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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it broke out about 90 minutes ago in a neighborhood in cordelia. right on the border with fairfield. these are pictures from the ground of the flames getting very close to homes. as you can see, people are taking out their cameras and capturing the shots. this is near the 680/80 interchange. flames spread very quickly right up to people's backyards. mandatory evacuations just ordered in the past 30 minutes for scotch pine court and sierra court. >> at one point people had garden hoses in their backyards trying to protect their homes. you can see the intensity of the flames. if you're in the fairfield, cordelia area, you're likely to see the smoke now. these are live pictures now from the front lines. you can see the fire crews there with the smoke and that smoke is good news. but then again, in the foreground you can see the flames as well. our reporter, cheryl hurd just pulled up to the fire lines. this is at the 680 had been 80 interchan
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interchange. she's going to join us later in the newscast to talk to people evacuating their homes and we'll talk to jeff ranieri about the wind. you've seen the smoke overtake the firefighters as they come in that foreground there in cordelia and fairfield. another fire in contra costa county in rodeo east of i-80 between the cummings skyway and willow avenue exits. the flames coming dangerously close to the phillips 66 refinery. you can see the tanks there. 60 acres have burned and one lane of eastbound 80 is closed. thankfully, at this time no homes are threatened. we have trouble near the benicia-martinez bridge. all lanes on the benicia side of the bridge were closed. this fire is mostly knocked down, but crews are still on site as the mop-up process continues. in other news, a black lives
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matter mural in the east bay sparking tensions and angry confrontations. it happened after a white couple painted over a city approved mural. things escalated with one man accused of pointing a gun at demonstrators. volunteers are taking security of the mural into their own hands. melissa colorado has more from martinez. >> reporter: black lives matter supporters are worried someone will strike again and try and vandalize this mural. that's why they're standing in front of the contra costa county courthouse to keep a watchful eye over it. >> i said to my friends an facebook, i'll be doing god's duty again. >> he's guarding these three words in bright yellow paint. clark felt compelled to drive over from pacheco and watch over the black lives matter mural in martinez after a white couple was caught on camera saturday trying to paint over it. >> still at it. >> i felt a duty to document
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anything that i see that might be any wrongdoings. make sure racists don't get their day. >> tensions were still high on sunday when police arrested 30-year-old joseph owe sun a of martinez for allegedly pointing a gun at a black lives matter supporter trying to get his license plate after he yelled all lives matter in front of the mural. >> almost like instant karma. immediately as he did that, police pulled up behind him. >> jeff christian son of martinez said people on facebook have outed the couple caught on camera vandalizing the mural. >> no one wants black lives matter here. >> why it's taking so long. we know their names and license plate number of their truck. >> we're going to push for the full application of the law. >> martinez councilmember the constituents support the movement which is why the city signed off on the location of the mural. like any city in america,
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there's also people who disagree with the message. >> of course, there are people who feel differently. of course, there are people who don't believe this is an appropriate use of a public street. they can talk to me or my colleagues on city council. >> today, our camera was rolling as a white man drove up to the mural and sparked a shouting match when he yelled, all lives matter. >> go back home. >> we are home. >> this is the type of ignorance that we're dealing with in this area. >> in martinez, mel isa colorado. we begin our 17th week of restrictions. governor newsom saying covid-19 isn't going anywhere any time soon. in the past 24 hours, california added about 5700 new cases. 23 counties statewide are now on the governor's watch list, including three here in the bay area. marin, contra costa and solano counties. santa clara county was taken off the list. now, the counties on the list
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are considered high risk and in need of closer monitoring. this comes as statewide hospitalizations for covid have gone up 50% in the past two weeks. >> this pandemic is still in front of us, continues to spread at rates we have not experienced here in the state of california since the beginning of this pandemic. >> it's like we have rewound the clock to march. the governor encouraged them to keep wearing face coverings and wash your hands. >> frustration, confusion and anger as restaurant owners try to figure out what they can and cannot do. the county thinks one thing, the state says another. that confusion became clear after state agents raided dozens of south bay restaurants -- even though it's been allowed in the county for weeks. barbara hunt has more.
