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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> flood graduated from oakland tech before winning two world series titles with the cardinals. he died in 1997 at the age of 59. >> thank you so much for joining us. nightly news with lester holt is up u next. >> we'll bah back at 6 f:00. hope to see you then. bye. tonight as the coronavirus now spreading in the u.s the first case in the country of unknown origin no known link to foreign travel or other patients president trump's message. his administration trying to calm fears and new reporting. a whistle-blower who treated american evacuees had no training or protective gear the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis across the world, cases exploding. also tonight, the car crashing into a daycare. several children injured. parents rushing to the scene. >> i was definitely freaked out. very worried. >> the car slamming into the room where kids take naps.
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dramatic rescues the massive water main break flooding the highway in a major u.s. city. cars underwater and people stranded on their roofs. the search for answers in that mass shooting at one of america's largest breweries. five killed by a co-worker before he turned the gun on himself. what was the motive? the new turn in the college admissions scandal. lori loughlin learning when she will go on trial and the new evidence her attorney says exonerates her. and george clooney speaking out the public face of a coffee giant and what he's saying about allegations of child labor. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone the learning curve on the coronavirus has turned to northern california tonight and an infected patient whose exposure is raising questions about whether the spread of the disease has reached a new phase in this country. today nervousness over the virus and its potential impact on the economy extended the sell-off on wall
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street the dow average losing nearly 1,200 points today, down 11% so far this week. our team is in place to cover it all. miguel almaguer starting us off. miguel, what do we know about this patient? >> reporter: well, lester, good evening the risk from that patient that's being treated here is said to be low, but doctors are so concerned because they still don't know how she got the virus. the cdc has said all along this is a rapidly evolving situation, and that is certainly the case tonight. seriously ill and on a ventilator, the newly diagnosed coronavirus patient remains in isolation here at the uc davis medical center perhaps the first u.s. case of community spread of the virus. it means doctors don't know how or where the unidentified woman got sick since she had no travel to china or known exposure to someone with the virus. >> what that indicates to me is that this virus is circulating in the community, and
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there are probably other cases. this is probably the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: with 60 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the u.s., doctors at uc davis say their patient was transferred here february 19th with a suspected viral infection. but testing was delayed because the patient didn't initially fit cdc testing guidelines four days later, the cdc did order testing. the results coming back positive a week after the patient arrived at the hospital now medical staff who came into contact with the patient, have been told to self-quarantine. >> this case that we're discussing today marks the turning point. and as such, we're expanding our surveillance activities >> reporter: as state and federal agencies work to broaden access to testing, doctors may never know how the patient at uc davis medical center became ill. it comes amid a new whistle-blower complaint from a federal employee alleging workers didn't receive adequate training or protective gear when they treated hundreds who were quarantined
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at nearby travis air force base, raising concerns those employees could have exposed the public when they left the base in california alone, more than 8,400 people traveling back from regions near the virus' epicenter are being monitored by health officials >> there's probably other patient who's are getting this disease who are more mildly affected, who have not come to medical attention. that means everybody in the community is at risk. >> reporter: tonight the virus spreading, as is worry that the public could be at greater risk miguel almaguer, nbc news, sacramento >> reporter: i'm hallie jackson a dramatic drop. nearly 1,200 points, the most ever in a single day for the dow, in coronavirus virus crash mode, on pace for its worst week since 2008. >> ugly all around. >> reporter: former fed chair janet yellen warning of a potential recession but adding -- >> there is some risk, but basically i think the u.s. outlook looks
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pretty good. >> reporter: president trump late tonight was asked about the markets. >> anything can happen in an election, and they see these people, and if any of these people ever did happen to assume the presidency, you would have a crashlike you've never seen before. >> that's right. >> i think the market's also putting that into the equation but the virus, we're doing a very professional job. >> reporter: vice president pence with a show of force at the health department. >> we want all hands on deck. >> reporter: he's now leading the administration's response after critics accused the white house of mixed messaging and confusing contradictions between the president and his top officials. >> the risk to the american people remains very low. >> the degree of risk has the potential to change quickly >> we do expect more cases. >> it may get a little bigger it may not get bigger at all we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the west wing is working to extreme line its messaging through the president's office, but one top doctor, anthony fauci, who appeared with pence today, told associates he's been instructed not to say anything else without clearance according to "the new york times." the vice president has also come under fire
