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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 31, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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it's the biggest festival you could imagine. we are across the street from the cardoza hotel, owned by gloria esteban, a legend here. we'll take you up the road to the versace mansion. and check in with joe montana, an interesting comment he had about sunday's game. and a bay area dancer will be in the (second ( trail in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. dancing with j.lo on stage there was brief hearing things are moving forward in during halftime on sunday's the second trial of the deadly show. we are going to check in with ghost ship warehouse fire. him. we'll be here with abby there was a brief hearing in the case today. fernandez, cheryl hurd, and ghost ship landlord derick almena's attorney says they are flores. ready and excited, because they a lot coming your way in the think they'll do better than next 60 minutes. they did in the first trial. see you in a few minutes. >> thank you, raj. almena is charged with the coronavirus outbreak has officially spread to the bay involuntary manslaughter in connection with that fire that area. santa clara county health killed 36 people in oakland back department announced that a in 2016. local man who recently returned in the first trial, jurors from china did test positive for the virus. deadlocked 10-2 in favor of >> it is now the third case in california, the servant case in convicting almena. his co-defendant, max harris, was acquitted on all charges. the u.s. robert honda joins us live from jury selection in that second valley med in san jose where the trial should begin in early public health department is april. for the first time since the moving quickly to stem the virus tragic helicopter crash that and any public panic. killed kobe bryant and eight robert? others, the los angeles lakers >> reporter: that's right, the public health officer says she will take to the court.
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understands the coronavirus can be a very scary thing to hear in less than an hour, the lakers about and very unsettling to will face off against the portland trailblazer. hear about this first case here in santa clara county. so she was quick to point out the staples center will be full the coronavirus is here, but not of touching tributes. necessarily spreading. each player's jersey has his >> he was seen in a local clinic initials now sewn on to it. and hospital, but was never sick and every seat in the stadium, as you can see, is draped with a enough to be hospitalized. >> reporter: the announcement of kobe bryant jersey. the first confirmed case of novel coronavirus was made in an east bay school district has joined schools from all over the shadow of valley medical california in the ongoing fight against juul. center in san jose, but health this week, five different school officials aren't saying where districts across california filed lawsuits alleging juul's the man sought treatment. right now, local, state, and national health workers are marketing towards minors. scrambling to track the man's journey since he came back the high school district in through san jose airport january 24th from china. lafayette is part of that suit. >> our aes is that the there are now 16 schools taking legal action. public at large is still at low okay. let's get a check of o matches . risk, because this case was careful self-isolated home for it was nice. >> i know, right? the entire time since he >> it felt really warm. returned from china. >> but as you see wherever you >> we had low 70s out there. look at bay area airports, travelers are very concerned hopefully you got outside to enjoy at least a little bit of about any possible it today, because things are person-to-person transmission.
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it turns out so far, the santa going to change and in a big way this weekend. clara county patient kept his right now, 62 in san jose. contact almost strictly to a few cooler 50s tonight. family members. we'll talk more about the wind >> we are making sure that and the drop in temperatures and we'll take you to miami and anyone that he did come into contact with is being monitored heavy rain knocking on miami's doorstep in just a little bit. for symptoms and staying at the number of uninsured americans, home, away from others. >> well, those family members will be kept in isolation for 14 days, as part of public health policy. and again, the cdc and state investigators have joined county workers to expand the search for more people that he may have come into contact with, including other stops in china and every airport. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, robert. well, the latest numbers on the outbreak. following today, the u.s. declared a public health emergency. that's following the world health organization's declaration yesterday. there are more than 11,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide. 259 people have died. there are seven cases in the u.s., including this latest one in santa clara county. that's the only confirmed case rising. in the bay area so far. the cost of prescription drugs,