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-- robert handa has more. >> reporter: state and county leaders are talking about various issues regarding the easing of restrictions, including that visit that state agents talked about. it left owners stunned about what to do next. >> i was pretty shocked. >> this is new surveillance video from the popular sigh yam thai restaurant on friday night when agents came in and said that santa clara county did not have approval to reopen outdoor dining despite the public order on june 2rd. romero said the agents were armed but polite and direct in what they said. >> no outdoor dining allowed. under the direction of governor newsom. we had to close all and any dining at all. >> today the county was responding to the state's rejection of the proposal to reopen hair andes and
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hospitalizations. the county disputes the rejection saying the percentages are actually higher because the county numbers are lower. eoc information officer also said he believes restaurants are allowed to conduct outdoor dining because the state did not explicitly prohibit? >> up to today we have not received any information from any state agency that that in fact is now true. >> we rely on guidance from the authorities. at this point there's many levels of authorities. you have city, county, state, different agencies that are involved. we can add state public health and cal osha to the mix. in guidance issued july 2nd, they say that restaurants can expand outdoor seating if they follow local laws and regulations. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. robert, thank you. let's take a look at the latest numbers in the bay area. more than 28,000 reported cases, both contra costa and san
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francisco, saw a surge today adding 216 new infections each. alameda county continues to be the hotspot. almost 7,000 cases there in alameda county. let's take a closer look at santa clara county. this is by zip code. the areas in the darker blue have a higher concentration of cases. let's get aur bearings. palo alto, 94309, dark blue. los altos is here. 94405. dark blue. 280 and 101, this whole side of dark blue, east san jose, a lot of areas there in the dark blue. more than 250 cases for 100,000 people. among the cities with relatively few cases, 95014 in cupertino there. the south county, dark blue here with high cases down in san martin and gilroy. we invite you to stay with the latest by following our live blog. it's a good resource. we're putting together the
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headlines and all the new developments, all in one place. it's on the website, a san francisco family is facing an unspeakable tragedy tonight after their 6-year-old child was shot and killed as he celebrated the fourth of july. today, police told jackie ward they believe jace young was the unintended victim of an intentional shooting. even the mayor is now talking about the case. >> family members say he was at a birthday party on july 49 when he was shot. he was a young man who was bright and destined for greatness. finding the words to describe what his family is going through is nearly impossible for supervisor walton. his message during a virtual press conference today was clear. >> at this time we're fighting for making sure people understand our black lives matter, we also have to make sure that we understand that the only way to make the changes that we need for positive
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outcomes in our community is to come together and stop all forms particularly gun violence. >> 6-year-old jace was watching fireworks on july 4th when he was hit by a bullet around 10:45 p.m. this morning, police officers were back out scouring the scene and focusing on the dumpster by the lasalle apartments. >> this time of senseless violence is unacceptable in our city and anyplace. we're going to do everything that we can. our investigators, we're going to put all the resources that we can into bringing this situation to resolution. >> mayor london breed agrees. releasing a statement saying this black child's life mattered and she believes investing in black communities is critical in order to lift people out of poverty and violence. those closest to jace are asking for the public to say his name and says his potential was limitless. supervisor walton wonders why this shooting didn't receive
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more attention earlier. >> we're all feeling bad. if this was not a young black boy, his name, his picture will be plastered all over the media. >> police are actively still looking for the shooter and aren't able to release any more information because this is an ongoing investigation. in san francisco, jackie ward, nbc bay area news. up next, we're going to go back to our breaking news, evacuations in solano county because of the fires there. we have an update from the fire line. plus, open for indoor dining for barely a week, now told to shut back down again. how restaurants are faring because of the coronavirus. i'm tracking that fire near cordelia. also, fairfield. i'll have a full update on that and a look at how warm we'll be for tomorrow coming up in about eight minutes.
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want to get back to our breaking news. fire crews in several parts of the bay area are once again on the front lines. you can see one of the cal fire helicopters there from our helicopter here, which is above solano county. this is a neighborhood in cordelia, right on the fairfield border. this is near the 680/80 interchange. homes are threatened. let's bring in cheryl hurd who just arrived on the scene for us. cheryl, where exactly are you and what's the latest there?
