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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 4, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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news. >> if you want to get ahold of stephen, give them a call at 888-996-tips, or if it is easier log on to our website at well right now at 6:00, breaking news spanning both sides of the bay bridge. a live report on overnight high-speed chase from oakland so san francisco and officers are desperate to find the two men that got away. and caucus chaos, still no winner from last night. the live report on the holdup. plus what president trump is expected to say in his state of the union address tonight. and happening now. a freeze warning in many parts of the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the morning chill in your neighborhood. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a terrific tuesday to you on this morning. thanks for starting with with "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. and still no clear winner in the iowa caucus on the democratic side. most of the candidates just arriving in new hampshire.
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we'll have more on that in just a moment with a live report coming up, but first how you have to bundle up out there. >> extra layers. >> not only yesterday morning but this morning and then into tomorrow as well. we are going to settle in with some cold mornings but not so bad afternoons. looking right now at our temperatures, we're in the upper 30s to low 40s. even some upper 40s in oakland and in san francisco. but we're watching the north bay where we do have the freeze warning. right now a little too windy to allow the temperatureses to drop down below freezing but still chilly nonetheless. throughout the day, sunshine and slightly above normal temperatures. we'll talk about what is ahead. mike, you're looking at the san mateo bridge. >> because we saw the back-up the last time we took this camera shot. the report is there is a whole tire rolling back and forth across lanes across the incline. now if you could roll down the incline that might help or complicate things. i hope no one's car got hit but things improve for speeds.
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over there that sign with all of the words noting there is future construction work starting in this portion of 101 that is february 15th and overnight construction crews will begin there. early morning you'll see lit up around the bay. the rest pretty calm so back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:02 now. heading back to decision 2020 and the chaos an contusion in the iowa caucus. still no clear winner this morning and in the first official race of 2020. voters and candidates left in limbo as president trump prepares to deliver the state of the union address on capitol hill. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live in washington covering it all. tracie? >> reporter: laura, good morning. preparing for the state of union but still having time to tweet about this situation with the democratic caucus. the president this morning ca callsing is an unmitigated disaster. there are inconsistencies in the reporting. this is the first time they've
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had had to report three sets of data at once. because of some rule changes. the folks on the ground say the problem is a new app that they think wasn't working right. and a hotline that was jammed when they tried to report their results manually. so this morning we still don't know who won. we still don't have results. iowa democrats promising that later today. meantime, some of the democratic candidates are confident that they're moving forward. >> i imagine and have a strong feeling that at some point the results will be announced. >> by all indications, we are going on to new hampshire victorious. >> reporter: well, we'll see when they get the numbers. again iowa democrats promising them today as they do a manual recount to verify the inconsistencies in the numbers that they got. meantime here in washington, the president is focusing forward on
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the state of the union after winning 97% of the republican vote in iowa. president trump calling this, as i said, an unmitigated disaster. joe biden's legal team asking for an explanation. laura. >> tracie pottss, thank you so much. and of course tonight nbc will carry president trump's state of the union address which will focus on what they are calling the great american comeback. you can watch it live at 6:00 p.m. breaking news right now. police are on the hunt for two men who led them on a high-speed chase. this is across the bay bridge. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in oakland where this all started. so, bob, what caused this pursuit? >> reporter: well, marcus, oakland police were looking por two suspects accused of armed attempted sexual assault of a woman earlier yesterday. this woman was able to give officers a very specific and very distinct description of the dark colored suv and officers came across that suv. we believe that both men were
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inside and still possibly armed. they tried to pull the driver over in the suv last night around 10:45 at 13th and international in oakland but as you could see in the video, the driver did not comply. he led officers on a chase through oakland on to the freeway and as you could see across the bay bridge. now this video from our camera at the toll plaza showed the suv with three patrol cars in pursuit. it seems like the suv was traveling at or around highway speeds at the time. chp joined at one point. once across the bay bridge the driver to the suv exited on to san francisco surface streets where he was able to lose law enforcement. officers eventually found the suv abandoned by buena vista park. this is in the ash bury heights part. they did search for the suspects but no look in finding them. police will not indicate whether or not they know who these men are. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> let's hope they catch them.
