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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 23, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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surging. >> we have now won the nevada cauc caucus. >> bernie sanders dominates nevada more than doubling his nearest competitor. >> no campaign has the fwras roots movement like we do. which is another reason why we're going to win this election. >> joe biden appears head ed fo his best showing. >> i think we're in a position now to move out of the way that we haven't been until this moment. >> with democrats sdi provided, the question now, can anyone stop sanders. my guests this morning jim clyburn where joe biden will be
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making a do or die stand. are you trying to say i'm dumb? >> fear and loathing in las vegas. >> none of them accused me except they didn't like a joke i told. >> the candidates democrats saw as the answer to sanders flas line flat lines in wednesday's debate. >> i have been nice to some women. >> can michael bloomberg's money buy his way out of that performance. and president trump dismisses as democratic propaganda and intelligence report from his own administration that the russians are again trying to help him win. >> it's disinformation. that's the only thing they are good at. >> as a result he dismisses his intelligence chief. i'll talk to mark short of the white house. joining me are hugh hewitt. kimberly atkins, dan pfeiffer, and betsy swan of the daily
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beast. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press." >> from nbc news in washington, the longest running show in television history, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. goornd morning, if there wa any question about the front runner bernie sanders put that to rest. the votes still to be count ed here's where the caucus stands now with sanders more than doubling the competition. this powerful showing in a diverse state will give sanders huge momentum as the race moves to south carolina on saturday and super tuesday in just nine days. sanders was already thinking ahead last night in the super tuesday state of texas. >> in nevada we have just put together a multigenerational, multiracial coalition, which is going to not only win in nevada, it's going to sweep this
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country. >> sanders, indeed, won a smashing across the board victory. he won among men and women, college graduates and non-college graduates, liberals and moderates union and non-union members. people who decided early and people who decided late. in short, sanders crushed it. in doing so he may have crushed the hopes of a democratic establishment desperate to stop him. the enb news yasm is match ed b trepidation among democrats fear sanders will lose to president trump but take down the house majority and any chance of winning back the senate as well. while the two sides disagree over the merits of a sanders nomination, they do agree on this. after a loss in iowa and wins in new hampshire and nevada, world trade center bs is now the favorite. john roflson is joining me now. since we don't have all the vote in, john, we begin with you.
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look, let's start with how big sanders' win was. he was powered by young voters, hispanic voters, very liberal and those who supported medicare for all. us bust i want to focus on latino voters. he made huge end roads there. >> chuck, he didn't just make huge end rods. the union and is made up of at least half hispanics was very anti-bernie in its messaging. they didn't endorse anybody. bernie sanders went into all of those culinary union strongholds in the the casinos and he won almost every one showing that he went beyond their messaging, made his pitch about what do you say in the multiracial coalition and he won in most of the
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casinos, where you have all of these hispanic workers. >> what does that say about the power of the union leadership or was this a reminder why they decided not to endorse essentially against sanders for fear that their endorsement might be hollow. >> i think it's both, actually. i think there's always -- not always, but often a disconnect between what union leadership does and how the rank and file feel. it's not just what the culinary union. bernie sanders' campaign made incursions into the union and had recruited some of those folks. but listen, the culinary union leaders are not dumb. they saw what was happening in the state. they had nice words for joe biden, but they saw what happened in new hampshire. they saw his campaign was not nearly as organize d as bernie sanders'. a lot of biden folks got upset with this amall ji. they were not going to get on
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board the titanic after it hit the iceberg. >> ouch. i want to put up from our entrance poll among moderate and conservative voters in nevada. here sanders and biden essentially were tied among moderates. a lot of the non-whiter voters didn't call themselves liberal. they called themselves moderate l moderate/conservative. they still ended up support iin bernie sanders. >> i think moderates and the slightly to the right of center democrats are still flailing about. they don't know which of these non-bernie candidates to choose. so that splits up that vote. that allows bernie sanders to even do well in that cohort. is it going to be mayor pete? is it going to be elizabeth warren? even amy klobuchar. they all split up that vote. that's part of the reason beyond his fephenomenal organization a his messaging to young people that bernie sanders is now the clear front runner in the race.
