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tv   Today  NBC  July 1, 2020 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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now. we want to you stay safe out there. we thank you for joining us this morning. put you out of business. >> absolutely. take a look at this. >> reporter: from "the dick van the bay bridge looking into san dyke show" to multiple francisco. collaborations with steve martin san francisco, you have to love the bay area is the best. like "the jerk." >> stay away from the cans thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is next. have a great one. >> reporter: and "the 2,000-year-old man". >> that hurts though. >> yeah. good morning you bet it hurts breaking overnight >> reporter: reiner's ad-lib with mel brooks. out of control >> we're going in the wrong direction. are you surprised how much good morning breaking overnight out of control >> we're going in the wrong direction. >> the nation's top doctors before congress with a stark warning as the u.s. hits a new single-day record for coronavirus cases. people love that sketch? >> well, mel, i, think, is the funniest human being in the world. he's connected to the truth, to the absolute truth you tell the absolute truth and you get a laugh. >> i would not be surprised if >> reporter: is it true that almost every night you and he we go up to 100,000 a day if thisoes not turn around, and so i am very concerned sit here -- >> he sits right there >> top republicans distancing themselves from the president >> reporter: here are the two with an urgent plea. funniest guys on the planet and you're both now in your 90s. >> well, if you stop, they put >> put on the mask you away it's not complicated >> reporter: what's your >> and the testing strategy fountain of youth? being considered now to track >> having something to do. i can't wait to get up in the and curb the spread. morning. >> reporter: carl, i'm just curious. under pressure the white house beating back reports the president was told i've been looking.
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that russia was paying to have there's, like, a couple of bags. u.s. troops killed are those feathers >> the president was never briefed on this. >> you guessed >> reporter: where are they this intelligence still has not from >> they're chicken feathers. been verified. >> but the president's rivals they come from those pillows and mel sits there and one day goes what's that seize the opening. >> if he was briefed and nothing and it's a feather sticking. was done about this, that's a dereliction of duty. >> what did the white house know the latest in a live report. breaking overnight making a deal. harvey weinstein's accusers and i put them here. here's another one >> reporter: you've written about relationships. you've written about friendships. settle their case for nearly $19 million. >> it's a very, very positive thing to come out of an what makes a good relationship incredibly complicated situation. >> my wife said it best. >> but other accusers are outraged this morning. marry someone who can stand you. isn't that perfect the story straight ahead heat wave. she had a way of putting thingsa 20 million americans across the south and mid-atlantic waking up to brutal temperatures this morning. and the fourth of july might just be hotter all that plus legend of laughs >> there she is. my son robbie when he did harry and sally, he's the one that delivered the lines.
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>> reporter: is comedy genetic >> it can be there's the little lady who put you out of business. >> we'll celebrate the career of carl reiner, one of comedy's it's a good beginning, but it's also environmental originals. the sweet tributes pouring in if you laugh at things, find today, wednesday, july 1st, things to laugh at in the worst situations sometimes you find things to laugh at >> reporter: oh, look at that. guys, in 1963 carl reiner starred in a pilot about his 2020 >> announcer: from nbc news this life as a tv writer. it didn't get picked up. the next year, sheldon leonard is "today" with savannah guthrie who was one of the coproducers and hoda kotb from studio 1a in said we're going to do that only with a better actor and they put in dick van dyke rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today. of course the rest is history. >> what was your favorite -- your favorite reiner movie or show, al >> well, you know, it wasn't it's wednesday morning even a show. we're glad to have you with us we're glad hoda is getting time it was his work with mel brooks off and we get to spend time in "the 2,000-year-old man." together everybody's just remembering and if you listen to it today, you will still bust a gut to those i think with a smile on their face in the life of carl reiner. >> yeah we lost a good one being remembered for that iconic comedy albums. they are genius. comedy career. >> thank you, al. >> one legend remembering seven decades in movie and another. let's turn to another legend now. theater. he was behind "the dick van dyke golden globe and emmy winning show." al roker sai actor william shatner. one of his favorite interviews of all times, al roker's sit thanks for your time down with carl reiner he did >> good morning. how are you? >> and he's also being >> how will you remember carl reiner, william shatner? what was it about him that made celebrated by mel brooks
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he shared a touching post on twitter. he wrote carl was a giant unmatched in his contributions him so special >> well, i knew him, admired him to entertainment whether he on live television wrote or performed or was your best friend. he was my early acquaintance nobody could do it better. he'll be greatly missed. >> spend some time this morning remembering carl reiner. we start with the with making people laugh coronavirus. u.s. cases have soared to a new but i did a show called "boston legal" and he was a guest on it. daily record. so we sat for many hours together waiting for shots and he was so amusing and more than 48,000 on tuesday alone. >> record highs also reported in eight states from coast to insightful then i did an interview show coast. alaska, arizona, california, called "raw nerve" and i texas, oklahoma, idaho, south carolina, and georgia. interviewed him for an hour. >> meanwhile it appears more help is on the way for struggling small businesses. and he made us all laugh overnight the senate passed a he was a wonderful interview surprise extension of a loan but then i went to a mutual relief program just hours before friend's birthday celebration. it was set to expire. norman corwin was an award it does still need the approval of the house and president trump though. >> we've got complete coverage this morning including a new winning radio producer in the warning on the outbreak from dr. '40s and '50s. he was an author, great playwright and producer. anthony fauci. we both knew him, so i saw him let's get to kerry sanders. he's in florida getting us started this morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, savannah. long lines again here this at norman corwin's 100th morning to get tested for birthday, if you will, all the coronavirus. folks began lining up here at geriatric guys wheezing enjoying 2:00 a.m. and health officials each other it was quite an occasion say if the trend continues and >> what do you think -- what was his secret sauce i mean, what made him so they believe it will, one in ten people who will be tested here today will test positive. >> i think it's important to tell you and the american public that i'm very concerned because legendary? he had that thing so many want in hollywood, longevity. >> he had that hunger to make you laugh. he was always looking to make you laugh. it could get very bad. >> reporter: a dire warning from whatever the occasion might be, the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci whatever the line might be, he testifying tuesday on capitol would tell you a joke. hill. >> we are now having 40,000-plus he might make something funny of an occasion happening at that new cases a day. i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this moment he was always looking for the laugh and make you the person he does not turn around. was with or the audience with and so i am very concerned. >> reporter: vice president pence now urging americans to wear masks. >> we know how to slow the him make them laugh. that hunger to make you laugh is spread. what pushed him, i thought wear a mask whenever your state >> and he had that hunger to make you laugh on screen you know, he played sal in the and local authorities say it's appropriate. "oceans" series. >> reporter: nationwide covid cases soaring. i was going through carl's body
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28 states seeing an increase in the last 14 days. 45,000 new cases nationwide of work last night noticing that in 2010 he was a credited writer tuesday. on tuesday florida had its fourth highest number since the pandemic started. just over 6,000 new cases. on "the cleveland show." he had a lifelong desire to make you laugh at the source of the material >> exactly you could see that in his early the ages of those getting coronavirus dropping too. 19-year-old john edwards among the many young people who are not afraid. years on live tv are you worried? >> yes, i'm worried but at the same time it's like it seems he was a second banana a lot of the times, but first banana doesn't make it unless there's a good second banana you need a bunch of bananas to get a laugh. >> behind every banana, there's another banana that's right. >> that's right. you got to peel back that banana unreal basically. >> reporter: the tri-state area no longer the epicenter. >> william shatner, thank you. now telling residents from 16 states to stay away. >> another fun fact for mr. >> none of us want to go back through that hell. we've worked too hard to get reiner here. >> reporter: still new jersey his wife estelle, they were cautious delaying indoor dining at restaurants. massachusetts and new york now requiring visitors from most married 64 years states to quarantine for 14 she was the one in his son rob days. reiner's film "when harry met sally" saying i'll have what on the delaware shore, the fourth of july will be dry. she's having beach bars now shut down.