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for how he handled a spike in hiv cases in indiana in 2015 when he was governor. initially opposing a needle exchange program before backing one that slowed the outbreak weeks later in a sign the administration is certainly watching the potential economic impact of the coronavirus, the president's top advisers on that issue, including his treasury secretary, have now been added to that task force handling the response. lester >> hallie jackson tonight at the white house, thanks. let's bring in our senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle at the new york stockek exchange this is the market's worst week since october '08. are we watching investors reacting to anything concrete related to this virus, or is this simply a reaction to uncertainty? >> reporter: lester, this is all about uncertainty. remember, the most valuable asset we have is information whether you're an investor or a ceo, right now we're trying to get as much information as possible to make good decisions. as far as concrete,
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well, think about what's driven the economy -- consumer spending we're hearing right now lots of advice to take precaution. stay home. spend a little less time outside, in restaurants, in crowded places and what does that do? it impacts the economy. >> stephanie, thanks that uncertainty you speak of being driven in large part by the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world, leading to increasingly drastic action in some places. kelly cobiella is in south korea tonight. >> reporter: tonight coronavirus is on every continent but antarctica and surging in south korea more than 500 new cases reported today and nearly 10,000 in quarantine at surks bases, long lines. everyone gets a temperature check. classrooms in south korea and japan are empty. both countries consider be keeping schools closed for a month. american amanda corkly teaches english in seoul. >> so you've got government alerts? >> you can get four or
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fi five a day we got one saying a young woman, aged 29, she was confirmed as having a case of corona. >> reporter: in iran, 26 have now died from the virus and a cabinet minister who was seen sitting a few seats away from iran's president rouhani yesterday has tested positive tonight the virus has spread from china to 47 countries -- asia, the middle east, europe, north and south america all affected >> the point is not only to prevent cases arriving on your shores the point is what you do when you have cases. >> reporter: in europe today, denmark, estonia and romania reported their first cases. in britain, some of prince george and princess charlotte's schoolmates are staying home after ski trips to italy, bureau ca -- where cases have surged over 600. nbc's molly hunter spoke to tourists in milan. >> i think it's been overhyped. >> reporter: in saudi arabia, tourists won't be allowed in to the holiest sites for now,
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the temporary ban unprecedented. and a new twist tonight. in hong kong, a patient's pet dog has tested positive and is in quarantine while health officials try to figure out whether pets can carry or spread this new virus. lester >> kelly cobiaia, thank you. just two days before the crucial democratic primary in south carolina in is a specially critical contest for apologi joe biden who is leading in a new poll. our kristen welker is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, joe biden facing a make or break moment for his campaign getting a boost. a new poll showing him leading in south carolina by 20 points and now he's taking new shots at democratic front-runner bernie sanders. >> senator sanders' medicare for all push will be a long, long, expensive slog it will cost over $35 trillion, and the patients can't afford to wait. >> reporter: biden is looking to knock out other centrist
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alternatives to san sanders like pete buttigieg. >> joe biden has a convincing win here, does this become a two-person race between biden and sanders? >> i don't think so. i've got the most delegates of any candidate besides bernie sanders, and i think for those who are looking for an alternative to bernie sanders, i'm offering a different way forward. >> reporter: sanders insistinghunt, he' poised to go to the convention. >> are you committed to staying in through that entire process? >> as long as you have a chance of winning, absolutely i'm going to stay to the bitter end as long as i have a chance. >> can you make the commitment you're in this race till the bitter end >> we're certainly in it to win it. >> reporter: joe biden is counting on support