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>> joe biden said's campaign is calling their performance a strong second place finish. not all the votes are counted. is it possible pete buttigieg passes him for second place? >> i think it's too close to call right now. i don't know what the drattic party is doing. i gave them the benefit of the doubt. this isn't a little league game where you just stop playing we really dent kndon't know. my reporter has a letter from the pete buttigiegme campaign. they have alleged all kinds of errors and inconsistencies, which of course, you'd expect in a caucus. but they want to position themselves, obviously, as having finished in second place so they can say it's them and bernie because that's how it's been in the first three states. but listen, are you going to brag about finishing more than 2 to 1 behind bernie sanders?
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that rings hollow to normal human being, i think. >> i don't think this is 1984 where gary heart can losely 30 and declare victory as he did one time in iowa. john, our man in nevada, ed tort of the nevada independent, thank you for coming on. much appreciated. it's getting very late, very early for democrats who the to stop bernie sanders from running away with the nomination with a national pry tear day just nine days away. >> we are going to win across the count b try. >> sanders now leads in national polls by double digits and is ahead in super tuesday states like california. which will award 415 pledged delegates on march 3rd. he only narrowly trails in a south carolina poll. >> i think we've got a shot to win in south carolina, which i would not have told you a month ago. >> reporter: his opponents are beginning to take him on. >> sanders believes in an
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inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most the democrats, not to mention most americans. >> some believe that the way to beat donald trump is to be just as polarizing. >> i am a democrat. >> bernie says we're going to keep the filibuster. i say mitch mcconnell is not going to get a veto over what we want to do. >> we may very well be on the way to normminating somebody wh cannot win this november. >> pete buttigieg is on the air in south carolina attacking sanders by name. >> bernie sanders medicare for all would completely eliminate private insurance forcing millions of americans off their current plan. >> sanders is being eagerly named in campaign ads like this one from senator martha mcsally. >> he would support bernie sanders. 60 trillion this new spending, health care for illegal immigrants. >> i love the idea of a sanders candidacy. it make mess excited about the
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down ballot. >> reporter: still in wednesday's debate, sanders' opponents left him largely unscathed attacking michael bloomberg instead. >> are you willing to release all the women from the non-disclosure agreements. >> he has stop and frisk throwing close to 5 million young black men up against a wall. >> it's not just about how much money you've got. it's what you stand for. >> reporter: now that sanders could build an you are surmountable lead on tuesday if democrats don't align behind one alternative, all of the opponents to sanders say no candidate should get the nomination without a majority of delegates. >> you can't have somebody with 32% of the vote think they are going to be the nominee. what about the other 68%? if you're going to be the nominee, play by the rules. get a majority. >> joining me is the congressman from south carolina jim clyburn, also the house majority chip. congressman, welcome back to "meet the press." >> thank you for having me.
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>> bernie sanders, democratic front runner at this point. do you accept the fact the favorite to be the nominee? >> i'll accept the fact he's the front runner. i want south carolina to have its say before i talk about who would be the odds on favorite. >> let's talk about south carolina. i want to throw up an entrance poll graphic of african-american voters in nevada and just because african-american voters vote one way in nevada doesn't mean they will vote that way in south carolina. booiden at 39%, but sanders getting 27%. stier a at 16%. warren a at 10%. i looked a at that and it felt like a reasonable south carolina poll going in with a week to go. is that how you would see the spread right now in south carolina? >> i don't know if i spent enough time trying to figure out exactly who has how much, but all these candidates will get
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some african-american votes. no question about that. i do believe, however, that if we were having the election tomorrow, joe biden would have more of the vote. how much more, i don't know yet. i think the debate on tuesday night will have an impact and i think that some activity after that might have an impact as well. >> are you concerned -- joe biden believes you're going to endorse him. a lot of people believe you want to endorse joe biden. you have said you know who you're going to vote for at this point, but you want to wait until after the debate. but has joe biden done enough to assuage any concerns a about his electability yet? >> well, i think what has happened here is that in the first two contests, people from south carolina, like around the country, are looking a at this
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and i have heard from a lot of people they thought that joe biden could have done more to engage during the debates. thought he could have done more to say why he would be deserved. so i think he suffered from that. he didn't do enough. but i do believe that a lot of that had to do with other candidates. i think that a at that time you had 17 or 18 people on the stage calling the errors. so all of this change is when you only have six people, so the dynamics on tuesday night would be totally different from what they were on those two contests. >> what did you learn from the last debate? do you think candidates spent too much time on bloomberg or
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too much time attacking each other? what was your take away from the debate? >> i think they spent too much time on bloomberg. i think that there's enough going on out there to leave it up to you guys to talk about his record. but i thought that elizabeth warren did herself a lot of good. she demonstrated to the viewing public that she has tenacity and she was not unwilling to engage. so she did herself a lot of good. >> i think at one point, you and others believe the winner of the south carolina primary would be the democratic nominee. do you believe that now? >> well, i still believe that south carolina's record -- i'm a history guy. i'm informed about history. and on both sides of the card, i remember john mccain coming into