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since the pandemic began, close to 500 health care workers have >> all in the family died. 25-year-old molly dawson an icu let's have a check of the nurse from kentucky air lifted to a bigger hospital in weather. nashville. doctors tell her mother she may we had al but dylan is doing the be on a ventilator for up to six weather duties because al is on vacation. >> al didn't have his giant weeks. monitor set up, so i guess i'll still handle the weather this your daughter's 25 years old. morning. we are going to see some wet did you anticipate this? >> no. not at all. weather through the middle of it's terrifying. the country where we've been i mean, i don't want anybody dealing with it lately we could see stronger storms, else to have to experience what too, right through the st. louis area we are. also scattered showers and storms across florida, up across new england. pop up storms in the mid-atlantic too hot and humid down south good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we have the and i know it's going to happen. >> reporter: jacksonville is now sun trying to peak through those requiring masks indoors which means president trump will have clouds. we are going to have a nice day. to decide when he makes his acceptance speech in august at in fact, a little bit cooler in the convention that's now moved to jacksonville whether he'll follow the rules and wear a some spots like the south bay. mask. savannah? >> all right. kerry, thank you. we're reaching up to 80 degrees the dramatic climb in new cases is perhaps most visible in in san jose, upper 80s with california where the number of infections is soaring. and in neighboring arizona, icu beds are quickly nearing antioch reaching 87. we're going to see a little bit capacity. both states are now rolling back of a cooldown over the next couple of days with a breezy
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ocean breeze, and we're going to see a warm-up heading into the fourth of july holiday weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast guys, i'll be second banana to al any time. >> you're first in our hearts their reopenings as well. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in los too. angeles for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all bananas are equal. nearly half of confirmed covid who is ready for some pop start? cases in california are right here in los angeles county. it's a staggering number of cases for just this immediate region. >> me! it's also a troubling sign for the state and the west as covid let's do it, guys. we start with "curb your cases surge. after another record-breaking day of new coronavirus cases in california, some 230,000, the state has now hit another grim enthusiasm." the show created by larry david milestone. the death toll topping 6,000. has been renewed for an 11th season that means a whole lot more cringe worthy situations and ridiculous ad-libbing. larry david reacting saying nearly half of those who know they are infected live in los believe me i'm as upset about angeles county where hospitalizations are at record numbers. this as you are. >> i think we're all kind of one day i hope hbo will come to looking at the numbers with trepidation. maybe even a little bit of a their senses and grant me the cancellation i 11th season. 11th season in this business is sense of dread. remarkable, exciting, or even -- >> reporter: in nearby riverside >> larry, i think this is a county, 99% of icus hit capacity breakthrough
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over the weekend. >> in the icu, we're doing >> no, it's not a breakthrough everything we can, but we're not getting there. we're not saving our patients >> i think it's a breakthrough. >> not a breakthrough. >> i'm pretty sure it's a breakthrough like we want to. i'm going to write down >> reporter: facing a new wave breakthrough >> just a waste of everybody's time that whole pad throw it of infections, california's governor is ordering beaches, piers, and bars closed before it does nothing. >> breakthrough. the holiday. >> you guys excited for this >> yes. >> you mentioned 11 seasons. "the voice" has been on for like 62. even more restrictions could be ordered today. with many still refusing to wear >> that's how he knows masks or keep their social distance, similar shutdowns have been ordered in arizona. even the start of in-person >> it's the way they've shot it, classes has been pushed back. dr. anthony fauci suggesting pool testing could help reopen his mouth. campuses. instead of testing individuals, you could test a group to see if >> director john hughes, getting someone in that group has the virus. >> if that test is negative, it's so cool and revolutionary with so many guest stars on the show they create the scenes wouldn't it be great to see them >> it's hilarious. then you know those ten people are all negative. love it. next up, '80s legend john hughes getting a star studded tribute. we saw that josh gad's series was done but he saved the best for last getting all the stars of hughes' instead of utilizing ten tests, movies including home alone, the you've utilized one test. breakfast club, and many more to >> reporter: it comes as texas has seen the largest single-day spike since the pandemic started. honor the writer and director by at least 17 states are pausing recreating their lines enjoy this >> well, i don't know what else
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reopenings. to say except that it's dr. brandon bekowski never left the front lines. >> we're not at the worst case scenario yet, but we will be. christmas and -- >> we're all in misery >> reporter: this morning bracing for the next wave as the covid crisis takes a new toll >> where's your other hand >> between two pillows. >> those aren't pillows! >> what? every day. the crisis in california and across the west is expected to worsen as testing increases, but it's hospitalization numbers that worry health officials the >> kevin >> oh, my gosh nailed it. >> so good it goes on like five minutes most. savannah? >> all right. thank you. let's turn now to nbc news medical correspondent dr. joseph i watched it it was awesome >> a number of the classic fair.saying we could have 100,0 hughes films you have a favorite? >> "home alone"? >> "sixteens candles." >> finally ringo starr, turning 80 80 years young next week while he normally holds a huge birthday bash with tons of fans out in hollywood, this year understandably a little bit cases very soon. at the same time you have the cdc deputy director saying the other day we're past that point. how do you see it? >> well, i don't think the two statements are mutually
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different. ringo announcing he's taking his 80th birthday party online it's going to be streamed on youtube. it's going to benefit black lives matter, music cares, and water aid. because it's a ringo birthday bash, he's bringing along friends. exclusive from one another. what dr. fauci said, if we're following the trajectory we're currently on and have been observing the past few weeks, we none other than paul mccartney. could easily get to that number >> of course or surpass that number. >> along with at-home as far as what the cdc said in performances and footage from sheryl crow, willie nelson, and their own statement about not being able to control the virus, more this goes back to something you and i spoke about earlier about he said he, quote, called a few this virus potentially and friends. >> i like that cool just ahead, guys, vicky nguyen is going to be along to share an important and timely message on the importance of summer water safety. every single family needs to hear it. but first your local news and weather. and increasingly looking like it's becoming endemic. all of the traditional measures we would use to eradicate it have not worked in the united weather. states in particular for a various of reasons. thus we have the numbers now to kind of make it i won't say impossible to eradicate it with traditional means but difficult to do so. >> that sounds rather hopeless. what does that mean? you just give up or you keep trying to do social distancing and the mask? i mean, i don't know where to even go with that. is it giving up? >> no.
