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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. right now at 11:00, anxious for answers. parents want to know, are schools reopening next month? >> remember in march when it occurred, we shut down schools. and it was nothing nearly like it is today. >> tonight, we asked a lot of a officials debate a touchy subject. specifics from santa clara
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county. the new rules just released for gyms and fitness centers planning to reopen monday. but first, a frustrated mayor london breed, self-isolating after possibly being exposed to covid-19. we talked to her tonight. mayor breed is sending out an urgent tweet about her own possible exposure to the virus. she says someone who knew they had tested positive came to one of her events. >> the mayor will be self-isolating for the next ten days. cheryl hurd spoke to her tonight and joins us now. cheryl? >> reporter: if you are infected with covid-19, stay home. that's what the mayor is saying tonight. she's frustrated because people aren't taking this deadly virus seriously. this tweet shows that san francisco mayor london breed is upset. in it, she says she was told today by the director of public health that a person with covid-19 was at an event she was
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attending recently, and she may have been exposed to the virus. >> i'm really angry that someone would, you know, be told that they have covid-19, and be told what to do and to defy that request to not only keep themselves healthy, but to keep other people healthy and safe. i could have infected somebody unknowingly. >> reporter: the health director views the exposure low to moderate, which means the infected person would have come within six feet of her, but a protective mask helps block the exposure. right now, monitoring for the mayor and staff is key. >> you wake up, you feel like you have a fever and you try to smell your coffee. and if you can't smell the coffee and you have a fever, that's a time when you should be checked out more thoroughly. >> reporter: the mar yyor has b
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tested and awaiting results. >> covid-19 is actually killing people. it's killing people. so when you are reckless and you choose to show up to an event or anything where other people are there, you're putting not only their lives in danger, but anybody else they're around. >> reporter: ironically, the mayor tells me tonight that she was scheduled to go to a testing site tomorrow. that has been canceled. she's self-isolating for ten days and awaiting test results. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. campus is still closed, but covid-19 cases are surging at cal. the university says it's had a total of 23 cases since the start of the pandemic. but in the past week, 47 additional people have tested positive. the majority of the new cases stem from fraternity parties.
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if the cases continue to rise, they might have to reajest plans for upcoming fall semester, which is on-site and distance learni learning. gym time in santa clara county will be looking much different. the county released specifics, and among the requirements, you can't use cardio machines. everyone has to wear a facial covering. you'll have to reserve a does ig na -- designated workout time. free weights and yoga classes are allowed. gyms in the county are set to reopen monday. a wine country getaway might not happen. napa county is reversing course. indoor dining and wine tasting now closed again. as of midnight tonight, restaurants and wineries can no longer serve inside. this is a critical blow for so many small businesses.
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jean elle has more from wine country. >> it's crazy. it's all over the place. we were allowed to have people in that were going to have people sitting outside, we have five tables to work with, and that's it. >> reporter: ben robinson is trying to keep this restaurant cooking in napa. but with changing rules it's tough. health officials say with covid-19 cases rising, it's no longer allowing inside dining and wine tasting until at least july 30th. robinson says it's going to hurt. >> uncomfortable. you know, but i think it's the right thing to do. >> this is one section. the other section is in the corner. >> reporter: they never reopened indoor tasting, but customers are canceling. >> we are seeing cancellations. people are hearing that things
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are closing down. >> reporter: cases have increased 45% since june 26th. from 258 to 376 cases. the cases are linked to household spread and workplaces. he says he doesn't think closing indoor tasting will do much to slow the spread. >> what i'm frustrating by is go after the wrong situation. >> reporter: napa is a growing number of counties the governor has on a watch list as they reopen and cases live. >> 26 now with napa. >> reporter: joshua jones had indoor seating to himself. tomorrow he'll have to sit outside. >> it happens. we'll come back. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> the governor's watch list is changing each day. four local counties are being watched. napa, contra costa, marin and
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salono counties. >> so what is going to happen with the school year? and whether it will even happen. parents want to know, they need to plan, and the schools need to plan, as well. ian cole has more. >> reporter: it's on the top of every parent's mind, what will school look like in the fall, whether it's online or in person, many teachers are waiting, too. >> we cannot go back until we know, until it's safe. so it has to be the measures in place for us to go back into school. >> reporter: last week, the south bay released requirements schools have to meet. today, the san francisco department of public health did the same, suggesting face coverings, frequent cleaning, and limiting nonessential visitors. the district is still formulating its plan. >> we also recommend schedules in school to prevent the mixing
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oflunchtime. >> reporter: as schools wait to hear more, the cdc recommended policies like keep desks six feet apart, close cafeterias and playgrounds and use face coverings. president trump pressuring the agency to come up with something less restrictive. >> learning by computer is not as good as the classroom. our schools, we want them open in the fall. >> reporter: the white house says the cdc will issue new policies next week. the agency's director says the chances of children getting sick or spreading the virus is low. >> this virus does not cause significant illness in children. we don't have evidence that children are driving the transmission cycle. >> reporter: the president, he says, is trying to make this issue political and just wants parents back to work. she says there's no one size
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fits all for schools during the pandemic. >> i have a lot more confidence in the school board members, whether union city or in daley city or whether it's in sasoon city than i do the president in washington, d.c. >> reporter: schools are preparing for multiple scenarios as covid cases continue to rise. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> we have a new video of a dangerous clip rescue in marin county. this happened tonight at red rock beach, which is near simpson beach. someone fell from a cliff and was wedged between two rocks. that person was less krescuedly that helicopter but no word on their condition. police releasing body camera video of a shooting that caught national attention. >> he's pulling a gun out. >> the video shows the officers
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responding to a call of looting going on at a vallejo walgreen's store. it doesn't show what he was doing prior to the shooting but shows a police officer fire his rifle from the back seat of an unmarked truck. when officers get out of the took, they point their guns and discover he didn't have a fun, he had a hammer in the pocket of a sweatshirt. >> he was in a crouching, half kneeling position. his hands were towards his waist band when he turned towards the officers. the officers perceived the butt of a gun and they shot. that's accurate and factual. >> it just goes to show everyone is playing hot potato over my brother's death. shawn deserves to be here, like a lot of other people. and it shows how the system continues to fail us all. >> the shooting is currently being investigated by the police department internal affairs, and the district attorney's office.
