on january general. 9th. which could mean more scrutiny william barr will hold a press conference to discuss the for president trump as he awaits shooting at the pensacola naval his impeachment trial in the air station that left three senate nbc jennifer johnson has more. service members dead and eight >> reporter: defense secretary mark esper raising more injured. clemson tigers face off questions on sunday about the tonight against the undefeated u.s. air strike that killed lsu tigers in the college iran's top military leader
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late last week, president trump said they targeted general football national championship beginning at 8:00 eastern. qassem soleimani because he was 10 million cases of the flu planning eminent attacks against reported2 pediatric deaths the u.s. embassy. >> the president didn't cite a specific piece of evidence what he says he probably -- >> are you saying there wasn't one? >> i didn't see one with regard to four embassies. >> reporter: more questions even from republicans. >> we have heard that the -- from the secretary of state that from the flu but one mother warning other parents the flu they don't know where or when can bring along with it severe but it was nem yent. that to -- eminent. symptoms you might not have thought of >> throw it, throw it. >> reporter: this 4-year-old's mother is worrying her daughter will never see again because of >> reporter: blasting house the flu. >> i'm trying to hold on on what speaker nancy pelosi who is i can control right now which is expected to hand over articles how can i give her the best possible care. of impeachment to the senate >> reporter: before christmas, razy tweets jay contracted the flu and on because everhing he says is christmas eve she became unresponsive and amanda rushed a -- when he calls somebody her to the to do. >> i was holding her on my body. crazy he know iss th s -- knowe i looked down at her and her eyes were the back of her head i looked at him, you need to move is. we have to go. >> reporter: john bolton now >> reptepe over two
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says he'll talk if subpoenaed. >> there is no reason not to weeks in the icu and of much of have him testify unless you just that in coma and she developed a want to cover up the president's disease that was a swelling of wrongdoing. >> reporter: president trump the brain that caused her to says he may invoke eti lose herin vg amanda they privilege to block bolton from talking. won't know if her vision loss is jennifer johnson, nbc news, permanent up for six months. washington. let's head into wisconsin where we are following some >> at that particular time they breaking news overnight. didn't tell me they were a little bit worried but looking a freight train derailing in wisconsin there causing 18-car back now and seeing some of the pileup this happened in the town of doctors' responses, it was nap, about 15 miles west of pretty bleak monomy multiple car smooshed into each oh, it's okay. it's okay. other on the train >> reporter: jay got the flu tht twmiles long vaccine last march so her parents thought she was covered. with 35 cars coming off the but doctors say it's critical to track. the fire chief said they found get the vaccine he season. the rails hundreds of feet away from the crash site. nobody was hurt but lanes on lesson for all parents. highway 12 to county road q in amanda hopes her story will be a >> you do what is best for your children so you know your dunn county have been blocked. children you educate yourself and you to another emergency make the decisions for yourself and for your kids. overtight in boundbrook, new and that is all that we can do >> reporter: flu experts i jersey talked with this year are a building completely engulfed in flames. telling me that now instead of touting the flu's overall at least four buildings have
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been damaged and a hundred effectiveness they will focus more on the message to help people forced to evacuate. the police department warned reduce severe symptoms like the that fire is very difficult to one jay has in the hopes tha th. contain. we have not seen any reports of injuries and the cause is under >> flow usol o investigation. the race for 2020 is shifting into high gear with just three weeks left until the iowa caucus. tomorrow night the top six candidates will take the stage for the next debate and nearly all of the remaining democratic hopefuls are barnstorming across the midwest to show support in the little time they have left and the first major contest in sight the front-runners are setting their sites on each other. nbc ism iowa >> reporter: just 21 days away from the iowa caucus and democrats are beginning to square up one another and contrasting their policies and going hard on the ground in iowa a new, but not unfamiliar, front-runner here in iowa.