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among african-american voters to win big, but the question tonight is it too late to stop bernie sanders' momentum going into super tuesday? >> kristen welker, thank you. a harrowing situation today at a day care center in a suburb of philadelphia a car plunging into the building and injuring several children as they weric taing naps our sam brock has late details. >> reporter: at a pennsylvania day care center tonight, the picture of danger. >> i heard that a car had hit the building, so we had to come get our child. >> reporter: a bmw barreling into a classroom with 17 children inside this afternoon. >> i was definitely freaked out. >> reporter: authorities say four children were njured one of them seriously after the car crashed into an area where the 3 and 4-year-olds take naps according to the district attorney's office, the woman driving the car was hospitalized with minor injuries the day care says it's working with police right now to determine what caused the crash. parents tonight stunned. amanda santiago
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relieved her twin boys aren't hurt. >> yeah, they're okay. i'm the one who's scared >> reporter: tonight many parents holding their children just a little tighter sam brock, nbc news. an emergency is unfolding in houston after a massive water main break flooded a major highway. about a dozen cars trapped underwater first responders rescuing people stranded on their roofs. the mayor says a private contractor was doing repairs, but a leak burst before they got to it. blizzard warnings in effect tonight as a major winter storm sweeps across the northeast. al roker is here al, what are you seeing >> lester, right now we're looking at winter weather advisories including blizzard warnings for 6 million people on the radar you can see a wide swath of lake-effect snow for the entire great lakes. and as we look at accumulations, the leeward side of the lakes are going to see anywhere from a foot to more than three feet of snow plus strong winds, wind advisories for 20 million people, and that's going to mean big-time airport delays from buffalo,
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cleveland, burlington, portland, all the way down to new york >> al, thank you we'll be right back in 60 seconds with new details on that deadly workplace shooting at a brewery company in milwaukee. and the new evidence lori loughlin's lawyer says will clear her in the college admissions scandal.
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we are learning more tonight about that tragic workplace shooting in milwaukee where a man opened fire, killing five co-workers at a brewery before turning the gun on himself kathy park is there now with the latest. >> reporter: late today, police say the man who opened fire on his colleagues is anthony ferrill. the 51-year-old had worked as an electrician at the brewing plant for years. police offered no motive. >> reasons for this is still under investigation. >> reporter: authorities said the five who died range in 33 to 5. described by the molson coors ceo as the fabric of the company. >> they were pow powerhouse operators,
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machinists and electricians but more importantly they were husbands they were fathers, and they were friends. >> reporter: a civil attorney who represented ferrill a few years ago said he was shocked. >> my first thought was he was one of the victims. to find out he's the shooter, i almost can't believe it. >> reporter: when the attack began, tactical teams flooded the area. >> i'm going to call this a war zone. >> we sheltered in place. we tried to stay together and make sure everybody was accounted for. and we just did our best to wait it out. >> reporter: today in a community proud of its brewing tradition, t-shirts with "miller strong" and a message from the milwaukee brewers. >> it just rocks to the core of our community because miller coors is one of those staple institutions. >> reporter: the plant is closed for the rest of the week. the community is gathering at a nearby church to begin the healing process. lester >> kathy park, thank you. let's turn now to the college admissions scandal. the lawyer for actress
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lori loughlin and her husband now saying the fbi told a cooperating witness to lie and that prosecutors hid the evidence gabe gutierrez now has the latest. >> reporter: today a federal judge in boston denied a motion to delay the trial of lori loughlin and her husband, fashion designer mossimo giannulli, now officialsy set fort october despite the argument crucial new evidence would clear them of charges they bribed their daughters into usc as fake crew recruits authorities say $500,000 were funneled through a sham charity run by college admissions consultant rick singer, who pleaded guilty and cooperated with investigators. according to new court documents, loughlin's lawyers say singer took notes on his tone detailing his discussions with the fbi. they continued to ask me to tell a fib and not restate what iy clients as where the money is going, that it was a donation, and they wanted to be a payment, singer
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writes essentially they are asking me to bend the truth. the prosecutors said today in court, just because it was called a donation doesn't make it legitimate >> how do you explain how the parents dressed up their children as rowers and at the same time didn't know anything was wrong? >> reporter: dozens of parents were charged in connection with the sweeping fbi investigation, code named operation varsity blues. among those who pleaded guilty, actress felicity huffman, who spent less than two weeks in prison the scandal that rocked higher education now set to go before a jury, who will decide whether loughlin's payment was an illegal bribe or a legitimate donation. gabe gutierrez, nbc news an emotional farewell today as hundreds gathered for the funeral of new york city firefighter daniel foley foley died on saturday of 9/11-related pancreatic cancer. his brother tom was also a firefighter who was killed at ground zero dan foley spent days searching the rubble until he recovered his brother's remains. when we come back