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south carolina the odds on favorite. he left south carolina in bad shape. we had barack obama to win south carolina and be launched all the way to the presidency. hillary clinton won south carolina and became the odds on favorite, and she won the nomination. so south carolina has a demographic, it lends itself well to democratic voters especially. so if you can win south carolina, i think it will set the stage for super tuesday. and you will become the odds on favorite. >> let me ask you about the likelihood of sanders as the nominee. one of your democratic colleagues in the state of south carolina appears to be quite nervous about this. here's what he said. south carolinians don't want socialism, we want to know how you're going to get things done and how you are going to pay for them. bernie's proposals to raise
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taxes on everyone is not something the country wants and not something i'd ever support. democratic member of congress joe cunningham, this is one of the trump districts that you successfully flipped in '18. do you concur with your colleague? >> well, i concur with his conclusions. i don't know that all that should apply to bernie sanders. i worked very closely with bernie sanders on many issues. community health center, we have been working on that together for 15 years. so i do believe that community health centers as well as other initiatives in rural america, i think that bernie sanders brings a lot to the table for people to consider. so i know why he's nervous like that. anybody who refers to themselves as a democratic socialist, that word has always had really dire
8:17 am
consequences throughout south caroli carolina. >> is there a chance you decide not to endorse publicly before the primary? i say that because maybe you're not comfortable with where a certain candidacy is headed. >> there's no chance i won't endorse. i will endorse wednesday morning. i've just gotten there. i just believe it would not be good for me to hold myself out as a person who has been in south carolina politics for as long as i have been and not say to people who have said to me who i'm for. i'm going to tell everybody who i'm beginning to vote for. i'm just not going to do it today. >> jim clyburn, democratic delegation down there in south carolina, thank you for coming
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♪ welcome back. our panel is back. dan pfeiffer, author. welcome, everybody. i will start with you, dan, since you have been on a winning presidential campaign in the past. this is where we are with bernie sanders right now. it's very interesting. among all voters a majority of voters have reservations about somebody over the age of 75, somebody who had a recent heart attack and a socialist. primary voters, majorities aren't concerned. it's high pluralities.
8:21 am
44% say the same about over 75. what does this tell you about bernie sanders' future as the nominee? >> those polls also show that bernie sanders is beating down on trump in almost every head to head matchup. so what it tells me is bernie sanders can win this election. he comes to it with a specific set of potential vulnerabilities around labeling a series of particularly popular policies with an unpopular label. but he can win if the party unites and we should talk about his strengths. he has the most powerful economic message in the field to date. he's the only to compete financially with trump. he has an impressive organization. he can win. will he is on how he navigates his vulnerabilities. >> there was a strong opinion about the rise of bernie sanders. i want to play a clip.
8:22 am
sdwl if you want to vote for bernie sanders because you feel good about his program and don't like the banks on wall street or don't like pharmaceuticals, that's completely legitimate. if you're vote iing for him bece you think he will win the election and galvanize sleepy parts of the electorate, politically, you're a fool. >> so betsy, the democratic establishment in some ways is speaking through james. >> what's notable is how lonely of a voice he is. our outlet took to a number of opera ratives and fundraisers who say part of the reason there isn't a coordinated machine behind him, there's not organization on the money side and the voter mobilization side is they worry if they tried to do something like this, bernie would say we have evidence that wall street was working with the establishment to damage. they are worried the effort to take sanders down would become
8:23 am
fire or help him. >> it's stunning that they all have the same opinion and all paralyzed. >> but the establishment of the democratic party isn't who is going to the polls and voting. one thing that nevada has shown is that bernie sanders at least from 2016 is growing his because. he is expanding and reaching out to latino voters. that has an important impact when it comes to momentum. when it comes to 2008 when barack obama won in iowa, that told voters, hey, there's this fwie that can win an election. white people are voting for him too. now this is telling voters in south carolina, people of color, he had the majority of latino voters. we should take a look at him. he's finding a way to break this ceiling that we have been hearing about for years now. >> four years ago at this time, hew hewitt, you argued donald trump sunt doesn't have this in the bag. he can be stopped. now you're looking at this and telling me this morning this
8:24 am
looks like the democrats are watching what happened to your side four years ago. >> i watched the debate. i thought it was a replay of the debates i did four years ago. james carrvill is liveing the dream that doesn't exist anymore. that the establishment can stop bernie sanders. in fact, the atlantic this morning compared the democratic establishment with the must want show saying the muppet show is better organized. if i wanted to untrump if i, i would go to pete buttigieg because he's the opposite. when you get to south carolina, he's the representative of america's small cities ask big towns. that's where he wins. nevada has two cities, they don't have a lot of small cities. you lock at greenville, i think pete buttigieg could surprise and close that gap in south carolina. >> but is it too late? it's so weird to say that.