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thank you, bob. it is 6:05. the man accused in the deadly stabbing on the mcarthur b.a.r.t. platform is expected to be back in court today. last month john lee cowell pleaded not guilty to killing n nia wilson in 2018. her sister was critically injured. questions about his competence held up the trial and while the judge has now ordered the case to proceed, it is still not clear when it will begin. bay area city is pushing to ban e-cigarettes. kris is live in cupertino and this is where people could come to be part of the conversation. >> this is happening in the city council chambers this evening and what the council is considering is adding to the existing policy. you might remember that cupertino chose to ban flavored tobacco products back in november. now the city council tonight will discuss actions similar to what santa clara county already
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adopted to be more consistent including a possible ban on the sale of e-cigarette and vaping products and changing retail for penalties for those who violate the rules and changing that minimum age for retailers to sell vaping products to the minimum age for people to buy it. this would strengthen the existing tobacco ordinance here in cupertino. meanwhile, there seems to be a slowdown in the rate of hospitalization among who vape according to new numbers for the centers for disease control. as of january 14th of this year, 60 people died as a result of vaping nationwide. nearly 2700 wur hospitalized across the nation and that reps a slower rate than the peak in september according to the "wall street journal." we reported in december that the number of teens vaping marijuana doubled over the last two years. now the city council will take that up tonight at 6:30.
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i'm kris sanchez for "today in the bay." we do still have the freeze warning in effect for the north bay. all of the areas shaded in purple under the freeze warning until 9:00. now we were expecting temperatures to drop down to the mid-20s and low 30s but the winds have been too high to allow that to happen. so we're looking at a slightly warmer morning compared to yesterday. we're at 47 in oakland. 42 in napa. and 40 now in san jose. as we get a closer look, only a couple of spots below freezing right now but we'll continue to monitor this as we approach sunrise and it makes it feel much cooler since we do have the winds picking up at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. as we go through the day, looking at sunshine. milder temperatures. reaching 59 degrees in oakland and 56 in palo alto. livermore up to 54 degrees. we'll talk about a warm-up in the forecast and, mike, you're setting into a smoother commute. >> i think what happened was the cold weather folks woke up and said, let's get to work. so they got to the bay bridge
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earlier. and that is totally a made-up theory over here. but that is why they did have the early back-up. things have calmed down, so your typical commute through contra costa county. very light. the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly. i think they cleared the tire but i'll wait for con termation from chp. a disabled vehicle on the shoulder for 84 so thought a major concern. fremont and palo alto moving smoothly now. and this crash over at mckie, a quick look because i think they cleared that incident and it looked like it is cleared of the flashing lights and that is good news off the northbound 101. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," north bay smart train getting smarter about increasing ridership. the ticket discounts the transit is looking into next. plus youtube trying new ideas to try to better protect our democracy. plus would you rather spend valentine's day with someone special or your dog? even though we think we know what your dog would say, the question is probably a rough
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one. we'll tell you what a survey says coming up next. >> you're told your voice matters but we found out thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how a security feature meant it protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tools you could use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate.
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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it is 6:12 check out mountain view and the temperature trend for today. at 7:00 we're at 41 degrees leading into some low 50s going into lunchtime and we'll see sunshine throughout today. now if you're already tired of the cold weather, we'll talk about a warm-up in the forecast in less than five minutes.
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>> over here this is richmond-san rafael bridge is bogging down with more traffic passing that though the east shore freeway takes 25 minutes and at the bay bridge toll plaza and the back-up along the san mateo bridge, we have an update for that as well. good morning. very happy tuesday to you. a great american philosopher once said don't call it a comeback. these positive numbers not enough to make up for the 600 point loss on the dow over coronavirus fears. these positive numbers are because of bargain hunting. stocks out there are cheap. except tesla. that one is bonkers high. up another 20% on monday. and zoom, zoom is seeing the positive side of illness fears. the south bay company makes video conferencing software and it is logical to think more people will turn to conference call you will over travel, particularly to china. the company was created by this man eric wong who came to america in 1997.
