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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 1, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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congregation at a bar inside is bad news. we really got to stop that right now. >> dr. anthony fauci is predicting a rise to 1 hurn,000 daily new cases of coronavirus if we don't change our behavior right now and that includes everyone weari a mask. a disturbing turn in the elijah mcclain death investigation the reported photos that led to multiple officers being placed on leave a judge overturns the trump border rule requiring immigrants to first claim asylum in another country. and we will remember
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hollywood legend carl reiner as we kick off this first day of july "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena >> gld you're with us. i'm frances rivera the country is set to reach record highs in the south and southwest. according to the "new york times" the number of new cases in the u.s. shot up by 80% in the past two weeks the number of americans infected tops 2.6 million and the death toll is steadily creeping toward 10,000 >> the paycheck protection program has been given another lifeline tuesday night it was voted to extend the program until august 8th, with $130 billion nun used funds now moves to the house for a vote a dire warning on capitol hill from the nation's cop infectious disease expert. >> we're going in the wrong direction. if you look at the curves of the new cases, so we really have to
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do something about that and we need to do it quickly. clearly we are not in total control right now. we are now having 40,000 plus new cases a day. i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around >> dr. anthony fauci calling covid-19 out of control, masks, social distancing and increasing testing are repeatedly titled to control the spread the minor league baseball season has been canceled it's not clear if all teams will continue paying the minor leaguers at a weekly stipend hospital capacity is dwindling. america's top infectious disease doctors, dr. fauci, warned the u.s. could see 100,000 cases per day. miguel almaguer is in california where officials are scrambling to control the outbreak. >> reporter: california is in crisis as the number of confirmed infections across the
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state soars to 227,000, nearly half of all those sick live in los angeles county, the region scrambling to reverse course, shutting down reopened beaches, piers and bars ahead of the fourth of july holiday >> no one could share the sadness. we're not saving our patients we're not doing everything we can. >> reporter: one of the first states to lock down, california is now the largest in trouble. hospitalizations here in l.a. county are now at a record high, and icu beds could soon be full. after scenes like these in arizona, the governor has ordered nightclubs, bars and gyms to shut down banning groups larger than 50 people, the school's in-person classes are also delayed >> we can't be under any illusion that virus is going to go away on its own
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>> reporter: nearly 90% of icu beds are occupied, doctors seeing a 25% positivity rate >> that means most of the people or a lot of the peep we're testing are sick there's a lot of people that don't know they're sick and going to end up in the hospital. >> reporter: with hospitals and hot spots stressed, at least 17 states are reversing or pausing planned reopenings in ex-it text cases increased by nearly 7,000, the highest single day spike since the pandemic started. hard-hit new jersey not proceeding with indoor dining as planned. >> we've gone through hell the last thing we want to do is go through hell again. >> reporter: in california, richard lost his tad just before father's day >> the last thing that my da su had no chance of telling my dad, hey, dad, i'm okay hey, dad, i'm recovering, and
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that hurts >> reporter: the true cost of covitt, measured not by numbers but families miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. breaking overnight, a major blow to one of the trump administration's hard line immigration policies last night a federal judge overturned the administration's rule requiring immigrants to first seek asylum in another country, if they pass through it on the way to the u.s. it essentially forced my grant caravans from violence plagued countries like guatemala and honduras to seek asylum from mexico reports that russia offered to pay the taliban to target our soldiers in afghanistan. the american officials interrepresented financial transfers from a bank account controlled by the russian military to one linked to the taliban. kristen welker has more.
