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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we're able to confirm that this greyhound bus originated in los angeles and heading toward the bay area, san francisco and also oakland. what is taking place behind me right now is that is the bus, the bus driver was able to make it to this position. the shooting happened at 1:27 this morning. as the bus was northbound heading through the grapevine in the area of cajon. one passenger posted a tweet on twitter saying they were asleep and a guy was talking loudly and, quote, started firing seven to nine rounds and it happened so fast i thought that was the end. a supervisor at the chp communication center told me that the shooter is an adult male and a passenger and is in custody. six passengers were shot and wounded. they're injuries ranging from moderate to major. we have kern county sheriffs out here and california highway patrol out here as well.
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and let me come back into the frame real quickly. i just talked to the public information officer for the california highway patrol for the area and he told me that the folks from fresno are coming in, chp fresno. so right now we don't expect to get additional information until those california highway patrol officials get here. again this will be a long, drawn out investigation and of course we are concerned about some of the passengers who are coming from los angeles area and en route to the bay bridge. stick with today in the bay and as we get more information i'll let you know. >> we'll continue to check in with toni. can you imagine how frightening it is for people on the bus. >> on the bus. >> exactly. but the gunman has been taken into custody. 6:01 on monday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to get a look at what we can expect from the bay bridge weather today. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the cold temperatures. >> yes, a chilly start to the
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day. in fact we have a lot of 30s across the bay area. that is what you're going to feel as you head out of the door in antioch. 38 degrees. a slow warm-up today and we'll get some sunshine. we're heading into the low to mid-50s today. so a little bit cooler than normal and even colder tonight. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike you have breaking news in the traffic center. we continue to follow the back-up as it builds over in oakland, not the toll plaza but that is there, you know to expect the slowing off the berkeley curve but it is ahead of the bay bridge southbound 880 jammed up and really now becoming a solid red. changing again. fluxing as far as the traffic flow goes with the jackknifed big rig still in the middle laneses. folks trying to get around it, just shy of 980. from what i could tell by the speed sensors, it is past 980 and the merge but the speed sensors have shown us as a back-up ends just before the 980 merge and it looks like that might be an alternate. i'll tell you for sure eastbound 580 will take you past the scene.
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as we zoom out to the rest of the area, contra costa county looks great and no problem through the maze and the earlier issues with the caldecott tunnel have cleared and not been a problem since then. south bay and peninsula and east bay, all of the green sensors are great throwing of traffic and a little slowing through pleasanton, back to you. a with quest for a sixth super bowl comes with a loss to kansas city chiefs and super bowl liv. >> it was a good season. anthony flores was at the game and joins us live this morning from miami. boy, the team had a rough loss for them. >> reporter: it certainly was. but i think you said it right, it was still a great season. you know what, shock, disappointment, devastation, that is how the 49ers described the locker room after they blew a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter. we have to give it up to the city of miami. they were a great host for super
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bowl liv. now after a strong third quarter by the defense, the 49ers led by ten points with less than 7:00 to go and then patrick mahomes throws a pair of touchdown passes to give the chiefs a four-point lead. now jimmy garoppolo had a chance to lead a dramatic 49ers comeback but he was off his game. he overthrows emanuel sanders who had a step on the defender. jimmy g. threw two interceptions. another big factor, the 49ers stopped running the football. the chiefs rallied to score 21 points in the fourth. the 49ers magical season ends with a 31-20 loss in super bowl liv. >> didn't make the plays we normally make and got to give them some credit. chiefs are a good team. played a hell of a team and they were the better team today. >> what were they able to do in the fourth quarter to be so effective against your defense. >> we just made mistakes. >> reporter: now despite the loss, it was still a great
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season. remember they were 4-12 two years ago and head coach kyle shanahan said it will take time to get over this but they'll use it as motivation for next season. reporting live in miami, anthony flores for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the great coverage, anthony. now come on home. 6:05 now. and this morning sweeping new travel restrictions are in place. this is aimed at combatting the spread of the new coronavirus. foreign travellers who fall under the u.s. restrictions will be denied boarding. more than 17,000 people have fallen ill to the virus worldwide and 361 people have died. there are 11 cases in the u.s. six here in california, including two cases in santa clara county. and new this morning, all u.s. citizens and permanent residents who have been in china in the last 14 days must be rerouted. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is at sfo live for us this morning with more on the steps officials are taking. pete? >> reporter: good morning to
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you, marcus. this is part of the bigger plan put forth by the trump administration with the task force they have in place. of course this is after they declared the coronavirus a public health emergency here in the united states. but you mentioned the sfo role in this as far as screening process of airport where we're standing is one of 11 u.s. airports where travelers from china will be rerouted for screening purposes when it it comes to the coronavirus. now customs and border protection will conduct screenings in its facility inside of a separate area from international arriving passengers. now as a result of the coronavirus, guys, weekly flies to china have gone down in response to it from 90 to 55 right here at sfo. we have a lot of travelers coming from that area. now the most recent cases in california involve a man and woman in san benito who returned from wuhan, china, the epicenter of the virus. they didn't show symptoms at first but contacted health officials once they did.