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>> our campaign is about winning in iowa and winning the democratic nomination. >> reporter: and a new fight with his opponent elizabeth warren. >> i was disappointed to hear that bernie is sending his volunteers out to trash me. >> reporter: her comment in response to reports that the sanders a campaign was sharing a script in instructing volunteers how to sway voters. . at least 11 people are dead after a s.stg high wind and rare >> we have hundreds of employees. you heard me for months, i have january toeshldss. never said a negative word about we'll tell you what's ahead for elizabeth warren who is a friend of mine. the week. >> reporter: just three weeks impeachment coverup? from the iowa caucus, sanders that's what nancy pelosi is now leading the once-crowded democratic field with warren, warning. family feud. an emergency summit between the joe biden, and pete buttigieg queen, prince charles and all close behind william, all to decide the fate what does it say about your of prince harry and meghan campaign >> well, polls go up and down. but what is important to me is the kind of grassroots support that we have. >> reporter: sanders is blitzing markle. survival story across iowa by bus, just ahead the harrowing experience from the alaskan wind derness of the senate impeachment trial. a man stranded in the brutal >> i'd rather be here in iowa, cold for weeks is alive this bui accept
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morn as a united states senator. >> reporter: and candidates scraping for every backer with days left here. >> we will continue to see that there is a fluid race, but that we are in the hunt and we will keep pushing wunderdog mentality all the way until the voting begins. >> reporter: just six candidates have qualified for this upcoming democratic debate on tuesday night in demos moines whats clear this race will not be decided in iowa. then there were four let's get started. seahawks and packers duke it out in green bay for a spot in the in fact, title game. it was about aaron in the first half aaron rodgers struck first and here to davante adams for a touchdown. aaron jones punch inside a pair of touchdowns at the goal line and cutting the o
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five but as close as shaueahawk would come green bay wince it. houston jumped out to an early 24-0 lead before patrick mahomes got to work. in less en4:00 -- in less than 3:00 they were three points behind a fumble and another td by kelce. chiefs scored so many times, they ran out of fireworks at the stadium! can you imagine that kansas city won it 51-31 and chiefs advance to take on the titans in the afc championship on sunday. then the packers versus the 49ers in the nfc title game. this weekend was wild with the severe weather and storms, mild weather mild temperatures for some of us too. >> it was a deadly weekend, k p keeping very busy and things are quiet now. great news peopleare able to pick up the pieces across the south and
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southeast. dealing with nuisance rain forr. there is aboutumulation of 1 to 2 inches for atlanta to portions of tennessee into kentucky as well that storm system will push out as well. we are talking about warm temperatures we will take a look at td be so storms across brownville to corpus christi i'm really happy things ar ahead, we have another huge storm system and we will talk about that coming up. >> we better enjoy this while we got it thank you. the big winners at the critics choice awards is ahead. the meltdown
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leading the news a showdown as the royal family prepares for a summit. prince harry and meghan markle announce they plan to step down from their royal duties. >> reporter: all eyes will be on the royal estate today where the roya crisis summit to discuss the future of meghan and harry and they will have complex conversations about what their new rols could entail the queen seen heading to church on sunday one day before a crisis royal family summit on harry and meghan's future after the pair's bombshell announcement -- their plans to step back from royal life. >> this is about them saying there is an urgency to this. we must find a solution. >> reporter: prince charles will jet in for the crisis talks where he is paying respects to
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the former sultran and greeting the new one. the palace framing talks as complex and thoughtful broadcaster and close friend of harry's tom bradby remains hopeful for resolution. >> he loves this country and believes in the monarchy i think even know it's possible to construct something where, yeah, maybe the halft titles, rhaps, too, a chance to address a widening wound between brothers british papers reporting sunday prince william sadness over a broken bond with harry i've put m and i can't do that any more. d are separate entiti e taken very different paths in life.
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>> reporter: and oprah saying the couple doesn't need her help now their dear friend sir elton john is said to have known his rep telling nbc news the plans were a surprise to him, too, and that he did not know before the queen the queen has indicated that she wants a very swift resolution to these issues, hoping to have some kind of deal within days and not weeks. so it is very possible we will have more answers in the very near future. >> wow to be in those walls, in that room while those are going on. thank you. thank you. ahead, the stars shinebr or more on car insurance."seveye years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that.
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