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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 12, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a surge of cases forcing reopening plans to be tabled. new rules for some counties. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. tonight growing concern in several bay area counties because of troubling numbers. the east bay hit especially hard. new restrictions this weekend. nbc bay area has more. >> reporter: tonight people in heyward enjoyed outdoor dining
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after the state put it on its watch list because of the increase of covid-19 cases. >> i think that it's not a good thing. tas huge wake-up call to the community to wear masks. >> an ongoing transmission among health workers. today county health leaders issued this statement saying the magnitude of the change is above what would be expected as a result of the county's substantial expansion of testing. and we have been placed on the state's monitoring list. late friday alameda county learned it was not approved by the state for outdoor dining. but now with the county on a
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watch list, it could be subject to state enforcement. some people we spoke with say they're going to play it safe. >> it's really hard right now. you know, me and my girlfriend, we haven't been on a real date outside in so long. i miss it. you know? but if we have to do it, we have to do it. i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: infection rates have doubled in recent weeks. in response, a newly revised health order requires stricter rules for outdoor dining and indoor worship service wills be prohibited starting tomorrow. changing course to find an ever changing threat. nbc bay area news. >> of seven bay area counties on the state's watch list. take a look at marin. and at midnight some businesses in sonoma county will have to shut down at least through august 2nd.
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indoor restaurant wills have to move service outside. bars that don't serve food have to close altogether. they have been added because of a rise in hospitalization. there are 30 counties on the governor's watch list. health leaders watching the number of cases and hospital beds available. here is a look at new covid-19 cases in the bay area today. in santa clara, 350 new cases in santa clara county, most of any county reporting. san francisco with 96. the county with no number not yet updated their numbers for bay area seeing 600 in new cases today. here is how things stand. statewide california with more than 7,000 deaths and more than 320,000 cases. well, with school set to resume in weeks, safety continues to be a huge debate. nbc news reached out to five
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pediatricians across the country. while some of them do not favor schools opening soon, all of them agreed the benefits in the classroom outweigh the risk of disease. most transmissions come from adults to adults or adults to children. that also assumes everyone is following social distancing and hygiene gouidelines. >> we are not seeing transmissions from following simple guidelines. >> this has really been a flip of that where it is our adults and particularly our older adults that are more affected. >> but children only account for 2% of all covid-19 cases. the doctors say each school system has to come up with its own individual safety guidelines. some santa clara county businesses are preparing to reopen. starting tomorrow these
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businesses can welcome back customers, hair and nail salons, gymnasiu gymnasiums, hotels and construction can all resume as long as they meet a list of restrictions. two more prisoners have died of apparent complications of coronavirus. both died yesterday at hospitals. 1,485 confirmed cases of covid-19 among the inmate population. mine inmates have died from the virus. thousands of prisoners will be released early state-wide to help stop the outbreaks. we know it's hard to keep track of everything. it's changing sometimes by the hour. we made it easy for you. head over to on the top left of the home page click on the live blog.
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you will get all the latest guidelines in one place. new at 11:00, a powerful demonstration against hate in martinez. it ended peacefully. our sky ranger captured all from overhead. the community coming out to support the black lives matter movement after a high profile alleged hate crime over there. sergio has more on an emotional evening in martinez. >> reporter: today's demonstration drew about 1,000 people to downtown martinez. it started here at the black lives matter street that was defaced last weekend just as it was completed. that incident, which was caught on video focussed widespread attention on martinez. lots of people decided to come from across the bay area because of it. >> i saw it on the news originally. so i was sympathetic. bad taste. i wanted to show my support.
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>> reporter: but this march was organized because of several disturbing finds in town weeks before that. >> what kicked this was off the white supremist suppliers found. >> reporter: the chants and messages sprawled on protest signs are now pretty familiar. 1,000 people came to show unity, but there was a small group of people who did not appreciate the black lives matter message and tried to voice their opposition. >> this isn't white supremacy. just because i say all lives matter doesn't mean i'm a racist. >> reporter: joey spent some of the afternoon trying to argue his point but some of his friends left. counter protesters would blood into martinez didn't turn out to be true. calls by city leaders were unwarranted. this turned out to be a hot but peaceful event. in martinez, nbc bay area news.
