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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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super bowl liv as the cbs chiefs take the victory and we've have the reaction. and iowa takes center stage at caucus. how they work and the impact on the 2020 presidential race. and the deadly coronavirus still growing with more cases being reported across california. the new restrictions taking affect at airports across the country. "today in the bay" continueses right now. and good monday morning to you. thanks for starting your morning here with "today in the bay," i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. okay, congratulations to our niners. what a great season that we had. >> it was. but i'm sure a lot of people are still talking about the high energy halftime show. j-lo and shakira turning it out. everyone still talking about that right there. this is shakira with all of her 600 dancers. you know, that was a high energy show from the moment it began. >> you really certainly could feel it. so we're going to revisit that in a little bit. >> she busted out the electric
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guitar. >> it is amazing. so this morning we're auck being what is going on here in the bay area and i need to pull out that coat. >> you need a lot more than what shakira had on. you have to pull out the coats and everything. take a look at temperatures. it is 31 in livermore and even colder in napa at 30 degrees. oakland 44. and in san jose it is 40 degrees. now in martinez we'll start out with mid-30s. it will gradually warm up today. but we're looking at sunshine. we'll talk more about this and where we'll see some freezing temperatures coming up. mike, you're tracking what is happening at the caldecott tunnel. breaking news through the east bay, we have two problems and alert from chp westbound 24 one of the two bores is still closed, the fourth one, the new one is open but that is half of the capacity out of lafayette through orinda through the tunnel itself. a disabled vehicle and crash is
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cleared, but still in the bore. that is one factor. over here i'm expecting to get an alert call by chp. south 880 first a crash at broadway and then in the back-up i'm hearing about a jackknifed big rig which may be a secondary crash through the area. so if you can, take eastbound 580 and we'll continue to follow that. that is how it is affecting the directions of your commute in the east bay. the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes have cleared up and the rest of the bay is moving nicely as well. back to you. >> thanks, mike. super sunday ends in heartbreak and disappointment for the 49ers and their fans. the chiefs are the new super bowl champions after a come-from-behind win. >> anthony flores was at the game and joins us from miami. gosh, our team, they just couldn't pull it through and they were ahead. >> reporter: that's right. dwm, guys. for three quarters everything was going their way but in the
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fourth quarter the defense could not hold on to a double-digit lead because of patrick mahomes. the city of miami a great host for super bowl liv. the crowd at hard rock pro-kansas city, after the 49ers led by 10 points with less than 7:00 to go and then mahomes throws a pair of touchdown passes to give the chiefs a four-point lead. jimmy g. could lead a comeback but he was off his game. he overthrows sanders who had a step on the defender. jimmy g. through 200 receptions and the chiefs rally to score 21 fourth quarter points. the 49ers magical season ends with a 31-20 loss in super bowl liv. >> didn't make the plays we normally make and got to give them some credit. chiefs are a good team and they were a hell of a team today. >> what were they able to do in the fourth quarter to be effective against your defense.
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>> we just made mistakes. >> reporter: there was sadness in the 49ers locker room but kyle shanahan said this team in time will get over this loss and use it as motivation for next season. live in him, anthony flores, for "today in the bay." >> it is disappointing but you can't help but be so excited about the season the 49ers gave us. >> exactly. well, come on home, anthony. >> reporter: looking toward to it it. >> it is cold. bring a jacket. a lot colder than miami. >> thanks, anthony. coming up for you here on "today in the bay," they brought the glam, the glitz, but did shakira and j-lo get glory. we'll talk about the buzz all around that halftime performance and talk about it later for you this morning. and in washington, a live look at capitol hill where final arguments are set in the impeachment trial. house managers and the defense team plan to present today followed by speeches from senators themselves with no witnesses, he's almost sure to
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be cleared in the final vote on wednesday. as that all plays out, the 2020 presidential election officially starts tonight. the still crowded democrat eck field have been criss-crossing iowa in anticipation of the first in the nation caucuses. wendy will folk reports from des moines where the countdown is on. >> here we are. and the decision will begin in iowa. >> reporter: down to the wire. now it is time to hear from voters. >> we have the privilege in iowa to be able to meet with candidates one-on-one and we take our politics very seriously in this state. >> reporter: serious and unique here in the hawkeye state. because voters have to physically group themselves by candidates in each precinct. so. >> i'm asking you to caucus for me. >> reporter: if the candidate doesn't get 15% of the caucus crowd voters can realign themselves one time. >> we came out from new york state just to see how the caucuses work. they are a unique part of
