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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 12, 2020 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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>> jimmy: wash your hands, don't touch your face. thank you so much. all new "tonight shows" this whole week thank you so much. you can take elsa with you go, franny >> i know she doesn't look like herself. >> jimmy: that's right she doesn't look like herself right now. maybe it's the weather bye! >> daddy night," everyone how you doing tonight? do you want to hear something hilarious? tonight, is our 1,000th show and guys, this was not our first choice on where or how to celebrate it but on the upside, when a man spends three months in an attic, he has a lot of time to count his blessings and there is so much that i am thankful for. first and foremost, i want to thank any and all of you who show up to watch us, whether on television or online, whether because you agree with me or you're hate watching and can't believe i won't just give that poor man a chance. it hasn't been easy figuring out how to do a show remotely, but i truly, truly don't know what i'd be doing without it. so, thank you as well for being
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patient with us as we have tried to figure it out this is an emotional milestone, but if it looks like i'm tearing up, i assure you, it's just so hot in this attic that my eyeballs are sweating. back in march our executive producer mike shoemaker said, "you should get air conditioners now for when it gets hot in june." and i said, "june? i'm not going to still be here in june, because i am the short-term thinking grasshopper and shoemaker is the long-term planning ant and if you want to make it to 1,000 shows, i promise you the ant has more to do with it than the grasshopper. i'm so lucky to have mike shoemaker i also want to give a shout out to our head writer alex baze he is america's greatest living joke writer and the first person i asked to join me on this journey. without baze, none of this -- none of this would be happening. thanks as well to our crew and writing staff, who i miss seeing very dearly. we do our best to talk about reality on this show, but it is not a reality show, and i know it's not a reality show because i did come here to make friends.
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and i have made some of the best in my life at some point hopefully in the near future, we're going to make our way back into the studio it will be a slow process that we're going to undertake with everyone's safety in mind. it will be a while longer after that before we have live audiences. and guests will probably continue to do interviews remotely so it might be weird, and it might be rocky but maybe a little less weird, and a little less rocky than the attic. but that's why i'm starting with this today, to thank you sincerely for sticking with us the world has changed since we started in 2014. it's changing right now. and if you watch this, it will continue to change, and we will be here to continue to talk about it i have so much more to say, but i need to stop now so i can turn the fan back on, because shoemaker was so right ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers" -- regina king. comedian and writer,
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amber ruffin all new "closer look." featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers >> seth: how's everyone doing? tonight, is our 1,000th episode, which is strange because i'm pretty sure it's our 10,000th episode from the attic. let's get to the news. president trump traveled to dallas today for a fundraising dinner at a private home that is expected to raise $10 million. apparently, it's free to get in and $10 million to get out president trump will spend the weekend at his new jersey golf club that's right, once again, he'll be spending the day in a bunker. house speaker nancy pelosi this week, dismissed calls that former vice president joe biden must pick an african-american running mate, but added that if he does, she'd love to be considered nascar announced yesterday, that it has banned confederate flags at all events. but if it makes you feel better, you're still welcome to cheer
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for whoever comes in second. in an effort to save the world's most trafficked mammal, officials in china have removed pangolin scales from their list of approved traditional medicine ingredients. but this is crazy, chex mix is leaving them in. new york city health officials updated their guidance this week on how to practice safe sex during the coronavirus pandemic and suggested that people, quote, masturbate together so, maybe keep the purell off the nightstand oh whoo wrong one. ho ho i kind of like it. ho authorities in south carolina are looking for a man who recently broke into a closed waffle house restaurant and made multiple meals for himself wow, that's insane a waffle house was closed? 511 years ago today britain's king henry viii married his first wife, catherine of aragon. but listen, i'm not here to "tudor" you. ian morgan just ruined our 1,000th show
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but hey, you gotta comment on our 511 -- after facing criticism for posting several offensive tweets about the coronavirus pandemic and police violence, the ceo of the fitness brand crossfit resigned on tuesday. that's right he's stepping down, then stepping up, then stepping down again, then climbing a rope, then flipping a tire down the street that was ian, again. you won me back, ian you saved -- ian saved the 1,000th show that was the monologue, everyone and let me just say, i think it was our best one ever. we've got a great show for you tonight. emmy, golden globe and oscar winner regina king will be here. plus, i get the honor to interview "late night" writer, amber ruffin we'll be right back with "a closer look. ♪ looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut!
