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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and then it'll start to gradually warm up. it won't be as sharp an increase. at 11:00, mid-70s. we'll reach into the upper 80s here. only reaching 80 degrees in san jose with observing reaching into the low 70s. napa today 82 degrees while san francisco will be in the mid-70s. we'll take a look ahead to a warmer holiday weekend forecast. mike, any issues coming up for the morning commute? kari, i was worried, i heard a report of something going on in palo alto near our camera. let's take a look on the northbound side, taillights going away from us. you see the red light there, that is not a problem. that's scheduled work and the disabled vehicle looks like it's cleared at willow. the map has it circled there but it's gone, as i said. the traffic flowing smoothly all around the bay. that's great stuff. we'll check in a couple of minutes. back to laura. all right, thank you very much. new developments to tell you about this morning for struggling small businesses. hours before the paycheck
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protection program was set to expire the senate votes to extend it. "today in the bay's" alex barr and what congress is going to do now. >> reporter: laura, this was a bit of a surprise that this extension was agreed to last night since there's not often a lot of bipartisan agreement in washington these days. this is one of these issues important enough. let's be clear what's being extended is the deadline to apply. so now that deadline will be extended until august 8th. so that allows any small businesses with fewer than 500 employees that have not yet asked for this aid to jump in and request it. what's kind of interesting is there's still $130 billion left in the pot to be distributed to small businesses. that's a little surprising because early on this money was just flying out of the coffers
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and congress had to pass another installment to reinstate the money there. there's question why there's so much left on the table. some small business owners say they need help and need more help than what the first round was that perhaps, though, this is not fitting their exact needs. many lawmakers are saying they wanted to make sure and pass this extension to be sure there is no interruption in this program as lawmakers look to pass yet another coronavirus relief bill likely next month. we'll send it back to you. >> really good news for small business. thank you very much, alice. 5:02 for you this morning. happening today people across the state are wondering what kind of new restrictions those at-home restrictions governor newsom plans to announce especially ahead of the fourth of july weekend. newsom is announcing those restrictions at noon today, in the wake of sobering new numbers. new cases are shooting higher over the past two weeks and hospitalizations are up statewide. we're talking about more than
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40%. he believes people everywhere are becoming too complacent. >> all of a sudden here comes uncle bob two hours late. he gives everyone a hug, hey, uncle bob, where is the mask? uncle bob, i don't believe in it. the whole thing starts to take shape. >> some bay area counties have already scaled back a new reopening including san francisco, contra costa, alameda and marin. another big concern this weekend those fireworks. our bob redell will have a full report at the bottom of this hour. well, this is concerning as well, marcus. infections are rising once again in nursing homes, and this is statewide. our investigative unit has learned the south bay care center is dealing with a very serious outbreak there. pacific gardens in santa clara has all but shut down its memory care wing after 13 residents and 15 staff members tested positive. the latest county health data shows 100 resident facilities
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now the hardest hit in the area. pacific gardens management did not respond to our request for comment. in the meantime the bay area has added more than 800 new cases. you can see alameda county reported more than 200 new infections with contra costa and santa clara counties very close behind. san francisco may soon go more green when it comes to construction. supervisors have introduced a new proposal to ban the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings starting next year. the buildings would need to be all electric. existing buildings would be exempt and restaurants would get that extra year to comply. happening today california school districts will get a better idea about potentially dangerous lead levels. get the lead out report.