8:25 am
we have only been through three states. but putting super tuesday what they did, this calendar is a disaster for the democratic party if they want to try to slow sanders down. >> it's not too late, but it's getting pretty close to too l e late. bernie sanders is building up a tremendous amount of momentum with no clear alternative to stop him. and bhoom bloom's presence out here spending a half billion dollars is helping make it more likely that bernie sanders is going to win because it's furtherty providing. i don't consider him on the moderate side. elizabeth warren is in the non-bernie camp. but right now the vote is so split. i saw that south carolina poll where tom stooir is getting double digits. the irony that two billionaires can conspire, is something for the history books. >> a lot of this has to do with michael bloomberg as well. one of things, betsy, we talk about all the lack of preparation in this dabt. i want to isolate his closing
8:26 am
statement. the close iing statement is something you prepare in advance. you have one minute. number one, he didn't use his entire one minute. but here's an excerpt from it. it's just surprising to me. take a listen. >> look, this is a management job and donald trump is not a manager. this is a job where you have to build teams. the people that we elect, and it's not just the president of the united states, they should have experience. they should have credentials. they should understand what they are doing and the implications. we shouldn't just say, nice person, gives a good speech. we should say didn't do the job and you're out of here. >> he had more time. everybody else used their one minute. it's the elevator pitch. this told me he doesn't have a message. >> to say it's a management job for a party that historically has been fuelled by labor is a little bit of a head scratcher. you think someone might have said don't use the "m" word.
8:27 am
in addition to that, bloomberg has very much been insulated from having to answer hard questions for this entire process. he's bierly sitting down for any interviews with reporters. i'm a little bias as a reporter. but candidates who sit down for tough challenging interviews do better in the debates because they are used to being outside their comfort zone. bloomberg was in his comfort zone until the most important point. >> voters in this election more than others are wanting to be heard. these are people who the exit polls have shown they want to hear the candidates talk about health care and how difficult it is. they want to hear them say how difficult it is not to send kids to schools they want. that's the inspiration that's helping fuel candidates like bernie sanders and for bloomberg to say, hey, i'm the tough guy with a lot of money and i'm going to beat trump doesn't seem like the message he's pulling. >> the movie "cats" got better rereviews than bloomberg.
8:28 am
that was the worst debate performance i have seen since '76. however, bernie can still lose this because i saw de blasio attacking pete buttigieg. i saw amy klobuchar attacking because they are killing themselves on the sidelines. >> i'm going to give you the last word because i'm going to use your work. y book. you said something that's a case for bernie sanders. here's what youy. the republican base responds to fear and democrats respond to hope. we need to enspire non-voters to become voters. they need to fire up the base. the point being, and i say this way, of all the candidates right now, isn't bernie sanders the one that's running on b a message to do something and it sounds hopeful to his folks? >> i think all the candidates have the capacity to execute that message, but it's without a doubt bernie sanders is doing the best job of it right now. he's a strong message that
8:29 am
inspires people. it creates enthusiasm. it's a message that can work in the election if he can navigate people coming a after him. >> if nobody drops out better super tuesday, is it possible to stop bernie sanders? >> i do not believe it is. >> when we come back, new evidence that the russians are, again, working to help what i love most about being a scientist at 3m is that i'm part of a community of problem solvers. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution... to one that can take on a bigger challenge. from packaging tape... to tape that can bond materials to buildings... and planes. one idea can unlock a breadth of solutions. at 3m, we are solving problems that improve lives.
