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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 30, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight the coronavirus in america and the stark new warning. dr. anthony fauci telling congress the u.s. could hit 100,000 cases a day. 16 states now pausing or rolling back reopenings ahead of july 4th will california announce new stay-at-home orders as cases explode? in texas a new single day record and what fauci said on a new testing strategy the battle over masks. dr. fauci and other top health officials pleading with americans, put them on the new study, which face covering is protect you and others the best joe biden escalating attacks. his first news conference in three
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months, biden accusing president trump of skre surrendering in the covid-19 battle. what he said when asked has he been tested did the president know about u.s. intelligence alleging russian officials offered bounties on american soldiers? our new reporting on how early the white house found out. if you are planning to fly to europe a new ban announced today. the new turn in the elijah mcclain investigation. the reported photos that led to multiple officers being placed on leave and celebrating a lifetime of laughs from a comedy legend >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening everyone from our los angeles studio tonight, california one of several states that appears to be losing the battle against covid-19 urgently rushing to try and turn back the clock on reopening as america's top infectious disease doctor anthony fauci warned the u.s. could soon hit 100,000 new cases per day and that
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the u.s. is not in total control of the pandemic tonight cases going up, hospital capacity going down across america's hard hit sun belt our team is in place and we start tonight with miguel almaguer >> reporter: tonight california is in crisis as the number of confirmed infections across the state soars to 227,000, nearly half of all of those sick living in los angeles county, the region now scrambling to reverse course, shutting down reopened beaches, piers, and bars ahead of the 4th of july holiday. >> just sadness. we're not saving our patients like we want to even though we're doing everything we can. >> reporter: one of the first states to lock down, california is now the largest in trouble. hospitalizations hooer in l.a. county are now at a record high icu beds could soon be
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full after scenes like these in arizona, the governor has now ordered night clubs, bars, and gyms to shut down, banning groups larger than 50 people, the start of in-person classes are also delayed. >> we can't be under any illusion this virus is going to go away on its own. >> reporter: nearly 90% of icu beds are now occupied, doctors seeing a 25% positivity rate. that means that most of the people or a lot of the people we're testing are sick that means there are a lot of people that don't know they're sick and they're going to end up in the hospital >> reporter: with hospitals in hot spots stressed tonight at least 17 states are reversing or pausing planned reopenings in texas, cases increased by nearly 7,000, the highest single day spike since the pandemic started hard hit new jersey not proceeding with indoor dining as planned. >> we've gone through hell the last thing we want to do is go through hell again
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>> back in california 28 members of this family contracted covid. richard lost his dad just before father's day. >> you know the last thing my dad saw was me suffocating, and i had no chance to tell my dad, i'm okay hey, dad, i'm recovering and that hurts >> reporter: tonight the true cost of covid measured not by numbers but families miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> i'm kristen dahlgren a dire warning on capitol hill today from the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci calling covid-19 out of control predicting the possibility of 100,000 cases a day. >> i pleasing think it is important to tell you and the american public i am very concerned because it could get very bad >> reporter: fauci was joined by the top doctors on the white house coronavirus task force including the cdc director who laid into american airlines for its decision along with some other
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airlines to begin filling planes to capacity >> i can tell you when they announced that the other day obviously there was substantial disappointment >> reporter: american responding it still has multiple layers of protection in place including face covering is and enhanced cleaning procedures and a preflight covid-19 symptom checklist. today masks, social distancing, and increased testing were repeatedly touted as vital to controlling the spread the pace of testing has doubled since may. experts at harvard's global health institute say it is not enough, pointing out the u.s. is now testing approximately 500,000 people each day. they say that number should be a million or more the study says only 17 states in d.c. are doing enough testing to keep outbreaks from getting out of control. >> we keep hearing from our political leaders we are doing enough testing not a single public health expert in america or anywhere in the world believes america has had the level of testing it has needed to be on top of this virus.
