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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 27, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney. the announcement comes as police officers are under heavy scrutiny as the black lives matter movement continues across the country. nbc bay area's marianne favro just talked with the mayor, who was pulling no punches. marianne is live in san jose with his reaction. >> reporter: terry, mayor sam liccardo said the officers involved should be fired. four active-duty san jose police officers along with several retired officers apparently made several bigoted and anti-muslim comments on a private facebook post. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. i just spoke with mayor had to say about those posts. >> any officers directly involved in this kind of racist or islamaphobic behavior should be fired. obviously we're going to learn a lot more through this investigation, how many other officers have been involved, how long this has happened, and there may well be, i expect, other officers. if that's the case, then
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certainly they should be fired as well. >> police chief eddie garcia has also called for assistance from the fbi to investigate this incident. the police officers association president says his organization will take steps to expel the officers involved from the police union. the mayor says he has no authority to fire the officers, but on tuesday the city council will consider voting to place a measure on the november ballot that would change that. last week mayor liccardo issued nine proposed police department reforms. he says several of them would help make sure there is accountability during police misconduct investigations. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a troubling attack as the bay area celebrates pride. in oakland, the lgbtq community center is cleaning up after a vandal smashed windows.
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nbc bay area's sergio quintana talked with the founder of the center. sergio is live now with the details. sergio. >> reporter: terry, you can see right now that all of that -- all of the entrance windows there, they're all boarded up. that's because every glass panel was shattered this morning by a person on a bicycle. the founder of the community center, joe hawkins, said it's especially disturbing that this happened on pride weekend. >> the bay area is supposed to be this sort of liberal place and live and be. but right here on the corner of lakeshore and lakeside, this is a very queer community around the lake. yet still we are under attack. so the work still must continue. >> reporter: the damage will cost $7,000 to repair. the good news is they're getting an outpouring of support from the wider community. hawkins says vendors nearby saw the man on the bike come by with a golf club, and they started
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shouting at him as he was smashing the windows. a couple of the vendors, they were unable to stop him, and he sped off. hawkins says he does believe this is a hate crime. he's asking anyone who knows who this person is or sees anyone bragging about this vandalism on social media to call oakland police. reporting live in oakland, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sergio. oakland mayor libby schaaf responding on twitter a couple hours ago. she tweeted, quote, the oakland lgbtq center is a space of love, a sanctuary. this attack is shameful and heartbreaking. pride 2020 unlike any other. that's for sure. this year events have gone virtual as in-person celebrations are canceled because of the covid-19 pandemic. nbc bay area's christie smith reports from san francisco on how people are marking the 50th year of pride. >> well, san francisco's pride events have moved online, and you can certainly see that here.
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one restaurant manager says he's typically used to seeing thousands of people move through the area. >> this morning when i got up, i forgot it was pride weekend. >> reporter: chris saul and john matwilo had a bite to eat outside at harvey's in san francisco's castro district. they knew this year would be nothing like years past. >> usually we get so many people wanting to express themselves so much and be so happy and wearing the rainbow flag and for like pink saturday and just super happy. it's kind of sad not to see that this year. >> now is really not the time for that, and i think if we hold back this year, then all of us will be here next year, and we can have a much bigger and safer celebration next year. >> reporter: san francisco's in-person pride celebration and parade were canceled due to the pandemic. the general manager at harvey's says they usually see thousands of people in the area. >> we are hopeful that people are listening to the guidance to
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stay home, but we're also, you know, kind of planning on people still coming out in a limited amount tonight. our goal is to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: supervisor rafael mandelman said what they don't want to see is groups of people trying to come to the neighborhood to celebrate. >> if you live in the neighborhood, you know, patronize them every day of the week. but on this particular weekend, what we really don't want to see is large numbers of folks coming to the castro looking for a party. >> happy pride! >> reporter: san francisco pride 50 is a celebration instead. with more than 13 hours of streaming programming, online events run all weekend. >> as for the programming, i'll probably pick and choose what i want to watch. >> reporter: there are some demonstrations expected this weekend too. and around the city there are signs of pride at city hall and nearby as people enjoy pride at home. this couple just got married in
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the city and took a moment to see the quiet streets this weekend. >> it was very hard, you know, but the spirit lives on, and you just got to have a little faith that things are going to get bigger. >> reporter: in san francisco, christy smith. a special pink torch is making its way to twin peaks for the lighting in san francisco. oakland mayor libby schaaf kicked it off in oakland. 40 runners took part in the run. final leg of the journey starts right now at the ferry building in san francisco, winding up twin peaks. this is the first year the symbolic pink triangle is made out of lights. it's expected to be so bright, you can see it from space. we're going to check on that. a touching tribute to the black lives matter movement. some stanford students created hand made signs place add the stanford oval. three stanford students put up the memorial earlier this month. returning to our coronavirus