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history. >> reporter: historic when candidates have to leave their final push on the stump to return to the impeachment trial. >> i'll be on a plane tonight back to washington. tomorrow i'll be back to iowa. >> reporter: beating president trump in november is one message they share. >> republicans, republicans and trump don't want me. because they know i'm going to beat him if i'm your nominee. >> reporter: for now it is caucus-goers they must convince. >> the fact that you're going out with your thab -- your neighbors and teachers and coaches and having a conversation and that is a good thing for democracy. >> reporter: democracy at work. with the first official votes of the 2020 election tonight. wendy will folk, nbc news, des moines, iowa. this morning sweeping new travel restrictions aimed at combatting the spread of the coronavirus. foreign travelers under the u.s. restrictions will be denied boarding. more than 17,000 people have fallen ill to the coronavirus
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worldwide so far. and 361 people have died. there are 11 cases in the u.s. and six right here in california including two cases in santa clara county. and new for you this morning, all u.s. citizens and permanent residents who have been in china in at least the last 14 days must be rerouted. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is there live with us this morning with more on the steps officials are taking. >> reporter: good morning. a number of steps being taken by the trump administration and other health officials. and it looks like sfo will with be a big part of the screening as far as travelers coming back from china. foreign travelers talli -- falling under the restrictions will be rerouted to 11 airports across the u.s. one of them being sfo. the screenings have already been taking place here at the airport in response to the coronavirus. now they are being conducted by
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customs and border -- excuse me, conducted by custom and borders protection in a separate area from other international arriving passengers. now in response to the spread of the coronavirus, the weekly flights to china will drop from 90 to 55. as for the most recent cases in california, health officials in san benito say a man and woman tested positive for the virus. they are the 10th and 11th cases of coronavirus in the u.s. officials say the man recently returned from wuhan, china, where the coronavirus originated. they didn't show symptoms at first but contacted health officials once they did. >> there has been some with question at this point whether people who have not symptomatic but infected could spread this even before they develop symptoms. we don't know the answer to that. the cdc is looking into that and trying to figure out with the information or research they're doing whether indeed you could spread it. we don't know the answer to
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that. >> reporter: for the past 12 months an average of 150 passengers arrived on the sfo wuhan nonstop flight and passengers from wuhan that connected to another airport will be subject to screenings. but the task force said the coronavirus risk is still low but the goal is to keep it that way. reporting live. pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. 5:09 now. and people are filtering out of the joe rodota trail homeless camp. as many as 250 people were staying there but it became a humanitarian crisis so the camp was locked up and people were ordered to leave the trail site. county leaders say it will be closed for several weeks until it can be restored but new encampments have already sprung up at pina road skate park. our reporting on the bay area housing crunch and palo alto city council now has a new
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priority and it is affordable housing. according to palo alto online, city council mets over the year. last year the city fell short on the dwogoal by making 300 unitsr you're. one project was approved for low income residents and that only created 59 units. this year council members will focus on housing with a special emphasis on affordability. council members say this is a way to keep people in palo alto and try to make a dent in the ongoing housing crisis. right now at 5:10 as you are are ready to head out of the door in oakland, it is a cold start to the day. a live look at the camera. and as we look at our current temperatures right now around the bay area, we're below freezing in napa as well as livermore. we have upper 30s in san martin and palo alto. as you make your way out of the door, we're needing more layers with some temperatures in oakland in the low 40s. we're heading into the mid-50s
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today, by 1:00 we're at 55 degrees. we'll talk about this and what we're expecting through the week coming up. mike, you're updating the east bay traffic alert. >> that is right. a big view of the bay. and everything looks fine from the shot because we zoom in over here toward the caldecott tunnel and that is where we had the traffic issue by chp. breaking news is that they are ready to open that third bore if not opening it now. westbound, the third bore is the inner most bore. the new one is the fourth bore, the top there and that is the biggest, fastest bore. but right now the back-up out of orinda. the tow truck did pull the vehicle out of the third bore and should reopen shortly. and a lot of improvement in oakland southbound 880 at broadway. the all lanes that were blocked by the jackknifed big rig and folks are getting by on either side. but that is still an issue in the middle of the roadway with another crash around broadway so there is still slowing eastbound 580 still an easier route but that is out of the way for some folks so do keep that in mind.
