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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  June 7, 2020 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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the news at 4:30 starts now. i'm terry mcsweeney, a very busy sunday across the bay area. let's get caught up on some of today's headlines. the demonstrations against occasional injustice is continuing no the streets. a march was led by church leaders in the community. we are keeping a close eye on the wind after dangerous conditions yesterday helped to fuel several fires. there's a live look at old glory, it is whipping. we are tracking the gusts and how it's affect ing a firefight going on.
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but first, honoring a fallen deputy. he was shot and killed in the line of duty yesterday, he and other deputies were ambushed with gunfire and explosives when responding to a call t sheriff's department released the mug shot of the man they say who is behind the attack. he is 32-year-old steven can korio, we are live in santa cruz with more on today's emotional vigil. tom. >> reporter: it was very emotional and we still have people coming here paying their respects to sgt. damon gutzweller at this memorial that is set up outside the santa cruz county sheriff's department. this is where the vigil was held, 24 hours after he was gunned down in what was described as an ambush killing. a 14 year veteran. hundreds of people packed in the parking lot outside the sheriff's office. sheriff jim hart said he could
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not describe the sense of loss he felt when he woke up this morning. one of the people describing the sergeant, that he was a model officer who was gental and avoided conflict at all times. first responders from across the region, consoling family members and fellow officers, and mountains of citizens wanting to show their respects. >> we are letting officers know that we have their backs. you know, and that, they matter. you know, and his life was not lost in vein. >> meanwhile, fbi, atf, and chp investigators are combing the scene around the suspect's home in ben loman, two other officers were wounded in the ambush type shooting, they are saying possibly a bombing, still a lot of questions to answer about the suspect. an air force security sergeant, what was he doing at roadside
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outside ben loman, where he lived and witnesses reported that he a van pull of weapons and explosives. you can see people streaming in. we expect it to happen through the evening tonight. and we also talked to a woman who lived right next door to the suspect and talked to her about what she heard yesterday, what she saw and who the person was that lived right next door. we will hear from her at 5:00. we are live in santa cruz. >> look forward to it, tom, thank you very much. we have more details on the deadly attack in santa cruz county. the fbi as tom mentioned now investigating and they are looking at a possible link between yesterday's shooting and a killing of a federal officer in oakland last month. the fbi released thee photos of a van that was believed to be used in a shooting outside a federal building. fbi said is that it is actively working with the santa cruz county sheriff's department, to see if there's a connection. the shooting last month killed a
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53-year-old man, named dave patrick underwood, his partner was critically injured and no arrests have been made in the case. now, to the top story, demonstrators making themselves heard in vallejo, we are live with more on that. christy. >> reporter: well, terry, this was led by church leaders here in vallejo, it started with a gathering in a church parking lot and turned to the vallejo waterfront. they were many carrying signs and reading things that are quite familiar with, like blacke who died at the hands of police across the country. george floyd and others. now, the march was led by herses down sonoma boulevard, there was a large crowd, many with their homemade signs. they called erase racism, to try
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to race racism. and trying to tackle issues like how a lack of fair housing and employment can tribute to injustice and negative interactions with police. we spoke with a lead organizerer and a teacher who came out today. any time it starts with -- it starts with abolishing police brut brutality, they deserve freedom, real, real, real freedom. >> our hearts go out to all the families. we want to create the conditions where there's not another, so the purpose was to create awareness and legislation and knowledge of how to get involved in the system. and the creation of systemic change. >> now, this comes in a time of tension here in vallejo, after the fatal police shooting this week. on a night where police responded. the calls for looting, including in a walgreen's.
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police said that an officer believed that monterosa was who. police are saying that that officer, believed he a gun, but it turned out to be a hammer. his name was called today, but again, the focus on systemic change. the group today had a plan calling for reviewing procedures by the police that are hired and pushing assembly bills that promote actions and change. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith. nbc-bay area news. >> a loud bunch of protesters gathered on the streets of oakland today, this video from the sky ranger. they gathered outside the oakland police headquarters before briefly stopping some traffic. that was what happened today in oakland. one man is dead, and a woman is in the hospital after an officer involved shooting in hey street
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avenue. officers were conducting a criminal investigation there, a man driving was shot and killed and a female passenger is being treated for gunshot wounds. not a lot of information out right now, but police say we are going to get more information tomorrow. a fire in solano county, still burning. the quail fire started yesterday afternoon, more than 1400 acres are burned and it is just 10% contained. three structures destroyed. roughly 80 others are threatened, people in the area have been evacuated. all of it going on north of vacaville. north of winters. a live look at san ra fefel, it gusty. rob, i was driving down here to work along 880, being pushed around by the wind. are we going to see a red flag warning later tonight? >> yeah, it's the change in the wind direction that is critical in that terry. and we are going to see winds turning out of the the north in to tonight. yeah, starting at 11:00 tonight,
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solano county will start to see the red flag warning that will carry through the day tomorrow. right now, technically it's an on shore wind at san francisco. gusty, walnut creek. you have 29 mile an hour gusts and 72 is the current temperature there. as we show you the wind speed, strongest at the coast. you see the arrows pointing on shore, and the humidity out towards fairfield and napa, a lot lower than the same time next time. we will see it close to where the quail fire is burning up in to solano and in to yolo can county, the location starting at 11:00 tonight through 8:00 tomorrow. under the red flag warning. keep in mind, even areas around the bay with the dry north winds, we will see enhanced fire danger around the hill tops closer to the bay. we will talk more about what it means for our temperatures. as the 90s come back, coming up in 12 minutes. >> all right, thank you very much.
