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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 20, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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for testers are not backing down. they're making their voices heard through several demonstrations. take a look right now video from our sky ranger above a solidarity march in the east bay. this is about an hour ago. marchers started at the brooklyn police department heading over to mcarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland. well, a number of activists showed up to san francisco city hall today to paint a clear picture for leaders. they spelled out defund the police. organizers say reform doesn't happen when it's in the hands of police. they want a pledge from the city to dismantle the current police department and to build something better. >> what we're calling for is it's time for community oversight of the process. defund the police means there has to be a community oversight of how change happens. that's what's happening here today. >> activists say instead of a police department the city should build an institution that guards public health and safety.
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well, this was the scene last night as protesters tore down statues at golden gate park. the monuments were of francis scott key, former president ulysses s. grant all torn down. it all comes over the debate of the legacy of the historic figures. >> reporter: the city says their crews worked through the night after the statues were pulled down and today just the pedestals are left. today people came by to have a look and weigh in. cleanup was under way early in golden gate park. pedestals were there, but three statues were gone. stephen exercises here and has some experience. >> i also think about if there aren't other statues depicting those who were oppressed -- so
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i'm not sad. g >> reporter: we obtained video of the monuments being pulled down. last night police say people showed up and at one point bottles were thrown at officers. key composed the star-spangled banner and was known to own slaves. >> the country is not ready to admit to a lot of things that has happened, and i think that people now are saying that if you won't do it we'll do it. i don't necessarily prescribe to that thought pattern, but i'm not mad a at them. >> reporter: a statue of cervantes was spray painted, too. the mayor issued a statement saying in part there's a very real pain in this country rooted in our history of slavery and oppression especially of african-americans and indigenous people. i know that pain all too well, but the damage done to our park
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went far beyond the statues torn down and included significant damage to golden gate park. >> i think it's wrong. what are you accomplishing? you're destroying things that don't belong to you. it's from the city, our city, my city. >> reporter: bridget ford is a professor of history at cal state east bay. >> i do think public spaces matter, and i think students -- i know young people i meet with are very hungry for an accurate history of the past. they're very hungry for a more representative history. >> reporter: the mayor says she's not defending any particular statue or what it stands for but did say in a statement that money and time spent cleaning up after something like this can take some funds away from the community including the african-american community. she also says she's asked the arts commission to work with the community and others on evaluating the city's public art and working together on any changes.
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in san francisco kristie smith, nbc bay area news. we have seen it in washington, d.c., oakland, washington and san francisco. now palo alto and getting its own black lives matter mural painted right down on the street. people living in palo alto started a petition to get the mural painted. they wanted it done by yesterday juneteenth. earlier this week the city council approved that plan but there wasn't enough time to get it painted so community leaders painted this, a temporarily mural until the permanent one to get in there. the lives that sparked nationwide protests and calls for change, the black lives that pushed america to a breaking point. our digital journalist put together this time line spotlighting cases, while it is in no way a comprehensive list it is a way to read some of their stories. and the call for reform now happening, and you can see it at let's take a look at
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covid-19 cases in the bay area. here in santa clara county 60 new cases overnight. contra costa county 92 cases new. alameda county 101 new cases. san francisco at the other end of the spectrum reporting just one new case. statewide we're getting closer to 170,000 cases. almost 5,500 people have died because of the virus. well, hundreds of people flooded the ikea store in east palo alto today, even caused a traffic jam it was such a great idea. live outside the store with a look at shoppers quest to get out and get into the stores again, marianne. and how did the two hour wait sound to you, terry? well, hundreds of people headed to this ikea store here in east palo alto. this is the first weekend that this store has been open in more than three months. and if you take a look here they just closed the gate but there are still more than a hundred