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south 880 slow toward 980 and broadway off the curve at 7th and around the oakland port. the rest of the bay is a smooth easy drive and now consolidation in the cash lanes. back to you. >> thank you so much. and breaking news just coming into the newsroom right now. six people reportedly shot on a greyhound bus. it was heading from los angeles to the bay area. the shooting itself, it sounds like it happened in kern county which is close to bakersfield off of the 5 near the taon pass. and we know six people were shot. people on the bus reportedly started calling 911 reporting this active shooter. the bus eventually pulled over. the shooter is in custody. some of the patients have been taken to local hospitals and i believe the grapevine exit off of the 5 is now closed as this investigation continues. it is not known why the man
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opened fire. but this will be an ongoing investigation. breaking news that we'll follow throughout the morning for you. 5:12 right now. and cashing in on the super bowl. next here on "today in the bay," the bonuses both teams players are set to get for the big game. plus -- ♪ >> jennifer lopez and shakira shaking up the super bowl halftime show. all of the highlights and new reaction this morning from other stars. and what affect does the super bowl have on the markets. we'll play with the data a little bit. and still ahead for you at 5:25, a final good-bye. the memorial items kobe bryant's wife is set to receive from outside of the staples center. >> i came out of the womb competitive. >> these athletes would not be denied. >> we fought really hard and we did it. >> the opportunity to fight for respect. >> this is your moment. enjoy it. >> and win with, win, win.
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don't miss a new documentary about the female bay area athletes who redefined what victory means. >> it influences young girls to believe. >> bay area revelations: female sports icons on nbc bay area. tv just keeps getting better.
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by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. right now at 5:16, take a look at screen and your city and where we've seen cold temperatures. 31 in livermore and even colder tomorrow morning. we'll talk about this in the microclimate forecast coming up next. and the caldecott tunnel has been cleared and so has bore number three. chp has reopened the bore. i have another issue for the oakland area coming up. well, good morning. happy monday to you. take a look at these numbers. this is the effect of coronavirus on the markets on friday. now we do expect up arrows on the open not because the markets are less worried but because stocks are so cheap there will
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be barg quan hunters out there looking for deals thx week we get data on manufacturing and trade with china and on friday the latest jobs numbers. you may know the stock market is more likely to trade lower for the year, after the afc wins the championship. this correlation holds up over the years but to be fair the afc would win much more in the '70s which were tough economic times. this worked 43 out of the last 50 years. while the correlation works that doesn't mean the true fact that the number of americans in swimming pools goes up when nicholas cage or goes down when he is in a few movies or none. i'll tweet out that data set. figuring out how much it would cost to own say the dolphins or the packers, not the team, but the thing. bloomberg priced dolphins and you could buy a dolphin for
5:18 am
$10,000. a rodeo cowboy makes $150,000 a year. meat packers more affordable at $28,000 a year, where the green bay packers get their name and the cost of traveling from the east kocoast to the california goldmines adjusted for inflation $6,500. and google getting remarks for the sweet super bowl ad showing how to save your pictures. it was created in house, no ad agency. the man's voice belonged to the grandfather of a google employee. >> oh, wow. very touching. >> it was so touching. and then as i remember it that terrible hummus ad came right after and you went from ahh to oh! . i can imagine thinking the ad executives thinking -- oh, no. >> in my opinion i millsed the hummus ad because i was talking about it.
5:19 am
placement is important too. very interesting. thanks. well trending this morning, chiefs are cashing in on the super bowl win. the players get a bonus check of $124,000. even before the super bowl they earned $62,000 in bonuses. each of the niners players will receive $62,000 and that is a $149,000 bonus. not bad. but still they wanted to bring home the trophy. well trending this morning, the first all latin super bowl halftime show. ♪ >> j-lo and shakira rocked the show with the throwback song and coordinated dance moves and they did it all for free. since they don't get paid for the halftime show performance but not everyone was too happy. some people said the performance wasn't family friendly enough.