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couldn't seek a word of english. when his company went public last year, he was worth $3.5 billion. apple has shut down many stores in china. of course apple products are made in china. we have yet to see a long-term effect because there are a lot of products in the pipeline. but considering the fact that nobody knows how long this will go on or how bad it might get investors are uneasy. youtube said it will take further steps to block or fake and misleading content that people post to sow confusion over the election. the videos that give you the wrong time to place to vote or like the birth conspiracy that donald trump spread against barack obama and youtube will shut down accounts that try to hide national origin like russia or iran or pretend to be people they aren't. and some companies try to take
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this on and take a responsible steps, i do urge people, you got to do your own homework. there is a thing floating around facebook about prop 13, not the old one but -- >> i saw that. >> it is just wrong and shame on you for spreading it. do your search, don't tell your friends something that isn't true. >> do background there. thanks. 6:15 now. a discount program for low income commuters takes affect on b.a.r.t., muni and cal train and golden gate transit but right now the north bay smart service is mot included but that may be about to change. the press democrat reports smart leaders are trying to be included in the 18-month long pilot program which could amount to discounts of up to 20%. new this morning, if you're of a certain age maybe you're missing your dunkaroos or maybe you don't know what it is but growing up in the 90s kids were talking about this but that discount count with frosting
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will be ready for re-release. a lot of people are talking about it. they've created a facebook page and twitter and instagram. general mills will re-release that treat for a lot of people. and it will be on shelves by this summer. >> wow, it looks to healthy, kids. 6:16 now. trending this morning, a peninsula pup heading to the westminster kennel club dog show. this is a big deal for little marco from menlo park. the dog competition is one of the biggest dog shows in the world and he'll go up against some 2,000 dogs starting this weekend. 4 1/2-year-old marco has won five dog shows and could be found walking with his owner at stanford. if you are looking for love this valentine's day, turn to your four-legged friend. i don't have a dog but i'm going to listen to this new poll. over 25% of americans want to celebrate valentine's day with their pet. the on time retailers zulily
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asked more than 2,000 americans for plans for february 14th and nearly 40% of people say they will spoil their pets with gifts and some going as far as calling in sick to work. just to make sure their pets get plenty of love and affection. okay. i mean, look if it works tor you. >> what about bringing your pets to work. >> we can't in some places. some places welcome it. >> and that is why in pet-smart there is a whole valentine's section. i had no idea. >> but if you own a pet, go to the pet park. if you are going to do that, go to a pet park and maybe you'll meet somebody who has a pet. >> marcus, you have real life interaction ideas instead of this electronic stuff. this is crazy and ground playing. >> don't hate the player -- >> good way to -- >> borrow a dog. >> bunding up the little ones. >> do you put a jacket on your
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dog. >> i did. on both of them. that is my thing to take my dogs on a walk and i enjoy it every day. >> but it is cold. it is cold in the mornings. especially this morning and yesterday morning. and it is going to be cold again tomorrow morning. so we're having to get used to this. although it warms up nicely for the afternoon. right now we're in the upper 40s in some spots like oakland and san francisco. but we are seeing some temperatures chilly in the north bay, at 36. and 38 in san martin. we've seen a few spots dipping below freezing like cloverdale and ukiah but for the most part we haven't seen widespread freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay. all because of the winds that has been breezy and it still feels breezy and makes it it feel cooler. well as we check out our temperature trend in concord, in the upper 30s through 7:00, 8:00 and then gradually warming up as we go throughout the rest of the day. reaching into the mid-50s for the afternoon.
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high temperatures up to 59 in oakland. 58 degrees in antioch. livermore up to 54 degrees. and 56 today in san francisco. check out that seven-day forecast. it is already up at the bottom of the screen. we're seeing still a lot of clouds and rain heading to the pacific northwest. we've seen this steering up and away from the bay area because of high pressure and that is going to keep it dry. so the climate prediction center, they put out the outlook of how it should look for bay area and the rest of the country for the next month. they're saying that we are going to stay well below average in terms of rainfall and then well above normal in temperatures. we've already seen that. and it is not good that we see this trend possibly continuing through the end of the month. but i'll be watching out for those rain chances. right now it doesn't look like we'll see any until at least the middle to end of next week. so we are dry through the next sen daysment and our temperatures warm up. we're in the upper 50s today.