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>> reporter: well, i've been -- it's been a really busy afternoon. i just left a county where they're fighting fire here and i just arrived here. i'm technically in fairfield. as you can see, the cal fire are making water drops here, going over to the marsh, picking up water and bringing it here to the fire line. it looks like they've got a handle on the fire line. just to recap, this fire started just after 4:30 this afternoon. it started moving quickly towards homes. about 30 homes in fact. when firefighters got there, homeowners were already out there with garden hoses in hand. and then, at one point they handed the hoses over to the homeowners until they could get situated. i know we have other pictures from the air you can see that cal fire is attacking this fire from the air. patrick cox lives in the area and he was here in the very beginning.
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patrick, what did you hear and see? >> my brother said did you see the smoke on the hill? i got home. i saw the smoke and i said another fire on the hill. >> reporter: that's the thing. i feel like i've been here before, and i have. it seems like this happens every year. >> happens almost every year for at least the last six years. >> i know you're not an expert or anything. do you think this was fireworks-related? >> given how close it was to july 4th. >> your home is okay? >> yes, it is. >> stay safe. this is a mutual aid fire. you have fire crews from all over. it looks like they have a handle on it right now. you have a church behind me. it looks like that church is going to be okay. firefighters will be attacking this from the air until the sun goes down. and until then, as far as i know, no homes have been burned. reporting live from fairfield,
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i'm cheryl hurd, back to you. >> certainly a close call and a sigh of relief for those residents. cheryl, thanks so much. back to our coronavirus coverage. restaurants in marin county are taking a step backwards starting today. the county is stake taking a step backward. joe rosato jr. shows us how the on again/off again orders are causing a rough ride for restaurant owners. >> tonight it's almost 50 years. >> as the mayflower pub used to be you came for the soccer, stayed for the beer. >> right now, it's about the european soccer championships. >> covid-19 restrictions have left owner tony crafter with a logistics problem. dining is now curbside. soccer still inside. >> we won't from now on. we're not going to have anybody inside the pub. >> a week ago the soccer had a chance at a comeback when the county cleared restaurants for
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indoor dining. then a spike in covid cases landed marin on the watch list. starting today, indoor dining and the tv will remain off limits for another three weeks. >> it's too much sometimes to comprehend. >> >> reporter: a week ago there were diners in the seats of his mill valley restaurant for the first time in months. >> now they pull it back. no more indoor dining. >> he used a government ppe loan to hire back staff. >> now i'm running almost twice as many employees. i don't know what to expect. i've got seven or eight tables outside and nobody is dining inside. >> you miss the crowd and the fun and the banter. >> reporter: what was an unpredictable time has gotten more chaotic for restaurants. they're awaiting the day when the seats are filled and the tv is on. joe rosato jr. >> it's a killer, it really is.
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>> reporter: nbc bay area news. we want to talk about another wildfire that's burning right now in the south bay. good news. firefighters are gaining ground. that's threatened homes and triggered evacuations in the south bay. it's the cruise fire. it's burned in the hills above gilroy. it's about 20% contained. fortunately, it's burning away from homes. at least 70 people remain evacuated from pinata road. crews from several departments have been called in to help. >> to be able to call crews from outside of santa clara county and throughout the state is critical when we talk about fires of this size and getting control of them. >> helicopters and other firefighting aircraft could be seen dropping fire retardant chemicals to be sure hotspots didn't flare up again. since the wildfire was started by a structure fire, but it's unclear how that structure fire started. it's a busy way to kick off
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this week, let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. let's talk about the wind directions and the weather. how is it going to impact the firefight moving forward throughout the week? >> well, i think the really big message i wanted to get across right now is we don't have any extreme wind events as we head through the next couple of days. we'll see our typical ocean breeze moving in 10, 20 miles per hour. beyond that, i do not see major, major winds this week. there's a little bit of good news for the firefighters. that is most likely why they were able to get a quick handle on the fire in cordelia. let's take you to the maps. there are still evacuations in place. they may be relaxed here soon. you can see cordelia right there. the fire was right on the eastern side of cordelia. i want to do street level mapping to show you what the big concern was with this fire. it started on nelson hill right back here. it's a local landmark. it's up about 300 feet for a lot of you from this area.