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people waiting in line, and hopefully they'll be able to get into the store because it does close at 7:00. the lines were so long it looked like customers were waiting for a ride at disneyland with some people waiting two hours just to get inside. some customers drove more than 60 miles to shop here. for many this was the only ikea around that was open. >> it feels good. it feels good to be able to get out a little bit and of course still a little scared and nervous, but it feels good to be able to go shopping. >> reporter: it was so busy at one point the parking garage filled up and there was even a highway backup on 101 at the off-ramp to get to this store. now customers are required to wear a mask in line and inside the store. and the restaurant here is closed. reporting live in east palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay
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area news. like waiting for a ride at disneyland. another sunny weekend, people out and about. social distancing being observed. sky ranger flying over alamo square park in san francisco earlier this afternoon. people social distancing, just doing an amazing job. a similar scene at delores park, people keeping inside those circles that were drawn. circles are 6 feet apart. people are doing it. somewhere dr. fauci is very, very proud of what you people are doing right now. thank you. we're learning new details about a drug many hope would help treat coronavirus paegss. the national institutes of health has halted its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine after finding it has no benefit to covid-19 patients. this is the latest in the similar moves regarding the anti-malaria drug. the fda revoked the emergency use of the drug on monday. world health organization dropped the drug from its global study on wednesday. the nih says while there was no
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benefit there was also no harm in patients treated with that drug. pg&e has taken the final step towards bankruptcy. the utility giant announced today the u.s. bankruptcy court for the northern district of california has confirmed the company's chapter 11 plan. that plan was approved by the california public utilities commission last month. today's ruling means pg&e can now focus on implementing its reorganization and compensating wildfire victims. pg&e has agreed to pay $25.5 billion to wildfire victims groups. still ahead a new endeavor for an oakland based nfl team. why owners want this one to be different. plus new graduation requirement for csu students. the one course they'll need to take to get that degree. and we're tracking a big time warmup for the official start of summer. why tomorrow might be the last f our valleys and the heat cranks up next week.
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a closer look when we come right back.
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tracking breaking news on the bay bridge for you. right now a live look from one of our traffic cams. a kacar caravan is making its w into san francisco and it's slowing traffic. as you can see traffic backing up much like it did last sunday during that protest. this caravan we are told is headed towards proceeda park for
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a healing gathering. that is where alex nieto was shot and killed by police, and there's been much controversy about that, and the caravan slowing things down on the bay bridge. a group of business owners working to bring an nfl team back to oakland. yeah, the african-american sports and entertainment committee sent a letter of intent. they want to file a formal application with the nfl. we've learned the group has heard back from the nfl acinformationing they got their letter, they know the intentions now. it's not yet clear whether the nfl is going to listen to the group proposal if they plan the expansion of the nfl. the plan is described as a privately financed developed an. california state university students may soon have a new graduation requirement, an ethnic studies class.
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supporters say the bill could be a way to reduce racism. that bill now headed to governor newsom's desk, and we have no indication from the governor whether he is going to sign it. tomorrow nbc's chuck todd continues his series "meet the press" college round table, going to be joined by uc berkeley grad student, and dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. they're going to talk about the black lives matter movement and the role nba owners play in addressing racial inequality. you can watch tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right after today in the bay. a grass fire broke out in san francisco bay. you can see the flames from earlier today. we're told the fire boat was able to put those flames out quickly. you can see it right there. well, not quite right there. the san francisco fire department says no homes damaged, nobody hurt. fire crews not sure what started that fire. all right, let's check in with rob .
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it's officially summer, folks, and it's been feeling on and off for the past few weeks and it's going to continue that trend again, right, rob? >> even though we've been watching that the last few weeks these heat spells that show up and go away towards the weekend this is going to be different. we're going to see this heat set in next week and may last seven to ten days. so enjoy the free ocean conditioning while we still have tin the bay area. a high of 80 tomorrow, probably one of the last days we'll be looking at 80 degree temperatures in the valleys before the heat starts to crank up. right now walnut creek 81 degrees after a high of 84. all this talk of warming not being felt in san francisco where low cloud, a little mist and drizzle about to make a come back. still that strong breeze coming off the ocean keeping things quite cool around san francisco. if you take a look at some of the wind speeds around the bay area right now 15 to 25 miles per hour winds reaching pretty far inland.
