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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 10, 2020 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us on our midday newscast. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we are tracking new developments in the fight against the coronavirus. and there are now more than 302,000 cases of coronavirus in the state. nearly 7,000 californians are died. in the u.s. more than 3 million confirmed cases. 133,000 people are no longer with us. and on the road to recovery, bad news for local businesses in sonoma county. it is expected to be added to the state's watch list today. that is according to the press democrat. starting monday, that means no indoor dining, no drinking at restaurants or bars.
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no tasting rooms. all of them will shut down for at least three weeks. that decision is because of the county's rising covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. county supervisors have plans to discuss ways to crack down on anyone now not following the rules. forget making lunch this afternoon if you live in marin county. just head to the fairgrounds instead. they are selling some tasty treats but you won't find any rides there. nbc bay area sharon katsuda is there to show us what's going on. >> reporter: people are already lined up. this is where you pay for your fair food. and you can get all sorts of things including kettle corn, caramel apple, cotton candy. they are paying for it here, and just down thee making the food for you. the marin county fair says it wants people to get a taste of
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the fun despite the fair being canceled this year due to covid-19. ticket sales alone this fair usually brings in a million dollars. it goes right back into funding next year's fair. at least it's hoped the food will be a hit. >> i think individuals are looking for something different, especially those that have been safely sheltering at home for a long time now. so we do expect a pretty good turnout. and we hope people do take part and get a little sense of fair food, whether it be that quintessential corndog or the funnel cake. >> reporter: there will be giant corndogs, lemonade, three flavors of funnel cakes. so come hungry. and this whole thing is going to be open until 8:00 tonight. this is going to continue the same hours saturday and sunday, and next friday through sunday. and i told you to come hungry. here is an example of the giant corndog. it is bigger than my head. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you know, you got
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to have fun, and they're making it fun out here. they're having a great time already. it just started. >> looks like a great time. thank you, sharon. schools across the bay area are trying to figure out the safest way to start the school year back up. nbc bay area's jackie ward checked out one school district to see what they're planning so far and a lot of chatter about kids starting at home. >> reporter: no kidding. i can't believe we're already talking about back to school. but a lot of planning will go into this upcoming school year. right now the west contra costa school district is planning on keeping its kids at home while the school year resumes on august 17th. just recently it released a framework on two different phases. in phase one nearly 28,000 students who attend the district's 54 schools will distance learn online with their teachers. the teacher can deliver the
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lessons from from the classroom. in phase two students would actually return to school like the buildings in small groups with social distancing and safety precautions in place. the school district told me the biggest concerns from everyone involves its safety and equity. >> everyone wants to make sure that before we put students in physical buildings and the staff to support those students, that people can be safe. that means we need to make sure we have ppe. we have the proper procedures. >> of course a lot of families have questions about what this will all look like. so tonight at 5:30, the district will release more details about its return to school framework and a virtual town hall on zoom. you can also log onto the district's website for more details. the board will also discuss plans for the fall. and its next meeting is on wednesday and they will be streaming all of this on
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facebook live. >> thank you very much, jackie. tonight oakland school leaders plan to present a final report on plans to reopen. some parents and teachers have protested the idea of returning to the classroom, an idea the district has been leading towards. school starts one month from now. meanwhile, santa rosa city schools are moving ahead with a virtual re-opening according to the press democrat. school leaders this week approved a draft plan to have its 16,000 students learning from home. classes there begin august 17th. and just in, san francisco giant will be missing a key baseball player. bust buster posey is opting out of the season. he and his wife just adopted twin girls. and a follow-up this morning out of san francisco where mayor london breed has tested
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negative. she was tested after learning someone infected attended one of her events. right now she's self-isolating for the next ten days as a precaution. san francisco supervisor sean walton also tested negative. some businesses are boarding up their store fronts. they are afraid the anarchists or other fringe groups could cause trouble there. the actual protests were organized by two local groups inspired by the black lives matter movement. they expect thousands of people will march with them. that is to be a peaceful march. police say white supremacy groups are going to show up as well. last week a street mural was defaced by the people on your screen confrontations. those two vandals are now charged with a misdemeanor hate crime. on the peninsula, new details on a growing movement to remove the black lives matter mural in palo alto.
