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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 26, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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will face any charges. salvation army stores in san francisco and south san francisco will be reopening in a few hours. let's check the forecast a video of the salvation army with kari. the inland temperatures are store in san jose reopening reaching into the 90s today, cooling down but windy for the earlier this month. shoppers are asked to stay six weekend. san francisco staying in the 60s. feet apart and wear a face mike, how is the commute rolling? covering. fitting rooms are also closed. >> very nice right now. the backup at the bay bridge, right now it's 6:00. look at that. it's almost gone now. metering lights are still on. >> i jokingly or sarcastically the golden gate bridge, we might say if we didn't do tests, we'd need some standard lights, maybe look great. fog lights, too. it's not the right thing to do. traffic is very light. >> president trump now saying testing is key as covid cases i have my dog with me. and hospitalizations spike in not really. >> smells better than the one i have right here. several states including california. it is take your dog to work day. a live report next on how much worse the situation is according to the cdc. this morning santa cruz county beaches are reopening but this is ariel's dogs. it is not what health officials give your dog an extra hug, an really wanted. extra treat because it is their next why they say they were forced to allow people to return day. we love all our dogs out there. ahead of the weekend. thanks for joining us this morning. have a great one. and happy pride weekend. the "today" show is next. this year the celebrations will be like no other.
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details straight ahead on the third hour of "today in the bay" as it continues right now. good morning. third hour because we get up pressing pause. >> the situation is bad in the bright and early -- or dark and health care crisis. early, starting at 4:30 in the >> nearly three dozen states reporting new spikes in the past morning. 6:00 right now. look at that, smiling faces all week. around. everybody happy it's friday? the cdc warninthe true scope >> oh, yeah. of the crisis may be drastically underestimated suggesting nearly friday, friday, bring it on. i'm marcus washington for you this morning. 25 mmericans have covid. mike is keeping an eye on that and a former health official says it may be too late. >> the time for prevention friday commute but we want to measures was a month ago. talk about the friday forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that and, kari, going to be warm moving into cooler now the wheels are coming off. >> the latest from across the temperatures this weekend. nation's hardest hit areas. we can't forget about the wind poll you've been talking about, too. yeah, we're going to have high wind on sunday. but today it's still going to be hot as the sun rises over the east bay. a live look outside in walnut creek. a look at our temperature trend. we're at 61 at 7:00. then we go from that to the mid-80s quickly by early in the
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afternoon, we are going to have another day you want to get out there early in the day and we'll talk about the weekend in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> it's looking friday which means great for the road and the sensors show green. looking at westbound 80 in solano county. in the slowdown approaching the construction zone and around american canyon there was a crash just past highway 12. that makes things tough out of fairfield. everything else is clear. the live look shows you no major problems out there. no backup. monday didn't have any metering lights. we may see the same today. back to you. all right, thank you very much, mike. 6:02. a dire warning about coronavirus from the head of the cdc. we could be looking at 23 million people affected across the country. tests are only showing a fraction of that. "today in the bay's" tracie
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potts joins us live from washington, d.c., with the very latest. tracie? >> reporter: laura, good morning. the cdc is part of that white house coronavirus task force. we have not heard from them in two months, but they are set to give an update today. 33 states have seen an increase in covid-19 cases in the last week. the cdc director predicts it may actually be ten times worse. >> i jokingly say or sarcastically say if we didn't do tests we'd look great. you know what, it's not the right thing to do. >> reporter: president trump last night self-correcting again on whether the u.s. should do less testing, contradicting his own health experts. >> it's going away. >> reporter: and governors who see covid-19 surging. >> it's not something that just goes away. it's something that you have to understand, you have to live with. >> reporter: the nation's three largest states -- texas, florida, and california are
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seeing an explosion. >> we might feel we're done with covid-19, but covid-19 isn't done with us. >> reporter: texas has hit the pause buttoning. houston is becoming a new hot spot. new cases have doubled there in less than a week. >> the situation is bad. >> reporter: and while many remain skeptical about wearing masks -- >> this is a planned-demic. it's political and you know it. >> reporter: the surge among young adults. also at risk, communities of color. >> we're all in the same store but we still ain't in the same boat. >> reporter: african-americans are four times more likely to land in the hospital. now we do know based on the numbers that states that required masks, that's where the numbers are in most cases going down and states that didn't, where they were recommended or were optional and a lot of those states the numbers are going up. we're live this morning. i'm tracie potts, "today in the