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that's going to keep things fairly cloudy on the coast and locally inland for the morning. we'll see some drizzle and mist in a few spots even around the inner bay before the midmorning we begin to see the skies clear except on the coast. if you want to find sunshine tomorrow it's going to be down around santa cruz. again, tomorrow the last day we'll probably see mid-80s for highs inland. even tomorrow around concord we could get closer to 90 degrees. may wake up to some drizzle or mist early in the day. and head through the afternoon the warmup begins. some of our temperatures in the 80s to low 90s around the bay area. you see about 90 degrees there in morgan hill. 85 degrees closer to san jose. we've got 87 degrees in los gatos. you've got temperatures climbing through the upper 80s and low 90s inland. 76 degrees in oakland. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s towards palo alto and up towards san francisco.
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temperatures getting closer to 70 degrees. for the north bay you'll see temperatures climbing through the upper 80s to low 90s in the forecast for tomorrow. notice where things go for san jose. yeah, into the 90s starting monday and then we're going to be there for a while as high pressure starts to build in. so take a look at this map and what you see there all the orange on the map is sign of strong high pressure. and unlike the last couple of weeks that high is going to stick around for a while. it's going to strengthen and going to build. very likely those temperatures are going to climb up even more. thursday and friday that high strengthens. and the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen a sign of things to come. as you see san francisco one place that won't get the big heat we think will be around the immediate coast and san francisco. so this isn't a whole bay area wide event. san francisco mid to upper 70s for the second half of the week. and into the valleys there you go, 90s starting monday. clearly tomorrow is the coolest day we'll see out of the next
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seven. and towards the end of next week it's possible we could see mid to upper 90s. if that was the ten day forecast the 90s just keep going on and on. we'll take a closer look how long the heat could be sticking around with an extended maybe ten day forecast coming up tonight at 11:00. >> i look forward to that, a ten day. rob, thanks very much. still to come the president's first campaign rally since the pandemic. tonight the tense moments that occurred even before that rally started and how the president's camp is now responding.
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the political tug-of-war goes on. president trump has fired jeffrey berman, the u.s. attorney in manhattan. this comes less than 24 hours after attorney general william
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barr said berman would be stepping down. at first berman said he had no intentions of resigning but in the past few hours he said, okay, he will now step down. in a letter today barr said he was, quote, surprised and quite disappointed by berman's original response that he wasn't going to step down. so he asked the president to fire berman. president trump says he was not involve in that decision. a live look in tulsa tonight. president trump holding his first campaign rally since the on set of the coronavirus pandemic. this is a highly controversial visit during the juneteenth weekend. now, that event was originally scheduled for june teepteenth i last night. it was moved to today. also they got positive tests for covid-19 spiking in the city and across oklahoma even among the president's campaign staffers. here's nbc's jay gray with more. >> reporter: early it's as much street fair as political rally.
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food trucks and vendors, thousands here putting their money on president trump. >> we need to let them know it's okay to have our freedom. we come out here and we could support our president. i mean, he's great. he wants to make this country great again and i support him 100%. >> reporter: the core of the city is locked down. police and national guard troops standing watch and getting unsolicited help from a handful of locals. >> you see in different cities where people have been pushed around and allowed lawlessness to occur. we're not going to allow that to happen here. >> reporter: as thousands move through the gates to the arena they're handed face masks. a private vendor is giving away a few shields. but few seem to be wearing them in a city showing a spike in positive corid 19 tests and on the heels of the trump campaign announcing six advanced team staffers have tested positive for the virus. >> the virus is definitely a risk, but in the past several weeks we've seen many different groups take risks to come out in
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great groups to, you know, protest their cause. and so we're just another group like that. >> reporter: there are signs of protest in the crowd. you had a ticket, right? >> yeah. yes. >> reporter: this woman wearing an i can't breathe t-shirt pulled out by tulsa police. tensions high ahead of the president's first campaign rally in more than three months. jay gray, nbc news, tulsa. >> well, president trump's camp released a statement about the protest at today's rally. it reads in part sadly protesters interfered with supporters even blocking access to it metal detecters. radical protesters coupled with the radical onslaught from the media threatened to frighten the president's supporters. turning to decision 2020 democratic presumptive nominee joe biden started to build a transition team. one of biden's longest serving advisers has tapped half a dozen
