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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 27, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, officers social media posts police department taking action plus reaction from mayor sam any car doe today. the clean up at an east bay lgbt center. first one of sf's biggest celebrations looks different this year. how the city is marking 50 years of pride during the pandemic. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. it is a pride celebration this time around unlike any other. this is usually what pride weekend in san francisco looks
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like. like many things, this year the pandemic has cancelled the annual parade and many of the parties, but there's still plenty of celebration going on. christie smith in san francisco and the pride celebration pretty much virtual this year. >> yeah, that's right. and you know, standing in the neighborhood here we've seen some people walking around the city today with their pride shirts on basically as they're going about their day. but overall it's kind of overcast and gray out here and the pride events have gone online. >> this morning when i got up, i forgot it was pride weekend. >> reporter: they had a bite to eat outside of harvey's. they knew this weekend would be nothing like years past. >> usually we get so many people wanting to express themselves so much and be so happy and wearing the rainbow flag and wearing -- for pink saturday and just super happy. it's kind of sad not to see that
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this year. >> now is really not the time for that. and i think if we hold back this year, then all of us will be here next year and we can have a much bigger and much safer celebration next year. >> in person pride celebration and parade were cancelled due to the pandemic. the general manager at harvey's said they usually see thousands of people in the area. >> we are hopeful that people are listening to the guidance to stay home, but we're also, you know, kind of planning on people still coming out in a limited amount tonight. our goal is to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: the supervisor urged people not to come looking to celebrate. >> if you're in the neighborhood, live in the neighborhood, patronize every day of the week. but on this particular weekend, what we really don't want to see is large number of folks coming to castro looking for a party.
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>> reporter: san francisco pride 50 is a virtual celebration instead with more than 13 hours of streaming programming. online events run all weekend. >> as for the programming, i'll probably pick and choose what i want to watch. >> reporter: there are some demonstrations expected this weekend too, and around the city there are signs of pride. at city hall and nearby. civic center is quiet as pride is enjoyed at home. one restaurant we spoke with said they thought they might see some more people come by tomorrow but say at this point they really aren't sure. and so far it's just been quiet. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christi, thanks a lot. a special pink torch made its way through san francisco today ahead of the lighting of the pink triangle. libby shaft kicked the run off this afternoon.
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40 runners took part. the run starts at 6:00 before winding up at twin peaks. this is the first year the symbolic pin triangle is not made out of canvases. instead it's made out of lights. it's expected to be so bright you can see it from space. we're following developing news in oakland where someone vandalized the city's lgbtq community center this morning. witnesses say a young white male rode up on a bike, started smashing the windows with a golf club. mayor libby shaft is calling the attack shameful and heartbreaking. fallout at san jose pd after a story we reported last night. several officers accused of making racist facebook posts now on leave. marianne favro just talked with the mayor. she's live with his reaction. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says the officers involved should be fired.
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four active duty san jose police officers along with several retired police officers made bigoted and antimuslim comments on a private facebook post. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending. here's what mayor liccardo had to say about the posts. >> this is atrocious and any officer who is directly involved in this kind of racist and islam phobic behavior should be fired. >> chief eddie garcia has also called for assistance from the fbi to investigate this issue. the mayor says he has no authority to fire the officer. but on tuesday the city council will consider voting to place a measure on the november ballot that would change that. last wednesday mayor liccardo issued nine proposed police department reforms. he says several of them would help make sure there is more accountability during police misconduct investigation.
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so, right now an investigation is underway of these officers, and then it will be up to chief eddie garcia to decide whether they should be terminated. if they are terminated, those officers will still be able to appeal that decision. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks very much. demonstrations underway in aurora, colorado, demanding justice for elijah mcclain. a few hours ago, hundreds of people rallying. mcclain died in august of last year. a suspicious person report brought out police, one officer using the chokehold on him, using a drug to calm him down. he had a heart attack on the way to the hospital. students at sanford university, a memorial for black lives. placed at the stanford oval, feature the faces of black people killed by racial violence and police brutality.
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returning to our coronavirus coverage, taking a look at new cases in the bay area today. you look here, you see a lot of dashes. that means those reports have not reported any new cases today. that may change later this evening, just haven't reported them. contra costa reporting 12 new cases. san francisco county, 68 new cases. you can see the total number of cases in each county. over all in the bay area we have 22,251 cases, almost 600 people have died because of the virus. taking a live look at the s.a.p. center right now. normally it would be filled with sharks fans or concert goers, a lot of other things other than people going down for a free sh clara valley medical center partnered to offer free testing. a lot of people took advantage of this, a lot. a line wrapped around the shark tank.