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coverage, taking a look at new cases in the bay area today. you're looking here. you see a lot of dashes. that just means those counties have not reported any new cases today. they might have some. maybe not. but they haven't reported. this might change later on this evening, but contra costa county is reporting, and they're reporting 12 new cases today. san francisco, 68 new cases. statewide, close to 6,000 new cases reported. also the united states set a very grim record in the number of new cases in a single day, adding nearly 46,000 yesterday to bring the total to more than 2.5 million reported cases. a big covid-19 outbreak at san quentin prison. so now california's department of corrections is halting a planned transfer of some inmates from san quentin to north kern state prison. there are now 613 confirmed cases in the inmate population. 89 staff members also positive. that prison had zero cases through march and april.
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now 613-plus. the outbreak was likely caused by an inmate transfer in may from a prison in chino. activists held a town hall zoom meeting today to talk about what might be done to curb the spike. >> i'm on a bottom bunk so the person next to me in the next bunk is probably about two feet away. it's a little bit more challenging for my bunky who is on top of me because he's inches away from the person on the next top bunk. >> many people on that call today want early release for prisoners nearing the end of their sentence. well, the s.a.p. center in san jose usually packed with fans of sharks games and concerts. it was transformed into a free covid-19 testing site and went on for days. the sha today there was free walkup testing. today was the final day. a lot of people taking advantage of this. the line wrapped around the shark tank. no word on whether the county will continue to use the s.a.p. center as a test site.
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but week one a big success. we're tracking covid cases as the number of cases continues to climb. to see a county by county breakdown, you can go to our website,, and then click on bay area covid-19 cases. that's at the top of the page. coming up, as counties rethink their opening plans, one of the most populated areas in the state is moving forward. how los angeles county plans to reopen safely. and oakland students doing something good amid this pandemic. they're donating to hospitals across the country to stop the spread. it may be sunny inland but around the coastline we're still seeing foggy conditions with that marine layer holding tight. i'm going to talk about the drop in temperatures for sunday and the winds that are expected to kick up tonight. details coming up.
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as parts of the bay area hit the pause button on reopening plans, one of the hardest hit counties in the state is moving forward. talking about los angeles county. in montrose, this is the first full weekend since quarantine started that people could eat at local restaurants. right now things are limited to outdoor dining only. streets, sidewalks, private parking lots are being blocked off to provide more room. in glendale, there's usually a fee for restaurants to have outdoor dining, but that city's waiving that fee until things can get back to normal. disagreements over reopening
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conditions at disneyland continue. today some union workers with the park staged a caravan protest in front of the anaheim park. suddenly not the happiest place on earth. their message, they want absolute safety. the park was supposed to open mid-july, but covid-19 cases have been on the rise in the state and around the country. some unions have come to agreements with the park but still obviously others have not. students at an oakland school and their teachers are working together to help in the fight against covid. madison park academy created face shields and donated them to hospitals all across the country. in fact, these shields are 3-d printed. you can see how they do it. you see them at work right there. >> honestly it feels amazing. i want to be able to help. even though it doesn't seem as much because i'm disinfecting, cutting out, punching holes, but i know it goes a long way because it goes to the doctors, the hospitals, and people that need them. >> we are told they have created more than 700 face shields in
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all. some of the donations went to albert bates in berkeley, some to st. mary's in san francisco. helping out on four wheels. this low rider caravan from san jose to gilroy today. the reason, to support farm workers who organizers told us work all day, every day. >> today we're bringing them food and essential supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer, things like that, to help protect these essential workers. >> more than 100 people came out to deliver the goods and really just in time as the garlic harvest season runs from right about now to early september. this leaves only three months to pack, million pounds of garlic. it's going to be shipped all around the world. firefighters battled a pair of fires burning along interstate 680 near benicia. you see a helicopter making an air drop. firefighters say they had to
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stop the chopper because of a drone flying nearby. someone's flying a drone near where they're trying to stop a fire. the word is don't do that. about 12 acres burned. crews are going to remain at the scene to monitor. let get over to vianey arana. how high are you right now? how many stories up are you? that's an incredible view. >> oh, well, thank you. you know, i'm up there. i'm up there. i won't reveal the exact number, but i'm up there. it's a good little view, certainly makes for a gate weather live backdrop. i'm up there, terry. all right. so it's sunny behind me, but we're still seeing that marine layer around the coastline. here's what it looks like right now in hayes valley in san francisco. check that out. it's pretty cloudy. we've got plenty of fog and also one thing you're going to notice is the winds are going to start to kick up. we hit a high of 74 in san francisco today. right now it's about 57 degrees.