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>> there has been some question at this point whether people who are not symptomatic but infected could spread this even before they develop symptoms. we don't know the answer to that. the cdc is looking into that and trying to figure out with the information or research they're doing whether, indeed, you could spread it. we don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: now according to the cdc an average of 150 passengers in the past 12 months arrived in sfo from wuhan on nonstop flights, traffickers from wuhan that connect to other airports will be subject to screenings. now this task force where the president said the coronavirus virus risk is still low and the goal is to keep it that way. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you for that. 6:07 now and in washington a live look at capitol hill. this is where final arguments are set in president trump's impeachment trial. the house managers and the president's defense team plan to present today followed by
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speeches from the senators themselves. with no witnesses, president trump's almost sure to be cleared in the final vote on wednesday. 6:07 now. as that all plays out, the 2020 presidential election begins tonight. still crowded democratic field has been criss-crossing across iowa in anticipation of the first in the nation caucuses. nbc's wendy will folk reports from where the countdown is on. >> here we are. and the decision is going to be right here in iowa skbrnc. >> reporter: down to the wire. now it is time to hear from voters. >> we have the privilege in iowa to meet with candidates one-on-one and we take our politics seriously in the state. >> reporter: serious and unique here in the hawkeye state because they have to group themselves by candidated in each precinct. >> so i'm asking you to caucus for me -- >> reporter: if the candidate doesn't get 15% of the caucus crowd, voters can realign themselves one time. >> we came out from new york state just to see how the
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caucuses work. they are a unique part of history. >> reporter: historic when they have to leave on the stump to return to the impeachment trial. >> i'll be on a plane tonight back to washington, tomorrow i'll be back to iowa. >> reporter: beating president trump in november is one message they share. >> republicans, republicans and trump don't want me because they know i'm going to beat him if i'm your nominee. >> reporter: for now it is caucus-goers they must convince. >> the fact that you're going out with your neighbors, your teachers, your coaches and actually having conversations about the issueses and i think that is a really good thing for democracy. >> reporter: democracy at work. with the first official votes of the 2020 election tonight. wendy willfolk, nbc news, des moines, iowa. a busy time there. what is it here? >> cold. it is so cold out there. over here too.
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i was going to bring a blanket and scott mcgrew gets your little cat too. >> that would make it so much better. for all of us heading back to work on monday morning. this will slap you as we head out of the door. we are freezing in the north bay. and it is colder tomorrow morning. so we're settling in with chilly temperatures as we head out of the door and heading to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, expect temperatures at 35 degrees. a slow warm-up. only into the low to mid-50s this afternoon and we're also going to have a freeze warning in effect in the north bay as some of the north bay valleys drop down to the mid-20s. we'll talk more about this and what is ahead for the rest of the week coming up. mike, you have for breaking news for the commute. >> i do. and hopefully this will lead to better news update coming soon but right now the problem is in oakland. the rest of the bay showing a smooth drive and a gradual build for the tri-valley and the east bay. this is the problem, southbound
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880 toward just shy of 980 and broadway. again that is judging by the sensors because the crash is reported at broadway which could be after the merge with 980. so we're look at the slowdown and the tow truck has arrived on scene. hopefully that means they could move the jackknifed big rig from the middle of the freeway. folks are getting around on either side and that is a big distraction for a bad point in your commute. away from the bay bridge southbound 880 and now eastbound 580 is a great alternate and this is the push with the minor commute into the area. the back-up is still at the bay bridge toll plaza of course. back to you. >> that screams monday morning right there. >> it does. 6:11 this morning. and coming up on "today in the bay," we're following the details in a college admission scandal. what usc now said it did not do when it comes to high-profile parents charged in the investigation. plus let's talk about that halftime show. a little bit of controversy. the big complaint many parents have about j-lo and shakira's big performance in miami.