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no word on whether the county will use the s.a.p. center as a test site. a covid-19 outbreak at san quinten prison. they're halting the plan of transfer of some inmates. there are now 613 confirmed cases in the inmate population. 89 staff members also positive. the outbreak was likely caused by inmate transfer in may from a prison in chino. activists held a town hall zoom meeting today to talk about what could be done to curve the spike. >> so, the person that is next to me in the next bunk is probably about two feet away. it's a little bit more challenging than the one on top of me because it's away from the person on the next top bunk. >> a lot of people in that zoom conference want early release for prisoners nearing the end of their sentence. statewide, covid cases continue to climb.
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tonight the number of confirmed cases stands at 206,000, up nearly 6,000 in the last 24 hours. united states had a grim record in the number of new cases in a single day, adding nearly 46,000. that was yesterday, to bring the total to more than 2.5 million reported cases. while things are starting to return to normal in former hotspots like new york and new jersey, cases continue to rise across the south and the west. n at least two states have paused or rolled back efforts to reopen. >> reporter: in florida, a record number of confirmed coronavirus cases for the second straight day, more than 9,500. and while it does follow an increase in testing, the percentage of people testing positive has been steadily growing over the past two weeks as well. the surge causing florida's governor to ban people from drinking in bars, blaming the young for the surge. >> there was widespread non-compliance and that led to issues. >> reporter: tough love for some businesses which reopened just three weeks ago.
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>> we're shut down. we don't have a kitchen, we don't serve food so we can't operate. >> reporter: leaders are shutting down beaches over the july 4th weekend. >> we don't have a lot in our tool kit to stop this. >> in texas, governor greg abbott is closing bars and reducing capacity in restaurants as infection rates hit double digits. in arizona, a phoenix er doctor is sounding the alarm. >> it's tinder waiting to explode but i'm thinking some of that has been lit and that is concerning. >> reporter: but in one former coronavirus hot spot, a sign of hope. national baseball hall of fame in upstate new york closed for three months because of the pandemic is now reopened. chris pallone, nbc news. we are tracking covid cases as the numbers continue to climb to see a county by county breakdown, go to and then click on bay area covid-19 cases at the top of our
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home page. coming up disagreements about reopening disneyland. cast members making demands so they can stay safe. plus protesting at the olympics, pushing former local olympian to change the rules. we're currently enjoying sunny and warm saturday but we are tracking a drop in temperatures and also windy conditions around the bay area. i'll have the complete details coming up. stay with us.
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disagreements over reopening at disneyland continue. today some union workers with the park stage a caravan protest in front of the anaheim park. their message, they want absolute safety. the park was supposed to open mid-july, about three weeks from right now. but covid-19 cases have been on the rise in the state and around the country as we've been reporting. some unions have come to agreements with the park, but there are some unions that have not yet. renowned olympic protester and state alum john carlos wants to abolish the rule that bans politics at olympics. a new protesting policy. when they raise their fist, you saw the picture, there's the fa statue, they raced their fist on the metal stand at the 1968 olympics in protest against racial injustice. the image became iconic.
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you talk about a society going wild, that really caused it to. it's honored by a statue on the san jose state campus. they were sent home for violating the rule. the president says the committee will explore the issue of allowing protests at the olympics. helping out on four wheels, this low rider caravan headed to gilroy to support farm workers. organizers told us, work all day every day. >> today we're bringing them food and essential supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, things like that to help protect these essential workers. >> more than 100 people came out to deliver the goods, just in time too as the garlic harvest season runs from the late june to early september. and this leaves only three montpeel, and store 100 million pounds of garlic. it's going to be shipped all around the world. coming up next, learning from a tragedy, the new research on the campfire and what experts
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tiny circles, devin. do another one. another one. is this good? put in that work, devin. don't give up. geico. save an extra 15% when you switch by october 7th. delivering milk, thousands of gallons of it, happened earlier today in hayward. the organization united community development cooperation made it happen. their goal is to support people that live in the area. >> we put it out there and we're halfway there. there's been all kinds of people. there's been all kinds of ethnicities coming in and they have been taking milk for themselves, other families, and
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for offices, elderly homes and churches. >> what a nice gesture. organizers tell us they're going to stay there until their supplies are gone. firefighters battled a pair of fires burning along interstate 680 near benicia. helicopter making an air dropt. helicopters had to down the chopper because someone was flying a drone in the area of the fire. california's deadliest fire leading to research aimed at preventing another similar tragedy. the 2018 campfire in butte county killed 86 people, destroyed the town of paradise. now a university of nevada professor has received a grant to develop wild life risk assessment and mitigation tools. he's been working to better understand fire risks because of what happened during this campfire. he assembled a group of researchers to tackle the problem over the next five
