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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 8, 2020 2:07am-2:36am PST

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outside in, i don't ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. know, three, three, four wks an "unjection™". the ships under quarantine removed near new york the number of infected city american tourists surging. the ex-ceo handed taking the stand today in the harvey weinstein rape trial a the toughest sentence new witness who has yet in the college admissions cheating testified in several scan infamous cases as the impact on lori loughlin's upcoming defense tries to cast trial? doubt on weinstein's and our nbc news accusers exclusive, the new here is nbc's scam warning stephanie gosk. >> reporter: on trial who is being targeted today not just harvey weinstein but human with fake job offers memory defense attorneys >> announcer: this is calling elizabeth "nbc nightly news" loftus to the stand, with lester holt. an expert in memory good evening who has consulted on a long list of nearly two weeks after high-profile trials. the chopper crash that o.j. simpson, ted bundy, michael jackson, and most killed kobe bryant, recently bill cosby. his daughter and seven others the ntsb when she testifies it tonight has released is almost always for its initial report on the defense. the accident detailing the flight's a point prosecutors final moments. were quick to point out. investigators say it loftus told the court appears the pilot was today them trying to climb out of a low hanging cloud easily influenced by things like media cover and nearly cleared the coverage and investigators' leading surrounding mountains questions. but instead impacted the ground at high you can distort your speed. own memory, she testified. our tom costello has late details. as time is passing and the memory is getting weaker and weaker, it >> reporter: tonight becomes more the ntsb is releasing vulnerable to post-event the defense later
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new photographs taken by people on the ground seconds before asking, so then 27 years? the fatal crash of low there can be substantial loss of cloud cover then thechopper dii memory her allegation key to the most serious charge the hollywood >> helicopter 2 echo producer faces with you for the special transition pred we are currently at 1400 >> reporter: while weinstein pleaded not pilot ara zobayan was guilty to all charges flying under strict visual flight rules, an the ntsb says he advised controllers he was climbing up through the clouds to last week sciorra escape them. the cloud tops were at acknowledged using valium around the time of the alleged 2,400 feet assault. he almost made it. today loftus specifically noted the chopper reached that valium can affect memory 2,300 feet before suddenly banking into later in the a hard left turn and crashing at 180 miles cross-examination per hour. prosecutors suggested she deliberately tailored her testimony for this case. >> the left bank which loftus responded, i have testified before is increasing and the about valium, and i descent rate may very well be indicators of heard it might be involved in this case. spatial disorientation as the testimony played out, weinstein that's certainly what head, then crash into the hi seemed to nod off. the defense expected helicopter approaching and i'm going what in to rest its case the world is a sometime next week helicopter flying stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. because we were below minimums there was no visibility and also in court today the harshest toepy says there was punishment in the e adssions cheating scandal
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blades appear to have been working normally. a former ceo sentenced engines and rotor meanwhile, southern to nine months in prison california is preparing to remember nbc's gabe gutierrez the crash victims. with what it could mean for lori loughlin as she faces trial. monday john, keri, and alissa altobelli who were friends of the >> reporter: douglas hodge walked into a bryants aboard the chopper will be memorialized at angels federal courthouse stadium in anaheim boston today after admitting to paying a today vanessa bryant total of $850,000 in bribes to get four of announced a his children into usc celebration of life for kobe and gianna to and georgetown as fake be held in the house athletic recruits. that kobe built, the staples center in los a judge ordered him to angeles. spend nine months in the date february prison and pay a $750,000 fine citing his repeated and 24th, 2/24 for gianna enduring criminal and kobe's jersey numbers. conduct. hodge told the court i >> tom joins us now. have in my heart the deepest remorse for my actions. tom, i understand the pilot was climbing to i know that i unfairly get through the and ultimately illegally tipped the clouds scales in favor of my children over others, but under visual flight rules, isn't over the hopes and dreams of other the point to stay out parents. of the clouds? >> yeah, and he was. the clouds seemed to hodge, the former head of a global investment firm, was among the highest profile names flight rated, the caught up in the chopper had auto pilot but the helicopter scandal which rocked company was not higher education and certified to fly on instruments. hollywood. why did he stop climbing chopper pilots say it's very easy to get felicity huffman turned around an already pleaded guilty disoriented in the cl. and served less than two weeks in prison. >> just the initial report lori loughlin and he a lot more to come on husband are fighting