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people to serve on that team if he wins. former vice president told virginia democrats today the party need to do more than just win back the white house. >> the very soul of america is at stake. that's why i'm running for president. that's why i stand united with every single democrat behind our mission to beat donald trump and restore real leadership to the white house. we have to do more than just beat donald trump. we have to keep the house and win the united states senate back. >> biden says his team would prioritize diversity, talent, integrity and transparency. protests in london continued for a fourth straight weekend today. take a look thousands of people showing up around the city protesting systemic racism and police violence in support of the black lives matter movement. a smaller group we're told also marched from south london near the u.s. embassy. let's take a look with
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anthony flores right now. we're talking about sports coming back little by little. what's going on today, anthony? >> hey, terry. hope you're doing well. history on the track with today's winner of the belmont stakes that hasn't happened in 125 years. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the first leg of the triple crown hitting the big apple. the 152nd running of the belmont stakes. now, normally the last race in the triple crown, but, well, nothing is very normal this year. no fans in attendance. ten horses thin field. new york born tiz the law had a lot of buzz going into this, and the 3-year-old colt did not disappoint. >> dr. post has moved up on the inside out to second, but it is the new york hero tiz the law and many franco to win the belmont stakes.
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>> tiz the law is the first new york born horse to win the belmont stakes since 1882. the first triple crown victory for jockey many franco. now dr. post finished second. no more organized work outs for teammates. that's the recommendation from the nfl players association. they're trying to prevent the spread of the controversy. a member of the san francisco 49ers tested positive for covid-19 after working out with teammates in tennessee. nfl training camps are set to begin in late july. hey, did you know the first professional team sports league to return to play will be soccer? the national womens soccer league will host a month long tournament next week in utah. now, among those playing will be san jose native and former stanford stand out tegan mcgrady. she says she's looking forward to having her team and her league to be in the spotlight. >> it's our number one priority
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is winning this tournament. it's the biggest thing we're facing this year. and through all this adversity we want to show we're the team that can come through it all and show-off what we have this year. >> the nba is still waiting to restart its season but it's already looking forward to next season. the nba draft will take place on october 16th. the draft was originally scheduled for next week but was postponed because of the pandemic. now because they finished with the worst record in the league the warriors have a 14% chance of landing that number one overall pick. and that's a look at sports. more news after the break. you say that customers make their own rules. let's talk data. only xfinity mobile lets you switch up your wireless data whenever. i accept! 5g - everybody's talking about it. how do i get it? at no extra cost. that's good. next item - corner offices for everyone. just have to make more corners in this building. chad? your wireless your rules. only with xfinity mobile. now that's simple easy awesome.
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rapper and four time grammy winner drake showing off his skills. not those skills, folks, his new skills lawn games. drake posted this video to his social media. this is him sinking a beanbag from his second story window of his mansion into the center of the corn hole board. did you ever think you would be seeing something like this? i tell you something that house looks like a hotel. anyway that's where drake was pumped up. so drake, you're absolutely right we're back with that at 11:00. hope you can join us. cial. tonight, "nbc bay area responds" to problems with unemployment. we'll tell you where we found missing payments to jobless workers might have ended up. plus flights cancelled, planes parked, and airfare payments stuck in limbo.
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why some passengers aren't getting their money back for trips are not going to happen. and a battle between celebrity chefs and insurance companies now boiling over. we'll explain how this coronavirus claims clash could impact your bottom line. chris: good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. tonight, we're gonna take a closer look at how the pandemic has changed life for everyone here in the bay area. we have a lot to talk about. there's a ton of information and everything we talk about now is on our website right now, check it out. now we're gonna start tonight with workers who get unemployment benefits and how many are facing unanticipated barriers to their money. we found many people's missing unemployment benefits were often sent to state-issued debit cards from the past. we also found unexpected fees in the fine print for those cards.


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