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it was said the lead in the ground did not pose a health risk. a live look at the golden gate bridge. some drivers may actually have seen it coming, but starting today it will cost you a little bit more each time you leave san francisco. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live for us with those details on the new toll hike and an added feature starting today for the b.a.r.t. riders. cier cierra? >> reporter: the start of a new month, there are two major significant changes that folks here in the bay area will have to endure. the first coming from how much you're going to have to pay when you cross one of those to get over the iconic golden gate bridge. take a look at this graphic we made for you. the fastrak toll will increase from $7.35 to $7.30 and one-time from $8.20 to $8.40. car-pool rates will increase to
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$5.70. the price hike is part of a multiyear program and with the bridge traffic down as much as 40% during the covid pandemic this increase will also help close that multimillion dollar revenue gap created by so many folks working from home. as those of you working from home begin to make that trek back to work, b.a.r.t. is hoping to make your commute a little easier. each week b.a.r.t. will release charts on social media showing how many people are on specific cars and specific trains. the charts will be color coded and broken down by day and designed to give everyone riding b.a.r.t. a sense of mind when they return to work. if you're preparing to head out the door, remember those increases, like these folks here, they start today. we have more information about the b.a.r.t. social media pushes as well as the increases on our website, we're live in front of the golden gate bridge. cierra johnson for "today in the bay."
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the iconic golden gate bridge there. such a beauty. and cierra is new to our team so it's fun she gets to see all these great venues. >> up close and personal and then deliver the bad news, you're going to pay more to cross it. >> the upkeep on it. they're constantly painting it. >> that's right. end to end. >> international orange is the color. >> at least you can see it today. >> exactly. yeah, tell us about the forecast, kari. we are not seeing much fog to start out this morning and we're going to get some sunshine today, but we do still have a nice strong enough natural air conditioning to help cool us off today. as we get a look at our current temperatures right now this morning we're in the mid-50s. we're in the low 60s in concord because we've had some higher winds rushing through the delta warming up some of those temperatures there and as we look at the tri-valley much cooler there with a lighter wind that allows those temperatures to cool off.
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you're going to get up early this morning, lace up those sneakers and go for a run. let's head over to el sobrante with temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll see it trending more into the upper 60s, even if you wait until late in the morning. we're still looking at nice weather and our high temperatures today oakland reaching 73 but 82 today in napa and in san jose. cooler here as well as we reach 80 degrees and some mid-80s for parts of the tri-valley. we'll talk about some hotter weather in time for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the early morning drive? >> it's looking great, kari. it's wednesday, a lighter volume of traffic than yesterday. we didn't have a major issue yesterday but we did have metering lights just before 6:00. we may see that again today. we're looking at green sensors all around the bay as far as the maps go. moving over to contra costa county, a smooth flow. everybody getting to the bay bridge without delay and a live look shows the green through oakland, the live look shows you a good amount of traffic
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traveling northbound with the taillights away and the coliseum headlights down to san mateo. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, mike. 5:08. a brewing battle over the name of san francisco's largest hospital. the proposed about-face when it comes to zuckerberg general and its ties to facebook's founder. you've heard really nothing but bad news when it comes to coronavirus, and yet somehow the stock market is hitting new records. we'll take a look coming up. ♪ and that is the sound of a tribute to our graduates. we want to say congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates. here at "today in the bay" we want to highlight them. they made it through the school year but without that official ceremony. this is our great grads segment and a big congratulations to these college graduates and, you
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click or call to learn more. the time is 5:12. let's check out mountain view to
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see what's happening this morning. a really nice day ahead. we go from the mid-50s at 6:00 to 72 degrees at noon. enjoy lunch outside. we'll talk about some hotter weather in our weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. and we talked about getting down to the san mateo bridge east bay. oakland looks like a good, steady flow. from hayward a look at the san mateo bridge and how that's affecting the span. 92 moves very nicely. no build, no slowing. the bay bridge coming up in just a couple minutes. a very happy wednesday to you. it is july 1st. that means as of today we are halfway through the year 2020, and what a strange year it has been. even weirder is the economy nearly shut down and yet the stock market had its best quarterly performance in more
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than 20 years. now that wouldn't make any sense unless you factor in all the moves by the fed and the injection of the stimulus by congress. it is capitalism, or perhaps more appropriately, capitalism, but supported by the government. the s&p 500 up 20% for the quarter that ended yesterday. the nasdaq up 30% lifted by apple and microsoft. july 1st also brings us new enforcement of the california consumer privacy act. this is a law that is already in place but state attorney general xavier becerra gave companies the first half of the year to figure out how to adhere to it. the most important part of the law requires websites and other online services to delete information they collect about you if you ask. now the service doesn't have to be based in california. only the user has to be in california. google has removed ads that tell people how they have to pay to register to vote. to be clear you do not need to pay to register to vote.