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>> reporter: one idea praised by fauci as a possible solution is pool testing, the idea that swabs from large groups of people in close contact who aren't showing symptoms could be pooled into a single test if the virus is detected, then each person would be tested individually >> if that test is negative, then you know those ten people are all negative so instead of utilizing ten tests, you've utilized one. >> reporter: a new way to dramatically expand testing and experts hope control the spread kristen dahlgren, nbc news despite urgent pleas at the hearing to wear masks there is still a divide among americans about whether to require them there is new evidence tonight about which kind of face covering works best to slow the spread of the virus. here's sam brock >> you got to wear mask, bro. >> reporter: across the country heated scenes playing out a man is physically shoving his way into a store without a mask >> i have a breathing problem! >> reporter: and
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public shaming after this customer refused to wear one. >> we have a right in america not to wear a -- mask. >> reporter: despite pushback, public officials are increasingly turning to masks to stem the spread of the virus. in savannah, georgia the mayor mandating masks in all establishments except for churches >> frankly and honestly i do not believe we have any other choice >> reporter: overnight jacksonville's mayor requiring face covering is in and outside of buildings florida has reported nearly 30,000 cases in four days. governor ron desantis says he won't issue a statewide order but will leave it up to cities instead >> we left it to the locals to make decision about whether to use coercive measures or impose any criminal penalty >> reporter: california's governor tonight hinting he'll impose penalties for not following a mask order. >> we have a mandate statewide to wear masks. we'll be doing more to focus on enforcement in this state. >> reporter: on miami beach where a mask requirement kicked in today, we found most
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people supportive. >> we all got family at home. we don't want to take the virus back it spreads >> reporter: a new study finds wearing surgical masks or well fitted home made masks with multiple layers of fabric is most effective in stopping the virus's transmission while bandanas and loose-fitting options do little. >> the masks though they are not 100% effective can go a long ways toward making sure the virus doesn't spread and you don't catch it >> reporter: the cdc recommends if you are out in public around people you should always wear a mask except for kids under the age of 2 and anyone who has trouble breathing. lester >> all right sam brock, thanks. in a rare news conference today from former vice president joe biden, a major escalation of his attacks against president trump's leadership on the covid pandemic andrea mitchell has the story. >> reporter: joe biden today slamming president trump's handling of the pandemic accusing him of failing to protect the american people and front line workers from the virus >> they don't make these sacrifices you can ignore the
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science and turn responsible steps like wearing masks into a political statement. fix the shortage of ppe for our health care workers before you tee off another round of golf. >> reporter: after the president said this -- >> i am a war time president. this is a war. >> it seems like our war time president surrendered. >> reporter: biden also saying if he is elected his first call would be to dr. fauci. >> i will immediately reach out to dr. anthony fauci to ask him to continue his incredible service to the country. >> reporter: in his first news conference in three months biden also said he has not been tested for covid because he has no symptoms but when asked by fox news if he had been tested for cognitive decline -- >> i've been testing and constantly testing. look, you got to -- all you got to do is watch me and i can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man i'm running against. >> reporter: biden said he'll announce his running mate next month a few weeks before he is nominated in milwaukee the democratic convention will be
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largely virtual. unlike the president biden is not holding any rallies and will not have a traditional convention because of the pandemic >> andrea mitchell tonight, thank you there is growing outrage this evening over reports russia offered to pay the taliban to target u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and new questions about if and when president trump received intelligence briefings about it kristen welker has the latest >> reporter: bipartisan lawmakers briefed at the white house today demanding answers. as information mounts, suggesting russians offered the taliban money for killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. >> our focus was what did the president know and when did he know it >> reporter: the press secretary kayleigh mcenany said while the president was not initially briefed he has now been >> that does not change the fact there is no consensus on this intelligence that still has yet to be verified. >> reporter: on friday the president insisted he had never been told about the plot but the