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>> reporter: bipartisan lawmakers demanding answers, suggesting russians offered the taliban money for killing u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. >> what did the president know and when did he know it. >> reporter: the press secretary while the president was not initially briefed because of conflicting intelligence he has now been. >> that does not change the fact there is no consensus on the intelligence, that has yet to be verified >> reporter: on friday the president insisted he had never been told about the plot he received a written briefing in february, but it's not known if he read it. under scrutiny in april 2019 car bombing that killed three marines and according to the ap and confirmed by nbc news, top officials in the white house were made aware of the scheme in 2019 the ap reports it was included in the president's daily brief and that his then national security adviser john bolton briefed him. bolton declined to comment but accused the president of failing
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to protect americans >> because the president has repeatedly not been able to see the importance in safeguarding america from another 9/11 or other terrorist attacks. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden also pounced. >> the presidential daily brief is something i read every single day as vice president. so the idea that, somehow, he didn't know or isn't being briefed, it is a dereliction of duty, in that's the case >> reporter: biden said he has not received an intelligence briefing but may request one >> and thanks to kristen welker for that report. in colorado the death continues into the elijah mcclain under the custody of leave. a report about inappropriate photos, gabe gutierrez is following the story for us gabe, good morning >> reporter: national attention for this case spiked dramatically in the weeks following george floyd's death in minneapolis the mcclain family is furious it
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took this long and now there is new controversy. as protests mount in colorado over the death of elijah mcclain the aurora police department has placed multiple officers on paid administrative leave, after it says another officer reported that he took potentially inappropriate pictures near the side of mcclain's fatal encounter with police. >> you know, just when you think police can't get any worse, they find a new low >> reporter: the pictures in question have not been publicly released as the department says it's reviewing an internal investigation. no comment from the police union. >> stop, i have a right to stop you because you're being suspicio suspicious >> reporter: he was stopped last august after a 911 reporter a sketchy looking man with a mask. mcclain's family said he was walking home and sometimes wore a ski mask to keep warm because he was anemic. an internal investigation found the officers followed policy the district attorney declined to charge them but last week, colorado's governor appointed the state's attorney general as a special prosecutor
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why wasn't a special prosecutor appointed sooner >> we have a system of local control in our state so it automatically goes to the d.a. the d.a. took a look at it >> reporter: you disagree with what the d.a. found? >> i lack confidence in what the d.a. found >> this is related to systemic racism >> reporter: a professor at the university of denver and local organizer of black lives matter. >> people are realizing this is happening in my community and wondering what stories didn't get told it's worrisome people in the denver metro area, people in colorado did not know elijah mcclain's name until a few weeks ago. >> reporter: they know now the govern says there's no timetable for the review of the case but it could take months. >> gabe, thank you a judge in atlanta has ruled that garrett rolfe, the former police officer who shot and killed rayshard brooks, can be freed on a $500,000 bond while his felony murder case is pending. the judge says rolfe must wear an ankle monitor, follow a curfew, surrender his passport
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and maintain no possession of firearms rolfe's attorney argues the shooting was justified because he was defending the safety of others in the area. after being flown for more than 120 years, thmississippi is getting a new state flag after sunday they removed the confederate battle emblem from their flag governor tate says it will keep the "in god we trust." nine women who sued harvey weinstein reached a $19 million settlement the suit alleged weinstein was a serious sexual harasser and abuser under the plan a victim's compensation fund would be created and survivors would be free to tell their stories without fear of retribution. the settlement still needs court approval authorities in india are
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using drones to contain crop destroying locusts experts are predicting extensive crop losses if the government does not stop the fast-spreading swarms low gust control teams are using drones to spray insecticides and authorities deployed tractor mounted sprayers to ensure they don't devour the summer crops. >> we were just joking and here we are doing a story about it. >> end times >> as we chug along in the middle of the year, first day of july we get a check of our weather wise janessa webb is with us. >> good morning, you two good morning, everyone i can't believe we're in july and talking about the summer heat this is just beginning as storms are firing up across the mississippi valley into the southeast, all due to that front. waking up this morning, you're dealing with the severe weather concerns but this will die throughout the afternoon st. louis to kansas city the
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central u.s., this is going to be expanded throughout the afternoon, with the pockets of cells that will produce some torrential rain. right now it's only 5 million but i think this makes its way n across texas into san antonio, above 100 degrees. we have heat advisories across the deep south >> janessa, thank you. spacex has another successful launch in the books a falcon 9 rocket launched from cape canaveral, florida. it deployed a gps satellite for the u.s. space force into orbit. the defense department is workin to replace satellites that launched about 20 years ago. this was the 88th successful mission for the falcon 9 and also, it marked the first time spacex recovered a booster for a national security mission.
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welcome. the european union released a list of 14 nations from outside the european bloc, cleared for travel based on covid levels the u.s. isn't on the list and in a wake-up call on how others perceive americans now russia and brazil didn't make the cut president trump says the u.s. is leading the way on covid sniff' saved hundreds of thousands of lives >> reporter: new cases in the u.s. averaging about ten times as many as across the eu the videos of american covid rage and denial have become fodder for european tabloids europe decided the u.s. isn't healthy enough to travel some americans living abroad agree.