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absolutely not giving up. you know, i am not ready to throw in the towel and there are still things that we can do to get through this until we either have better therapeutics or a vaccine. i'll go back to something we've talked about since february or march which is testing. there needs to be a breakthrough in testing to make it very easy. something preferably saliva based where you don't have to poke someone several times per day. test willing allow us to know where we need to focus our energies the most. it will allow us to do that tracing we need to do so aggressively. we need to recruit a contact tracing corp. think of census takers. you don't need to be a doctor to do contact tracing. the earlier we start, the quicker this will be over. if we did all of those things now, we still have an opportunity to control the virus and reduce it greatly. >> and what about masks? we saw yesterday a lot of top republicans, mitch mcconnell,
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kevin mccarthy, lamar alexander coming out and saying come on everybody, just wear a mask. will it make a difference? could it really stem the tide? >> you know, i think what good morning. confuses people the most about it's 8:26. the mask has been the i'm marcus washington. well, today is supposed to mark conflicting guidance. a new day for pg&e. i myself even gave some of that guidance in the beginning the utility expects to re-emerge because i was following what we knew from sars. from bankruptcy. and that's what the original that includes appointing new guidance was based on. leadership. and ahead of this, governor overwhelmingly since this newsom signing a bill meant to outbreak has started, we have safeguard californians if pg&e seen that masks both aid in the prevention of the disease and to fails to follow through on those a much more limited extent efforts and fall short ofreform. catching the disease yourself. the senate approving that so masks seem to be the key measure on monday, which public health intervention that we can use in addition to social supporters say will hold the distancing, of course. utility more accountable. a look at that forecast today. but masks seem to be the key kari hall is tracking that. how is it looking out there for intervention that we can use to prevent the spread of the virus us? >> it's going to be a beautiful further. >> all right. day. dr. fair, good to get your we're looking at sunshine and a perspective as always. little bit of a cooldown for thank you so much. some of our microclimates as we check out san jose. >> thank you. one of the spots that will drop also this morning, the trump administration is once again five to ten degrees in some spots. we're looking at some of our defending its handling of reports that russia offered inland areas reaching into the bounties for killing u.s. troops upper 80s. but it will still be hot in the in afghanistan. north bay, in ukiah will reach
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but critics on capitol hill are up to 91 degrees while san demanding new answers. nbc's white house correspondent francisco will be in the mid 60s kristen welker is following this today. we will still continue on with story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to our wide range in temperatures you. for the inland valleys. expect highs in the low to mid lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are stepping up their 80s through the end of the week. calls for answers. then check out the weekend. in just hours the white house will brief top congressional leaders on the russia bounty if you're making plans to get matter. out there, pool weather. the white house says the president has now been briefed himself, but democrats are we're reaching 90 degrees, blasting the response here marcus. >> thanks, kari. calling it inexcusable and weak. another local news update coming up for you in 30 minutes. this morning president trump is facing growing pressure from capitol hill to respond to mounting reports suggesting russia offered cash bounties to the taliban for killing u.s. troops in afghanistan. with administration officials set to brief congressional leaders of both parties today, house democrats expressed frustration with the white house briefing they received tuesday. >> the right people to give the briefing were not in the room. we need to hear from heads of the intelligence agencies about how they assess the allegations
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that have been made public. >> reporter: the president has insisted he was not initially told about the intelligence, but nbc news has confirmed white house officials became aware of the reports as early as 2019. the white house press secretary insisted the president has now been briefed on the matter but wasn't initially because she said there was no consensus over the intelligence and when pressed whether he reads his presidential daily brief, responded >> the president does read and he also consumes intelligence verbally this president, i'll tell you, is the most informed person on planet earth when it comes to the threats that we face >> reporter: former vice president joe biden lacing into the president. >> if he was briefed and nothing was down about this, that's a dereliction of duty. >> reporter: and among those asking for answers this morning, eric hendricks, the father of corporal robert hendricks who was among three marines killed in a car bomb last april that incident now under scrutiny by u.s. intelligence officials as potentially part of the
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russian bounty payments. according to multiple reports but not confirmed by nbc news. hendricks told nbc news in a telephone interview, quote, it would break my heart if the reports were true. and added, no one from the trump administration has reached out to his family. and he has yet to hear from president trump since his son died why hasn't anyone called me, hendricks asked. the lincoln project is targeting the president in this new ad with an ex-navy s.e.a.l. calling him unfit for office >> mr. trump, you're either a coward who can't stand up to an ex-kgb goon or you're complicit. which is it? >> reporter: now, as for eric hendricks, the father of the late corporal robert hendricks, he says he does not vote but leans towards president trump and is hopeful there can be answers soon many republican lawmakers are rallying around the president stressing the intelligence was not verified
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experts say it's not unusual for officials to disagree on intelligence assessments as we've been on the air, the president tweeting moments ago calling this whole thing, quote, 8:30 n just another hoax. >> while i have you here, there are headlines from joe biden's 8:30 now on this wednesday morning. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second half of this god briefing on tuesday. awful year july 1st -- >> craig his first briefing in months he was asked if he was tested for cognitive decline. >> -- 2020 it's true. nothing but facts here what happened there? >> reporter: that's right, craig. it was notable when joe biden this is also day two of the "today" plaza celebrating was asked by a reporter about america. we're pulling into chicago this whether he has been tested as you say for cognitive decline. here's that headline making exchange morning. we're going to introduce you to take a look. a 7-year-old hometown hero in >> have you been tested for some that group degree of cognitive decline? >> i've been tested. i'm constantly testing look all i got to do is watch me and she's really stepping up in a huge way in the middle of all of this >> she's a cutie and has a great idea we'll tell you about her also vicky nguyen is going to be along. i can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the she's taking a close look at summer safety around the pool. cognitive capability of the man i'm running against. >> reporter: so there you have it why it is more important than now, biden who is 77 has come under scrutiny for at times ever with so many families
7:17 am
stumbling or forgetting facts on spending so much time at home. so this year we really want to be on it and then jill martin is shining a spotlight on some small businesses that could the campaign trail president trump is 74 years old really use our support right now. and has been asked about his wait until you see some of the physical and cognitive health. the white house doctor recently deals jill has scored for us >> and it's a game changer for these small businesses weighed in on that saying the president remains healthy. craig? >> all right kristen welker, thank you. we have a lot more to get to including as mentioned those new tributes pouring in for carl it's cool to highlight them. >> steals and deals doing some reiner good tomorrow on "today," we're going to share a few laughs with our friend there ricky gervais we'll have to have a seven second delay he was an icon >> maybe a seven minute delay. anne thompson now looking back at carl reiner's prolific let's get a check of the career. >> what are you doing? weather. >> what? dylan, what you got? >> what are you doing? >> i was just sitting. >> where >> right here. >> well, we are looking at the >> where fourth of july fireworks forecast, but before we get to that, today's weather looks >> at your table. >> where at my table. >> this chair. pretty okay for a lot of areas >> who's chair up around the great lakes >> your chair. temperatures in the lower 80s. that's just about perfect. >> a-ha. we're also looking for some storms likely across the >> reporter: carl reiner knew northeast scattered around also down through florida the strongest storms will be through the middle of the country. temperatures feeling up around how to make people laugh >> get out and get out fast. >> reporter: dick van dyke's boss in the '60s. 105 degrees or higher across parts of texas let's get to your saturday night
7:18 am
>> he said i like you so much forecast better with -- around 9:00 or so when the >> hair! fireworks usually go off besides the gulf coast and >> reporter: and george clooney's partner in crime in the "oceans eleven" series through florida and across the northern plains, most of the country for any fireworks displays that are still happening, it looks to be okay well into his 80s. this morning clooney saying his temperatures comfortable in the 70s and 80s. cooler out west with highs in was a life well lived and we're the 60s. by 9:00 we'll still be in the 60s too. that's a look at the weath all the better for it. >> if they stop, they put you away >> reporter: yet it was his good morning. off-camera work that made reiner legendary. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we check out our high recording the 2,000-year-old temperatures for today, we'll see it reaching into the mid 60s for the coastal areas of san francisco. as you make your way inland, it's still going to be warm this comedy albums. afternoon with upper 80s in the >> you knew joan of arc? >> i went with her, dummy. inland east bay and low 90s >> you ever seen this one? >> reporter: directing george burns' god farther to the north. capturing steve martin's genius overall, we'll have a nice cooldown as we go toward the end of the week. on film. then in time for the fourth of july, we're up to 90 degrees. and creating the tv show that 92 sunday and mild weather early reiner says was his best work. reiner won seven emmys for next week. writing and producing "the dick craig, i'll see you at the new york city fireworks saturday night. >> saturday night. van dyke show. it's a date. i can't wait to play with you.