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♪ >> seth: hey, everyone tonight is our 1,000th show. in a different time, you could have expected an evening filled with celebrity guests and looks back at our funniest moments instead, it's a one-man extratticganza [ fog horn ] i don't know, maybe at the end, celebrate and my kids will come out and say, "this has been 'a closer look.'" i guess you'll have to stick around and find out. anyway, the extratticganza must go on. president trump's political standing is as weak as it's ever been so he's decided to pin his hopes on comeback to whining about polls and sticking up for the confederacy?
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for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: as his poll numbers continue to fall and he descends deeper into political desperation, president trump is as fixated as ever on things he sees on tv that make him feel bad. like, for example, a new cnn poll that puts his job approval rating at 38% and has him losing to joe biden by 14 points. now, the president's job approval is tracked constantly and especially in an election year, new polls come out all the time so, obsessing over any one poll is mostly a waste of time, which is exactly why trump is doing it because the guy loves to waste time it's the only thing he's god at. his favorite sport takes five hours to play and makes drying paint look like a fireworks show and when he's not golfing, he's glued to the tv, which might explain why his brain long ago melted into rice pudding the human mind just wasn't built to withstand that much hannity humans evolved from hunter-gatherers trump evolved from a cro-magnon who spent the day staring at a cave painting of an angrier cro-magnon
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just yesterday trump tweeted, "incredible. fox news just took congressional hearing off the air just prior to important witness statements. more like cnn, fox is lost." he tweeted that at 10:56 a.m. on wednesday. why are you watching tv at 11:00 a.m. on wednesday? did you get furloughed and not tell anyone? "the good news is, i still have my health insurance. and, you know, all the money i stole. there are mass demonstrations in the streets against systemic racism police are beating peaceful protesters, a pandemic is still raging and tens of millions of people have lost their jobs, and the president is live tweeting cable news in the middle of a workday like a high school sophomore playing hooky from school in fact, even a high school sophomore would know better than to tweet, "i pretended to be sick today so i could stay home and watch 'price is right' @principalsimms. and now the president, who's obviously anxious about his political standing, apparently has so much free time on his hands that he's watching cable news and getting mad at polls. >> brand-new cnn poll hot off
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the press, it shows a huge drop in the president's approval rating in just one month, down seven points it also shows former vice president joe biden opening up his biggest lead yet, 14 points over president trump >> the trump campaign is actually demanding that cnn retract and actually apologize for our recent poll that shows the president is trailing the presumptive democratic presidential nominee, the former vice president joe biden >> seth: why does that upset you? you were behind in the polls to hillary clinton. and now, thanks to our dumb electoral college, you're president. you're not the hare, you're the tortoise and your shell is like a bunker you retreat to not because you're scared, but because you're doing an inspection this all started when trump saw the poll and got so pissed, he actually asked his pollster to debunk it tweeting, "i have retained highly respected pollster, mclaughlin & associates to analyze today's cnn poll and others, which i felt were fake based on the incredible enthusiasm we're receiving. read analysis for yourself this is the same thing they and the others did when we defeated crooked hillary clinton in 2016.