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you know exactly what i'm talking about. the flames were all right up against early amber court, also scotch pine court and sierra court. all of these homes right here. that's where the big concern was, that's why there are those evacuations. winds are fairly light. east at 6 miles per hour. occasional gusts up to 18. that's been the good news for firefighters. it hasn't been extremely gusty. they've started to get a handle on that as we've heard from cheryl hurd on the scene. we'll have to watch for hotspots tonight. for the cruse fire. the heaviest smoke and the flames pushing away from gilroy. i see winds up to 20 miles per hour tomorrow as well. that should help further progress with this fire. temperatures tomorrow plenty of 70s and 80s as you go away from the coastline. we'll talk more about the extended forecast. i'll also have a look at the
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drought coming up in 25 minutes. i'll see you all then. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. up next at 6:00, pg&e had helicopters circling part of the north bay. devin, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies? ok? that's 15 percent on top of what geico could already save you. so what are you waiting for? dj khaled to be your motivational coach? yo devin! remember to brush in a circle motion. thank you... dj... khaled. tiny circles, devin. do another one.
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a loet of helicopters flying in the north bay. the pg&e helicopters were in sonoma county inspecting lines. the goal is to improve public safety power shutoff program by making the shutoffs smaller and shorter. last october you might recall, several shutoffs impacted nearly a million people in 36 counties. completely understand the impact of shutting off the power makes on our communities, especially for the vulnerable customers, especially during these uncertain times. we completely understand that. that's why we're doing these pre-inspections. it's to make the events shorter and restore power within 12 daylight hours.
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>> on wednesday, pg&e will check the lines in napa county. then later this month, they'll check in marin county. throughout the pabd, the federal government has given small businesses billions of dollars to stay afloat. the trump administration released a list of companies that got the most bailout money and it shows not all of the businesses were small. among the notable companies on the list, the popular restaurant chain p.f. chang's and a new jersey school with ties to jared kushner. businesses tied to the governor newsom and some state lawmakers received loans from the government. one reporter asked the governor about his update on the pandemic today. >> i'm wondering, i know that before you took office, you placed the companies into a blind trust. i'm wondering if you could address that issue and why those companies, the company that you own needed to receive that loan? >> you would have to ask the people running those businesses. it's in a blind trust, period.
6:27 pm
full stop. >> that was t applicants in california received the most money over all. $68 billion. up next at 6:30, learn to live with it. the new message expected to come from the white house as this week as coronavirus cases -- plus, what happened in california? the golden state, the golden model with how to deal with the virus until last week. our political analyst tells us where things went wrong. ♪ menutaur
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right now at 6:30, the cases keep climbing. the u.s. hits an all-time high for new infections in one day as frontline health care workers call for the white house to make masks mandatory. the number of cases is rising rapidly. yesterday the u.s. added 48,000 new cases. >> we seemingly are going backwards. that's prompting frontline workers to request help from the highest office. here's jay gray. >> a weekend of parties, packed beaches and lakes, coast to coast, frightening images for those on the front lines of the fight against covid-19. >> i do anticipate that after this weekend's parties, we're going to see a bump in the next week to ten days, two weeks. >> ail bump in many areas already stretched to their limits. more than half of the country is dealing with a surge in cases. many hotspots now dangerously
6:31 pm
close to running out of hospital beds. >> the modelers taking a look at our numbers told us about a week ago that we were on a trajectory that was going to have our hospitals overwhelmed in what is now probably ten days to two weeks. >> some now calling for a national measure requiring face coverings in public. though there's no indication the president is considering the idea. senior administration officials telling nbc news, the white house will soon unveil a new message on the pandemic urging the nation to, quote, learn to live with the virus. downplaying its severity. >> we've tested almost 40 million people. by so doing, we showcases, 99% of which are totally harmless. >> medical professionals pushing back. >> we've seen marathon runners have to learn to walk and breathe again.