7:19 am
the smithsonian asked for his typewriter >> so fun. >> he is my mentor and my idol >> yeah. i'm glad the weather is going to cooperate. >> dilly dilly, thank you so much just ahead, we're going to >> van dyke remembering his head to the next my "today" scripts of always saying something about us plaza celebrating america tour the great city of chicago. we'll meet some of what makes it >> comedy is always about what's happening in your life and the world and we are the same. so great, the people but first this is "today" on >> reporter: active and engaged on social media to the end, just nbc. last week he mused about his legacy in dispatches from quarantine >> the only thing that really matters in life. your - >> reporter: married to his wife estelle for years. the actor and director tweeting my heart is hurting. he was my guiding light. a light lit by laughter. >> there's nothing better than getting a laugh. >> reporter: and carl reiner gave us so many.r al good to se anne thompson, nbc news. >> you know, al does these stories from time to time with living legends and he sat down with carl reiner and i know it was one of his favorite.
7:20 am
he's going to share a little bit of that later on and william shatner is going to be along you know, gosh he was really one of a kind. a true original. >> a life well lived roker is going to break his vacation, in fact, to come back and share that dylan dreyer is on duty for al good to see you, my friend >> good to see you guys, too you know, you mentioned it earlier. we're talking about the heat and so many people especially across texas and the southern plains will be dealing with exceptional heat heat advisories are in effect because of that for 22 million people it's not just the heat it's the humidity. you hear us say that all the time temperatures will be well up into the 90s it'll feel like we're well above 100 degrees. that heat will continue as we go through the next several days with really no break in sight. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds
7:21 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we are going to see some sunshine for today, but the fog right there along all right. the coastline. welcome back that's going to help keep it it is day two of our virtual cool with our inland areas road trip as my "today" plaza celebrates america ahead of the heating up into the upper 80s, even a few low 90s farther to the north while san jose will reach up to about 80 degrees. as we look through our seven-day forecast, temperatures go down fourth of july weekend and then back up in time for the >> we kicked things off in pittsburgh on tuesday. holiday weekend. this morning we're going to head 500 miles west to another great american city chi-town, ladies and gentlemen. chicago, illinois. forecast back to you guys >> thank you coming up, overnight details on a settlement just reached with many of harvey weinstein's what up, chicago >> what up, chi-town >> we've got brad and courtney we've got the tylers levi, tara we've got the peepers. i am looking for -- let's start
7:22 am
accusers this morning why they are at odds, though, over the nearly $19 million deal with the caviares. by the way, that's a great last and then that heated debate over masks name there they are we've got emily, david why some communities where they're required and cases are on the rise are now suing. also research revealing which type of mask is least effective. but first this is "today" on nbc. this cheeseburger is the best! and there's sampson. how old is sampson >> he is 11 months he will turn 1 at the end of this month >> and he's already a cubs fan you wasted no time >> yes >> what is it about chicago that you guys love so much? >> oh, we love everything about chicago. we love the food, the people, the architecture, the beautifule doing this special series is to lake, everything it's the best city in the world. >> one of the reasons that we're doing this special series is to recognize folks who are making contributions and your husband, that fella sitting next to you david, as i understand it he's an er physician at northwestern medicine
7:23 am
david, you should know that your wife wrote into us and she wanted you to know how grateful that she is. in fact, how grateful we all are for your dedication to us, your it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! city, and every patient that you encounter. make it a double, yeah! so thank you very much, sir, for your service during these trying times especially see you. sampson, we'll let you get back to it. >> love it nice mane! those are just a few of the good hearted folks from chicago>> ye. try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. >> hi. good morning, but we've got to introduce you to this little girl with a really big dream olivia, are you with us? >> yes >> hi. good morning, honey. you have quite the story to tell about what you've been doing you haven't been wasting time during all this stay at home time she launched her very own company to help those lessell fortunate. we're going to chat with olivia in a moment but we want to tell everybody about your mask mission. take a look. >> reporter: chicago, the city of architectural wonder, two baseball teams, deep dish pizza. >> enjoy god bless you. >> reporter: and olivia tyler. a 7-year-old with a heart of gold whose passion for helping the homeless inspired her to launch her own nonprofit when covid-19 hit the windy city.
7:24 am
>> my name is olivia tyler and i am the owner of olivia drew cares. >> reporter: it was to ensure everyone in her community had access to a mask if they couldn't afford one. for every $5 mask purchased, another is donated to someone in need olivia's heart for helping the homeless began when she was 5 after learning her father's story of experiencing new details on that terrifying bison attack in yellowstone after your local homelessness as a teenager in minnesota. news to make your shopping, she started dreaming about building a hotel where the homeless could stay for free a dream her parents say grew in urgency during chicago's stay-at-home order >> every time we would walk past the house, she would say can we test-driving and car-buying experience the way it should be. carmax. buy that for the homeless? >> reporter: olivia's mom helping bring olivia drew cares puts cash back in your wallet. to life. and as a way to raise money for earn 5% cash back olivia's dream of a homeless on everything you buy at mom! paper towels! ...including things for the science fair. what's in your wallet? hotel.
7:25 am
>> all people can help even people might be even younger than me are trying to help keep believing and keep being (vo) romance, oui french style yogurt is made with elegance, delicious fruit, and non-gmo whole milk. it's inspired by our authentic french recipe. oui french style yogurt. kind to all people over the tastes like 5 oz. of france. world. >> oh, olivia. you little cutie mom and dad are so proud they're bursting out of the screen there you've donated hundreds of masks.irl in ...and we've upgraded her with a sonic shield and holographic-mapping drones. chicago would have such a big impact? impressive. there is one more thing. ah... jake from state farm. >> she asked you. here's the deal - with the drive safe and save app >> did did you ever think what you're you'll save up to 30% for being a safe driver, doing as one little girl in chicago would have such a big impact >> she asked you >> did you ever think it would have such an impact? and get a discount just for signing up. >> actually, no, i did not. >> no, i did not well played, jake from state farm. but it did and i think it's because you wao as usual. when you want the real deal - like a good neighbor, state farm is there.® help others? >> my family. >> yeah. have such a good heart where do you think that comes from -always have been. where do you get your wanting to help others? -and always will be. >> my family >> yeah. well, you've got a good one. mom and dad, i can see how proud you are of her never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. how do you do it we're sitting here, we've got and certainly not arthritis. little kids. how do we get a kid like this? olivia is so special. >> actually, it's olivia
7:26 am
new voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief you know, we support her dreams to help me keep moving. and her vision and it can help you too. i was actually thinking it was just kid talk. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. and i said, you know, she's been talking to me about helping the homeless for a few years now and more recently when we were sheltered in, she kept asking me to purchase homes within the neighborhood when we would go walking. good morning. to help her start her vision of it's 7:26. housing the homeless i'm laura garcia. i said, well, when governor here's today's top stories pritzker put in place everyone include a long heated debate on has to wear a mask, i said we the future of san francisco's could start there. mayor. >> reporter: the discussion about shifting mayoral powers she asked me how will the and mayoral elections will homeless get masks or how will continue at 9:00 this morning after 12 hours of dlaungiscussi people be able to afford it. and so that's what launched her vision last night. it would increase voter turnout, right? >> yes >> and watch her go. andrew, you're so proud of this little girl or what? but also adding two years to sitting mayor sam liccardo's tenure. critics say changing the tenure right now is a power grab, but mayor liccardo says it's about being more responsive more quickly and more accountable to >> you know what's amazing, i voters. if this is passed, the san jose oftentimes share this story. when olivia was first born, she voters will have the ultimate had stopped breathing. and in the midst of that stop,
7:27 am
we were praying and i was praying and, you know, they revived her, brought her back to say. >> i'm sierra johnson at the golden gate bridge. the start of a new month means increases in tolls here, specific for the folks coming over the golden gate bridge into san francisco. life and this little angel -- my we'll have a break down of how mother calls her my little angel. she has a heart for people she has a heart of gold. much those tolls increase on ever since she was little. she's always been wanting to do things for other people. and for those that take part and the mind-set behind it is godliness. she's pure at heart. godliness. have made an announcement. they'll announce how many people the tone we raised her in, our are on specific trains, on family, friends, and loved ones. specific routes on their social the whole community supporting media pages. look out for that. us and we've only been doing it >> we're looking for the sunshine on this wednesday since april 25th morning. and i think kari hall has found so to see her elevated in this it. >> it is basically all over the bay area. we're starting out with a nice start to our wednesday morning. temperatures are still nice and cool and walnut creek will go situation, god, we thank you so from the upper 50s to the much for having us on this show. mid-80s by early in the afternoon. let's get a look at all of our she can tell you herself her vision for the hotel and that stuff -- did you want to tell them? >> yes my vision is a humongous hotel where homeless people can come microclimate. we'll still see a wide range in and stay as they please. temperatures, from the mid-60s so all people can have a home. to the coast and the near the >> well, guess what.