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are called suppression polls and are put out to dampen enthusiasm." first of all, it must be the easiest thing in the world when trump retains your services as a pollster to prove something is fake because you could just give him a one-page print out that says he was right. and then if he asks if you have any data, you say, yeah, do you want to see it knowing full well he'll say, "no, no, no, no, no, no. i trust you. i trust you. i mean, i'd say it was free money, but then again, he never pays anyone. so, it serves you right for working for him mclaughlin & associates trump's political standing has eroded considerably over the past month and he's in a weak position as any incumbent president has ever been in the history of modern polling. so trump and his supporters in the gop and right wing tv, are resorting to the only two tactics they have left, amping up the racism and nursing deranged cultural grievances for example, after the army, the army, said they were considering renaming base that is had been named after confederate leaders who were violent white supremacists and traitors. trump lashed out on twitter. and for some reason, his white house handed out physical copies of his statement to reporters in
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the press room >> the president is dismissing an idea under consideration by the pentagon of renaming bases that honor confederate officers >> now, let me just tell you what happened in the last few minutes here to give you a sense of how this went down at the white house. the president, of course, just tweeted a few moments ago and then they handed out a printout of the president's tweet the press secretary came out and also read the president's tweet where he said in part, "these monumental and very powerful bases have become part of a great american heritage and a history of winning victory and freedom. he says, "therefore, my administration will not even consider the renaming of these magnificent and fabled military installations. >> "our history as the greatest nation in the world will not be tampered with. respect our military." so, that was directly from the president. we spent some time working on that >> seth: i'm not sure that's something i would necessarily brag about it's one paragraph from thelooks of it, it's like a 14 size font i've seen longer blurbs on book jackets. it's like the first draft of a college essay that's supposed to be five pages.
12:51 am
and instead of writing more, you just jack up the spacing also, what do you mean they are "part of a great american heritage and history of winning, victory and freedom? confederates famously fought against america, and they lost since when do we name military bases after people who lost wars against americans? is there a naval base named after king george iii? would you make american soldiers trade at fort il duce? also, i love this part "magnificent and fabled military installations. those bases are a lot of things, but they are not fabled. they are really there. we're not talking about an aztec city of gold "gather around and i'll tell you the tale of a fabled ft. bragg, a charmless cluster of wooden buildings where men fall from the sky on wings of nylon. and by the way, not only were confederate leaders slavers, traders and white supremacists, they were also dip [ bleep ] take general braxton bragg, for example. bragg resigned from the confederate army after losing a decisive battle. and on top of that, bragg was a jackass and an ass [ bleep ] bragg had such a notoriously bad temper, that union general
12:52 am
ulysses s. grant in his memoirs recalled a story of one of bragg's superiors admonishing him. "my god, mr. bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the army, and now you're quarreling with yourself." no wonder trump likes him, he was a racist psycho who liked to fight with people. they didn't have twitter back then, but i'm guessing bragg's telegrams would have been right up trump's alley "dear general grant, i have retained highly respected pollster mclaughlin & associates to analyze the results of the civil war, which i felt were fake based on the incredible enthusiasm we are receiving. lyin' lincoln is a loser regards, general bragg p.s., i spent a good bit of time working on this. i listen to a lot of tapes to get that impression right. trump probably likes him because he thinks he invented bragging "you know, before braxton bragg, you just had to hope people knew how rich you were without you telling them it was a dark time it was a very dark time. also, it's worth noting that all these confederate generals trump is praising probably would have hated him. i mean, sure, he's also a racist, but there's no way they would enjoy spending time with this new york city blowhard. ve
12:53 am
been glove slapped every five minutes. "for the insult of your locker room talk, i challenge you to a duel at dawn, good sir." "well, i can't do dawn tomorrow. i've already been challenged to a duel then. does next wednesday work?" so, as he plummets in the polls, trump takes his ticket to a political resurgence as appealing directly to racists who idolize the white supremacist confederacy. but he's clearly facing headwinds, because even the cultural institutions you might think of as occupying conservative end of the spectrum are dumping confederate symbols. the u.s. navy has joined the marines in moving to ban the confederate battle flag. and even nascar is weighing in with a firm anti-confederacy stance >> on wednesday, nascar officially banned the confederate flag from all events after a request by bubba wallace, the sport's lone black driver >> nascar announcing the flag runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans and is now prohibited from all nascar events and properties effective immediately. >> seth: oh, my god.