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rising. an apology from uc the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, berkeley's health center about a rising. post about the coronavirus. the good news, so is support for the one candidate it listed xenophobia has a who'll do something about it. normal reaction to hearing about as mayor, mike bloomberg helped the virus. expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, live on the cal campus, some includg hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. asian american students. as president, he'll lower drug costs and xenophobia is a fancy word for ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. prejudice against people from and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. other countries, so you can understand. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >> absolutely. and cal says they are monitoring this coronavirus situation very closely. they say their student body is just so diverse, they can confirm that there were actually some people on campus that just came back from the affected areas and that is why they are reminding students, wash your hands, cover your mouth when cough organize sneezing, and you are sick, call a doctor immediately. >> wear it every single day. >> reporter: it's not a fashionable accessory, but wearing a face mask is the right thing to do says uk berkele senior kelly cheye. >> my friends are all chinese,
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so wear a mask, not only protecting myself, but protecting others. it's a responsibility for me to wear a mask. >> reporter: she's not alone. we spotted several asian american students wearing face masks as they walked from class to class. cal says it continue to monitor the spread of the coronavirus and is following all of the cdc's protocols. but it was this social media okay. post from the university's back to our super bowl iv health services that struck a coverage. nerve. >> it was a very unfortunate >> it's going to be a fun week for the team in miami. mistake. >> reporter: what caught a lot of people by surprise was the last thing on the list, let's check in with abby xenophobia, fears about interacting with those who might be from asia. fernandez. >> and people have the tendency there's lots to do. of externalizing the issue and >> there's a whole lot. this happened outside the putting the blame on foreigners. >> reporter: the coronavirus outbreak has hit home for premiere of the trailer for the "fast & furious" franchise. our team was there. our team got access on the sociology professor yong long silver carpet. they talked to some actors, whose parents live in the talked to the director. chinese province next no wuhan we have all of that footage on our social media. where the outbreak originated you can find us, our handles and they are currently underbreakdown. are @nbcbayarea on instagram and >> one of my friend's father just passed away in china facebook. because of it. >> reporter: the university took and guys, if you're not down the controversial post and following us there, you're going
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to want to follow us, because has since apologized. right now, i'm heading over to professor long says education the super bowl experience at the about the outbreak is important. miami convention center. and you're not going to want to so, too, is empathy. miss that, guys. >> it's just an emotional sort reporting from miami, i'll send of time for me and a lot of it back to you guys. >> okay, thanks. people with their families, with get some cover, because we saw their friends in china. the radar. >> so rain! >> reporter: and the university typical! >> and when we say rain, we mean says it does not have the legal authority to involuntarily rain! >> possibly some hail, those quarantine someone who might be sick. they say that responsibility heavy downpours. they're under a severe thunderstorm watch. falls on the shoulders of health so we have you covered if you have any family or friends. officials and so far they have if you're just curious about not sent out that message just yet. what's happening in south that's the latest here in florida with all of the super berkeley, i'm melissa colorado, bowl hype coming your way, of nbc bay area news. course, right here at nbc bay >> much like preventing the spread of the common flu, here's area, we have been covering it, what you can do to try to keep the games leading up to this, all week long. yourself healthy. make sure you wash your hands and we'll be with you as we head often, avoid touching your eyes, into this weekend, as well. right now from our sister nose, and mouth. station, nbc 6 in miami, we're stay home if you're . a lot more all owned by the network, at tips on our website, least some of the stations >> okay, back to our super bowl across the united states. and you can see they have a coverage. we are just two days away. radar similar to storm ranger >> yep! fans are flocking to miami as andome heavier the 49ers get ready to take on rain on the western side of florida.