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upper 60s by friday. that will be comfortable for the dog walks. and the weekend looking good too. but windy and cooler on sunday. mike, you're looking at brake lights across the bay. i am. we're looking at the san mateo bridge and across the flat section, brake lights and jam up toward the incline. the incline is where the report of the tire rolling across laneses. but the latest update is that someone called chp and said it is blocking the slow lane. but still we have everybody affected. perhaps someone has gotten there and will clear that shortly but you do see it jammed up. your option of course is the dumbarton bridge to the south. that is getting more traffic feeding off the nimitz but no major concern. a lighter flow of traffic given the typical tuesday traffic would be heavier over here and the san mateo worst of it and south bay and 237 is an option traveling westbound and the bay bridge is an option because even though we have the back-up at
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the bay bridge toll plaza, not a lot of problem or a lot off the east shore, more off of highway 24. fast track are visibly moving and if you are car pooling, you're good. back to you. >> it is 6:21. next on "today in the bay," 911 calls made seconds after the kobe bryant crash. what callers say they saw next. >> and plus a hot topic on high school and college campuses across the state doing away with the s.a.t. and a.c.t. tests. now you see facility and faculty members are weighing in. but first nbc bay area responds. >> car warranties can require you to do routine maintenance like changing the oil or rotating the tires. but they can't require you to do all of that work at the dealer. the federal trade commission said it is illegal for a dealer to deny you warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. that means you could go wherever you want. if you have concerns about your
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car, give us a call at 888-996-tips or go to
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6:24 now and grieving families are now received the remains of all nine victims who died with kobe bryant's helicopter crashed in southern california. this as we're hearing for the first time 911 calls made seconds after the aircraft went down. >> it went over my head and it's
6:25 am
thick in clouds and then i heard a pop and it immediately stopped. >> now one caller told dispatchers that he did not see any smoke. another reported seeing a small fire. investigators are looking into whether the weather was a possible cause. meanwhile, a memorial service for all three victims, john and kerry and alyssa altobelli will be held at angel stadium in anaheim. new video of a deadly car crash southern california. a car went down a steep embankment into a home yesterday in la mesa. a female passenger in her 90s died. the elderly man driving the car survived. sadly horts say the couple were just a few houses away from returning to their own driveway. the fbi is investigating who sent a fake letter claiming the coronavirus has been depe-- bee detected in carson, california. it caused a brief panic.
6:26 am
it had official-looking logo and said the infected person had to been to several public places including a grocery store called seafood city. the store said business dropped because of the fake post. >> it is a bit slow. it is affecting us. >> so the fake post is still keeping people away. >> that is true. >> it is not the only hoax in southern california. last week another post claimed a usc student had been infected. the university quickly disproved that hoax. university of california faculty members are telling regents to keep standardized testing. because in a report it found that the s.a.t. and the a.c.t. tests may actually help disadvantaged students get into colleges. but in southern california a law firm is now suing the u.c. system to take away the tests. the lawsuit claims the tests are unfair because more affluent students could afford prep classes. 6:26 now and hollywood's biggest night is sunday but some wonder if the oscars may have already been spoiled.
6:27 am
the academy's twitter account appeared to post the predictions for this year's awards with the south korea drama parasite winning. that tweet was taken down and this one replaced it. the tweet said we invite fans on twitter to make and predict your oscar predictions. a ton of you have. a brief issue on twitter made some of yours look like it came from our account. this may remind you of 2017 when envelope gate happened when yi mix-up led to reading of the wrong picture. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," expanding rent control in california. up next the ballot measure approved for the fall election. and a live report from the bay area responds as to more patients are admitted to a san francisco hospital. and it is a cold tuesday
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morning. meteorologist kari hall tracking a freeze warning in effect right now. we'll have a look at your forecast and a check of the morning commute. you're watching "today in the bay." >> nbc bay area news presents making it in the way. all next week we break down the housing crisis and meet the people fighting for survival and afinding tv just keeps getting better. how you watch it does too. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. tis better than the criminal in democrathe white house.esident we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country.
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what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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right now at 6:30, breaking news to tell you about. a search underway for two men who led police on a chase across the bay bridge. the men wanted for attempted sexual assault. and the coronavirus treated across the u.s. and california.