12:54 am
this can only mean one thing, nascar is antifa next thing you know, they're gonna start wearing helmets to hide their faces and attacking people with glass bottles. [ gasp ] and i don't know much about nascar, other than the fact that 38% of the drivers seem to be named rusty, but that's an impressive step to take. i applaud you. and if some of your fans boo, maybe you can just drown them out by, i don't know, driving 50 cars 200 miles per hour around a track that might work. anyway, i honestly can't even believe it's a question at this point whether or not we should be celebrating symbols of an explicitly white supremacist cause like the confederacy that fought to destroy the united states. and yet, nascar is doing more to lead right now than the president of the united states which has to be especially bruising for trump, because just a few months ago he was the grand marshal at the daytona 500, even taking a lap around the track in his presidential limo. so, all he did was sit in the car while it drove around in a circle trump even finds ways to make
12:55 am
sports lazy. that's the least impressive political appearance at a sporting event since chris christie was caught hugging jerry jones at a cowboys game also, dude, you're from new jersey you have two semi-professional football teams just because they suck doesn't mean you get to pick another one. the knicks suck, but you don't see andrew cuomo hanging out with toronto raptor. the right's defense of confederate symbols comes as protestors across the country have been taking down confederate statues, like, for example, the statue of confederate president and violent white supremacist traitor, jefferson davis, in richmond on wednesday. this morning, trump once against defended confederate symbols, scream tweeting, in all caps, "those that deny their history are doomed to repeat it. of course, trump probably most hates the removal of confederate statues because he stands like a statue of donald trump that is currently being pulled down. i mean, seriously, look at that forward lean all that's missing are the protesters pulling on cables "if we get just get the chest out a little further past the toes, the whole thing will come down." and yet, venerating the confederacy isn't the only insane culture war issue the right has pinned their hopes on this week. now that trump has crated the economy and utterly failed to contain a pandemic still raging across the country, all the
12:56 am
right wing weirdos on fox news have left is to get mad at cartoons and muppets >> hbo max's "looney tunes" reboot is disarming some classic characters >> what? >> elmer fudd's rifle is gone. no more. >> oh, no. >> yosemite sam's six iron's, out. >> six shot. >> he's been disarmed. >> foot washing, and now fudd without the rifle. okay >> well, it's virtue signaling >> yeah, i'm not bringing this sign to the protest at the community center later >> they look upset are the protesters sad >> they are sad and upset. and they have every right to be, elmo people are upset because racism is a huge problem in our country. >> yeah. >> across the country, people of color, especially in the black community, are being treated unfairly because of how they look
12:57 am
>> it's a children's show. got that, bobby? america is a very bad place, and it's your fault. so no matter what happens, no matter what they do to you when you grow up, you have no right to complain. that's the message, and it starts very young. >> seth: think of how far you've fallen in life when you're mad at a muppet. i mean, just steaming all day, barking at your producers, "get me that footage of elmo's dad. and look into beaker, too. he's awfully quiet." it's especially surprising that tucker is mad at a children's show because for much of his career, he dressed like a child. you know, he always looked like a ring bearer at a connecticut wedding. "okay, tucker, give them the rings. tucker, tucker, come on, the rings. oh, my god tucker, did you eat the rings? oh, tucker tucker tucker we expected more from you. the conservative grift has been so thoroughly discredited by the failures of the trump presidency that fox has been reduced to yelling about children's cartoons and muppets and trump, meanwhile, has pinned his hopes for a political resurgence on defending racist, confederate symbols. and when they decided on that strategy at the trump campaign
12:58 am
headquarters, i'm sure trump went out of his way to brag that he - >> spent some time working on that >> this has been "a closer look." >> happy birthday. ♪ >> seth: as new york struggles to reopen this week, remember we're still a city in crisis and city harvest has been stepping up to meet the increased need there's a website below to donate we'll be right back with regina king. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. effortless is the lincoln way. so as you head back out on the road, we'll be doing what we do best. providing some calm in your day. with virtual, real-time tours of our vehicles