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the ads would appear when people googled how to register. google was alert eed to the problem. i assume you have heard of a loose knit group of people who appear sometimes at these protests, sometimes with guns, sometimes wearing hawaiian shirts. they advocate for a second american civil war. facebook says it has had enough and has removed 220 facebook accounts, 95 instagram accounts and, laura and marcus, 28 pages of 106 groups it has designated a violent group, the same as isis. >> that's a lot of work. >> wow. >> thanks, scott. a push to rename zuckerberg general in san francisco. matt hany posted about the recent controversy around hate speech moderation. the company is leaving the
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platform. in 2015 zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan donated $75 million to the hospital, which led to the name change. since then the cambridge analytica scandal has some demanding the name be dropped. a day some baseball fans thought may never arrive. major league players getting back to work. locally the giants and a's report for three-week summer camp at their home stadium. >> we have some good news for you and super cute here. it's a birthday party at the san francisco zoo. >> oh, yeah. a party you would want to go to. for three senior chimpanzees, kobe, mini and maggie. kobe turned 62. neither look a day over 40.
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the zoo threw quite the bash. there were no guests. sf zoo is supposed to reopen on monday but now it's not clear when it will reopen. it's nice to get a peek at the party they were having. i heard when we first went into lockdown that the animals were kind of looking for the people. i read an article. no people appear in the cages. >> hey, it was all about me. >> look at how cute i am. >> all right. 5:17, a look at the forecast out there. i have been seeing -- i was hiking and saw deer out there. i haven't been able to go to the zoo but some animals out in the wild. >> i see animals every day. they're sleeping right now. i'm just kidding.
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let's get a look at this forecast as we get a live look at walnut creek starting out on this wednesday morning, beautiful sunrise and we're going to see our temperatures warming up today in some spots. let's head over to concord. temperature trends in the upper 50s at 6:00 and then at 10:00 we are going to 71 degrees. you can see the trend as we start to see the colors changing there at noon. we're 81 degrees and that's when it starts to warm up. we will still have some warm spots and we're looking at a high of 86 degrees in concord. 82 in napa and 73 for a high at observing. san francisco expect mid-60s today. as we look at our weather pattern and what's happening overall, some mild weather right now. we'll have enough of an ocean breeze to cool things off. warmer air starts to surge in. it's going to be hot this upcoming weekend. we remind you with the illegal
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fireworks and very dry vegetation along with hot temperatures, it's going to mean a high fire danger so we do have to be really careful here. enjoy the next couple of days. we're going to see highs in the mid-80s, up to 82 degrees tomorrow with some of our inland areas a little bit cooler than mid-80s on friday. we're looking at mid-90s. in san francisco mostly looking at 60s here. and then some low 70s in time for the holiday weekend. mike, anything new popping up right now? we're going to check on this in just a second. i want to show the commute as we look at the big map and you see green sensors everywhere, a little slowing coming out over on the right side. we'll move over there and see the altamont pass for west 580. not getting focused to grant line road and by the time you get to north greenville, you're
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fine. little arrow shows red. your traditional build, that one spot there, as folks come together. now farther over the san mateo bridge we took a look after the break, everything was moving smoothly. still moving smoothly but watch the flashing red light. i noticed it just as we took the shot. no incidents reported here. we'll track it on the shoulder and the bay bridge has no backup either. it's a smooth drive. metering lights perhaps in a half hour. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> thanks, mike. 5:20 for you that morning. up next for you nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: thinking about celebrating independence day with your own fireworks show? we have a couple reasons you might want to skip the diy show. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. and the whole team is on social media and recently my kids and i went berry picking and now we're the home of numerous jars of jam and
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delicious pies that kept us very busy. one of the many ways we're trying to social distance and still do something fun out there. let me know what you're doing. i'm on facebook, twitter, and instagram. laura garcia nbc bay area. i'd love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> reporter: good morning, i'm
