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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 11, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PST

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new hampshire voters have already begun to pick their candidates as joe biden's wife jill stopped a heckler cold in his tracks candidates stepped up attacks on one another in the nation's first pridential primary >> one of the worst cyber attacks. personal data of half of americans stolen how you can protect yourself >> then mother nature's deluge fast-moving storms leading to widespread flooding and janessa is here to track it all. >> a new documentary on the assassination of malcolm x-rays
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questions that could lead to reopening the 55-year-old case >> a new winner, westminster is in tail wag as the sport names best in show an early preview "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. one of the biggest cyber attacks in history has compromised the personal data of nearly half the country. 150 million americans. now federal authorities have charged four members of china's military with hacking equifax in 2017 nbc's tom costello tells us how they allegedly did it. >> reporter: the scale of the equifax hack was staggering. 145 million americans' names, birth dates and social security numbers stolen in some cases driver's license and credit card information, too. the attorney general said forensics teams had traced the hack back to china announcing indictments against four members of a chinese military cyber unit called the
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54th research institute. though the fbi concedes it's unlikely they'll ever face prosecution. >> this theft not only caused significant financial damage to equifax, but invaded the privacy of many millions of americans. >> reporter: it happened in 2017 after equifax failed to patch a security flaw the government had warned about prosecutors say the chinese team hid their tracks by using 34 servers in nearly 20 countries the fbi believes china also hacked marriott, u.s. government personnel office, and insurance giant anthem as it builds a massive database on every american equifax's new c.e.o. says like most companies, they get attacked daily >> which is why we're investing so heavily in our data security and transforming our technology to make sure that the security is the strongest out there >> reporter: the advice to protect yourself, always use multi-step authentication. check why credit report for unusual activity and freeze your credit with all three rating agencies lifting the freeze only before
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making a big purchase. >> as american citizens, we cannot be complacent about protecting our sensitive personal data. >> reporter: the fbi says so far no indication that the chinese have used this information, but the fbi believes this could be part of an effort to gather information on americans in government, the military, big companies, and universities to eventually target them for blackmail or espionage, and that could be months or even years down the road. phillip? >> frightening to think about. tom, thank you >> democrats aiming to avoid another iowa debacle as polls open in new hampshire, as is tradition, a hand. of voters in dixonville knox casting their ballot at the stroke of midnight even though he is not officially on the ticket in new hampshire, michael bloomberg won in a landslide with two write ins from democrats and one republican bernie sanders and pete buttiegieg trailed with one vote
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apiece amy klobuchar won one precinct in the wee hours of the morning. nbc's kristen welker has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it's the final sprint in new hampshire as candidates make their closing arguments. the latest polls show senator bernie sanders with a narrow lead here, with mayor pete buttigieg in second place, and the fight for third could be critical, including for former vice president joe biden who has struggled since his fourth place finish in iowa can you survive a fourth place finish here in new hampshire? >> sure, i could sure, i could. look, i mean -- >> reporter: what's the path >> the path is south carolina and, and going into nevada and going into super tuesday >> reporter: biden has shifted strategy, going on the attack against buttigieg in recent days >> this guy is not a barack obama. >> reporter: buttigieg firing back over the weekend. >> he's right, i'm not, and neither is he. >> reporter: biden defending his tougher stance with nbc news
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>> cruz had more tax sense than anybody in the race by a factor of five? me >> reporter: for his part senator sanders has intensified his criticism of buttigieg >> unlike some of my opponents, i don't have contributions from the c.e.o.s. we don't want their money. we don't need their money. >> reporter: buttigieg accusing sanders of being too extreme >> we cannot risk alienating americans at this critical moment that's where i part ways with my friend senator sanders >> reporter: and gaining ground in the granite state, senator amy klobuchar in the wake of a strong debate performance friday night. >> i cannot tell you how many people have been at my events who have said, look, i'm an independent. i'm a moderate republican. i'm going to vote for you. >> and our thanks to kristen welker for that report >> the new hampshire primary is absolutely critical and can make or break lower polling candidates president trump is trying to
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steal the democrats' thunder our julia joins us from manchester, new hampshire. the president held a campaign event much his own up there last night. >> reporter: yes, it was quite a split screen here in new hampshire as president trump held a rally just across the street at an arena here, manchester while the democratic candidates kris krossed the state making their final pitch to voters, trump spoke to his base. he narrowly lost new hampshire to clinton in 2016 and he's looking to take back the state so he's already on the attack against his possible rival take a listen to what he had to say. >> you have cross overs in primaries, don't you i hear a lot of republicans tomorrow will vote for the weakest candidate possible of the democrats. my only problem is i'm trying to figure out who is their weakest candidate. i think they're all weak the democrat party wants to run your health care but they can't even run a caucus in iowa.
