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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 9, 2020 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning and thanks for ♪ i fell asleep but when i woke up. ♪ joining us for our midday (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? newscast. we're tracking breaking news out of washington, d.c. i'm sierra johnson. (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. >> i'm kris sanchez, laura and hormel natural choice lunch meats. marcus are off. the supreme court says president trump cannot keep tax records away from prosecutors. well as to how a have reverse mortgage works. >> the high court ruling the people think that the bank takes your home, but that is not true. president is not immune just because he's president. that's absolutely 100% wrong. >> but scott mcgrew, that does not mean we'll see the the home is ours. president's tax returns any time we can sell it if we want to at any time. soon, right? >> no, that's right. i like the flexibility of not having a payment, we will not. those tax returns would go in but i can make the payment if i want to. front of a criminal grand jury you're responsible for keeping up your property taxes and
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and those proceedings are you're responsible for paying your insurance on the property. secret. the prosecutor in the case is looking into alleged hush for us, it was a security blanket. paichlts payments president the value of our house, was to fund our long-term health care. trump made to two women, stormy daniels and pam mcdougal. for years, reverse mortgage funding has been helping customers like these use the equity the women allege they had from their homes to finance their lives. affairs with president trump. trump denies that but does not they know the importance of having financial security. deny the payments. in 6-2 the court denied the make an appointment so they can tell you how it works. argument that he enjoys immunity to subpoena while he's it's a good thing. president. access your equity. the demand for his financial stay in your home. have peace of mind. records were distracting him from his job. it's not an unusual argument. the courts have in the past made special exceptions for presidents in certain cases. but chief justice john roberts writing for the majority said, "in our judicial system, the public has a right to every man's evidence. since the earliest days of the republic, every man has included the president of the united states." now, some people will note that not only did roberts rule against the president, so, too, did both of president trump's
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appointees, kneel gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. though kavanaugh had some objections he supported the overall decision. this how the supreme court is supposed to work ideally. justices follow their all right. understanding of the law let's try this again, kari. regardless of their politics. we thought you were taking your show in a different direction. now, there are two places where president trump could claim >> no. i don't know what's up with small victories. that. first of all, the court remanded sometimes computer do weird the case back down, kicked it to things. hopefully i sound okay now. >> yeah. >> let's get a look at our live a lower court. view in san jose. remember that court ruled all right. we're looking pretty good here against trump the first time. as we take that live view of our the supreme court did block congress's attempt to see the taxes but sketched how the how changing skyline in the south they might be able to. chris and sierra, i want to bay. let's head to san francisco. leave you with two major we are seeing a clear start here but the fog not too far in the takeaways. one is that we gloss over the distance. we are going to see some fact that a criminal grand jury comfortable weather there. so if you're going to be going may indict donald trump. outside, expect the pollen count to remain fairly low. and secondly, the taxes, every we don't have a lot of allergens in the air but we have at times candidate in modern history and had smoke drifting through so every president in modern we're seeing our air quality history has routinely turned over to the public as a matter worsen a bit as we look at san francisco as well as over toward of routine.