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vicky nguyen. the pool is more inviting than ever. how water smart are your kids? the important skills you should teach them. i'll have that coming up later on "today." new for you this morning, harvey weinstein's sexual assault victims have been awarded $19 million. this is in the settlement of a class-action lawsuit. the money will go to the compensation fun for survivors who will also be released from any nondisclosure or nondisparagement agreements. weinstein was sentenced to 23 years for rape in march and is still facing another trial in los angeles. you've probably seen or heard fireworks going off in your neighborhood. >> yeah, and if you're thinking about also making the skies go boom, consumer investigator chris chmura cautions you that fireworks could make your finances go bust. >> reporter: good morning. we'll give you three reasons you should leave the fireworks to the pyrotechnics professionals. first, they're dangerous. 10,000 americans had to go to
5:25 am
the hospital for a fireworks injury last year alone. a third of them were kids. 12 people died. second, fireworks might be illegal where you live. almost every city in the bay area bans fireworks with bill penalties if you're caught f. that doesn't dissuade you, reason number three. a fireworks accident could cost you a lot more. >> if the fireworks are illegal in your state or locality, most likely you're not going to have coverage under your homeowners or rental insurance. >> reporter: if your illegal fireworks start a fire, your insurance won't cover it. you could be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to your house, a neighbor's home, or any injuries to bystanders. what if your house catches fire from someone else's illegal fireworks? metz said you should contact your homeowners insurance and file a claim. it's possible it will cover your damage and then the insurance company might fight to recoup the money from those who set off
5:26 am
the fireworks in the first place. >> thanks so much, chris. if you're thinking of heading to the big apple anytime soon, this may change your mind. you now face a two-week quarantine once you arrive there. so the governors of new york, new jersey, and connecticut have added eight new states to its travel restrictions list. any visitor from the states in yellow, including california, will now be quarantined upon arrival. california is now among 16 states facing the same restrictions. the order does not apply to drivers passing through or people with layovers. when baseball resumes fans will not be allowed at oracle park or the coliseum, but you can still not only be seen there, you can even catch a foul ball, following the giants lead by letting fans buy cutouts of themselves to be placed in the stands. the a's are taking it a step further as well. if your cutout gets hit by a foul ball, they will send the ball to your home. that's cutouts cost a little bit
5:27 am
more but still not bad and all the money raise willed go to charity. i think that would be cool. >> that is pretty cool. i like that. 5:26 for you that morning. coming up for you we have the top stories we're following including intense and heated moments in san jose. >> san jose has always been an afterthought to san francisco in the bay area, and i'm sick and tired of it. >> we'll talk about the big disagreement over whether or not to allow voters the opportunity to give the city's mayor more power. why that decision is still up in the air this morning. plus, the governor plans to implement several restrictions ahead of fourth of july holiday. what's already being scaled back.
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san jose city leaders in a discussion over giving the mayor more power. next, a live report on just how heated things got without any result. happening today, governor newsom is expected to announce holiday weekend rules as covid-19 cases spike. a live report next for you on the weekend warning going out to all bay area residents. and speaking of the holiday weekend we start a slight warming trend that will only heat things up more for the fourth of july. kari hall is tracking the rising temperatures. "today in the bay" continues right now. already looks like a nice start to our wednesday morning. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is keeping an eye on that commute for us. first, let's start out with meteorologist kari hall with a look at the beautiful sunrise. look at that. that is beautiful behind you this morning. yeah, this is looking from the cupertino hills over to the south bay and it is a nice start to our wednesday morning. we know it's going to be a slightly warmer day for some of us. as we look at the temperature trend, not bad at all. we can enjoy all afternoon outside with low 80s. as we check out our high temperatures, up to 87 degrees at antioch. it's still going to be hot in ukiah, reaching 91. then you compare that to san francisco where we're in the mid-60s today. it's definitely all about location. we're going to see still a wide range in temperatures and wherever you plan on heading we'll get a look at micro climates. so far it doesn't seem like there's been many major problems.