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>> reporter: now, after the iowa caucus failed to provide a clear result, the democratic candidates here really see this as an opportunity to break out and breakthrough, especially with the state's independent voting block it's 42% of the electorate, making up the largest share and saw an uptick this cycle largely due to an increase in registered republicans. now the democrats are making their final closing messages with senator elizabeth warren pitching herself as a unity candidate and a woman who can win. mayor pete buttigieg, who is hoping to prove he can build a broad coalition, and senator bernie sanders who won the state with 60% of the vote last time, largely in part due to those independents, trying to really make a play for the state here now, former vice president joe biden is trailing sanders in the national poll, however, new hampshire voters are famously
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independent minded so we'll see what happens later today. >> all right julia jester in manchester, new hampshire, for us this morning thank you, julia >> shot in the line of duty, police under fire, this time in arkansas two officers were injured during a shootout at a walmart in forest city. authorities say the suspect was threatening people and then pulled out a gun and shot both officers this comes on the heels of two ambushes in new york city that left a pair of officers wounded. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: two police officers covering a shootout at this arkansas walmart, one officer shot four times. the gunman killed by police. >> with the officers' bravery and quick response, many lives were saved today >> reporter: it's just the latest incident of violence directed at police an n.y.p.d. officer shot by a gunman over the weekend was released from the hospital police say the suspect opened fire on two officers sitting inside a police van in the
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bronx, hitting the officer behind the wheel in the chin and neck then less than 12 hours later investigators say the same suspect started shooting inside a police station officers pinned down and arrested him when he ran out of bullets. 45-year-old robert williams is now facing several charges, including attempted murder >> he was depressed baze his son got shot >> reporter: two senior officials say he made a rambling comment about the shooting president trump blamed the new york attacks in part on weak leadership declaring our wonderful n.y.p.d. are under assaults the police sergeant's union went further saying the n.y.p.d. was declaring war on mayor bill de blasio >> isn't that a little strong? >> no, it's factual. the cops in this city do not respect the mayor. >> reporter: the mayor responded, our city is hurting right now. this is no time for division researchers have found that
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while being a cop is dangerous, it's safer now than it was 50 years ago. since 1970, there's been a 75% drop in police officer line of duty deaths. here in the bronx the alleged gunman's attorney will only say there's a lot we still don't know about what led up to these shootings. his client is now being held without bail, frances. >> all right, gabe, thank you. >> the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to climb as chinese officials have reported the country's deadliest day yet, with 108 deaths on monday. that brings the global death toll to over 1,000 the government said more than 42,000 cases have been confirmed with more than 2400 new infections the virus has now been detected in 25 countries. vietnam health ministry has confirmed a 3 month old baby is the country's 15th case. meanwhile a new case has been discovered in san diego, making it the 13th confirmed patient in the united states. >> a massive snowstorm swept over the shores of northern turkey and it was caught on
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camera this mesmerizing time lapse video shows the wall of snow making its way right across the black sea. the man who filmed this said he never witnessed anything like it before he says it's a little bit scary when it gets to this point also the natural wonders, amazing he was able to set that up and capture that. >> sure is back here in the u.s. with a scary amount of flooding some areas are facing, the governor of kentucky declaring an emergency in the eastern part of the state. farmland is covered with water trapping people inside their homes. and even more rain still falling there today. further south in alabama, flash flooding brought roads there to a stand still and it caused some schools to close the southeast is still facing severe threats as we speak >> all right let's get details on those threats. here's nbc meteorologist janessa webb tracking it all good morning >> good morning. good morning, everyone we do have a lovely breeze across central and north alabama this morning these strong storms continue to flow across that area. today you are going to get a slight break, but tomorrow another potential threat of
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severe weather possibility for west texas all the way into memphis, another 3 to 2 inches. so flooding going to be a major concern with 21 million still under flash floowatched s e. we're back in the lower 80s. 57 for san antonio we're going to continue to watch the inundation of this water. tomorrow picking up once again >> serious stuff janessa, thank you in today's news by the numbers, a calorically challenged cat is looking for a forever home he has asthma and is on a strict diet and exercise. >> i like that, calorically
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>> suspended cleveland browns defensive end myles garrett meets with the nfl about his reinstatement. sources tell espn garrett met with commissioner roger goodell and other league representatives. the browns star was suspended indefinitely for his role in a fight back in november against the steelers garrett ripped off the helmet of rudolph and clobbered him in the head with it he missed the final six games of the regular season >> still ahead, a new place of honor for harriet tubman and frederick douglas. >> and an explosive new outhmentary is raising questions abt e assassination of malcolm x. we'll be right back. just wet,e icky messes in microwaves and on stovetops for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in disposable sheets. it's not getting in my way.? i had enough! joint pain, swelling, tenderness... ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer...