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bay." back here some much-anticipated businesses will reopen in san francisco, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, massage parlors, outdoor bars, indoor museums and zoos. >> there's a lot of talk about-face coverings but the question is will students be required to wear them when they return to school? governor newsom says he doesn't know. newsom says state health officials are trying to figure it all out and so are local leaders. happening today san jose teachers union will fill out safety measures they're expecting from the school district and san francisco unified will begin sharing its reopening safety plan during virtual town halls beginning next month. the district officials tell "the examiner" all options are on the table. now open for you beaches in
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santa cruz county. they reopened at midnight but it's sooner than expected because health officials say they just can't enforce the rules anymore and some of the locals agree. >> it's really crowded. people have tents up and umbrellas and lots of little kids around. >> we hoped to continue the beach closure until after the fourth of july weekend. it's become impossible for law enforcement to enforce the closure. >> you heard from dr. newel, a health official there. the fourth of july weekend is typically the busiest for santa cruz county beaches. the house of representatives used its democratic majority to pass a reform bill in honor of george floyd, it prohibits racial profiling, increases
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accountability for police misconduct and bans chokeholds and no-knock warrants. most people are familiar with the case, floyd died after a minneapolis police officer placed his knee on floyd's neck while in custody back in may. some insiders say the bill won't get through the senate. today's rally will be organized by the group wealth and disparities in the black community. among them moving funds from the police department. that event starts at 11:00 this morning. >> telling customers to pick up prescriptions at other locations. one person says she could not get her prescription filled and was sent to berkeley or alameda.
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walgreens says the walgreens on high street is still making repairs to the pharmacy. in light of recent protests and the pandemic going on this year's pride parade in san francisco will be different this year, understandably, right? tomorrow's big event will feature a spotlight on black lives matter co-founder, alicia garza and v. kamau bell will serve as grand marshal. every city in contra costa and san mateo counties have officially declared june pride month according to "the bay area reporter." the last two-counties have agreed to raise pride flags. one outside clayton city hall and the other danville library. crews are putting finishing touches on something extra special for you that year. on saturday night the pink triangle on twin peaks will be
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illuminated with 2,700 l.e.d. nodes of pink lights. the triangle was a symbol used by nazis to identify and persecute gay people. this twin peaks tradition started in san francisco 25 years ago. kari, the question is will you be able to see it with all the fog in the area recently? we've seen the fog but hopefully we'll see the fog rolling back. as we look at our fmttemperatur the fog keeps it cool. inland areas will heat up again today, one more day of this really hot weather as we reach over 100 degrees in ukiah. as we head to the east bay we're in the 90s and some mid-80s for the south bay. we'll at the morning
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commute and so far so good, right? yeah, let's check on the bay bridge. a live shot there which so far shows no backup all morning. a live shot now shows you no backup and that's good stuff for friday. the volume let up a little bit over the last 20. we look at your map, the bay bridge is not the problem. i've circled at the top of the screen the slowing through solano county, fairfield in toward american canyon. the road work takes down two lanes and there was a crash in that backup. that's what we're tracking. the rest of the bay looks very smooth right now. back to you. thank you very much, mike. it's 6:10 right now. up next on "today in the bay" this friday morning an east bay mcdonald's will stay closed after a judge's order. the battle between the owner and workers next. ♪ well, you nope tknow the mud know it's time to celebrate our
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2020 graduates. take a look. this is our great grads segment and a big congratulations to these high school students. we're just so excited. a lot of them missed out on their ceremonies because of the pandemic. we want to congratulate them all. make sure you send us the candid photos of your recent graduates from the class of 2020 to laura and myself. laura garcia nbc bay area, marcus washington nbc bay area on facebook.
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right now at 6:13 let's check out dublin and our live view as the sun comes up, we also have nice comfortable weather but we know it's going to heat up again, one more hot day before we cool off but then winds will be an issue. i'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and we're looking at the slowdown. the only real slowdown is in the north bay west 80, construction takes you down two lanes. paving may extend. we're following that slower drive through solano county. i'll show you the bay bridge coming up. and good morning, a very happy friday to you as well. verizon is the latest company to put a pause on its facebook ad. the number of companies that have paused their ads over concerns facebook doesn't do enough to stop racism and
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anti-semitism is about 12 now. verizon says it will not advertise with facebook until, quote, facebook can create an acceptable solution. the grocery chain albertson's will start trading on the new york stock exchange today. unchanged, of course, because this will be the first day. markets gained thursday despite all the evidence the pandemic is now entirely out of control in some states. the federal reserve has run the nation's banks back through one of the street tests and told them, look, you had better set some money aside in case things get worse with the recession and the pandemic. that means that banks will have to cut back on the dividends that they give to shareholders and means they cannot buy back shares as they try to increase their balance sheet in case it gets worse. vice president pence will meet with airline executives today. they will ask the federal government to be more in charge of safety, things like mandatory temperature checks.