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a live report on that and the steps being taken in the bay area. a very good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. okay. it is freezing out there this tuesday morning. meteorologist kari hall has been talking about all of it also as you get ready to warm up. this is what you find sometimes. >> no, you have to bundle up your pets. it is so important. freezing temperatures out there. believe me. pip is happy that i put that sweater on him. especially on a cold morning like today. >> don't leave your pets outside in this kind of weather. it is chilly out there. now we haven't seen any widespread freezing. we've had mornings like this. but it will be cool out there as we start out on the this tuesday morning. some mid-30s in santa rosa. 41 right now in concord. 40 in san jose. and it is 49 now in san francisco. now this is the area we've been watching to see if the temperatures will drop below freezing. and so far those winds have been too high to allow the temperatures to drop widespread
6:32 am
freezing temperatures in the north bay. but that is a live look in san jose as you get ready to head out in willow glen we'll see our lows dropping down to about 37 degrees around sunrise. and a nice warm-up today as we reach the mid-50s and a lot of sunshine. we'll get a look ahead to the weekend coming up in about six minutes but mike has one bridge for you to avoid. >> that is right. and we're look at the san mateo bridge jam. that is why i'm saying avoid this. if you have a choice now. we have changed from solid brake lights to tapping going westbound. i just saw another set of flashing lights travel across the service lane and then dart into traffic. there is a whole tire reportedly rolling around in lanes, settled in the slow lane from what i'm told by the chp report and we'll see the slowdown and that jam all way to the incline. so that is the one you want to avoid is west 92. take south 880 building toward the dumbarton bridge and that is a great alternate right now because look around the bay, we have a light flow of traffic for the rest of the bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike.
6:33 am
well major confusion in iowa now. there are still no clear winner after last night caucus. results are still not in 12 hours after the caucus started and just moments ago the iowa democratic party chair said, quote, the plan is to release results as early as today. but the ultimate goal is ensure that the integrity and accurate process is upheld, end quote. some candidates are talking about strong performances but there is no number to back up the claims. the iowa democratic party said it found inconsistencies with some of the accounts. we'll bring you the analysis with our scott mcgrew in his checks and balances segment coming up in about 15 minutes. it is 6:33 now. the cdc is now trying to fast track an emergency testing kit in the meantime we have the latest numbers for you. kong hong has confirmed two more cases. now amounting to 17 patients
6:34 am
with one death. more than 400 people have now died in mainland china with 20,000 additional people sickened in the u.s. six of 11 confirmed cases are in california. two of the four bay area patients are being treated at ucsf where pete suratos is live this morning with an update. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, san benito county couple is getting treatment here as you mentioned. they put out a statement saying they are in isolation and they're being monitored closely. of course they caught the coronavirus while traveling to china. as this virus continues to dprodprogrow, you have officials addressing later today. you have the san francisco airport providing updates at the city hall later today and sfo is one of the airports as we've been reporting on providing screenings for travelers coming from china.
6:35 am
the contra costa county board of supervisors intending to provide an update from the health services department a bit later this morning. both of those meetings will take place at 9:00 a.m. and just last night you had san francisco mayor london breed talking to a crowd getting ready for this weekend's chinese new year parade in san francisco, an annual parade that attracts thousands of spectators to city and as of now the mayor said the parade is a go. >> the plan is to move forward, for us to go out for the parade and have a good time and we're hoping that people will show up. >> reporter: now san francisco department of public health is working closely with the department of emergency management to monitor things should anything pop up. but as it stands, there are no diagnosed coronavirus cases in san francisco. reporting live, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> thank you. well many of the riders who survived that deadly shooting on board an oakland-bound greyhound bus are in the bay area this morning. that shooting happened early
6:36 am
yesterday as the packed bus traveling along i-5 here and you could see from l.a. to the bay area and it was in bakersfield with this happened not far from the grapevine. a photo shows some of the survivors arriving in oakland last night. sadly one woman died in that shooting. five other passengers were injured. before other riders disarmed the suspect who police later arrested. one rider said when the shooter was talking loudly to himself and another passenger telling him to quiet down. >> and the next thing we heard was the gun cocking and then just like eight or ten rapid shots, like straight one after another. >> now the person who died is identified as 51-year-old woman from from columbia. the suspect is 33-year-old anthony devonte williams of maryland. and new details are dragging -- in the dragging
6:37 am
death of a man police say went after the thieves who stole his laptop. this happened december 31st after robbers swiped the victim's computer while he sat at a starbucks in oakland, montclair district. police arrested a third suspect last week and he and one other of the two suspects face murder charges with special circumstances. 6:37. in the north bay clean-up will last at least another two weeks in the area where crews cleared a homeless camp last week in santa rosa. friday was the deadline for 200 people along the joe rodota trail. many were located to temporary shelters. the trail won't reopen before next month. and happening today, san francisco mayor london breed is expected to announce plans to save over 300 classes at city college of san francisco. supervisors last week approved a plan to outsource the classes to nonprofits. it amounts to nearly $3 million in emergency funding to restore those classes.