6:32 pm
this is not a new big deal for people that to survive. >> spreading at record levels. >> jay gray, nbc news. it's not just the u.s. cases are surging in other parts of the world, too. the jump in new infections is forcing some countries to take drastic measures to prevent the spread. australia shut down the border. the two most populous provinces. in other countries, things are getting a little back to normal. over the weekend, health officials in england allowed traditional weddings to resume again. >> we're getting married. >> it doesn't matter where, how, as long as we can do it. >> there is a limit on the guest size and the guest list, though. only 30 people are allowed to attend the wedding. what happened to us here in california? we were doing relatively well in flattening the curve. we're back to square one. let bring in larry gerston.
6:33 pm
the fact that we're asking our political analyst about health issues speaks volumes. >> we started out clean. go back 3 1/2 months, the governor sat everybody down virtually. here's the problem, here's how to handle it. we've got four steps to go through to get out of the mess. shelter in place, all that. boom, it falls apart completely as things go along. i think there are two big factors here that explain it. the first of them has to do with the governor, how he handled this thing. governor newsom, of course. he didn't stay with the plan. he came up with ideas, we're going to do this, this. he would make exceptions or counties themselves would peel off and say we're not waiting for the governor to give us the go ahead. we're going to do what we want. that's the second point. he gave the county too much power altogether. giving them the power, a lot of them took advantage of it and
6:34 pm
opened at certain times too early. that's the third point. he's real a loud them to, you know to do this in such a way that he's opened too fast. the state opened too fast. it's not me saying this. it's most people saying this. the problem is, the credibility. he's hurting on that credibility issue. >> governor newsom says he's follow the data. is he being truthful or following the requests of the business community? we're saying two things here. >> that's a good question. i'm not sure we know the answer. the other factor is that the public has not done its part. the public hasn't bought into what the governor said. the governor said stick with me, do this and we'll be okay. the public peeled off. large segments of the public peeled off. they've also gone so far as to make threat. people so unhappy with the governor's policies have made threats to the health officer, ten health officers, eight
6:35 pm
county 57bd two states literally left their positions because -- their lives threat yent d by people who didn't like what they were saying. you've got a problem here. the public has not bought in. because of that, that has hurt the governor's credibility. >> whether you like the governor or not in terms of what he's doing politically, is he in a no-win situation. people are with it or against it, is he in a no-win situation here? >> he's in a no-win situation for the moment. there's no question. what the governor has to do is find the wherewithal, find a way to reach the public and be consistent with what he does. consistency very important. you're saying you're going to close the beaches and leaving them open isn't being consistent. i has to be consistent so the public knows what to expect. the public has to realize that they're only hurting themselves. i think about andrew cuomo, the governor of new york and the way he sat new yorkers down every
6:36 pm
morning for three month and really told them hard stuff they didn't want to hear. then gave them hope. do this, you'll be okay. look what we have. they have 1% positivity. we in california now 6.5% positivity. so if the governor, governor newsom tried his best to get people to hear again and comes up with a consistent message, i think he'll have luck in getting people to come together. this is going to be a long haul, raj, no question about it. we had an easier way out, now it's take two. who knows how long it will take. >> final question. can he convince the business owners and you and i know them very well, larry, saying we need to keep open, can he convince the business owners of that? >> that's the big question. he need to convince the business owners. on the other side, business owners have to realize if they don't go along now, things will be worse later. we talk about a phase 2 downstream.
6:37 pm
we can't get out of phase 1. so it's in their interest to play ball with the governor. if they don't, this thing only is likely to last longer. snie we appreciate your analysis and perspective. thanks, larry. >> thanks r larry and raj. a unanimous decision from the supreme court. the high court ruled members of the electoral college may not, quote, go rogue. they're seen here voting in 2016. many americans are unaware when they cast a ballot, they're voting for a slate of electors. then they meet to formally vote for the president. today the justices ruled they're not free agents and must vote in line with the popular vote in their home state. the decision heads off what many believe could have been a major controversy in november. >> if you don't -- the electoral college was closely divided there could have been a big fight and real attempt to get
6:38 pm
electors who are pledged to joe biden or to president trump to switch sides. >> the case stems from 2016 when several refused to vote hillary clinton even though she won their states. also today, the supreme court said to robo calls on cell phones. a 30-year-old federal law made cell phones a robo call-free zone. five years ago, congress carved out an exception and allowed automated calls for debt collection. it violated their right to free speech. the justices rejected that challenge and threw out the robo call exception for government debt collection. up next, why pieces of the world famous aids quilt are now hanging outside multiple bay area buildings this evening. stay with us.