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so it's not just the airlines. we'll also see our first coronavirus task force press conference in more than visas, live and work in the united states to highly skilled individuals, doctors, engineers, scientists. this sunday morning on "press: here" we'll talk with an immigration lawyer about what that means for the american economy and economy. that's right after "meet the press." we will talk to a data expert who has run the data and he feels we will get back to normal in september. in fact, willing to give us a date, september 12th is his prediction. i think it's total nonsense but it's fun when someone comes on the show and disagrees -- or actually i disagree with them because i learn things and have fun with that. that's sunday morning at 9:00. >> i want to see what's surrounding all of that. how do you come up with that specific date? get my calendar ready just in case, though. thanks, scott.
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6:16 for you that morning. and a mcdonald's in oakland will remain closed as a judge weighs options. this is the fast food restaurant on telegraph and 45th. so this is what happened. "the east bay times" reported last week workers sued the owner because of a coronavirus outbreak. they say it affected 35 people including one of the employees' 10-month-old child. the mcdonald's has been closed since may 26th. this is when worke erers went o strike. good news to tell but this morning. today is the day we celebrate man's best friend. >> that's right, man's best friend taking over the work place these days. with so many americans that are actually working from home these days, wellness natural pet food company says it will host a virtual event to celebrate. pets are really now like our co-workers and they often get us out of the office. >> often getting fido out for a walk was our only form of
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activity. they help to get us moving. >> they certainly do. they want to go out. and that physical activity, of course, we all know it's heart healthy. experts say having a dog reduces your chance of cardiovascular issues by more than 30%. getting so comfortable here, he was sitting here the entire time. >> i have a bone to pick, he's trying to take my spot. >> yeah, no kidding. well, you have better hair and a better smell. >> i'm glad to hear that. a lot of people are doing that, mike. you were photo of your dog. a little bit closer. let me see it -- >> he can't come on screen because he does this to my daughter. imagine what he does to me. >> so cute. >> we have some photos of one of our producers -- oh, it's a live picture, ariel.
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look at that. >> that's great. look at those little faces. >> dixon and allie. >> i have chip. chip is sleeping. chip's birthday is monday and chip is 14, so that's like 98 in dog years. >> it's too early. i've earned my keep. >> i hope to be like that, too, when i'm 98. >> don't we all. >> i had a dog that lived to be 17 years old, and so it's a great day to take your dog out. you have maybe several more years. let's get a look live at the view from the berkeley hills above the fog. it's a beautiful start to this friday morning. hopefully you will make more
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time to get outside and enjoy it. as we look at our jogging forecast, if you're in a spot like brentwood you know it will be hot again today, get out there early because already at noon we are at 87 degrees and 92. you see how fast those temperatures go up by early in the afternoon. we're going to reach back into the mid-90s. san jose up to 86 degrees. oakland today, 77. and we have some mid-80s in parts of the north bay with ukiah reaching 103 degrees. at least we have the cool air along the coast and will get a break as we go into the weekend. we've been watching how dry the conditions are. a heads-up as we get closer to the fourth of july we know that we have some very dry and brittle vegetation. we're in a severe drought. everything has dried out quickly. we have concern of a wildfire threat especially as our winds pick up and humidity drops between saturday and sunday.
