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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 3, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> that'll to it for us. thank you for joining us. >> nightly muse is next. tonight, the very first votes in the 2020 presidential race being cast tonight iowa democrats making their choice for the candidate to take on donald trump after a year of campaigning, the tight race going down to the wire can biden hold off sanders' surge in the polls? could warren or buttigieg have a surprise upset the fatal finish. a fatal shooting at a college campus in a dorm the school placed on lockdown the mystery tonight, what was the motive? rush limbaugh revealing a serious health battle. his message and his
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diagnosis for the show. >> the harvey weinstein rape trial the accuser sobbing on the stand under vocation. the midair scare, a passenger plane arranges engine failing. what the pilots were forced to do before making an emergency landing. and the fast food wars the next big name getting into the booming meatless craze. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening, her we go. tonight the democratic field of hopeful presidential challengers facing their first test by the voters, themselves, as the iowa caucuses get under way. the first stop on the long road to the nomination today a frenzy of last-minute appeals by the contunede tenders -- contenders. the campaign desperate to fight a breath of new life and melt item that will propel them to the next context in
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new hampshire. >> reporter: after more than a year of campaigning, voters here in iowa finally get their say. joe biden today making one last appeal. >> thank you >> reporter: pete buttigieg rallying his core supporters. some of there's competitors shuttling back from the impeachment trial. in washington, no clear favorite one priority outweighing all others. >> our number one job is beat donald trump >> it is the beginning of the epnd for donald trump. >> reporter: democrats remain divideed from the popular pitch from bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and more moderate messaging by biden, buttigieg and amy klobuchar. >> there is a division between moderates, does that worry you? >> i think it's up to us to define us. the way i look at it the less 2020 resembles 2016 the better. >> reporter: biden zell telling nbc, he can win back obama voters that flipped to
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trump. >> what electability where i come from, does the person understand my problem? will it bring us together that's where i come from. >> reporter: they cast a secret ballot, caucus goers, prefer their pick they can choose a different contender, a caucus goers second choice may be as important as their first. iowans taking their responsibility seriously. how does the 2020 election rate in terms of the most important elections of your lifetime >> it's the most important. the president has destroyed the fabric of the country and we have to do something to mend that and mend it quickly. >> it doesn't feel like a typical election it feels like a lot of weight on this division. >> reporter: those caucuses under way, early clues from the contenders, the biden campaign they are appearing to manage expectations. the topped a haver to bernie sanders feeling confident, telling nbc news, anything but 1st
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or 2nd place is a bad night. >> all this, of course, playing out as the impeachment trial goes on, closing arguments by democratic prosecutors and the president's defenders today. as the senate moves towards a likely acquittal vote on wednesday. >> that will be a day after tuesday's state of the union address here's halle jackson. >> reporter: the final shot to sway senators tonight. >> how many falsehoods can we take? >> reporter: for democrats, an uphill crime, aiming their closing pitch at republicans who say they don't like that president trump pressured ukraine to investigate his political rivals, but don't find it impeachable. >> history will not be kind to donald trump if you find that the house has proved its case, and still vote to acquit, your i'm in will be tried to his with a cord of steel and for all of history. >> reporter: but the president's defenders argue democrats are overstepping. >> reporter: these articles fail on their face as they do not meet the constitutional standard for impeachable offenses >> this is an effort to overturn the results of one
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election and to try to interfere in the coming election. >> that begins today in iowa. >> reporter: now the focus turns to wednesday's final vote at this point, not so much a question of whether the president will be acquitted. that's all but certain given the senate's republican majority. but by home votes and whether democrats in states the president won like joe manchin will side with republicans. you are still undecided on this, why? >> sincerely undecide. because there is a lot to be weighed here, there is a lot of consequences involved here. >> reporter: president trump on super bowl sunday was asked whether he can still work with democratic leaders, like nancy pelosi >> well, i'd like to but it's pretty hard western you think about it, it's been i use the word witch hunt, i use the word hoax >> reporter: and the president will be here at the capitol tomorrow night for his state of the union speech but i am told it probably won't be heavy on impeachment, those familiar with the planning instead focus on the
