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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 13, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking news overnight, john travolta's wife has died of breast cancer. we have the latest details including a statement. >> an explosion an massive fire on board a navy ship in lifornia sailors injured. smoke visible for miles. few details this morning on the dangers. sunshine state overtakes new york by the thousands as florida records the largest number of cases for its single day topping 15,000 with those staggering
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numbers the death toll is on the rise >> massive shove support to honor ft. hood soldier vanessa guillen. will justice be served and we'll introduce to you the sanitation worker who dared to make his dream come true. a busy monday ahead. "early today" starts right now good morning to you i'm cori coffin >> i'm cynthia erivo we begin with breaking news news hollywood lost a star. wife of john travolta lost her two year private battle with breast cancer. she kept that part private her husband of 28 years broke the news on instagram. he wrote in part it is with a very heavy heart i inform you my beautiful wife kelly has lost had her two year battle with breast cancer. she fought a courageous fight. kelly's love and life will always be remembered travolta said he'll be taking
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some time off to be with the couple's children. in september of 2019 travolta and preston celebrated their 20th he wedding anniversary. kelly chose to keep her fight private and has been undergoing medical treatment for some time. supported by her closest family and friend, kelly preston dead the at the age of 27 emergency crews are investigating a fire on a military ship that left 21 people were injured. firefighters were called out at 9:00 a.m. after an explosion on the uss >> there was a report of an internal explosion what we cannot ascertain what
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the explosion was caused from. pressurization is what caused the explosion. >> about 160 sailors were on board that ship at the time of the fire the entire crew was able to disembark and each sailor accounted for. 17 sailors and four civilians are being treated at local hospitals for injuries coronavirus pandemic spikes around the world here in the states florida is that ears new record the sunshine state has the highest number of cases in a single day with more than 15,000 infections we go to orlando for the latest. >> reporter: good morning. florida didn't just smash its own record with those 15,300 cases it smashed a record of any state in the country since the pandemic start wad single day of new covid cases. not a word on the possibility of a lockdown or even a mandatory
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maverick mandate throughout florida. for a state already smashing covid records florida soaring to a new stratosphere >> that's a lot of new cases >> that number a little bit ridiculous. >> reporter: physicians sounding the alarm. >> they are dying. our loved ones are dying you should care about those people that you're interacting with >> reporter: florida fatalities this week over 500 miami-dade hospitals are at 94% icu capacity with the mayor confirming six are now full. >> our icu capacity is causing us concern we can crack open another 500. >> reporter: if the sunshine state were its own country it would rank fourth highest behind the united states, brazil and india. despite the explosion of infections many rules remain unchanged. masks are not required and
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florida's beaches and businesses remain open. >> they are doing temperature screenings >> reporter: even disneyworld back this weekend, this family from california said conditions are not what you might expect. >> the capacity is very, very reduced. you can walk anywhere in the park and not bump into anybody >> reporter: signs of social distancing and cautious behavior key to keeping this already spiraling crisis from deepening. >> what you see across the state right now on a scale of one to ten how worried are you? >> i'm on that eight to nine scale of worry >> reporter: as you digest the record numbers it's important to point out that test is part of the story here r.orida performing 140,000 four days ago the rate of those coming back positive was 20% now 13.5%.