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the national police association is demanding that the city remove that art project. the mural is not just plain yellow. this one features a black liberation army member who escaped prison after being convictedng a new jersey police officer. it is along hamilton avenue across from city hall. this week, the city's mayor said he and other city officials do not plan to paint over that image. berkeley leaders are considering the unusual idea of taking traffic stops out of the hands of police officers. next tuesday, council members will consider this as one way to reduce police response to nonviolent crimes. that of course tied to reform and de-funding. this is believed to be the first idea of its kind anywhere. unarmed public work agents would enforce traffic there instead. three contra costa county deputies shot a suspect dead after a dramatic hours-long standoff. this happened in neisen just outside brentwood.
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>> reporter: good morning to you guys. and we know that two of those officers are recovering at a hospital. this all began at a domestic violence incident yesterday. and it led to this hours-long standoff between contra costa county sheriffs deputies and this suspect. but here's what we know at this hour. we know that the sheriffs were brought out do the scene just before 10 am to the 1700 block of green acres lane in nightston. in an attempt to try to set her on fire. she was able to get away from the scene. by the time deputies arrived and eventually they called out s.w.a.t. team here to the scene at around 1:00 p.m. yesterday to try to get this suspect to surrender. and then it wasn't until just before 9:00 p.m. that the suspect came out of the home firing a shotgun at these deputies. deputies returned fire at this
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suspect who was pronounced dead on the scene. but two deputies were sent to a hospital for injuries, but this case is still under investigation. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. new at 11:00, santa clara county deputies say a driver is still on a run after an overnight pursuit. investigators tried to pull over a stolen vehicle over this morning around 4:00. the car did not stop. a short time later one of the deputies chasing that vehicle crashed. due to the public safety, that pursuit was terminated. the deputy was taken to the hospital and later released. investigators are still looking for that blue 1995 honda. it is friday. that means the weekend is just about here as we look live out at downtown san jose. i'm wondering what are you planning for the weekend? meteorologist kari hall is joining us. and we definitely can expect some heat. >> yeah, like you i'm going to
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be working in the garden this weekend. as we see our tomatoes really ripening pretty fast under this heat. as we look at our live view, we can see a little bit of fog rolling across the bay. you can see parts of the city kind of sticking out from the fog that we are seeing from the north bay. so it's a beautiful start. but that's also keeping some of those areas a little bit cooler. as we look at lafayette, it is a beautiful sky this morning as we've seen a few more clouds moving in, a hint that our weather is going to be changing just slightly as we see some higher heat moving into the bay area, our high temperatures will reach into the mid-90s for the inland east bay as well as the north bay. for the south bay, we're mostly looking at some upper 80s and some mid-80s for palo alto while san francisco will reach into the upper 60s. now, we'll talk about what's ahead in our forecast coming up a few minutes. lanes of 580 are back open
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after a vegetation fire closed a freeway in both sparked after a car accident around midnight. chp says a big rig or a pickup truck hit the center divider and started that fire. and the windy conditions didn't help. at one point drivers had to drive the wrong way to avoid flames. the fire is now over. it burned over 200 acres and no one was hurt. instagram is cracking down on lgbtq conversion therapy on its platform. according to business insider, it is eliminating all content that promotes the practice. conversion therapy applies to any practice which claims that it can cure people of their sexual orientation or gender identity. the practice is widely denounced by psychologists. instagram eliminated lgbtq conversion therapy advertising earlier this year. coming up, the search
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continues for a missing person. plus, new audio revealing stushing new details in the police shooting of breonna taylor. what it means for the investigation into those officers. and tonight a nursing student vanished from the bay area parking garage after leaving her training hospital. you might remember the case of michelle lee. she was profiled tonight on "dateline." and that's at 9:00 tonight. [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪
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so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. developing right now, the search for naya rivera is now a recovery effort. the 33-year-old disappeared wednesday after renting a boat at a lake in ventura county. authorities were called about her 4-year-old son who was seen alone sleeping on the boat. investigators say both had gone swimming, but she never got back into the boat and she was not wearing a life jacket.