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winds 35 to 40 miles an hour and will still have the high winds. it gradually star to wind down as we head through sunday night and humidity starts to come back up. as we look at the seven-day forecast, though it will be cooler, the wildfire threat will be high on sunday. we look at our inland temperatures reaching up to 80 degrees. the cooldown doesn't last that long. we'll heat things back up early next week. mike, how is that commute rolling and how is your puppy doing? >> i did not wake up the puppy so the rest of my family is happy. work. out to the roadways because fewer people work on a friday and that's why we have the lighter flow all around that continues. i circled san jose and we still don't see it there. the north bay sees slowing through solano county. paving work takes down two lanes
6:22 am
scheduled to clear at 7:00. it was a crash in the backup and with paving work, they can't clear. so far we've heard of no delays getting to the bay bridge, though, starting to see a little delay where the raarrow is. the last seven minutes we've seen folks slow down and fill in the middle lanes. we will likely see metering lights on in the next few minutes. we didn't on monday but we do look at that today. back to you. thanks so much, mike. new rules for carmakers. coming up for you what california regulators will soon start requiring from automakers in order for them to do business. this is one of economies of the world. we're going to talk about that when we return. you're watching "today in the bay." 6:22. safely shop floor and decor your way!
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welcome back. 6:25. new for you, you may start seeing oelon musk's big rig on the roads. more electric work trucks and delivery fans to clean up the golden state air quality. several people lined up outside the u.p.s. office in oakland this week. some say they're very frustrated with their delivery. >> reporter: good morning. u.p.s. says it's handling a lot more shipments than expected and concedes some covid-related restrictions have slowed the process. we've seen a line like this two
6:26 am
days in a row and have heard it's been like this for weeks. several people told us they came to pick up their shipments themselves because online tracking shows it was there for days or placed on a truck for delivery and unexpectedly returned to the warehouse. >> a system to get people their shipments. >> reporter: u.p.s. says the vast majority are arriving within the normal delivery window. but u.p.s. acknowledged it's handling a high volume of shipments similar to its peak holiday rush at a time when it's not staffed for such an influx. also, social distancing prevents the company from putting two people on delivery vehicles. it said we are not able to have driver helpers on our package cars -- that's what they call trucks -- to assist with making deliveries. and that's why you might see a package arrive in oakland by airplane and then see it sit there a day or two just waiting for a truck. the delivery giant, by the way, said it has suspended its money
6:27 am
back guara u.p.s.'s main competitor, fedex, says it's also suspended its guarantee. >> thanks so much, chris. it's 6:27. coming up next on "today in the bay," american teenagers' rite of passage is back. behind the wheel driving tests resumes today at the dmv. there are some changes to tell you about. plus -- >> reporter: the bay area is witnessing a scourge in covid-19. and a live look at san jose skylines. on this friday, how are tempe meteorologist kari hall is looking at that as well as your weekend forecast and an element, a weather element to think about. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ menutaur
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right now at 6:30 is california heading to a second wave in this pandemic? some say yes. in a live report state health leaders are watching two bay area counties are being watched very closely. a list of school districts ending ties with police is growing. next and all new the south bay schools that are joining the list and -- ♪ and we have to tell but this
6:31 am
something good for you on this friday. how a father's virtual birthday party for his daughter is spreading to much-needed cheer and charity. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning. we've been on since 4:30 bringing you what you need to know. i'm marcus washington. and i'm laura garcia. you know what, we're inching closer and closer to that weekend. we'll get to that morning commute with mike in just a moment. but let's check in with kari right now. we're going to start a cooling trend today? well, tomorrow is when the cooling kicks in. today will be hot and we have the cool morning hours in conrt temperatures in the 60s but you can see how fast it warms up from 61 at 7:00 to 84 at 1:00 today. highs reach into the 90s, even the triple digits to the north. san francisco stays in the 60s
6:32 am
today. we'll get a look at the cooler air and high winds. mike gives you a look at the morning commute. yeah, kari, and we have a bit of a build. i wasn't sure if it would happen but it started about 15 minutes ago. the live look, we see the lanes filling in. no metering lights on but you are metered as there are fewer lanes on span. that is one issue, the north bay continues with the alert for for slowing through the construction zone around red top road. i'll show that closer. i did want to show the rest of the bay with no slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. across the entire bay area there are now more than 21,000 covid-19 cases. nearly 600 deaths. cases are increasing in marin county with 54 new ones reported. alameda county reporting 101 cases and santa clara county adding 56. meanwhile there are real
6:33 am
concerns california could be experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us in pleasanton where new testing options become available and this is also as the state monitors two bay area counties for the outbreaks. >> reporter: correct, marcus, the department of public health has added contra costa and santa clara counties to the special watch list of places that has seen a scourge in infections and hospitalizations. coco county has seen hospitalizations jump 17%. the state believes that's because more people are getting sick as the economy reopens and th normal rue scenes. an inees in hospitalizations, the state attributes the rise to transfers from outside the county in long-term care facilities and outsiders just choosing hospital care in santa clara county. this morning "the "san francisco chronicle"" quotes a specialist