5:20 am
mainly because j-lo was dancing on the pole for one of her songs but not everyone had bad things to say. j-lo's fiance loaded up a video showing him dancing and lady gaga calling them powerful and talented. >> i thought the dancing was amazing. that sequence there. >> i thought it was great all around. >> and when i saw j-lo's daughter and i'm like little j-lo. >> runs in the family. >> yeah. all right. so let's start out this morning. we're still shivering and getting ready for our super monday. well we have some cold temperatures. and a live look at golden gate bridge. no fog. and we're also feeling temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. but this is where we're headed today. we're heading up to 53 in antioch and in livermore. 53 will be the high in san francisco. napa today reaching 54 degrees. check out the seven-day
5:21 am
forecast. as it comes up at the bottom of the screen even though it is cold today, it doesn't stay cold all week long. here is a look at the wider view and what is going on. so we're seeing this storm system out over the pacific. we've been missing out on so much rain. it is targeting the pacific northwest and that is where it it will stay as high pressure blocks it and keeps those storms to the north through the week. so another dry week ahead. as we go into the weekend, that low will slide down into california but it won't have any rain with it. so once again very much like yesterday. we'll feel our temperatures drop and the winds will pick up as we are going to see some more changes. now we know that we have been lacking rain and snow right now with the sierra snow pack at 72% of normal. the southern sierra feeling the worst, only 67% of average as far as rainfall. we're at about 75% of average in santa rosa and really looking in livermore. only making 32% of the normal
5:22 am
amount of rain for the water year. we have a lot of work to do and these numbers will continue to drop as we go throughout the week with more dry weather ahead. take a look at how much rain we've measured and how much we're lacking and of course once again we do not have any rain in our seven-day forecast. as we head over to mike, you're shifting your focus in the east bay. let's give folks a big view. with the wide angle lens showing you most of the bay, no problem. south bay and the peninsula and the tri-valley looks great right now. it is the east bay where we shift our focus and now we're really looking at southbound 880 because chp issued at letter here now at the breaking news for the changes of the southbound nimitz is jammed up toward broadway and it is a while. they don't know how long until they could get the right size tow truck to removed the jackknifed big rig on broadway blocking the middle lanes and folks are squeezing by in the access lane and also the fast lane. that is a problem. you use eastbound 580 and you
5:23 am
can't cut down there to 980 because that is in the back-up so that is an issue. the caldecott is better and toward san francisco the back-up started at bay bridge. we have metering lights on and market street is still banned for private vehicles. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:23 now. saying good-bye to a sports icon. the heartworming tributes from fans roby bryant's wife is set to receive. and what officials are now saying about claims that actress lori loughlin and her family were given special treatment. the number of uninsured americans, rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news,
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so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of central california this morning. six people shot as they were traveling on a greyhound bus. the bus originated in los angeles. it was actually headed to oakland when the shooting happened. this is a photo from the scene. the bus is actually stopped there at the base of the grapevine. it is in kern county very close to bakersfield. this is a gas station where the bus was pulled over but we know at least six people shot by this gunman. they don't know the motive so far of this gunman. the people taken to the hospital. we know about 40 people were on board. the victims have major to moderate injuries this morning. the shooter himself because he
5:27 am
was trapped there on the bus, he is in custody. police are continuing this active investigation this morning. 5:26 now. and usc is firing back ode saying no special treatment was given to actress lori loughlin and her family in the midst of the college admission scandal. a federal prosecutor filed a motion to release undisclosed emails sent between laughlin and her husband with a usc official. according to usa today the email shows giannulli rejected a call to flag his daughter's application so they could get one-on-one interviews with officials, classroom visits and a customized tour for the campus for the family. usc then sent a statement to fox news saying that gianelli did not receive unique treatment. and tributes are still pouring in for kobe bryant. more than one week after the deadly helicopter crash. >> during super bowl the feature legends honored bryant and they
5:28 am
lined up on the 24 yard line and held a moment of silence. bryant's wife will be giving the items left by fans at a memorial outside of the staples center in l.a. >> and that includes the nonperishable items including t-shirts, letters and basketballs. the staples center started dismantling the memorial overnight into it is 5:28. and a shooting on a greyhound bus headed to the bay area. we'll have all of the information of what we're just finding out this morning. >> you're told your voice matters but thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tuesday at 11:00, we investigate how a security feature meant to protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tool you can use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020.
