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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 10, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i have a kid, i have no excuse. ♪ got it figured out ♪ i'm feeling good breaking news tonight, the dramatic new twist in one of ♪ doing it my own way ♪ the worst cyber attacks in u.s. history. ♪ every single day the personal data on nearly half of all ♪ americans stolen ♪ and it feels good to feel good ♪ sunsweet amaz!n prunes and prune juice. u.s. authorities tracking the hack on equifax. the feel good fruit. back to the chinese skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. sunsweet amaz!n prunes and prune juice. military as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. four members of an now with 25% more concentrated power. elite hacking squad i recommend topical pain relievers first... charged. what you need to know nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. to protect yourself. also, tonight like salonpas patch large. police under fire. it's powerful, fda-approved oh, what a relief it is! so fast! officers injured to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. in a shoot-out inside a walmart and hisamitsu. in new york, the suspect accused of ambushing officers at two locations facing a judge. before we talk about tax-s-audrey♪s expecting... new? -twins! a lot will happen in your life. the emotional moment as one officer leaves we'd be closer to the twins. wrinkles just won't. the hospital what officials say may change in plans. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair's be the motive. at fidelity, a change in plans fastest retinol formula works so fast. >> the deadliest day is always part of the plan. yet on the coronavirus outbreak it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. nearly 100 dead in 24 hours. trucks and health workers spraying you have power over pain, neutrogena® disinfectant on entire so the whole world looks different. ♪[ siren ] & doug blocks in china. and the cruise ship quarantine nightmare. the number of cases the unbeatable strength of advil.
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indicting four chinese nationals. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, tom costello has details. you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, >> reporter: the scale of the equifax hack or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. was staggering 145 million americans' stop trulicity and call your doctor right away names, birth dates and social security numbers stolen alif yourgic reaction, in some cases, driver's license and credit card information, too a lump or swelling in your neck, today the attorney or severe stomach pain. general said forensics serious side effects may include pancreatitis. teams traced the hack back to china. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin announcing indictments against four members increases low blood sugar risk. of a chinese military side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, cyber unit called the 54th research institute. though, the fbi and decreased appetite, concedes it's unlikely which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. finally the big they will ever face competition here in new york, who will be prosecution. top dog in the >> this theft not only i have it within me to lower my a1c. westminster dog show caused significant ask your doctor about trulicity. national damage to equifax but invaded the privacy of fisn't just about polar bears. here is erin we're fighting for our lives, mclaughlin many millions of we're fighting for clean air and clean water. americans. >> reporter: backstage game faces are going >> reporter: it happen that's why i wrote the law to on in 2017 after equifax send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. didn't patch a flaw and only one candidate for you're about to go on. they were warned president was with us back then, how are you feeling? about. the chinese had 34 servers in 20 >> anxious. >> reporter: this countries. the fbi believes chinaassive tom steyer. parade for pooches, and he's still fighting for us, who will win best in show >> here at westminster, any dog pledging to make clean air and can win. clean water a right for everyone, >> reporter: maybe an regardless of your zip code. ancient west african that's the truth. hunting hound but it's also hacked mayor marrio that's tom steyer.