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this the charges arguing ts to usc tom, thank you were legitimate also breaking tonight, a key witness donations, not bribes. who testified at the impeachment inquiry they are expected to into president trump go to trial in october. fired from his job at the white house. >> the most egregious and late word, his offender, mr. hodge, twin brother has also been ousted. only got nine months in prison. nbc's hallie jackson that may very well is at the white house with more. inspire one or more of >> reporter: two key the remaining defendants to roll the dice and take their impeachment witnesse pulled from their jobs chances, perhaps banking on a low today including european union ambassador gordo sentence, even if they sondland whose do get convicted bombshell testimony ter: loughlin will face the same judge who handed down this fall pointed the today's sentence finger at the the scandal's longest president in what he sentence so far. described as a quid pro quo with gabe gutierrez. ukraine. we are hearing >> everyone was in the loop more tonight fro elizabeth smart it was no secret. the kidnapping and >> reporter: in a new statement, sondland rape survivor who revealed she endured tells nbc news the president intends to recall him from his another alleged sexual post immediately, just assault just last year while on a plane hours after another steve patterson impeachment witness, reports on smart's new comments today. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman was escorted out of the comm >> i just sat there white house according like in shock. to his >> reporter: tonight elizabeth smart lawyer who's accusing providing new details president trump of exacting revenge. about the alleged >> i'm not happy with sexual assault she him. you think i'm supposed faced on board a to be happy with him flight home to utah last summer. i'm not. saying she awoke to a >> reporter: it come man rubbing his hand
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on her inner thigh. >> i looked over at top ukraine expert on the national security council was called by him and i -- i waited democrats to testify in their impeachment case about that phone call between president for him to say sorry trump and the or excuse me or give me an excuse or some ukrainian leader. >> i was concerned by reason why he was the call touching me, and he what i heard was inappropriate. >> reporter: the nsc didn't say anything. is not commenting on a personnel matter >> reporter: smart but vindman's lawyer says she froze, says telling the truth has cost him his job, eventually pushing his his career and his hand away. privacy, adding th iraq war veteran did >> i mean, i should be what any member of our able to believe it military is charged because i have already with doing every day been kidnapped out of my bed in the middle he followed orders, he of the night. obeyed his oath, and >> reporter: nearly 20 he served his country years ago, at just 14 years old, smart was even when doing so was infamously abducted at fraught with danger and personal peril knifepoint from her vindman, a purple bedroom, held for nine heart recipient, was months and repeatedly supposed to remain on raped. his nsc detail until the experience shaping her adulthood, this summer but coul becoming an advocate end up back at the for missing persons defense department within days.critics worry the and survivors of sexual assault president is looking for payback now that now creating smart his impeachment trial is over. defense, a program in >> what a shame. utah for women and girls and launching an a patriot person education platform called smart talks. >> this is our start. >> the president -- >> reporter: the >> reporter: vindman 32-year-old mother of three says she filed a was born in ukraine complaint with delta, but his family fled to which she doesn't america when he was a blame. toddler. the airline saying a journey he it's cooperating with referenced durin emotional testimony in smart and the authorities on a november with this message to his father. investigation, adding
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>> talking to the it does not tolerate elected professionals is proof you made the passenger misconduct. >> why didn't i do right decision 40 something? years ago to leave the that's why i soviet union, come here to the united states of america in search of a better story part of a life for our family. disturbing trend federal data showing do not worry i will be fine for sexual assaults on telling the truth. >> reporter: vindman's flights increased 66% over a three-year period twin brother, also in the military and smart hoping to stop worked at the nsc, that trend and help was also escorted ou other survivors. of the white house today according to his >> it was never their attorney fault to begin with. a spokesperson said >> reporter: using her both brothers will own experience to return to jobs at the spark a new generation army now lester of empowerment >> hallie jackson at the white house, steve patterson, nbc thanks news. also tonight the democratic coming up, the new presidential scam warning we'll tell you how to candidates facing off keep your money safesc in their final debate before the new hampshire primary and joe bid major changes after a disappointing finish in iowa. nbc's kristen welker my choir. i'm a work in progress. so much goes... our brand-new poll. former vice president den. in a memo to into who i am. staffers his campaign hiv medicine is one part of it. manager announcing biden is elevating his prescription dovato is for adults veteran aide anita who are starting hiv-1 treatment dunn to an expanded role tll aow and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2... medicines in... suffered a devastating 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. fourth place finish in iowa. >> we took a gut punch in iowa. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines... >> reporter: now with
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here and overseas where thousands remain is right for you. isolated miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: tonight the parade of cargo planes leaving wuhan may be coming to an end. perhaps the last two emergency flights carrying roughly 300 americans have touched down in san diego and san antonio and omaha. but at military holding facilities a handful of the come to tgi fridays today for two apps, hundreds of americans quarantined have developed symptoms of two entrees and two desserts, all starting at only $20. coronavirus or being monitored after exposure in china. come together, come to gather, come in now to feast. >> might be a small room, but we're safe. >> reporter: frank and his daughter annabelle aleve it. with aleve pm. pain happens. were taken to a san diego hospital. >> we haven't been the only one to combine a safe sleep aid. outside in three, four weeks. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. the baby is stir crazy. so...magic mornings happen. >> reporter: on this there's a better choice. aleve pm. cruise ship returning to new jersey today more than two dozen chinese nationals were pulled aside to be tested for the virus a clear plan for retirement to help cover the essentials, four were hospitalized out of an abundance of caution. as well as all the things you want to do. now royal caribbean is because when you have a retirement partner banning chinese nationals from who gives you clarity at every step, boarding its ships, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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along with anyone who has traveled from or through china within the last 15 days overseas, the athat will have you seeingf with adouble.n iphone 11step, situation even more dire all on t-mobile's newest, most powerful signal. two cruise ships quarantined. get twice the deal, aboard a ship near with 2 lines of unlimited for $90 and 2 iphone 11s on us. tokyo, 61 people tested positive for only at t-mobile. coronavirus, including 11 americans nbc's molly hunter spoke to rebecca doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? frazier after her throat swab came back memory support brand. positive, the interview cut short as she was taken to the you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. hospital. >> i'm sorry i have to go prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> they are here to take you right now >> yeah. >> reporter: as supplies become scarce, the u.s. is shipping nearly 18 tons of protective gear to china. tonight fear at home and abroad as the virus spreads worldwide. tonight norweigian cruise line has joined royal caribbean in restricting chinese nationals from boarding their ships they also have extended that to anyone who has been to china over the last 30 days no one taking chances here, lester,
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especially on the tight quarters on cruise ships. >> yeah. miguel, thank you. want to tell you about an urgent from snow and ice to dangerous high warning of a new scam winds and heavy rain, that appears to be much of the aimed at millennials, northeastern part of the country and the criminals stealing $28 million last year in south got pounded fake check schemes today by a massive and here's gadi schwartz. deadly winter storm. >> reporter: as a our kathy park is in college student, mika the storm zone thought she knew how to spot a scam so when she got an >> reporter: a week-long storm email looking like strengthened today it's from the school burying parts of new career services, she england in up to two assumed it was legit feet of snow she would be a secret shopper. buffalo, new york, woke up this morning to icy conditions. to evaluate local >> the ice is the hardest part. >> reporter: maryland and virginia whipped by high winds. walmart's money wire services she was sent a check for $3,400 to deposit the damage so in the personal account and the job to wire $3,000 to widespread the storm system could be linked designated strangers to tornados. to test the system and then she could keep the remaining $400 but and more extreme that $3,400 check was weather out west a fraud and bounced inmoy thatd avalanche warnings issued in utah parts of the south taking a hit, too.least five wired to complete strangers. >> this was almost all my money, rent was due in florida, trees crash into homes sending one woman to the hospital and yeah relentless rain also it was devastating turning roads into >> reporter: the ftc rivers says similakeck scams are up the high water trapping people and pets in south 65% from 2015 often carolina targeting college students and 20
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a family in virginia somethings had to be rescued by boat. >> it kept getting schemes ranging from fake job offers to higher and higher and we thought it would go fraudulent online down after it stopped raining. sales. 27,000 known victims >> reporter: while last year alone. parts of the u.s. their typical loss $2,000 recover, a very different scene in people assuming if antarctica where the the check is pending temperature climbed in their account, the money is there. into the mid-60s, a >> that check hasn't record high, stoking concerns over climate change cleared and so it's an illusion that the scammer is relying on here in buffalo, new you to act and then york, it's drying out, pull some of that money out. but staying cold >> reporter: the overnight temperatures community college of will stay in the teens. rhode island tells nbc lester news the email was >> all right kathy park, thanks. spoofed to look like we will be back in it came from the school but didn't. just 60 seconds with mika fell victim to the parent getting the what is unfortunately most severe sentence a common phishing yet in the college scheme pervasive to admissions scandal what that could mean higher education institutions. for lori loughlin. >> i never would have and elizabeth done anything like this if it wasn't from smart speaks out wit my school. details of a sexual >> reporter: the ftc assault on a plane and elizabeth smart warns an speaks without about offer involving details of a sexual assault on a plane. sending money or gift ". cards to strangers is a big red flag and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is lester xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate >> all right always the best advice thanks to severe ra for whom methotrexate up next, who will win on hollywood's biggest night? win on hollywoo did not work well enough. biggest night? xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. stop dancing around the pain
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finally, who will ke he the oscar gold nbc's joe fryer on the surprises that could be in store at the academy awards. >> reporter: the oscars are where hollywood history is made that could happen sunday if south korea's "parasite" becomes the first foreign language film to win best picture. it's in a battle with "1917" which would be the 17th war movie to win oscar's top prize. >> are you an actor? >> no. i'm a stunt man. >> reporter: brad pitt hopes to score his first acting oscar for
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his role in "once upon a time in hollywood" while "harriet" star cynthia erivo, the only actor of color nominated this year, has her eye on if she wins, either for lead actress or best song, she will become the youngest person to achieve the prestigious egot winning an emmy, grammy, oscar and this oscar sunday come just a week after super bowl sunday. it's the earliest oscars ever and like last year, there's no host there will be a in memoriam segment which will include kirk douglas who died this week at 103 paying tribute to an icon of hollywood's golden age joe fryer, nbc news. and that is "nightly news. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching have a great weekend and good night
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