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is our jury selection biased? a new study led by a uc berkeley law professor shows systemic bias. preeveryoner -- preempty challenges allow jurors to be dismissed without cause. black jurors are struck in 72% of the cases, while striking white jurors is less than 1%. >> the status quo perpetuates discrimination, and it's time to take a bold and decisive step toward ending it. >> the association of deputy d.a.'s in l.a. calls the study flawed, writing the cases examined constitute less than 1% of the jury trials conducted in the state. to draw a conclusion that racial discrimination is pervasive when the accusation occurs in less than 1% stretches the definition
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of pervasive. a major announcement about the athletic program at stanford in the midst of the pandemic. and why a lot of fans will have less to cheer for. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll show you what's stopping us from reaching record setting heat and how warm into the weekend, coming up in about seven minutes. >> their trip is canceled, leaving $100,000 in limbo. i nbc bay area responds to a group of travelers, next.
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we're following breaking news in southern california. one of the stars of the hit show "glee" is missing tonight. she rented a pontoon boat with her 4-year-old son. this is in ventura county. late this afternoon, boaters found that child on the boat himself. he said he and his mom went swimming but she never returned.
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he never returned. dive teams will continue to search for her in the morning. she's best known for her role in "glee" as santana. her brother played for the raiders. the outbreak at san quinten is quiden iwidening. there's been a death of a death row innate. more than 1500 inmates have tested positive, approaching 50% of the prison population of 3500. not only is it a surprise to many people, but other universities might follow suit. stanford is dropping 11 varsity sports because of a budget shortfall. beginning next year, 11 nonmajor sports are being dropped. along them, wrestling, synchronized swimming, field hockey and fencing. stanford says the athletics department had a $12 million deficit before the pandemic. so rather than cut parts of all sports, it decided to cut
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certain sports entirely. >> the decline in sponsorship and having people in the stands, that number ballooned to 25 million. if we don't have football, that number will probably double. >> no word on football yet. all the sport also self-compete this season, if there is a seat. all scholarships and coach's contracts will be honored. there's a group in the south bay there's out $100,000. their african safari never happened, and they're still baiting for the refund. when they couldn't get the money back, they turned to our consumer investigator. chris? >> there's a lot of money at stake, more than $100,000. the coronavirus has made international travel basically impossible. more than a dozen viewers told us their vacation planner wouldn't issue a refund. >> this is not a good way to go into retirement.
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>> reporter: tommy lin has an eye on globe dropping. and now he's focused on spending his golden years traveling. >> we planned this over a year ago. >> reporter: a safari in africa. they banded together and got a package deal. >> we bought clothing for the safari, kamras, you name it. it was going to be the trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: but things got blurry when the pandemic hit. it wasn't clear when or if the san jose group would be able to visit africa, so they asked for a refund. but tommy says months of back and forth with the boston based travel agency got them nowhere. >> all 14 of us had all these different, ugly experiences, and heard all these different stories from the company. so we really didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: so we took it to the stop, to grand circle. right away, an executive got back to us and promised to
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investigate. a few weeks later, everyone got their money back, a of $138,762.85. nbc bay area. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much! >> you folks are the best. >> reporter: they weren't alone. our response team in boston received similar complaints about vacations booked through overseas adventure travel. >> because i paid for a trip, they felt as though that money was theirs to keep. >> reporter: we asked the company what happened. in a statement, it said the pandemic has disrupted many of its operations and said we continue working to improve our processes to better address the needs of each traveler whose trip was canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. in addition to their refunds, grand circle offered everyone a $500 voucher towards future travel and says it's added flexibility to its trips in 2021 and '22. tommy says he's uncertain
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whether there's an overseas adventure in his near future. >> i think i need to let the smoke clear from this first, get my sanity back. it took a lot out of me. >> reporter: we're still hearing from travelers every week with getting refunds. read the terms and call the company and explain why you believe you are entitled to a refund. if they won't budge, consider filing a dispute with your credit card company. if that doesn't work, maybe we can help. go to and tap responds from the main review or call us, 888-996-tips. >> good work. $138,000 to all those folks. >> such a large amount of money. really crazy. let's bring jeff in and talk about -- are we midweek? we're midweek. >> are we? >> yeah! >> it feels good, too.