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>> correct me if i'm wrong but berkeley and extending to at some point he said he would vallejo where we see yellow and then kind of recanted and colors. we have moderate smoke pollution did not. >> he said several times that he and that's trapped into parts of would, both on the campaign the bay area. trail and as you, scott. so if you have breathing sensitivity and breathing problems, you might want to limit your time outside with the also breaking news, sad developments out of south korea. smoke that alt times can be the mayor of the country's drifting through. capital city of seoul is dead. as we look at high temperatures for today, we're looking at highs in the upper 60s, upper park won-soon body was found in the mountains after an 70s for parts of the inner bay. exhaustive search this morning. then you see those 90s in the there's no word owner the exact forecast for parts of the inland cause of death. east bay down to the south soon went missing after leaving his home. county as well as parts of the his daughter reported the north bay. disappearance saying he never so it's going to be hot and our came to work today. temperature is really cranking she said won-soon left a verbal up as we see more of that desert message that sounded like a southwest heat nudging into the will. he recently won a third term as bay area. it's going to fight back that ocean breeze about you does stay mayor. news about missing "glee" cool along the coastline. actress naya rivera. for us in the valleys, santa they arelake. clara, tri-valley, as well as parts of the north bay, it is yesterday her 4-year-old son was going to be really hot over the found floating alone on a rented next few days. although we won't see any heat pontoon boat in ventura county. the pontoon was rented by rivera
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advisories, we will have high hours earlier. fire danger because vegetation is so dry. police were told the little boy as we go into the rest of the talked with police, said he and forecast, no major changes here. we're going up a couple more his mom went swimming. degrees over the next few days his mom put him back onto the so we're going from low- to it's believed rivera was not. officials are hoping for the mid-90s for today to more hot best but preparing for the weather in the weekend. i think our hottest day will be on sunday as we peak at 96 worst. >> it pains me that something that was meant to be so fun and degrees and we may have a few so good, to come out here to the lake, kind of went so bad. spots reaching triple digits so be prepared for that. that really kind of hurts me a for early next week looking at little bit. i'm actually getting a little very warm weather. upset thinking about it, san francisco, no major changes because -- just because it kind here. we're looking alt 60s in the of went bad. forecast as we go into the next >> searchers had to suspend looking for rivera last night. seven days. once again they are on the water the fog at times may move in this morning. her disappearance is the latest closer. for the most part nice and cool in a series of high-profile here with a wide range of incident for the cast ofshow, " temperatures across the bay area. keep checking in each day, going backwards. cierra and kris. >> thanks. one of the first to allow indoor a waitress that stood up for an dining and wine tasting is now reversing course. four counties on the watch list, asian family being insulted, a
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napa, contra costa, marin and racist man shouting. solano. business.oke to a chef in naacp >> he was told to leave the restaurant by the waitress. now three separate online jackie. fundraisers have taken in $50,000 for that waitress. lot of other business the man in the video has been owners are just rolling with whatever happens next. really starting today in napa identified as michael from bay area ceo. he's apologized but deleted all county, restaurants and wineries of his social media accounts. are no longer allowed to serve happening today while theme inside the establishment. parks remain closed, disney this will last at least until bringing some magic back. july 30th. this is because napa health anaheim's downtown disney set to department said cases are on the reopen with coronavirus rise there. modifications in place, of cases have increased by 45% course. guests will have to take since june 26th, from 258 to 376 temperature check before shopping or going into the entertainment district. cases. these are linked to a congregant all guests will be asked to wear living situation, household masks and maintain social spread and workplaces. distancing. >> thank you for joining us. on monday the chef of grace's our next newscast at 5:00. get information all day at table said he started hearing rumblings this may happen, which have a great day. i am robert strickler. he says he was grateful for. we spoke to him back in may when our own news crew broke the news
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to him that he could allow diners aga inside and outside. happened abruptly then. this time around he was able to adjust his inventory to his predicted needs, as he rearranges his table once again, surrounding businesses seem to be helping the chef move tables once inside to the sidewalk. >> hey, you can take our sidewalk. so we're going to think about large tables, if anyone has a six or eight, put it in i've been involved in communications in the media candlelight in that little area there, and we're just going to for 45 years. go across the street. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis we have ingall's over here. for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been they said, you can put tables in front of us if you like. that prevagen seems to help me recall things >> got to get creative and make and also think more clearly. it work. napa is a growing number of and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. counties the governor has on a watch list as they reopen and it has helped me an awful lot. cases rise. the list is up to 26 counties prevagen. healthier brain. better life. including contra costa, marin