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the sheriff's office now released this security video showing the actress and her 4-year-old son arriving at that boat dock and then setting off alone. rescuers say the murky lake water is filled with debris making that recovery mission very difficult. now, to audio obtained first by nbc news from investigators looking into breonna taylor's death. nbc news' morgan radford has more details about the night she was shot and killed by police. >> reporter: the louisville police sergeant who led the raid into breonna taylor's apartment re-counts those harrowing moments. in new audio, mattingly insisting his team did knock before entering taylor's apartment after midnight. >> knocked on the door, banged on it. we started announcing ourselves. >> reporter: the investigator who questioned mattingly about the shooting appearing to sympathize with his decision to
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return fire. >> initially when you're shot, and then rightfully so, you're returning fire. >> reporter: taylor was shot dead inside her kentucky home in march. when officers used a no-knock warrant to enter her home with a battering ram looking for drugs, even though taylor had no history of drug or criminal offenses. startled, taylor's boyfriend kenneth walker first fired at police. allegedly shooting mattingly in the leg. when interviewed later that night, he said police never identified themselves and that he believed there was an intruder. >> i didn't expect, it scared me when the door -- like, i kicked and stuff so my only reaction was to do that. i'm trying to protect her. >> reporter: police returned several rounds of fire. taylor was shot eight times. in newly released cell phone video, you can see walker backs out of the apartment complex with his hands in the air.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: since taylor's killing, protests have called for the officers involved to be criminally charged. mattingly and another officer have been placed on administrative leave. a third officer was fired. walker was indicted for attempted murder of a police officer. that charge was later dismissed. during his interview with police, an investigator asked walker if he had any injuries. >> that was morgan radford reporting. nbc news reached out to the louisville mayor's office. the city's police union and the attorneys for the officers who fired their guns all either declined to comment or did not respond. new details now after decades of denial, san jose's all girls school presentation high is finally confirming accusations made by a former
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student for years. it is a history of sexual abuse. a catholic school issued a new report which backs finding that nbc bay area first uncovered three years ago. it documents alleged sexual misconduct or abuse by five former teachers and one former coach. it also details failure of former school leadership to act. one former student who says she was targeted says she finds the findings an affirmation. >> you feel a combination of reliving some of the trauma. but then also this amazing relief that your story is being heard and that people know the truth. >> leadership at the school changed last year, which is when an outside investigator was hired to look into those claims. the school now plans to hand its report to san jose police. you can watch our series of reports at just click on the "investigations" tap right at the top.
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the ceo of a bay area-based company twitter is pledging $3 million to mayors trying to bridge america's wealth gap. jack dorsey tweeted yesterday he's partnering with the group mayors for a guaranteed income. supporters argue guaranteed money is needed now to help families struggling during the pandemic. the money will help mayors in 15 cities. starbucks says it will require all customers to wear face masks at its company-owned location starting next week. the announcement adds starbucks to the growing list of companies that require companies to wear facial coverings. starbucks says customers can still refuse to wear facial coverings but they'll have to use another option to get their cup of joe. that includes going through the drive-thru, using an app to purchase curbside, and to get their coffee delivered. redwood city leaders are trying to entice people to enjoy downtown again. restaurants are now expanding outdoor dining into the streets seven days a week. organizers call it eat, sip, and be in rwc.