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marriott i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. too soon to say at the anthem and more as it builds a massive second oldest sporting event in the country database on every american the ceo says like most companies they get attacked daily. all the fluffing >> which is why we're today fiercely investing so heavily after a historic strutting their stuff night in hollywood, an to claim best of group. in security to make outpouring of pride sure the security is what makes elton special? the strongest out interest today for "parasite," >> everything. >> reporter: the >> reporter: advice to which became chance at canine glory. do you think he'll go protect yourself use multi step all the way? >> sure, why not authentication, check the first foreign language film to win the oscar for best your credit report for activity and freeze picture. our kathy park has more. >> reporter: last year your credit with all three rating agencies a wire fox terrier lifting the freeze only before making a took top dog big purchase. >> as american >> "parasite." citizens, we cannot >> reporter: a his name king arthur, be complacent about stunning win some say he's got >> i'm speechless.ief. nothing on scamp the tramp winner of the protecting sensitive 2019 world's ugliest personal data. >> reporter: a south dog contest. korean film with its >> every dog is so own hollywood ending >> tom, i remember when this hack cute in their own way. especially for the >> reporter: proof or happened, there was director. concern about identities being stolen >> thank you woof beauty is in the is that happening? >> reporter: no sign great honor. >> reporter: as th eye of the beholder. lights dimmed signaling the end of >> all cute and all lovable. yet but an effort to the show, a-listers in the front row that's "nightly news," i'm lester gather information on americans, government, holt thank you for watching the military, big companies, and good night, everyone universities to target insisting the cast and crew get their moment. >> hi, everybody >> all cute and all them for blackmail or >> reporter: the dark thriller illustrates a deep divide between the rich and poor in lovable. that's "nightly espionage. could be years down south korea. the road news," i'm lester >> very worrying why is this such a bigt ha
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tom costello, thanks. a major story, the holt. violent attacks on police been a thank you for watching two officers injured ceiling shattering and good night, everyone. in shootout in arkansas on the heels moment for the korean of two ambushes in new cinema and u.s. entertainment york city and left a pair of officers industry. >> reporter: the wounded. celebration stretched here is nbc's gabe gutierrez. to south korea on tv and at an official >> reporter: tonight, two police officers meeting with president moon sharing the news. andñiñi losingfá sightñi of then are recovering after a a new york city shootout at this arkansas walmart one officer shot four times. restaurant also the gunman killed by re-created a dish you might remember seeing police. >> with the officers' in the film. bravery and quick now advertised as best response, many lives were saved today. food in a feature point.çóçmkñr5añr í)srññi to protectñifáñiñrñi ri >> reporter: it's just film. >> whether you're rich the latest incident of or poor, everybody loves this instant violence directed at noodle. >> reporter: police "parasite" success particularly meaningful for awards launchedçóñiñiçóçóñiñr açó new criticized for lack of diversity. today an nypd officer >> i feel like a moment in history is shot by a gunman happening now. >ñi over the weekend was >> reporter: an of the ñicoronavirus. released from the hospital international film police say the suspect opened fire on two officers sitting soaring beyond the inside a police van in one-inch subtitles and right now.ñi the bronx hitting the officer behind the drawing universal wheel in the chin and applause neck for best in show drawing unive then less than 12 hours later, investigators say the applause. same suspect started shooting inside a kathy park, nbc news. up next, we'll go inside the competition police station for best in show. officers pinned down and arrested him when ♪ ♪ rçó par(t&háhp% he ran out of bullets. to return home tomorrowñr 45-year-old robert afterçóçóñiñiñi visitingçófá chi williams is facing several charges
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including attempted murder. theyce+%uráup)antinedñiñixdçók >> he was depressed ♪ ♪ at times because his son got shot coronavirus.ñrfáñi ogrvewracking for ñiñiñisure.çói >> reporter: two senior law enforcement wherever we want to go, we just have to start. officials tell nbc news william autosave your way there with chase. one ovr six military basesñiñrñs made a rambling statement and the countryñrñi quarantining pe chase. make more of what's yours. spívacuatedñri]çóñcñi from theñó yeah right. iand the earth is flat. blamed the new york epicenter. attacks in part on weak leadership ahhh!! todayñi who shared herñiñi ordeñ treat your cough seriously with robitussin cf max. declaring the wonderful ny nothing lasts longer police are under and treats more symptoms for your cough, cold and flu. happen to you inñi realfáçóñrñri assault. the police sergeant's union said the nypd was declaring war on robitussin. because it's never just a cough. mayor bill de blasio isn't that strong?  theñi coroaíirus share >> no, it's factual. the cops in this city do not respect the mayor. she and her ñr15-yi5zeqpuuq)ñi >> reporter: the mayor have been facing theñi pastñr ti responded our city is hurting right now. this is no time for weeks. division researchers have found while being a cop is went to ñi dangerous, it's safe than 50 years ago since 1970, there is a 75% drop in police officer line of duty deaths here in the bronx, the alleged gunman's attorney will only say that there is a lot we don't know about what led up to the shootings. tonight his client is being held without