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the police chief of martinez released a statement within the past hour thanking everyone at the demonstration for keeping the protests peaceful. here is part of what he said. i wanted to thank the organizers for keeping the peace. i also wanted to thank the community for their patience and our downtown bids have had to endure a great deal this year. added to the worry and frustration, i appreciate your resilience. for many people these rallies and demonstrations are personal. >> perhaps this year this shows that maybe part of martinez is okay with us being here. >> pete profiles two protesters at the demonstration today. you can see his story coming up tonight at 11:30. a major report from the sports world. the washington redskins are expected to announce that the team will retire its name. firstss daily journals after the owner reviewed whether to change the be a racial
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slur. the decision comes 11 days after naming rights sponsor fedex asked for a name change. other sponsors such as pepsi, bank of america and nike agreed. roger gazeloodell also said he supportive of the review. anthony floyd with more. an east bay community stepping up to support the community. friends organized what they're calling a luminary lawn vigil tomorrow evening. they destroyed messages of hundreds of them. he was gunned down last weekend. people from across the bay area and the country have reached out asking how they can help. >> the outpours of love and support from this community and really from across the country has been overwhelming. texts, e-mails, phone calls have been pouring in.
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>> a gofundme page where more than half a million dollars has been raised. the money will pay for funeral costs, chemo treatments for his wife who is battling cancer on top of everything else. an investigation at an east bay park. a body of a dead man was found in oakland. it is an ongoing investigation. no other details are being released right now. we ask anyone who might know something to please contact them. crews contain this brush fire in martinez. we speeded it up here to give you an idea how much smoke was coming up. this is about 1:00 this afternoon. firefighters worked quickly, got control of it. we're told there was no damage or injuries. a desperate search that isr. the new place to find any signs
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of an actress. a growing rift between president trump and anthony fauci. how the white house is trying to discredit the infectious disease doctor. after a day of 90s and 100 degrees inland, we are starting to see signs of cooling outside reaching parts of the east bay. how much cooler can we expect for your monday when we come back. we'll look at the forecast. e mag before you can go workout. plus, a call to defund one east bay police department. the actions activists are taking before the city council reviews the issue. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike.
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another day of searching and still no clues in the case of missing actress naya rivera. search crews searched the lake in ventura county. no new developments for the search. the shoreline cabins, the pump house. no clues today. the glee star disappeared wednesday with a boating trip. h boy was found alone and said his mother did not make it out of the water. dangerous moments today in san diego. an explosion and a fire erupted. you so the smoke coming up from the ship here and lots of firefighters arrived at the scene. 9:00 this morning they had to
11:14 pm
rush 20 sailers and others to the hospital. we are learning the injuries to all those folks are minor. >> 1,800 feet perimeter was established and the surrounding buildings on the base. >> ships based in san diego was undergoing routine maintenance just before the blast. no word yet on a cause. the growing rift between president trump and dr. anthony fauci. the white house is renewing its efforts to discredit the infectious disease expert. kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: the white house writing its own new prescription for managing the pandemic crisis. a strategy to sideline the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci, reducing his public visibility. >> we are still knee deep in the first wave of this. >> reporter: officials are quietly providing a list of fauci's public comments and
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advice dating back several months to undermine his credibility. the white house pointed to his january predictions that coronavirus was not a major threat and likely had no asymptomatic spread. officials offered this february tv appearance. >> there is no need to change anything you are doing on a day by day basis. >> reporter: his news was considered accurate at the time but the science evolved. the effort to diminish him starts at the top. >> i disagree with him. he says don't wear masks. now he says wear them. >> i respect dr. fauci is lot, but he is not 100% right. >> reporter: dr. fauci served six presidents. his approval rating was 67 persian last month. the president in that same poll
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>> i don't think you can say we're going great. this weekend the president followed that mask advice, donning one for the first time in public saturday. speaking of dr. fauci, tomorrow a virtual chat with dr. anthony fauci. he is expected to address covid-19's recent resurgence. he will also answer questions submitted by viewers. set for 10:30 to 11:00 tomorrow morning. three new coronavirus testing sites this week. they're all free. they're all considered pop-up sites, offering free nasal swab tests, no questions asked. testing is available tuesday through friday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the county service center auditorium and at independence high school. gill roy's popup will operate
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out of the south county from annex from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. tuesday through friday and 9:00 to 2:00 on saturday. the mystery of when the mystery house will reopen has been solved. the world's most bizarre home is opening tomorrow. tours of the spooky mansion will now be self-guided. meaning, each group must consist only of people in the same house hole. masks are mandatory. over in oakland, jack london square's farmers market returned today. like so many other things, the farmers market has been shut down because of the pandemic. health precautions are now in place. >> you put more space between the vendor booths. they're taped off so customers don't grab the produce themselves. the vendors pick out the produce for them. everyone is wearing a mask. hand sanitizing and hand washing. we have lined chalked out.