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5:30 on your monday morning. breaking news. six people shot as they were traveling on a greyhound bus. this is a picture from the scene where the bus eventually pulled over in kern county. this is at the base of the grapevine near the cajon pass in kern county. we though that at least six people taken to the hospital. there were 40 people on the bus. that was in originally in l.a. and headed to the bay area. hended for oakland. so we're gathering new information as we continue to follow this breaking news story on this monday morning. happened overnight. i think the shooting was about 1:30 in the morning. so active scene there. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to get back to the breaking news in a moment. but first caught up on what is happening here in the bay area with the traffic and weather. and kari, the cold temperature this is morning. you're going to feel temperatures in the 30s and even freezing in the inland valleys.
5:32 am
we're at 31 in livermore and 42 in san francisco. but as we go through the day, feeling better but not nearly as warm as we should be for early february with some mid-50s in the south bay and low 50s for a lot of the valleys. we'll talk more about this and a freeze warning and where that goes into effect. mike, you have breaking news out of oakland. we have 880, the nimitz, jammed up away from the bay bridge. the toll plaza metering lights are on and they turned on about 5:23 according to chp and the slowdown happened before that toward broadway. there is a jackknifed big rig blocking the majority of the lanes and that is the problem eastbound 580 is your alternate. remember in san francisco starting last week we had that ban for private vehicles between tenth and the embarcadero in both directions blocked to private vehicles along market street and that is still in effect. folks will be adjusting and
5:33 am
unpau unfamiliar if you only go to the city during the week. back over to you. as the saying goes. there is always next year. but the 49ers with r are not our champions. >> promising to be back and better after the loss to the chiefs. the niners were in control for half of the game. but fell apart in the fourth quarter. >> now second and six. williams makes a cut. and will roll into the end zone. >> you wanted to say get them, get them. that is the play that iced the game. damian williams scoring his second touchdown making it 30-24. 49ers started the fourth quarter up 20-10 but they just couldn't keep that lead. >> we're a young team. got very bright future and so got to take this in stride and remember this feeling and let it fuel us in the off-season.
5:34 am
>> pretty brutal. hard question. yeah, i mean, just honestly sucks and there is not anything you can wrap your head around. i feel like i wish i had another half to play, but we don't. >> kansas city won the first super bowl since 1970 and the head coach andy reid's first super bowl win in his 21-year career. now "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd is in miami with more from heartbroken fans. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. to say that this loss was a disappointment for 49er fans is an understatement. the niners play well in the first half and fell off in the fourth bringing sp fa-- bringine fans to tears. kansas city chiefs fans enjoying the moment of victory. 49er fans feeling the agony of defeat, bringing this young woman to tears. her father is the defense back coach for the niners. >> i'm emotional because he --
5:35 am
it is a big thing for him and it is a really big thing for me and it's just -- it was still an amazing thing to be here. >> reporter: with only seconds to go, 49er fans started leaving the hard rock stadium. they knew their team came just short of the lombardi trophy. >> we'll be back. they're a good team. we'll give it to them. but we'll be back. >> we have next season. i want to get back here. let's do it next year, baby. i'm going to go cry my heart out at home. >> reporter: the team went far this season. well exceeding expectations. but now fans expect the team to make it back to the super bowl next year. >> we can smell it. we were that close. but you have to hand it to the chiefs. >> i went when they plays new orleans and saw two losses so third time is a charm. >> 49er fans and there are a lot of them say that they will be back next year as super bowl contenders. at the hard rock stadium, i'm cheryl hurd for "today in the bay." >> we'll be cheering them on. this morning a man is expected to be charged after police say that he fired shots
5:36 am
in a packed san francisco bar. this is the end of the super bowl game. it happened just after 7:00 p.m. at the polo grounds pub on third street. police say that that gunman was kicked out minutes before the shooting but managed to find his way back inside of the bar and then started firing. suspect then drove off crashing into a light pole just a few blocks away. police say no one was seriously hurt. 5:36 right now and contra costa county students will return to class this morning. this is after one with of the classmates was shot and killed in the school parking lot over the weekend. >> very tragic. "today in the bay's" bob redell joined us outside of the school. they are going to try to do something to help the students. >> reporter: they are, laura and marcus. dear valley high and the antioch school district will have grief counselors on campus to help students and teachers cope with this tragedy. as you could see behind me, this
5:37 am