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halftime was fun. fourth quarter not so much. but we'll play with with the numbers and have a little fun with the stats. and we are staying on top of the breaking news news for you. a shooting in a greyhound bus on the way from los angeles to the bay area. at least six people were hurt. police say the gunman is in custody. we're working with our l.a. sister station right now for more updates in just a minute. >> you're told your voice matters but thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tuesday at 11:00, we investigate how a security feature meant to protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tool you can use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tuesday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news, we investigate. economically powerfully influenced my values.
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welcome back. it is 6:14 now. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, at about 1:30 in the morning a gunman opened fire on passengers inside a greyhound bus. this shows you in the kern county where the bus was stopped and pulled over. this were reports of the active shooter as people on the bus were calling 911. there are at least 40 people on that bus. it was actually originating in los angeles. headed to the bay area for oakland this morning. this is a look at the bus whiches was now cordoned off. it is a crime scene. at least six people were taken to area hospitals there. the victims said to have major to moderate injuries. the shooter himself is in custody. so far they don't have a motive behind the shooting but the investigation continues as the chp in the central valley is now actively investigating.
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and right now at 6:15, we have a cold start across the bay area. a live look at palo alto. upper 30s. we'll have cold mornings for the next few days and a nice warm-up by this afternoon. we'll talk about where we'll see some more freezing temperatures coming up next. and we still have this crash as you're alert for the oakland nimitz and tied up and seeing changes for the speed sensors. they don't exactly line up so we'll talk you through what i've figured out coming up. good morning. very happy monday to you. i want you to take a look at these numbers. this is coronavirus' effect on the markets on friday. now we do expect up arrows on the open today. but not because the markets are less worried, but because stocks are so cheap. they're going to be some bargain hunters out there looking for deals. this week we get data on manufacturing, trade with china, friday we get the latest jobs numbers. mountain view google getting
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good marks for the sweet super bowl commercial titled loretta. the tribute according to matchable it was created in house. no ad agency. and that man's voice belongs to the grandfather of a real google employee. bloomberg is having some fun with data today figuring out how much it would cost to, say, own the miami dolphins. this is the ad again on google that we're watching there. so bloomberg is trying to figure this out. pricing out the dolphins. apparently and we're talking about the real thing because you can't buy the team. a dolphin will run you $10,000. a real dolphin. a rodeo cowboy, $150,000 a year. meat packers are are more affordable, $28,000 a year. that is where the packers get their name. the cost of traveling from the east coast to the california gold fields in 1849 adjusted for inflation, $6,500 and you could be a 49er. you may know the stock market is
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linked to which team wins. if a team from the afc wins the championship, it moves lower for the year. this whole drop over the years. though, to be fair, the afc used to win lots more often in the '70s and they were rough economic times. this correlation has worked --s worked 54 out of the last 50 years. you could do this with any kind of data. this is a true fact. the number of americans hurt in swimming pools goes up when nicholas cage appeared in lots of movies and goes down when he's only in a few movie has ayear or none. i'll tweet out that data set. >> thanks, scott. trending for you this morning, the first all latin super bowl halftime show. ♪ >> j-lo and shakira rocking out with the throwback songs and
6:19 am
coordinated dance moves and think did it all for free. since they don't get paid for the halftime performance, the publicity is priceless but not everyone not to happy about the performance saying it wasn't family friendly enough. mainly because j-lo was dancing on the pole for one song but not everyone had bad things to say. her fiance up loaded a video of him dancing and lady gaga tweeting out praise and calling them powerful and talented. >> that was a lot of energy on that stage. >> it was. >> a lot of dancing. >> and i love the affects of the stage when they showed the aerial shot. >> it looks like they were standing on -- >> waiting for tonight when it looks like it was going down like a water fall. >> all around it was great. >> maybe they could do that here in the studio. >> let's do that. >> the affect -- >> i'm told i would read the show -- >> we're clothed a little more. >> today you have to be.
