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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 1, 2020 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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♪ breaking overnight, a nation on the brink another night of protests in many cities under curfew, just one week after death of george floyd in the custody of minneapolis police two atlantofficers fired after accused of using unnecessary are force arresting two college students in protests tanker truck barrelling toward a group of peaceful protests, aftermath and what happened to the driver. past few days have shaken the nation to our core,
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impacting every american young and old coast-to-coast, as demonstrations peaceful and destructive show no signs of slowing down one week ago today george floyd lost his life at hands of minneapolis police officers. warning that massive protests may lead to a coronavirus surge. "early today" starts right now >> good morning, phillip mena. >> i'm cori coffin, we continue to follow breaking news. more than a dozen cities imposed curfews overnight as protests continued over death of george floyd. moments after curfew in atlanta, police fired tear gas. last time curfews were used this scale was in 1968 in aftermath of the assassination of martin luther king. two police officers in atlanta fired after accused of using excessive force. tasing and pulling two college students from a car, seen here
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officer said the driver didn't comply with orders to stop in new york, three people arrested by fbi and charged with throwing molotov cocktails at nypd vehicles. but lighter moment in queens and show of solidarity >> keep the peace, keep the peace. yeah >> that's just one of the many examples of peaceful protest we've seen during this unrest. peaceful moment turned dangerous in minneapolis truck came barrelling through a group of people sitting on closed interstate, fortunately doesn't seem any protesters were injured. many of them swarmed the truck driver who was arrested and investigation is under way morgan chesky from minneapolis with the latest on the protests there. morgan, good morning >> good morning, from a surprisingly quiet minneapolis, we're here in a street where dozens of protesters were facing
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off against law enforcement earlier but little by little began to dissipate right now only thing we're seeing is barrier of law enforcement about 50 yards away from me right now. and the clear mark of the national guard presence are humvees, 1,000 national guardsmen arriving in minneapolis yesterday, really increasing the size of the law enforcement footprint, that's been one of the biggest differences we've seen with the enforcement of that curfew that lasts from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. with that in place, there's been a significant reduction in damage we've seen, just block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, countless number of businesses damaged, others gutted and burned, will be a long road of recovery for this city however there are still thousands that feel that justice has yet to be served derek chauvin, the police officer seen kneeling on the neck of george floyd was arrested, charged with third
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degree murder and manslaughter, however three other officers connected to the death of george floyd are not in police custody as of right now. there's been so much tension in this city past several days, we know that fbi tipped off the minnesota national guard there was credible lethal thread because of that alone, national guardsmen were carrying rifles, ammunition at ready just in case something should happen. however as we stand here today, relatively quiet night and morning in minneapolis 150 protesters were arrested not far from where i'm standing, so this is a hopeful sign of what's to come for this city that's seen so much damage over the past week. we'll send it back to you. >> morgan, thank you nypd says around 700 new york protesters have been arrested over four days of protests in response to the death of george floyd in minneapolis. officials say sunday's
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demonstrations were mostly peaceful until final hours of the night when confrontationoli erupted. multle arrests were made and several officers hurt. ron allen has more >> reporter: new york with thousands of protesters demanding justice, clashing with police on the streets. multiple incidents on video igniting outrage, a police vehicle accelerating through a crowd. woman shoved to the ground, unclear why. >> wasn't aggressive to the police officer, even if i was, should have the self-restraint not to hurt people he's protecting. >> reporter: police officer pull down mask and spraying mace. >> there's tremendous stress on everyone i've seen the videos, truly disturbing and some inexplicable >> reporter: with the state's governor ordering the attorney
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general to investigate, mayor and police chief are pushing back, insisting they're overall showing restraint under attack from crowd only moved forward when attacked >> there are protests and mobs, i saw closer to mob. protest does not involve surrounding and ambushing a marked police car and putting my officers' lives at risk. >> reporter: 350 arrests saturday night, including three accused of targeting police with fire bombs eric garner, sean bell and amadou diallo, say ending stop and frisk, comprehensive training for every officer has
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improved policing while admitting nypd has work to do. >> i saw tremendous restraint but also things need to be done better moments that were disturbing >> reporter: more protests are planned, including this one getting under way in times square major cities have imposed curfews to bring down the size of the crowds, new york's mayor says it's not necessary here fiery protests raged in washington, d.c., secret service rushed president trump to white house bunker friday night. senior administration official an hour in the complex designed for terror attacks tracie potts, the president is blaming extremist group for the violence in d.c. >> blaming them and tweeting he wants to declare antifa a
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terrorist group and some experts question whether the government can do that with domestic group with first amendment rights. all as demonstrations and protests continue in washington, including across the street from the white house in lafayette park there was one small building in that area that was set afire overnight. we also saw tear gas that was used to try to disperse the crowds after the mayor declared 11:00 p.m. curfew. with the demonstrations continuing, third straight night of demonstrations and violence in the nation's capital, and nbc's own garrett haake got caught in middle of it. >> going to end up in place we don't want to be if we're not careful, katie, damn it! >> move out as quickly as you can. >> i don't think it was rubber bullets. had that experience before
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i don't want to be dramatic about it i know what it looked like didn't feel okay >> you're cutting out and as your friend and somebody who knows your parents as well, i want you to get to a safe place, get out of there >> garrett is okay he messaged later that he was okay and he thanked his crew but a rough scene as you could see for a while. in fact d.c. ended up calling in the national guard, also u.s. marshals and drug enforcement agents to try to clear the streets. >> very disturbing scenes, there, glad garrett is okay. tracie, thank you. news from the apparent democratic nominee in stark contrast to heated language from the president. writing we're a nation in pain, must not allow the pain to destroy us as president i will help lead