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the world is reached yet another grim milestone in the battle against coronavirus. the virus has killed more than 400,000 people. more than 110 thousand of those deaths have happened in the united states. and there's victims in every state. nearly 4600 deaths here in california. now for the updated look at covid-19 case ms. the bay area. six new confirmed cases. there have 15,502 confirmed cases overall. 462 deaths. santa clara county, just shy of joining alameda county with at least 3,000 cases. a question for you, who is in your social bubble. it's an order that goes in to affect tomorrow, one of the changes is, it will be okay to get together in small social bubbles of 12 or fewer people. groups need to be stable as in the same people. social bubbles should not overlap in in any three week
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period. small summer camps have the green light. businesses with limited contact will reopen, and libraries can offer curbside pickup. the certify of berkley has its own health order and it's similar to alameda county. everyone can socialize outdoors in groups of 12. and send kids to child care and camps. the new health order has everyone to carry a face covering and wear it within 30 feet of somebody else outside the home. a new pollaking a stand. the message from nascar drivers about inclusion ahead of today's race.
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a new poll shows the majority of voters are uncomfortable with the number of activities y ies during the cov
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pandemic. 2/3 of americans do not feel comfortable flying on a plane or attending a large gathering, half of those people are unease dining out at restaurants or sending kids back to school or daycare in the fall. they wear masks to shop, and interact outside the home. coming up next, it's their new mission, the message from elon musk about the new priority for space-x employees.
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sports sometimes criticized for not always promoting inclusion is calling for it. before the nascar race in atlanta the biggest drivers released a video condemning racism and demanding change. >> our differences should not divide us. >> it's our love for all mankind that will unite us as we work together to make real change. >> to make real change. >> as we work together to make
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real change. >> a moment of silence was also held before the race started with all of the cars lined up on the track while crew members un astronauts in to space for the first time, spacex, ceo elon musk is pushing to accelerate progress on the next generation starship rocket. it's video of of a previous starship test that did not go well, ended in explosion. but the starship rocket is designed to be fully reuseable and send as many as 100 people at a time to the moon and mars. in an e-mail sent on to employees, musk said that the starship is now the company's top priority. here on planet earth, we have got the strangest weather systems going on. we have had, kind of felt like fall today. we have summer on the way back. somehow. >> we had snow in the see air a
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and we had elevations above 6,000 feet, a dusting of snow. here, really, it's been the third day from gusty winds. gradually clearing. san francisco not seeing much in the way of fog. 61 degrees. and wind speed, 32 miles an hour, gusty across the bay and we are seeing both of the winds moving in tetoo. you can see out towards livermore, the dublin camera bouncing around due to the wind. quite cool out toward the tri-valley and 68 degrees and 21 mile an hour winds. notice the areas here in red, central bay, the coast, this is where you are seeing the strongest wind gusts. the trend tonight though should be less wind on the coast. you know how the red goes away, then keep an eye on what is happening inland, eastern napa, and yolo and portions of the
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dim diabro range, the red and orange is showing up morin land, which is a sign of the winds picking up. which is significant, the green is cooler air, and things are changing from brown and white, that shows the drying of the air loft. means the red flag warning from 11:00 tonight to the 8:00 tomorrow morning. the chilly 40s, and notice the highs. you saw the current temperatures, 60s and low 70s tomorrow. in to the 80s from san jose south, you can look at the temperatures. warmest places will be around morgan hill up to 84, tri-valley out to concord, you will see numbers in the mid 80s and oakland, low to upper 70s. that is the difference moving to a north wind can make. the temperatures are mostly in the 70s. 60s coast side san francisco. climbing close to 72 grows near downtown. and you see it toward the north
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bay highs. in the low to mid 80s as we head to tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are continuing to climb as high pressure strengthens that will take us through wednesday and then as we head towards thursday and friday. some cooling and unfortunately that can involve more wind as you notice here. that little dip you see there in the jet stream. that is an area of low pressure that will bring pressure. and behind that, high pressure builds in. we saw another round of gusty winds that we have to watch for fire danger and as we go to next weekend. that is interesting. it's a lot of red on the map here. indicating that high pressure could build back strongly by next sunday. so, roller coaster ride continues in the seven day forecast. san francisco, in to the 0i70s. and trending warmer toward the end of next weekend and valleys for a brief time, i think we will get 90s as early as tuesday and wednesday looks to be the warmest day. and windy as we go to friday and the next weekend, another warming trend taking us in to