6:20 am
i'm not shimmying, i'm shivering. >> if you see people dancing waiting for b.a.r.t. because it is cold and not treeing to recreate the halftime show. we'll see the temperatures starting out below freezing in some of the inland valleys. we're at 1-in livermore. and nap a 31 degrees and 53 in concord. now although it is cold today, in fact the chilly temperatures will be here tomorrow morning at this time. and we're going to go reach into the low to mid-50s today. all across the bay area with san jose reaching 56 degrees. now the seven-day forecast, it is already up at the bottom of the screen. although we have a chilly start it is going to gradually warm up. and you felt the winds picking up yesterday afternoon as you are trying to watch the super bowl. well that was the cold front sweeping through. we'll feel that cold air coming in tonight and all of our north bay valleys and this areas shaded in purple will be under a
6:21 am
freeze warning so protect the plants, pets and pipes. now there is some rain out there as we check out the wide view of the satellite. but all of this rain has been targeting the pacific northwest. we've been missing out on all of the that wet weather because high pressure is blocking it. high pressure causes the air to sink and it also gives us a clear sky as we go into the week and we're still looking at more of that. but very much like what we had last week. a dry area of low pressure and a cold front will sweep through and it will cause it to become gusty and our temperatures will drop. now we know it has been a while since we've had a pretty decent snow, so our snowpack continues to go down. we're doing the worse in the southern sierra only at 67% of average statewide and only 72% of normal. and then we check out our rainfall. now we know it is a while since we've had a good soaker so we're doing the worst in the tri-valley.
6:22 am
in the livermore, only 32% of norm and santa rosa we're at 75% of normal. so we're really lacking in rainfall totals and where we should be for the water year. and it looks like we'll continue as we go into the rest of the week. now as we head over to -- to mike. we're tracking that traffic alert. we'll take it, kari. the reason we hesitated, there is a muse conference on the shooting on the bus we're talking being and in fact i think we're going to that? >> let's go to that live. >> this morning at approximately 1:27 the california highway dispatch received a cell phone call. the greyhound bus destined from los angeles to the bay area, northbound on interstate 5 near fort cajon, that is the claim on the cell phone claimed there was a suspect on the bus that had a gun and had shot several of the
6:23 am
passengers. the bus driver pulled to the ride shoulder northbound on interstate 5 north and the suspect exited the bus leaving the weapon on the bus. the driver of the bus then continued northbound on interstate 5 and took the very next exit which is the exit here at grapevine and pulled into the valero gas station right behind me to get medical attention for the injured passengers. simultaneously chp officers responded to the scene of the original incident and contacted the suspect on the right shoulder and took him into custody at approximately 1:34 this morning. the individuals on the bus received medical attention. there were a total of six victims. we had five of them transported. one of them by air ambulance, four by ground ambulance and unfortunately i regret to inform you that one of them sustained
6:24 am
fatal injuries. the suspect at this time has been transported and is awaiting questioning. and we are processing the scene behind me as you see right now. the exact number of the passengers on the bus, we're still trying to confirm but i could tell it you it is several dozen. and the weapon, as i said, was left on the bus as well. it was a black handgun and as i said, we're still processing it. that's all i have at this time. we will continue to bring you information as it becomes available. but, again, total of six victims, one of them unfortunately sustained fatal injuries, five others were transported to local hospitals. >> the one that was fatal were they -- [ inaudible ]. >> the deceased is still on scene.
6:25 am
>> [ inaudible question ]. >> the victim? the victim i believe is a female. >> is there any motive to this? >> that is a very good question, ma'am, and we're trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. right now as we speak we're interviewing the witnesses and the passengers and we are setting up to interview the suspect as well and as soon as i have that information i will relate that to you. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> can you tell us where the suspect got off the bus? >> the information -- the information that i can confirm is that for sure at this time is the bus originated in los angeles and was headed toward the bay area and that is where the suspect got on this bus. whether or not he -- where he was coming from originally from that, i don't know. we're still trying to confirm that. >> so in los angeles are you referring to -- [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't have a specific
6:26 am
location. all i can confirm is that it is -- it originated in los angeles. >> can you go into more detail about the suspect and how that works out -- >> out of concern for the passengers, the driver immediately pulled to the right shoulder and the suspect voluntarily got off the busme, leaving his handgun behind. >> what hospital are the victims at? >> i'm trying to confirm that as well, ma'am. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't have exact injuries. but all i know is that one of them was air ambulanced out via air ambulance. >> was the bus driver -- >> to my knowledge the bus driver was not injured. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> are they all adults? >> to my knowledge they are. >> you could speak to the job of the driver did stopping the bus and getting the suspect off even though he was under -- to get to this location zwlnch the driver
6:27 am
handled the situation very professionally and he handled the situation appropriately. to try to minimize any -- any more possible victims. he immediately pulled to the right shoulder and was able to get the suspect off of the bus without any other victims injured. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> i can't speak to that yet because i don't have that confirmed. as i said, we are interviewing the passengers right now and as well as the suspect and as soon as i have that information i'll get it to you. >> we've been taking a news conference from the central valley this morning from the chp. this is after a gunman opened fire on the bus. it was traveling from l.a. to the bay area. six people shot. we know now that one person, in fact, died. >> the good news here, if there is any good news, is that the suspect is in police custody right now. he said that after shooting, he