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we're celebrating black history all this month, and the maryland statehouse has unveiled two bronze statues of famed abolitionist harriet tubman and frederick douglas. the life-size statues were dedicated during a special joint session of the maryland general assembly it shows the two icons as they would have appeared in age and in dress back in 1864, the year that slavery was abolished in the state. >> here in new york the district attorney is reviewing the case of those convicted of killing malcolm x. after a documentary raised new questions about who assassinated him, here's nbc's rehema ellis >> the official count of who killed malcolm x, it's not true. >> reporter: an explosive new
4:20 am
netflix documentary casts doubt on the assassination of malcolm x 55 years ago this month. the manhattan da's office says it will begin a preliminary review of the matter and determine what further investigative steps may be undertaken malcolm's family has always wanted to know more. >> we wanted to get answers about who gunned him down. >> reporter: in a brazen attack, malcolm x was gunned down in front of his wife and children while giving a speech in harlem. >> we are brutalized because we are black people in america. >> reporter: malcolm became an even more controversial figure after his public falling out with the nation of islam >> i do believe there will be attempts on my life. >> reporter: three members of the nation of islam were arrested and convicted of malcolm's assassination in a case that raised questions from the start. one confessed and maintained the other two were innocent. historian abdull raman muhammad says the alibis of those convicted were ignored >> the thing is children weren't
4:21 am
even there that day. >> reporter: one of them died in 2009, maintaining his innocence. another muhammad aziz released after 20 years is now 81 years old. his lawyer and the innocence project say they're grateful the d.a. is taking another look at one of the most high-profile murders in u.s. history. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york >> coming up, janessa will have our valentine's day forecast >> but first dramatic new video takes us inside the terrifying moments a bus flipped and sent those students flying. from aimovig. to be there for the good... ...and not so good. for the mundane. the awe-inspiring. the heart-racing. the heartbreaking. that's what life is all about... ...showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say... ..."i am here." we aim to change that...
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cascade platinum. video from the ohio state highway patrol shows the dramatic moment a school bus overturned, according to highway officials, a car struck a bus after running a red light. eight of the 25 students on board including the bus driver were taken to the hospital they are all expected to be okay the driver of the other vehicle, however, did suffer serious injuries officials say he was driving with a suspended license >> amazing they weren't hurt more after being tossed upside down >> that makes your heart drop. glad they're okay. let's check out what's going on. we have the warmth building across the south and southeast but we're not going to see too much love for your valentine's day. you have blue starting to make its way in here. by tomorrow afternoon, birmingham still the 73 degrees. by friday into boston area, we're ckn e d s. wel right back.
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we are back with a big competition here in new york who will be top dog at this year's westminster dog show? here's nbc's erin mclaughlin to explain. >> reporter: back stage at the westminster dog show, game faces are going on the place is about to go on. >> yes >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> anxious >> reporter: at this parade of pooches, the question, who will win best in show >> here at westminster, any dog can win. >> reporter: maybe the newbie, the west african hunting hound it's too soon to say the fluffing
4:27 am
>> takes me five hours once a week to bathe her. >> reporter: strutting their stuff to claim best of group what makes him special >> everything. >> reporter: the chance at canine glory do you think he's going to go all the way? >> oh, sure, why not >> reporter: last year a wire fox terrier took top dog king arthur, some say he has nothing on scam of the tramp, winner of the 2019 world's uglyest dog contest. >> every dog is so cute in their own way. >> reporter: proof or woof, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder erin mclaughlin, nbc news, new york >> so fascinating every aspect of the dog shows, how intense it really is. >> i can't wait until -- you know how when it comes to human beauty pedr beauty pageants as well. it's not all about the looks coming for them soon enough. the 2020 candidates and their staff eat to keep their energy high? we know they need it the guardian analyzed each campaign's food expenditure
4:28 am
throughout the end of last year and the results may surprise you. the democratic campaign spent a combined 100 grand on pizza and italian food sanders campaign bought more pies than any other, almost 30 grand worth. dessert, bernie spent over $13,000 on ben and jerry's ice cream. that's probably because bernie sanders has a flavor on that brand. >> it's local right there. lucky candy is a deli located in the bronx in new york and known for serving earp more than sandwiches. the bodega owner's son is dishing out math problems for customers to get a chance to win as many free snacks as they can grab but only if they solve it correctly. the store has done this since ahmed was14 years old. he's now 20. why? well, for ahmed to share his love of math and help those who may be struggling financially add extra food to their cart also a fun way of doing that what a great idea.
4:29 am
>> a twist on super market sweep. >> little bodega new york style. thanks for waking up with us i'm frances rivera >> i'm phillip mena. coming up on the today show, new research on caffeine addiction and withdrawal for now ep it right here ke obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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right now at 4:30, the polls are open in the nation's first primary. these are live pictures from new hampshire. and why officials are confident there won't be a repeat of last week's chaos in iowa. pg&e asking for more money to cover the fire prevention project and the impact the request could have on your monthly electric bill. too early to talk about bills. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's talk about cashing in because you might recall the coveted craft beer went on sale in the north bay. lining


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