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welcome back. last week we learned that u.s. intelligence officials concluded that the russians are once again trying to interfere in the presidential election. presumably to help president trump. trump falsely dismised this as democrat you can misinformation. >> the do-nothing-democrats said today that putin wants to be sure that trump gets elected. here we go. i was told it was happening. i was told a week ago. they are trying to start a rumor. it's disinformation. >> yet the president dismissed his intelligence chief involved in that briefing. he also confirmed that intel officials told his campaign a month ago that russia is trying to help him too. >> here's the message.
8:33 am
to russia, stay out of american elections. >> joining me is vice president pensaco pence's chief of staff marc short. does the president believe russia is trying to interview in the presidential election? >> i think russia and other nations have consistently tried to interfere in american elections. the question that's out in some of the fake news media was an assertion that russia was intentionally trying to help donald trump. that's different than foreign nations looking to undermine america's democracy. >> he called it a disinformation campaign. the president himself. his intel officials are passing on disinformation to him? >> no, what he believes is that the people leading the house intelligence committee, chairman schiff, distort information. and leak information that is false. >> the information didn't come from them though. it came from the intel official. >> no, chuck. i was in the briefing that the president received from the the intelligence committee. there's not been an assertion a
8:34 am
that rush sia is trying to benet donald trump. that's. >> forget donald trump. why isn't the president concerned about russian interference? >> concern, how about the media covering the fact that in 2018 when donald trump was president we had midterm elections that went off without a hitch. in 2016 the national security adviser susan rice told her team to stand down. that's what they testified. the head of the cyber security said we were told to stand down. we continue to talk about what's happening here with donald trump, when in fact, we have enhanced security in elections. elections today have been asserted they are safer than they were. >> the acting chief of staff said that the previous last senate secretary was told she could not bring up efforts to deter election interference particularly when it came to russia because it set the president off. are officials even allowed to bring this up to the president? >> of course, i don't know what
8:35 am
was said in that context. it's why the president has had the department of homeland security and others work with 1100 municipalitiemunicipalitie. joe mcguire is an american patriot who served with honor and distinction. donald trump hopes he will find another role in the administration. >> why did he dismiss him? >> march 12th was his end date. >> you could have thomas nated him permanently. >> he was supposedly going to appoint m. appellate cour. mcgu. >> i think that the -- >> he was never under consideration for the job? >> i never heard somebody assert he's the leading contender and he's going to get the position. he served with distinction. he's an american patriot. the president hopes to find another role for him.
8:36 am
>> i want you to respond to something that the former admiral wrote. in this administration, good men ask women don't last long. joe was dismissed for doing his job. they needed that information to do their jobs. admiral is no partisan hack. >> i respect the admiral's point of view, but he doesn't know what he's talking about here. he's not part of the administration. the president respects a admiral mcguire. he's looking to find another role inside the administration. >> why can't the president say he wants to deter russia from interfering in the election? his reaction was it's made up and democrat disinformation. >> he does want to stop foreign interfeern. >> he never said that. >> he's taken multiple steps. you're going to see he's got a reason. we should have having a briefing here at the white house to tell the american people how we're making sure it's safer. he want wants to do that. he will be doing that the next
8:37 am
couple weeks. >> does he believes the russians are interfeerning? >> chuck, i think the reality is it's hard to suggest when this administration is taking steps time and again to sanction russia harder than any president thrks president took steps that killed mercenaries on the bat the field that russia would prefer to have donald trump than a person to honeymoon and still prefer that over capitalism. >> the president continues to use a russian talking point when it comes to the 2016 interference. he brings up crowd strike in that phone call. so on one hand, the administration sanctions russia. the president himself using the bully pulpit let's russia off the hook. >> the president has taken multiple steps to make sure our elections are safer. he has taken many steps to sanction russians. those are not just things the administration does. they have to go to the the president's desk. he signs off on this. he's taken more steps to make
8:38 am
sure that america is safer from russian interference. >> by him saying they are try ing to start a rumor, it's disinformation how does that do anything to deter the russians? how does that not just say, russia, come on in. i'm going to call it disinformation. >> when there are mid-level people go up in front of the house intelligence committee, before they brief the president, they go up and brief chairman schiff. he knows the information is going to get leaked out and distorted. >> what you're saying is because he believes it could get leaked, he's not going to essentially inform the legislative branch? >> no, we have been continuing to inform the legislative branch. the concern is if you do it in front of chairman schiff, who has continued to lie to the american people time and again on multiple occasions, particularly about the president's relationship with russia and continued to purport a russian hoax conspiracy, that's frustrating to the president. >> but frustrating enough to mislead the country? >> he's not. look at what the administration