6:28 am
got off of the bus there on the interstate leaving the gun behind. we know it was a black handgun but we're still learning more about that as laura was just saying, a total of six people injured and sadly one person died. >> we're going to take a quick break but a lot more ahead. it is 6:28 right now. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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the number of uninsurising.ricans, the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. asresident, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. breaking news for you at 6:30 this morning. we have just learned that one person has died after that shooting on board a greyhound
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bus heading here to the bay area from los angeles. and at least five other people are shot. now taken to area hospitals. >> the shooting happened on i-5 on the grapevine about 1:00 this morning, 1:30 or so. the bus is now pulled over at a valero gas facing at the bottom of the grapevine right there in kern county near bakersfield. chp just held a news conference and we brought it to you live. officers say the suspect was taken into custody. it was interesting to hear the bus driver actually after the shooting erupted pulled over and it sounds like they negotiated with the shooter to actually get off the bus. he left his gun behind. chp quickly went then and arrested him. surviving passengers we're told have major to moderate injuries, one airlifted to a nearby hospital. and very interesting to see. they say the bus driver did a great job doing what he could. you have so many people that were held captive really inside of this bus as the shooting erupted.
6:32 am
they were calling 911 as it was happening. we know the suspect used a black handgun. it was recovered. he left it on the bus. no motive so far. but that bus was headed to the bay area. a very busy monday morning. thanks for starting with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll continue to follow that breaking news and bring you the latest updates as they come in. but first, want to get you caught up with the weather and traffic right here in the bay area. kari hall is tracking that forecast. that starts out with cole temperatures. >> look at how cold we are right now. freezing in parts of the inland valley have the north bay toward the tri-valley. we're at 37 degrees in san jose and 39 in palo alto. if you're about to head out of the door in fremont, maybe heading to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station, expect it to only be at 37 degrees through 7:00. and then a show warm-up in our temperatures as we'll get some more sunshine and then even colder tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike is tracking two crashes in oakland. the first one we'll show you is right here. it just cleared. that is off of the bay bridge.
6:33 am
there was an incident with flashing lights and again all cleared. westbound into the city there is a lighter build on the left approach because the cash lanes are lighter through the pays and coming off of 580 is the case. thank goodness because southbound 880, the nimitz and the alert we've been racking since all morning, the breaking news now we still have the tow truck on scene and they're trying to hook the jackknifed big rig right around 980 just shy of the transition. the rest of the bay shows a smooth flow of traffic through contra costa approaching the bay and look at how nice most of the monday commute. south 880 around broadway is where the crash is away from the bay bridge, and farther south 880 moving smoothly into the south bay which is just waking up for the commute. back over to you. as the saying goes, there is always next year. because it is really hard to believe that our 49ers are not the super bowl champions. >> we were cheering them on. promising to be back and better
6:34 am
than ever after the loss to the chiefs. the niners were in control for nearly all of the game but it fell apart in the fourth quarter. >> now second and six. williams makes a cut and will roll into the end zone. touchdown. >> we were all yelling to get him, get him. that is the play that iced the game. chiefs running back damian williams skoerp -- scored his second touchdown. the 49ers started the fourth quarter up 20-10 but couldn't keep the lead. >> we're a young team, got very bright future so got to take this in stride and remember this feeling and let it fuel us in the off-season. >> pretty brutal. hard question. yeah, i mean, just honestly sucks and there is not anything you can wrap your head around. i feel like i wish i had another half to play, but we don't. >> so kansas city won the first
6:35 am
super bowl since 1970 and haven't won since and it is the chiefs head coach andy reid's first super bowl win in his 21-year career. "today in the bay" cheryl hurd is in miami with more from the heartbroken fans. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. to say that this loss was a disappointment for 49er fan is an understatement. the niners played well if the first half and fell off in the fourth bringing some fans to tears. kansas city chiefs fans enjoying the moment of victory. 49er fans feeling the agony of defeat bringing this one woman to tears. her father is the defensive back coach for the niners. >> i'm emotional because it is a big thing for him and a big thing for me and it's just -- it was still an amazing thing to be here. >> reporter: with only seconds to go, 49er fans started leaving the hard rock stadium. they knew their team came just
6:36 am
short of the lombardi trophy. >> we'll be back. they're a good team. we'll give it to them. but we'll be back. >> we have next season. i want to get back here. let's do it next year, baby. i'm going to go cry my heart out at home. >> the team went incredibly far this season. well exceeding expectations. but now fans expect the team to make it back to the super bowl next year. >> we could smell it. we were that close. but you have to hand it to the chiefs. >> i went when they played new orleans and saw two losses, third time is a charm. >> reporter: 49er fans and there are a lot of them say they will be back next year as super bowl contenders. at the hard rock stadium, i'm cheryl hurd for "today in the bay." >> a tough monday. thanks, cheryl. 6:36. still ahead on "today in the bay." >> students in contra costa county in one school will head back to the classroom after a classmate was killed after being shot. we'll tell you about the tributes coming up. in contra co.