is where family and trends have left flowers and balloons in honor of the young man who was shot and killed here in the dear valley high parking lot on friday night. his name was jonathan parker and he was just 16 years old. a number of people gathered here yesterday afternoon to remember him. according to his family he attended the basketball game between dear valley high and the rival antioch high friday night. police say that after the game let out at around 8:45, there was a fight and then gunfire. jonathan was hit three times. he died later at a hospital. his family tells us he was in the video games and collecting coins and being with his family and hardly left the house and this is his first time going to a basketball game. >> playing a sport and games and he was a gamer. he just -- rambo six and just playing at home playing games. seriously that is why it hurts so much because this kid never left. never left the house. >> whoever did this, you took
5:38 am
everything from our family. we'll never be the same. my sister will never be the same. this is horrible. >> reporter: the school district and school did release a statement reading in part we along with the ausd denounce this senseless violence and call on the community to come together to address such vicious brutality. our hearts and sympathies are with the families during this time of unmanageable pain. nbc bay area did reach out to the antioch police department to see if they had any information about a possible suspect. we're still waiting to hear back. reporting live in antioch, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. now to making it in the bay. our reporting on the bay area housing crunch. this morning oakland mayor libby schaaf will announce progress on the program keep oakland housed. it provides services for people who cannot find affordable housing and pushed into cars and
5:39 am
tents and out of oakland altogether. that project started in 2018. this is to prevent homelessness in the city. and folks, we're looking over here into the city from oakland, we have the back-up. the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights are on. the typical back-up here. the alert is away from the bay bridge. it is a relatively short section but it is the nimitz freeway where a crash and jackknifed big rig is causing the big back-up. now the timing that we see on the report coming in from chp, they'll get a big rig tow out there but not until after 6:00 the tow truck could get out there and then hook up the jackknives big rig and that is a problem away from the bay bridge and consider eastbound 580 and the rest of the bay is the easy option as we start off our week coming off the weekend. >> quite a busy one out there this morning. which means plans. >> hopefully it will be warmer. >> it will be a little bit
5:40 am
warmer. now it is going be very much like last week where we get no rain and warms up as the week goes along and by sunday we cool off with gust we winds. so this is what we're expecting through the week. saturday probably the best day to get outside with low 60s inland and some upper 50s in san francisco. if you're planning to head to the sierra, we're also going to have still no snow headed that way. good road conditions getting there but a lot of the snow is melting so we're in the mid-40s on friday in kirkwood. saturday 42 degrees. and then a big drop in temperatures on sunday. but still no snow. as we check out what is happening in the tri-valley, we have mid-60s on friday and saturday, then a lot of sunshine and still the sunshine on sunday. we'll get a look at our east bay temperature trend in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. it is 5:40. we're staying on top of the breaking news in southern california. a shooting on a greyhound bus that was headed toward the bay area. we have all new video coming
5:41 am
into the newsroom showing the scene. we'll tell you more of what we're just finding out next. what is that? >> is that a baby nut? >> plus the commercials that has everyone talking this morning. the hits and misses and how much was spent just for those 30 seconds. tom: my mom always told me
5:42 am
actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
5:43 am
it is 5:43, a look at view in walnut creek. it is a cold start. not only here but all across the
5:44 am
bay area. some mid-30s here and a slow warm-up with sunshine. freeze warning goes into affect for parts of the bay area. more on that coming up in less than five minutes. and we know about the back-up at the bay bridge toll plaza toward oakland and downtown area. we're looking at south 880 at broadway or just shy of there. we have a jackknifed big rig. we're talking about the timing as this plays out. thanks so much. it is 5:44 now. we continue to follow breaking news out of county in the central valley where six people were shot after a gunman opened fire on a greyhound bus. it was headed to the bay area. it was coming from the los angeles area when reportedly the gunman opened fire. people on the bus, there were about 40 passengers on the bus starting calling 911. we know six people were hit. they're juinjuries range from major to moderate.
5:45 am
these are live pictures from the scene where the bus was pulled over at the bottom of the cajon pass right there at athe base of the gape vine as you head up the grade. this is at a valero station. there is obviously many officials at the scene there this morning. we're continuing to follow this breaking news out of southern california this morning to find out more information, the gunman was taken into custody on that bus. 5:45 this morning and today some americans will once again vote for donald trump. >> decision 2020 kicks off for real today, scott mcgrew. >> for real. with the iowa caucus. republicans in iowa will gather to show support for trump for the three lesser known republican candidates. democrats will be choosing from all kinds of candidates. at different times, different polls have different people ahead but biden, buttigieg, warren, sanders have been at top of the list. iowa caucus is different than what we do here in california. in california you show up any time and you vote with a ballot.