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president's vision for 2020 lester. >> halle jackson on capitol hill tonight thank you. a stunning revelation today from conservative radio host rush limbaugh, who told his audience she suffering from advanced lung cancer and rhea mitchell has late details. >> reporter: today a stunning announcement from the king of talk radio. >> i have to tell you something today, but i wish i didn't have to tell you >> reporter: rush limbaugh revealing his diagnosis to millions of listeners >> i can't help but let everybody down with this. but the upshot is i have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> reporter: a republican king maker and staunch ally of the president. >> rush limbaugh, good times, bad times, he doesn't waiver he is tough as -- >> reporter: especially tough on the house impeachment witnesses. >> so these unelected, senate snooty, out of touch civil servants
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who live in kiev and elsewhere, they run foreign policy >> reporter: the 69-year-old limbaugh surmounted other challenges, losing his hearing before getting cochlear implants, later seeking a prescription for prescription painkillers. always combative, he has derided republicans, most often mccain and the birther-ism conspiracy against barack obama, promising to be back on air thursday after treatment, if he can >> know that every day i'm not here, i will be thinking about you and missing you. >> now to developing into u.s. from texas panic and bloodshed at a campus of texas a&m university in commerce, texas. a suspect opening fire in a dormitory killing at least two people and injuring a two-year-old child here's sam brock. >> reporter: tonight a campus shooting shattering the calm of a normal school day in commerce, texas. >> possible gunshots. >> reporter: police
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confirming a 2-year-old child is one of the victims following gunfire at a freshman dorm. >> officers responded and found two deceased adult females in a room. >> reporter: the child now in stable condition. authorities wouldn't comment on a possible motive and another key questions are still unanswered why was the child in the dorm room? how was can 2-year-old related to those women? and where is the suspect now? law enforcement familiar with the investigation, telling nbc news, those involved in the shooting knew each other and zeroed in on an apartment connected to the suspect the campus shooting coming mere months after two mung men were killed after a shooting at a non-sanctioned party 15 minutes from campus, during homecoming weekend left hundreds scrambling to safety. >> three months after the graco incident it's hard, you know. >> reporter: now the violence, hitting closer to home. >> our hearts go out to earn in the
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community. >> reporter: in the heart of kansas. sam brock, nbc news. in california, police have arrested a man they say opened fire on a greyhound bus while many slept, killing a woman and wounding five others in a terrifying rampage on a highway we get more from miguel almaguer. >> approximately six subjects injured at this time. they will be on a greyhound bus. >> reporter: gunfires ripped through the bus as the grey hound was plowing down the freeway with 42 passengers aboard. at 1:27 a.m., witnesses say the suspects stood up and unloaded >> the next thing i heard was the gun cocking and then just like, ache or ten tough shots. >> reporter: with six shots, including one woman who was killed, mayhem broke out the driver pulling off the interstate, police making an arrest after passengers talked the gunman off the vehicle. >> they were able to overcome this subject and disarm him they were able to escort him off of the
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bus without further incident. >> reporter: headed for los angeles to san francisco, passengers say there were no security checks before they boarded >> whatever has, i will just wait until the next one. >> reporter: with some of the survivors if critical condition, tonight police have no motive for the bloodshed on the bus miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> we are also following an unfolding situation tonight in moore, oklahoma, where police say multiple children were hit by a pickup truck near a high school in that town near oklahoma city at least one was killed five other students were injured three of them in critical condition a suspect is in custody. it was a highly emotional day in the harvey weinstein trial. one of his accusers breaking down in tears on the stand while questioned by the defense. nbc news' stephanie goss with what happened inside that courtroom. >> reporter: facing a withering cross examination, jessica mann sobbed so