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>> even at the golden gate bridge, no fog this morning. a very clear view. you see the headlights coming, single file and no problems. we'll take a look at your ma'am. the arrow shows you the golden gate bridge. no issues there anymore. the bay bridge on the other side of the bay, we may have some slowing over the next half hour but none shows up just yet. we'll check in on san jose at 101. the sensors are green but we see a build in the next couple of minutes. back to you, marcus. san jose's heated debate over the powers of the mayor goes late into the night with no resolution. a marathon session which would also change the mayoral elections was held and sent in after midnight. kris sanchez is live at city hall. kris, what will happen now? i know they're reconvening later this morning. >> reporter: there are going to be bleary-eyed councilmembers. the meeting went past midnight
5:33 am
and a lot of that discussion was about the mayoral shift in power. in case you haven't been following the story, the san jose city council is considering shifting some of the powers the city manager's office now holds to the mayor's office. for example, the power to direct department heads like the police chief or to close or reopen public resources like alum rock park as we saw during the pandemic without going through weeks and weeks of proposals and memos and such. you see the strong mayor system in action in san francisco and oakland. via teleconference, of course, some people saying that trying to change the city charter right now seems like a power grab. sam liccardo says it's about being able to respond more quickly and being more accountable to voters. >> at the end of the day when people expect someone to respond, they expect that it's
5:34 am
the person that they're actually able to get access to, that is the person who is elected and who is engaged with the community and with what the community is saying. accountability is part of the democratic process. >> reporter: it would shift the mayoral election to election years as something that could increase voter turnout but, which for this cycle, would give sitting mayor sam liccardo two more years in office. the council meeting will reconvene at 9:00 this morning. there are several ways that you can watch if you're interested. you can find links to each of them in my twitter feed and also on my facebook page. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, we'll check it out. thanks so much, kris. people across the state are wondering what kind of new shelter at home restrictions governor newsom may announce in just hours. especially ahead of the fourth of july holiday weekend.
5:35 am
in the meantime we're learning that some independence day l actually go on as planned. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in dublin with more on that although some parts of the bay area have scaled back some of their actual business reopenings, right, bob? >> reporter: they have, laura. a number of counties have scaled back and put a pause on the next phase of reopening. for instance here in alameda county the health department is holding off on indoor dining and salons and barber shops. up north in contra costa county gyms and bars were supposed to reopen. that's been delayed. in the wake of sobering new numbers, the new cases are shooting higher over the past two weeks, we're talking about covid-19, hospitalizations are up statewide more than 40%. governor newsom is announcing new restrictions later today. he believes people everywhere are becoming too complacent.
5:36 am
>> all of a sudden here comes uncle bob two hours late. he gives everyone a hug. hey, uncle bob, where is the mask? uncle bob, i don't believe in them. the whole thing starts to take shape. >> reporter: most cities canceled their fourth of july fireworks because of covid-19. the city of gilroy is planning on a small show at gilroy high this weekend. also today the sale of legal safe and sane fireworks will begin in the city. the mayor says he didn't want to choke off a valuable fund-raiser for organizations who have been through so much over the last year from the pandemic and the gilroy garlic festival mass shooting last year. safe and sane fireworks will only be allowed in neighborhoods with single family homes. again, only legal safe and sane. reporting live in dublin, bob
5:37 am
redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the very latest, bob. undocumented immigrants to apply for relief assistance in california. "the mercury news" reports 150,000 applied for disaster relief. the state plans on giving out $125 million for people unable to receive aid during the pandemic due to their immigration status. so far the state approved over 30,000 applications in the bay area. the program provides undocumented immigrants $500 in payments. new for you this morning today is supposed to mark a new day for pg&e. the utility expects to re-emerge from bankruptcy. ahead of that governor newsom signing a bill meant to safeguard californians if pg&e falls in that effort or falls short in reforming operations as required by law.