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6:38 am
6:39 am
st 6:39 this morning. and in contra costa county students will return to class this morning after one of the classmates was shot and killed in a school parking lot over the weekend. >> "today in the bay's" brv joini -- bob redell joins us live from deer valley high school where they are prepare to go back to class. >> reporter: they will have grief counselors on campus for any students or teachers needing help to cope with the tragedy.
6:40 am
we're in the deer valley high school parking lot where family and friends have left balloons, stuffed animals, candles and those sort of things in honor of the young man shot and killed in the parking lot on friday night. his name was jonathan parker and he was just 16 years old. a number of people gathered here to remember him. according to him he attended the basketball game between deer valley high and the rival antioch high. police say that after the game let out at around 8:45 on friday night there was a fight, then gunfire. jonathan was hit three times. he died later at a hospital. his family tells us that jonathan was in the video games, collecting coins and being with his family. and that he hardly left the house. that this was his first time going to a basketball game. >> he played his game, fort night and he was a gamer. he just -- rambo six and he just stayed at home playing games and that is why i know it hurts so much because this kid never left
6:41 am
the house. >> whoever did this, you took everything from our family. we'll never be the same. my sister will never be the same. this is horrible. >> reporter: the school district released a statement that reads in part, along with with the ausd denounce this sensele violence and call on the community to come together to address such vicious brutality. our hearts and sympathies are with the families during this time of unmanageable pain. nbc bay area did reach out to the antioch police department over the weekend to see if they had any information about a possible suspect. we're still waiting to hear back. reporting live in antioch, bob redell, "today in the bay." right now at 6:41. as we are ready to head out as the sun rises, evergreen in the mid-30s and we'll talk about what is ahead coming up in a few minutes. as we head over to mike with a problem in the san mateo bridge.
6:42 am
we spotted this and not just into chp and we have the live camera. a disabled pickup truck right before you get on to the span there and that is what is causing -- flashing lights here. chp just arrived. or bridge crew. they'll help out the situation. that is where it is here. the dumbarton bridge is clear but not clear south 880 still has the two middle lanes block just shy of 980 and we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. it is 6:42 now. coming up next on "today in the bay," frightening moments for football fans at a san francisco pub. a man started shooting during the super bowl. what investigators say led up to the game-day violence. plus mystery solved. what the cryptic post by tom brady meant. and today is the start of decision 2020 and the presidential race with the iowa caucus. i'll walk you through it when "today in the bay" continues.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
good monday morning. time to get up and out of bed. at 6:45, let's take a live look outside in dublin. our temperatures starting out very cold. in the low 30s. and then we warm up gradually tomorrow. colder tomorrow morning and we'll look at those temperatures in five minutes. and san mateo bridge and chp helped to push the pick yuf off to the shoulder and the service air traffic flowing westbound but southbound 880 a traffic alert away from the bay bridge.