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after a short break, george clooney saying he's surprised and saddened over claims about the coffee company where he's brand ambassador vo: while other candidates argue
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about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. the famous pitchman for a coffee giant, george clooney is speaking out after that company was linked to a child labor scandal. here's joe fryer ♪ >> reporter: as nespresso's brand ambassador, george clooney has been the face of the company. now he's using his voice to say he's surprised and saddened
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by child labor allegations raised against suppliers to the coffeemaker. the british tv show distachs says it filmed children working in grueling conditions and excessive hours in guatemala to pick beans that supply nespresso and starbucks. the episode airs monday nbc news has not seen or verified the report but clooney is also responding, saying he's on nespresso's sustainability advisory board and that progress has been made but clearly this board and this company still have work to do, and that work will be done nespresso says it has not verified the allegations, but in a video statement, the company e ceo says he's concerned and they're investigating. >> child labor has no place in our supply chain. it's just unacceptable >> reporter: starbucks also says it's investigating and that in the most recent harvest season, the company did not purchase coffee from the farms in question, adding, starbucks has zero tolerance for child labor anywhere in our supply chain. it's estimated in the
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americas, there are more than 10 million victims of child labor. a global problem that has george clooney speaking out joe fryer, nbc news. and coming up tonight, the unique performance of an american classic
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finally, a literary classic as you've never seen it before "to kill a mockingbird" taking centre court at madison square garden. kate snow was there. >> reporter: they
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poured in off buses from all over new york city 18,000 public school students, captivated from the first moments of broadway's "to kill a mockingbird." >> you're not guilty, and i will defend you. >> reporter: a special set built just for this huge venue. what do you guys think? >> i think it was fascinating. >> i felt a connection to it. >> first time seeing a broadway play? yeah >> reporter: the show is usually staged at a much smaller theater where tickets cost hundreds of dollars. but this was free for students. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of our students as this might be the only chance they get to see a broadway play. >> the play is going to be a little different from the book. >> reporter: at hamilton grange middle school they've been studying the book for weeks. >> that racism really trumped justice. >> he was an innocent black man, and he still got killed because of his skin color. >> reporter: ed harris plays lawyer atticus
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finch. >> it's about racism it's about tolerance it's about forgiveness. it's about parenting it's about growing up. >> reporter: in aaron sorkin's rewriting of "to kill a mockingbird," characters of color like tom robinson, plaped by kyle scatlis, are given a larger voice. >> i've been locked in a cage for seven months. >> our voice to speak about the injustice in a manner you don't get to hear in the novel i think it's important to hear those. >> it's amazing, especially the representation for people of color. >> reporter: sorkin hopes he's inspired students to seek out theater. >> i want them to leave feeling elevated somehow. i want them to talk out loud about the nature of decency. >> what does it say about human beings, do you think? >> all human beings deserve to be treated the same no matter -- no matter the color or race ♪ >> reporter: and maybe it won't be the last time this world famous arena is used as a classroom. kate snow, nbc news, new york >> what a terrific opportunity for those
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kids. that's "nightly news" for this thursday i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. right now at 6:00, a new chinatown attack caught on camera. a woman dragged as a man tries to steal her purse. the action police are taking tonight. plus, exclusive video of a fire bomb attack in san jose. this is new. why the home openowner says thi molotov cocktail could have been more dangerous than the others. a woman has the coronavirus
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and doctors aren't sure how she got it. i'm gar vvin garvin thomas. >> health officials in california insist they are prepared. governor newsom says we've had 33 cases of confirmed coronavirus so far but a few of those patients have been moved to other states. that leaves 28 people with coronavirus currently in california. that includes two new cases confirmed in the last 24 hours. one is the woman who has no known contact with an infected person and didn't travel overseas. >> we do as a country and community need to start to prepare for the fact that we're going to see community transmission in the united states. i think this is probably one of the first cases where, you know, we picked it up, it may be other places, and we


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