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>> it was open from 9:00 to 2:00 today. since the pandemic hit and more folks have stayed home, air quality in the bay area has improved. but as santa clarity county continues to reopen, leaders want to make sure the progress continues. the bay area saw a 32% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions. tomorrow county leaders in the bay area air quality management district will sign a cut the commute pledge. the goal is to get businesses to increase employees working remotely when possible. well, a warm stretch that will be coming to an end i believe tomorrow. have i got that right, rob? >> yeah. you know, and we're starting to see signs of change right now, including around dublin with temperatures earlier than 100
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degrees. as hot as 102 today. look at that. 67 degrees. some signs of cooling there. san francisco, no fog just yet. low clouds starting to form off the golden gate. we're at 58 degrees. the winds on shore there. in san jose, mainly clear skies. a high earlier of 90 degrees and san jose should see those temperatures drop into the mid-80s for tomorrow. you take a look at the temperatures. 50s and 60s across the bay. walnut creek still looking at 70s. you really haven't seen the strong push of southerly wind and low clouds into the north bay just yet. so the real cooling is around the inland east bay and south bay. but with the return of low clouds on the coast, we think that will provide some of that ocean air-conditioning we really missed out this weekend. you can see the clouds move down
11:20 pm
the coast and inland for the morning. we could see mist and drizzle there around half-moon bay and down the coast and temperatures starting off the day. areas will climb close to 90 degrees. this will be near south san jose into morgan hill. tri-valley another day we could see temperatures near 90, but that's better than 100 to 104 degrees. low to mid-70s from oakland into hayward. temperatures seeing some 70s and 80s. back into the mid-60s in san francisco. cooling down a bit for tomorrow. there you see the wind out of the west at 20 miles an hour. for the north bay maybe still near 90 degrees or close to it. as you move farther to the north, clear lake still into the upper 90s. but 80s for the most part around the bay. as through the week, might
11:21 pm
see some drizzle and mist on the coast. a close eye on that monsoon moisture. i think we could get thunderstorms around the sierra, but it remains to be seen if it could make a big impact on our weather. we will likely see a bit of a warmup. for now we'll call for high clouds. san francisco rebounding back into the 70s for next weekend. and the valleys will see a bit of a warmup, too. low 90s looking better than 102 or 104 degrees like we saw this weekend. slowly warming back up towards next weekend. for now no showers around the bay area, but the sierra could see some of those chances. thanks, rob. coming up, rent prices doing something they don't do much here in the bay area, going down. but only if you are in the right area. we will tell you the places that height help you make it in the
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bay. and bring out the animals. the san francisco zoo is set to reopen this week. what you can expect still ahead. ♪ menutaur
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now to our making it in the bay series on the housing crisis. it will cost you a bit less right now to live in parts of silicon valley. you heard that right. according to the rental site, rent for one bedroom apartments fell nearly 12% in san francisco, 15% in mountain view, more than 13%, almost 16% in coopertino. on the other hand, cities with more affordable rents are seeing an uptick in prices.
11:26 pm
compared to last july, oakland is up 4.5%. job uncertainty, remote work and lifestyle changes all playing a role in san francisco zoo plan open its doors tomorrow. those days are reserved for members only. but wednesday the general public is being welcomed back with strict safety measures in place. for example, indoor exhibits play areas and rides, they're just closed. everyone older than two has to wear a mask and zoo attraction wills be observed in one direction. it is a one way street. businesses also reserve and pay for their trip ahead of time. hope you had a great weekend. apparently steph curry had one heck of a weekend. >> yes, he did. you know, he and his dad have a bet where the loser has to jump into lake tahoe. today they tied. why did they both take a dip?
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welcome back. former cal bear now has more wins on the pag tour than he does missed cuts. that would be two to one. let's show you the final round of the workday charity opened. he trailed by three strokes on the back nine and then rallied. after justin thomas drains a 50 foot birdie putt on the playoff hole, what an answer. he drains the birdie. then on the third playoff hole taps in for par and the win. it's his second career victory on the pga tour in just 24 events. >> you know, i just knew i had to go low. justin wasn't going to give it to me. he was fighting the entire day even with those two bogeys at the beginning.