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hospitals and ers can be overwhelmed. six months into the coronavirus pandemic and president trump finally wore a mask in public for the first time he did so while visiting walter reed medical center this weekend. the this report surfaced the trump administration is actively trying to discredit dr. anthony fauci. we head to tracie potts. >> reporter: dire warnings they don't want dire warnings that dr. anthony fauci has been giving the white house some saying fauci has made mistakes another member of the coronavirus task force says that he got some things wrong there has been a big disconnect between dr. fauci and president trump saying we're doing great, dealing with this virus, fauci has said we can get to the point where we see 100,000 new cases a day. he's criticized some states for re-opening too soon. now the administration is trying
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to use its very early words against him before the first case was even reported here in the united states when fauci said coronavirus of not going to be a major threat. he is still on the coronavirus task force but he's staying in the background in fact, he's not commenting about this latest -- these latest efforts to discredit him. fauci did say last week he he had not briefed the president personally in the last two months they are keeping him in the background back to you. >> thank you the horrific killing of army specialist vanessa guillen has swept the country. president trump called it absolutely horrible. he'll be briefed on her case today. her death sparked renewed calls for a closer look at how the military handles claims of abuse and harassment >> reporter: a convoy of cars in san antonio traveled 13 miles in honor of army specialist vanessa
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guillen. her disappearance gaining national attention with protesters demanding justice and now the army secretary is ordering an independent review of the command climate and culture at ft. hood, adding we're saddened and deeply troubled by the loss of one of our own. vanessa guillen was last seen on base april 22nd setting off a search with local law enforcement, fellow soldiers and military police. investigators found the 20-year-old's remains late june not far from ft. hood. according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, army speciality aaron robinson a suspect in her killing died by suicide when confronted by police cecily aguilar is accused of helping robinson of disposing vanessa gue soldier's grieving wants answers and accountability >> my sister deserves justice. >> reporter: an alternative representing the family says vanessa guillen told them before she vanished she had been
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sexually harassed by a supervisor the army's criminal investigation organization said they had no credible report this happened president trump weighed in on the case >> the is there something you could do to have more transparency in the way the armed force investigate sexual harassment and sexual abuse? >> they are going to be reporting to me on monday about it i thought it was horrible. >> reporter: loved ones are fighting to keep vanessa guillen's story alive. >> my sister did not deserve this vanessa guillen did not deserve this >> reporter: kathy parks, nbc news time to get a check of your monday weather with meteorologist michele grossman good morning, happy monday >> it's going to be a hot one in the south. extreme heat in place last week. we'll see it all this week too that air of high pressure fully
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in place let's look at the temperatures that you can expect today. we're looking at temperatures near 100 degrees a lot grees in many places phoenix 113. let's show you the reds and pinks. humidity will be a lot hotter than that. extreme heat stays in place, 104 on wednesday, and tulsa temperatures in the upper 90s. factor in the humidity it will feel a lot hotter than that. austin 103, wednesday. so in addition to the heat we have that heat inplace, moisture in place that will bein
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many spots mid-atlantic not looking bad some storms in the northeast that heat expands to the east including parts of new york, mid-atlantic, new england. we'll talk more about that coming up. crossing guards in one florida county are ditching their classic whistles for a new device since they have to wear a mask, they will use a hand-held device that makes a similar sound at the press of a button. up next new washington redskins are changing their team history in the making as "sports ilsttelurad" features their first openly transgender model we'll be right back. no cover-up spray here. it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects.
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the search for missing glee actreat naya rivera is expected to resume. cabins were searched and boats continued to search the murky waters investigators said rivera drowned during a boating trip with her 3-year-old son who was found sleeping in his life jacket on the boat washington's nfl franchise reportedly plans to announce later this morning that they will change their team name. the anticipated announcement comes after mounting pressure from sponsors and fans the organization previously released a statement saying it would undertake a thorough review of the nickname according to the sports business journal the team is not expected to reveal a new name until a later date atlanta braves will not be following the same path. organization said in an email to season ticket holders they will not change their nickname but the take a further look at the future of the tom ahawk cheer.
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the letter read, through our conversations changing the name of the braves is not under consideration or deemed necessary. >> model is making his try as the first openly transgender model to be featured in the "sports illustrated" issue she was crowned the 2020 rookie of the year for the upcoming issue. she made history last year when she was hired by victoria secret as the lingerie's brand first openly transmodel. >> still ahead the u.s. navy has its first black female jet pilot. >> what will the future hold for malaysia in a post-pandemic economy? we'll take a look when we we'll take a look when we returnsavings? mom? you'll get an extra 15% on top of what geico could already save you. can i call you back? you know your father's learning to make sourdough. even though he knows i prefer rye!