6:34 am
who calls the rise a second wave of behavior. the bay area and state have seen daily cases jump almost 75% this month compared to may with over 200,000 cases statewide. governor newsom insisted yesterday that we are not in the second wave of the virus, that this is still the first wave. he unveiled a website, california assessment tool, allows citizens to take a look at the state's data on coronavirus and help find solutions to the recent spike. >> citizens, scientists, people out there doing coding every single day, we want to give them access to an open source platform, to all of the available data that we have, that i have, that our health professionals have. >> reporter: during the scourge, medical experts are, again, reminding us to wear masks, face coverings when appropriate, and to maintain the social
6:35 am
distancing. incidentally cvs pharmacy is adding drive-through covid-19 test sites at nine locations in the bay area including this one here behind me in pleasanton. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks for the latest there, bob. this morning marin county officials say a spike in cases in their county is due to the outbreak happening at san quentin state prison. and doctors say the inmates from san quentin are actually impacting area hospitals. >> we had a total of 1,000 cases outside of san quentin prison since the beginning of the outbreak and we've had 500 within the facility just in the past two weeks. >> he says covid-19 is not rapidly spreading in marin county, there are clusters linked to indoor parties, construction crews, grocery store and restaurant workers. many just don't have symptoms. this is a terrifying story to tell you.
6:36 am
it was horrible for a man and his 87-year-old mother. they were driving along highway 101 when the driver says he was passing by an overpass. that's when something hit his windshield and then he looked up. >> i saw the guns, like they had guns. the fact that it didn't go through the windshield told me it wasn't a gun, it was something but it wasn't a gun. i assume a bb gun. >> luckily no one was hurt. the chp is aware of the incident but could not confirm the story. they are investigating. new details, two more bay area school districts are cutting their ties with police. this time it's in the south bay. "the mercury news" is reporting that the boards for the alum rock union and east side union high school district are ending their contracts with the san jose police department. board members say the move frees up hundreds of thousands of dollars to help balance the
6:37 am
budget. san jose unified the largest school district in the south bay will discuss the police contract in august. okay, so the giants are planning to use cutouts of their season ticket holders, fans won't physically be able to be inside oracle park, so the team is getting creative. in a letter to season ticket holders they ask fans to submit photos of themselves or anyone they love. they say they can turn those into cutouts. it is free for the season ticket holders and if you're not a season ticket holder it will cost you $99. that's going to be pretty cool there. >> you can look for yourself in the stands. there's a big name in the entertainment world that is teaming up with his own daughter, he wanted to do something good to help people in need. >> hollywood agent richard white's daughter was turning 17 years old as the pandemic hit, so he called up some of his
6:38 am
famous friends to participate in a virtual concert. it raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. he and his daughter knew they could do a lot of good with these concerts if they continued. >> you don't know what tomorrow will bring. that's really why we are just so proud and humbled to be able to give back. >> a lot of people say, what can i do? figure out something and do it. that was pretty cool. the pair called those concerts quaran-tunes and have so far raised more than $5 million for different charities. >> something for people to enjoy. >> something they were already doing. a lot of people say what can i do? it's probably something you are already doing and it can benefit a lot of people right now. >> good idea. >> how about i do a weather forecast that will benefit a lot of people. >> it will. >> perfect!
6:39 am
>> getting a live look outside jose starting out with sunshine and cool temperatures. you condition really see the sun rise in san francisco because we're just socked in with some fog. this will gradually clear but will linger as we look at our temperatures going hour by hour at noon. we're in the low 60s in half moon bay but then as you head over to the east bay, 83 in livermore and santa rosa at 76 at lunch time. some will heat up even more from there as we go into the middle of the day with low 90s expected and cool down by this evening. as we come back to the upper 50s. this weekend the high winds will kick in as our temperatures cool off. i'll talk more about that coming up in a slower roll in a couple key spots. look at your maps. overall the sensors are green and that's great and what we expect. silicon valley, the peninsula
6:40 am
and the east bay, we are looking at the slower drive, though in solano county. that's even improving. west 80 looks like paving may be improving right now. much less slowing. that crash is on the shoulder not in lanes anymore. toward the bay bridge we do have a smooth drive down the east shore freeway but a live look shows you the metering lights were turned on just after the last report. we do have a backup out of oakland in towards san francisco. you will be slow once up get out of the maze and off the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it's 6:40 right now. another new twist in the golden state killer case. still ahead on "today in the bay," the unexpected venue next week as the suspect is set to appear before a hundred of his alleged victims. the trump administration with a last-minute challenge to the affordable care act. let's take you out to new york city and the big board. the dow giving back everything it gained yesterday.