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she stars in the fantastic limited series "watchmen," which is available on hbo and hbo max, as well as blu-ray and dvd please welcome back to the show, regina king. >> seth: regina, it is so wonderful to see you again you have obviously spoken about how painful a time this is i know you did a virtual town hall for breonna taylor this week are you managing to balance some optimism with the pain how are you feeling right now? >> um, yes, i am managing to balance optimism with the pain you know, if you saw the town hall, one of the things that i said is that this is the first time ever in my life that i've seen people in other countries supporting at the top of their lungs with -- for black people you know, to see in italy, and germany and all of these different places, people taking a knee
1:04 am
and have signs that say "black lives matter" and that it's not -- you know, america is always the country that's going to the aid of someone else but that other countries are speaking out, for not just america but black americans. it makes me hopeful. >> seth: you were in, for my money, one of the best television shows of the year, "watchmen. obviously, when you made it i think it was a safe bet that people would be talking about things like racism you probably couldn't have guessed how big a role masks were going to play in the current time line we're living in but, obviously it's resonating even more. >> it's definitely an honor to be able to have been a part of a piece of work that was entertaining, but also socially relevant i mean, prior to "watchmen," you
1:05 am
know, i had done "seven seconds," and "american crime. and both of those shows were -- are shows that the commentary is rooted in things that are going on in our country right now. so with "watchmen," it was just so unique because damon and the writing team were able to, you know, give a history lesson for a lot of people, infuse a bit of a love story in there, to shine a light on how pain is inherited, a light on the police violence in our country. to do all of those things and be entertaining at the same time, and there are even comedic moments, it just feels like i was a part of something that's never been done before, and that's really hard to do in 2020, or 2019
1:06 am
>> seth: one thing that i remember everybody was talking about when it came out was, people like myself, who had never been taught about the tulsa race massacre of 1921. and you know, as the events unfolded in the past month, i do think that was a helpful tool for people to realize this is not new. this is something that's been going on for a long time and you know, you talk about the inherited trauma of something like that. was that something even you were aware of, tulsa, before taking on the project >> yeah, i was definitely aware of tulsa i'm -- my mother is a teacher. and so, while that wasn't taught in school, that school is not where i learned about it but, i think that we have this wonderful thing called google now. and so, when people did type in "tulsa massacre," they were able to discover that it wasn't just at tulsa
1:07 am
there was a rosewood there was, you know, another incident like that in florida. in arkansas, you know. so, it just opened people up to correct the wrong that has happened in our school when it comes to u.s. history and omitting stories that actually took place and have become part of the fabric of america whether or not you didn't know about tulsa, because tulsa happened, this is why we're here, why we're where we are right now. >> seth: now obviously, we're more aware of the historical significance of tulsa in many ways, thanks to your show, we also -- i feel as though people
1:08 am
understand more of the significance of juneteenth, which commemorates the ending of slavery. and you're probably aware that donald trump -- his first rally back post -- you know, seems wrong to say post-covid because it's still happening, but he's going to be in tulsa on juneteenth what was your reaction to hearing that >> i have to be honest, i just heard that, you know, not too long before we started talking and i still kind of have chills, because it is in a lot of ways, i mean -- and he does it all the time, but this -- like, he is really throwing the finger up. he is really like, you know, i give two f's, you know two snaps up and a finger. that's what he's giving us and it's infuriating it's infuriating, you know it's almost like, you know, when you're a kid -- and eddie murphy
1:09 am
does this in one of his jokes a long time ago -- and you drop your ice cream and the other kid with the ice cream is like "na-na na-na na-na. that's what it feels -- that trivial, but it cuts >> seth: well, i share your anger and shock at that decision i do want to sort of end on something upbeat and exciting. you have directed episodes of television before. and i know you've been in this showbiz game for a very, very long time. you directed your first film "one night in miami," which is also i know based on a play about, you know, racism, and history, and historical figures. how was it, though, directing a film for the first time? >> oh, my gosh man, seth, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time, man. i -- this has been such an amazing experience, and it's still happening because i'm editing now.