5:38 am
jerry hill authorized the measure. it's meant to hold the utility more accountable going forward. oakland councilmembers are going back to the drawing board after an overwhelming demand to defund the police department. last week councilmembers approved a budget which included $20 million paycut to opd. at last night's meeting members demanded the council cut more from the department. several people said the police budget needs to be cut in half. that's nearly $150 million. the city council says they'll reconsider the budget by july 21st. san francisco appears to be launching a new youth movement, at least at the ballot box. supervisors yesterday approved a ballot measure to lower the city's voting age to 16. san francisco's youth commission is organizing that effort. voters over 18 will now have to approve the measure this fall. new for you this morning,
5:39 am
you will soon see more transit only lanes like those on market street in the city. the sf mta gave the green light to more temporary public transit lanes. the 14 mission, the 19 polk and messonic. they use that route every day along with bus service and taxis can use the lanes. there will be bike lanes added to some of them as well. 5:39 right now. thumbs up over the bay area. let's see just how warm things will get today. will marcus get to go out on a hike? yes, absolutely. it will be one of the best days of the week. today, tomorrow, friday are all looking good before it heats up. let's get you out the door in pleasant hill. temperatures are mostly in the mid-50s here. we go from 54 degrees at 6:00 to about 70 degrees at 10:00 and
5:40 am
then it will be warming up into the early afternoon hours. getting ready for some of the temperatures to reach into the upper 80s today and a high of 80 degrees in san jose. very comfortable with oakland reaching 73. some low 80s in napa and santa rosa. we'll talk about the hotter temperatures coming up. mike, any issues for the commute? not major issues but we'll show you what's developing. the south bay should see the build. you do see more headlines from 880. it's not enough or long enough to cause any slowing from the green over to the yellow. that should happen over the next ten minutes. slowing out of the altamont. a little more crowded coming up. back to you.
5:41 am
>> a car in the pacific ocean after a wild chase. the latest on multiple carjacking investigations and the bold move police say the suspect pulled to try to get away. plus, do you realize we are exactly halfway through the year 2020? we'll go back and look at six months of news in two minutes. ♪ and now it is time to pay tribute to the class of 2020. here on "today in the bay" we want to highlight the graduates who have made it through the school year without that official ceremony. take a look at these graduates right here. a big congratulations to the six college students. now, look, you can send your graduates to us as well. you can see them right here on "today in the bay." all you have to do is send a candid photo to laura and me on facebook. it's laura garcia nbc bay area and marcus washington nbc bay area. we can't wait to see those
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photos and see your graduates right here on "today in the bay." congratulations, graduates. when we closed our doors in march,
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wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service
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to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back. the time is 5:44. if you're getting up early this morning about to head out for a run in el sobrante temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll see a nice morning and really an afternoon that will be very comfortable. we'll talk more about this and some hotter weather in the forecast coming up.