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years. dust from africa bringing hazy skies to parts of the east coast today. look at this. this is dust from sahara desert made it's way to florida. that's a long trip. some experts say the dust cloud could be the biggest and most intense saharan plume in 50 years. the dust is hovering over parts of texas, louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. let's see a less gorgeous but much clearer shot. yes. a live look outside in fremont. see the flag blowing there a little bit. not real strong right now. let's bring in a woman who i have not seen in person in i don't know how long. what a gorgeous backdrop behind you and it's great to see you. >> yeah, thank you. i know, terry. i think it's been since february since i've seen you in person. >> yep. >> but i'm hopeful i'll see you soon, terry. all right. let's talk about the weather because you're right. we're not going to get to see
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the saharan dust blowing here, but we're seeing the marine layer lingering since early this morning. right now in san francisco about 59 degrees. wind speeds starting to pick up at about 20-miles-per-hour. but this is just the beginning of it. it's going to get even gustier. current views for walnut creek, gorgeous clear skies. temperatures in the 80s, 81 degrees, and right now over downtown san jose, 79 degrees. what's going to happen with the next couple of hours? i want to show you satellite e radar because we have a front dropping in pushing south within the next couple of hours. we're not going to see any rain from this cold front. typically we associate rain with that. it's going to be a dry one. but we are going to see a drop in temperatures and also the winds kick up. good news, we do have good air quality from the north bay to the south bay, comfortable enough for a great afternoon walk. and let's look at the hour by hour outlook. here's what you can expect overnight. we're going to get marine layer
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yet again, especially around the coastline. the possibility of seeing drizzle around the coastline. by sunday it'll clear out. we'll start with partly clear skies and mostly clear conditions. look at your daytime highs for tomorrow. significantly cooler in some spots, including san jose. topping out in the upper 70s, concord 83, san francisco 66. as the cold front pushes through it's going to dry us out and any time we're talking about low humidity which is what tends to happen when we dry out and wind, there is a concern for fire danger. i want to take you through the times. overnight. concord 41-miles-per-hour wind gusts possible especially for the north bay mountains and east bay hills. if you have anything outside that could potentially fly away, this is your time to put it away, any umbrellas, anything that could potentially fly away. by sunday about 9:00 a.m., look at livermore, 32-miles-per-hour winds, san francisco 23.
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advancing through 4:30, probably the gustiest day tomorrow and gustiest time between dinner time between 5:00 and 6:00 is when we start to see the winds kicking up. i haven't seen any advisories just yet but that could change heading into tonight as well as tomorrow. here's a look at the next seven days. once e we get these winds to exit heading into tomorrow morning, we get the return of high pressure. that's going to warm us into the upper 80s by the middle of the week and even nearing the 90s. as far as san francisco temperatures going, we're going to be at 63 degrees tomorrow. might feel chilly around the coastline. we could wake up to patchy morning drizzle and that fog will make its return. it's going to get windy tonight and into tomorrow. >> how high are you? you seem to be so far up there. way in the distance i see overcast or something, cloud formation. what's going on. how high are you? >> yeah, i'm doing good.
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i don't know if you see. bing is taking an afternoon nap. this is his favorite corner of the bed. he likes to take in the sunshine. but everything's going good, terry. how are you doing? are you doing good? >> i'm doing fine. you've got a great picture behind you. san francisco all fogged in. thanks very much. still ahead, summer is not stopping the east bay zooms from supporting the front line. how they're helping health care workers in the bay area and across the country.
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if you're thinking about traveling to europe, maybe don't think too much about it. the european union is close to finalizing a list of country from which it will accept travellers and most likely not on that list, the united states. yeah. once the union starts lifting covid-19 restrictions, it's going to allow travellers from certain countries. u.s. citizens appearing to excluded from that list. they've got a reason for it. in part because of the number of covid-19 cases here. russia also on that list. they're being excluded. final decision is due early next week. when we come back we're going to show you how a group of east bay students is supporting health care workers not just in the bay area but across the country too. safely shop floor and decor your way!
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with safe in-store guidance, or order online, and pick up your products curbside! come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price however is perfect for you. explore floor & decor in-store or online. students at an oakland school and their teachers working together to help in the
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fight against covid, madison park academy created face shields and donated them to hospitals all across the down country. in fact, these shields are 3d printed. you can see them at work right there packaging the shields. >> it is amazing. i want to be able to help. even though it doesn't seem as much because i'm like cutting out, touching, but i know it goes a long way because it goes to the doctors and the hospitals and people that need them. >> got that right, mario. we're told they have created more than 700 face shields in all. some of the donations went to berkeley and st. marry's medical in stf among others. nice work. we hope you're going to join us tonight for a very aimed at together, dwayne "the rock" johnson hosting. there will be performances by shakir rah, cold play, jennifer
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hudson, miley cyrus, the list goes on. it's called global goal, unite for our future. it airs tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. thanks for watching. "nightly news" is next. we'll be back at 6:00. hope you can join us then. breaking news tonight, the record rise in covid cases, the u.s. hit the new daily high, and so does florida nearly 10,000 cases in that state in just one day. texas and florida now reversing some of the reopenings. >> we continue to see more covid-19 positive test results and rising hospitalizations. >> beaes in miami set to close again and what the texas governor wishes he'd done differently arizona pushing the limits, not reversing course in its reopening even as some hospitals fill up and residents wait in line for hours in 105 degree heat to get tested. >>


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