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and that's going to be moving the kansas city chiefs. over toward miami, south beach, our own raj mathai is live in south beach. as we head from 8:00 tonight, he always gets the great right into the early morning assignments. are they ready to go, raj? hours. we're looking at about a half to >> reporter: they are. and what was really interesting about the super bowl, it's not just the commercial traffic. 1.25 inches. if you go to miami airport, all we'll detail that super bowl the flights that are coming in, forecast coming up in less than but all the private jets that two minutes. are coming in and all the yachts we have cool 40s coming on back with a mix of some clouds and that are coming in. also some clouds. we can do this, pretty he's governor newsom also getting here today. so we have a lot of fans, a lot tomorrow. it will be a nice start to that of vips, a lot of ceos and of weekend. san francisco, 49, and the east course the celebrities. bay at 45. as we move through tomorrow, we'll start with all the parties numbers are going to drop a couple of degrees as we have a system that's moving just off to happening here tonight. our north. the versace mansion, which is it's going to help to cool us about 50 yards behind me right off just a little bit. here on ocean drive, of course, it will still leave us with 70 the home of gianna versace that in gilroy, 66 in cupertino. was murdered right there at the for the east bay, a beautiful mansion. hosting the party, it's the day. 63 in vallejo. country of the 67 in pleasanton. through the peninsula, some sun it is high-priofile and a lot o and some of those high clouds glitz. back down to normal people like filtering across and 65 in all of us, the 49er fans are redwood city. san francisco, upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. invading south beach. and throughout the north bay, 64 you see them in downtown miami, here in mill valley and right up
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in coral gables, and here in south beach. to clear lake, i have you at 67. they're all over. a lot of them don't even have we are dry tomorrow, but we have tickets yet. they say they're waiting until sunday to get them on stub hub those fast changes by sunday. and it's going to feel pretty for hopefully less than $5,000. and we bumped into george abrupt after some of this milder weather we had lately. kittle's mother-in-law, and of course, she is over the moon about her son-in-law. let's show you a we're looking at. this storm system dropping down. >> we saw him last night it will increase the cloud cover, kick up the wind, and briefly, and he's soaking up the entire experience, as you can drop those temperatures. in advance of that storm system imagine. moving in for sunday, we have a but as everybody knows in the bay area, george is all about high wind watch here for most of the bay area. business. and he's very excited about this we're looking at on and off wind and he's locked in. gusts of 20 to about 40 miles per hour for the lower >> reporter: very nice to see elevations and up across the mountains, a thousand feet and her, that is shelly till. above, we could see gusts as she lives in iowa. high as 50 miles per hour. that's where george kittle went again, that is for sunday's to college and met his wife. forecast sp she is so proud and fired up and fore' on my scot 53 degrh she is excited. george kittle is here in south beach along ocean drive. those clouds. he's having dinner and back to and we're dry over the next seveweather. the team hotel. this is obviously a big weekend 68 degrees, dropping down to 56 speaking of his teammates now, on sunday. and notice those colder morning the 49ers, one light practice in temperatures coming back, sunday, monday and also into tuesday morning, as well. and no rain, at least in the coral gables at the university near sight. of miami. as we bring you into miami for
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and when we talk about this team, george kittle doesn't have that super bowl game on sunday, super bowl experience, but 3:30 pacific time, kickoff, 56 others do, among the few players here for the start of the game. that can teach the younger 49ers by halftime, 62 degrees and it's how to prepare mentally for what going to be dry. they're going to see come back here in the bay area, we sunday. have the wind, we have the 3:30 pacific time is the kickoff. who else is here in south clouds and the cooler temperatures. overall, going to be a beautiful and these guys have super bowl super bowl sunday. whatever you have planned, the experience. joe montana and jerry rice, wind could kick things up a together again, reunited. little bit outside, so my and they are good friends. advice, stay inside, eat all you they have been friends for years. can, and watch the niners obviously playing together, now hopefully win. hall of famers together, at an >> yes. that's what we're going for. event here for the super bowl >> all right, all right. and for the fans. but joe montana with an thanks, jeff. well, he was the unexpected interesting tweet earlier today. and here it is. hero in the nfc championship, so take a look. quote, here you go, any what does he have planned for prediction is 35-28, my team. the super bowl? we talk to the 49ers run back and you see the photo there, the about his game next in sports. introducing a single sports destination. montana jersey with the 49ers and the kansas city chiefs. if you want to go back in history, you can recall, the 49ers traded joe montana, if you where you can find games, news and highlights. were here back in 1993, that was all in one place, right on your tv. huge when they traded joe montana to the kansas city the new xfinity sports zone. chiefs. so he still loves both use your voice to search every stat, organizations. that's his prediction. standing and score. kind of tongue in cheek.
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guys, with a lot coming in your follow the teams you love way in this next hour. we'll check in with cheryl hurd, and get notifications when the game's about to start, so you'll never miss a minute. with the xfinity sports zone... and aunt flores. ...everybody wins. >> i say that doesn't count. now that's simple, easy, awesome. >> we're going to go back to our special coverage of making it in click, call or visit a store for details. the bay, focusing on the bay area housing crisis. >> a new study shows that local people are mostly hoping to stay local, even with the expensive housing market. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us live in san jose to tell us why. >> reporter: yeah, jervssica, you're right, it can be expensive, but the reason why people come to the bay area in the first place, jobs, family, good weather are some of the reasons why they want to stay in the bay area, even when they switch apartments. actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped natasha singha is a san jose prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. teacher who says if she had a choice, her next move wouldn't their values are why i walked away from my business, be far. she would stay in the bay area. >> i think i would want to stay took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, here because my family is here.