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bail, lester. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. new developments this evening in the coronavirus china experiencing the deadliest day yet. nearly 100 dead in china in 24 hours as the number of cases sores over 40,000. nbc's janis mackey frayer is in beijing. >> reporter: tonight, extreme measures to contain the virus. in wuhan spraying disinfectant on buildings and cars and videos on social media showing quarantine squads looking for anyone with symptoms >> wow. >> reporter: people being taken away and what appears to be mass treatment centers. in cities like beijing, masks and anxiety the new norm and temperature checks to buy coffee, ride public transit or enter a building, millions returning to work this week but much of china still at a standstill and the outbreak is growing. on this cruiseship
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docked in japan the number of confirmed cases doubling including 25 americans. nbc's molly hunter spoke to passengers confined and frustrated >> we're definitely not safe on this ship and we need to be evaluated while some of us are still healthy. >> reporter: for 195 americans airlifted from wuhan two weeks ago, quarantined at a california military base ends tomorrow sergio is quarantined at a base in san antonio. >> to make sure i'm not infectious to my family or friends or anybody. just make sure i won't endanger my loved ones, especially the elderly. >> reporter: there are 12 confirmed cases in the u.s. and now chinese scientists are suggesting the incubation period for the virus could last up to 24 days >> thank you. we're hours from the first presidential primary in new hampshire and democratic candidates are stepping up attacks on one another. kristen welker is
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there for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it's the final sprint in new hampshire as candidates make their closing arguments. the latest polls show senator bernie sanders with a narrow lead here with major pete buttigieg in second place and the fight for third could be critical for former vice presiden joe biden who struggled since the fourth place finish in iowa can you survive a fourth place finish here in new hampshire? >> surure i could. >> reporter: what's the path >> the path is south carolina and going into nevada and going into super tuesday. >> reporter: biden has shifted strategy going on the attack against buttigieg. in recent days >> this guy is not a baraba firing back over the weekend. >> he's right. i'm not and neither is he. >> reporter: biden defending his tougher stance with nbc news. >> who has had more attacks sent to them than anybody in the race by a factor of five me. >> reporter: for his part, senator sanders has also intensified
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his criticism of buttigieg. >> unlike some of my opponents, i don't have contributions from the ceos. we don't want their money. we don't need their money. >> reporter: buttigieg accusing sanders of being too extreme. >> we cannot risk alienating americans at this critical moment, and that's where i part ways with my friend senator sanders. >> reporter: and gaining ground in the granite state senator amy klobuchar in the wake of a strong debate performance friday night. >> i cannot tell you how many people have been at my events who have said look, i'm an independent. i'm a moderate republican i'm going to vote for you. >> reporter: a national poll shows senator sanders is in the lead followed by biden and former new york mayor michael bloomberg, a relatively new entrant, is in third place. president trump is also in new hampshire tonight holding a rally for his
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supporters hallie jackson is there. is the president trying to grab the spotlight away from democrats? >> reporter: not just the spotlight tonight, lester he's trying to take the whole state from democrats come november i caught up with vice president pence on the campaign trail here today who told me he and the president absolutely want to put new hampshire in play in just about nine months from now. remember, they only lost here by a razor thin margin in 2016. just about half a percentage point so the counter programming tonight seems to be starting early. the crowd here some of them waited overnight, even in this new hampshire winter weather just to get in line to be here, lester >> hallie jackson, thank you. a month after the iranian missile attack u.s. officials say 109 american service members were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries a big jump from the 64 reported earlier president trump had initially played down the injuries also tonight, we're hearing from the wife of kobe bryant.
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her most emotional message yet about the loss of the nba legend and their daughter as three other chopper crash victims are honored at angel stadium. here is miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the tribute for the altobelli family on a field they adored. >> there is no other way to put what they meant to me in words >> reporter: john, kerri and alyssa loved baseball but not nearly as much as each other. >> alyssa is the type of person that lived life to the fullest every day. >> reporter: kerri was the heart of the altobelli family always by john's side as he entere his 28th season as baseball coach at orange coast college. >> it's just crazy how much i want to be like him and he means so hutch to all of us. >> reporter: not as famous as kobe bryant altobelli was legendary. several former players are now in the big leagues. over the weekend tributes for payton and sarah chester also on the crash today vanessa bryant writing my brain
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refuses to accept kobe and gigi are gone. praying for all of the victims. john and keri altobelli leave behind a 29-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter tens of thousands of dollars have been raised on their behalf lester, it's been two weeks since the helicopter crash and many are still grieving. >> the loss felt so deeply. thank you, miguel. we'll be back in 60 seconds with new evidence in the case against laurie loughlin what it could mean for her future and why prosecutors are reviewing who killed malcolm x decades later. her future and why prosecutors are reviewing who killed malcolm x decades later. how well does your financial advisor know you?