7:28 am
coast to mid-80s for the inland you're not just a little angel, areas and even up to 91 degrees you're a lot of people's angel with your good work. in ukiah today, laura? you really are just >> all right. nice day ahead. [upbeat music] buwhen i woke up. ♪ demonstrating all of those qualities that your parents worked so hard to instill in you. we wanted to say thank you surely this is some of the best of chicago we want to show more faces on the screen so we can celebrate a july. thank you so much for being with us, great american city with great americans and happy fourth of july thank you so much for being with us, guys >> how about an olivia's kid camp like where our kids can go to the kindness camp >> she's been doing this since she was 5 years old. i think we all have 5-year-olds. we're like, okay, how can we get -- >> great example of the best chicago has to offer thank you, all tomorrow we're going out to vegas. and we cannot wait to introduce you to one woman in particular there out in las vegas who's determined to give kids who are in quarantine a reason to smile on their birthdays another great story tomorrow
7:29 am
(boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? >> that's going to be cool up next, an important lesson on summer pool safety for your entire family. >> reporter: summer months see a spike in drownings and this year (vo) good feeds our connections. may be more dangerous. good feeds us all. i'm vicky nguyen i'll tell you why plus the essential skills your kids need hormel natural choice lunch meats. to know before they get in the water. that's next on "today." thisthere's this game-time gig spinternetting so fun. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get gig speeds and the most wifi coverage from xfinity. now that's simple, easy, awesome. enhance your online experience with even faster speed. choose from a range of fast, reliable options, up to a gig. click or call to learn more.
7:30 am
ladies and gentlemen, of baseball. summer training as it's being called for this shortened 2020 oh, we love our new home. neighborhood's great. season, it kicks off today. amazing school district. the hoa has been very involved. these shrubs aren't board approved. you're looking at preparations you need to break down your cardboard. inside t-mobile park. this is the home of the seattle thank you. mariners. players reporting for camp later violation. violation. this morning. that is a pretty serious i see you've met cynthia. disinfecting job. at least geico makes bundling >> they have that disinfecting our home and car insurance easy. gun. i wonder if you could buy that on the open market. i'd like to do that all over and it does help us save a bunch of money. two inches over regulation. this house. we start this morning with the thanks, cynthia. for bundling made easy, go to dire warning from the top
7:31 am
infectious disease expert. dr. anthony fauci testified on the hill yesterday saying he's concerned things could get much worse. >> we are now having 40,000-plus new cases a day. i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around. this morning on our ongoing this morning on our ongoing series on summer safety. and so i am very concerned. an important message that has to do with water safety vicky nguyen has been looking >> 28 states are now seeing an into that. vicky, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, increase in just the last 14 everyone doctors are really concerned that more kids will be swimming unsupervised this summerr summe. days. the mayor issued an executive order in seattle to evacuate. more parents are at home, working from home, juggling that with child care. tips to keep y at least 13 have been arrested. two teens were killed in shootings since the protests started june 8th. kids safe as they try to beat a couple primary cases can the heat have significant implications. amy mcgrath has overcome a kentucky primary. lots of distraction. and it only takes a few seconds she has won the democratic u.s. for a child to slip into the water unnoticed. so this morning i'm showing you some simple tips to keep your kids safe as they try to beat senate nomination. the heat this summer the unmistakable sound of summer kids playing in the pool
7:32 am
but without proper attention, fun can quickly take a tragic she fended off charles booker to set up a showdown with mitch mcconnell. in colorado, former senator john turn hickenlooper won his democratic senate primary. he'll face cory gardner in on average more than 950 kids drown each year in the u.s drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among kids ages 1 to 4. and it's not just pools to be worried of natural bodies of water can also lure kids. so we brought in mary o'donahue november. that's a race that could decide control of the senate. also this morning there's knew tied to the harvey weinstein case. another potential victory for the disgraced movie mogul's accusers. word now of a multi-million-dollar settlement. to talk about summer safety tips and also why you think this summer we need to be on extra alert. >> with the covid and everybody social distancing, children haven't been in swim lessons they haven't been in school. >> reporter: and a lot of places kate snow has been following this story from the beginning for us. kate, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. are closing down their camps nine women brought the civil some of the public pools haven't case forward. if this deal is approved, more opened up and parents are working and distracted women who allege sexual what worries you about that? >> it takes 20 seconds for misconduct against harvey weinstein may be abl the nearly someone to go under the water and not be able to get back to the surface. here are basic tips you can $19 million settlement. evaluate how your ch this morning weinstein's accusers are one step closer to i have my 3-year-old eager waiting to get into the pool a legal victory. we are suited up ready to go
7:33 am
they're olding were they know how to swim. this will be their first swim of nine women who sued the convicted rapest reaching a the season settlement that if approved what should we be doing right would create a fund for $19 now? >> we're going to look for a coast guard approved life jacket million. for nonswimmers. look at the weight category. this looks like it will fit her. >> this settlement is for any women who was abused by harvey weinstein. she need not have told her story in the press or filed a lawsuit. >> reporter: the deal two and a it's 30 to 50 pounds half years in the making releases women from any you want to make sure it fits nondisclosure agreements weinstein will not admit any snugly wrong doing and he won't pay accusers instead, insurance companies for >> reporter: how does that feel, his former studio which filed boo? good next the big girls are up for a for bankruptcy will make the quick water competency check payouts. we'll keep our social distance here >> you want to make sure they can independently come back up that they can turn around, look to see where the safest place is to get out or grab hold of and katelyn delaney who said climb out independently. >> reporter: check to see if weinstein assaulted her in 1996 is one of the plaintiffs in the case >> it's a very positive thing to come out of an incredibly they can swim the length of the complicated situation. and it has the potential to pool really make a difference for a lot of women ask them to tread water for a women that were harmed by harvey minute [ screaming lay down it's okay. okay weinstein. >> reporter: the settlement
7:34 am