6:41 am
>> reporter: i'm cierra johnson. we're expecting high winds and high temperatures which could mean a brush fire. i'll break down how to keep your family safe up next. you're watching "today in the bay." you say that customers make their own rules. let's talk data. only xfinity mobile lets you switch up your wireless data whenever. i accept! 5g - everybody's talking about it. how do i get it? everyone gets 5g with our new data options at no extra cost. that's good. next item - corner offices for everyone. just have to make more corners in this building. chad? your wireless your rules. only with xfinity mobile. now that's simple easy awesome. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $200 off a new samsung galaxy s20 ultra.
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friday morning. let's head to mountain view, 60s at 7:00 and a nice afternoon in the mid-70s.
6:44 am
talk about this and also in the arctic circle. a crash out of lanes, much better news. folks heading to the bay bridge. thank you very much. 6:44 right now. we are following breaking news right now. multiple people are dead following an assassination attempt in mexico. the mayor says it happened on the city's head of public security. no word on the number of people killed but we do know there have been some people under arrest. one is said to be injured but out of harm's way. new details to tell you
6:45 am
about the suspected golden state killer, joseph deangelo, expected to plead guilty on monday. the court hearing is happening inside a large ballroom at the california state university due to the pandemic. more than 150 victims and their relatives are expected to attend. and admit responsibility to 62 rapes. >> late last night the trump administration filed paperwork to end the affordable care act. repealing obamacare has been on the agenda since it was invented. there is this question of timing. not only do you have a pandemic recession when people need affordable health care as well. the white house says it is
6:46 am
committed to repeal and replace but hasn't shown americans what the replacement is. the trump administration will argue to the supreme court that because federal courts struck down the requirement to have health insurance, the individual mandate, it should strike down the rest of the affordable care act as well. the white house is arguing congress meant for all the parts of the affordable care act together. if you've already struck down one piece of it, you should strike down the rest because that's what congress would want. the kaiser foundation estimates if the aca, baobama kair, 130 million people may not be able to find insurance, 23 million would lose coverage entirely. president trump was on sean hannity's show on fox news last night talking about a variety of things. repeated his concern that testing for coronavirus was inflating the number of people who had coronavirus. you'll hear from the president on "hannity" and then a response from joe biden on the campaign
6:47 am
trail in pennsylvania. >> if we didn't do testing, we'd have no cases. others don't test millions. up to almost 30 million tests. you'll have a kid with the sniffles and they will say it's coronavirus, whatever you want to call it. >> he thinks finding out more americans are sick will make him look bad. that's what he's worried about. he's worried about looking bad. well, donald trump needs to stop caring about how he looks and start caring about what is happening in the rest of america. president trump said living in a number of american cities, oakland, detroit, baltimore, chicago, was, in his words, hell. >> what's happening in oakland, take a look at what's happening in baltimore and everyone gets upset when i say, oh, is that a
6:48 am
racist statement? it's not racist. frankly, black people come up to me and say thank you, thank you, sir, for saying it. they want help. these cities, it's like living in hell. >> oakland's libby schaaf has a scathing response to that on twitter. you can find her on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew on twitter. thank you very much, scott. it is 6:48 right now. from the south bay to the east bay this weekend people are being asked to be extra careful and vigilant due to high fire danger. it will be hot and breezy. as you know conditions are certainly bone-dry out there. another vulnerable spot is sonoma county. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson joins us live from petaluma this morning with some warnings from fire officials. cierra? >> reporter: yes, good morning. i just wanted to set the scene, driving along the freeway and
6:49 am
look to the hills you'll see brown and gold for miles. that's because these fields are really dry and it's those dry conditions that cal fire is worried about. they have been keeping their crews really busy. this is video from contra costa, a brush fire that was started by illegal fireworks. cal fire is saying they're at peak staffing at the santa clara station in morgan hill alone. that means 16 engines with firefighters ready to go. the assistant chief says they're watching the weather and asking people to stay away from the fireworks. >> you justthroughout the count. the fields are brown, the grass is dried out. any type of fire, fireworks itself can cause major fires.