5:46 am
in iowa, you go to a person's house or a high school gym, a church in des moines, several mosques at a predesignated place and time and you actually walk and stand in one corner or another based on who you support. if your group isn't big enough you have to leave your group, move to another. so if you support, say, andrew yang but you're the only one and then you move to put your support behind a second choice. four democrats running in iowa won't won't be in iowa. they'll be in washington listening to the impeachment trial with a vote on acquittal coming on wednesday. on republican side a new explanation, the president is guilty of the accusations but what he did isn't worth throwing him out of office. >> i think he shouldn't have done it. i think it was wrong. inappropriate was the way i could say, improper crossing the line. and then the only question left is who decides what to do about
5:47 am
that. >> president trump keeps telling people to look at that transcript but the transcript does and always has implicated him. it shows him asking the ukrainian president for the favorite a time that he was withhelding military aid. that means the president will be on trial when he delivers the state of the union tomorrow. not the time that happened. president clinton was in the middle of his impeachment when he delivered the state of the union in '99. special coverage of the impeachment trial will continue today at 10:00 a.m. >> thanks, scott. well if you see some of your colleagues a little under the weather this morning, we probably know why. it is national football hangover day. >> like how we blurred out that shot there. >> well now it is the second year. national football hangover day was created by espn host and sports personality katie nolan. now she wanted to give back to sports fans by devoting an entire day for the recovery of the big game by celebrations the night before. it is estimated nearly 14
5:48 am
million people call into work sick and i say that with quotes, sick today. >> but look at your team. we're here. feeling good, right. got to know your limits. >> that is true. 5:48 now. a mystery solves and painy peanuts and jason momoa's look. >> when we first told you about tom brady and we talked about last week his cryptic tweets. many thought he was about to announce his retirement but it was just an ad for hulu. >> just a peanut. he spent his life bringing people together. >> look at mr. cool aid. he's sad. >> mr. peanut may not be back but take a look at this. his little one birthed to our world. during that commercial mr. peanut is being lowered into the ground and baby nut was born right there. you see it. the company tweeted letting everyone know what they were
5:49 am
doing with this one. >> sounds like a chip punk. jason momoa, did you see this one. ripped it all off for rocket mortgage and it showed him arriving home and getting comfortable and changing but then he showed how he really changes. ripping off the big muscles to promote the easiness of rocket mortgage. >> look at this. oh -- >> not quite -- >> i do that. >> you do. >> you were telling us. >> i love seeing him try to lift the bar. so here is o-- our current temperatures right now. a very cold start. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen right now. we're already freezing in napa and in livermore. elsewhere we are just above freezing. and we're going to have a cooler than normal day today. only reaching the low to mid-50s for an afternoon high. up to 54 in napa and in oakland. san jose today reaching 56 degrees.
5:50 am
and then by tonight a freeze warning for all of the areas in the north bay shaded in purple. this is from midnight to 9:00 tomorrow morning. they're saying protect the plants, pets and pipes as our temperatures dip down in some spots into the mid-20s. we have very dry air in place right now but there is an approaching storm system and this one like all of the other ones we've seen recently targeting the pacific northwest. staying north of the bay area. so once again we're going to go miss out on more rain as high pressure that has been very resilient stays just off to our west. as we go into the next few days there will be some changes ahead, very much like last week and a dry cold front dropping in and this is going to bring down our temperatures once again but will not bring any rain. so we're dry the next seven days once again and temperatures gradually warming up. we're going from 55 inland today to the mid-60s by the end of the
5:51 am
week. saturday also looking nice. and then it will turn windy and colder on sunday. in san francisco expect some low 50s today. now we will make it up to 60 and 61 degrees by the end of the week. but it will cool off again for the weekend. mike, you're tracking trouble in oakland. >> that is right. we continue with the nimitz. not the bay bridge toll plaza. this is not the trouble. it is a hassle for some folks but it is not a surprise. this is the back-up and the metering lights were turned on about 5:20, before 5:25. at the toll plaza toward san francisco and away from the toll plaza southbound 880 jams up toward about broadway. just shy of 980. i've been watching the seed sensors and that is where the jam is. and jackknifed big rig will have to be taken care of and won't have the right side tow truck until 6:15. eastbound 580 will take you away from the bridge without incident and you could cross over at 980 judging by the speed patterns
5:52 am
i'm watching. the rest of the bay showing smooth drives and there may be a new incident for the 101 around 680 and i'll track that from chp there. and a build on the 92 across the san mateo bridge and high winds and chp mentioned that for the san mateo and benicia and bay bridge. back to you. happening now. coronavirus causing chaos with asian markets. shanghai and taiwan and japan stocks dropped quickly shortly after opening. the coronavirus has killed 360 people and all of the deaths except for one are in china. coming up, an argument over the super bowl turns deadly. what police say set off the shooter ahead of the big game. plus the breaking news in southern california this morning. a shooting overnight on a greyhound bus headed to the bay area. we'll have a live report from the scene ahead at 6:00.