5:45 am
i'll focus on it now and the weather. we're focusing on the now for the commute. now at the bay bridge things are pretty light but starting to build a little bit. you see folks are building the volume in san francisco. laura, you're talking about a car leaving san francisco. this story is really amazing what this guy tried to pull off. so it was all caught on camera. a wild ending to an alleged carjacking spree. listen to this. it started in san francisco, but it ended in the pacific ocean. so follow me here. police say yesterday a man carjacked someone at gunpoint on vermont street in san francisco. he drove down the peninsula, crashed near foothill expressway in los altos. police say then the man gets out and steals another car and led officers on another high-speed chase. this went all the way to santa cruz. eventually the car, you see it, went over the cliff and into the
5:46 am
water. the driver was eventually apprehended, now under arrest. no word on any injuries. >> nothing but wild. joe biden says his vice president short list is a diverse mix of women. and when learning illinois senator tammy duckworth is actively being considered. she, along with others like california senator kamala harris and new mexico governor michelle grisham, are being vetted. biden said he'll release the names of black women he'd like to appoint as the nation's first african-american woman on the supreme court. it is the 1st of july. that means half of 2020 is over. >> scott mcgrew, what a half of a year it has been. do you realize, marcus and laura, the impeachment was this year? or that pete buttigieg was the leader in the race for
5:47 am
president. or the number of coronavirus cases, you could count them, on one hand this year. so here is six months in two minutes. it was just two days into the year 2020 that the u.s. military strike killed iranian general soleimani. early in february the voted to acquit trump of two articles of impeachment. mitt romney joining the democrats in voting that the president was guilty of abusing his power. remember all those democrats buttigieg and sanders seemed to be the front-runners in the race for the white house. in march president trump declared a national emergency over coronavirus. that very same due louisville police shot and killed breonna taylor, a black emergency room technician, in her own home after executing a no-knock warrant. just a week later the number of u.s. coronavirus deaths crossed 1,000. on march 27th, president trump
5:48 am
signed a $2.2 trillion economic bailout bill. bernie sanders dropped out in early april making biden the apparent democratic nominee. by april 14th, u.s. fatalities from coronavirus hit 25,000. by the 29th deaths from coronavirus hit 58,220. more than the vietnam war. on may 5th graphic video published of the shooting death of ahmed aubrey, an unarmed black man jogging in a georgia neighborhood. u.s. fatalities were at 75,000. unemployment spiked at 14.7% just the next day. that same month george floyd, an african-american man, is killed after a police officer put a knee on his throat, later setting off protests all over the country. and u.s. fatalities from coronavirus crossed 100,000. it was just last month police used tear gas and pepper spray
5:49 am
and flashbangs against peaceful protesters outside the white house to clear a crowd for president trump to do a photo-op with a bible. and the u.s. supreme court extended rights to gay and transgender workers. just a few weeks ago we got a look at john bolton's book. just a few days ago the supreme court ruled against president trump's effort to shut down the daca program, and president trump held a political rally in tulsa the day the u.s. coronavirus death toll surpassed 120,000. ♪ six months of checks and balances in two minutes, and, of course, we look forward to six more months. you can always follow us on twitter. you can find me ther there @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott, a look back indeed. the first only adult casino and hotel is nearly done in las vegas and is expected to open in october. the circa resort and casino is
5:50 am
the first to be built in downtown las vegas in decades. it has nearly 800 rooms and a massive pool with a giant outdoor tv. again, no kids or teens allowed. you will have to be at least 21 to enter. i feel like some hotels are adult only. >> vegas is kind of adult a lot of things. >> you see kids here and there sometimes. 5:50 for you this morning. a southern california barista is receiving an overwhelming amount of support after refusing to serve a customer who refused to wear a mask. >> a woman posted a picture of gutierrez, shaming him for not serving her in a san diego starbucks. after that incident, though, people came to his defense saying he did the right thing. a go fund me page reached over
5:51 am
$100,000. he plans to use it to pursue his dreams of becoming a dancer. interesting how things come out. >> he could load it on a starbucks card, since he works there. >> and then with the discount he still has more money. >> no kidding. my kids have discovered that app on my phone. trouble. although i think we might need something ice today, kari? is it going to be a nice, warm day? yes, it's going to be warm for some of us. if you're in san francisco you're probably going for the hot coffee. we do have a wide range in our micro climates across the bay area as we take a live look outside on this wednesday morning looking at that cool air rolling over the city, just a few clouds. we'll also get some sunshine today. we'll see a lot more of that sun in the south bay as we get a look live in san jose. let's check out our temperature trend. we'll be in the upper 50s to start out this morning and normally we're reaching 81