11:30 pm
i just wanted a chance coming down the stretch. and, you know, i'm excited right now. i'm so happy. >> at oracle park, the giants played another practice game. the manager says there was a lot of energy in the ballpark, but what's it like without any fans? >> once they step in the batter's box, it's really same to me. in between pitches and definitely in between innings, you can definitely tell a difference of how quiet it is and stuff like that. but once the umpire says play ball, it's all the same to me. >> over at camp coliseum, the a's also playing a simulated game. five and a half innings, both dug outs. yesterday was guy yet. today a little noisy to get the guys used to what they will face. >> i have been shocked with how normal we have been able to keep it. obviously we moved some stuff around here since we came outside and everything, but it's going a lot smoother than i
11:31 pm
think i anticipated. >> a name change is coming to the nation's capital. reports say washington will retire the team name tomorrow after several sponsors including fedex had the team to change its controversial new name. back to the links of the final round of the american century championship, drama on 18 for the curries. dell needs to make a six foot par putt. this is clutch because he drains it. they finished tied even though stef had 56 points, dell had 50. but they lost their bet with alvarez, so they both decided to join marty fish who won the tournament by jumping into lake tahoe. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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. now to our continuing coverage of today's racial justice march in martinez. about a thousand people gathered downtown where earlier this month a couple defaced a black lives matter mural. the group took a knee for a symbolic 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time an officer knelt on george floyd's neck. the event remained peaceful. a lot of people at that rally today. as pete reports, it meant something personal for a mother and daughter who understand plenty of work still needs to be done. >> i think it is important because that was not right. >> reporter: she's referring to this video from 4th of july. two vandalizing a
11:34 pm
city approved black lives matter mural in martinez. it's why for the first time she's decided to attend a rally in support of the black lives matter movement and she's doing it with her 20-year-old daughter. >> racism is everywhere. it's little by little but it becomes a big problem. >> reporter: she says her grandfather was a victim of police brutality years back, which makes this personal. >> being part of this is giving back to him and everybody else that's going through stuff like this. >> reporter: when you look at the unified front out here today, the mother-daughter duo is hoping for the best but understand that problems such as systemic racism will not be solved overnight. >> it's important for me to speak the truth on what's going on and to hopefully, i mean, i really think there is a little
11:35 pm
bit of change, giving hope is what i come here today to inspire myself. we're going to do something tomorrow. >> reporter: in martinez, nbc bay area news. to hear more stories, head over to our website. jonathan bloom spoke to several demonstrators about what these protests mean to them. if you have an iphone, point your phone at the qr screen. one person is dead. another injured after a fire at a san francisco home. the report game in at a home on the 3700 block of sacramento stre rescued two people but one of them later died from their injuries. that fire is now long out. no word on the cause. the presidential election less than four months away. experts predict long lines and
11:36 pm
days of delays to find out who won. for the first time in california history, counties will send all voters a mail in ballot. but election officers prepared to handle 15 million mail-in ballots. steven stock took a look at the governor's proposed plan and found some potential problems. vote by mail is already very familiar here in california where 70% of voters use the mail or vote centers when they voted in record numbers for a presidential primary back in march. even so, the governor's vote by mailman date and the covid crisis will cost counties millions more in money and manpower come this november. for contra costa county registered voters, this election will be unlike any other. >> we're preparing for worst case right now. >> reporter: it is a first for
11:37 pm
debby cooper, too. >> we realize that there is going to be more ballots than there have been in the past and it's going to take longer. >> reporter: longer to process and count. more vote by mail ballots because of covid safety corns, the governor ordered all 58 counties to send every voter a mail-in ballot whether the counties were prepared to do so or not. it was to provide every voter a safe alternative to showing up in person. >> a silicon valley nonprofit behind the national trust theou significant risk of if not human error, at least human confusion because you are trying to staff up beyond, you know, your normal capacity. >> reporter: already 14 california counties are voter
11:38 pm
choice counties. in other words, they have done away with the tradition systems and vote by mail or dropoff ballots. but covid will still cost those counties more in extra staffing, spacing to keep distance and hardware like plexiglass installed in offices. >> we will have to work hard to make sure voters know to expect their ballot in the mail in advance of the election. >> alex padilla oversees the election process. his office estimates it will cost $129 million statewide because of the coronavirus. >> we have the baseline infrastructure and capacity in each country, whether it's additional sorting equipment, traditional staffing and frankly voter education is going to be a key component here. >> as for the other 44 counties, the governor's order means they have to s to all their registered voters but
11:39 pm
also locate voting precincts. >> we're trying to locate poll workers. >> reporter: while the impact is likely to be inmall in contra costa where 75% of residents already vote by mail, it will still cost the county an extra $1.8 million. >> it puts us in a situation of having to have 65 in person voting locations which we think at least right now during this pandemic is dangerous. >> similar orders have been issued by other governors in states across the country. meaning covid-19's impact on the election could be substantial. >> we have no choice. we have to make this transition. >> we need to prepare for this election like we would a natural disaster, earthquake or a hurricane. >> published this paper.