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>> reporter: but she admits, and why i spent the last ten years high rents are a con.lsoed t wo fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. move if i had a good job i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. prospects and it was somewhere cheaper, because it's definitely because, right now, america needs pricey to live here. >> reporter: according to a new more than words. survey by apartment list, a lot we need action. of people feel that way. a desire to stay, if they can. >> being an engineer, you know, tech is here, silicon valley. >> the bay area is very good for the job market for me. >> reporter: in fact, apartment list says almost half of the people looking for an apartment in san francisco come from the east bay or san jose. if you're looking for a place in san jose, chances are good you're looking from the city or oakland. >> people are looking to be in an area for reasons,hi though renting here is a >> reporter: enough so that even challenge, it's not enough to drive most people away. >> i want to go, i want to end up where my career is going to take me. where i'll actually be happy.
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>> reporter: yeah, career high on the list of why people say they want to stay here, even if it means switching apartments. good weather, family, also high on that list. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, scott, thank you so much. up next, preparing for super bowl night here in the bay area. how san francisco police are getting ready in case celebrations get out of hand on sunday. >> a bay area dancer sharing the stage during the super bowl halftime show with jennifer lopez. we'll tell you why his road to okay. the niner posse has arrived in success wasn't easy. miami. thousands of fans in florida and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our entire team and anyone days before the super bowl takes over our entire headed to south florida tonight or tomorrow going to get wet sunday. >> it' with some heavy rain. we'll put a track on this and of our raj mathai is live in south beach taking in the sights and course we'll get you ready for sounds as the niners gear up to the super bowl weather back here in the bay area. that's coming up in about seven take on the chiefs. minutes. tom: my mom always told me they're done practicing. they're ready to roll. >> reporter: yeah, this is it. they are done. the playbook has been set, the game plan has been set. now it's just a matter of
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executing. we're going to check in with the players now. anthony flores joins us just down the road from ocean drive. i'm guessing what you're seeing right now, a lot of niners jerseys in the crowd. take it away. >> that's right, raj. i've done some morning live shots here, but this is my first time in south beach at night. this place is buzzing with electricity. a lot of niners fans, and there is a lot going on here. speaking of being busy, it's been a very busy week for the 49ers, today they held their final practice in preparation for super bowl liv against the chiefs. they've had three practices and a walk-through durin week there. they should be fully healthy on sunday. running back kevin coleman who dislocated his shoulder in the nfc championship game was a full participant in today's practice and head coach kyle shanahan actions speak louder than words. says he expects coleman to practice on sunday. she was a school teacher. down the road want 20 minutes al my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. y in nd like the niners, they should be fully healthy. everyone has been practicing, their values are why i walked away from my business, including tight end travis
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took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, kelce, who has been bothered by a nagging knee injury. and why i spent the last ten years a key to beating the chief could fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. be giving the rock to raquine i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. mostert. he rushed for 220 yards and 4 touchdowns. that's the second best playoff performance in nfl history. now he's returned to his home state to play in the super bowl. >> i just truthfully envision us winning, more so, just because that's the main goal. oh, yeah, you definitely have to pinch yourself and i do a great job with trying to maintain my level of, you know, excitement. because it's truly a dream. and i'm truly blessed to be here. >> what a great story he's been for the 49ers this season. and you bet he figures into that game plan on sunday. you know, raj, as i throw it back to you, i've got to say, you guys aren't the only ones who have seen celebrities.