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the conversation and more importantly, i will listen expected to meet with community leaders later today. turning to california with los angeles is under county-wide curfew right now national guard troops arrived to help restore order after violent protests and looting shops were burglarized in santa monica. >> reporter: it's been a long night of police chasing down what appear to be looters. some being arrested over here. down here is a police paddy wagon basically, going to be loading up people into the back, taking them to jail a little bit later. it's something we've seen over and over again just a while ago they were filling city busses with so many people arrested. reason so many police officers are out here, i want to show you what's been going on it's very dark out here in santa monica, entire area under
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mandatory curfew, you've got storefronts that have been vandalized and looted throughout the day. two or three hours earlier where it was absolute pandemonium out here police were not on scene, they were dealing with agitators engaging with them, surrounding a protest, very peaceful protest by the santa monica pier and this was happening other people, complete separate group of people smashing into storefronts and stealing everything they could, block by block, what we saw over the course of hour to two hours. back to you. >> thank you for that report pivot a little bit to check of the monday weather with janessa webb good morning >> good morning everyone, welcome to june. talking about freeze alerts across northern new england this morning. off to cool start across the northeast. things will try to warm up this afternoon but still below
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average. back in the 70s from detroit all the way into our area, upper 60s this afternoon heat will build from the southwest, dealing with heat alerts, and expand into dallas, w orleanne still affecting tampa. 92 today, san antonio watching storms this afternoon. very quiet start to the week but we're watching tropics as well guys >> all right >> no news is good news at this point i would think. janessa, thank you. >> we need a breather. >> we do coming up next, how the music industry is amplifying support for the black lives
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in oakland california, police officers taking a knee with protesters, sharing support. now the music industry is taking a stand black out tuesday, touted a day for unity, black employees, artists and fan coming together. warner music, columbia records, def jam recording set to take part announcing participation and other measures to fight racial injustice. next on "early today," much-needed return to normal for pope francis as pandemic reduces in italy. >> and wave of protests around the world. to sweat sessions. even life inside can bring on to sweat sessions. things like sweat and oil. but it's nothing a deep clean can't fix. love, neutrogena®. her skin could actually soak up wetness that her diaper doesn't.
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pope francis spoke to hundreds at vatican first time in months, met with cheers giving address, hoped the world would come out of the pandemic crisis more united and people more important than the economy. >> death of george floyd has sent shock waves all over the world. calls for racial justice reached beyond u.s. soil kelly cobiella with the latest good morning >> reporter: good morning, images appearing on front pages
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around the world, leaders talking about it, tweeting about it, people organizing demonstration tosses show support for the protesters in the united states. in london for example, thousands turned out on sunday at trafalgar square chanting no justice, no peace. carrying placards, marched t em were surrounding the building to protect it demonstration was largely peaceful, about 23 people arrest arrested, some for breaching lockdown rules still in place in u.k. but most of the arrests have been not specified, causes of the arrests not specified by scotland yard, different scene in brazil also protests in support of the u.s in brazil, people showing solidarity with people in u.s. but also demonstrating against the treatment of blacks in working-class rio, using the
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same slogans, black live matter and police firing tear gas into the crowd, some shouting i can't breathe, tragic last words of george floyd peaceful demonstrations in germany in a couple of cities, support for the protesters in united states. u.s. adversaries are also weighing in, china, iran and russia talking about this and using it as a talking point to show that the u.s. can't really criticize how they treat their people during protests in their countries. philip >> it is truly a global movement now, all right, kelly, thank you so much. coming up, janessa has the june weather outlook. warning about spread of coronavirus during the protests. stay with us lysol disinfectant spray and disinfecting wipes
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crest. as we grapple with the unrest across the country, new concern about the spread of coronavirus among the masked gatherings, especially in communities already hard hit by the pandemic blayne alexander >> don't shoot, don't shoot! >> reporter: america locked in battle, waging war against coronavirus and fighting plague for centuries. >> black people are tired of having te same
3:57 am
things year after year >> reporter: numbers of covid-19 patients continue to rise. so do the crowds protesters gathering from city to city, doing what health officials have spent months urging them not to do. >> we're in middle of a pandemic right now, two crises sandwiched on top of one another. >> reporter: leaving little room for social distancing. health officials bracing for possible spike in cases. >> protests are incubator for a few reasons. people in contact with lot of other people in very close quarters and for a good deal of time, means the virus could spread back and forth. on top of that, yelling, screaming, spitting. >> reporter: growing unrest is complicating efforts to control the virus. in l.a. testing centers were closed as protests raged >> volunteers who staff the centers don't feel safe coming back >> don't shoot.
3:58 am
>> hands up. >> reporter: thousands pleading to value black lives, the group that covid-19 is hitting hardest. >> if you wea covid test this week because there'a pandemic in america that's killing black and brown people at higher numbers. >> reporter: how much of a risk is it for people out there, even those wearing masks? >> this is a huge risk, whether you wear a mask or not, gives you a little bit of protection, not full protection. >> reporter: many say left with little choice. >> can go home, clean up, get tested, take proper protections but police brutality, i don't know what i can do to not be pet feeling. concerned about the pandemic, put on masks, but equally important to be here raising
3:59 am
voices in this moment. >> thanks. thanks for starting your week with "early today," i'm cori coffin. >> i'm phillip mena. it is tough but stay safe and tune in to
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a fifth day of protests now coast to coast following the death of george floyd. last night fir raged right outside the white house in yaf yet park as the national guard among oirs surrounded protesters terrifying moments as a tanker truck speeds throug


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