5:53 am
>> you're told your voice matters but we found out thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tuesday at 11:00 we investigate how a security feature meant to protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to improve the process. >> and the tool to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tuesday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. tv just keeps getting better.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
and started an argument over who would win the big game. he shot a man in the stomach using a makeshift weapon. the victim was taken to the hospital and later died. neighbors say it happened along a quiet street and they were shocked. >> he could come out front and enjoy the day and eat and stuff like that, so you shouldn't be worried about somebody driving up and shooting. >> officers worked with witnesses and found the suspect in a homeless camp and he was taken into custody. police say the victim is not from the area and was just visiting. a massive redevelopment project on the peninsula is looking to move forward. right now the redwood city council is looking to take over the project at sequoia station shopping center. the developer will overhaul the area around the cal train station. that is 12-acre site. the project proposal includes a 17-story office building which is the tallent in the city. 5:56, parents in berkeley on
5:57 am
the hook for showing the lion king at a pta fundraiser. according to berkeley side it happened in november at emerson elementary school and the company that disney used contacted the principal last week saying the fundraiser violated copyright line and the fine was $250. councilman lori drosty is blasting the movie licensing company for going after the school where her two children both attend. the school didn't know it needed permission to show the film and is working to resolve the issue. concord city leaders are looking for someone to maintain the don fernando patchio adobe building that is on grant street near olive road. now it has been used for equestrian events but now the interior walls have started to cracked and the city said they hope to have someone selected to help with the repairs by august.
5:58 am
5:57 now and can we cancel? that is the question many world travellers are asking about upcoming trips to china. >> chris chmura is fielding questions about the coronavirus. good morning. we've been keeping an eye on the airlines policies since news of the coronavirus started to spread. at first they were restricted, no refunds and limited changes. but those policies have evolved as the virus has advanced. some airlines are relaxing their rules allowing changes and waiving some fees. a refund might be possible even if your ticket is nonrefundable. but don't take my word for it. please go directly to the airlines. almost all of the websites have a special section with the details, especially notices or important notices. we had a viewer in american canyon just ask about an asia cruise set for may and we're working with the cruise line there. if you have a cruise that includes china we encourage you
5:59 am
to connect with your travel agent or the cruise line for individual attention because accommodation is going to vary based on the ship, ports of call and your sailing date. finally let's talk about travel insurance. there is no guarantee it will pay here. so contact whoever sold you the travel insurance and ask for a copy of your policy and see what coverage it allows, if any, during health alerts. if you have travel trouble you can't solve yourself, let us know at and tap the menu and then responds or you could call us, the number is 888-996-tips. >> thanks, chris. breaking now on i-5 in central valley, six people have been shot on a greyhound bus. >> we just got word 30 minutes ago. toni guinyar just awried at the scene at the bottom of the grapevine. >> good morning. this is a very long process
6:00 am
given what has happened. we're able to confirm that this greyhound bus originated in los angeles and heading toward the bay area, san francisco and also oakland. what is taking place behind me right now is that is the bus, the bus driver was able to make it to this position. the shooting happened at 1:27 this morning. as the bus was northbound heading through the grapevine in the area of cajon. one passenger posted a tweet on twitter saying they were asleep and a guy was talking loudly and, quote, started firing seven to nine rounds and it happened so fast i thought that was the end. a supervisor at the chp communication center told me that the shooter is an adult male and a passenger and is in custody. six passengers were shot and wounded. they're injuries ranging from moderate to major. we have kern county sheriffs out here and californiahw


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