sometimes it's just sitting on looks at all the civil cases the wall putting their feet gwen weinstein including one brought by new york's attorney mary, what if you have a child that's not really into being in general. the pool >> and that's fine writing in part, after all the just let them be comfortable how they are sometimes it's just sitting on harassment, threats, and discrimination, these survivors the wall putting their feet in, having the coast guard approved life jacket on will ensure if they do get into the water, they're going to be safe >> reporter: pool toys are fun but can be dangerous because they block your view of who's in the water. are finally receiving some justice. but lawyers for six other doesn't look like there's any weinstein accusers are blasting the settlement calling it a kids in the water, but there are. complete sellout of the make sure you take the pool toys out when you're not using them for extra safety, consider a weinstein survivors. adding that it fails on so many different levels and calling it deeply unfair that weinstein pool alarm accepts no responsibility for this one comes with a wristband his actions. but those who support the settlement say it's the best that will let you know right option. >> there will never be enough away if someone falls in it's also important to have a money to compensate survivors of sturdy gate with openings that don't allow little ones to slip through. you want to make sure the gate is self-locking. and don't forget kiddie pools harvey weinstein's abuse but what we do know today is and aboveground pools. that we secured justice for experts say children can drown these women. >> reporter: weinstein who has in an inch and a half of water repeatedly denied allegations of nonconsensual sex is serving a 23 year sentence convicted in empty the smaller pools and february on charges connected to remove the ladder from larger pools. no matter what kind of water the kids are in, always designate a water watcher. two women. he still faces separate sex crime charges in los angeles an attorney for weinstein sight an adult assigned to watch the kids at all times. tips to keep your family safe
7:35 am
while swimming this summer weinstein is focused in and remember, even if your child defending himself on all remaining legal matters. >> kate, with regards to timing is a good swimmer, fatigue kicks here, how long until this in as the day wears on victims fund is up and running set a timer. get them out >> reporter: right telling nbc news with closure in remind them to hydrate, give sight on one front, mr. weinstein is focused in them a break, and put on that defending himself on all remaining legal matters. >> kate, with regards to timing sun screen touch supervision is here, how long until this victims' fund is up and running? >> reporter: right so it's a little unclear a district court and a recommended. stay within an arm's length of bankruptcy court still need to sign off on this deal before that child >> thank you, thank you, thank anything can happen, ah. you. coming up next, jill martin will be along. if preliminary hearing to approve she's shining a spotlight on small businesses this morning it is july 14th. if it gets the green light, then making fun things to brighten the attorney we spoke with your day thinks women will have about 90 custom jewelry, cookie shots days to confidentially submit what's that? claims describing their >> hello. >> but first thing is "today" on experiences with weinstein which will then be reviewed. nbc. businesses are starting to bounce back. potential payments could range from $7,500 to $750,000 and could come after what that lawyer hopes will be final approval which could happen in mid-october. >> all right kate snow there. thank you. coming up next here, craig, the urgent new plea for everyone but what if you could do better than that? to wear masks. new findings on which types of like adapt. discover. masks work the best and why some are actually suing to avoid deliver, in new ways, wearing them to new customers.
7:36 am
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7:38 am
these small businesses jill martin is here with some good deals good morning, jill >> well, hey, savannah as we know, many small businesses have had to take a huge pivot in the wake of covid-19 but it's how these incredible entrepreneurs have pivoted their business models to make things work that continues our small business solutions series. 'remember when any footlong was five dollars?' hit it, charlie. ♪ oh, you're five, ♪ five. ♪ five-dollar, ♪ five dollar ♪ five-dollar footlong. we'll show you three incredible ♪ it's freshly made ♪ with veggies. business owners and then allow you to shop to support and of ♪ it's back. course because it's me, there will be a deal five-dollar footlongs are back let's start with our first when you buy two. business owner for a limited time. the owner is shannon vaughn from maryland she has six employees. persoma works with firms across the globe and all ingredients in this wellness line are 100% nontoxic, unprocessed, and vegan non-gmo and cruelty free she suffers from anxiety and discovered meditation and cleansing bath rituals she said saved her life her business was thriving pre-pandemic in luxury spas and hotels but has shifted to direct to customer. so we'll highlight some of the
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7:40 am
so we have some of her items here again, a lot of them are made with her mother which is so sweet. she's offering 15% off using the we're back with our special series "facts over fear." this morning one of the biggest code tassel today. we're back with our special series "facts over fear. this morning one of the biggest the items are hand painted and lightweight. go on the website to find all issues tied to the fight against the different options. last up, this is something fun the coronavirus, we're of course talking about masks. >> yes it's become divisive health officials agree the masks for the whole family can help slow the spread this morning we've got new it's called dirty cookie this is merging two of a lot of information on which types of masks are most effective our favorite things. milk and cookies together. there's also an increasingly it's located in orange county, california, with seven intense debate among those who wear them and those who don't. employees. sam brock is in miami beach with more on it she started dirty cookie when her daughter was 5 months old while working full-time at good morning another job. for the last five years, these have been a hit at weddings and >> reporter: good morning. here in miami beach, masks just celebrity events because of the pandemic, they became mandatory without much fanfare. but just to our north in palm lost their catering business beach county, residents there are suing the government for infringing on their overnight and they're now doing cookie shots online for all constitutional right just a microcosm in this state of a contentious debate nationwide this morning the battle over ages they even have kits that you can make your own. masks is raging nationwide >> we can't continue half wearing masks and half rejecting so i made my own right here.
7:41 am
science. >> i won't be doing it personally it's a recommendation. and i filled one up to toast to okay you in the studio. they're offering 20% to all >> reporter: in city council "today" viewers using the code today20. meetings there are four flavors and you can fill them with milk, coffee, ice cream which is good if >> you literally cannot mandate you're having a social distancing barbecue. there's also a gluten free somebody to wear a mask. option they have decorating kits so you >> reporter: in stores can really do it with the >> i have a breathing problem! family >> reporter: and even in the so here's to small businesses halls of congress. and our small business >> unfortunately this simple life saving practice has become solutions. and i will do this milk and part of the political debate >> i am very concerned >> reporter: speaking to senators tuesday, dr. anthony cookie shot for you. >> we would like to drink to fauci making the startling that >> that's why i miss it in the prediction the u.s. could soon studio we would have to test that here. have 100,000 new cases a day i would lose the milk and put kahlua in. unless americans take >> good idea for more on those deals, go to precautions. >> there's no doubt that wearing masks protects you and gets you to be protected. so it's people protecting each i guess that's new other. there it is. >> reporter: the u.s. surgeon general begging americans to take those words to heart. just ahead on the third hour >> please, please wear a face of "today," we're talking with some flight attendants about how to travel safely this summer then on the fourth hour, hoda and jenna are rounding up the covering when you go out in public >> reporter: as politicians and health officials coast to coast best fourth of july sales. continue to hammer the point maybe more cookie shots. but first your local news and weather. home.