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uncontrollably today, they had to end early. she says harvey weinstein sexually assaulted her, including an alleged rape, one of the allegations central to this trial the defense argued they were in a consensual relationship that lasted years, suggesting it was mann who took advantage of weinstein. the defense attorney asking, you manipulated harvey weinstein every time you continued to see him after each sexual encounter. how i handled it to survive and process things i guess you can say manipulation the defense not letting up >> you made him think you wanted it? >> yes, i would put a face on. he highlighted dozens of text messages and e-mails exchanged between the two. you sent him e-mails telling him how wonderful he was you sent him e-mails thanking him, you sent him e-mails asking for things yes. the defense says she wanted help with her career i did want to be
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associated with him, but i was afraid of his unpredictable nature i was happy he was interested in me at one point he questioned her judgment knowing what happened to you in multiple hotel rooms, you thought the best place to go was up to the radio him? i thought the best place would be some place private, because he was yelling at me weinstein pleaded not guilty to all five charges he faces and has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex tomorrow, jessica mann will have to take the stand again. >> scary moments in the sky when an air canada flight from madrid to toronto experienced engine failure after blowing a tire on takeoff. a fighter jet was scrambled to assess the damage the plane with 128 passengers on board had to circle for hours to burn off fuel before making an emergency landing safely in madrid we'll be right back in just 60 second with the massive
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a free gym membership- plus up to $115 in rewards for staying active go ahead, take advantage. let's turn to the rapidly spreading coronavirus. the number of people infected has jumped dramatically most in china. while the cdc is moving fast to keep it from spreading here. tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: built in just ten days, a thousand-bed pop-up hospital at the center of the coronavirus outbreak, now accepting its first patients china reportedly running low on medical supplies and test kits with nearly 20,000 confirmed cases. 428 known fatalities here in the u.s., 11 confirmed cases, nine involving patients who have been to china a seattle-area man who was the first american infected has been released saying he is getting better and will remain in isolation at home. >> the situation in china is very serious. we have a low risk
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currently, but that risk could change. >> reporter: the americans who are sick have experienced mild-to-severe flu-like symptoms. some requiring oxygen. u.s. citizens, resident and family members who have been to hubay province will be quarantined for 14 days meanwhile, the government is planning another air lift to bring a thousand americans home to four military bases for quarantine, so far none of the 195 americans quarantined since last week at a california military base has shown any signs of illness. >> people out there doing aerobics jogging, kids on scooters, playing games. it's a cordoned area we are being careful about that we are trying to make life as straight forward and give them as much freedom as we can. >> reporter: they will medically screen americans who have been in china the last two weeks. >> tom, thank you. >> the search is intensifying tonight for a missing child in colorado the fbi now joining
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the massive effort to find the 11-year-old boy who vanished a week ago we get details now from nbc news' gabe gutierrez. tonight in colorado springs, a desperate search is under way for 11-year-old who disappeared last monday afternoon. >> my son is a very loving kid it is so hard to think why is this happening to him >> reporter: initially authorities treated the case as a run away and reclassified it as a missing and dangerous persons case his stepmother told sheriffs deputies he walked to a friend's house. >> these parents are truly living a night mayor. >> reporter: the fbi joined an urgent search >> 300 people out there in my neighborhood it blew me away. so thank you everyone. >> reporter: blue ribbon versus sprung up around his neighborhood, gannon's favorite color. >> we are begging and pleading for to you come home. >> reporter: as investigators sift
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through more than 100 tips trying to find the little boy who vanished without a trace. gabe gutierrez, nbc news >> parts of the west are being hit hard by a big winter storm that will affect most of the country as it pushes east. al roker is tracking it al, what can we expect >> reporter: lester, we've got a real mess. everyone is talking rain, snow, ice, tracking up 12 inches of snow into the rockies. strong wind into the southwest. on wednesday, gusty storms, snow and ice into the mid-west. thursday, heavy snow interior upstate new york on into new england, self-addressed envelope amounts 4-to-8 inches of snow all the way into the northeast and new england. airport delays we're looking at trouble from denver to cleveland, down to dallas on tuesday. on wednesday, we expect more problems stretching from chicago and st. louis down to new orleans and out to atlanta lester. >> thanks, much. tonight the new nfl champs, the kansas city chiefs returning home after the thrilling comeback to win their first super