6:38 am
people will gather today at city hall this afternoon in support. that is when supervisors will hold a second vote on the same ordinance. now to our continuing coverage of making it in the bay. and the housing crisis across california especially here in the bay area. voters across the state will have a say in this fall's presidential election. a state measure to expand rent control has now qualified for the ballot and it would end current restrictions allowing cities and counties to implement their own policies. 6:38. san francisco city leaders looking at ways to make the embarcadero safer for bikers and e scooters. many say it is dangerous for people not in cars. they are looking at creating bike lanes protected by physical barriers. >> that could be good there for riders and e-scooter riders. >> as long as people are used to it. we've had a lot of changes in san francisco.
6:39 am
especially the market street. >> and like behind me. market street the car ban in effect there. and that is shy of the embarcadero and this is the area that we're talking about with pedestrians and scooters. and tokes, one thing to help your ride -- our walk four safety is to not be on your phone. be aware of of your surroundings. your surroundings are starting to show more traffic flow and the walnut creek interchange just a subtle build starting. a minor crash reported on 680 just before 24 and chp will let me know if lanes are blocked. we'll follow that. but the rest of the bay showed a smooth flow except for the san mateo bridge. jammed up because of a tire reported in lanes around the incline that jams up there. 84, the dumbarton bridge to the south, an easy alternate for you. good stuff. we've been talking about how cole it is out there this morning. we'll see a weekend warm-up at least. >> yes, it will warm up for part of the weekend. then it cools down on sunday.
6:40 am
if you're looking for the warmest day outside has saturday and then by sunday the winds pick up and then temperatures drop as we head into the new workweek. very much like this weekend. and as you in the seven-day forecast, it is sunshine. and san francisco up to about 60 degrees. if we're heading out to russian river valley, expect to reach 65 on friday. and then down to 61 on sunday. so not too much of a change there. but you'll have a big difference in yosemite going from 50 degrees on friday to 29, that is the high temperature on sunday. as we start to see some light snow coming down there. if you want some warmer weather, head paso robles. we're up to 70 degrees on saturday and dropping to 58 for that high temperature on sunday with those winds picking up. i'll be watching all of our microclimates in places you may be heading for the weekend and we'll talk about what is going on in the east bay today coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari.
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6:40 now. next on "today in the bay," back to the breaking news we've been following since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. an overnight high-speed chase spanning across the bay bridge. next a live report on two men police are still looking for and what they say triggered the chase. the only thing messier than democracy is iowa democracy. we'll walk you through it. let's take you out to the big board. more recovery this morning. dow industrials up 391 points after a dubbing last week on fears of coronavirus. plus what was raining down along with the confetti following the super bowl? we're going to tell you all about it coming up next here on "today in the bay." here's the america i know.
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a country that puts working together ahead of standing apart. where we find common ground to expand health care and build a stronger, fairer economy and save our planet. i'm a problems solver, i build teams, i nurture good ideas, i hold myself accountable for results. it's how i led a complex, diverse city and it's how i'll unite and lead this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now at 6:44. let's head outside in dublin. it is a clear start and very chilly. take a look at where we begin. upper 30s. but it does warm up as we go through the day. low 50s by early this afternoon with sunshine. we'll talk about a real warm-up in the forecast in less than five minutes. and over here we're looking at the san mateo bridge just dragging westbound. we had a disabled vehicle as well as the debris and now we may have another issue. we're tracking down the chp report. we'll show you what we find coming up. well breaking news right now. police are on the hunt for two men who led them on a high-speed chase across the bay bridge.