7:42 am
>> put on a mask >> have a good day it's not complicated >> reporter: california's governor even threatening financial penalties for rule breakers >> we'll be doing more to focus on enforcement in this state >> reporter: a new study shedding light on how effective certain masks can be researchers at florida atlantic university use a laser to measure how far droplets go with different coverings and found a well fitting home made mask stitched with two layers of fabric kept particles just a few good morning. inches away. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a bandanna was least effective people across the state are asking what kind of new shelter the scientists say without any mask, particles from coughs and at home restrictions governor newsom may announce today, sneezes fly more than eight feet do you think it's a good idea to especially ahead of the fourth ask people to wear their masks of july holiday weekend. >> yes he's making that announcement later today in the midst of the so nobody can catch the corona sobering numbers in the coronavirus. cases have been shooting higher the past two weeks. >> reporter: out on the streets hospitalizations are up of miami beach where masks are statewide. they've already scaled back, new mandatory, most people are on board. >> if it saves lives, i'm for reopening plans including san it >> i don't want to not wear my mask, go around my parents and i take the virus around them francisco, contra costa, alameda >> reporter: people thinking of others, a positive sign in the
7:43 am
midst of a still stormy debate and marin. >> it's interesting, sam he is set to unveil those new this caught my eye goldman sachs came without a study on the impact masks could restrictions at his noon news have not on public health but on the economy. conference. tell us about it we'll carry that live. san jose council members are >> reporter: yeah. the bottom line of the study is about to get back to it, following that 12-hour heated pretty amazing debate ending late last night, they found the national mask talking about the so-called mandate were there to be one would be more effective than strong mayor measure proposal, lockdowns and could save theould to boost mayor's power. it would align mayoral election with the presidential election in the process, adding two years to sam ricardo's current term. u.s. about 5% of its gdp last year gdp was $21.4 trillion saying it could save the u.s. more than a trillion dollars >> sam brock in miami beach for us thank you. let us turn now to the weather. chr kris sanchez will be monitoring dylan dreyer in for al that debate and will have more for us. the next update coming up for new an hour. [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪ how's it looking, d? >> we are taking a look at the holiday weekend. you know, it starts friday for a lot of people and we are going to see a pretty decent weather through most of the country for the fourth of july weekend we are going to see very hot temperatures down through the mid-atlantic stretching into the southeast. but it's also going to be unsettled with scattered showers
7:44 am
and storms some possibly strong storms across the northern plains and a bit unsettled through the new england area like it has been. on saturday we're going to see more of that heat continue 80s and 90s with higher humidity more storms likely on the gulf coast. hot and dry in the southwest then sunday we're going to see that heat continue to spread to ♪ i fell asleep but when i woke up. ♪ the east (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? we are going to notice temperatures on the immediate coastline sunday will be a (vo) good feeds our connections. little bit cooler with scattered showers and storms down in the good feeds us all. southeast. that's a look at the weather across the country hormel natural choice lunch meats. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our high temperatures today will reach into the low 90s for the far north bay, some upper 80s for the inland east bay and for the south bay, up to about 80 degrees, while the coast will be in the mid-60s, a wide range in temperatures will continue for the next couple of days. but for some of our inland areas, it will be cooler compared to what we have coming for the holiday weekend. some low 90s and even hotter this sunday. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger.
7:45 am
let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! >> and that's your latest forecast back to you guys >> all right dylan, thank you it's beautiful! coming up next, the major say what? changes that are being made on i said it's bea.... college campuses all over this try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo country. and make it a double for a buck more. campuses set to welcome back order now with no contact delivery. students this fall tom costello is going to share an inside look at what one school is doing to ease the minds of students and parents as well that's right after this. you ok, sis? my symptoms kept me- -from being there for my sisters. "...flight boarding for flight 2007 to chicago..." so i talked to my doctor and learned- ...humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief... -and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,- -, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor...
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7:47 am
come on in, we're open. ♪ all we do is hand you the bag. simple. done. we adapt and we change. you know, you just figure it out. we've just been finding a way to keep on pushing. ♪ ♪ five dollar ♪ five dollar footlong ♪ piled high with veggies they're back. any footlong is a $5 footlong when you buy two. for a limited time. subway. eat fresh. subway. ♪ we stick together, ♪ for worse or for better ♪ (yeah) ♪ through any kind of weather, ♪ (yo)
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♪ you're my friend in need. ♪ (come on, come on) ♪ we stick together, ♪ ♪ we make the sunshine brighter, ♪ ♪ we make it all feel better, ♪ ♪ you're my, you're my, ♪ (woo, yeah) ♪ you're my family. ♪ (yo) ♪ you're my family. ♪ we are back with the new normal the tough decisions being made by colleges and universities across the country when it comes to whether to resume classes in the fall in person >> and right around the corner, a lot of schools are now redesigning classrooms, redesigning dorms and dining halls as well to try and keep everyone safe. but will it be enough? tom costello has an inside look to the university of maryland. good morning >> reporter: good morning. this is a big school 40,000 students go to the
7:49 am
university of maryland and this school like others all over the country is now trying to come up with a way to protect those students but also the professors and the staff and faculty who are generally older and more vulnerable. for the nation's 20 million college students, the coming fall semester is about to look a lot different. smaller classes, mandatory face masks and temperature checks, less face time with professors at the university of maryland, the prevent the spread signs and hand sanitizer stations are up flow arrows on the doors and floors lecture hall seating cut by 60% to keep six feet of separation the university even plans to test waste and sewage water to quickly identify covid hot spots. >> it'll give you an early warning if there's something going on in that building, that residence hall, dining hall, or classroom. today is darryl pines' first day on the job two-thirds of the nation's colleges plan to welcome students back to campus. many with the combination of
7:50 am
online classes notre dame university is opening two weeks early but will send students home early in the fall to reduce the risk of bringing covid back on campus >> they're going to stay here right until the end, right until thanksgiving then we're going to send them away so we don't have the kind of going away and returning that we usually have for a normal semester >> reporter: alessandro contreras is on the fencing team at notre dame, eager to get back >> it is up to us as younger people to look out for older folks and the people with vulnerabilities. how we're treating them and make sure they survive. >> reporter: like a lot of parents, mom barbara is nervous he's leaving home in a pandemic. >> i am worried and it's a gut wrenching decision i know he wants to go back and i really value -- i really want him to have the best college experience you can have. >> reporter: meanwhile half a million students in the cal state system, the nation's
7:51 am
biggest, will not be returning to classrooms in the fall. instead remaining online among them taylor helms. >> i'm disappointed. what student wouldn't be i was at the point i was enjoying going to school and learning and going to classes. it was taken away from me. so that's upsetting. but i understand >> reporter: for university leaders, these are uneasy times. >> people will have to take care of one another in the residence halls. people will have to go in buildings in certain directions and exit in other directions if people really care about one another, i think you'll see that it'll work out really well >> reporter: back here at the university of maryland, they're still putting the final touches on the plan for the fall but one issue this school's dealing with, all schools are dealing with, what to do if there's a second wave of the pandemic what to do in the fall one contingency item here at
7:52 am
maryland would have all students go through online learning after thanksgiving but that's still very much just one of many options they're discussing back to you. >> makes some sense though thank you. straight ahead, al is going to join us and pay tribute to carl reiner sharing one of his favorite conversations with the legend >> and so will william shatner after your local news. when it comes to parenting, you're a pro.