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"new york times" reports the president received a written briefing in february but it is not known if he read it under scrutiny an april, 2019 car bombing that killed three marines and according to the ap and confirmed by nbc news top officials in the white house were made aware of the scheme in 2019 the ap reports it was included in the president's daily brief and his then national security adviser john bolton briefed him. bolton declined to comment but accused the president of failing to protect americans. >> because the president has repeatedly not been able to see the importance in safeguarding america from another 9/11 or other terrorist attacks. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden also pounced >> the presidential daily brief is something i read every single day as vice president. so the idea that somehow he didn't know or isn't being briefed is a dereliction of duty if that is the case >> reporter: biden said he has not received an intelligence briefing but may request one. nbc news has learned
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the white house is working to set up a briefing for top congressional leaders of both parties tomorrow lester >> all right kristen welker, thank you. this country got a harsh reality check from europe today on the covid crisis as the eu opens up again to the outside world and american travelers are still banned for now. with that story here is richard engel >> reporter: europe is opening up, relaxing travel restrictions starting tomorrow. but americans aren't welcome. today the european union released a list of 14 nations from outside the european bloc cleared for travel based on covid levels the u.s. is not on the list in a wakeup call on how others perceive americans now, russia and brazil also didn't make the cut the countries that did include canada, japan, south korea, new zealand, and rwanda.
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president trump says the u.s. is leading the way on covid >> i saved hundreds of thousands of lives >> reporter: but new cases in the u.s. have been hitting record levels recently averaging about ten times as many as across the eu. and it isn't just numbers. european governments and citizens have been horrified at americans refusing to wear masks. >> you got to wear a mask, bro. >> reporter: and bursting into stores without them the videos of american covid rage and denial have become fodder for european tabloids. europe decided the u.s. isn't healthy enough to travel some americans living abroad agree >> i think it's incredibly smart and really just quite sad that the u.s. is on that list. >> reporter: the eu restrictions are said to be reviewed in two weeks but as things stand they may not be
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relaxed after the first go around. lester >> richard engel tonight, thank you in 60 seconds multiple police officers placed on leave in colorado after an alleged incident near the site of elijah mcclain's deadly encounter with police
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breaking news tonight in the death of rayshard brooks, a judge in atlanta ruling that garrett rolfe the former police officer who shot and killed brooks can be freed on a $500,000 bond while his felony murder case is pending and a new turn in another case we have been reporting on, the death of elijah mcclain in the custody of aurora, colorado police multiple officers placed on leave after a report of inappropriate photos here is gabe gutierrez with that. >> reporter: as protests mount in colorado over the death of elijah mcclain the aurora police department has placed multiple officers on paid administrative leave after it says another officer reported that they took potentially
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inappropriate pictures near the site of mcclain's fatal encounter with police. >> just when you think aurora police can't get any worse they find a new low >> reporter: the pictures in question have not been publicly released as the department says it is reviewing an internal investigation. no comment today from the police union >> i have a right to stop you because you're being suspicious >> reporter: officers stopped mcclain last august after a 911 caller reported a sketchy looking man with a mask. mcclain's family said he had been walking home and sometimes wore a ski mask to keep warm because he was anemic >> no. let go of me >> reporter: an internal investigation found the officers followed policy. the district attorney declined to charge them but last week colorado's governor appointed the state's attorney general as the special prosecutor >> why wasn't a special prosecutor appointed sooner >> we have a system of local control so it automatically goes to the da the da took a look at it >> reporter: you disagree with what the da found >> well, i lack confidence in what the da found >> this is related to systemic and
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institutional racism >> reporter: this woman is a professor at the university of denver and local organizer of black lives matter >> people are realizing this is happening in my community and what stories didn't get told it is worrisome people in the denver metro area and in colorado didn't know elijah mcclain's name until a few weeks ago. >> reporter: they know now. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, aurora, colorado what is behind a striking racial imbalance in the mental health system, up next.