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and solano. each county that is on the list for three days is subject to modifications to the economic reopening like exactly what we're seeing happen in napa today. jackie ward, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jackie. two san francisco leaders say they had a brush with covid-19 exposure. supervisor shamann walton said he testified negative for the virus. sharon has been on the story and, sharon, we're waiting to hear test results for mayor london breed, who was pretty hot under the collar. >> certainly she is. she's waiting for the results. she said she's very upset she had to take the covid-19 test. here is why. mayor london breed showed her emotions in the tweet. she was told by a director of publicith covid-19 was at an en at recently and she may have
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been exposed to the virus. >> i'm really angry that someone right now on "california would, you know, be told they live," a new kind of ice cream have covid-19 and be told what for adults and millieu has the to do, and to defy that request to not only keep themselves scoop. >> the man between sir shaq and healthy and safe but to keep sir charles. other people healthy and safe. >> shaq, he said, that's a good i could have infected somebody unknowingly. idea. i'm imitating. >> plus kelly rizzo sharing her >> san francisco public health director views the mayor's famous hubbie's favorite pasta exposure low to moderate, which to celebrate summer. >> you have your backyard means the infected person could have come within 6 feet of her cookout, even though some may be but a protective mask blocked socially distant, you can still the exposure. right now the mayor and her staff are s self-monitoring and make a big bowl of good old american pasta salad. she will be self-isolating 10 >> cannon days. supervisor walton said he regularly gets tested after events and his test came back recently negative.r breed said the public her results when she finds them out. reporting live, i'm sharon c
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katsuda. the county says gym can reopen under the new safety requirements. you can't use cardio, treadmills, elliptical and bikes, everyone must wear face coverings when exercise and you'll need to book a time to work out. in the county some gyms already opened back in may. florida and texas, they lou their gyms to reopen with limited capacity. now as covid cases surge in both of those states, some parts of the south are pausing their reopening plans. new at 11:00, state lawmakers are formally announcing a proposal to establish a public bank in california. they outline their plan in a zoom meeting this afternoon. supporters say the bank would provide relief to small businesses and local governments. they also say it would help f t the pandemic. bay area assembly members
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are among those sponsoring the bill. north dakota is currently the only state to have its own public bank. bay area state lawmakers will get firsthand look inside san quentin where make 1500 inmates have now been infected. it's believe half a dozen inmates there have died from complications due to coronavirus. the numbers of confirmed cases nearing half of the prison's entire population. ahead of today's tour leaders will join community leaders to urge the governor to take more aggressive action in decreasing the prison population. >> we're one day closer to the weekend, looking live at richmond. that's about how slow it seems the weekend is coming. meteorologist kari hall is here. we want to make some plans but we should plan for some heat. >> yes. not only will we have heat but poor air quality at times as we take a look outside in walnut
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creek i'm seeing this layer of smoke. this happens on hot days when high pressure gets intense. that high pressure causes the air to sink and any pollutants we have get trapped near the surface so it makes it unhealthy to breathe that in especially as temperatures go up. as we look where we are now, where we're headed, temperatures in the next hour will be 80 degrees. that will reach into the upper 80s and maybe even briefly hit the low 90s here but we're looking at hot valley temperatures, but along the coastal areas we're still nice and cool. we'll have a wide range in temperatures not only today but the next few days. we'll talk more about the air quality and our temperature for the weekend that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. now to new video of new protest mural in front of trump tower in new york city. city officials are right now painting a black lives matter mural in front of it. when the project was announced president trump said it would
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degenerate 5th avenue and create a symbol of hate. several have painted murals including washington, d.c. a block of the iconic street will be closed until sunday while this project is under way. >> the time lapse, it's cool to see it happening. colleges showing support for international students. we'll show you the way they are trying to stop them from being forced out of the country. and united airlines grounded the carrier expressing concerns about its future, the cuts it could be making. plus former "big bang theory" star and neuroscientists opens up about mental health challenges. hear her speak from the heart to kelly clarkson. can you watch "the kelly clarkson show" right here on nbc bay area. i watch at 3:00 in the afternoon when i wake up from my nap.