6:50 am
>> reporter: in addition to staying away from fireworks, legal or illegal, do not throw the cigarette butts out of the window, avoid campfires right now and create a 100-foot defensible space. when you do yard work do it in the morning hours when the temperature is lower and humidity is higher. to give you insight into how bad the problem is, contra costa fire says it's seen four times as many fires during this time this year alone. that's as many as 12 fires that were started by illegal fireworks. so really important stuff to know as you go into this hot and breezy weekend. i'm live in petaluma, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." we've been talking about the heat here in the bay area, those dry conditions, but i wanted to show you video of some very unusual weather we have happening in the arctic circle.
6:51 am
we've seen people who have dealt with some extreme weather due to climate change and this is a look at some people out on the beach. this is not santa cruz, this is siberia. imagine living in a place where you have temperatures during the winter at 40 degrees below zero but suddenly your highs in the 80s and they hit a record of 100 degrees. it's causing a lot of problems. let's get back here at home as we check out our forecast that's going to be also very warm but not that extreme. this is something we're used to. temperatures in the low 60s and we go from 60s to 86. another hot day on tap for us. as we lock ok at high temperatu.
6:52 am
napa, 85 degrees. 65 degrees in san francisco again today as that fog lingers near the coast. as cierra was telling us we have some really dry conditions. take a look at the drought monitor for the bay area, just a reminder that we are in a severe drought for many of our micro climates. and with the severe drought you have very dry vegetation. throw in a high wind and low humidity and you have a high wildfire danger. so as we approach the fourth of july be very careful and maybe not at all light any fireworks. as we look at our winds that will be picking up throughout the weekend, a look at the wind speed forecast in miles per hour and this is saturday afternoon into the evening. we're seeing the winds increasing to 25 to 35 miles per hour, some of the east bay hills will have some those high winds will continue throughout the day on sunday. maybe even reaching over 45-mile-per-hour gusts in parts like livermore through the altamont pass and through the delta as well. in the north bay we're going to have some high winds and very
6:53 am
low humidity. critical fire conditions here. we'll have to watch over the next couple of days. that also comes along with some cooler weather. even though it will be cooler that humidity will be lower and looking at some of our warmest inland spots reaching 80 degrees. that little dip in temperatures doesn't last that long. we'll start to warm up again early next week as we head back into the mid to upper 80s. and, mike, keeping an eye on traffic, anything popping up from the reports? we have a little more slowing over contra costa county. let's show you first alameda county, the bay bridge toll plaza where the backup started as the metering lights were turned on about 20 minutes ago. we've seen traffic start to lighten up a little bit. much more conde and you see lightening up. we're looking at the maps. some slowing at the bottom right corner.
6:54 am
very mild right now. the slowing in solano county has cleared. the rest of the bay looking clear. a quick look at palo alto, the peninsula is dry. a little cool now but kari showed the temperatures. i'm not looking forward to it. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you a walk with a view this is a pretty cool view. astronauts chris cassidy and bob behnken are in the middle of a space walk, so the two astronauts are working on replacing the batteries to upgrade the orbital lab's power system. nasa says they store power collected from the solar rays. the space walk is expected to last about seven hours. we know that the coronavirus and the pandemic has closed down a lot of things. up next we'll tell you how you still can celebrate pride this week.
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6:57 this morning. the top stories we're following. there are real concerns in california that we could be experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infection. contra costa and santa clara is being watched by the public health. both are seeing double digit riseness covid-19 hospitalizations the past few days. cvs is opening drive-through testing at nine more bay area stores today. now open, santa cruz beaches
6:58 am
reopened at midnight, sooner than expected because health officials say you can't enforce the rules anymore and some locals agree. >> it's really crowded. people have umbrellas and lots of little kids running around. they might as well open it. >> we had hoped to continue the beach closure until after the fourth of july weekend, but it's become impossible for law enforcement to continue to enforce that closure. >> a health official there, the fourth of july weekend is the busiest for santa cruz county beaches. a live look at redwood city courthouse square where you can see the pride flag flying this morning. but, you know what, we want to tell you about what crews are doing to put the finishing touches on something extra special this year. on saturday night the pink triangle on twin peaks will be
6:59 am
illumina2,700 nodes of pink lights. the triangle was a s
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