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if they saw you on the street would your advisor recognize you? at ameriprise, we see you as more than a client. that's why our advisors care about what's important to you. they offer personalized advice to help you prepare for what's expected and even what's not. giving you the freedom to live financially confident. because to us, you're more than just another face in the crowd. with the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise financial. at the sexual assault trial of harvey weinstein today, a tough day for the defense calling witnesses that challenge the testimony of two witnesses. those are former friends. stephanie gosk has details. >> reporter: she left court today making it pretty clear how she felt. >> i didn't want to come. >> why not she left
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>> i didn't want to be ined wished she wasn't. maya's former roommate jessica mann says weinstein raped her. maya who was there said her friend did not seem upset the defense asked did she say anything bad or negative happened with harvey that morning. not that i recall. did she ever tell you harvey weinstein hurt her in any way no maya says mann used to call the hollywood producer her spiritual soul mate. in cross-examination maya revealed she had a falling out with mann prosecutors suggesting maya stayed in touch with weinstein afterwards the other accuser story on trial today lauren young, a supporting witness and one of the alleged victims behind charges al assaulted her in 2013 in a hotel bathroom and that claudia salinas was there closing the door on her and the movie today selinas was unwavering asked by the defense did you ever lock lauren young in a bathroom with weinstein? no are you sure i'm sure
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selinas says she wasn't even in the room the prosecution saying her story changed after initially talking to investigators. weinstein denies having non-consensual sex. his defense expected to wrap before the end of the week. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york the coast guard unloaded a huge haul of cocaine in san diego. nearly 20,000 pounds worth $338 million it was seized in a series of raids in the eastern pacific. the coast guard fired warning shots into the water ultimately intercepting high-speed boats use by drug runners. new evidence tonight in the college cheating scandal the college cheating case against actress laurie loughlin. sam brock has the resume prosecutors say wa school. >> reporter: as recently as five days ago, olivia jade whose famous parents are caught in the center of a scandal posted these pictures of life returning to normal but now the former usc
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student is staring at a new layer of a deepening scandal. prosecutors releasing this college resume in a court filing that appears to be olivia jade's, though the name is redacted and the bullet points with a lit any litany of lies for a student that never participated in crew two gold medals, a fourth place finish at the head of the lagoon foster city and competitions dating back to 2017 last month, loughlin and her husband fashion designer argued payments to get their daughter into usc were legitimate donations, not bribes. the two technically face dozens of years behind bars for federal bribery and conspiracy for money laundering, mail and wirp fraud the question now will olivia jade who has not been charged be dragged into the case. >> federal prosecutors may use her to pressure these defendants into pleading guilty rather than have their
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daughter testify against them >> reporter: the latest chapter in an ongoing saga sam brock, nbc news. tonight the district attorney is reviewing the case of those convicted of killing malcolm x after a documentary raised questions about who assassinated him here is rehema ellis. >> reporter: the official count of who killed malcolm x, it's not true. >> reporter: an explosive netflix documentary casts doubt on the assassination of malcolm x 55 years ago this month now the manhattan d.a.'s office says it will begin a preliminary review of the matter, something that will determine what further investigative steps may be undertaken. malcolm's family always wanted to know more. >> it's important to get answers about who gunned down my father. >> reporter: in a brazen attack, malcolm x was gunned down in front of his wife and children while giving a speech in harlem. >> we're brutalized because we're black people in america. >> reporter: malcolm became an even mor
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controversial figure after his public falling out with the nation of islam. >> i do believe there will be attempts on my life. >> reporter: three members of the nation of islam were arrested and convicted of malcolm's assassination in a case that raised questions from the start. one confessed and maintained the other two were innocent. the historian says the alibis of two of those convicted were ignored. one of them died in 2009 maintaining his innocence. another, mohammed, released after 20 years is now 81 years old. his lawyer and the innocence project say they're grateful the d.a. is taking another look at one of the most high-profile murders in u.s. history. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. we'll take a short break and then up next, a major outpouring of pride today after a history making win man: sneezes
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