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wind speeds at about 20 miles per hour. further inland in areas like walnut creek, 78 degrees. we hit a high of 84 today. the wind speeds are about 15 miles per hour. san jose, 76 degrees right now. wind speeds are still nice and light. as you could see, satellite radar for the most part is very calm. but we are going to have a shift in our weather. so we're going to see some pretty much onshore winds start to take over tonight and also a dry cold front is going to drop down moving further south. that's going to kick up our winds and it's also going to kick up -- or i should say drop down our temperatures. air quality today, good from the north down to the south bay. comfortable afternoon. you don't have to worry about the air quality. and the hour by hour outlook right now, pushing this all the way through tomorrow morning, we're going to see the return of some patchy fog. maybe even some drizzle around the coastline. then by sunday, cooler temperatures with some westerly winds kicking upwards of 35-plus miles per hour. here's a closer look at how much cooler we'll be tomorrow.
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san jose, 77 degrees. oakland, 71. concord, 83. and in through san francisco, 66. so definitely a good distance there. so if you drive further inland, you'll still be in the 80s. but if you want to get on the cooler side, head on over to the coast. let's take a look at the hour by hour wind speeds. notice by about 2:00 a.m., it starts to kick up. you'll notice the winds kicking up tonight. that's one thing you'll definitely start to notice, especially right after 5:00. right now we're already sort of starting to see that. but at about 9:30, you see livermore. 32-mile-per-hour winds gusting. then i'm going to push us all the way through 3:30, 4:30. look at livermore, 41 miles per hour. expect the gustiest conditions right around dinner tomorrow. anytime we see gusty winds, we see the conditions completely dry out, which means low humidity and increased fire danger. so something we will be monitoring very, very closely. now, the winds are expected to kind of shift turning from
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onshore to offshore by tomorrow. then they'll start to die down heading into monday. but by monday, tuesday, and wednesday, we get the return of high pressure in the area. and that's going to kick up a notch in terms of our temperatures back up into the upper 80s and 90s for inland areas. and then san francisco temperatures will also remain in the 60s. but remember it's going to be really windy tomorrow, and you could catch some of that morning drizzle as well. terry, i'll send it back to you. >> that is a beautiful sight. vianey, thank you very much. still ahead, summer travel taking a hit because of the pandemic. countries reopening their borders, but some travelers won't be welcome back in some places, especially some people from the united states. the reason why next. ♪ menutaur
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we return now to our coronavirus coverage. more than 128,000 people have now died in the united states. cases continue to surge in several states, but nobody is like florida. they are the leader right now. for a second day, florida broke records. more than 9,500 new positive tests. now this does follow an increase in testing. but the experts are saying the percentage of positive tests has been steadily growing as well. florida has shut down bars again, closing beaches for the fourth of july weekend. >> we remain the hot spot. we don't have a lot in our tool kit to stop this short of the prophylactic decision to shutter the economy, which we really don't want to do. >> texas also closing bars and reducing capacity in restaurants as infection rates spike. other hot spots include arizona, as you probably know, parts of california. meantime, a sign of hope in new york, which used to be the epicenter of the country's outbreak. the national baseball hall of
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fame in upstate new york has reopened. we don't have baseball, but we do have the hall of fame. if you're thinking about traveling to europe, well, the european union is close to finalizing a list of countries from which it will accept travelers. most likely the united states not on that list. once the union starts lifting covid-19 restrictions, it will allow travelers from certain countries. but u.s. citizens appear to be excluded from that list in part because of the number of covid-19 cases here. we've been talking about it. russia also on that list, appears to be excluded. the final decision expected next week. in new york today, people gathered to celebrate the city's pride event. for the most part, new york pride is being celebrated online just like here in san francisco. but there's this. hundreds people marching through greenwich village to the historic stonewall inn. not only the lgbtq community but the black lives matter movement as well. the stonewall uprising ignited