6:46 am
we'll talk about the latest from chp. >> thanks, kari and mike. it is quarter to 7:00. a man expected to be charged after police say he fired shots inside of a packed san francisco bar at the end of the super bowl. happened just after 7:00 last night as a polo grounds pub on third street. police say the gunman was kicked out minutes before the shooting. but managed to find his way back into the bar and opened fire. the suspect then drove off crashing into a light pole just a block away. police say no one was seriously hurt. and an east bay b.a.r.t. station is getting an upgrade. construction is underway at the oakland b.a.r.t. station on 19th street, as part of the 2014 station modernization plan. b.a.r.t. surveyed the public and asked what needed the most improvement. some of the top issues were working escalators and elevators and cleanliness and upgrading the lights within the station. new video showing migrants and activists setting fire to a
6:47 am
sculpture of president trump in tijuana. protesters reject construction of a wall and say there should be bridges connecting both countries. in the meantime the customs and border protection said 100 miles of border wall are now up. some americans will once again vote for donald trump. >> decision 2020 kicks off for real today, scott. >> for real for the iowa caucus. good morning. republicans in iowa will gather to show support for trump or three other lesser known republican candidates. democrats will be choosing from all kinds of candidates. now at different times, different polls have had different people ahead but biden, buttigieg, warren, sanders have been at the top of the list. the eye walk caucus is very different than how we handle it here in california. in california you show up any time and vote with a ballot. in iowa, you go to a person's house or a high school gymnasium or a church, in des moines several mosques with a
6:48 am
predesignated place at a predesignated time and then you stand physically in one corner or another based on who you support. if your group isn't big enough, you have to leave that group and move to the other. that means there are several results tonight. the initial vote, the actual vote, delegate lz earned and that is what counts most. four of the democrats in iowa won't be in iowa. they're in washington listening to the closing arguments in the trump impeachment trial with a vote on a -- on acquittal coming on wednesday. on the other side, the president is guilty of the accusations but it is not worth throwing him out of office. >> i think he shouldn't have done it. i think it was wrong. inappropriate was the way i would say, improper, crossing the line. and then the only question left is who decides what to do about that. >> senator alexander points out president trump keeps telling people to look at transcript but the transcript does and always
6:49 am
has implicated him. it shows him asking the ukrainian president for that favorite a time he was with holding military aid. but does this rise to the level of impeachment? the schedule means president trump will still be on the trail -- or trial rather when he delivers the state of the union speech tomorrow. not the first time that happened. president clinton was in the middle of his impeachment trial when he delivered the state of the union in '99. we'll begin our coverage of the impeachment early possibly as early as 8:00 this morning. you could watch that on nbc bay area or on our app. >> thanks, scott. 6:49 now and a mystery solved. baby peanuts and jason momoa's new look was the big hit during the show. this is during the commercial break of the super bowl. >> that is right. you may recall when we first told you last week we talked about tom brady's cryptic tweet. many thought he would announce his retirement.
6:50 am
turns out, just an ad for hulu. >> mr. peanut spent his life bringing people together. >> look at that. mr. clean was sad. >> cool aid. and mr. peanut ma not be with us but his little one may be. and during the commercial, as he was lowered into the ground, look at what happened. baby peanut. >> that sounds like a chipmunk. jason momoa was stripping it off for rocket mortgage loans. showed him getting home after a hard day at work and he takes off some muscle, takes off the ab pack i guess. it was all to promote the easiness of a rocket mortgage. watch what he does here at the end -- >> ooh! >> he takes off his hair. >> that is what happens when you become a celebrity. you could leave your body parts all over.
6:51 am
because i have to pick min off. >> i get nervous every day i see you. >> separate you two. it is cold outside. >> and people are going to be heading out of the door. having to layer up. and so we're going to have a couple of mornings like this this week. as you step out of the door, this is what you feel. 31 degrees in napa and in livermore. so we're below freezing here. elsewhere we're just above freezing. but a very chilly start to this day. now as we go into the rest of the afternoon, we make it into the low 50s. this is much cooler than normal. you felt those winds pick up yesterday. that is the cold front moving through. and now we're feeling the after-acts of that. so the low 50s of that. and it is colder tonight. so tomorrow morning we're talking about widespread freezing temperatures that will gradually warm up into tomorrow afternoon. here is where we'll have to worry about several hours below
6:52 am
freezing in the north bay, all of the areas shaded in purple will be under a freeze warning starting at midnight. continuing through 9:00 tomorrow morning. we could see mid-20s here. and so after that cold start we're still looking at some dry weather. but look at what is happening out in the pacific. there is still the big storm system rolls through. but we're missing out on all of this. because it is all going to the pacific northwest. we'll see more of that as we go throughout the week. and here is the reason why. we have high pressure that is blocking those storms from coming in. and very much like what we just had, a dry area of low pressure, a cold front drops in on sunday and it makes it windy but still brings us no rain. so here is our seven-day forecast. we warm up in the inland areas from the mid-50s today to the mid-60s by the end of the week. and then it cools down on sunday with some gusty winds and no rain. still in the seven-day forecast. mike, you're updating the alert out of oakland.