1:10 am
>> seth: sure. >> doing the music and these performances that our actors, you know, gave i call them my "quadrumvirate. >> seth: yes [ laughter ] >> but for those people who are not aware of the story, "one night in miami" is the night that cassius clay, "muhammad ali," became heavyweight champion of the world. and the night that he spent with malcolm x, sam cooke, jim brown, and it is just a love letter to being a black man in america and aldis hodge, kingsley ben-adir, eli goree, and leslie odom jr., just oh, my god. they were amazing. and i just can't wait for everyone to see these performances and you know, unfortunately the
1:11 am
story is timeless because -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- the discussions that these men were having are happening now, but it's still hopeful, you know i feel like, because to know that these iconic men are just men. youknow, when you get down to it and they have fears and they are vulnerable and i'm just so excited about it [ laughter ] >> seth: well, that -- you are someone who gives me hope as well, regina thanks for sharing your message. thanks for doing the great work. i can't wait to see the movie. and it's always just such a delight to see you >> likewise, seth. i can't wait to see you in person >> seth: i look forward to it. [ laughter ] we'll be right back with amber ruffin ♪ this is definitely a sea change.
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>> seth: our next guest is a very funny actor, comedian, and writer who's work you've seen on "detroiters," "drunk history," and right here on "late night. and because she's a writer here, she wrote this next part and insisted i read it and now, the most beautiful comedian and writer i've ever seen, a real live princess, amber ruffin >> seth? >> seth: oh, hi, amber >> seth meyers >> seth: yes, yes, amber >> well, i wasn't expecting a call from you. i would have dressed up. >> seth: oh, amber so, that's just your lying around the house outfit? >> yes, this is my lounge gown [ light laughter ] >> seth: now, amber, you've been on the show many times on camera over the course of our 1,000 shows. this is the first time i've interviewed you, though. are you excited for this moment? >> yes, it's everything i've ever dreamed of and more you, in your weird attic me, in my hallway. [ light laughter ]
1:18 am
>> seth: and you know who forced my hand was anderson cooper, because you were on anderson cooper's show last night. and you were wonderful, and he's wonderful. and i was thinking, well, now, now i feel like i have to interview you. >> yeah, he appreciates me, seth [ light laughter ] >> seth: i do -- i would like to -- i would like to show a clip of the end of the interview where you didn't tell anderson you loved him, you said you "loved him, too. >> yeah. >> seth: and it really made anderson cooper laugh. [ light laughter ] >> well, amber ruffin, i'm glad -- i'm so glad you were on tonight 'cuase i've been watching what you've been doing and i just think it's really powerful and important so, thank you. >> i love you, too, anderson [ laughter ] >> seth: amber, we've known each other for a long time. we met, because we both worked for a theater in amsterdam called boom chicago. you were one of the first people we hired for this show but, one of the things we found, i think having you on camera and the way you write, is that you can both talk about serious things and connect with people in a way that it also brings them joy
1:19 am
did you -- when you first started doing stuff on camera, is that something you knew about yourself >> no. i thought i was just going to take this job, keep my head down, and not get fired. then i found out that you guys really let people do whatever they want. so, i got to acting up >> seth: well, you know we've been really lucky because we have a writing staff that, you know, has -- is diverse enough to talk about a lot of different things and things have happened, particularly the events of this last month where, you know, we called you up and said, "hey, do you want to have something ready for monday." and it was your suggestion to come on and tell your real life experiences with police. and initially, you were going to do it on monday, and then you also offered that you could tell a different story every day. what made you think that that would be the most powerful way to address it? >> you know, when it started, i started writing, you know bits about the protest. and then that felt weird and dumb
1:20 am
but, it just became such an opportunity, you know. i was like oh, we write jokes about stuff all the time but this is an opportunity to really let people know some [ bleep ]. some stuff [ bleep so i thought, oh, let me just tell a real story, recount an actual story, and then you guys said, "great we'll put it at the top of the show." and then the movement really took off and i was like, "oh, you know, every day still feels like yesterday. you know what i mean >> seth: yes >> it felt that exact same way for a really long time and so i thought, well, we can -- i've got stories for days so - >> seth: and we should point out that you did four, and you're not out.