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on june 28th, 1969. when police raided that gay bar, the event gave birth to a movement and the city's first gay pride parade. delivering milk, thousands of gallons. happened earlier today in haywood. the organize united community development corporation made this whole thing happen. their goal, to support people living in the area. >> we put the word out there, and as you can see, we're already halfway down. there's been all kinds of people. there's been all kinds of ethnicities coming in, and they have been taking milk for themselves, other families, and for hospices, you know, elderly homes, and churches. >> organizers told us they're going to stay out there until all the supplies have been given away. all right. let's check in with anthony flores right now with the day in sports. any sports today? >> yeah, a lot going on, terry. players take a knee for the opening game of the challenge cup. why the women's national soccer league is uniting in protest. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the first team sport to return to play in the u.s., the national women's soccer league, making a powerful statement today. all players on north carolina and portland took a knee during the national anthem. now, they say they also wore black lives matter t-shirts. the players on both teams released a joint statement on social media saying they took a knee to protest racial injustice, police brutality, and systematic racism against people of color. can he do it? >> got an oh, no. oh, my goodness, you wouldn't have thought that in a million years. >> oh, no. i can relate to that shot. phil mickelson going from the sand to the trap. he bogeyed the hole, shot a 1 over for the round and fell from
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first is seventh. no such troubles for dustin johnson. he shot a 9 under 61. he's at 16 under par, two shots behind the leader, brendon todd heading into sunday's final round. to the track. nascar with a weekend double-header at pocono. they'll drive the same cars tomorrow that they were in today. kevin harvick of bakersfield out in front. takes the checkered flag. danny hamlin finished second. eric am row la was third. the details have been ironed out. major league baseball is having a season. now comes the hard part, getting ready for it. it's going to be 60 games. teams will report on july 1st. after covid testing, the a's will likely begin onfield workouts in oakland on july 3rd, giving them about three weeks to get ready while still trying to keep their players safe. >> it's not going to be easy, but certainly it's a worthy cause to try and make this season happen, and we'll do our
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best. the challenge is avoiding the virus. it will take the cooperation of everybody involved to make this happen. the baseball season will swing into action with a matchup in the nation's capital. according to "the washington post," the defending champion washington nationals will host the new york yankees to begin the pandemic shortened season on july 23rd. now, major league baseball has yet to release an official schedule with details still to be worked out between the clubs and the players association. terry, i heard you say earlier still no baseball. but just think, this time next month, the boys of summer will be back on the diamond. that's a look at sports. the news will continue right after this.
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we are following breaking news north of the bay area. a man apparently crashed his car into a walmart distribution center, then opened fire with an assault rifle. it happened near red bluff about 100 miles north of sacramento. the video just in to our newsroom from the scene. it is unclear how many people are injured. law enforcement is sweeping the building right now. we're going to continue to update this both on-air and online. thank you very much for joining us. we're back tonight at 11:00. hope you have a great evening. male announcer: it's been more than three months since this emergency began, and what first seemed improbable is now a way of life: sheltering at home, social distancing, and working remotely. the curve is flattening, but this pandemic is far from over.
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hospitalization rates are dropping, but families keep mourning. and in these uncertain times, nbc bay area's investigative unit continues asking the questions that need to be asked. bigad shaban: how is this virus affecting pregnant women and newborns? jaxon van derbeken: why are advocates concerned about a new state plan to pay care homes big bucks to house covid-positive seniors? stephen stock: what is the federal government doing to protect immigrants in regional detention facilities? candice nguyen: and as scientists work on tracing the covid virus back to the source, what role did an odd animal you've probably never heard of play? ♪ candice: good evening, and thank you for joining us for our second investigative special, "coronavirus: the continuing crisis." we begin tonight with a search for the source of covid-19 and


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