6:45 am
>> we're live in oakland where it started. these men were aguessi -- were aggressive in an attempted rape. >> and apparently armed and darng dangerous. this woman was able to give police a very distinct description of their dark colored suv and police came across that vehicle last night. we believe with both men inside still possibly armed. they tried to pull this vehicle over around 10:45 last night at 13th and international here in oakland. but as you could see in this video, the driver of the suv did not comply and led officers on a chase through oakland on to the freeway and as you could see across the bay bridge. now this video from our camera at the toll plaza shows the suv with three patrol cars in pursuit. it seemed like the suv was traveling at or around highway speeds at the time. chp joined at one point and once across the bay bridge the driver in the suv exited on to sf surface streets where he lost
6:46 am
law enforcement. officers found the suv abandoned by buena vista park. this is in the ashbury heights part of san francisco. officers did search for the surrounding area for the suspects but they had no luck. police have not indicated whether or not they know who the men are. bob redell for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:46 now. now to decision 2020 and still no winner yet in the iowa caucus. but a few select voters in the bay area will still have a say in the outcome. about 30 native iowans set up a caucus at stanford yesterday. the first time iowa has allowed such a thing. bernie sanders won the stanford vote but will split delegates with elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar. in the meantime, some californians in the hawkeye state this week many passionate about politics. they're there to see the caucus play out firsthand. in some cases california schools
6:47 am
sending classes there for a firsthand civics lesson. trump is poking fun at democrats' delay in announcing a winner. scott mcgrew, he won last night in iowa. >> when we say there is no official return from the caucus, we mean the democrats. the democrats waiting on the results. the democratic national chairman a few seconds ago saying a new app used to tab the votes was not coded properly. and so they are not getting the results as they had hoped to get. the app was built by a company called shadow ink. a scriptwriter could not have come up with a worse maim for the company. we don't know what democrat won the race and you'll see headlines like this this one duh moines and with implodes and this is not fair because the last time they held the 2016
6:48 am
presidential race, we didn't get the results until 10:00 a.m. the next day. today california time. so if we got the results right now, the caucuses would have worked better now than they did four years ago. truth is caucusing is just this really old-fashioned, really ugly messy way to conduct democracy. but it is what iowa does. here is one young caucus-goer who showed up to support buttigieg but they didn't have enough to count and he would have to switch candidates. >> people just left that just wanted to get out of here and then as we walked past this group over here, they're like you can join us even though we're thought viable and you're all confused so a couple of us joined yang for them to be liable but a lot of them left so i don't know if they are liable or not. so we'll see. >> it is by the way viable, not liable but good on him for trying to participate.
6:49 am
in washington, president trump is getting ready for tonight's state of the union speech. that is tonight at 6:00ment his impeachment trial should wrap up tomorrow. a key vote from lisa murkowski who said she will vote not guilty. >> i cannot vote to convict. the constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances. an incremental first step to remind the president that as mona skew said, political virtue is a renunciation of one's self. >> and while we could all hope the president does reflect on the words of a french fill os fear from the enlightenment, others are suggesting the senate censure the paparazzi aresident condemn him and that doesn't appear to have the votes either. we'll broadcast the state of the union live at nbc bay area or >> thanks, scottsda.
6:50 am
>> 49ers fans may not want to look at this confetti after the chiefs won the super bowl but eagle eyed viewers spotted something different about the tiny pieces of paper. they had written on them. they made it rain tweets. if you tweeted using the #nfltwitter your treat may have been part of the celebration. >> that is as mazing. i don't know like high def this early in the morning. >> so we're starting out very cold but it is also pretty windy and that is keeping the temperatures from dropping into the 20s and low 30s. even though we do still have the freeze warning, check out wind speeds at about 15 to 25 miles per hour coming through the delta. rolling across the bay and through san francisco. so it is going to be a breezy start. also very chilly. that is a live look outside in the south bay as we await the sun's arrival. as you look out of the window and getting dressed, make sure you have on the nice warm coat
6:51 am
and pants will keep you comfortable today, the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen showing warmer temperatures toward the end of the week. now today we're going to be a little bit warmer than yesterday. reaching 57 in concord. 55 today in napa. and half moon bay up to about 54 degrees. and then we're also still looking at some dry weather. this is what is happening as we look at the wide view. we could see all of the clouds and rain going directly to the pacific northwest. we're missing out on that rain. and it looks like that pattern continues. so the climb prediction center put out their outlook for the rest of the month. and for the bay area they're seeing well below average rain. and so that is not good news. because we have such a dry january and it is also showing that we could see well above average temperatures. so warm and dry is what we're expecting for much of the month. and as we look at the computer models, i'm thought seeing any
6:52 am