5:52 am
degrees. we're actually going to be right at about that number as we go into early in the afternoon, so get some time outside if you want to grill and enjoy some outdoor time on the back patio with the family. expect in san ramon temperatures at 84 degrees at 3:00. once we head to dinner time and the food is ready you'll want to enjoy it outside because that ocean breeze will kick in. it's going to be breezy, and those temperatures will start dropping. we're at 76 degrees. as we lock at our micro climates once again it's all over the place. we have some mid-60s near the coast but as hot as 91 degrees today in ukiah. most of us in the mid-80s for the inland areas. and that ocean breeze gets stronger as we see a shift in the wind but then the warm air returns just in time for the fourth of july holiday weekend. on saturday we're looking at highs in the valleys reaching up to 90 degrees and staying pretty warm into the start of next week. and, mike, how is our morning
5:53 am
commute rolling for everyone getting ready to head out? >> kari, there's a lag but it's not necessarily a lag for the drivers. it's actually in our sensors because, as we know, we average speeds. a live look shows you san jose traffic never really got too bad when we've taken the live camera. in the last ten minutes there was enough slowing through the area as we expect there was going to be slowing right where the arrow is that will turn back from orange to green over the next couple of minutes. as you saw it's very clear. clear for the rest of the bay, mild slowing out of the altamont and a live look at the bay bridge shows you no problem right now. we have a little brake tapping approaching the toll plaza. >> thanks, mike. happening now for you, a unanimous vote to remove a controversial statue in boston. the boston art commission voted tuesday night. this is to remove the emancipation group. it's a statue depicting president lincoln and a freed black man on his knees. that statue stood in the park
5:54 am
square since 1879. it is a replica of a statue in washington. 12,000 people signed the petition to remove the statue. there's much more ahead on "today in the bay" this wednesday morning including disneyland in tokyo reopened just a few hours ago. we're talking about the rules required to get in this morning, plus what will be off limits. and what's on the endfor the a's and giants today. we'll have all the details next. you're watching "today in the bay." businesses are starting to bounce back.
5:55 am
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welcome back. it is 5:57 for you. san francisco police, they're looking for a man you see here in this video. attacking an 81-year-old woman and stealing her purse. this happened in the diamond heights neighborhood. the suspect got away with an suv. the woman was able to get up and walk away. well, only on nbc bay area allegations of racism within redwood city's fire department. a lawsuit filed claiming one of its black firefighters has been harassed, ostracized and sent sexually explicit pictures. joseph echema believes that he was targeted for years for racial jokes and offensive
5:58 am
effigies. >> i know it's a nation captivated with everything that went on with george floyd but a lot of the same racial tensions in the police department are also in the fire department. >> we reached out to city leaders and got a response. she says we cannot comment on a case in litigation. we are also committed to learning from one another as we work to strengthen the city's commitment to diversity in all city's departments. an unexpected silver lining to the pandemic. oakland mayor libby schaaf led a virtual meeting to celebrate the great oakland check-in. in april the city asked volunteers to reach out by phone to seniors andlow-income families. a call to 72-year-old jack who told her he was blind and needed food. >> and gets $15 a month in food
5:59 am
stamps which he was spending on peanut butter and bread and had been living on peanut butter sandwiches. >> i had been going to senior centers to get food. when the coronavirus happened, the senior center shut down. >> jenny arranged to deliver meals to jack and got his electricity turned on. the mayor says the program helped 1,000 people and is a fantastic success. the a's and the giants may be ready to play ball, but it's game over for the minor league teams that includes the san jose giants and it's the first time in nearly 60 years their season has been called off. despite the news, the san jose giants say that they plan to host a few baseball themed nights for fans this summer. both the a's and the giants, those players report to their home facilities today.
6:00 am
one of the happiest places on earth is open again. tokyo disneyland reopened for the first time in four months. there are temperature checks and visitors have to wear masks. no word on when disneyland in southern california will reopen. disneyworld in florida will reopen on july 10th. well, right now at 6:00, a last-minute reprieve. the federal government's paycheck protection program extended overnight, just hours before expiring. coming up a live report from capitol hill on the billions of dollars still available to small business owners. plus, holiday weekend restrictions likely coming later today from governor newsom as covid-19 cases surge across the bay area. up next we're going to talk about the south bay senior th facility that is the new hot spot. it will cost you more to cross the iconic golden gate bridge. the impact to your wallet as the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now.


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