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hand sanitizer stations are set up throughout the area with social distancing rules in place of course. the outdoor dining campaign runs through september. in the north bay, santa rosa is expanding downtown access even as sonoma county awaits possible tighter restrictions. the press democrats reporting that the city is closing 4th street today between b and e streets to create a pedestrian friendly zone for businesses and restaurants. the closure will be in place for the next three months. all right. we're going to get a look at that forecast. it looks nice and clear out behind you, but we know we had some fog earlier. we had some smoke earlier this week. how's the weekend looking? >> it's looking much better. even though we're still going to have some hot valley temperatures, in san francisco it's clear right now. but i think the fog will come back tomorrow morning and be even thicker than it was this morning. so that's going to bring down those temperatures here and along the coast line as we go into the weekend. but that will not help us out in
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the inland valleys. as we look at where we are right now, we're at 81 degrees in concord and in livermore. we have in san franciscohe 63 and the 57 in half moon bay. i think half moon bay is only going to make it up another couple of degrees before we're done. we were just talking about eat, sip, and be in rwc. so that's going on this evening if you're going out there for some curbside dining outdoor dining. we are going to see some nice weather for that in the mid-70s for the middle of the day. and as we go into this evening starts to cool off, maybe want to have a jacket if you'll be walking down the street as well as that mask. now, the air quality is better, and we see lower amounts of pollen floating through the air. so it will be a nice evening to sit outside and get some fresh air as we're looking at low or absent amounts of tree, grass, weed pollen as well as mold. so not a lot of allergens out there. let's go through our micro climates and check out our high temperatures for today. in gilroy expect a high of about
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92 degrees. but we will see some low 90s in mill pittas. for the east bay we are looking at some mid-90s here with a high of 96 degrees in pittsburg. oakland is in the upper 70s. upper 50s along the coast. while palo alto will reach very warm temperatures. and then in san francisco mostly staying in the 60s today for the north bay. we'll have wide ranging temperatures as well but it will be hot farther to the north in clear lake and ukiah. and if you have some friends and family in the east coast, they're maybe looking at the potential of a tropical storm. we're going to continue to monitor fay as it moves now into new jersey and heading towards new york city over the next 12 to 18 hours. so, this will bring in a lot of heavy rain and some high winds. but it does move quickly and will be out of here by the rest of the weekend. as we look at what's happening here at home, we are going to see our temperatures heating up. we are looking at that desert southwest heat expanding into
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the bay area. so it's going to make it hot for the weekend, especially for our inland areas. and not too many changes here for next week. so our inland valleys in the mid-90s. but we will see it gradually coming down by the middle of next week. kris and cierra? sounds good. a story that will give you some hope. a south bay man beats the coronavirus after spending months in the hospital. but first, happening now, wimbledon may be canceled for the year. but the players are still going to get paid. all players who would have been eligible for the 2020 tournament will get paid. managers wanted to help support the players who would have been hurt financially by this year's tournament. this is the first year without a wimbledon tournament since world war ii. we'll be back with you right after the break.
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new at 11:00, billy joe armstrong is saying good riddance to his oakland mansion. the singer is selling his home in ummer rock ridge for more than $7 million. it's a french normandy style home that has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.
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now to something good in the south bay. that's where a man nearly died after battling coronavirus. >> he spent more than a hundred days. for 86 of those days he was on a ventilator. his son says his father was a triathlete for the last 20 years but suffered a collapsed lung and paralysis while he battled covid-19. he is now able to move his arms and legs again, and most importantly, he's breathing on his own. >> that's awesome. just amazing. all right, kari, we are breathing a sigh of relief that it is the weekend. >> yes, but you might not want to breathe too much. it's going to be hot out there. and we're going to see those temperatures in the mid-90s heading into next week, still looks hot to start. but gradually cooling off while san francisco will stay in the 60s. so wide range in temperatures that will continue.
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>> got to get used to those micro climates. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. it's been fun being you this week. >> you as well. you can also get the latest information on have a great day.
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right now on "california live," danny is getting into the swing of summer with a french flair. then get ready to hit the road with these safe summer vacation spots. >> there are healthy places where people can go and be safe and enjoy the great outdoors. plus, a personal somolie of course t. next new and we're going behind the scenes of jon stewart's new film "principal."


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