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good morning. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm bob redell in dublin, where alameda county has paused the reopening of indoor dining, salons, and barber shops as cases and hospitalizations for covid-19 surge statewide. in a few hours, governor newsom will announce new restrictions. he believes people have become too complacent. >> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. it is july 1st. that brings us the enforcement of the california consumer privacy act. this is a law that was already in place, but javier becerra, the state attorney general said that he would not begin to enforce it until today. this requires websites and other internet services, no matter where they're located, to offer californians new privacy rights,
7:57 am
including deleting your day. we can enjoy some milder information if you request it. temperatures for the inland areas for the next couple of days. as we take a live look outside >> kari's got a lookl be a nice in the south bay and check out our high temperature, it will reach up to about 80 degrees with some mid-80s in the tri-valley, upper 80s for the inland east bay and as hot as 91 degrees in ukiah, while san francisco stays in the mid-60s. so we'll still have a wide range in temperatures, but overall, the trend is for it to cool off a couple of more degrees by the end of the week and then warm up again in the valleys for the fourth of july. we're looking at highs in the low 90s and even hotter on sunday before it comes down a few more degrees early next week. for san francisco, we're staying in the 60s up until the weekend, where we'll only reach the low 70s for the next several days. laura? >> all right. looks really nice. we'll be back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. hope to
7:58 am
today on california live -- >> fashion fun. nikki hilton is here to help us look hot this summer. >> and how to build a vacation getaway in your own backyard. >> it's all happening on california live. >> this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area.
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, very concerned. dr. anthony fauci issues a stark warning as coronavirus cases surge from coast to coast. >> clearly we are not in total control right now. >> this morning a look at the new hot spots and how experts are working to curb the spread we're live with what you need to know "today," wednesday, july 1st, 2020 ♪ >> we love the "today" show as much as we love chicago! >> we're from chicago. >> we're so excited to celebrate chicago with "today. ♪ >> good morning, "today" show from your friends at nbc chicago. >> from all of us here chicago deep dish pizza and so many, we
8:01 am
hope to see you soon >> we're going to see you in just a few, chicago. we've got my "today" plaza full of folks from the windy city we welcome you back on a wednesday morning. this is our tour across america as we lead up to fourth of july. we're having fun and there they are look at those cute faces >> look at all those bears fans and cubs fans. the virtual plaza filled with folks from the jewel of the midwest. and we also really want to thank our friends at nbc 5 for helping us recruit all those people including a little girl with a huge heart who's really on a mission. >> i can't wait to tell her story. she really wants to help her community and boy, what she's doing is right on time we'll do that in a few minute. let's get right to the news here at 8:00 if you're just waking up, here are the headlines. the u.s. has set another new record for coronavirus cases in a single day and dr. anthony fauci is warning the number of cases could double if the outbreak is not contained and contained soon
8:02 am
kerry sanders joins us with three things he's watching this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the growing spread of coronavirus reflected right here in miami-dade county one in ten people testing positive now for coronavirus this as the nation's top health expert says we may soon see as many as 100,000 positive cases a day. >> i think it's important to tell you and the american public that i'm very concerned because it could get very bad. >> reporter: we're now seeing the surge across 28 states in the last 14 days 45,000 positive cases. meantime in california for the fourth of july, beaches will be closed and so will bars. same here in south florida in fact, here in miami-dade county, they've now announced that restaurants must close by midnight that means that there will now be no late night dining on the menu >> thank you very much the governor of mississippim
8:03 am
the state's 126-year-old flag. governor tate reeves a republican called the signing itself a solemn occasion and a chance for people to put their divisions behind them. meanwhile on capitol hill, that old flag was removed and replaced with a temporary banner showing the state seal a commission in mississippi will come up with a new design and voters will be asked to approve it in november there are new details this morning about that scary bison attack that happened at yellowstone national park. a female camper got too close to the bison, she was gored gadi schwartz has been following the story for us good morning >> reporter: yeah, good morning, savannah the victim here was a 72-year-old woman who had to be air lifted to the hospital after being charged and gored by that bison.
8:04 am
giving us a reminder of what to do and what not to do when approached by wild animals the attack happened here at this family campground in wyoming's yellowstone national park. a 72-year-old woman was gored after getting too close to a grazing bison like this one. >> she wanted to take a photo and she approached within ten feet of the bison at which time the bison felt threatened and charged at her >> reporter: the woman who hasn't been identified was air lifted to the hospital and has been released. hers was the second attack in yellowstone since the park reopened last month. while social distancing is encouraged between humans, rangers say too many visitors aren't taking the precautions with wildlife. >> oh, no. oh, no >> reporter: this video showing how aggressive bison can be. they're easily agitated and bis.
8:05 am
she wa injure more people than any other animal at yellowstone. last summer in the park, this captured a 9-year-old girl being thrown in the air by a bison after a family got too close miraculously, she was okay and last fall, kaylee davis broke her ankle after being charged in utah. >> i started running away from him. he flipped me in the air >> reporter: rangers say the lure of getting up close to wild animals is the most common reason why people get attacked with more than 300 million visitors to national parks every year, incidents are rare, but close encounters can happen when you least expect it. this tv news reporter saw that first hand he was doing a story in yellowstone when a bison charged. >> i ain't messing with you. >> they are unpredictable. stay far away from wild animals and give them their space. >> reporter: now, social distance and the distance you should give wild animals is very different. rangers say you should give bisons about 25 feet and bears and wolves should get about 100 yards or just stay in the car. guys, back to you. >> or just watch discovery
8:06 am
you know >> reporter: exactly >> thank you >> so this local reporter, let's see this one more time because this reporter is everyone >> yeah. >> reporter: look at him you don't ever see the bison because he doesn't even turn the camera to the bison. he just puts it in the car and gets out of there. >> he's smart. doing exactly what he's supposed to do. >> thank you so with hoda off, that means you're up. >> i'm going to do the boost duty it's a good burden to bear learning to say your sorry is important in any good relationship, right? so watch what happens after this golden retriever swipes his brother's doggy treats >> i gave you a chewy. i gave kiko a chewy. you ate kiko's chewy so what do we say when we steal someone else's chewy what do we say do you know? yes. we say we're sorry >> okay.
8:07 am
that is just adorable. you know, for a moment i thought maybe the dog was going to say sorry. >> talk. >> yeah. i was like, it could happen. but that was cute. >> if that dog had said i'm sorry, that dog would have been outside. >> we would have booked him live just ahead, some new tributes to the life and legacy of comedy genius, carl reiner. al's going to join us with a look back at one of his favorite interviews of all time also the great william shatner there's william right there. also standing by to honor his friend as well we'll do that right after this get help right away for swelling of face, infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home.
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hello? how are you little princess? what are you doing in a box? i'm a board member and a store owner of papa john's and this is my brand new pizza the shaq-a-roni. just by ordering the shaq-a-roni $1 from each pizza is donated to papa john's foundation to support communities, covid relief, the fight against racial injustice, boys and girls club of america, and general community involvement. thanks for the pizza, thanks for coming to visit us, shaq-a-roni in the house you guys smiling? i love you >> we 8:12 now on this wednesday morning as carson daly joins us with the tributes that are continuing to pour in this morning to the master of television comedy, carl reiner. >> he had a lot of fans and al was definitely one of them he had the good fortune of sitting down with him a couple years ago. you're so sweet. it's your vacation, but i know
8:13 am
how much you loved carl reiner and we're glad you're here to help us remember him >> well, i got to tell you, carl reiner meant the world to me as far as the world of comedy and television he was a prolific writer and a producer who knew how to milk a laugh. when i got to sit down with him back in 2016, we talked about the secret to longevity and how laughter is literally the best medicine ♪ >> yeah, i got 12 emmys. worked out perfectly because i have three children. they can get four a piece when i go >> there you go. >> reporter: if carl reiner's got something to say, chances are it's funny >> comedy is about what's happening in your life and the world. there's nothing better than getting a laugh. it makes everybody happy >> reporter: over a career spanning more than eight
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