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next sunday. doesn't look like we are going to see any more sierra snow, but hopefully more wind than we have seen in the last few days. terry, back to you. >> rob, thanks very much, coming up next, low --
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according to the u.s. justice department, almost 54 million people every year have some interaction with police officers from traffic stops to shootings. in a small percentage of those, police use physical force. there's no clearing house to keep up with all other use of force instances and that can be a problem, and lead to ones like the one in minneapolis. >> this video shows officers using force to control a person deemed a threat to those around him. both police officials and an
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independent expert all agree this was appropriate given the situation. experts also say, police can learn from these incidents by precisely tracking them. >> it's one of the most critical pieces of information we can collect about the police. >> dr. matthew hickman chairs the department of criminal justice at seattle university. >> we need data. >> dr. hickman teamed with a private company called police strategy based in seattle, to begin trackinghen police use fo. >> with the hopefully, lead to better policies and training. so that we can try to minimize injury. >> so, you cannot have an evidenced based policy or training if you have no data to back it up. >> bob scales is a former prosecutor and assistant director for seattle's public safety department.
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he helped found police strategies. without the data to back it up and see a before and after of the training, we don't know if the training has had any impact on how officers behave and how they use force. >> separate research conducted by the use of force project shows that police departments that ban choke holds can significantly reduce the number of incidents that end in death. >> we ban the choke hold. >> reporter: san jose police chief eddie garcia, said his department started to give them the use of force data five years ago. san jose is one of only 88 agencies nationwide participating. along with daly city, capitola and recently, vallejo pd. >> it's a view of this is what your officers are doing and how and who they are using the force on. >> they have changed policy, he now asks his officers to use tasers more frequently to subdue
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unruly subjects than night sticks. tasers have been criticized. the data shows that injuries are down. >> so we were seeing fewer fractures and serious bodly injuries because they were using a taser rather a baton. >> they saw use of force incidents drop 13.4% from 2015-2019, the time that tracking has been taking place and racial disparities are disappearing. five years ago, when san jose police arrested a hispanic man. there was an 11% greater chance they used force on him than when they arrested a white man. now that hispanic man has 2% lower chance of having force used against him. >> we have more work to do. but i think the expectation is that we are moving the needle in that, you know hrks this tool absolutely helps us. >> the use of force project agrees with the numbers.
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but still gives san jose an f grade for its deadly use of force data. noting that in 2018, hispanics were 3.4 more likely to have deadly force used against them, than white people. is that the biggest problem is that police just don't know and there's not enough data an lit you i can -- enough data analytics to revise. >> we don't know without the data. >> there's 18,000 different law enforcement departments across the u.s. bob scales, chief garcia and others say only if all of them are over data showing how officers use force will real reform and change take place. >> you have a story for stephen or anyone in the investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. or visit nbc bay
4:57 pm up next at 5:00. mourning the loss of one of their own. plus, the length the feds are looking in to. another day of demonstrations across the bay area, we are live in a rally in vallejo.
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right now, at 5:00, wind is picking up acrosses the bay area. how it's affecting a firefight going on in solano county, and protests against police brutality, and we are live at one of the protests in the north bay. and first, an emotional village mond -- emotional vigil in santa
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cruz can counounty, the sheriff department mourning the loss of one of their own. he was responding to a call that had a suspicious fan. when the officials tracked down the van, they were ambushed with gunfire and exexplosives. we have more on the vigil. >> reporter: it was very emotional. speakers calling the sergeant a soft spoken deputy here. somebody who is honest. a good cop. one of those good guys. a clean officer. model law enforcement citizen. hundred-s of people packed in the parking lot outside of the sheriff's office. sheriff jim hart said he could not describe the sense of loss, they were describing the rg was gentle and avoided conflict at all costs.


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