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today i ran into rapper ja rul, but hee didn't make the cut. i also met ufc president dana white and i asked him, if there was one 49ers player who could cross over, who would it be? for that answer, go to my twitter page, anthony tv sports, but he is making a super bowl prediction tonight on the news at 11:00. raj, back to you. >> very nice. anthony flores doing a jessica aguirre name dropping here in south florida. very good stuff here in south okay, we are less than 48 beach with us. we'll check in withagaiat 11:00. hours now from the super bowl we're going to also now -- are and a lot of the excitement is growing as kickoff draws near. you having trouble figuring out >> can you feel it? who's going to win this game, tonight in miami, it's all about need someabou greg papa. the parties. let's check in with our own raj he's the radio voice of the mathai live in south beach. 49ers. this guy knows so much about i expect you to go party hopping tonight. this team inside and out. >> here's the deal. i've got to be on this newscast. papa, don't preach, but he does i could be at shaquille o'neal's when it comes to the 49ers about party tonight, lizzo's party tonight, and maybe pit bull's party tonight. but my dedication to nbc is what's going to happen sunday. strong. i'm right here with you guys. >> the 49ers could run right a lot happening here in south
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through them the way day did the beach. a lot of 49ers fans are here, vikings and packers, but whoever but it is a red carpet time. wins this game sunday can and as we say, and i think we clearly say they're the best said that earlier tonight, miami team in the nfl. is always fast and furious, but >> traditionally, historically, tonight, it's really fast and furious. the better defense wins the for that, let's bring in nbc bay super bowl. the 49ers have the better area's cheryl hurd. defense, but sometimes history she is here along biscayne bay can rewrite itself. with some red carpet treatment. and that could happen sunday. cheryl, what do you have? patrick thmahomes is so skilled. >> reporter: well, the red carpet treatment was fantastic. do you want soft fun now. i got a chance to meet some very let's bring in jessica and janelle. you ready to place some bets on sunday? popular folks. this is good for your super bowl but another thing i got to meet parties. who's going to win the mvp? is a man from the bay area. you don't know him, raj, but that's one of the prop bets. the betters think it's going to you're about to meet him. he's from the bay area, he's a be patrick mahomes and jimmy g. dancer and a part of j.lo's >> jimmy g. >> of course not patrick. inner circle. definitely jimmy g. he can break out and dance >> that's good. prop bet number two, this is anywhere, even on a street getting a little risque, will corner in miami. >> it's a lot of work. there be a wardrobe malfunction -- >> reporter: matt days' dancing >> jimmy g.! jimmy g.! moves have taken him from being no? >> that's a good one. homeless to the world stage. on sunday, he will share that >> no wardrobe malfunction. >> that's not part of the bet, stage with jennifer lopez. guys. >> jen is a woman that really >> they've learned their lesson.
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no wardrobe malfunction. demands excellence. it's a dream come true. if it's going to happen, it's you travel the world, you stay definitely shakira. in amazing hotels. >> number three, will demi >> reporter: a far cry from his lovato have a flub when it comes life growing up in fairfield, to the national anthem? california. he played football in high we hope not, but that is the new -- will she flub the school, but when he lost a good friend to gun violence, he knew national anthem. >> i just saw her on the he had to turn his life around. grammys, she was beautiful. >> didn't really get into dance it was -- but she had that false start, though, so that did until high school and it was a -- you know, that was a time where the movement was going and happen. >> you can bet on anything in this game. everybody's being wild. >> you need to go find pit bull, >> reporter: he chased the mr. 305. dream, learning to become a >> pit bull is here. dancer with a studio. >> i know, go find him! he later moved to los angeles >> i'll track him down. and lived in his car for a year. and ask him about the jimmy g. then, a miracle happened. prop bet and a wardrobe lopez spotted him dancing in one malfunction. >> see you at 11:00. of the many videos he appeared >> run for cover. it's going to start raining. in. >> i get to be at the super bowl and that's going to doit. with the major artists, doing what i love at the halftime show >> he'll be back at 11:00, with pit bull and an umbrella. with the team that i've watched for 29 years and somebody that i >> bye, folks. have a great night. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. know from being a kid is on the team. it's like, who does that happen to? if that's not god, i don't know what it is. >> reporter: he just said it,