1:21 am
>> i'm not out of police stories. they don't like me >> seth: and hearing it from someone like you, especially someone who has established yourself as a person, who when people see, they think, well no one would ever have a problem with amber >> yeah, people think when police violence happens, they think, oh, well, what did that person say what did that person do? and that gave me a real superpower here because, you know, if you watch the show, maybe you've seen me enough to come to the conclusion that i'm a regular dude i'm not running around yelling at people demanding [ bleep ]. i'm just hanging out and giggling and that happened you know i mean, can you imagine if i wanted them to recognize an ounce of my rights you know, which i would have been able to do. but i didn't say [ bleep ] i complied completely and that's what happened. man, it's crazy out there, seth. >> seth: it's crazy. it was awesome to watch we were so lucky to have you tell us --
1:22 am
i don't know, share that with us and i want to thank you. i also want to ask what you -- you know, because it's our 1,000th show -- oh, that's beautiful that's a beautiful dress can you tell me, is that -- did you -- have you worn -- where have you worn that >> this was from when you hosted "the golden globes." >> seth: oh. >> yay >> seth: oh, so beautiful. how many more gowns do you have since you and i met. >> i am not out seth i have plenty. i have some i haven't worn yet i just love gowns. >> seth: what do you miss the most -- what do you miss the most about the office? >> about the office? being with all of our goofy friends. >> seth: yeah. >> i miss these people they're fun. and we have little game nights >> seth: there are also nights where you will make margaritas for everybody. >> oh, yeah. that's my favorite thing to do at the office is make office margaritas >> seth: and can you tell everybody who's watching at home why i'm unable join you for office margaritas?
1:23 am
>> because office margaritas happen during the taping of "late night with seth meyers." [ laughter ] >> seth: just once it would be nice if you waited until i was done and by the way, i come back and there's -- nobody is there just a bunch of lime juice on desks. [ laughter ] disgusting >> it's a sticky place to write, seth >> seth: it is a sticky place to write. what do you miss least >> the thing i miss least is the access to a butt-ton of food >> seth: oh, interesting >> it's pretty wild. i'm not kidding when i say i have lost 10 pounds -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- by being at home >> seth: i think for me, the -- i bet the biggest drop for me the last three months is just an intake of sodium because i eat so many -- like i'll just, like get stressed -- like have writing stress and just go eat a handful of pretzels >> yeah. >> seth: and -- yeah so, you're right that's -- i didn't think about that, but that's a really nice -- nice part of this.
1:24 am
>> yeah. i can't wait to go back there, balloon up, break out. i can't wait >> seth: amber, can you believe it's been 1,000 shows? >> i can't believe it's been 1,000 shows. congratulations, seth! >> seth: and to you, amber it was all -- all the better for having you with us and oh, this is really exciting. >> what? >> seth: i can't believe i almost forgot this because a lot of people have been tweeting at me that i should give you my show, because they are so enamored with you and less so with me. and that's fair. but you do -- you are going to be doing a show on peacock, the new nbc streaming service. >> "the amber ruffin show. >> seth: yeah. >> it's coming to you. and it's going to happen when well, we've hit a hitch, haven't we but as soon as things clear out, we're coming to get you guys >> seth: and that's so exciting. and it should be noted that's something, i do want to give credit to the network because this is something that's been in the works for almost a year now.