11:40 pm
>> i think this is a turning point for certain states. >> he warns that covid's impact makes other threats like cyber threats, foreign influence and misinformation all the more severe. >> the problem is that the el t electoral environment is one that's particularly nerve wracking these days and characterized by polarization. so there is little room for error. >> reporter: another likely impact that everyone warned us about, delays in the results of the upcoming november election. because mail-in ballots have to be opened, sorted and counted, that can take a lot longer than in the past. so if the election is close, it could be several days, a week or longer before a winner is named. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. if you have a story for steven or anyone in our unit, give us a call or visit our website. and coming up, covid-19 canceled
11:41 pm
their trip, and now they're left with a big price tag. we'll explain next. and at least parts of the bay area beginning to see cooler changes out towards the east bay. what does this mean for your monday temperatures and the week ahead? (birds singing) (bouncy keyboard music)
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boom, rewarded with a perk like $5.00 off. ordering dinner for the family? voila! rewarded with free delivery and a side of quiet. grubhub gives you rewards for rewarding yourself, with food. (doorbell ringing) - [crowd] grubhub! (scooter horn beeping) tonight, there are staggering covid-19 numbers out of florida. more than 15,000 new cases confirmed in one day.
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the record comes as hospitals there are already overwhelmed. physicians are sounding the alarm asking everyone to protect not only themselves but everyone they interact with. this week florida recorded 500 deaths.despite the explosion of rules remain unchanged. masks are not required at beaches and businesses remain open. disney world also reopened this weekend. well, a lot of us have canceled our summer vacations, but there is a group at the south bay that's out $100,000. their african safari never happened and they're still waiting for the refund. when they couldn't get their money back from a travel agency, they turned to consumer investigator. >> there is a lot of money at stake here, more than $100,000. the coronavirus has made international travel basically impossible. more than a dozen viewers told us their vacation planner wouldn't issue a refund. >> this is not a good way to go
11:45 pm
into retirement. >> reporter: after a long career as an opt tom ris, he''s focussed on spending his golden years traveling. they banded together and got a package deal from overseas adventure travel. >> we bought clothing for the safari, backpacks, you name it. >> it wasn't clear when or even if the san jose group would be able to safely visit africa. they asked for a refund. pu months of back and forth with the travel agency got them nowhere. >> all 14 of us had all these different ugly experiences. you know, and heard all these different stories from the company. we really didn't know what to expect. so we took their complaints to the top, to grand circle. right away, an executive got
11:46 pm
backtous and promised to investigate. a few weeks later, everyone got their money back, a total of $138,762. >> thank you, nbc bay area. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot! >> you folks are the best. >> they weren't alone. our responds team in boston received similar complaints about vacations booked through oversaes adventure travel. >> they felt as though that money was theirs to keep. >> in a statement they told us the pandemic disrupted many of its operations and it said we continue working to improve our processes to better address the needs of each traveler whose trip was canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. in addition to their refund, grand circle offered everyone a $500 voucher toward future travel and said it added flexibility to its trips in 2021 and '22.
11:47 pm
tommy says he's uncertain whether there is an overseas adventure in his near future. >> i think i need to let the smoke clear from this first, get my sanity back. it took a lot out of me. >> we're still hearing from travelers every week with problems getting refunds. if that's you, read the terms for your bookings and call the company and explain why you believe you are entitled to a refund. consider filing a chargeback or a dispute with your credit card company. we hear banks are more open these days during the pandemic. if that was doesn't work, maybe we can help. or call us. nice job right there. rob joining us now with your workweek forecast. it is not going to be like it was this weekend, right? >> which is a good thing because it was the desert southwest in the inland east bay.