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matt day is 29 years old. he's been dancing with j.lo for five years. and he says he's going to continue doing it as long as his body can handle it. raj, back to you. >> that might be one of the coolest story of super bowl week. we will be watching him very closely on that stage come sunday evening. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. great story. get details on this state program. cheryl hurd reporting here along biscayne bay in miami. visit right now we have a lot going on here. we're going to see you back in or call about ten minutes, but for now, during business hours. let's send it back to jessica and janelle in the studio. >> you might want to wander down ocean beach a little bit and head to the news calf faye so you can fit in there. >> i'll see. i'll do that right after this newscast. >> okay. >> okay. let's talk about the super bowl here in the bay area. now, sunday night, you can count on there being some very excited fans. and as we've seen in recent years with the giants and the warriors winning, sometimes things get out of hand. >> so san francisco police say they're going to be out in full force to make sure fans stay safe and not too rowdy, but how it helps to have someone in your corner. much of a police presence is too
6:18 pm
that's why there's covered california. we're the only place where you can get financial help much? roz platter is live in san to pay for your health insurance. francisco with where that line new this year, almost a million people is. >> the police chief says there could receive additional financial help from the state will be lots of officers deployed across the city just in case potential celebrations get to help lower the cost of health insurance... out of hand. that includes here in the more for those already getting it, mission district, a favorite and new help for many who haven't gotten help before. destination for partyers. so check to see how much you could save. it only takes 5 minutes. this is how it looked as excited the last day to enroll is january 31st. fans spilled out into the so get covered today. streets of the mission district, celebrating the 49ers winning the nfc championship two weeks ago. >> 24th and mission history is one of the cultural epicenters of san francisco. when there is something to celebrate as a city, we come together and gather here. >> but community organizer arturo mendez says what his community also saw that night is too many police officers. >> i think that's an exaggerated reaction. i think there's an unnecessary amount of cops that are c ingea. >> reporter: at a news conference, the city's mayor and police chief said there would be enough officers to keep revelers
6:19 pm
safe. >> we definitely want to make sure that are as we celebrate, finger s crossed, hopefully a victory during the super bowl, that that victory doesn't turn into something other than a happy celebration for each and every one of us. >> reporter: but the police chief said once troublemakers move in, starting fires and vandalizing property, his officers have to maintain order and protect themselves. >> and we try to do that very specifically, very surgically, if you will, and not just reign in on a community with too much force. >> reporter: there are already signs warning about possible street closures. starting at 5:00 p.m., mission between cesar chavez and 21st street could be shut down, as the last day to enroll and accessoriesphonesst. for your mobile phone. well as 24th street between like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state progr visit right now bartlett and portero avenue. or call i'm roz plater. during business hours. >> thank you so much, roz. let's talk about our weather. it was so warm.
6:20 pm
>> a blue sky about as blue as your dress. so brilliant. ♪ hey, before we wrap up, i a little bit of high cloud cover want to make a toast. stream as well, overall, a 10 on >> gigi shadow. the scale of things when usually it can be so wet and much colder >> i get emotional about that because i'm my dad's shadow. this time of the year across the >> emotion at the super bowl, getting ready for sunday while bear. live look outside, the sky coping with the tragedy as this camera network through the east bay. i have walnut creek checking in powerful new image goes viral. how has it impacted the at 61 degrees. and as we head through tonight, countdown in miami? plus the pressure of playing an a chillier 51 at 11:00 p.m. with icon. everything you need to know more of that high cloud cover about the star of diana. moving in. tomorrow, we continue to keep the dry weather, although i think the temperatures will drop a couple of degrees with an approaching storm system off to our north. no rainfall, but we're going for ♪ >> this is very much of a love story to her. more of a partly sunny sky, 67 >> wrapping up aup meghan here in napa. 67 in concord. trainor's also, 67 in livermore. 69 in morgan hill. that will be one of my warmest. and over to palo alto, 64 and san francisco at 61. so looking all good as we head through the first part of your weekend. as we hit assemble sunday, we have a storm system we're tracking. and any kind of rain chances will be off to the north and also to the east of us.
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what i'm seeing right now is cloud cover increasing, also some colder temperatures and that wind kicking up, as well. we're going to detail exactly what that's going to mean for super bowl sunday in about 25 minutes. i want to take you to miami, south florida, our sister station, nbc 6 in miami. they have a radar that's similar to storm ranger. you can see that red scan right now. and look at this heavy rainfall we've been telling you about on the western side of florida. that's going to be hitting miami, south beach, where everybody is headed right now, as we head into 8:00 tonight, all the way in through early tomorrow morning, a half to about 1.25 inches possible. but super bowl sunday, it will dry out, 66 for that 3:30 kickoff. i'm back in about 25 minutes and i'll detail the bay area super bowl sunday forecast and we'll talk about that wind, as well. >> thanks, jeff. look forward to it. up next, stabbed and rushed to the hospital and then he gets a parking ticket while he's in surgery. how the city is stepping up and making it right.