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>> i think it's incredibly smart and quite sad the u.s. is on that list. >> reporter: the eu restrictions are set to be reviewed in two weeks but as things stand now, they might not be relaxed after the first go-around. richard engel, nbc news, london. when we return, bad news for cord cutters with youtube tv and take your friends to the movies without ever leaving the couch, the cl, n ftuooeweare, coming to amazon prime crest 3d white. it removes up to 95% of surface stains. and strengthens enamel. from the number one toothpaste brand in america. crest. come on tucker, let's go.k? tuck, tuck, do you want a walk boy? tucker, do you want to go out? when the whole family needs an excuse to get out, nutro's clean recipe will help your dog keep up. saturpain happens.
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in today's "news by the numbers" a three-piece artwork sold for over $84 million at auction. the piece was one of 28 created by francis bacon between 1962 and 1991 lionel messi netted his 700th career goal. he became the seventh player ever to hit that milestone netflix is investing $100 in black-owned american banks that support black communities. the streaming service said the funding will increase as the company grows. the battle for your entertainment dollars and eyeballs is heating up between youtube tv and amazon prime as each jockeys for your attention. keeping his eye on it from london is cnbc's jeff cutmore. >> good morning to you it's going to cost you more unfortunately. that's the bad news here, news that youtube is increasing the
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price of access to the 80 channels it offers 2 million subscribers so far for this service and now in the july billing cycle they're going to see a $15 increase in the price of subscription. that going up to $64.99, and new members will pay that new price immediately. the good news perhaps is that when it comes to amazon prime, they are offering you a new service. you can have a prime party, where you can watch a movie and your friends can watch the same movie, too, and you get to control the action that very similar to actually something that netflix already does they call that the net flick party, but amazon feel they also need to get into the game and the way these new infections are going, a lot more of us are going to be sat at home watching the tv, i think. back to you. >> yes, i think you're right and this means hulu has to step up their game with amazon trprime. >> if you have to go to the
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rue doll foe anaya died at the age of 8 the celebrated author died sunday at his home in new mexico after suffering from a long illness, his niece told the associated press he's best known for "bless me. the influence of latina writers because of its cultural references which were rare at the time of its publication in 1972 hollywood is mourning the passing of a comedy legend whose career spans seven decades carl reiner died at the age of
4:27 am
98, leaving his mark on stage and the big and sm dan shchenamen looks at his life >> he was born in 1922 in the bronx, new york and came to "your show of shows" on nbc. he was a performer on that show and added duties as a require when it evolved into "caesar's hour" in a writers room that at sometimes are times included mel brooks and neil die mopped reiner created "the kick it van dyke show" in the 1960s and launched the career of mary tyler moore. reiner played the recurring role of alan brady. >> there she is, the little lady who put you out of business. >> reporter: carl reiner won nine prime time emmy awards over the course of his career and one
4:28 am
grammy award for the 2,000-year-old man with mel brooks >> people hit themselves in the face >> wow >> that hurts, though. >> you bet it hurts. >> reporter: reiner directed films like 1977's "oh god" as well as four films with steve martin, including 1979's "the jerk" and "all of me" in 1984. carl reiner was inducted into the television academy hall of fame in 199 and let's not forget he also gave the world his son, writer, director, actor, rob reiner in his later years, carl reiner wrote a number of books both for adults and for children and he acted in the "oceans 11" film series carl reiner left his mark all over the entertainment world but television is where that mark is indelible. dan schenamen, nbc news. >> legendary man a lot of mystery when it comes to space and questions too. you ever wonder what it might
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smell like the kick-starter campaign is settle bottles of eau de space, it trains astronauts on what space smells like, a mix of gun powder, seared steak, raspberries anrum.d
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right now at 4:30, a wild night. san jose city leaders in a marathon discussion over giving the mayor more powers. next, we'll show you just how heated things got. plus, happening today governor newsom expected to announce sweeping holiday weekend rules as covid-19 cases spike. we'll have a live report for you next on the week warning going out to the bay area. and speaking of the holiday weekend, we start a slight warming trend today that will only heat things up more for the fourth of july. kari hall is tracking the rising temperatures. "today in


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