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making it in the bay. our ongoing series about the challenges of living here.
6:41 pm
tonight a new finding about strsan francisco. it's one of the worst u.s. cities for black home buyers. milwaukee has the biggest gap for black home buyers. black mortgage applicants are rejected four times as often as whites. san francisco's gap is second largest. 19% of blacks are denied compared to 6% of whites. nationwide 16% of blacks face mortgage rejection compared with 7% of whites. redfin recommends bias training and incentives for mortgage brokers to lend money to people of color and low-income americans. decades before covid, the aids pandemic hit the bay area hard. if you were in the '80s, you will remember, of course. today is the 23rd international aids conference kicked off with a special unveiling of the aids memorial quilt. the quilt has 48,000 panels, each memorializing someone who died from aids. this year a virtual display of
6:42 pm
all the panels will be featured on an aids website. you can see the panlels ever th quilt at san francisco city hall. san francisco is one of the hosts of the year's conference. also oakland is among the host cities. panels of the quilt are also displayed at oakland city hall. organizers hope to bring life to the many faces of aids from when the first cases were reported in 1980 to today. currently 1.2 million americans are living with hiv or aids. let's bring in our kmeef meteorologist jeff ranieri as we kick off the week. our 17th week of restrictions here in the bay area. take it away, jeff. >> well, i was lucky to get a little time away last week. i know some folks that have been able to break away from the work from home for a little bit. it makes a big difference for you. we'll talk about what is ahead this week. i'll also update you on the fire near cordelia and fairfield and the drought coming up in about seven minutes. free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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calling for young latino women to refuse to join the military. the move comes after investigators found the body of the specialist vanessa guillen who reported sexual harassment by a superior. damian trujillo has more on this new call not to enlist. >> the nation has its eye on ft. hood in texas. vanessa guillen's family says a soldier told them she was being sexually harassed by other soldiers there. then she disappeared. days later, her dismembered body was found in a shallow grave. the man private guillen accused in the case killed himself after police came to talk to him about the murder. >> i think there's a good 'ol boys system in the military. they cover it up. >> garcia is the president of
6:46 pm
the group. league of united american citizens. it was founded by -- pains him to call for military enlistment boycott but also says it's necessary. >> if you have a young daughter thinking of enlisting in the army, warning. they may not be protected. even though they're enlisting to protect and serve our country, the army may not be protecting them. >> fighting for answers for weeks after vanessa disappeared. military leaders have said they found no evidence of sexual harassment or abuse of vanessa. >> look, the military code book is deny and lie. >> i spoke to the pentagon on saturday asking for comments. while they promise today respond, it has not come. >> stephanie thomas served in the army in the late '80s. there was a frat boy mentality then, especially since woman are
6:47 pm
outnumbered in the military. but as ayala tina, thomas disagreeing with lieu lack. >> it's not a good thing to say don't join and not focus on the problems that do occur in the military. especially of young women. >> lulac says it's meeting with the secretary of the army on friday. the agency says it will not back down from its call for latina military boycott until they get answers and people are held accountable. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a struggling economy can be a growth opportunity for a lot of companies. uber is acquiring one of its competitors in the food delivery game. buying post mates. the price to go $2.5 billion. they cover some of the same territory. they offer groceries, alcoholic drinks and party supplies. this is uber's latest effort to gain ground on food delivery giant door dash. i will say, as a treat, we let our kids order, i think it was a
6:48 pm
post mates for doughnuts over the weekend. a $15 dozen -- $15 for a dozen doughnuts. it cost 30ds for post mates in delivery. >> was that a july 4th treat. >> it sounds good either way. >> i think i will drive to the doughnut shop. >> it's like 3 bucks for a doughn doughnut. >> if i let you know what i want, can you send me some. >> we might do that for you, jeff. >> the fourth of july weekend is over, another week shaping up. how is it looking? >> it's going to be warm this week. no triple digits in the forecast. that is some good news. raj, janelle, everyone at home, it will be a little breezy on and off. i don't see an extreme wind event. for all the little fires popping up, that's why the fire crews have been able to really get on top of this fast and get a lot of containment pretty quick.