6:53 am
>> and unfortunately, kari, it is not a great update. just the fact that we're back to the two middle lanes being blocked and there is no estimated time for opening. that is the lanes of 880 south away from the bay bridge. i wanted to give you a look. the approach toward the bay bridge, your commute there is great. walnut creek, concord, no problem. a little build down into berkeley out of richmond. away from the bay bridge, southbound 880 jammed up from 7th to shy of 980 and broadway a jackknifed rig in the middle of the roadway. i'm sorry the trailer in the middle of the roadway and we don't know when they get the right tow truck to clear that from the area. the rest of the bay looking good. build for the south bay standard there. and t and the slower drive westbound 92 and we talked about the disabled truck in the roadway pushed over to the shoulder. things were improving but as the traffic sent all of the flow across the flat section we've had a lot of brake lights, maybe a crash approaching the high-rise. we're checking that. back to you. happening now, the
6:54 am
coronavirus causing chaos with asian markets. they're lower today as the world watches to see how all things play out. shanghai, taiwan and japan stocks dropped quickly shortly after opening. coronavirus has killed more than 360 people. all of the deaths except for one in china. and next, a quick look at the top stories including the breaking news where multiple people are hurt after shooting on board of a greyhound bus heading from l.a. to the bay area. we have the very latest on what investigators are saying about the violence that happened on board that bus. more for you right after the break. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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. welcome back. before you head out of the door, here are the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> an update on the breaking news that we've been bringing you all morning long after a gunman opened fire on a greyhound bus in the middle of the night heading from los angeles to the bay area. one person was killed, six people were shot. it happened on the grapevine a little after 1:00 in the morning. the chp said the bus driver pulled over right after the shooting and the suspect got off but he left his gun on board. the suspect eventually was found and he is in custody. a motive behind the shooting has not been released. the surviving victims, one was airlifted to a local hospital. we're told they have major to
6:58 am
moderate injuries. this morning sweeping new travel restrictions in place aimed at combatting the spread of the new coronavirus. here is a live look at sfo. the foreign travelers who fall under the u.s. restrictions will be denied boarding. more than 17,000 people have fallen hill to the coronavirus worldwide so far. and 361 people have died. there are 11 cases in the u.s., six here in california, including two cases in santa clara county. and new this morning all u.s. citizens and permanent residents who have been in china in the last 14 days must be rerouted. the first voting in the presidential election happens today during the iowa caucus. here in california, you have to wait until march to vote in person you likely received a mail-in ballot and you can drop those off starting today. if you for g.o.a.t. got -- if y to, you have until 11:00 on the day of voting to do so. we're below freezing in the
6:59 am
inland valley and then into the rest of the day we only make it into the mid-50s. that is cooler than normal. but look sat the end of the week. it is much nicer. a nice weekend but we do need rain and i don't see it anywhere in the next seven days. >> see if we could fast forward to the weekend. in the meantime, that crash in oakland, better news. >> we like to use standard for that area but better news. showing the map, southbound 880 jammed up from around 7th approaching the 980 and broadway off-ramp and the crash only blocking the middle lane because when there is something in the middle of the freeway, folks squeezing by on either side still very distracting. that is get ago we -- getting away from the bay bridge. and the alternate through the piedmont but a smooth drive toward the bay bridge and the south bay still slow on the san mateo bridge. the stall on the shoulder. >> well welcome to monday morning. that is what is happening on "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live update. >> and this is a new week. that means new beginning so get
7:00 am
out and make this a great week and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. it is always nice when you come to "today in the bay." >> come watch some super bowl commercials. >> have a great one. good morning hail to the chiefs good morning hail to the chiefs >> williams, touchdown >> kansas city stuns the 49ers, storming back late to win the super bowl its first championship in 50 years. and the crowd back home goes wild decision day >> we win here, we have a path toward victory >> all eyes on iowa. the opening contest in the 2020 presidential race, down to the wire and up in the air, as voters get their first say this morning, we're on the campaign trail, one-on-one, with joe biden, in an exclusive interview.


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