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that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
6:25 pm
some good news to share with you on a story we brought you last night at 11:00. a san francisco man will not have to pay a ticket, a parking ticket he received the night he was stabbed and taken to the hospital. anthony deguzman who doesn't want his face shown on camera parked his car one night but was robbed and stabbed as he walked to his apartment. the guzman has family member move his car as soon as possible, but he had already received a $79 ticket. he appealed the ticket explaining the extraordinarily circumstances, but his claim was denied. to date, mayor london breed says it has been dismissed through the appeals process. cracking down on unlicensed contractors in paradise. 12 people are facing charges after a sting operation there. the purpose ofraasors looking t money off of wildfire victims. they were called to a burned out home and asked about everything from painting and demolition. 12 arrests were made. the state is warning victims to keep their guard up as
6:26 pm
construction season heats up. >> the town of paradise here has now issued a little bit over 500 building permits, so we really believe that the work is g to pick up as approaches. so now more than ever, it's important that the survivors understand what to look for when they're hiring a contractor. >> in california, any home improvement job that costs $500 or more needs to be done by someone with the state of california license. >> up next at 6:30, no witnesses. the critical senate vote in the impeachment trial of president trump and what happens next. >> and hello again. we are live in miami. it's not just glitz and glamour and all the parties. there is some serious business here. some good news regarding one of the 49ers' key players and what we might see come sunday. stay with us. we tried to get the politicians
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
6:29 pm
right now at 6:30, the votes are in, 51-49 blocking witnesses from testifying in the senate impeachment trial. with the motion to consider witnesses officially shot down, senate republicans are poised to move towards the acquittal of president trump. >> it is unclear when that final vote will happen, but we do have a more specific timeline. nbc bay area's alice barr has the very latest and joins us live from washington. alice? >> reporter: we just had some late developments here that actually pretty firmly set up how this is going to go. first, democrats took one last swing with a series of amendments trying to get witnesses in. it was sort of a hail mary and
6:30 pm
it failed. and then they signed on to an official timeline that puts closing arguments beginning on monday with the final vote to acquit president trump on wednesday. >> the yeas are 49. the nays are 51. >> reporter: it's official. there will be no witnesses in the impeachment trial of president trump. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the outcome seemed certain after a cluster of key republicans came out to say they would vote "no" while still acknowledging the president's actions were inappropriate. but what happened next was unexpected. the senate thrown into a holding pattern. the swift acquittal that seemed almost certain when the day began put off. majority leader mitch mcconnell says senators will confer on next steps, planning to conclude the trial in the coming days. >> i was so bitterly disappointed in my colleagues for voting, uniformly, in a partisan way, and putting party above country. >> most americans would like to pick their own president, unless
6:31 pm
it's absolutely necessary not to. >> reporter: democrats made their 11th hour appeal for witnesses at the same time more explosive allegations emerged from the upcoming book by former national security adviser, john bolton. "the new york times" reporting bolton alleges president trump tried to draw him into a pressure campaign to get ukraine to investigate the bidens, starting last may. >> well, what this does is it moves up the timetable on trump's involvement. in may, there was a meeting in the oval office, in which trump said to bolton, call zelensky and make sure that he'll meet with giuliani. >> the white house in a statement saying that meeting never happened, but the revelations clearly energized democr o lastpush, getting their story on the record with the american people, though their chances for success in the senate appear dim. and the white house said tonight that president trump is gratified that the trial will be ending soon, though it's not quite as soon as he had hoped.