11:48 pm
temperatures from 98 to 104 degrees this weekend. one of the spots that were up into those 100 degree temperatures werenut creek. still 74 outside. still pretty warm. but you notice san francisco, no problems there. 58 degrees. patchy low clouds off to the west and the wind at 17 miles an hour. in san jose, 60s right now after a high of 90 and enough wind tomorrow to keep the air mixed pretty well. we have good air quality across the board, which is a nice treat this time of year. let the cooler temperatures and the breeze picking up. good air quality for tomorrow. 24 hour temperature change is really interesting. we take a closer look at what's going on. some cooling as west winds are cooling air into the bay inland toward the tri valley. but the north bay not so much just yet. wind speeds are relatively weak out of the south. still a northwest wind here.
11:49 pm
you will have to wait for those sound winds to pick up, which they should do later tomorrow and on to tuesday. you will begin to see your temperatures come down a bit. here is the cooling. dropping down the coast where you can see localized drizzle through the morning and patchy low clouds to start the day. 50s as we get things started. unlike today as we saw temperatures soaring, tomorrow's top temperature will likely be closer to 90 degrees. in morgan hill, tri valley tomorrow seeing numbers in the upper 80s around liver mor and pleasant ton. san francisco 71 today. back into the mid-60s. into the north bay numbers mainly in the 80s. but from santa rosa north ward, still 90s as the south winds
11:50 pm
pick up. along the coast, you may have drizzle at times. notice the sierra. as we go through the next few days, while the bay area is not looking at shower chances from time to time, the moisture will pull away. if enough of that gets directed towards the rivera, may see thundershowers at times. a little bit of a warming trend. san francisco next weekend likely seeing those 70s make a comeback. even though temperatures will be climbing midweek and next weekend, low 90s are still safely away from those upper 90s. so trending warmer, just not arizona warmer hot like we saw this weekend inland. back to you. >> thanks very much. well, it is a unique dance class that brings together fathers and daughters. how it creates an unbreakable bond.
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a unique way some dads are building stronger bonds with their young daughters. kate snow reports it is a chance to become better role models, even if it means going way out of their comfort zone. >> it is the beauty of ballet reimagined. in an unconventional class combining dance with yoga. >> deep breath in. >> creating a special connection between dads and daughters. lifelong dancer aaron lee founded this dance art studio seven years ago in philadelphia but started this class just last year. back then it was a class in a studio, a special place for fathers and their little girls to bond and build character. >> go to the front of dad. >> it changes the narrative of black fatherhood. >> lift up. >> and the role they have in their daughter's lives. >> here we go. >> julian goes with his
11:54 pm
six-year-old. >> tell >> it is all about showing them we're here to support you. >> james jackson is an essential worker delivering meals to those in need. when the pandemic hit, he and daughter jay adjusted. >> we have to try to stay together and now that we do the zoom and the things like this, we can kind of still stay connected. >> and we're going to bring it up over our heads. >> good job. >> during those uncertain times, this instructor is helping these families make new memories. >> by having my dad there, he is right next to me and he helps me and he is doing the dances with about it? >> because my daddy spins me around. >> how is your dad as a ballet
11:55 pm
dancer? >> he is a little bit good. >> still dancing despite the distance, but hoping for the day when they can all be in class together again. >> this is something that we'll never lose. those daddy daughter moments where she'll grow up and be like, yeah, my dad did yoga with me. as i get older i'll look back like, hey do you remember this. >> kate snow reporting. no mask, no service from starbucks which will start a new policy on july 15th. this applies to all of the company's locations across the u.s. starbucks not alone in requiring customers to wear face coverings. cases continue to surge in both staff and customers push for bigger protection. drive through or curbside pickups do not require a mask. we're back in two minutes.
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it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. (upbeat music) - [graham] this week on in depth, we spend a day in dallas with tony romo. - oh boy, this never turns out well. - [graham] the quarterback turned broadcasting phenom is now tv's highest paid analyst, signing a 10 year deal reportedly worth $180 million. - some times you get, catch, you know, a break, or you get lucky once in a while. - [graham] romo also reflects on life changes away from the field. - it's wrestlemania here every night when they get home from school and we have a good nighttime sessions all the time, so. - [graham] and gets a surprise gift from a close friend. - (laughs) that's pretty funny. - [graham] plus, we hit the links where romo recalls a nerve wracking round with tiger woods. - and tiger's sitting here and he hears this


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