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in today's quick hits lebron james has decided to forego the option of wearing a social justice related statement on his jersey during the nba restart. he said it didn't seriously resonate with my mission, my goal after 110 years of aviation the u.s. navy has its first black female technical jet pilot. lieutenant junior krad is expected to receive her wing of gold> congratulations to her and brooklyn is engaged. we have been talking a lot of about the financial impact of
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covid in our economy, the retail has taken a huge hit along with that, malls once a main stay of the american shopping experience there are now on the brink of extinction >> reporter: lots of space in this mall. it's been a part of american culture and the economy for generations. but the future of the traditional mall more uncertain than ever with the covid crisis closing stores for months on end and in some cases closing up for good that's what happened in phoenix. going out of business last month after almost 50 years. >> came here every saturday with my mom >> reporter: metro center is the latest casualty. brick-and-mortar stores shutting permanently as online shopping becomes a bigger part of the new normal >> what has coronavirus done to
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the demise of malls? >> 400 malls may not make it as a result of covid because tenants don't have the ability not that they don't want to pay their rent they don't have the financial means. >> reporter: now experts say in this economic health crisis shoppers are spending more carefully than ever and avoiding malls and crowds coronavirus has also devastated multiplex movie theaters the attached to malls, so many of them are closed. cutting off an important source of foot traffic to the mall. how does the movie theater factor change what happens for malls and their ability to survive >> that is the $10 million question the future of the movie theaters are going to be actually the biggest change in the mall we've cell phone landlords who are already thinking about how
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to move that base. >> reporter: that reinvention is already under way in houston this former sears will become home for requested make research, apartments and retail stores other ideas turn the sprawling spaces vacated by department stores into mini fulfillment centers, grocery stores gyms and dividing the real estate for smaller stores that got their start online perhaps a new circle of life for retail as we know it we look at the week ahead in weather. ed sanitation worker who dar to make his dream come true. a story you don't want to miss . test.
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we are go for... lift off. when they're this crispy and fluffy... i think this one's a solo mission. i understand. would you l'eggo your eggo? welcome back on this monday morning where we're going to talk about the heat that's still in place in the south. dangerous extreme heat, record breaking heat in parts of texas. with that heat in place also the trigger of a cold front. we'll see potential for strong storms even severe storms in the northern plains, central plains into the upper midwest mid-atlantic looks good. we'll see showers and thunderstorms in new england and also parts of virginia and the carolinas. that storm risk moves to taste by wednesday, the ohio valley you are in the mix now and that will move to the taste the mid-atlantic on friday back to you.
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♪all strength, no sweat we are back with an inspiring story about never giving up pap former maryland garbage collector reaching for dreams so many said couldn't be achieved and how he proved them all wrong. >> i'm really nervous. >> reporter: the nail biting moment going viral the minute just before 24-year-old found out whether or not he got intoe law school. not just any law school but his dream. harvard. >> congratulations
4:27 am
>> tell me about that moment >> greatest moment in my life. >> greatest moment in a life marked by hardship pap mother gone when he was 8 long bouts of illness for himself and his dad and his family's financial struggles >> there were times we just didn't have electricity, didn't have food in the fridge and consent straight on school was hard i didn't even see a place for me at school. >> of all the colleagues you applied to said yes to you >> reporter: he never gave up. he got accepted to college in maryland >> at times he didn't even have time to tidy up to go school >> yes that was pretty embarrassing >> reporter: loved ones never gave up on him big brother reggie putting his own college studies on hold
4:28 am
working in the waste industry to help the family make ends meet >> it wasn't about me. >> reporter: a mentor even setting up a go fund me site to help cover tuition costs everyone's hard work leading up to that fateful moment when you see harvard, what do you see? >> i see my family and all of my accomplishments on the extension of their sacrifices. that's what comes in my mind i'm not going harvard. we're going to harvard we are here. we finally did it. >> thanks for that story and the se selflessness harvard offers free and low cost tutoring for them. this is for everybody else to benefit, not jme >>e. i want to spread the love out. how about this next one? divers in the florida keys partied at an underwater music
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festival it featured measure maids on guitars. they had to include the theme song "the little mermaid." thanks for watching and meeting up with us you
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. covid-19 confusion. each bay area county takes its own path of reopenings and closings. next, live team coverage on where each county stands in the fight against covid-19. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. how is everyone?
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>> we're great. >> great.


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