6:32 pm
he had been pushing for this all to be wrapped up by tuesday. that would have been in time for the state of the union address. back to you, janelle and jo. >> thanks so much for that update. as we've been reporting, the first case of the coronavirus has been reported in santa clara county. that's a fact. but rumors and lies have been spreading about the deadly epidemic. facebook is now trying to undo some of that damage. the social media giant has announced it will be removing misinformation about the coronavirus from its platforms. that includes false claims or conspiracy theories flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities. one example, drinking bleach cures the coronavirus. okay, that's not true. google and twitter are also taking steps to tackle misinformation. an update in the case of that deadly laptop theft in oakland. police have now arrested a third suspect. they have not released that person's name, saying their investigation is ongoing. two men had already been charged in the killing of 34-year-old
6:33 pm
tech employee cho zheng. he tried to get a stolen laptop by hanging on to a car and was dragged to death by that vehicle. after a week of campaigning, voters will gather monday night for the state's famous caucuses. it's a unique process, and since it's the first test of the nation, they get to meet the candidates personally. >> we have a hands-on approach to the candidates. >> i love it. i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll finds bernie sanders and joe biden statistically tied with 26 and 27% support, followed by l elizabeth warren, michael bloomberg, and pete buttigieg. heated clashes outside the prime minister's residence illustrated the torn feelings over what's known as brexit.
6:34 pm
a midnight approach marking the official moment of separation, hundreds of eu supporters gathered outside the scottish parliament. in the 2016 brexit referendum, scotland voted to stay in the europe union and many time tonight mourn that scotland is being taken out of the eu against the will of its people. it was the final day for people living along a trail in a huge homeless encampment in santa rosa. at one point, more than 200 people were staying along the trail. today, park rangers reminded dozens on of people still remaining there they should be prepared to go. the county had teams on site trying to connect people with services including an emergency shelter option. we spoke with one man leaving today. >> issues that are legitimate, you know? and of course, our issues, legitimate issues are not expiring. >> housing advocates express concern there are not enough shelter beds for all the people
6:35 pm
forced to leave. the county approved $12 million in measures to help address the homeless crisis. the trail will be fenceded off and cleaned up starting this weekend. let's get back to our super bowl coverage in mooum. the fans, players, celebrities all hitting the town. >> they're all filing in. our own raj mathai has been there all week, live in south beach, and he's ready to get this newscast over so he can enjoy the night. >> reporter: i'm ready to get the next 48 hours over so we can start the game. we have some hype and some other practice stuff to get to. in fact, let's show you a look now at hard rock stadium. that's about a 30-minute drive from where we are here in south beach. hard rock stadium, if you're a longtime 49ers fan, you'll know, the 49ers have won two super bowls in this stadium. the last coming 25 years ago. but really the stadium has underwent some major renovations. it's almost like a mini dome now to keep the rain and intense heat from the field. now let's talk about some vips. not the red carpet. how about the silver carpet? the fast and furious. that movie comes out, "fast &
6:36 pm
furious" 9 comes out next year, but they dropped the trailer today here in miami. john cena, all the big stars were here getting fired up for that. in terms of the other big parties tonight, and when we say big parties tonight, they really kick off around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. among the headliners whereby lady gaga, diddy, snoop, and lizzo. so, yes, this town is crawling with celebs and vips. but we also have to talk about the players. so big news coming out of niners practice today. let's show it to you from the foouf university of miami up the roads in coral gables. here is some keynotes for the 49ers. kevin coleman, their talented running back is expected to play on sunday. he banged up his shoulder against the packers a couple of weeks ago, but he is ready to go. the oddsmakers still think the chiefs are going to win this game, not by much. right now, kansas city favored to win by 1.5 points. kickoff is sunday. make sure you clear your calendar, figure out what party
6:37 pm
you're going to. kickoff, 3:30 p.m. pacific time. back here live on ocean drive, it's almost like we're back in the praer, because we have a lot of bay area people here. let's find out where everyone's from. tell us your name, where you're f from. >> do you have your tickets yet? >> i'm going to get them. >> we have some tickets. what's your name? >> from san francisco, and i have membership tickets! >> this is it. this is the legit tickets. club level tickets. >> are you season ticket ho wife is turning 49 tomorrow and we're going to the 49er game! >>ery v good! she's going to be my lucky charm. >> we hope that's the case. congratulations to you guys. so we have a lot of what, niner gang here in south beach. the party continues. guys, back to you. who's going to win sunday? >> niners! take it away. >> for sure, our lucky 49er
6:38 pm
right there. happy birthday! >> good prediction. thanks, raj. still to come, honoring kobe bryant. the lakers get ready for their first home game since the helicopter crash that killed bryant and eight others.
6:39 pm
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