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one major airline is preparing its workers for the worst-case scenario. united airlines saying it is facing major layoffs this fall. nbc's jo ling kent has details. >> reporter: this morning united airlines workers bracing for major turbulence on the job front. the second largest u.s. carrier warning 36,000 of its employees, nearly half of its u.s. workforce, they may lose their job starting october 1st. united is calling the cuts involuntary furloughs adding it's a last resort in the context of this covid-19 pandemic. every part of the airline would feel the impact, including 15,000 flight attendants, 11,000 customer service and gate agents, 5500 mechanics, and more than 2,000 pilots along with hundreds of food service workers and reservation agents. united says its flight schedule this month is expected to be 75
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less than it was compared to last july. >> this is a gut punch. >> the country's largest flight attendants union says it expects more bad news as cases of covid-19 once again soar across the country and demand for travel tanks. >> this crisis is bigger than 9/11 and the great recession combined. it's bigger than anything we've ever seen before by five times. what this means is devastation for hundreds of thousands of families. >> and united isn't flying solo when it comes to downsizing payroll. american, delta and southwest have all offered voluntary separation packages for some of their workers, too. this comes despite a $25 billion federal bailout package for u.s. airlines. that moneyrob cuts through the of september. whileorkers endure these painful changes, to choose from going forward.
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>> if the airlines start to thousands of jobs, you and i will not notice it when we're on planes. all of the airlines will have the same number of pilots, the same number of flight attendants on each individual flights. because there are fewer flights, they need fewer flights, fewer flight attendants and fewer people overall. >> that was jo ling kent reporting. united says 36,000 furloughs is the worst-case scenario. other parts of the airline industry are feeling the fall like playmaker airbus some said they received no new orders in june putting even more jobs on the line. >> that's hard to hear. more california universities are joining in the fight against i.c.e., immigrations customs and enforcement to protect international students. they are trying to ensure international students don't lose their visas. i.c.e. announced a policy saying students doing virtual learning only cannot remain in the u.s.
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san diego's three major schools have more than 10,000 schools that would be impacted. one uc san diego student says the schools seem to have the students' back. >> most universities are protecting their students. they are like acting -- making reactions to ensure their students can stay on campus for the fall. >> the schools create a hybrid model to keep international students in place. usc also joined a suit to block the move along with harvard and m.i.t. >> let's take a look at the big board. looks like the dow was down by 320 points. this as new first time jobless claims total 1.3 million just below estimates. it's the 13th straight week of drop in claims. turn 18 million americans are still out of work. last week we got the june unemployment rate which stood at 13%. >> speaking of folks out of work an update on efforts to clear the backlog of jobless claims.
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since march the employment development division has processed more than a million filings breaking down to 37.5 billion. however, some folks who file have yet to receive their benefits even though they filed months ago. less than 1% of the claims must be manually processed. happening today, your upcoming travel plans to lake tahoe may have to be put on hold after a spike in cases after fourth of july celebration. eldorado servicers will hold an emergency meeting to talk about precautions and next steps. the county spokesperson blames the surge on tourists and businesses and people not follow those all important social distancing rules. they say if the cases continue to rise, the state could reinstate the lockdown. a former fox news host shepard smith, remember him? he's now headed to cnbc.
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he left fox news last fall in the middle of a three-year contract but he'll be back on tv hosting cnbc's 4:00 p.m. show, "the news with shepard smith" starting in the fall. >> joy reid will become one of the first black women to anchor a nightly news show. she will host a new show on msnbc. she has hosted msnbc weekend talk show a.m. joy since 2016 and take over the spot when chris matthews resigned from "hardball." no black women currently host a nightly evening show on a major network. msnbc and cnbc are both owned by comcast, which is the owner of nbc bay area. congrats, again, to joy reid. >> we want to go to meteorologist kari hall who is tracking a forecast that is warming up. >> we are having some trouble with kari's audio.
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she's sounding like alvin and the chipmunks. a woman that stuck up for an asian family that was insulted is now rewarded. the huge amount of money raised for the server. organizers of tokyo and paralympics have secured venues for the duration of the postponed games next year. this means the original competition scheduled is still on. organizers postponed 2020 games by about a year due to the pandemic. the olympic opening ceremony that was originally scheduled for july 24th of this year is now set for july 23rd next year. remember, you can only watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. we're back right after this break. [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪
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