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bowl in 50 years blayne alexander is there. >> reporter: it's the party a half century in the making. >> we won the super bowl >> reporter: kansas city chiefs fans flooding the streets after their team's stunning super bowl win. a celebration so large it even showed up on weather radar. chief's quarterback and super bowl mvp patrick mahomes says what makes the victory even sweeter, the fans >> to get that super bowl trophy and take it back to kansas city is amazing. >> reporter: today a hero's welcome, the team and that vince lombardi trophy back home only limited fanfare here that's because officials asked the fans to stay away to not overrun the airport. the newly minted champion gear is flying off the she was. >> this is a town that need to celebrate this win. >> reporter: now gearing up for an even bicker party,
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wednesday's victory parade officials are wasting no time getting ready. >> everybody has a special story. when it's been 50 years, that means there are so many lives that have kind of been a part of this football team. >> now a part of it is victory. blayne alexander, nbc news, kansas city. >> 50 years, i'd say they were probably due. up next, kansas city rolls out a meatless option, does it taste like chicken a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. oooh, well... i'm good at my condo. oh. i love her condo. nana throws the best parties. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different.
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today expanding its plant based fried chicken option >> there's only one what i to cook kentucky fried chicken. >> reporter: if they could see the day people lined up like this, it would look like this introducing kentucky fried based chicken. after selling out in a test run in atlanta in a matter of hours. meatless chicken made it onto the menu now commercials, it looks like the real thing. >> ittates like chicken. >> reporter: how does it taste to vegans >> i love the crispiness it has to offer. this is like a treat for me now, i can still enjoy what i liked growing up, but enjoying it not feeling for lack of a word guilty. >> reporter: it's the latest push of a company beyond meat after concocting substitute beef burgers for carl juniors and going ted h head impossible foods, both
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capitalizing on a demand to transform veggies into meat. don't expect a debate over which is healthier when it comes to deep fried anything for some customers, it's more about sustain ability. >> it's the future i think the future will be plant based. >> reporter: now the colonel promising even plants can be finger licking good gadi swartz, "cbs news," los angeles. up next, an electrifying moment, inspiring america. r my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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finally tonight, the coach w finally tonight, the coach that gave him a shot and the team manager who scored one amazing buzzer beater. >> reporter: thaent atlanta's basic coach char min white has a surprise for the team manager last week. >> coming up, man, more than anybody i nkno know day and night. >> reporter: daniel luck was told to suit up his teammates, bask managers keep stats. happened out towels, playing is for the stars. come game night with victory in hand hand the fans chanting his name, daniel took the floor he drains a 'point 'pointer few managers love the game they love their schools.
5:59 pm
they expect nothing in return to daniel, it was the best moment of his life harry smith, nbc news. >> that's team spirit and that is "nightly news." i'm lester holt, thank you for watching and good night good night. good evening, everyone, breaking news tonight >> lester holt >> we begi i anticipate that we will have additional cases. >> coronavirus concerns spreading in the bay area. the reason doctors say more patients could be exposed. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're under a microclimate weather alert with 20s expected for parts of the bay area. we'll go over it in just a few minutes. but first, was it a hate crime? the troubling, new information we're uncovering about a deputy targeted in a shooting in the south bay.
6:00 pm
the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy is alive thanks in part to his body-worn camera, involved in an ambush friday night by two men in a car. tonight the hunt is on for those men. we're joined live from the sheriff's office with the very latest, and they do think that he was targeted because of his head gear. >> reporter: that is one of the possibilities, jessica. now, all deputies here and all san jose police officers are on high alert tonight because of this so-called ambush, and detectives are looking to see if this was, in fact, an actual hate crime. the radio traffic that night was alarming, and it was a close call. this is the body camera deputy sukhdeep gill was wearing. investigators say one bullet struck the camera. >> his body cam did take a round. >> he was very lucky. he was


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