6:49 pm
i did want to update you on the breaking news earlier in the show. that's the fire near cordelia and fairfield. you can see it was on the eastern side here of cordelia. as you heard from cheryl hurd on the scene earlier in the show, they've really got a good handle on this. even some homeowners helping out with garden hoses. it happened when the fire broke out on nelson hill behind all of these homes on sierra court, scotch pine court, also early amber court. those are the areas that were under evacuation as the flames were headed towards those homes. again, the wind out of the south at 5 miles per hour. that was the reason why we were able to get the containment. we're watching fort hotspots tonight. the way the wind is blowing today, the smoke and the flames are blowing away from gilroy. so continue good news on this as well. tommy see 79 degrees.
6:50 pm
i suspect at this point we should still see more forward progress as we move through tomorrow with temperatures not extremely hot. again, the lack of big-time winds. here's the deal. hot air off to the south. a cooler system to the north. sandwiched in between both of those. that's going to leave us with fog for the morning and a little bit of the cool ocean breeze. this will help to keep the 100s away. we'll start with mid to upper 50s here. 59 in the south bay. that's smoke most likely areas of smoke near gilroy. the east bay 57. also the san francisco area at 54. a nice cool start. as we move through tomorrow, temperatures warm up a couple of degrees. it's not going to get too hot. we can handle this. in the south bay, 81 in san jose. over to the east bay, we get hotter here for pittsburgh and antioch. low 90s. as you get closer to the bay, notice how the temperatures drop
6:51 pm
off. you'll be in the 70s here for oakland and hayward. the peninsula, also 70s from redwood city to san mateo. the sweet spot on the weather map. san francisco, in the 60s from the mission to the marina. the north bay, we have 83 in sonoma. 85 in santa rosa. morning fog, afternoon sunshine in san francisco. 60s as we ride through this w k week. for the inland valleys, we'll stay out of the 100s. but plenty of low 90s the next couple of days. real fast, i wanted to update you on the drought. california in a drought. severe drought, including the north bay, east bay and peninsula. this will keep the fire danger up and possibly crop damage. you know, that's par for the course this time of the year. we're only about three months away before we start hoping, praying, wishing for some more storms. everybody has to hang in there. we'll be around the corner soon on that as well.
6:52 pm
>> jeff, thank you so much. >> thanks, jeff. up next, the start of the baseball season is less than three weeks away. we think. today the schedules were released for the a's and giants. there's still a lot of concern. this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity. there's this game-time internetting room. so fun. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get gig speeds and the most wifi coverage from xfinity. now that's simple, easy, awesome. enhance your online experience with even faster speed. choose from a range of fast, reliable options, up to a gig. click or call to learn more.
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a lot of mixed messages in baseball. the a's can't practice because they're awaiting test results for players. >> it's frustrating. buster posey not sure if they're going to play the season. all of this as this unfolds. the league releagues the 60-game schedule. they are moving forward. the giants will open the season at dodgers stadium. that's a few weeks from now. july 23rd. the a 5e8d will open july 24th at the oakland coliseum against the angels. the battle of the bay, between the giants and a's. two three-game series. august 14th through the 16th at oracle park. september 18th through the 20th at the coliseum. the giants and a's working to play exhibition games before the season starts. remember, no fans are allowed as of right now to any speaking about the testing, after days of delays, the giants got their results finally of
6:56 pm
their covid-19 tests today. the team says two people tested positive. but they aren't saying whether those people were players. the a's still awaiting results. they're blaming it on bad timing saying the testing lab in utah was not equipped to handle the volume of tests over the holiday weekend. it's frustrating in the world of baseball. finally at 6:00, how about something good, janelle. we've been honoring bay area graduates virtually for weeks. >> from everyone here, we want to congratulate, the class of 2020. ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
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