1:25 am
that chapter for you as well thank you for spending this chapter with us. i love you so much, and i will see you soon >> i love you more >> i love you more. happy 1,000! >> seth: do you love me more than anderson? >> yes >> seth: oh, well, thank you ♪ nyquil severe gives you powerful relief
1:26 am
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♪ >> seth: a lot of college graduations have been virtual this year, which means, commencement speakers have been recording themselves giving inspirational messages, as opposed to delivering them in person one of them, though, rises above all others, my brother josh meyers. american treasure and all around fantastic guy, matthew mcconaughey. >> hey, everybody. mcconaughey here with a special message for the class of 2020. the class of perfect vision. now, your senior year didn't turn out the way you planned it. things got a little bit weird, obvi and if it doesn't seem fair, well that's 'cause it's not. in fact, it stinks like cat piss
1:31 am
on a pillowcase, which is why i am more of a dog guy now, before you head out into the world to become masters of your own universes, he-men and she-ra's, every last one of you, by the power of grayskull. i've got a couple bits of wisdom i'd like to impart to you from my own journey through life. numero uno, there is no such thing as luck. there is only being prepared for when opportunity arises. that being said, there is such a thing as getting lucky, but that's more of a birds and bees situation that's best left to your parents to explain if they haven't already. but i will say this, we are living in double mask times, people that's one mask for your face for the coronavirus and one for your ding-dong for everything else it is not mandatory, but it is just good policy to protect your tops and your front tails. numero dos, don't live for tomorrow, live for today
1:32 am
a lot of people are going to be talking to you about the future, but i say don't talk about the future, go into the future and then look back at what you're doing today. don't try and make your parents proud or your teachers proud, try and make the future you proud of who you are in the past, i.e., who you are today. and if that doesn't make a lot of sense to you, trust me, it makes sense to the future you. how do i know? because we had a drink just yesterday? how is that possible wormholes. "interstellar" wasn't science fiction, it was science fact all right, class of 2020 i'm proud of you and even though i don't endorse under age drinking, if you do have a cocktail to celebrate your achievement, please make sure you don't have any bleach in there, because that will kill you. and you're just getting started. you don't want to die, you just want to keep on living and as my good friends kool & the gang used to say -
1:33 am
♪ graduation time come o it's your gradgiaton >> seth: what a treat, to have my best friend on our 1,000th show thanks, josh i miss you we'll be right back, everybody ♪ plays in the background.] ♪ hey you ♪ how about a reservation
1:34 am
1:35 am
♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests regina king and amber ruffin i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for lilly singh see you next week when we start our second run of 1,000 shows. [ knocks ] stay safe! wash your hands. we love you. ♪
1:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> lilly: oh, tonight on "a little late with lilly singh," the hilarious adam devine and i do some drunk texting. [ applause ] >> i'll be perfectly honest. i arrived drunk. and i've already texted several people so - [ laughter ] >> lilly: really like who >> my mother, my aunt, my cousin bertie >> lilly: oh, okay wait, when you're drunk, you text your relatives? [ light laughter ] that's so cute what did you say >> i say, "i love you. thank you for supporting me. that kind of thing >> lilly: oh, so what do you text when you're not drunk >> oh, stuff like, "nice nuts, bertie." [ laughter ] >> lilly: you say, "nice nuts" to your cousin >> yeah, yeah. she owns an almond farm. [ laughter ] >> lilly: join us here in one minute >> hey, would it be very rude if a threw up i already had a lot of vodka [ laughter ] >> lilly: you do you [ cheers and applause


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