8:39 am
has continued to do. i just told you the 2018 mud term elections went off without a hitch. we're working with municipalities we have continued to sanction and actually sign laws that stiffen penalties for election interference. >> i go back to the president's words. what does that do to enhance security. doesn't it undermine the thing you're telling me you're doing. >> we are continue iing to take these steps. the president's frustration remains more with adam schiff and those in the house intelligence committee who will not take the information honestly and represent it. >> was mr. mcguire dismissed because they informed the house committee of this information? >> no. >> he had not, would we be here? >> admiral mcguire was not the one testifying. >> i know that. but allowing that briefing to happen, that was something the president did not like? >> it was not a matter of what happens. it's the oversight of how it happens. what's the process to make sure that the people were testified
8:40 am
to those senior levels and understand the gamesmanship the chairman. >> do you believe he was being a partisan here and his team was being a partisan? >> no, i said to you several times that we have great respect for admiral mcguire. and the president himself has said i want to find another place where he can serve the n administration. >> okay, but you keep saying that somehow briefing a bipartisan group of house lawmakers, which is a responsibility of the administration, but the president said that was a mistake. >> no, the president's frustration was that he wasn't briefed before they were briefed. you had mid-level people going s to a partisan environment that was supposed to be behind closed doors and yet it was still leaked to the american people. >> who leaked it out? it looks like it came from the administration. >> no, because the president's concern was exactly to say, look, you do that they are going to say that the russians are trying to help donald trump. it was what the leak said.
8:41 am
>> clarify something. the new personnel director of the west wing is conducting a review of all agencies and departments to ensure all political appointees are loyal to president trump. can you explain what the freeze is about? >> there are thousands of those who serve in the executive branch. a small percentage are political appointees. every administration will want to make sure they are people who support the administration. >> how did they prove this? >> i don't know they prove it. it's saying we want to make sure the political appointees are supporting the administration. >> i understand that. cabinet secretaries are not longer allowed to make their own appointees. >> the way it works in the administration is cabinet secretary should be working with the office together to make those decisions. that's the way it's going to continue to work. >> last question. the president had this post
8:42 am
nevada tweet. crazy bernie is doing well in nevada. congratulations, bernie. don't let them take it away from you. the president is rooting on bernie sanders for the democratic nomination? >> i don't know he's rooting on bernie sanders. he's pointing out the irony that a lot of democrats today complain about the electoral college. so i think -- >> does the president prefer to run against bernie sanders? >> i think he's comfortable with any candidates of the field. he has a tremendous record on national security. we have created over 7 million new jobs. unemployment, all-time low. >> he never attacks bernie. he attacks bloomberg and biden. >> this president is comfortable with the entire field. >> marc short, thank you for coming on sglonchts when we come back, how fireproof is new york state is taking business to the next level. supporting innovative companies that will shape tomorrow and building workforce development and tuition-free college programs to generate the talent companies need. with a $150 billion investment in state of the art,
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8:46 am
poll shows that bernie sanders is closing that gap. almost 70% of black voter says they are comfortable about joe biden while only 28% say they have reservations or uncomfortable with his candidate us is. that's a net positive score of 41 points in favor for the former vice president. but sanders is right behind him and gaining. he has a net positive score of 35 points. and there are only small differences in the types of black voter who is support each candidate. both biden and sanders do slightly better with women than men. biden and sanders are even among younger voters while biden has a 10-point edge with those voters over the age of 50. biden gets more support than sanders among black voters with a college agree while even again those who have graduated from college. the big question is how these candidates do against president trump in november. among these voters, biden and sanders both beat president trump by 80 points in a head to head matchup. that's right in line with hillary clinton's numbers in 2016.
8:47 am
still, biden has been counting on african-american voters who saw him as the most electable democrat to be in south carolina. but with sanders beating biden b in new hampshire and iowa, the firewall may be crumbling. when we come back, all the pardons and mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. it can reduce pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. taking a higher than recommended dose of xeljanz for ra can increase risk of death. serious, sometimes fatal infections, cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, and changes in lab results.