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it feels good. and forecasts are going to be warming up here a couple degrees as we roll through tomorrow. i wanted to put it in perspective. it's good to get that larger view of things and then dive right down into it. what i wanted to show you is today it was warm outside here. we got up to 93 in concord. the record, 108 degrees set back in 2008. now, the reason why we're not seeing temperatures go into the 100s is for two simple reasons. we have some cooler air off to the north, and then we also have a, well, cooler ocean breeze with a little fog right near the immediate coastline. so these two things really helping to keep some of the most severe heat with this area of high pressure away for now. so i think overall, yes, a warm july day for us tomorrow. but it really could be a lot worse this time of the year. we'll start off nice and cool. if you like that cool weather, get up early and get things
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going. 60 here in the south bay. 62 in the try valley. you know it is going to be the best here as we start off tomorrow morning. 64 in the east bay, and 60 in san francisco. as we roll through the day tomorrow, temperatures do go up a couple of degrees. but in the south bay, 90 here. and 91 in east san jose. down here in gilroy, with the cruz fire, excellent news. now 60% contained and the way the wind is blowing, it will push any kind of remnant smoke away from gilroy. so that is also better there for the firefighters. hottest weather in antioch and concord, mid 90s there. closer to the way, 78 here in oakland. right up against the coastline with that ocean breeze, a chilly 62 in half moon bay. redwood city, be the mission at. and 64 in the outer sunset. the north bay, 94 in clearlake
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and 93 in napa. my extended forecast in san francisco, pretty stable. 60s next seven days with a little fog at times in the morning, and lots of sun. 94 tomorrow, we hold with these low and mid 90s through the weekend. but here we go. instead of 100s next wednesday, the trend does dip. 89 degrees. not something we often see in july, so i think this pattern is doing us good lately. not too hot, not too cool. if you're happy with the heat situation, we're all good, because i know you like it hot. >> i like it. it's good for me. thank you. coming up, being put on notice. what an increase in covid-19 cases could mean for that popular vacation destination. happening now back home, safe all evacuation ord ersz lifted in the gilroy area.
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the cruz fire started sunday just east of 101 near cruz road. police shut down christmas hill park and miller avenue and evacuated 70 people. tonight, the fire is 70% contained. we're back in a moment.
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since june. beginning friday, thousands of people are expected to head to the south shore for the annual celebrity golf tournament. steph curry is once again scheduled to play. this is video from the tournament from previous years. turning to make it in the bay series. affordable housing projects ramping up in berkeley. this is what the building will look like, it includes 87 low income units. the goal is to slow gentrification, which several leaders please is turning people of color into victims of environmental justice. millions from the state along with bond money will launch the project. it's expected to break ground next year. one of the 49ers top players wants out to be traded. what's the issue with his salary? we'll explain, next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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well, some trouble with the 49ers. running back raheem mostert says he wants to be traded. >> yep, this is one of the side effects of making a super bowl run. everyone wants to get paid. mostert's agent says the demand of wanting to get out of town comes after months of unproductive talks with the
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niners about a pay raise. right now, mostert makes about $2.6 million, he's paid like a special teams player. he wants star running back pay. he was the 49ers leading rusher and scored four touchdowns in that nfc title game against the packers. well, the giants resumed training camp today. the latest round of covid tests came back negative for all players and staff. the team releasing video of the players working out today at the ballpark. yesterday as we reported, the team had to suspend practice, waiting for the test results. it's not just the players like johnny cueto, amy g. is also back at work. >> if you're able to avoid physical injury and able to keep your team healthy and covid-19 at bay, then i think you stand a really good chance of being in the playoffs this season. >> she makes us smile. she's a gamer, amy g. opening day, july 23rd at dodger
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well, one of the most popular walking trails on the peninsula has reopened. it closed april 3rd, but it will be open every day from 6:00 in the morning to 7:30 at night.
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it's known for the beautiful views of the bay. social distancing guidelines are in place. you can walk around the path only in one direction. and the shuts museum is now open. you can see the added plexiglass, there's snoopy telling you where to stand. charlie brown and the rest of the peanuts gang is there for you to see. raj, it is clear, i am definitely lucy. but what does that make you? >> now i've got to go back, what is it, linus? >> you're definitely linus. >> we need to go to the museum. >> field trip. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday night. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> jimmy: hey, guys. welcome to another edition of "tonight show: at home edition. the sun came out just now so i figured it was a perfect time to maybe do the intro from outside.


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