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back now with our series "inequality in america" tonight shining a light on an issue so many black americans face when they seek help for their mental health. more now from kate snow >> reporter: about a year ago this couple expected a new baby. they had recently moved and she switched jobs can you describe how you were feeling >> just really a lot of pressure. very heavy and fearful, anxious >> reporter: she found a therapist in a suburb of philadelphia who was white. >> it felt like she just wasn't getting it i could tell it was from the cultural differences. but i felt like i couldn't be myself in the session. >> reporter: i could imagine particularly white people hearing that story and thinking, well, but it doesn't matter what color your skin is >> yes, it does. it is not necessarily a matter of the color of the skin but more
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of the cultural background >> reporter: he has found a similar disconnect in his nine-year recovery from alcohol and drugs. >> i'd be in a meeting and i couldn't tell my story fully and honestly because i didn't want to offend the white people in the room >> reporter: both tried to find black therapists >> i was wondering where are all the black therapists are they hiding under a rock >> reporter: i wanted a black, male therapist. >> reporter: could you find one >> i could not find one for my life. >> reporter: in the u.s. just 4% of psychologists are black and only 2% of psychiatrists including dr. brandi jackson in chicago she went to medical school after traveling to uganda and seeing black doctors at work. >> i believe strongly it is impossible for us to really become something which we cannot first envision in our mind. when we think of a doctor we definitely don't default to thinking about a black person >> reporter: added to that she says many in the black community are raised to distrust psychological help black americans are about half as likely as white americans to use mental health
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services >> i think we still have a lot of reckoning to do in the black community with regard to the stigma around mental illness so when the time comes for those of us who are becoming doctors to pick a specialty i think there is an extra layer there. >> reporter: are there enough people like you to go around >> i wish there were the unfortunate answer is, no, right now. but i'm an optimist. >> reporter: dr. jackson's new website is designed to help draw more black people into the field cheryl did eventually find a new therapist who is black >> it's been a day and night difference she definitely understands my version of the struggle. working with her has been really beneficial for me >> reporter: finding a connection that is still rare in this country. kate snow, nbc news, chicago. more to tell you about, coming up, remembering a hollywood legend
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finally, a tribute to a master of comedy, carl reiner, iconic funny man, tv pioneer, and father of rob reiner dying at 98 a lifetime of laughs >> everybody loved the
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new line >> reporter: it is easy to recognize carl reiner's face. >> i always said i like you so much better without your -- >> hair! hair >> reporter: but he is equally known for his mind as a writer and director, born in the bronx, reiner's big break came in the 1950s performing on sid caesar's "your show of shows. >> get out and get out fast >> reporter: there he teamed up with comedy legend mel brooks. >> people actually hit themselves in the face >> oh, boy >> wow >> that hurts though >> reporter: reiner was a prolific writer creating one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. "the dick van dyke show." >> he is my mentor and my idol. >> reporter: he was also an accomplished director >> i'm somebody now! >> reporter: when asked how he'd like to be remembered carl reiner's answer was a lot like his life -- humble yet funny >> he was here and he didn't foul up the earth. he made a difference he made me laugh
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>> reporter: nbc news. >> he sure did make us laugh. that laughter still lingers tonight. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, take care of yourself and each other. right now at 6:00 p.m., not a request you often hear from a coastal town mayor. think twice before coming to the beach. reason for the plea. the news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm janelle wang. we also have raj mathai with us. >> here's a huge frustration, especially for parents.
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will school be back in session? just a couple of hours ago, we got some guidance from santa clara county. we'll see you in just about three minutes with that. >> thanks, raj. governor newsom is concerned that californians will spread more than cheer this fourth of july. the cases hitting an all-time high in the state. california had 8,086 new infections in 24 hours. he's worried because he says one of the biggest ways to spread the virus is at family gatherings. >> here comes uncle bob, two hours late. he gives everyone a hug. where's the mask? i don't believe in them. the whole thing starts to take shape. >> tomorrow, the governor will unveil a plan to tighten up rules for the weekend. and the


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