chances of rain in the forecast until the middle of next week. so we're dry going into the the rest of this week. warming up. so, so far that is all verifying. the weekend is looking nice but it is windy and turning cooler on sunday. mike you're seeing more drama on the san mateo bridge. and that is also verified by the back-up we see across the flat section here. now, kari, i saw flashing lights travel across. here is the initial report. there was a tire rolling around around the incline and stopped in the slow lane and then a disabled truck reported mid span along the same stretch. saw some flashing lights go there as well. bridge crew doesn't have a whole lot of people there, just for emergencies and they likely span westbound across that section and then a crash after that at the toll plaza just past the toll plaza and off to the shoulder and a distraction but slowing people but no bridge crew there to handle that so we have to wait for more crewsm that is a big issue for the
6:53 am
westbound commute. we do see the speed sensors at the incline starting to clear and they may have removed one piece of the three part there. and the south bay and east bay showing a pleasant drive. no drama there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. no drama. 6:53. the polls are open for a special primary in balt. to fill the seat of the late representative elijah cummings. the long time democratic leader died back in october. his wife is one of 24 democrats and eight republicans running for that house seat. today a special primary will decide a nominee for each party. a special general election will be held on april 28th. and next year a quick look at top stories including a brand-new poll released by cal on whether the washington redskins' name and native mascots are offensive. next we'll tell you what hundreds of native americans are saying. and plus the battle to halt vaping. a city's plan to ban the product
6:54 am
and hold store owners accountable. and the north bay smart train system could be the next agency to offer big discounts to get more people on board. we'll explain how soon the low fares may come. for ahead for you and local news indeed here on "today in the bay." >> you're told your voice matters but we found out thousands of california votes get rejected. >> the way it got thrown out is just not normal. >> tonight at 11:00, we investigate how a security feature meant it protect your vote can get it tossed. >> every election cycle we're constantly learning to try to improve the process. >> and the new tools you could use to make sure your vote is counted in 2020. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate.
6:55 am
this is the denny's super slam. two bacon, two sausage, two eggs hash browns and pancakes and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. that's where the duper comes in. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. see you at denny's.
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. welcome back. before you head out of the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on
6:57 am
"today in the bay." >> with we begin with that decision 2020, a mess really there iowa. the all important caucus still up in the air. just about every democratic candidate is claiming victory. iowa democratic party is reporting inconsistencies in three sets of results due to a, quote, reporting issue. but a lot of the problems seem to have to do with glitches in a new app used to report results. the party is denying it. coming up in a few minutes, the "today" show has more on how this could impact the race moving forward. a man is expected in court today. a plea hearing is scheduled for sabrina gutierrez accused trying to hit a man after police say he shot her relative and tried to get awayment she faced murder charges and is being held under no bail. and a new report shows that more than half of all native americans are foended by several sports mascots.
6:58 am
uc berkeley polled thousands nationwide and they don't like sports names using their history like the washington redskins or the kansas city chiefs after the so-called tomahawk chop could be heard by chief fans during the super bowl. 6:58. one city is looking to strengthen the ban on vaping to stop the epidemic among young people. a live look in cupertino where back in november council members banned the sale of flavored tobacco and now they want to add to the existing policies. city council is looking to put a possible ban on the sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products. a change for the penalties for vaping retailers and change minimum wage to buy e-cigarette products at all. the meeting is being held tonight at 6:30. a new discount program for low income commuters takes effect this spring on services including b.a.r.t., muni, cal train and golden gate transit. but right now the north bay's smart service is not included.
6:59 am
that may be about to change. the press democrat reported that smart leaders are trying to be included in the 18-month pilot program which could amount of discounts of up to 20%. a live look across the bay area this morning. if you haven't set sfoot outside, you can't tell there the cameras but it is a cold one out there. kari has a look at our forecast tor today. >> bundle up. >> our temperatures dropping down to the upper 0s and low 40s and warming up throughout the week. >> as we head out you want to avoid the san mateo bridge right now, mike. >> look at this live picture. it tems a thousand words. we're looking at the slowdown. update though is that the disabled vehicle and the tire in the lanes, they're related and they have them loaded together and clearing that from the span. but that is a slower drive right now. >> good luck if you are in it. thanks for joining us. we're back at 7:25 with a live update. >> and it is a tuesday. make it a terrific one as you head out and enjoy the day.
7:00 am
as we end here on "today in the bay." have a good morning. this morning, no results from iowa, after massive problems with the app used to record and relay the votes. help lines jammed. officials saying they're working to make it right. voters left angry and confused. but candidates giving victory-like speeches anyway. >> one step closer to becoming the president of the united states. >> we feel good about where we are. >> i have a good feeling, we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> this morning, inside the problems causing the confusion, as the nation waits to find out the true winner.


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