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president trump this morning talked to reporters about the u.s. intelligence concluding that russia is again meddling in the election on his behalf and also bernie sanders. here's what the president said. >> nobody said t i read where russia is helping bernie sanders. nobody said that to me they leaked it, adam schiff and his group leaked it to the papers as usual, they want to investigate adam schiff for leaking that information. >> the president making some allegations that are impossible to fact check and giving his track record here are probably a little bit questionable. hugh hewitt, the president's ability to condemn what russia does only sparks this conspiracy even more, doesn't it? >> look at what he does, not
8:52 am
what he says by the way, my disclosure, my son is a political at state, they p.r. all friends. rick grenell outside of the cabinet is anti-russian of the administration trying to get germany up to 2% he's anti-russia. >> it's not about the administration it's about the president's words that under mines it. that's the question, why do his words continue to undear mine? >> i think it's to speak softly and carry the biggest stick, in military spending to be nice to middle of the coronavirus, and to be tough on him, and to be tough on crimea, tough, tough, tough. actions. soft spoken in words. >> credible? >> he sees that as a personal slight he's going to push against that. while simultaneously helping the narrative helping bernie sanders
8:53 am
and really paying no mind to the fact that is contradictory that is what we are seeing moving forward we are seeing, from marc short talking about 2018 there was no interference there was. this is moose importantly the intelligence officials that's what i heard from this week intelligence officials are alarmed at what is going on in that the continual continuous discreati discrediting. >> those are career professionals. >> exactly and it's notable that the purges being discussed are looking at political as well. sort of wide angle lens the president doesn't trust. that said, the news coming out this week of russia interference isn't as surprising as it sounds in october facebook announced it pulled down accounts control farm that was very active in 2016 those accounts pushed content
8:54 am
that was pro trump and pro bernie sanders that's all open source great analysis of it finding that it was basically recycling through this material. and what's really important and so important for people to keep in mind going into 2020 is that these accounts prioritized operational security, secrecy over going viral if those accounts are linked to the kremlin, that means the kremlin has potential to be much more sophisticated going into this election. >> dan, what do democrats running for president do this with nfrninformation? bernie sanders informed us they got this a month ago it is hard to imagine the president wasn't informed. tht this is an oddity of this all. but this is tricky politics in the democrat politics, isn't it? >> yes. >> you are not trying to help bernie sanders be president. this he are trying to give trump the opponent he wants.
8:55 am
they helped in 2016 to divide the democrat party no one thinks russia is trying to make bernie sanders president. the way this plays out in the election more broadly is we have been having a conversation about how democrats unify. frg since impeachment ended is helping reunite the party. if he's act this way nine months before the election, imagine what it's going to be like in the second term where he doesn't have to face accountability from voters >> i dpo want to show some of the musical chairs in intel community particularly at d flr dni. july 28 fires coats. on that same day the person who was supposed to have assumed the acting director slot, sue gordon, who was number two, she resigned because she was passed over for that acting top job role then the next day rick grenell is named acting director
8:56 am
by the way, hugh, this is what makes this suspicious. he was made the first shake-up and making its way through the dni. this one is timed with the report of russian interferencement that's nasty circumstantial evidence. >> if you want the person most effective in puppetry, you put rick grenell most anti-russian. >> he's pretty partisan. >> he came up as a republican lbgtq so he is obviously combative and had to earn his stripes hard way but if you want someone, you put ambassador rick grenell in that job. >> i don't know there is evidence he was any softer than rick grenell is. >> important question. >>en a the important question that short didn't answer is why there was this rapid snap back of mikhail gorbach
8:57 am
of maguire from that position and put rick grenell for a couple of weeks. still no clear message of administration of installing this guy but has a deep and long-term working as partisan and vocal trump ally into this incredibly sensitive intelligence spot. >> i think bill casey think of someone polit cannily kebted to get an intel job like this. >> right i think we have to be clear, he has national security credentials. imagine obama about x game but imagine he fired him and put in a political operative, one with the history of pushing conspiracy theories at the exact time russian was trying to interfere in the election to help the candidacy. >> he did not put him in charge of the dni. >> a guy who has ten years of experience by being a diplomate
8:58 am
with highest security clearance, i think that's a complete fabrication of the beltway establishment that hates rick grenell because he is combative but i think he's put in there to be a reason. >> political loyalist. >> to be anti-russian face in the administration. >> i remember when william barr was put in to be the grown up in the room and we have seen how that worked out and the news surrounding him. i think the sishl shall evidence as you point out speaks for itself. >> that's all we have for today. thank you for watching we'll be back next day day after the south carolina primary and two days before super tuesday. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press. wall street banks took advantage
8:59 am
of millions of americans during the recession. so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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